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ComGateway reviews

41 reviews
Categories: Shipping
17146 NE Sandy Blvd
Portland, OR 97230
Tel: 503-914-6317
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41 Reviews From Our Community

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All 8 packages arrived 5 days after despatch and arrived in perfect order, no missing or damages. (in 2 reviews)

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New Reviewer

I have used ComGateway about 10 times (possibly more) and found them, competitive with pricing for shipping, proactive on all queries, exceptionally reliable. I have encountered many US sites that will not ship outside USA. ComGateway has delivered what they say they will every time. As with everything, not only READ the fine print, but UNDERSTAND the fine print. No issues with credit card or Paypal. Excellent niche market.

New Reviewer

I ordered certain mobile phone accessories from ComGateway (with the "BuyForMe" service) since they are not sold in my country. I was a bit apprehensive about the order since other feedback on this site was quite negative. However, I had a very positive experience. The order was placed very quickly and I was informed when the order was done, when it was received by the company and when they sent the product to me. The overall expenses were pretty high but not because of ComGateway - most expenses resulted from the fees of the courier company and the customs agency. All in all, I'm very satisfied.

Ask Kalle about ComGateway
New Reviewer

i am indonesian, i bought iphone 6 and antminer s3, but they robbed me, i lost about $1400 f**k comgateway

New Reviewer

I'm in the UK. I bought 8 seperate packages (3 from Amazon) all relating to kayaking gear, 23Kg the total cost was $1174.84US. I used comGateway's 30 day free storage, and throughout their system notified me of receipt of my orders - I tracked them into comGateway and only a few hours difference between receipt and email getting to me informing me of such. They charged me $44.32US for their work and a further $204US for FedEx standard
shipping to me in the UK. FedEx(UK) advised me of UK import charges ($329.20) which equated to £204.92. All 8 packages arrived 5 days after despatch and arrived in perfect order, no missing or damages.

I calculated the percentage savings on several items that could be sourced in the uk, overall
the average was 53% saved. I used comGateway on a seperate order entirely, for a Canada Goose Chiiliwack (Ladies) jacket, $599US. I used a faster shipping option and this item came before the one above! DHL's interpretation of the UK's import charge stung a little, but the same jacket here in the UK is sold at $1123US (I paid $830US equiv) so I was still pleased with the outcome.
All-in-all I'm very very pleased with comGateway's service, even their email system answered my only question quickly and completely. I would give them 6 stars if I were able, if there is a better c/o forwarding business I would be surprised.

comGateway will have my business, no question about it.

Best of luck,


Tip for consumers: I don't give feedback as a rule, but given the number of negatives about comGateway I thought good service should be rewarded by an honest review.

Ask Jeremy about ComGateway
New Reviewer

WARNING: STAY AWAY......NEVER attempt and deliver your goods to Comgateway. When they received your items they will never notify you and never confirmed that they received your parcels.When you go to there website and you can no longer open account they will automatically close it without your knowledge.

They will compromised your account and keep on telling to ask a refund for the merchants. When you ask about your parcels they will say that they can never disclose any information about your parcels.


New Reviewer

This is a business used by Frauds and scam artists. Never do business with anyone who uses this address (17146 NE Sandy Blvd., Portland OR). This business does nothing to stop the scam artists from using their services. They have NO legitimate customers.
If you have any dealings with buyers or sellers using this address realize your accounts have been hacked. Never return items for an eBay auction as you will never receive a refund.

Tip for consumers: Contact your Credit Card company immediately and report a fraud case.

Ask Duke about ComGateway
New Reviewer

Please be very wary of using this company, i would not wish anyone else to suffer the customer 'care' i have received over a damaged package, so please do shop around before settling on a forwarding company.
I can only say my experience is one fraught with frustration and loss of money, i will not use again.

