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65 reviews
701 B Street, Suite 520
San Diego, California, USA
Tel: +1.6196184200
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I can't speak to job seekers, but I can speak for firms that are hiring and Climber has delivered talented candidates. (in 4 reviews)


It didn't tell me much I didn't already know, either, and ended with a sales pitch for a $700 resume authoring service. (in 3 reviews)

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1 review
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These guys are not a professional organization and should be considered a scam.

Ask Stev about Climber
1 review
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I signed up for the service and the very next day, they called to tell me they reviewed my resume. A rep called me the very same day and the call was basically to sell me on their expert resume re-write service for $600. They use scare tactics about how long it will take the average person to find a job if they don't obtain the service to make their resume even worth enough to pass a company's applicant tracking system. I told the rep that with my membership, an "expert" of theirs reviewed my resume and gave me pointers, which were all very vague -- she said a lot without really suggesting what or how to change. I mentioned this to the rep I was talking to about my resume and she started to give more scare tactics. I told her at one point that her suggestions and that of the expert who reviewed my resume conflicted and she started stuttering and backtracing. I asked her "since you're telling me to change x, how do you I change that exactly?" she wouldn't give me any details.

I asked her to walk me through the site because when I want to apply for a job, a bunch of diff recruiters pop up for each company and I don't know who to send it to since you use "credits' every time you send your resume to a recruiter at a company. She said "you'll have to talk to the rep who sold you the service or watch the webinars - that's what they're there for." HORRIBLE -- they should not be in business.

Ask Sheril about Climber
1 review
2 helpful votes

Until today I have had a quick response, not been treated bad nor rudely. that JUST changed with this connection.
My computer is blocking their site; their 800) 374- 7113 was on the 1st two calls only commercials. On my 3rd call I was hung up on while trying to get help.

Our Recruiters need your resume as soon as possible, please upload or update it now or call 1-800-374-7113.
Uploading a new or updated resume will greatly improve your chances of getting a phone interview and a ultimately that meets your long-term career goals. Candidates with fresher resumes show up higher in our Recruiter's candidate search results.

POST SCRIPT: I connected with a live person that helped me on my 5th call.

Tip for consumers: First above all, do your research, it helps!
Connect with a live person to make sure you are being dealt with correctly.

Ask Keith about Climber
1 review
3 helpful votes
1/28/15 Deceptive marketing and business practices. Do not stand behind their services and\or products
I feel totally scammed out of $599 by this company. Don’t fall for their deceptive advertising.
During a phone call conversation the Climber customer service agent made no distinction or made no attempt to disclose or confirm acknowledgment of the package contract nor that the Climber's 30 day satisfaction guarantee would not apply to this package.
It was during my initial phone call the Climber agent accepted terms of the two contracts as follows without my consent or knowledge.
Only after activation of my account could I discover that their job search functionality offered nothing exclusive and did not provide access to Hiring Managers that they claimed.
Climber refused several refund requests stating I acknowledged the terms of the contract which is not true.
RUN, RUN, RUN away!!! Do not do business with this company. Total SCAM!!!!

Ask kenny about Climber
1 review
7 helpful votes

I had a terrible experience with, I think it is important for people to know which agency is really helpful with career development, which is not. Here is what I have experienced with
1. In February, I purchased the membership of after that, I always received the email from CEO about the service of resume and cover letter (here and after I will demonstrate how they want you spent money); after I purchased the service of resume and cover letter, immediately I received a phone call ask my credit card information, and told me how much effort they will put in to make the resume look good; also, they told me 6 months of membership could be waived as a discount; the service is around 650$. The result is quite disappointing, they ask me to write a draft of my resume and fill in the forms; note here, you need to do the work all yourself; what they do is only put a frame on your resume and combine all the information you fill in the form! The language is ridiculous, I’m a research scientist with Ph.D., but the languages they use make me look like a person with high school education level. I have to delete it and edit myself again. I asked for the refund or half refund, but didn’t work.

2. As talked when I purchased the service, 6 months membership fee was supposed to be waived, but that’s not the case, every month my credit card will be billed 39.99$ until this August, when I found the fact, so I cancel the membership.

