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CheapOair reviews

139 reviews
Categories: Hotels, Plane Tickets, Travel
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139 Reviews for CheapOair

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New Reviewer

"Honeymoon Disaster!" We planned all of our trip threw this website given confirmation that this would be an all pre-paid trip we figured no worries besides pre registration with flight room etc. Ending our trip in Maui which we had planned a Helicopter Ride around parts of the island we arrived at Maui Air we had thought since they had taken our deposite of $460 dollars in June we pretty much locked in a spot. Nope! They never knew we were showing up cause cheapOair never sent them the request or any info. Sounds funny right? Whelp long story short my wife has been on the phone with customer service for 2hrs and no one wants to be responsible for the money let alone blaming a whole other vendor for their mistake SMH! Thanks CheapOAir more like poor excuse of customer service don't deal with these A$&Holes if you are desperate.....

Tip for consumers: Don't Bother With This Company You Will Regret It!

Ask Rudy about CheapOair
New Reviewer

This is a joke airline ticket site!! they will bait and switch you. You will think you are getting a deal, but really its a already clicked box that says your flexible with our dates. What a scam. The best part is when you call them back after 15 mins you think your going to get your funds release; well think again. they will hold your money for 7-14 business days. WOW what a scam!!! This is what they emailed me???
Thank you for choosing for your travel reservations.

Your reservation with booking # 23542494 made on 09/05/2014 has been cancelled on 09/05/2014.

Any charges or authorizations made to your credit or bank card will be released within 7 – 14 business days.

Thank you,

New Reviewer

These folks don't know what customer service is. When I called in to make a flight chance I was put on hold (someon answered asked how they could help, listened than please hold) for over 45 minutes before I hung up. I emailed them while on hold which is what they ask you to do and 3 hours later with no one calling me to discuss they closed my request saying it had been resolved. Be careful!!! They're playing a shell game.

Ask Ron about CheapOair
New Reviewer

These guys are sneaky! We bought two return tickets to South Africa in August 2014 for travel in November 2014. The following day they contacted me to let me know the airline changed the itinerary. The agent was not able to find a flight for the same price that would get me to my destination when I needed it too. While I was on the phone with the agent I pulled up their website to see what I could find. I found a flight with the correct dates for about the same price I paid for the original tickets. What the website displayed was apparently no longer available. I refreshed my browser several times. The same itinerary kept popping up. This means that they lure you with cheap tickets for flights that are no longer available. Once they have your money, they can charge you a cancellation fee or up sell you to a more expensive flight. I am reporting these guys to the BBB.

Tip for consumers: Book your flights somewhere else.

Ask Jacob about CheapOair
New Reviewer

My daughter is a military wife and she was taking military hops to the states. Once she got to states she is responsible for her travel. I booked a flight from San Jose, California to Atlanta, Ga. I selected a flight that took off at 9:51 and arrived at Atlanta airport at 7:13. We live 1 hour and half from airport. I booked flight on Monday for her to fly on Wednesday. What they actually ticketed her for was another flight that arrived at 10:02 P.M. My granddaughter who is 3 years old is also traveling with her. I called CheapOair about the problem. The first call I was sent to another department for booking issues where man told me it was my mistake and hung up on me. Called back asked to speak to Booking Manager was put on hold for 20 minutes no one ever answered call. Called back and spoke to another lady who was somewhat nice but told me it would cost me $200.00 per ticket to make the change to what I had purchased and also that it was my fault that they computers don't make mistakes. It took my daughter approximately 9 days to get to the states with the military hops we looked at these flights so many times and we reviewed the flight as I made the reservation. I have never been treated so badly by a company as this one. I would NEVER advise anyone to use this company. It is like the ole saying you get what you pay for, cheap flights, cheap service. RUN RUN pay a little more it will be worth it.

Tip for consumers: I feel that you must give credit due when credit is due, after the big problem with my daughter's flight Cheap-O-Air gave me a credit for the flight. The initial experience left me with the worst customer service experience I had ever had but I have to say they stepped up to the plate and did all they could to make things right in this situation.

Ask Beverly about CheapOair
New Reviewer

Cheap-o-air are bait and switch experts, and if you ever miss your flight, they make life hell for you, and will give you a refund, in one or two months after you pay an extortion fee of $200.00 for the refund. They won't even take the refund amount and put it towards a different flight. They expect you to just make other flight arrangements with them and wait one to two months for your refund. If they do this to enough people then they can make a lot of interest and using your money to do it. It's a racket. The the first time they did this to me was when I was changing my flight date, and the second time was when an accident on the highway kept me from catching my flight on time. I'm done, and will use KAYAK from now on.

