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CanvasDiscount reviews

174 reviews
Categories: Photo Printing
6300 N.E 4th Ave
Miami, Florida 33138
Tel: 305-759-7800

174 Reviews for CanvasDiscount

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New Reviewer

EXCELLENT!! Easy, user friendly website, super fast service, and GORGEOUS canvas prints. I think if I had read some of these negative reviews earlier, they might have scared me off, but my experience was GREAT!! I ordered four canvases of different sizes, and ALL came out great. Shipment was super quick and packaging was top notch!! I'm tempted to get tons more of my pics. done!! Just have to make sure I don't run out of wall space!! :-)

Ask Valerie about CanvasDiscount
New Reviewer

I ordered two canvases on 1/30/14 and received them on 2/7/14. I thought that was a great turnaround myself. I was really happy with my order. I sent pic's from my Iphone and the pic's I received look just like the pic's on my cell, only bigger(16x24). I got one with the "POP ART" which I really love. For the price, you just can't beat it. I know you can pay a lot more on other sites and I'm pretty sure your pic's will look the same no matter how much you pay. Unless this company totally screws up any orders from me I'll be buying my canvas pic's from here. Infact I'm about to order a couple more.

New Reviewer

Ordered my 1st Canvas it was awesome ! In turn I ordered 2 more just as Fantastic and waiting for my 4th one with excitement !! Prompt service and turn around as well ! Bold and Brilliant colors , true to the photo ! Great Prices !! Thank you for making my photo's look so Beautiful !!

New Reviewer

I was so pleased to find an easy to use website with great prices and discounts! I was thrilled to receive my canvas looking so beautiful! Thanks for the great job! I will tell my friends!

New Reviewer

I ordered 4 canvas prints and they all came out beautifully. Not only that, but I got a great deal. They were originally discounted, I got an additional 34% off and free shipping, which arrived days before scheduled. Loved them and will definitely use them again.

New Reviewer

Canvas Discount delivers an exceptional product at a very fast turnaround. After my first product purchase, I have complete four (4) more with equal results. The customer service is also top notch. They do what they say and do it fast. I would recommend them without hesitation.

New Reviewer

I am a start up company, trying to find a reputable canvas company to print my photography on, for my clients. Being my own business, I would like to buy wholesale, not retail, but am having difficulty finding that online. Since doing my research, I have come across this site and the prices are right. Their website is nice, shows user ratings, offering money back guarantee, ease of use, etc. I decided to google reviews on canvasdiscount to see how other customers feel about them since I dont know anything about them (ie they were not recommended to me, I just happened upon them). Anyway, the 1st 10 reviews or so were TERRIBLE! That made me very uneasy. Continuing through the reviews, there were some very good ones, and some ok ones. However, they were all so inconsistent. One person thinks the quality is great, another says it stinks. One thing that I found common throughout, whether happy or not so happy, was their customer service. So while I was on their site today, I decided to chat with someone about my concerns. Their phone hours are only between 2-4pm Mon-Fri, so I was not able to have a conversation about this unless I waited. That is ridiculous, 1st of all. Only 2 hours a day they are available by phone? I did try to call anyway, and they have a message, but no ability to leave a voicemail. Check mark #2. No bueno. Anyway, upon my chat with Luis, everything was going fine initially, and then after my 2nd or 3rd question, he no longer was responding. We discussed the return policy, the resolution in images as for quality of images on large size canvases, etc. Nothing rude or anything. After no response for several minutes,, I asked if he was still there? No response. I then typed, "hmmmmmmm....." Again, no response. Several more minutes passed and I asked if he was still there? No response. I closed out the chat with, "I guess this is a sign. Thanks" So yah! If this is my FIRST contact with the company, no way in hell will I be ordering anything from them, EVER! They cant even maintain a chat conversation. Unreal.

New Reviewer

Ordered my prints on December 4th because they advertised 24 hour turnaround time. It's December 19th and I STILL have not received them. I have called twice. The first time, the person told me they assured me they would arrive by Dec 21 (leaving on a 10-day trip Dec 22nd). The second time I called, they told me the prints are in transit and scheduled to arrive on December 23rd! I am pissed. I understand that this is a busy time of year and that they had "printer issues", but don't advertise 24 hour turnaround time over the holidays if you cannot deliver.