New Reviewer

comGateway are, in my estimation, the most inept, confusing, incompetent, annoying, overpriced company I have EVER dealt with. I have been trying to run a business for 6 months by utilising them. I don't even know where to start how bad these guys are. Just be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

Tip for consumers: AVOID AT ALL COSTS. They will make a grown man cry.

Ask Steve about ComGateway
New Reviewer

It's really a trap as there are much much more you have to pay than your expected. Lots of surcharges, etc: Consolidation charges, repackaging charges, fuel surcharge, insurance which you have never expected. The total cost is definitely higher that it's solely shipped from retailers. And they calculate every single item starting from 0.5kg separately although they are supposed can be consolidate. They intend to make your stuff more and more expensive to ship rather than thinking of how to save shipping cost for you.

In a word, I will NEVER try ComGateway again in my life.

Tip for consumers: Please real EVERY condition very carefully before you ship your stuff to their US address.

Ask Fukfuk about ComGateway
New Reviewer

over price, makes me feel they are scam....

New Reviewer

I'm quite surprised with all the other reviews, because I had a pretty smooth transaction with them. They notified me for each item that arrived in their warehouse. The shipping process was quick, my parcel was sent the day after I confirmed it. I at first thought the shipping fee was too expensive, but when I compared it to other sites, they had almost similar rates. I live in Singapore and I received my parcel under a week. I'll be using their service again next week so I'll update on that experience when it comes.

New Reviewer

Had a few items delivered as it seemed cheaper, however they billed me for what I thought was their shipping and useage charge. a couple of months later I get an invoice from Fedex saying I haven't paid my shipping charge. The same amount I paid the site! effectively they have taken my money but offered me no service at all. as further inspection of their site informs me I'm responsible for any shipping charges! Didn't save me any money at all. so just don't bother.

New Reviewer

Stay far, far away from this website. I requested a refund from these guys after they tried to overcharge me for shipping. I argued with them for 2 months before finally telling them where to go. I decided to escalate it to PayPal instead. The site is obviously a scam.

New Reviewer

This is not an honest website. I believe this to be a scam website after my experience with them.

I ordered 4 replacement watch straps and they were received in my comGateway account. The recorded weight was 0.45kg!! This is probably the equivalent weight of +100 packaged watch straps!

Furthermore, when it came to pay the charge was $80. Even if the weight was correct this international shipping rate is criminal. Aramex Shop and Ship is FAR FAR better value.

The reason that I was unable to use Shop and Ship in this case was that the supplier would only accept online orders from US credit cards (not Paypal) and the items that I wanted (the watch straps) are quite rare so using an alternative supplier was not a viable option.

When I tried to avoid the international shipping (in an effort to avoid the scandalous international cost) by entering a US address - this was not possible on the website.

I am thankful that this was a low dollar value purchase. They can keep the damn straps.

I have never been scammed before - this is a disappointing first. However, on reflection it is quite an effective scam that targets an opportune niche of victims. Only after you have purchased the item and it is later received at their warehouse do you find out that you are now at the mercy of these a**holes.

For people shipping higher value items they will not be in such a fortunate situation. They will not be able to just walk away from the items that they own but are being held by comGateway.

New Reviewer

I only recently got involved with this company as I need to purchase large shoes for my son not available in Asia. They are very good at signing you up but thus far their service sucks and their customer service is non-existent. The goods were received by them from Amazon 6 days ago but comGateway have not contacted me to tell me they have them. They do not have phone numbers you can call in Portland, Oregon or rather no-one to speak to. I did leave a voicemail but got no response. Their customer service email system never replies to you. I sent 4 emails now. Nil replies. Their "Live Chatting" does not work. Find an alternative and I seriously question all the positive testimonials on their website. I cannot even find out how to write a testimonial.

New Reviewer

rip off site...dont ever use their services...dont believe it? try it!!!

New Reviewer

This is an international ring of credit card thieves. If you accept their job offer they will use your info to steal your credit and plunge you into a world of Identity Theft.