Ask David about CheapOair
New Reviewer

I made a reservation 6 months in advance for a trip to Kodiak. After cheapoair changed my flight once which wasn't a huge deal I called them to see about returning one day early. It was at least a month before the trip was to take place. After a 40 minute hold I get the full on Indian call center. No big deal other than my rep's English was second grade level at best and as if that wasn't enough it sounds like there was a riot going on inside the office. I press on and explain that my work was cut short and I'd like to come home a day early, the reason is my wife is days, maybe hours away from giving birth to our first child. I also did not mind paying a few bucks extra on top of the 1200 bucks I had already given them in March for an August flight. They could care less. Worst service ever. All I was offered was if I canceled I could get a refund in cheapoair credit good for "most travel"?? Then I could book an entire new trip. Really? Now as I sit in my room in Kodiak(hoping I do not miss the birth of my son) I can't check in to any of my flights online, I have been disconnected from long holds on cheapo's FU hotline twice, and since I went through cheapoair it's like my ticket is covered with the plague when I call an airline directly. Take my advice, just go through the airline directly. If you do use a discount site make sure never to use cheapoair.

New Reviewer

Deceptive business practice
Late last night (8/6/2014), when I searched for 5 air tickets (4 adults and 4 child) to Beijing China at It showed a price of $ 763.8 per adult and $672.2 per child. After I verified the flight schedule and entered all the passage names, DOBs, home phone number, email address, credit card number, I click the "book" button. I got a message that one of the flights is not available, asking me either go back or start a new search. However, when I went back. All flights on that day displayed “SOLD OUT”. A few minutes late, My home phone rung and a lady from was calling me. She asked “what prices are you looking for?” I replied “the price you showed on your website a moment ago” she said “I will see what I can find for you.” She asked me to “wait for 2 minutes”. I was put on hold. After a few minutes, she called back and offered a price of more than $850 per adult for the same flights which were first available on the website then became ‘SOLD OUT”. I responded “Thank you. I will look at other places” She again asked “what prices are you looking for” I answered “not at the price.” She said “I will take to my manager and see lowest price we can offer you.” Again she asked me to “wait for 2 minutes”. I was put on hold. She came back with a price around $800 per person. I didn’t take the offer. had no intention to honor the price initially listed on their website. They just use a low price on the website to get people’s information and then they try to charge people a higher price. What a deceptive business practice! What a waste of time! I will not trust them anymore. I am able to book the same flights through a travel agent today.

New Reviewer

I booked 2 tickets to Tel Aviv, before the current political dangerous situation. As the situation there deteriorated, I tried to cancel my ticket. The tickets were not refundable.. Eventually my flight was cancelled, but they will still not refund me or allow me to use the credit of my ticket for a new ticket. I am very disappointed. I have been calling the customer services of Cheapoair in a daily basis from Istanbul costing me a fortune and 20 hours later no results. I have been twice to the airport when they told me to talk to the airline directly. I will never use cheapoair and I really hope no one else does too. Just my phone bills are double to value of my tickets at this point. VERY DISAPPOINTING AND FRUSTRATING. SCAM.

New Reviewer

Before I write this report, I've been searching through internet about this Company, (Cheapoair). There are hundreds complaints about schedule change from Cheapoair. It is the time to stop them.

Here are the stories.
I bought three tickets on May 5th 2013 from cheapoair, the flight was supposed to be scheduled as depart on 01/27/2014 and back on 02/19/2014. But instead, my return flight has been change to 02/24/2014.

The airlines had made couple times schedule change for my booking, and cheapoair always send me the email with the link that you can accept the schedule change. I always click the link and accept the schedule change. ALWAYS. On 01/20/2014, they send me an email about schedule change from airlines, but this time doesn't include the link that you can click to accept the schedule change. Instead, the email contain information about schedule change and ask me to call to confirm the schedule change, also if I can't reach them by phone the email said i can simply just reply the email with a "I accept the schedule change" in subject line. Well, at the first time I already have hesitation about this situation, so i decide to call first. The number that I dial was a number for Department of schedule change from cheapoair, which they don't even pick it up for hours. Then I have no choice, but to reply the email with "I accept the schedule change" on the subject line. On January 26 2014 (One day before my flight) an email from cheapoair sent to me and said that they are unable to retrieve my booking, and ask me to call the schedule change department again. Note that 01/26/2014 is Sunday as i remember, the day that the schedule change department is close. I was terrified, shocked. I try to call again and speak with sales department; they finally transfer me to a person who can handle my booking. And He said that my booking is good to go. So then finally I had my flight on 01/27/2014.

