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Cash4Calcs reviews

32 reviews
Categories: Electronics Recycling
Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA
Tel: (800) 516-1727

32 Reviews From Our Community

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Not expecting much I received a check two weeks later and it was for the FULL amount - about $48. (in 12 reviews)

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New Reviewer

Crazy me read some reviews but decided to send in my calculator anyway, its been sitting around for the past few years so I had nothing to lose... Not expecting much I received a check two weeks later and it was for the FULL amount - about $48. Good site.

Ask Lizzie about Cash4Calcs
New Reviewer

SCAM!!!! He sells used calculators on his other website "sellcalculators", but never pays you for your calculators you sell him. His name is Justin E. Stoecker from Brooklyn, NY. He is a scam artist. Google his name! He even just got busted for DWI by the NYS Police. SCAM!!!!!!!

Tip for consumers: DO NOT USE!!!!!!!

Ask John about Cash4Calcs
New Reviewer

Such a scam sent in my calc and its been 2 months with no word back. When I finally called he said he couldn't findit. And the whole operation is run by 1 guy who cursed on the phone with me and gave me attitude and said he is too busy. Sorry bud but that's not my fault maybe you should be doing something else. DO NOT USE THIS GUY!!!

New Reviewer

I sent in my calculator a month ago. Have yet to have any correspondence from the company. I've called, sent emails, and left voicemails and even contacted the BBB to report this company, and even they can't get a hold of them. As of now, this company is a scam and I just sent my calculator into an abyss.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

They said they received my calculator but haven't sent me a payment till date. Scam!

New Reviewer

I read all the horrible reviews but decided to try this site anyway - So glad I did. I sent them about fifty TI-83's that I felt were not in that great of shape. I expected to receive less than half of the quote I got on the website, but damned if they didn't send me nearly the whole amount. Yes, it took about 3-4 weeks total but I received payment with no problems and would definitely use this site in the future.

New Reviewer

very very unprofessional, from reading the other reviews I honestly think that they take your calculator hoping you will forget about. It seems that they won't actually pay you until you get in their face about it. I sent my calculator 2 weeks ago and never heard anything so I gave them a call basically threatening their entire business and suddenly the next day I get my appraisal. Those are some real messed up people they say they give the calculators to inner city youth but they clearly don't have enough respect for people to actually be doing that. I'm 90 percent sure they just take your calculator, clean it up, and sell it for more. Sell your calculator on craigslist, it'll take some extra work but for TI 83 you will most likely get 15-20$ more than what they give you without having to ship anything and wait forever

New Reviewer

I recently sent calculators in for sale, and have not recieved payment. Thanks to this website I filed a scam report with the Better Business Bureau and hope they email me back! This website is awful and should be shut down and the owners PROSECUTED!

New Reviewer

Take your buisness elsewhere!!
I sent them my calculators dec 1st and they got them about a week later. After a LONG processing period they emailed me back with a pathetic quote for HIGH quality calculators. Annoyed already, I said "whatever just send me the money." I never got the check. Now, WEEKS after emailing back and fourth they claimed to be voiding the check and paying me on PayPal. I have not received any payment yet and they just ignore me until I send the same email 4 times. They make you fight for your money. Honestly, I'm exhausted with these SCAMMERS. Beware of these people. Better yet, avoid them completely.. I wish I lived in New York so I could go to their office and curb stomp these people.

New Reviewer

I shipped two calculators, a TI-83 Plus in it's original packaging (unopened) and a TI-89 Titanium model calculator in like-new condition. I needed and still need the money that I would have gotten from selling these calculators, but the promised money that was to be deposited into my PayPal account is lacking. I've called the place many times, but have gotten voice mails each and every time. (I've called before the holiday season, so that's no excuse). Very disappointed, and considering further measures to get my money.

New Reviewer

I sent in a group of 15 TI-83's last month with one of the company's free shipping labels. I am based in Upstate NY so it shipped quickly -- just two days. I received a message from a Customer Service Representative that Cash4Calcs was inspecting my calculators. Within 24 hours, I received my expected payment in full.

Very positive experience.

New Reviewer

DO NOT USE THIS SITE. They will tell you they never received your calculator or if they do they will never pay you. These people are scammers for sure. The other outfit in Texas ( may pay less, but at least they are prompt about it.

New Reviewer

Il never use them again. Sent in 5 cals and nothing recieved. Some guy named Kevin says check was sent. I'm trying to give them a chance since I sent in my calcs only 2 weeks ago because I do work for the law and legal action will be filed if nothing is recieved. They scammed the wrong one this time. So il see and update. My dept. Is on standyby and already got started with the trace and contacting the local DA ..

New Reviewer

this website sucks. selfish $#*!s. they just steal from you

New Reviewer

I believe this site is a complete scam (will update if I receive payment). I sent them 50 calculators worth over $950 on behalf of my employer (a local high school) and they have not submitted a payment. They responded saying they received the calculators and were 'processing them' but weeks later I have not received payment. They don't answer the phone, nor respond to order inquiries, but do respond to questions about selling a calculator (though they gave me the runaround again when I asked about my shipment). Attemps at email have been futile. I am now going to the BBB, State Attorney General, IC3, FTC.... STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE! Wish I had read the reviews beforehand.