3. I called them several times, they just keep transferring my call, and finally I can reach a person who said they will mail me the check on 9/5, I told them my updated address, but haven’t received anything until now 10/5. I called them 5 times again, no one picked up the phone; I left three messages, no reply at all. This is an obvious contrast with their enthusiasm before I purchased the service (see point 1).

The conclusion is DON’T use, not helpful at all and you will waste your money. I personally think they will close business soon because no one will refer to their friends with such poor service and reputation.

Ask Amy about Climber
1 review
5 helpful votes

Please do not waste your time with this organization, I paid for a resume re-write in the amount of 699.00 USD. After waiting two days, I called their Office in San Diego, I got an answering machine without the benefit of leaving a message. I called their online team and finally spoke to someone, they refused to refund my money for services NOT rendered. VERY UN-Professional, client satisfaction is NOT their primary goal please do not waste your money!. There are professional organizations out there that offer real help.

David Hyman

Ask David about Climber
1 review
5 helpful votes
8/18/14 is a full on scam operations. I signed up for the 30 day, cancel if not satisfied - I received a resume review "offer" to the tune of several hundred dollars. I decline. I have since tried 3 times to cancel - calling is to no avail - you will end up in a voice mail endless cycle. I have gone on their website (today makes three times) to cancel as my bank account keeps getting deducted for their monthly services .... LACK of services say I. Their list of recruiters are mostly recruiting agencies that have long since been closed. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAM GROUP


Ask Maylon about Climber
1 review
4 helpful votes

*Please I'm begging you RUN & DONT WALK, when it comes to doing business with this site. They came off as authentic, company to do your resume/cover letter and get you in the door with prominent Recruiters in your area to assist you with employment. Its been 6months + No resume+NO cover letter=Loser on my part to the tune of $800+

Toni Keller

Project Manager

619-618-4207 (PST)

San Diego, CA

Check out:

Ask Karen about Climber
1 review
5 helpful votes

I am a current job seeker living in Philadelphia, Pa. They called me out of no where and told me about their recruiting service and that it only cost $40 a month and I can get my money back if I'm not satisfied. I agreed gave them my card number and when I looked up their company I saw literally hundreds of terrible reviews about them and people getting ripped off just like me. When I called to tell them to stop payment literally within 5 minutes an employee named Alvin was extremely ruse to me and gave me a phone number that went directly to a voicemail. When I informed him I would file a complaint with the BBB his response was "What's that gonna do " over and over again. Then the girl Jessica called me back said it was canceled and called me a loser. Wow they called me. I never wanted to be called and they prey on people who are desperate for jobs like me.

Ask Todd about Climber
1 review
1 helpful vote
6/20/14 sells your info to scam companies that inundate you with calls. Do NOT EVER put your info up on their site. I'm having a hard time getting it removed. Terrible, terrible company.

Ask K about Climber
1 review
1 helpful vote
6/5/14 is a fraud. It's difficult to log in to their site. They don't answer or return calls. They kept charging me even though they don't help me. I wrote an email to but he would not reply me.
They purposely make it difficult to cancel. It's a dubious agency.

Ask Frederick about Climber
1 review
1 helpful vote

I would leave a lower rating if I could. First of all the site uses job search engines that I already had free access to JuJu/indeed. Secondly, the ergonomics of navigating the dashboard, profile and resumes are horrible.

Just don't use it. (emphasis on the period!)

Ask Austin about Climber
1 review
2 helpful votes

I had signed up for a $99 - 3mo trial which I forgot to cancel so was charged for the 4th month. I couldn't make the 1st "consulting session" offered during the trial period and could not work out another time to meet. So basically, my resume sat in the database for 3mos with no one pursuing me to reset the session or see what kind of jobs I want, etc. I only received emails about jobs in the area that available, which I get from Monster for free. I honestly have no idea if there was any true value added by being on

When I called to cancel and complain to "Nicole Chenelle" in customer service I got completely reamed. Her only bit of customer service advice was that Climber will no longer charge for their service. There was NO ATTEMPT made by Nicole to understand/realize that I received a bad experience or to see what she could do to make it better. My mistake for signing up for yet another "cancel before the trial period is over" or you will still pay - promo.