New Reviewer

Stay far away. They are scammers. If they try to hire you as a logicstics manager you are not going to get paid and are going to be an accessory to mail fraud and possibly credit card fraud. Stay far far away from this company

New Reviewer

Used these guys to bring a laptop and some other stuff from Amazon overseas. Their shipping was pretty expensive at just under 80 bucks; not sure how the laptop and a few food items could come up to 7kg(!) of weight. Still saved me some cash, so I'm definitely not complaining though. Just wish it could be a little cheaper. Have yet to try their customer service.

New Reviewer

Got a parcel shipped via ComGateway. Only problem was that they charged me 40USD extra to ship air despite them saying they would repack if it would save at least 2kg (16USD). After much too-ing and fro-ing they did eventually refund most of the amount overcharged but refused to refund the last 4.40USD. It was their mistake which really peeved me off. Bella at Customer Service continually ignored my Q in regards why they wouldn't refund the whole amount and then just sent me an email saying they were refunding x amount and that was basically their way of fobbing me off!!!

New Reviewer

Bad experience dealing with comgateway. Arrange for a combine shipping to save cost, but they miss out others packages. In the end, have to pay base fee separately. Make me lose money and also late delivery of my packages. Be wary if dealing with them.

New Reviewer

I posted a review about the site and their attempt to hire me as a Logistics Manager. Thanks for reading the review.

New Reviewer

At first, their service seems OK. when items arrived in their earehouse, invoices were scanned within 3-4 hours and immediately I can proceed quickly. DHL was good, I asked them to ship on Thirsday and parcel arrived in Sydney, Australia by Monday. But, When my parcel arrived, 5 items were missing! I re-checked the invoice that they scanned for me, everything arrived at their warehouse OK. However, they took 5 items, crossed it off the original hard copy invoice before they forward the parcel to me, WITHOUT NOTICE!
Basically stealing, do not use them! They are the cheapest, but if you're missing your items, thats a crime!!
Also, they don't consolidate items at all! 7.5kgs was charged at $90, I thought it should be $24 basic fare + $28= $52 or similar. And my packages were small, size of a laptop box.
So all in all, they steal and rip off our money. Better go for other companies.

New Reviewer

They are 100% honest and reliable. My first experience with them, I purchased goods on Amazon and had them shipped to their US address. They then delivered them as promised on time by DHL courier to my address in Sydney Australia. They communicated clearly with me every step of the way and I have all their email correspondence archived for my record to prove what I write. I have no hesitation in recommending them. I would 100% use them again.

New Reviewer

I recently purchased a sport item (archery bow) from the US. Over the years I have purchased many bows from the US which was always shipped via USPS. This time the parcel size was 1" larger than allowed by the USPS service I normally use and signed up with ComGateway, who indicated they can ship the particular parcel size. 4 days after the item arrived at the ComGateway facility I received an e-mail stating that the item is 'prohibited for international export'. Their website does not list the item as being 'prohibited', nor can I find anywhere stating that archery gear are prohibited, and now the item (worth over a $1 000) is stuck at their facility. The only way you can contact them is via 'Live Chat' which always seems to be busy, and by email. Getting an email response takes 1 to 2 days and after playing email tag for days now I am no closer to finding a resolution to the issue. I've never had so much trouble shipping an archery item from the US and would not use ComGateway again. Stay clear, there are much better shipping options available.

New Reviewer

I have 2 package
1. pants x 1 1 KG
2. pant x 1 + 3 x 0.21oz concealer 3.5 KG

Package 1 and 2 they are same item inside but2 plus 3 pcs 0.21Oz concealer. Is it possible 3 pcs 0.21Oz concealer will cause 2kg different weight? It is irrational!

