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61 reviews
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61 Reviews From Our Community

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Thank you civiltree for assisting us with our small claims case in Florida!! (in 9 reviews)


Great service, very fast and responsive and best of all I won my case!!! (in 7 reviews)


Today, I went to the court and realized one missing document and Civiltree contact (Arbi Nazari) provided it real time. (in 7 reviews)

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New Reviewer

I used Civil Tree for a small claims case. They did nothing but waste about 2 years of my time. They claimed that the defendant couldn't be found and threatened me when I posted a negative review on another site... I wouldn't be surprised if there are many other unhappy customers that have just been bullied into keeping quiet.

New Reviewer

Great Service Done...After 8 months of pending a trial date and appeals done by my defendant, I just received my check!! thanks for the support!

Ask cindy about CivilTree
New Reviewer

GOT A NOTICE OF pending Bankruptcy in Los Angeles Federal Court - The young owner, Arbi Nazarian was injured off a hit and run in Ventura, CA which was aired on the news. He was hospitalized for about 3 months causing the downfall of a great/potential company. He handled many of my cases and was a great/smart individual. The company because of him had 5 star reviews for over 10 years. He helped me and my family throughout the years.....too bad this occurred to an honest business man.

New Reviewer

jerked me around for 3 years - no results - no refund - now no site, no phone, no email... bad business Arbi Nazari!!

New Reviewer

Like Tracey, I too didn't have a good experience.
Last year I contacted CivilTree to file a case for me in Yonkers NY.
When I didn't hear from them 3 months late,I called and was told that I had a 5 yr statute of limitation, but they will file it now.
Another 3 months went by and still nothing in the mail from them, so I demanded a refund.

New Reviewer

The first clue that this is not legitimate company was that Civiltree has "live chat" on their website. It does not work. When I finally got a person on the phone they said they knew it did not work.

The second clue was that it was a week after paying civiltree before I could get anyone to call me back.

The third clue was that I received a notice that my small claim information had been filed in my state. Two months later I still had no notice from anyone, Civiltree or, my state courts that I had a case filed with a legitimate case number.

After four months of no action I called my credit card company and filed a complaint to get my money back. That is my experience with CivilTree.

Geoffrey Johnson
Redmond, Washington

New Reviewer

For all the things you might need filed but don't know how or even where to start...civil tree is great, they do everything they say they will. Their support along the way is fabulous they get right back to you and its a tell person...I would highly recommend them to everyone I know and anyone reading this turn to civil tree let them help you help your self with your legal issues. Sincerely, Tracey Holt Boise, Idaho

New Reviewer

Using Civil Tree to file a lawsuit was very convienient. I didn't know how to even start, where to go, taking time off etc. it seems the court systems are so slow. It was nice to know that all I had to do was gather all my evidence and facts for court and just wait for my date. I won my case, now I just need to collect the money that I was awarded by the judge.

New Reviewer

I used Civil Tree to assist me in processing a small claims case in Florida. They were awesome! The site was easy to navigate and the representative Arbi Nazari was great! He responded to all my questions, making me feel like I was the only person he was dealing with. He probably was answering several e-mails throughout his day, but he never made feel like I was asking too many questions. I highly recommend using Civil Tree.

New Reviewer

First time user, after completely messing up my small claims action in Wisconsin. Incremental cost to have these guys handle the paperwork was very small, and they did a great job. I have a second effort for a "slip and fall" in Minnesota that I intend to engage them with, next. There are two linked issues I wish to raise, and CivilTree could not have done anything differently for me. The first is that the office with which I engaged is in LA, and I'm in Wisconsin. Shortly after I engaged their services, they opened an office closer to me, and I recommend that anyone using their services go to the office closest to them. The reason is that all materials sent back and forth for the court must be snail mailed, which is much slower for longer distances, unless you are willing to pay for express mail services. This is very frustrating, however, I confirmed that they have no choice in the matter, as all the courts only recognize "originals" for their purposes, not facsimiles of any sort. Again, not the fault of CivilTree, but frustrating, nonetheless.