The message is clear, based on the treatment dished out by Nicole, Climber has no intention to make sure that customers are satisfied and, if they are not, there will not be any effort made to try and make the experience better.

Here's an idea - Invest in a serious customer service/retention program. Figure out if your customers feel that they are getting a significant bang for their buck...especially since some competitive sites are free...and treat those customers who might have felt slighted by Climber with some respect and common decency!

Hell...I never even got a survey after canceling asking what I thought and what I would like to see improved. Kind of basic stuff there....

Ask Charles about Climber
1 review
2 helpful votes

I called them....left message and got a call back in 1 hourl. Nice lady named Erika. She spent 30 minutes with me and I signed up for 3 months, gave me last month for free becasue I was NICE it seems...them spoke of resume. She had my critique done for free which was very helpful....Ton Heller was my team captain after that and did a good but slooow job....not her fault, just took a few times to tweak. This is not a scam....resume was great and professional and they went out of their way to help me. Sorry everyone else had a bad experience it seems.

Ask steve about Climber
1 review
3 helpful votes

Total Scam!!!!! I was stupid to buy complete package for $800 that included cover letter and resume writing and 6 months of recruitment. I was told that they will work on my resume and cover letter to my satisfaction, but later on they told me what they wrote is good (their first draft of writing). They don't receive calls, they don't call back. There is no help. It is a scam website. During my first month, I realized that I should cancel my subscription, I called million times to cancel and left messages, but no one ever replied to my calls. I wasted all that $800 dollars. And now after 6 months, they started charging my account for $39.99......Now I have been trying to call them to get a refund for at least $39.99, but I am sure no one will return the call as before. I am so STUCK and MAD.

Ask Maryam about Climber
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

RUN!!! This company is a fraud. They'll charge you for things you didn't authorize, regardless of whether you cancelled or not. There is also an alert that pops up on the site, which you have to check "yes" in order to get to the next page, and this "yes" winds up in a charge to your credit card. When contacting the company to complain, they said, "This isn't our company ... it's a different company. We aren't responsible for what they charge you". Total B.S. I complained that I wasn't doing busines with this "other company" and that it's a misrepresentation for them to have pop-up ads on the Climber website, telling you that you can't go further w/o clicking "yes", and they turn around and charge you. STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE. There is nothing legitimate about this company. I'd suggest that you dispute any credit card charges.

Ask Mambo about Climber
1 review
3 helpful votes

Like others, I enrolled in the site under the assumption they would help in my search. I too was told my resume sucked and they would help me re-write it for fee. Fortunately, i was able to find a job WITHOUT their help. However, the monthly fee continued to be charged. Their Customer Service is a JOKE. Their hours, being on the left coast, do not sync well with east cost users, making it more difficult to cancel. I believe they STOLE MY MONEY, and would suggest NO ONE USE THEM...EVER.

Ask Bill about Climber
3 reviews
6 helpful votes


I'm a job a seeker and found this site. The company rep contacted me and suggested that I opt for a 4 month package as it was a better deal. It sounded good so I opted for the four month package, after all there's a money back guarantee . I was told the upload my resume and I would be contacted. Within 20 minutes of uploading my resume another rep called me and basically told me my resume sucked, but they could fix it for $1,100.00. I told the rep that was too expensive. The rep told me she would see what she could do, and the conversation ended. Five minutes later the same person called me back and said she could lower the price to $699.00. I declined, and the same day emailed and filled out the online form (read the fine print) to cancel the service. Today I was notified that the plan I was in (the same plan I steered in by the customer service rep) is not eligible for the money back guarantee, I can only use the service now or suspend it and use it later

Ask Dave about Climber
1 review
3 helpful votes

The absolute biggest scammers out there. Do Not sign up for their services. You cant cancel without filing a dispute. I wish I had read these reviews before I signed up. I would have saved myself a huge headache. BEWARE!