The CS also not helpful. This company is not honest

New Reviewer

Purchased 1 packet of cookies , I believe just over 1kg and 8 water enhancers (very small bottlers of liquid -Im sure not weighing more than a kilo) anyway was charged for 4kgs + a $17 remote location allowance WTF capital city in Australia !!! my shopping cost $60 charge from Comgateway $85 US disgusting !!!!! Value for money they say Pfttt Suck $#*! Comgateway Never Again

New Reviewer

This is the first time I have been ripped off by an online company and its not a nice feeling. I ordered an item through buyforme which is a part of the many online fronts run by comegateway and paid for it with my credit card that day. Three days later I had heard nothing from the company, no email confirmation, no welcome message so I checked my credit card statement and found thte amount had been debited from my card the day I paid. I emailed the help line explaining I had no order details as I had expected this in the email once my order was confirmed but I gave them my name, email address , copy of the credit card debit and product ordered. Two days later I recieved a reply asking me to provide my order number??? I emailed back and was advised there was no record of any order from me. I finaly contacted my bank and advised a fraudulent transaction, these poeple are crooks and I wish I had checked the reviews before I lost my money!!! Dont touch them.

New Reviewer

It's just nightmare. Everything is so slow. The head office is in Singapore to avoid paying US taxes. How clever. So everything is one day delayed. They cheat on weight, on fuel surcharge. The shipping charges are astronomical. NEVER AGAIN

New Reviewer

I used Comgateway in April/May 2103 for a total of 8 packages that I purchased from American Eagle and Various Ebay Sites, I had these packages held for almost 30 days free of charge and was dreading what the Freight Charges would be to Australia. Upon finding out that my 8 Packages had come to a total of 7.5kg and my Total Freight charges to (Melbourne) Australia from USA was on $96.00 I was ecstatic, After advising Comgateway to go ahead and sent my Packages they were collected by DHL on Friday the 10th May at approx 3.30pm and Delivered on Tuesday the 14th May before midday, Absolutely Amazing Experience and I would not hesitate to use them again! P.S. One of the Jackets I bought from Ebay would have cost me $24.95 to have it posted to thanks comgateway for making this possible!

New Reviewer

I just used this site for the first time to buy beauty products from the USA and ship them to Australia.
Amazing experience. I was VERY nervous! I had several packages arrive over a 2 week period and had a total of 30 days to store them. Once each package arrived I would be notified by 6pm USA time.
When it was time for me to send them to Australia my package was sent on within hours.
Yes the postage was a little more than if I could get the products delivered directly to Australia, but I couldn't so I paid.

New Reviewer

The pattern of my experience is consistent with scammers.
My first purchase went without a hitch, and I was okay with the long wait.
I made two other purchases using identical details as the first one, and AFTER I paid for the items and shipping, they inform me that their delivery policy has changed, and that it's my problem.

My problem! I purchased a service, and they change the agreement after purchase and then have the contempt to say that's now my problem and that I should have known about their policy change before I purchased. If I was that great at predicting the future, I'd be going for the lottery...

I'm DISGUSTED. Use this organisation at your own peril.

New Reviewer

Placed an order with where they purchase goods on a USA website seeing i cannot purchase in Australia for 25 different items a large order and 7 days later an email stating that all the items were out of stock was sent back with no explanation.The items were not out of stock i have just purchased them through have no support service i emailed there customer service over 10 times for a week with no answer.There are no phone numbers to contact and the live chat i think is automated via a computers.Dont waist your time with this website

New Reviewer

I used them to buy shoes from the U.S. I had a little trouble at first when they said they could not find that brand listed. I sorted that. From there on, everything went smoothly. I was kept informed of package movements and dates etc. The package just arrived this morning (2 April 2013 Australian time) as I expected. I would certainly use comgateway again. There is a shipping cost added the goods bought, but my shoes were still about $80.00 cheaper, all up, than I could buy then here in Australia.

New Reviewer

I've bought some stuff from BBW and wanted to shop to other countries. Then they told me that they can't do it, so i told them to send it to another company that is willing to ship it for me. Then they say they will charge me 24USD to deliver the parcel within portland.