New Reviewer

Civil Tree was most efficient. I needed a $9,000 Small Claims case filed in Texas. Dealing with the court system can be frustrating, but they handled everything for me. My associate, Arbi Nazari, kept me up to date through the whole process. I highly recommend Civil Tree.

New Reviewer

Hired CivilTree to assist me with filing a small claims in NC. They did an excellent job assisting with this somewhat complex process. Very responsive - same day turn around. Answered every question. Status updates provided via email and on website. Actions resulted in settlement with defendant. I strongly recommend using CivilTree for assistance in any similar legal matter.

New Reviewer

I recently used Civil Tree and I couldn't be more happy with the level of service I received. They were prompt and the service was excellent, there worth every penny. I must have called them at least 5 times and I was always greeted with a friendly knowledgably advisor who understood how the court system works. I sued and won my claim of $5000.00. Thank you civil tree for all your assistance and putting up with all the questions I had.
Satisfied Customer!!!

New Reviewer

I have used Civil Tree twice now and they are very dependable and even answer questions on a weekend. Definitely recommend them.

New Reviewer

I recently used to file a minor name change due to a absent parent in his life. Called various companies and legal firms and they seeking over $800 for a minor name change petition. I was referred to Civiltree by an online company and decided to use them; thank goodness I did. Civiltree not only reviewed and assisted me on my case; but the provided and drafted all the materials, pointed me to the correct venue/courthouse and stood aside me throughout the entire procedure for under $80.

Thank you!!
Kayla Menehune

New Reviewer

I wished to sue a Pennsylvania consortium in small claims court. I filed papers with Civiltree;however, after 6 months I had not received a court date. I contacted Civiltree asking the reason for the delay. i was informed that there should not have been a delay since they had filed the material 5 months previously. A check with the court(by Civiltree )indicated that the papers had not been received by the court. Civiltree refiled the papers and shortly thereafter, I was issued a court date. Upon complaint to Civiltree they believed that the court had lost the papers! After dealing with that court, I believed Civiltree. However, after compiling expenses of their own in filing, Civiltree gave me a full refund! I believe Civiltree is a very reputable agency, and if the opportunity arose, I would use their services without reservation!

New Reviewer

I filed a small claims case in PA in early April 2012 with CivilTree. I called them every two months to find out what the status of my case was and I was told numerous times that the Pennsylvania court system is very slow but that I should be getting word by mail within the month. After a year of this I was even given a trial date from CivilTree which never existed as I never received the hearing notice from the magistrate in the mail. When I called CivilTree, yet again, about this they told me they would give me a refund, which they promptly did. I filed the case myself, which after finding out how easy it was I should have done in the first place (it cost a lot less than what CivilTree was charging too). The district court said they never received a phone call or notice by mail from CivilTree. This place is either extremely incompetent or a scam and I would suggest to anyone looking to hire out their services just go elsewhere.

New Reviewer

They are excellent! I have used service twice in the last 5 years. Follow up. Timely, professional, helpful! 10 out of 10, They return your call. Great company!

New Reviewer

Received not only assistance in filing my case in Cook County (IL) courts, but also received ongoing guidance as my case progressed, including how to navigate offers to settle prior to trial date. I could not have navigated this process without the help from the professionals at

New Reviewer

I reside in Texas and had to sue a person in Santa Cruz, CA. I was able to successfully file, serve (and ultimately win) my small claims case and Arbi Nazari and his firm - Civiltree made it all possible.
* I received status notifications about my court case status from Civil tree (I had called Civiltree and the "estimated court trial date" they provided was pretty much on the mark).

* I contacted Civiltree about 2 weeks after my case-status changed to "filed" to inquire if the defendant had been served. Arbi Nazari immediately replied and updated me on the status. They were unable to locate the defendant yet despite few attempts due to incomplete address. Arbi kept me updated on the situation and advised me not to book expensive flights to CA (We were planning to change trial date to do further research). However, we were soon able to get the defendant's office address and were able to successfully serve the paperwork.