Ask DanaRay about Climber
1 review
3 helpful votes

This is a scam. I wish I saw these reviews before I signed up. Not a lot of money but I am glad I am out now. They did nothing for me and are not capable of doing anything for anybody in my opinion.

Somebody should go into their office and close them down

Ask Robert about Climber
1 review
3 helpful votes

I had a couple of calls. No message the first time and the second message the woman left such a rude VM "go ahead and call us back" How rude! There was no way I was returning. Glad I reviewed before I called them back.

Ask T about Climber
1 review
2 helpful votes

Total scam site.

They called me out of the blue, and from the sound of it, they were calling from a war-room type telemarketer operation. Lots of sounds, lots of other conversations in the background.

When I inquired as to why they were calling me, they said I filled out a form on their website (I did not) and that I indicated I was looking for a job (I am not) and that they could help me if I was interested in changing jobs.

When I said that I would be interested in a new job, the caller basically read their sales pitch to me, and when I asked about fees, he said "we are a pay service, but we are one of the finest, most succesful of all similar services with an established reach in over 200 markets. Blah, blah, blah.

When I asked for the fee amount, he said it depends on your salary range, and I said thank you, but I'm not interested.

The VERY NEXT day, he called back. Wanted to know if I was still interested in their service. What? When I inquired "who is this again?" he said, do you not remember us talking and said the date and time of our first call. At this point, I replied, yes, I remember that. He said, are you still interested? And I replied "Do you not remember me saying that I wasn't interested?"

No comment, no apology, just click--he hung up.

I feel sorry for anyone desperate enough to sign up with them...

Ask Paul about Climber
2 reviews
17 helpful votes

They push resume writing and claim they are the best, but i signed up, looking at six figures and before the 30 day were up i saw nothing on my account, except for "sent 1 bio" sent 3 bios" etc.

This is a scam for $40 a month.

Ask William about Climber
1 review
2 helpful votes

I called after I got a text message from them. The phone attendant was rude and clearly indicated that she did not care what I was trying to ask. Will never go back to them!

Ask Aarti about Climber
1 review
2 helpful votes

HANG UP YOUR PHONE if you hear it's from CLIMBER.COM!!!

Their reps are very very unprofessional and RUDE! Other than "I am from", they don't want to introduce themselves with their own names. As soon as they sense that I am not an easy prey, they hang up the phone abruptly.

Ask M about Climber
9 reviews
13 helpful votes

The rep called me last week. She was rude, pushy and condescending. I have had better conversations with my backup plumber.

When I asked her for her name, she hung up on me.

That should tell you how they run their business.

Ask Teejeronimo about Climber
1 review
2 helpful votes

I couldn't believe how many Better Business Bureau complaints there are against in the last year. The mark of a company that actually stands by their service is they're willing to acknowledge both positive and negative consumer feedback. They hang up on you if you call and delete all negative posts from their FB wall. They offer no service, won't let you cancel, and then, after you THINK you've cancelled, they bill you for months of service at one time. True scam artists and generally nasty people.

Ask Claudia about Climber
1 review
2 helpful votes

Don't sign up for this service! They are nothing but criminals. I've filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau. They charged me for 9 months of "back service" despite the fact that they claim to charge monthly. I thought the account had been cancelled months ago and then a $270 charge shows up! When I called to complain I was hung up on and basically called a liar. Nasty, rude people and they haven't done anything to help my husband find a position. No calls, no emails other than in the initial 3-month trial period. No wonder he thought his subscription was cancelled. Their CSRMs blamed the "billing issue" on Discover and said it wasn't theipr problem. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE!

