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New Reviewer

it`s a great site surveys and transparency is its strength . I got 5 cash outs

New Reviewer

This site looks like a site that would never pay money to people. if you see how much you can earn by its advertisement, it's already nice you dont fu*k their parents.

New Reviewer

The website's policies/terms and conditions on how people will earn should've been made on a layman's term format. So that they wouldn't get the impression that their website is misleading.

It's like, by telling everyone that: "people will earn lots of money, in exchange for a very big amount of time."

Apprentice Reviewer

To whom ever can help me;
Can you Please Cancel/Delete my account/profile?
I've never spent such a meaningless time online in my life.
Your entire site is a joke...and a complete waste of time.
Can I have the last month and a half of my life back?
Clicking for decimal pennies should be for convicts and/or child molesters. Really? Really?
No one should be so under paid. All of these PTC sites are a complete waste of any lowlife's time. A complete awful experience.
I'm better off sticking with
I made $30.00 in 35 days.
At least they grant whole pennies for their adds and videos.
Nothing about them is .0000000000001
At least It's whole pennies.
Again, sorry for the dilemma. But can someone please terminate/delete/cancel my account/profile?
I'll be better off begging for pennies down in the NYC Subways system.