* I had forgotten to get proof of service ..... I contacted Civiltree 2 days before the trial ...and was immediately sent scanned copy (actually I got 2 replies one from Arbi and other from Civiltree support). This turned out to be crucial as the defendant didn't show up in court.

Summary: Arbi and Civiltree did fantastic job .....Arbi also advised on dealing with the defendant (I emailed him a couple of times ....and showed every email to judge...which helped a lot).

Now let's hope I collect the judgement (defendant still has ~20 days to pay)

New Reviewer

I am very pleased with the services I received from I received prompt responses and had no issues with my case.

New Reviewer

I would have never filed if I had to drive and park at the court house. Your service saved me time and money and I won! Thanks Civil Tree!

New Reviewer

CivilTree has made it easy and possible for anyone to file a small claims case against someone easy and affordable. The site is easy to use and they are very professional. You don't know how important CivilTree is. By trade I am a Computer Scientist who worked for DOD but have tried to do writing and have had material taken. Because of personal setback getting a traditional lawyer is not affordable. CivilTree have given me an Avenue to address my grievances with the Artist who have taken my material. I currently am re-filing a case against Tyler Perry who used my work in his new movie Temptation. I am using CivilTree to Send a message to the entertainment industry where theft of intellectual property is rampant. CivilTree is also important for another reason. I have been harassed by police. Politicians are useless in helping with this and when I tried to file a complaint with the police against Tyler Perry they would not even take my complaint or read the documents that I have written. There is another reason I like CivilTree our Leaders who failed us. The time has come to send them a message. Do you know with Civiltree an indivdual can "impeach" a President so to speak. What would happen if a million people would sue a President who has failed the American people for $15,000. It would send a message to the President and Congress that the Power belongs to the people not them. Civiltree is an important tool to protect what's yours as well as your Civil Rights. Check out my website at

New Reviewer

I enlisted the services of because of the good reviews that I had read about the quality of their services. Let me tell you, I was NOT dissappointed! It took about four months for the case to be heard due to no fault of Civiltree but because of the complete and accurate way that my case was filed I was awarded the FULL judgment that I requested and the judge even told me that Civiltree gave me a good deal! I would recommend this company to any who need to file a lawsuit easily and affordably. I will be using Civiltree services again very soon!

-Dwayne M.

New Reviewer

This is a Wonderful Company and lawyers co-workers to go to with all you could wish for in other words to take care of your wants. This company is trustworthy and reliable and legitament and I recomend them to all and love them all very much. Thank you!

New Reviewer

To whom to all who reads,
Civil tree was a great service to me filing my small claims case. My agent who assisted me was professional at all times. I was giving his personal email and contact information so if I had any questions or concerns he was at my disposal. I was sometimes a pain in the rear end but he was always professional and reassuring me on the status of my small claims case. This is a great company to handle the leg work on your small claims case. I recommend civil trees as for all people who need a simple solution to filing a small claims case.

New Reviewer

I have been waiting over a year for a small claim to be filed correctly by civil tree with no luck. I do not recommend this site. They blame everyone else for the delay. I have been promised a refund but have not received. Thanks for nothing Civil Tree..

New Reviewer

I had to file a small claims suit. Found Civiltree online. Ultimately, I canceled my claim and was refunded the full amount. Granted, it was only 3 or 4 days into it...but still I got a refund. I contacted the company several times with questions and every question was answered with a timely response.
I will be using Civiltree again in the future. No questions asked! Thanks Civiletree for all your help.

New Reviewer

I was so lost, having moved from one state to another and not knowing how to bring a claim in a state where I no longer lived. Civil Tree saved my life. Their timely, cost effective and easy to use filing service walked me through completing my forms and service of process. One year later they still respond quickly to my questions from their on-line support. I can't recommend them more highly.

New Reviewer

Great service, very fast and responsive and best of all I won my case!!!
It would be even less expensive than if you want to file with court and serve the defendant yourself. Very convenient. I had my case filed in California and because of a lot of budget-cut for courts, it just took longer time because of that and not civiltree fault. Highly recommended.