Ask Beverly about Climber
1 review
1 helpful vote

Sigh, I don't usually do THIS but I must this time. I am huge on customer service and honesty and integrity with your sales. I have seen some companies with "isolated incidents" where there is a "rude employee" that in my mind does not make the company rude but who doesn't get a bad hire every now and again. Or even if I buy a poorly contructed product or it simply doesn't live up the presentation. I still say I chose to do business with them and take that gamble. Where they suffer, is no repeat business. You can't grow properly if you can't keep a customer 'cause they are seeping out the back. BUT today 12/18/12 I am social giving a company an elaborately expressive THUMBS DUMB, DON'T do business with them!!! . I have been listed with them for years. If you know me, I am all over the net. However, I ordinarily don't see our bills. Vlad handles that but last night, I happen to be handling some things with the books and noticed on our Discover bill billed our account $39.99 ---10 times, on the same day. Vlad didn't catch it, he just paid it. Today, I jammed Discover for not being alert enough to say, hmmm same price 10 times on the same day, you think that is legit???? I mean Wells Fargo won't let you go to the grocery store and charge even money ($100, $200) without putting an immediate freeze on your account. Their reasoning--who spends even dollars @ the store? Could point. So I have to call validate and they will remove. They say always make sure it is 199.99 and you are fine. Leave the change on. We are whole # people. So then I call climber. No answer. SO, they get an Amie email with statement attatched and another with my pointers on there with a BIG optimistic push that I am sure they will GET THIS handled ASAP as that was over $400 bucks in charges!!! No answer. Now I know Discover is going to process this BUT I gave climber the opp to do the right thing. When I went searching for the CEO email and contact info, I tripped on a jillion sites like the one attached. Who knew? I never had a problem with them before; however, I never expect a site to GET me a job. I merely expect it to stream line the information, as it is up to me to GET A JOB! But not returning calls and playing with the funds--UM NO! And I don't do trickery sales either. If you have to trick folks to see the value in your service then you probably need to evaluate the VALUE of your service. SO after 5 years, Amie Cherry is deactivating her account @ I am only one but I am confident your attrition rates are garbage. With that being said, you can keep tricking new business on the books but if it is leaving as fast as it flops in--you will be a the next Social Media Networking site up for domain sale!!! #shame on you!

Ask Amie about Climber
1 review
1 helpful vote

I believe this company is a SCAM! first off, i think they are on the 5th floor not the 7th. I was actually in San Diego in July and had to finish my cover letter review. So i scheduled a meeting with the Chick that was supposed working for me and the office. I show up at her office in downtown San Diego 5 minutes early. I was told she was at Lunch and should be back soon. by 5 minutes after the meeting time, i asked the secretary to call this Chick and make sure she new i was there and to find out where she was = i can always go to a coffee shop or the restaurant where she was having lunch and meet her. well the secretary couldn't get ahold of her.

I asked if miKe o'brien was in, and the secretary told me he was working at home and barely comes in.

About 10 minutes later, this buff guy comes - thinking he's going to intimidate me by his size, NOT!. i explain again to this man that i'm there to see this chick (name withheld) and that perhaps i should see Mike O'brien. This other guy then shows up telling me he's Mike O'brien. he didn't look like the picture that was posted on linkedin but i took his word for it. He was more concerned about the possibility of his liability insurance not covering a meeting with an employee by a client on his premises. He didn't care that his employee didn't show up for her meeting, and didn't call to say where she was at. I then asked him about meeting with the first person who started with me - who had gone on vacation with out a word in communication and it was me that bugged them until i got what i needed - my rewrittten resume with mistakes that needed to be fixed and to this day hasn't contacted me. he then said i have to check the meeting program we have - i suggested he call her directly since he is the CEO - he has that power - but he refused by saying - i have to the system we put in place to find out her availability.

he then repeated several times that his insurance policy didn't cover meeting clients at his place of business - i call this Horse Sh*t... what business can't have clients to their place of business? i also pointed out that there was a conference room right there in front of the front door to the business. this left him speechless. he then had to change the subject and ask me about some of my experience.

I asked him since his employee wasn't available, why don't you meet with me and we can go over my cover letter with me so we can finish it up? he told me that that wasn't his expertise and that is why he has the employees do that that are much better than he... okay so if that is the case, the he should have found one right there to meet with me if the one that scheduled the appointment didn't show up... he instead insist i leave because his insurance policy didn't permit me being there.

I think he's afraid people will find out he's a scam and wants to steel people's money. He asked for my phone number - i gave him my personal card - and he promised someone would call in an hour. i waited outside for that phone call for 1 hour and 2 minutes... no one called.

a week later, the chick emails me asking to set an appointment. I emailed her telling her that i can't do business with companies i don't know and can't trust and that her action was appalling as well as her CEOs. we'll see what her response is.

