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New Reviewer

Used the service while purchasing what seemed to be a legit product. Found the experience convoluted and purposely designed to confuse you in what you are getting for your money. For products was not what was originally presented. Beware of these types of sales and purchases. I was surprised as I found this product advertised from what seemed to be a credible organization, World Net Daily. I am questioning World Net Daily as a credible source of news because of this. I was double charged as well and am hoping to get my money back as guarantee says 60 days. Still getting a message that staff are in training and are unable to serve me.

New Reviewer

I purchased an online book and video and the vender used clkbank to bill me. The process was extremely confusing, there were multiple multiple other offers I had to decline before finalizing my order. Once I declined the last order it didn't bring me to any confirmation finalizing order" screen, it just had some generic window that said your "order has been purchased OR cancelled" What?! Two days later my credit card has fraudulent activity on it. Now I know that this doesn't prove that clkbank provided my credit card information to someone it shouldn't but it doesn't look good either.

New Reviewer

I payed the $1.00 fee for a 4 day use and i cancelled 2 hours after the initial $1.00 fee and gave them way more than 48 hours to see my cancellation request and they still charged me 7 days later for the $19.00 monthly fee. they over charged my account by $1.00 and now I'm in the hole with the bank $35.00 plus the $19.00. i needed to search like 10 people on there website and only 2 came up and they were not even the people i was looking for. there website data is old and it won't even help you in your search. just stay away from it is a fraudulent company and they will charge you even though you canceled. if there were negative stars i would rate a -50 please don't make the same mistake i did.

New Reviewer

I thought i had been scammed when money had been taken on my credit card by
phoned c/c co. and with their help and internet search remembered i had bought a book with instant download and forgotten to take a copy of the receipt - had no actual book delivered to remind me
could this apply to you

New Reviewer

I have had charges taken from my account for something I have no freaking clue of what it is for. All on the same day. one for 9.95 , 39.90 and 19.95 and it was on Sunday. I just opened this new account because I had the same thing happening and I disposed of my debit card now they have my credit card number. How do I get this stopped and/or who do I contact, Any help will be greatly appreciated. I have not bought anything digital either. HELP!!! overdraft charges are killing me

New Reviewer

I think Click Bank is a good company...they put out some good products but I haven't made money from them yet.

New Reviewer

bani affilere

New Reviewer

These are a fraudulent web site who get you to sign up for their services and once they have your money you find out they do not provide the services offered. In particular they offer services in the UK but when you sign up ojnly those services in USA are allowed. They also will not then refund you payment. They have obtained these payments illegally and should not be used.

New Reviewer

about 2 weeks ago I paid two different payments to get started in this internet business call clkbank. I was told that I was purchasing some materials to get me started into the internet business because a llot of people use and play the games that are on facebook so I thought hey this might be a good money maker. I have not recieved any materials yet and I am worried that I have lost some money. Then here comes another face talking about making money so I just purchased the program today I think I make a big mistake again.

New Reviewer

This is my third entry on teh same site above. It is has been 10 day since cLK bank took $19.95 and even though they did write an email about 8 days ago saying they would return the money to my credit card, they have not yet done that. I have contacted my credit card company 2 times now and tehy say it may take a few weeks to get it back depending on the bank clkbank uses. So be very careful. Do not fall for this site.
Carole Phillips

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