New Reviewer

GREAT SERVICE. As a retired attorney, I filed my case in Pulaski, Arkansas, Civiltree manually prepared all the carbon based forms for $150 which included filing of $80 and service against my ex-tenant. Great service and amazing prices. J.R. Case 2013SC0981

New Reviewer

Whoever is writing these 5-star reviews must be part of this scam operation. CivilTree refunded my money after NOT doing a thing for 6 months except lie to me. Their refund check bounced and I was charged $25.00. I Filed a Fraud complaint with the Attorney General. Will see when they investigate these scam artists how long before they are sent to prison.

New Reviewer

I filed 4 cases that accumulated over the years.. 3 in FL one in UT. One settled; one I won in court (was not easy); one I still have to go battle out in court and one is still in process. Overall, they are very helpful and quick to respond. I definitely recommend using them instead of waiting in lines at courthouses to file and re-file the paperwork. Great company, great people, hope they will add more services and offer cheaper prices in cheaper areas. E.g. $150 special to file in Wyoming and $300 to file in FL.

New Reviewer

I used this site to help me file an out of state small claim against an extended auto warranty company (Warranty Direct---HORRIBLE, btw). Arbi was my contact person & he was great all the way through the process. Prompt answers to my questions & always got back w/me right away.
The only complaint I have (which is kind of a big one) is this: The whole reason I decided to use their services was because this was an out of state case, & I wanted to avoid any complicated issues I might encounter due to this. They did not serve the defendant properly (the state I now lives in requires live process serving & Civiltree served via certified mail--they should have been more on top of this, especially since it was an out of state case, which was the whole reason I hired them to begin with). I showed up to my original court date & it had to be continued because of this, which was VERY frustrating & extremely disappointing. Not to mention, I would have won my case that day since the defendent no showed. So, the case was dragged out for like 2 more months, the defendents were properly served and they got to appear by phone (which was LAME) & I ended up losing the case. It wasn't Civiltree's fault I lost, but it definitely didn't help, and had they served properly, I would have won.
The COOL thing was that they were very apologetic & accountable about their mistake & refunded my money (thanks to Arbi's advocacy) in full after my case was closed.
The price was reasonable (approx $200) by the time you figure court filing fees, downtown parking, time off work, hassle of dealing w/the paperwork, etc.

New Reviewer

CivilTree did all of the hard work for me regarding filing my case and serving the defendants, and what a low price! I highly recommend them. I sat in court and watched other cases get dismissed for improper filing or the wrong court house was used. CivilTree makes it possible to just concentrate on your case without worrying about all of the preliminary processes - they were wonderful!

New Reviewer

<Great service with timely & professional responses>
I got involved with online shopping company regarding my gift card. The company was totally unreasonable and I couldn’t get any responses from the customer service. It was big hassle to deal with the online company and I didn't know how to get my money back. I hired Civiltree with a referral and retrospective, it was a great decision to hire Civiltree. Civiltree updated the status of my case timely manner and arranged the small claim filing with a minimum effort from my side. Today, I went to the court and realized one missing document and Civiltree contact (Arbi Nazari) provided it real time. With that document, I won the case and this is the happy ending. I strongly recommend anyone to use Civiltree for handling the small claim, especially if you deal with corporates. Thanks Arbi!

New Reviewer

I encountered a problem with an outstanding bill from a prominent individual in state politics. The service that Civil Tree provides has, to date, allowed me to pursue the matter in a professional and, most importantly, legal manner.

I was able to send a demand letter followed by a final notice for payment at a very reasonable price. I initially had some difficulties with the process, but Mr Nazari corrected the problem and provided the final notice without charge.

The sign of a good company is how they treat customers when they have made an error. This company corrected the initial problem and has provided excellent customer service and support.

I will now proceed with their other services and file a civil claim against the individual. I highly recommend their service. If you have a problem with an outstanding debt, then Civil Tree is the company to use.