I would recommend STAYING AWAY from this company. they will steal your money and not think twice about it.

Ask Adam about Climber
1 review
1 helpful vote

I do not have much experience with the website. However, the call I received was from Francesca and she was very rude. Why would I want to use their service when the person representing them is not acting professional?

Ask Pamela about Climber
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

This site is a joke. They promise a professional resume review but the review I received was full of grammatical errors and was a clear cut and paste job. It is clear they have standard language they use to review resumes and they just paste in quotes from your resume. It is also clear that they do not tailor the resume review to the industry you are targeting. Thankfully I did not pay for the service and was under a trial period. I would strongly recommending paying for this service through this site. They'll also inundate you with generic spam-like emails - I was getting several a day.

Ask Mary about Climber
1 review
1 helpful vote

WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! Consumers need to know about this valid review in order to protect them. This review should be weighted in the star rating so others can make their judgement swiftly, considering all complaints as well as positive feedback . It has been edited and re-posted . : Unfortunately I am stuck with 3 months of bills from I kept the credit card in a drawer, struggling to pay off the balance while unemployed and unaware that my account was being billed by for 3 consecutive months. To this day I am not sure how they got my information. I did sign up for Ladders for $40 as well as Resume Rabbit distributon service for $40 and had never heard of until I saw my credit card bill. What I think might of happened is a Climber's pop-up window came up during my enrollment process with either Ladders or Resume Rabbit. I couldn't find out for sure since dealing with customer service was a nightmare!
After calling Climber I received a short and rude attitude from the customer service rep. saying the fault of the billing was mine due to not canceling a trial period I never even knew I was on. She was not going to refund anything. I asked to speak to her supervisor due to her unwilliness to send me any back-up to her statements. She refused to transfer me or give me the name of her supervisor. I was able to find out the name of the VP by reading various other complaints on the web. I wanted to get some answers and backup to my enrollment but Nick Jimenez, the Executive Vice President, provided only with an arrogant email sent to my wife which stated his "resentment of implying of running an unscrupulous business."
For those considering signing up knowingly: Buyer BEWARE of the lack of customer service and actual assistance finding a job or answers to your questions. I had never been contacted by this company during those months billed, no phone calls, no questions, and unaware of any employment services. I know that many companies had access to my partial profile and resume from the Resume Rabbit service. I never had a complete profile with Climber. I also had my credit card company try get answers from Climbers CEO and they were unsuccessful. The CEO never got back to me.
In a nutshell If you see the name Run!!!!!!

Ask r about Climber
1 review
1 helpful vote

I just called to request that they remove my record from their database. They refused. I can unsubscribe from email, and they will mark their record to not call me, but they will NOT delete the record from their database. Moreover, the guy hung up on me while I was being very calm and patient about it. He would not address my request to delete the record. Do NOT use these people because they only pound you with email and phone calls to sell services related to job hunting for their income.

Ask Clifford about Climber
1 review
1 helpful vote

Worthless. The "analyst" even knew me personally...and she still blew off my phone interview and wouldn't return my two phone calls. Absolutely a waste of money and time. I'm just glad I was connected through Groupon and not my credit card.

Ask John about Climber
1 review
3 helpful votes

After 6 months of use I decided that wasn't getting me any attention and, frankly, I don't think I thought well of it enough to use it every day.

I have no way to see whether the recruiter information was current or valid. I received no follow ups from anyone I contacted.

The final straw was the resume critique - uninformed and terrible. I had my resume reviewed by paid professionals and climber's folks started by saying it lacked sizzle and needed a total re-write. Probably standard language. Not appealing and not reliable

There are other sites that I gravitate to.

Climber has a long way to go. It's not only about the ease of use; it's about the success. I had none.

Ask Dbyron about Climber
1 review
3 helpful votes

They have locked me in and won't let me out. I have had no success with Climber. The resume evaluation was no different from the others that I received and was subjective at best. I requested a cancellation of the service and they continue to charge me. Their phone system will NOT allow you tohave access to anyone.
I am very disapointed in the service and the evaluation of my resume.