Here goes the problem when i supposed to have my return flight on 02/19/2014. We were at the airport and try to check in, but the staff of Saudi Arabian airlines told us that our flight has been moved to 02/24/2014. We were Shocked! There is no way that we will accept that. First, it's 5 days different. 5 days means 5 days accommodation, food, and transportation. 5 days means 5 days wages loss. Secondly, I brought a Senior citizen who needs a medical assistance.

I tried to call cheapoair internationally, but the hold is way too long and it's cost a lot for every second that I’ve been hold on line. So i decided to call my sister in law who live at California to help me to call. She finally transferred to a manager after hours waiting on hold. The Manager offers us a flight on 02/20/2014, and even willing to take care our accommodation and transport. So we accept that! But the terrifying is not end there. On 02/20/2014 morning 6:00 am an email from cheapoair came, and it said that they are unable to give us the flight. Again i have to bother my Sister in law to make another call. This time the manager didn't offer we anything but ask us to pay another $3000 so she can give us a flight that day.

It ridiculous! So we tell her that we going to buy our own tickets from other travel agents, and will take legal actions later. But the manager said that she will try to work with our refund.

We've been fight for our rights almost half of year now. Been made a hundreds calls to cheapoair. They always confuse us with the refund, sometimes they said that we have to call customer representatives to close the "open" tickets so they can refund the tickets, sometimes they said that my booking number is not on the system, sometimes they said that don't have any manager or supervisor available. It's been an exhausting and stressful effort that we gave to this case. Cheapoair said that they already work with the airlines, and they send me a $141 refund as they said that they only can refund the tax that I paid on tickets. I mean, really? $141 it's not even worth for every call that i made to cheapoair.

I think everyone who wrote that complaints about cheapoair in internet need to unite in a group and stop them (CHEAPOAIR) as one. We need to fight for our Consumer rights. For everyone who wants to join me, I am ready! Just send me an email at and we can go from that. I will probably create a facebook page like “CHEAPOAIR HATERS” or something and we can act as one to sue this company.

Thank you very much.
Susanto Jhon

New Reviewer

I will NEVERRRRRRRRRRR book with them again the are the worst people so rude and nasty I currently had a death in the family so the amount of stress from that is enough than calling them to change my flight they were NO HELP AT ALL!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

This site is terrible! It even charges you for selecting seats, without telling you ahead of time. I'll never ever use this site again.

New Reviewer

I gave cheapoair one star because there is no rating lower than that. I booked France airline ticket through cheapoair and received an E-ticket. I flew to London from Los Angeles with the ticket and everything is ok. But when I came back, I was told by France Airline check-in staff that my seat was booked for one day later than the date shows on my ticket. I had to pay 235 Euro to get a seat like I changed flying date. When I returned home, I called cheapoair for their mistake. Customer service answered my call but let me wait forever after I told them I had a problem with the E-ticket they issued. I tried different customer service numbers of cheapoair and got the same reaction.

New Reviewer

Had a wonderful trip at a great price.Much cheaper than everyone we chatted with in our resort.We will be booking again soon.

New Reviewer

CheapOAir is okay if everything goes well. 1st time we booked with them to go to france, no problem. 2nd time we booked 4 tickets to go to Nepal for dec 2014, it was a disaster. We booked this flight because of the price and convenient layover times on 2 stops. Then problems started when the times of some of the flights has been changed by airlines due to that we have layover of more than 8 hrs in doha which was not acceptable as we have younger kids. Then we started calling customer service, spent over 4 hrs waiting on 4 calls still problem unsolved. We had no clue which one is our real ticket. Neither they were willing to refund fully nor they were giving any other option to change the flight. Now we are stuck with the flight that is not what we bought for. Every time we call they gave different refund amount. Terrible terrible unprofessional customer service. Please avoid this company.

New Reviewer

Bad bad customer service.. I spoke to three different agents and all had different prices in mind for my request to change return date... all i wanted to do is change the return date and so called first guy I talk to tolled me to wait until the trip is in motion and because it will be cheaper and so I did.. when i called back they asked me for 1500 to change dates on 1 trip 2 passengers.. i thought i was a bit high so I asked if I could call back the next day.. when I called back the next day another guy asked me for 4200.00 for the same thing.. triple the amount in one day.. long story short, I had to purchase bran new tickets for my wife and 4 year old completely change the trip and on top of it all my wife and 4 year old have a 15hr layover in Turkey unbelievable how is a 4 year old going to last for 15hrs at a airport.. cheapoair representatives that I spoke to showed no sympathy for my family even tho I have purchased trips worth almost 10K no sympathy no discounts no follow up.. I work in a customer service industry and I tell you this is not a way to treat your customers. I will never go go back to them again.