New Reviewer

I submitted my case for Cook, IL, skeptical about an online service, but was amazed. My case was filed, served, questions, emails, call always returned. thank you, DA

New Reviewer

I paid Civiltree to file a small claims suit in Jan. , heard nothing from them for 6 months.I inquired about my case and was told it was the court's fault, when in reality , they never filed. Finally in Aug. they filed , but never had the person served. When I went to the courthouse, (taking off from work) the people there acted like I was an idiot for not having the defendant served! Isn't that the reason I paid Civiltree? Now they're offering a refund....since Jan. It's now March I'd never recommend them, EVER.

New Reviewer

Arbi and Company are tops.... Extremely Knowledgeable about the legal system and goes the extra mile to make everything right... Highly recommended! A+A+A+A+

New Reviewer

I worked with and was impressed with their service. They kept me informed with the process and when things were taking place. I asked a lot too, since the court system in Texas is so slow. They were always very patient and courteous. They really saved me time knowing where to file and how to get the ball rolling. Very pleased.

New Reviewer

I have used this site numerous times. I have been pleased every time. Arbi is very helpful and even added a coupon code after I had processed the transaction without it. I recommend them.

New Reviewer

They are great..honest compassionate and knowledgeable...they truly care about us little guys out here..

New Reviewer

Terrible company...stay away.

They say they will do my Demand Letter within 24-48 hours. They took 4 days to start it, and only after I called to complain. Arbi told me he mailed the letter on the first of the month, then when I check on the status, he told me he mailed it on the 5th.

They say they have online chat, but nobody is ever available. They say they return message, but they did not. Their voice box is full. This is a terrible company and I will never work with them again.

New Reviewer

I aslo used civiltree for a filing in Alameda county, California in winter 2012. I must say that I was impressed with the service received. My case was promptly filed and served; questions always answered. Hope that I never sue again but will use civiltree.

New Reviewer

I contacted in November 2010 for an Internet fraud case in Georgia. I was suing an Internet vendor for not delivering merchandise (<$1000) that I paid up front for. After 80+ email exchanges (I have them all), I have yet to get my case seen in my local court in Stafford County, Virginia. As of last May 2012 I had finally had enough of the lies and excuses of why my paperwork had not been filed or why the court clerk was not willing to work with them...blah, blah, blah. Virginia is backed up, Virginia is hard to deal with, Virginia is different that other States. I called the County Clerk personally and explained my situation. She looked me up and stated that at one point I did in fact have a hearing date, but was never notified by Civiltree and thus missed it and my case was dismissed. Otherwise, she had never received any follow on paperwork from Civiltree or anyone else on my behalf to reschedule. After hearing that, I contacted Arbi Nazari and insisted on a refund of the ~$300 service charge. As of today, 8 months later, I still have not received a refund check. Nothing. I just inquired to my Civiltree POC Arbi Nazari as to the whereabouts of my refund and thought I would do an Internet search for Civiltree complaints and came across this website. I see that Civiltree has done an outstanding job of defending themselves against other complaints, so I thought I would throw mine up here and see what their defense would be in my situation. It is ironic beyond belief that the reason I contacted Civiltree in the first place is because I paid for something I never ironic that my hired "legal" counsel is now in the same boat. Classic. Common Civiltree, just try to defend this one...

New Reviewer

I hired for small claims services for Broward county, Florida. The service was very impressive. I will bookmark this company and refer highly.

New Reviewer

I used for many services including small claims. Every time they were extremely professional and knowledgeable. I have and will continue to recommend them to friends and family. Could not be happier with the service.

New Reviewer

Site helped me find and pursue a lawsuit against a fraudulent loan modifications firm in San Diego county. Civiltree not only conducted the services procedurally and professional, they also located this crook at this residential location to serve him the paperwork (judge was also impressed)!!! Thank you...I really needed the money and the help.

New Reviewer

I paid up front for a small claims court to be filed on May 16, 2012 and it is now August 1st and Civil Tree has not processed my case. To make matters worese they said it is being held up by the courts when infact it is not, the courts have no record of it. They done nothing with the courts.

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