Ask Joel about Climber
1 review
3 helpful votes

I signed up for two months of this through a Groupon clone. The service was essentially useless, although they did make a good effort to do the initial site walkthrough on the phone as well as a followup on my resume review. This site does not offer anything that any other site doesn't, and the competition's free. The one thing I did use was the free resume review, which was fishy since it came back less than 5 minutes after being submitted. It didn't tell me much I didn't already know, either, and ended with a sales pitch for a $700 resume authoring service. You'd think they'd tell their people (or create a workflow) to wait an hour; the 5-minute response time killed any credibility the review might have had.

Ask Bob about Climber
1 review
3 helpful votes

how they have my information i do not know. I never signed up so never paid. i constantly get e-mails listing jobs totally out of my feild. The cardinal rule is YOU NEVER PAY SOMEONE TO FIND YOU A JOB. recruiters get paid by employers.
Times are bad and there are too many of these bottom feeding sites around. You should report them to BBB and the FBI internet fraud squad

Ask ANDREW about Climber
4 reviews
6 helpful votes

Scam! They are using the bad economy to steal money from desperate job seekers. Please do NOT fall into this trap! I'm embarrassed about how much money they stole!

Ask Mary about Climber
3 reviews
8 helpful votes

Simply - a rip-off. Lured in like many others then can't figure out how to terminate easily and kept getting card charges after I thought it was terminated only to find out that I hadn't followed the complete procedures, with no credit for past billings after the (alleged termination). A ruse designed to prey on job hunters. Also no help at all when I did have the account. Save your time and money

Ask Jim about Climber
1 review
3 helpful votes

I also had a horrible experience. I haven't been able to log in to the site for months and when I emailed the company to cancel I was told that I had to do it through the website. However, I can't even get to the website any longer. Finally I talked to someone today and they canceled it for me once I pushed. I was lured in with the 30-day trial and ended up wasting $34.99 for months and months. This site did not deliver and I recommend others to stay away.

Ask Jacqueline about Climber
1 review
2 helpful votes

Horrible, would never use them again, it's a scam pure and simple!

Ask Terrance about Climber
2 reviews
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Obviously a scam, though it appears like a ligit employment recruiting website. However, once they get your credit card number good luck getting anything out of them, especially a refund or cancellation of your subscription!

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About 2 days after I signed up for my 30 day free trial, Climber charged my credit card $39.99. Every email I sent questioning the charge was responded to by Climber, but none of those responses addressed the charge. They'll only tell you how to cancel your subscription.

Ask Don about Climber
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Signing up was easy, good sales pitch, innovative approach. Lured by a 30 day money back garantee I signed up, and trouble began right away. Access to the site apparently is convoluted enough that several PC's I have used to sign on are denied access due to too many reroutes (and apparently back to the original page) based on the error message I read. And when I tried to cancel inside of 30 days I was told that the only way to cancel was through their website, which (ironically) is not accessible. Is anyone else seeing this problem? When I contacted them directly (email) their response was short and to the point, if you can't cancel on line then we are charging you (and refusing credit your account). So, how can I cancel - if their system doesn't allow access? This is potentially a sham, and their unreasonable interaction regarding cancelation is pointing further that way.

I am awaiting resolution today, and if they can manually cancel and credit me, I will pull this review, and it if not, I'm pursuing higher level actions and if two more have experienced the same as me will pursue a simple class-action to protect others. I"m not so worried about the $39.99 as I am about the way this company apparently operates. Buyer beware.

Ask patrick about Climber
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STAY AWAY FROM THIS HORRIBLE SERVICE!!!!! This company did nothing but cost me money for NO results!!! They stole my money..... I opted for the free, 30-day trial to test the waters, however, after three weeks I found this website to be absolutely ridiculous and no-help, so I requested that they cancel my subscription to ensure I was not charged for this service (since I was still well within the "free 30-day trial" period). Five months later, I still have not gotten my money back!!!!!!! I just called again and forwarded all my previous email contacts with them, regarding getting my money back, to their horrible business personnel, clearly stating I wanted to cancel and be refunded- but still they would not give me MY money back. WORST BUSINESS PRACTICES I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH!! I have already filed a complaint with the BBB, and it sounds like I am not the first to file a report! Clearly, needs the $39.99 more than I do.......just please stay away from these rude people and despicable business practices!