New Reviewer

A long story short, I understand when you make a change in your flights you pay an extra fee. I totally get that, but... when they put another person's name on the ticket that's for you, please help me understand. These clowns still expect you to pay for their mistake and more. If you like throwing your money away... This is the agency for you! They should check for the recorded conversation I had with their customer service rep. While I stated several times is for Dominick... They put Camilla?!? Please anyone correct me if I'm wrong but even when you pronounce those two names they are spelled different and sound nothing alike. Yet, they still expect me to pay extra to fix their mistake. Caution for all travelers! Unsafe! I would not trust them, not even to feed themselves.

New Reviewer

Cheapoairline is just terrible. We wanted to change our ticket and called multiple time. Every time you get some indian person on the phone that has no idea what they are doing. The flight cost 1.700$ and than they have the balls to offer you to change a small part of the route for 3000$ when you could buy a whole new ticket for 1500$. That they think you are that stupid is just awful. HORRIBLE booking agency. Be smart and don't buy a flight with them. It's the total rip-off, just to warn you. There are really much better sites around as kayak, tripadvisor and plenty others. Don't let them fool you...You will waste hours and still just run into a wall with whatever you want to accomplish.

New Reviewer

I purchased two plane tickets that were non-refundable. The airline changed the flight and that was not acceptable to me, when I called to tell them that I did not agree with the flight change and asked for my money back they first said nothing that they could do, when I called the airline US Airways said that Cheap-o was responsible for refunding the ticket. I called Cheap-O back and after 2hours on the phone they said that they would refund my two tickets. When I called back to see where the refund was they said I would see it soon on my credit card. Then I get a notice from US Airways saying that I have up to a year to use my tickets at a $200 per ticket penalty. That is not a refund. I would encourage NO People to use Cheap-O Airlines. They have poor customer service, they lie, and if you run into a problem they will not resolve the problem. I would give them a -ZERO- but they do not have a ZERO star rating

New Reviewer

This business sucks! I put in a date and time for my travel, and when my options came up, I picked the fear I want to pay and gave them my credit card info the date on travel day changed! When I called them up and explained what had happened they said where sorry, but your gonna have to pay anyway, but you can have a sixty day credit with Spirit airlines, I'm sure the airline is good but these people are crooks, I told them I don’t want a credit with this airline I'm trying to get to a wedding on this date! , and not on a date you want me to travel. After about an hour of holding on the phone, and boy they love to put you on hold they finally came on the phone and said that they would give me a total refund, yeah right my credit my credit card was zapped! For the total bill. My advise to you is or or just anyone else but these people good luck.

New Reviewer

Booked a flight from Toronto to London. While I was booking, the price had gone up 300% of what it it should have been. Website says you can get a Price match refund for the difference if you call within 4h of booking. I called within 1h. Person I talked to would not give me the price match. They would only cancel and refund, minus $400 of the ticket cost. I have since rebooked with another agent, who said they would refund the additional $400, but I have my doubts as they would not give me any sort of written confirmation.

Update - I now have written confirmation that they will give me a full refund. Only time will tell if this will be reflected on my credit card statements.

New Reviewer

CheapOair sent me a confirmation email with incorrect information about the departure time, causing me to miss my flight. The customer service representative was rude and argued with me for an hour, insisting that since the attached PDF with the tickets included the correct time that they were not at fault for the incorrect information in the email. This is absurd. It is completely unacceptable to provide customers with incorrect information, even if "some" of it is correct. They refused to give me a refund initially, and the outsourced customer support representative was stubborn and dense.

Update: after writing this review I was contacted by customer support and issued a refund for the ticket I had to buy at the last minute. Unfortunately I still lost several days of traveling, as I purchased a ticket later in the week for a cheaper price after being told my money would not be refunded. Anyway, the woman on the phone (in the US this time) was kind and I am grateful for the refund.