New Reviewer

Yeah... you always have to chase them to get your money.
I think they figure, if you don't contact them you either gave up or you forgot about it. It's either that or they are just over their head in work.
I've have much better service from
faster turn around time and much better customer service response.

New Reviewer

Sent in calc, no check four weeks later. Liars, won't answer calls, no call back, won't answer email. real piece of #@&-!. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

New Reviewer

Shipped my calculator May 5th 2010. It was delivered two days later. Never received payment. They won't respond to email.

New Reviewer

I submitted 30 calculators, TI-82s, I didn't look up reviews before I submitted and started to get a little worried after looking up reviews. So I emailed them about 10 days after sending them as I hadn't heard anything. They promptly emailed back saying they had received my calculators and were processing my shipment. I then waited until 8/30/11 and had not received anything back from them or a payment. I emailed them again that day saying I needed to get a response or payment. Today I received my payment for exactly how I had graded the calculators. It took a little longer than they advertise but I was paid exactly what I was suppose to get paid. I don't work for them... or an affiliate. In my email I told them I would review my experience, good or bad, based on my actual events. I gave them 4/5 stars only because it took longer than advertised and I had to email them twice. I told them they need to keep w/their own guidelines or change them on their website because it makes people frustrated when you are much slower than promised.

New Reviewer

July 7th I sent calculator off to Cash4calcs, it is NOW August 26th, I have sent numerous e-mails to KEVIN, asking what the hold up is... Now, I am fully aware that it hasnt been months since this transaction took place like other trusting patrons, but I feel I have been SCAMMED!! I told that to KEVIN, in my last e-mail. Shame on me in believing such a site!! This needs to be reported to BBB, or someone who can monitor all the complaints and take action!!

New Reviewer

I sent in my calculators about a month ago and still have no sign of any check. No one picks up the phone or answers my e-mail. My ID # is 14829.

Apprentice Reviewer

I am changing my review because, although it took me two months to get my check, I did get it after talking to the customer service. This website will pay you for your calculators.

New Reviewer

I too "lost " an expensive calc to these crooks!


New Reviewer

I had a terrible experience with this website. I sent them two perfectly good TI-83+ calculators. Received nothing in the mail for a week. Called them. Got an answer, the guy was very helpful, said they were delayed, but check would be in the mail that day. Fine. Waited another week. Nothing. Called again. Same guy, same explanation, check is about to be put in the mail. I did this for a month.

You can see where this story is going. I never got my check. I eventually stopped calling because I realized it was a scam and I did not have any straightforward way of getting my money or calculators. The dollar amount was too low to be worth my time pursuing any sort of action. Please do not use this site: there is always a demand near the start of school semesters for graphic calculators.

New Reviewer

I used to sell calcs on ebay, but they take SO much out in fees... up to 12%, and you have to pay for shipping... I get around the same from cash4calcs, and they pay for shipping and drop it right into my paypal account just like with ebay. I';ve spoken to a few ppl over there (andy) and they know me by name, always give good prices. I've never had any delays with being paid, usually a day or two after i get the email saying they got it

New Reviewer

I sent in two calculators a few weeks ago and didn't get my check, so I thought it was a scam. I called their 1-800 number and they confirmed a check was sent... it turns out I gave them my old address by mistake... they ended up cancelling the first check and I got the second one a few days later, and they ended up giving me a coupon for my next order for having to wait so long. I was scared at first about sending my TI-83s in, but in the end everything turned out ok.

New Reviewer

My review got deleted so I'm posting it again because I think this site deserves a chance... fishy fishy! Few of my friends use this site and they love it, nobody I know has had any problems yet.

New Reviewer

Get wise guys! The people writing on this site that they got money back are working for this scam. Read the reviews of people who said they didn't get their money and believe them! It's a scam. I mailed my calculator four months ago. I never received money and can't seem to get a person to talk to me. I've e-mailed and called. The calculator was in wonderful condition. I wish I had taken it to a pawn shop instead.

New Reviewer

I just filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Sold my TI-83 Plus calculator to them a few weeks ago and received no check. I tried e-mailing several days ago, no response. Tried calling today, got that same voicemail of some guy. Sent a message to the AIM screen name, no response. I will get my money back or I will show up at his doorstep- the address listed is a RESIDENTIAL HOME. Wish I had seen this site before sending my brand new calculator to this fraud.

New Reviewer

These people SUCK!!! I shipped a few calculators TWO months ago and still have not recieved a check after the site says the mail one to you in 2 days. I have called/emailed/IMed the customer service i don't know how many times about my check. The times that I DO get a responce, which is hit or miss, they tell me that they are running late on payments and will deffinitly ship my check the next day. Two months later I still have yet to see my check and still get the same lame excuses....

New Reviewer

I shipped my calculator on May 7th and I checked the delivery confirmation and it was received by the company on May 10th. Today is May 17th and I have yet to receive my $25 for my calculator, which they say will be deposited into your Pay Pal account in 24 hours after it has been received. I emailed the company and have yet to get a response. I called today and got someone's voice mail. Something just seems fishy!

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