Ask j about Climber
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hmm thanks to your site.. they just called me and put me on the spot. While I spoke with them I found this site..

For one they don't say who they are when you receive the call!!

As I read while listening to the pitch.. very interesting.. She assured me they could find me a job even in the most remote place.. hmm.. Flag two

So as I read and listened.. I asked if I could call back to decide or sign up on line.. she tried to persuade me to do it on the phone as it would take to long on line. This is a tell tail line that they are paid based on sign up. Flag three

So I offered to call her back as I needed to do research on the company.. IMMEDIATELY she hung up on me. FLAG Four.

Sorry but no good and also don't always trust those who glow about things as they are in to deceptive modes through out many of these sites..

So ..

Ask t about Climber
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I must say that never, in my entire life have I been so scammed by anything, much less a website, in the way that has done. I signed up with about 22 days ago. Upon noticing that my "free 30 day trial" had actually charged my credit card $40 dollars I immediately made attempts to contact and customer support. After 20 days of leaving messages and sending emails, all without anything resembling a response to. I have decided that is now time to use all tools at my discretion in order to alert the world of the lies and deceptions, and maybe, hopefully, get my money back.

As you will see in the reviews below, does watch the site, and respond to. This would be perfectly acceptable if instead of taking the defensive, they offered the ability to be put in touch with a customer service representative to resolve the issue. As a marketing and public relations professional I would be extremely skeptical of these types of practices. Most companies would offer ways to show resolutions as they happen. But instead employs defensive techniques in attempts to destroy the credibility of the reviewer. It's very bad business practices to bash your customers instead of offering a way to resolve their issue and improve brand credibility.

Be very very weary of this company. It can offer a tremendous value to some who use it. But it's deceptive techniques, poor customer service, and lack of transparency throughout the whole process is something to despised, especially in an era where consumers can easily share and spread information about the sites practices.

Given what I have seen, I expect to get a response of some kind detailing how their deceptive practices are justified and without fault or poor planning by the company. If you actually read through this all the way, do one thing, put a customer service rep in touch with me, do not tell me to do the same things I have already done. If this is done in a timely manner and these issues are resolved to both sides satisfaction I would more than happy to post a positive review.

Ask Joshua about Climber
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3/22/11 is a scam! Take a look at the President Nick Jimenez 's twitter page then see for yourself if you would like to have any business dealings with this company.

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Q: Once in the site, it seems you have access to recruiters and hiring managers in top companies in your field. Or so it seems. Ive sent dozens of emails and requests to connect on LinkedIn and connect with recruiters. Not one response from anyone, positive or negative. No response whatsoever. Unbelieveable. Youre lead to believe that the value of this company is in the hundreds of thousands of hiring managers, because it is not in their resume service. So after several months I gave up on the convoluted website, the lack of responses and moved on and sucked it up as a loss. What happens after 6 months? You get a bill for $39.00 for the monthly membership again! On new years day no less! An automated charge, how lovely and impersonal! What a lovely request for my refund I will ask tomorrow morning! Oh now, they have a wonderful refund can cancel in one of 4 ways....of course you can, because they have plently of unhappy customers.
Unscrupulous companies cannot hide in the etherspace, they must be accountable as if they are are bonfide physical company. This company should be shut down. Yes they probably have favorable reviews but I have yet to see one, they know its a numbers game and more people will not complain and ask for refunds for a month or two. I forked over 600 bucks and the first month membership....and another monthly charge after 6 months of phone calls no email reminder....nothing. Just an automated monthly charge on new years day! Two thumbs down to The only place they climb is in your wallet and screw you of money they did not earn! Buyer beware! Go elsewhere for searching help finding a position!
A: I am thinking to pay for the job seek service. Is any one having any experience working with thanks
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