New Reviewer

I made a flight reservation with Cheapoair on 30th May and called in to Cheapoair to CANCEL the booking on the same day we did the reservation. It was stated very clearly FREE CANCELLATION on your website. Firstly, their staff had confirmed my cancellation and promised me that I will get a FULL REFUND in the next 7-14 days. At the point of my cancellation, the amount was not deducted from my bank account yet, it was only being HELD at that point of time. Therefore, I didn't think there will be any deductions since it was just being held and your staff can simply instruct accordingly and make sure no collection was made. However, the following morning I was very disappointed to see a deduction of approximately (USD 481.60) made by Cheapoair from my account on 31st May. Why did this happen? I was constantly put on hold when i tried to call them. I am still waiting for my refund and have made an official complaint to my bank to investigate. Cheapoair has the worse customer service i have ever experienced. Their staff are very inconsiderate and the company just cares about your money and nothing else. I have told all my friends never to trust their website and i am now advising whoever is reading this to not even think about buying from them.

New Reviewer

I booked a ticket to Turkey for June 2014 and bought their insurance, and it is next to impossible to get my $ back without a $200 fee charged for the cancellation. The reason for my not going is the water canons, strikes and all of the fighting going on at the moment. I might take a $1500 hit, even with lousy insurance from Stonebridge. (TravelX). DO NOT BOOK THROUGH THEM AT ALL COSTS. READ THE SUPER FINE PRINT., *****Today, June 10, 2014 I spoke with Sr. Management, and I have been given a goodwill store credit of $1488 for travel next June 1, 2015. I wish that I would not have needed to write these bad reviews, but I did tell them that I'd update all of the reviews. After I apply the credit at the end of the year, I will update the review again.*****

New Reviewer

I host some Brazilian students attending college in the US and one of them booked a trip through CheapOair. His flight was cancelled by them and they have not refunded his money. They insist that they did not swipe his card, yet he has receipts from his bank reporting the charges against his account. He has not been able to get any additional help from them.

New Reviewer

Absolutely horrific experience using this vendor! NEVER, NEVER have anything to do with them. We made a reservation for a ticket 5 days ago, saw that the website gave us flex date and called to cancel reservation within10 to 15 minutes. The customer service rep told us that the cancellation was made, did not give us a confirmation number and assured us that we are good to go and don't need one. The next day when the charge was still on our card we called them again and they confirmed that the flight was cancelled and told us that the refund will get updated in the system within3-6 days. Now 5 days later, my husband has been on the phone with them for 4 hours, they ask us a lot of illegal questions, seemingly give us fake names and tell that our phone call isn't even in their system. Where about 4 pr so people have received from us a screenshot of a call, time, duration made to their company the night we made a cancellation. What a terrible business!!!!