I asked why is the cost so high, and they avoided my question and even block me on facebook to prevent me from further commenting. I can show you all the screenshots that they have blocked me to prevent me from even contacting them.

Now all my parcels more than $150 worth of goods are stuck with them. THIS COMPANY IS A CON JOB. AVOID AT ALL COST.

New Reviewer

I ordered from comGateway 2 items for a loved one for Christmas, it's now 10/1/13 & still don't have them due to cargo loss. They don't care about there customers they just want $$
I even paid exspress shipping, & p&h was more than the items.
That is my 1st & last time I buy through these guys.

New Reviewer

I really love comgateway. I started using their services about 1 year ago, and have sent more than 10 shipments thru them already (roughly 1 shipment monthly). Their service is PERFECT!
I know it's more expensive than Vpost, but the shipment reaches me within 3 days!! (From USA shipped all the way to Singapore) It's much much faster than Vpost.
Also it's cheaper than Borderlinx, and less problematic.

I really can't recommend comgateway enough.

New Reviewer

i was a little bit worried from ordering from this website to buy a jacket from america. after i used the buy for me service i paid them for the item and then the next working day i received a email saying it had been ordered for me. once they received the item i was informed right away and i was able to arrange delivery to my uk address. it all took about 2 to 3 weeks to get to me, most of the wait was from the company i bought the jacket from and not comgateway. All in all i am very happy with comgateway and i carn't conplain about the service they gave me it was top notch

New Reviewer

they are really bad, it didn't know other site but I decide to stop using this company . they ship to me in 6 different pieces !!! different time . 2 little book , one dict , some small items for polo RLH. cost me USD 308 and I have to arrange with the delivery company more than few times. which is so inconvenient

New Reviewer

I have had so many issues with comGateway. My first issue is with their pricing; a package may actually only weigh 2kg, but they will charge you 6 kg! Sometimes they will give you the option to repack but that's not always available. Secondly, their customer service is awful. I have never been able to Live Chat with them because it's always "busy" so I have to resort to email which can take days for them to reply, if at all! They have no phone number which is frustrating. Thirdly, when I do organise my parcel for forwarding, it can take 7 days for them to dispatch it yet they are very quick to charge my credit card!

New Reviewer

My DHL consignment was delayed because the content of every individual package was given the same description. It was clear just from looking at some of them that the description was wrong, so customs held them and opened every one. The error in the documentation might have been the fault of the carrier or Comgateway. That's not clear -- and no one is telling.
Delays are also caused by admin and customer service being located in Singapore, while the physical operation is on the US west coast. There's a huge time difference between the two locations, so the receipt of a package at their depot might not be notified to the client and registered online until a couple of business days later. A client has to wait till this process is completed before forwarding can be requested.
Comgateway consolidates, but does not pack items together (unless you pay extra), then it charges for the rounded-up-to-the-nearest-half-kilo chargeable weight of each item separately and adds them together. This makes the amount payable somewhat greater. For example, two separate packs of tissues would be a chargeable half kilo each.
I found customer service often slow to respond, then a tad argumentative. They were unhelpful with a simple request regarding billing, and at least one message received no response at all. The only options for contacting them are email, and online chat during Singapore working hours. No phone number.
On the positive side, I do like the way they scan invoices/packing slips supplied by merchants and allow clients to view and download them. The online interface is good. And all my items did arrive in good condition.
Not my worst experience with a forwarding company, by any means, but I believe they could have done much better.
I will not be using them in the future.

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Q: How to find the intro pack promo codes. Im ready to ship but cant find where the discount codes are - where do I look or are they applied automatically being my first time using them (Comgateway)?
A: I ordered a product from america and they have not put my aussie address into the address book.......hopefully my order will arrive to my aussie destination from the american address?will they email me as soon as product arrives to american addy to get aussie address info?
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