New Reviewer

6. Re: Cheapoair
yesterday, 23:59

21. Re: Cheapo Air

today, 19:22

Cheapoair is not a company you want to buy flights through. I recently bought 2 flights for my new employees arriving from overseas to my home here in Canada. Because of a U.S. immigration technicality, I had to cancel their flights through Cheapoair but chose to rebook through Cheapoair so that my new employees could fly a different route that wouldn't have them touch down in the U.S.A. Cheapoair said that they would arrange a credit for the first flights that were booked and then cancelled. Within the hour I received the credit. The credit said that there was a $0.00 USD cancellation fee and that I had a credit of $876.22 USD for the unused flights. I decided that I would like to use that credit with Cheapoair this coming weekend and fly return from Calgary to San Francisco. When I placed my call I ended up speaking with someone from India. The Cheapoair representative in India said that they didn't have the credit and that I should talk to West Jet because that's where my credit was. I called West Jet and they said that there was no credit with them. I called cheapoair back and ended up speaking with someone in India again. The Cheapoair representative at that time told me that West Jet had in fact refunded my flight back onto MY Visa card. I didn't recall ever seeing a credit on my Visa so I placed a call to Visa to inquire if there ever was a credit that I may have missed. My Visa representative said that there definitely wasn't any refund on my Visa from West Jet or Cheapoair. I called West Jet and they advised me once again that I wasn't in their system anywhere. West Jet advised me that all of their ticket numbers start with "838" and that I should call Cheapoair back and get the flight numbers for my two new employees. At this point I feel like I'm in a game of "piggy in the middle". I don't blame West Jet for this. I call Cheapoair back and once again my call lands in India. The Cheapoair representative confirms two ticket numbers that I can then take back to West Jet. I call West Jet and they CONFIRM that a refund was sent to the visa number that was provided to them by Cheapoair. The problem with the Visa number was that it wasn't my Visa number, but a Visa number that belonged to Cheapoair. I learned this when I called Cheapoair back to advise them that West Jet had already released the money to a Visa card but the Visa card wasn't mine. The Cheapoair representative put me on hold like they had done all day. ON HOLD AGAIN! The representative came back on the phone and confirmed that West Jet IN FACT had refunded the money back to Cheapoair's Visa. I asked when they planned on forwarding it to me. The Cheapoair representative said that two billing cycles (two months) were needed to execute the refund. The Cheapoair representative said that he would have to put me on hold AGAIN so that he could transfer me to their admin department. I held and then got cut off. As you can see in my account of the day so far, I've called Cheapoair several times and found myself on hold for a minimum of five minutes. Then when I do get through to someone, I have to go through all the details again and then guess what? I'm back on hold. I finally insist on speaking to a supervisor from North America. I figure maybe the office in India is too far removed from this American company. I finally get a call from the American office of Cheapoair and they agree that two billing cycles is needed to refund but then recognized that I was well past the two cycles (two months). The representative from Cheapoair takes down all of the details AGAIN and says she will go to her manager with the issue and get back to me. I wait and then finally get a call back. The American Cheapoair representative advises me that the credit they sent me was a credit and not a refund. In short, they got the refund from West Jet but were only "obligated" to give me a credit. I said "fine! Put the credit towards my flight from Calgary to San Francisco that leaves this Thursday and don't delay because there is limited space left and prices keep climbing. The Cheapoair representative then advised me that they refunded within 90 days if I wanted the refund instead of the credit. I asked her what happened to the two billing cycles that I was quoted earlier. She said that she and the people in India were mistaken and that it was a 90 day waiting period for all refunds. The whole time I'm dealing with this Cheapoair representative she's reminding me that she's going to work for me and that she's my friend and that I shouldn't be short on patience with her. She advised me that once again she would have to go to her managers and "fight" for my cause. I waited a few minutes and got the call back from her. This time she pointed out that she would like to apply my credit in place of the refund but couldn't because the ticket's were issued to the two new employees, and pointed out that she recognizes that my Visa bought the flight's, but the credit was for the use of the two employees because it was their name on the ticket and not mine. She said that if I waited another month I would get a refund of $720.00 USD. I asked why I wasn't getting the full $876.22 USD because the refund voucher from Cheapoair CLEARLY stated that I was being charged $0.00 USD for the cancellations of the said tickets. She just mumbled that I had to pay a cancellation fee. So the summary of this experience with Cheapoair is that I have to pay a cancellation fee even though their voucher CLEARLY states that there is no cancellation fee. I have to wait 90 days for a refund that they have long collected from West Jet. In essence Cheapoair is sitting on my money and collecting interest of which I will see none of it. Cheapoair has collected the refund from West Jet but chooses only to give me a credit, but not to me, but to the names of the passengers at that time? In short I'm out of pocket for my flight to San Fransisco this weekend and I may or may not get a refund from Cheapoair. All Cheapoair had to do was apply the money owed to me to the flights I needed this weekend and things would be fine and I wouldn't be adding to the long list of blogs warning people to stay away from doing business with Cheapoair. When I pointed this out to Cheapoair they weren't interested. I plan on reporting Cheapoair to both the BBB and to West Jet. I will NEVER do business with Cheapoair again and I suggest you don't either.

New Reviewer

The employees were good and helpful. I was upset because I had booked the seating and didn't get them when we got to our flight. But overall it was good

New Reviewer

I have booked my trips with cheapoair about 3 or 4 times before and always got the best deal and best experience. No hassle. But the last time I booked a flight ticket for my mom from Mumbai to Miami and return, she had to o through a long wait at the Miami International Airport while returning from Miami to Newark even though this was clearly united airlines fault. This was a just a bad experience when I paid extra $400 to change the itinerary.

New Reviewer

The reservation process was easy and there is no question that I got a great rate. I also liked the reminders that were sent to me. I would use again.

New Reviewer

I attempted to book an emergency flight for mymother to travel to see my step father who had been admitted to the hospital. I booked got my booking number waited th suggested 30 minutes for a ticket number to no avail. I then called waited on hold for 40 minutes to be told wait another 30 minutes. Again no ticket number I had placed my phone number on their call back list recieved a call back again I asked for the ticket number this particular representative states wait 3-4 hours for a ticket number.... what happen to 30 mintures I advised that the flight was in less than 12 hours as it is an emergency booking. She then says I will transfer your call to our ticketing deprartment I waited on hold for 1hr49minutes before I hung up to call the normal customer service number waited once again for 43 minutes to find I need to be transfered again to cancel my booking since it seemed I was never getting the ticket number and I were to it wouldn't have been in time for my mother to board the flight. My final transfer the representative Paulette agent number 35091 out of New Deli India said it will only take 3 mintutes for you to get a rep that can cancel you booking so I asked her to hold on the line and warm confernece me she then said I can not do that. I said well I am sure you can hold with me until the promised three mintute hold time is up. Paulettes response well I can not garuntee that will only take three mintures. Well here we go again it will take this long but....... you may be waiting forever!!! Worst customer service experience ever do not use this site!!! Do not book you may never get a ticket number.

New Reviewer

Absolutely abysmal site. Ordering was fine, except the fees were much higher with added tax they didn't tell me about. I had to cancel my reservation because I found a better flight with United, and Cheapoair was terrible! I called (10 minute wait) and right after I asked to cancel, the person hung up on me. I tried their online chat twice and right after I asked to cancel my reservation, the customer service representative left the chat. I called again, held again, and the representative told me to just not get on the flight.

New Reviewer

Booked a flight for my wife to Toronto. I signed for a charge of $844.89. They charged my credit card $846.68.
The more annoying thing is that they also charged me a service fee of $97.21. This, according to my credit card company, is quite legitimate. This fee is to be found buried in the terms and conditions. Had I been aware of this I would have booked more cheaply directly with the airline.
Take heed everyone. Avoid this company!!!!

New Reviewer

Had to book a flight at the last minute due to a death in the family. Flight was a little crowded but we got there in one piece. The flights on the air buses were more comfortable,not as crowded. Would use Cheap o air again.

New Reviewer

I went to the site because I was looking for the best price for the times I wanted & really didn't care which airline I'd end up on. I bought my ticket. My sister was booking her flight to the same destination from another location, but after checking at. cheapoair for the flights she wanted, she went to the airlines site to see what price was listed for the same flights. It was at least $50 cheaper at the airlines site. Once she told me that, I checked my airlines site and found the cost of the same flights was $43.00 less! I called cheapo to get a refund of the ticket or at least get them to match it. After 30 minutes on the phone & speaking with 3 different people, I finally got the difference reimbursed. So if you find a flight you like on their site, check the airlines site before you make a purchase. If it's the same or cheaper (of course) go with the airlines; there you can at least select your own seat for free rather than pay extra to cheapo to be able to do it or wait and see what they pick for you for free. Really!

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

Do not buy your ticket with them! I have a 5 month hold and they changed my ticket to a 10 hour layover!!!! I bought my ticket with a 2 hour layover, 8 months in advance and I cannot get a hold of them for nothing! I have called about 30 times and have been on hold for hours. I have also emailed and tried chat without any response.
What a nightmare! I don't know what to do!!!

New Reviewer

Not sure what all the complaining is about - I bought an Alaska ticket via Cheapoair - everything worked like a charm. The charges came through with Alaska charging me the ticket and Cheapoair simply charging a small fee. I was given a Confirmation Number - set up a Member Account on Alaska - pushed in the Confirm number - and, sure enough, there I was and could manage everything else via Alaska - smooth as silk.

New Reviewer

I thought was excellent except for when I had to go to Spiritairlines to get my boarding pass, it wouldn't let me do it, said i needed a password then it kept rejecting it. I found out by calling cheapoair to call Spiritairlines then i figured it out myself I had to join the Spiritairlines membership or else I couldn't print my borading pass. But all and all I had a great flight and I will recommend this site to my family and friends, the problem wasn't with you it was Spirit Airlines.
Thank you, Loraine Verbridge

New Reviewer

Only negative would be if you are not careful you may accidently book for an 'alternative airport' or 'alternative day.' Besides that, the site and service are great.

New Reviewer

First time user of and I was pleased with the ease of use and the overall service. I will use it again for my travel needs.

New Reviewer

Don't use them. Period. Getting through to them is half the battle then they try to extort outrageous change fees. When you say no they use high pressure and threatening tactics. When all else is fails, they offer a lower fee.

New Reviewer

Beside that thy make you hold 30 min , The costumer service is well trained robots to say NO to people.When i was booking ticket to Palermo the price change instantly
$100,- up.Two days later the price is$100,- less .So made call to costumer service rep. KINDLY!? answer in this case nobody FORCE you to bay the ticket ,and if i would call back with in 24 hrs. they wold adjust the price but is gone 48 hrs. is lo late.
But if we all purchase the tickets some different site than, this Nasty people ho take Jobs away from as would don't have place to Work .

New Reviewer

This cheapoair is a big scam!!! I paid $374 for round trip ticket for my daugther from new orleans to san francisco and not realizing that the returning flight was May30 instead of April 30 so i called the customer service to change the returning date and to my surprise i was charge $390 just to change the f#£%# returning flight to new orleans.. Not only that the person that i talk to from india name Morton was rude he didn't even give any other option i try to get more information from him and all i can hear from him is his rudeness!!!!!

New Reviewer

Awful company. We booked tickets home from Vietnam to Australia with this website, who then cancelled our booking without contacting us, and advised us by email. We were in an area outside of mobile reception so we had no idea until we got back an area where we could check emails - a few days before our flight home.
We tried to call them and attempt to fix it up, but wasted $5 and 30 minutes of our time on hold.
When we eventually got through to them the next day, they told us the flight we had originally booked was now unavailable. We had checked online, however, and knew it was still available - they lied to my partner straight out. When we asked if we could be booked on the same flight for the price we originally booked it for, they said no and tried to charge us again for the original flight, at an additional $150 cost to us.
We ended up having to re-arrange our plans and book flights ourselves which got us home at a different time, and ended up in me having to leave some souvenirs I had pre-bought in Hanoi.

TL;DR: This company will $#*! you around, try to get additional money from you wherever possible, and actually cost you money and time where ever possible. Do not use. Ever.

New Reviewer

On hold for over 45 minutes without ever getting to speak to a representative. I finally got through 48 hours later! When I spoke to a supervisor (Sherwood) and complained about the excessive wait he said, "that's just how it is." Their customer service can best be described as piss-poor! This is the last time I will use them. My advice to others considering cheapoair is simply this, STAY AWAY!!!

New Reviewer

When I tried to book my flight online with "OneTravel", the final price was more than originally stated for the itinerary. I called the 800 number for assistance and was connected with an agent who tried to stall by asking me lots of personal questions. I thought that was really unprofessional and told him I didn't have time to chat. Meanwhile, he told me my flight was no longer available. I told him it was showing up on my computer and he said he could see real time bookings but I could not. I thought that was weird. Then after stalling for a long time, he did a bait and switch and booked me on a flight that was a longer route and with a shorter layover time for the same price. I was concerned about the short layover, but he said the airline would hold the connecting flight if needed. When I received the confirmation email, it actually was sent from CheapOAir. My husband did not like the flight schedule at all and asked me to change it. Reading on their website that I had a 4 hour window to make changes for free, I immediately called back. I was told a change would be an additional $165. Again the agent kept on putting me on hold and stalling for time. I felt very deceived when no matter what flight was offered, it was much more money. I gave up and hung up.

New Reviewer

I booked a roundtrip on United Airlines through the CheapO Air website. My return flight was canceled due to fog. The next flight was two days later. I decided to rent a car and drive the 7 hours home. I was told by the airport United agent to contact CheapO to get a refund. At first CheapO told me the refund would show up within a week, then another week, and another week, etc. I kept calling and writing but never got any money back from CheapO. I asked United to intervene and they said they couldn't. However, United was sympathetic. And did refund my checked bag fee of $25. First and last time I'll ever use CheapO Air.

New Reviewer

making my online reservation with cheapoair was great the staff were friendly and kind. but for my first international flight I had the worst experience ever. my first flight was canceled and than re scheduled hours later. that was ok but than I traveled with Etihad airways from Chicago to Abu Dubai. we had a emergency landing due to a passenger getting dehydrated which caused a delay. I was fine with that. than another emergency landing due to another passenger getting sick and I herd they are deceased now. we had to land in London and stay the night there than leave the next morning. I was very upset, this was my first international flight and it was not so good. I lost a day of my paid trip in India with my fiancé because of this. on my way back from India I flew with Etihad airways and on the way I had a allergic reaction, the flight attendants were kind and did there best to help me but with allergic reaction being so common you would think they would have medicine like Benadryl on the plane but they didn't, by the time I got to Canada I was in such bad condition, I was hospitalized for 3 days. I feel I deserve some sort of compensation on my plane ticket due to the delays, hassle and loss of my time.

New Reviewer

Attention, Cheapoair est une arnaque, une fausse agence de voyage ! Mais la plupart des plaintes sont en anglais. Il est possible que certains passagers soient arrivés à voyager avec cette agence, mais je suspecte que ces témoignages favorables sont truqués, les vrais témoignages, ce sont ceux des gens qui ont perdu leur argent, plus beaucoup de temps à s'énerver, et des grosses factures de téléphone quand ils ont essayé de comprendre ce qui leur arrivait en appelant Cheapoair. Attention, Cheapoair peut essayer de débiter votre compte sous le nom d'une compagnie aérienne, même plusieurs semaines après que vous ayez réservé...

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