Amendment to my previous review- I finally received my prints after we returned from our trip. The prints are lovely and were very well-wrapped for shipping. The company ended up refunding me 25% of the cost of my order because of the inconvenience. It amounted to about $36.00. I was grateful for that, especially since I had to in turn ship my prints to their recipients. The company must value customer service since they even offered me another discount after posting my earlier bad review. All in all, I was not please that they didn't make it to me on time (1 star) But, they were very nice once I received them (5 stars). This averages my review to 3 stars. If not in a rush to get my prints, I will likely order from them again since their quality and customer service was good.

New Reviewer

Site gives a 72 hour turnaround guarantee... Bull S&$%! Ordered a gift on the 15th this month, paid in full, no shipping notice, no response to multiple emails phone calls and I even tried reaching them through Facebook and phone! Nothing!!!! F these guys!

New Reviewer

FRAUD! FRAUD! FRAUD! I purchased a canvas from them because of their promise of Christmas delivery. While it's still only the 22nd, I haven't received notice of shipment. I tried contacting them through their customer service and through Facebook with NO REPLY. When I placed the order, they withdrew the funds from my account. Mysteriously, upon questioning where my order is, that transaction never went beyond "pending".
Also, they are not a Florida company. When the charges come, they are overseas and you will most likely get hit with an extra charge from your bank.

New Reviewer

I ordered a christmas gift weeks ago to make sure I had it in time to give to my nephews. When I logged into the site, it said it was shipped after a few days, but I never received a tracking number. Customer service email response was that the order was being "reprocessed" and I'd get it soon. Another 10 days goes by and I haven't heard a peep from them and the login information says the same thing prior to the "reprocessing" email. I now have to go out and shop again for my nephews. Really bummed because this site was highly recommended by 2 photographer friends. I'll be sharing my experience with them so they know service isn't what it use to be.

New Reviewer

SOOOOOO ticked off at this company. Ordered a canvas and they say "guarantee 72 hour turn around". I never received the email saying it was sent so i called there and of course got a voicemail and couldnt leave a message. Called over and over and over, finally got someone to anser and spoke with a real person. Was told the order failed to upload, they did see the order though. Was told by a supervisor "Julian" it would be done that night and whould be delivered by December 20, and that i would recieve a coupon by email for 50% off. Well today is the 20th, still never received a email that it was sent, never recieved a email with a coupon. AND CANT get a person to answer the phone. WHAT A JOKE. WILL NEVER use this place again. Thanks for upsetting my kids, now there present for their dad isnt here for them to give him!

New Reviewer

I have never wrote a complaint email ever. This was my first one. I was sooo pissed! Here was the email I wrote them:

I've had made many orders over your ""


This is I had used the "SAVE75" discount code you guys emailed me.

I then saw on your site the all orders over $75 get free shipping. I got my email of confirmation and it had said I was getting charge shipping ? I thought simply there was a glitch of some sort. So i decided to call in "1-855-335-9926"

The guy I talked to told me I need to order over the Canadian website. I had no idea there was one. Your employee said once you order over the Canadian site, I should call back in and you guys would apply the credits that I was expecting, hence "SAVE75" and Free shipping over $75.

Then I called to get my credits with my Canadian order "#CAA119900013373"
The guy I talked to found the guy I was originally talking to and said they will apply a $70 credit. I was happy that you had kept your word. Later that day I was realizing there was no confirmation email for that credit. So I called in again! They lady I talked to said there’s no record of a credit being added?

I'm pissed! I can't believe what I had to go through. Very misleading and a waste of my time! You will not see me ordering from you again and I will be posting this email on sites that rate your site.


New Reviewer

Its a joke, customer service continually sending lies such as, the USPS will not accept packages destined to APO. Considering this is a joint service between the USPS and the military they really should get their facts together before finding some lame excuse. I have received shipments from and other online vendors mailed with fedex, which is then turned over to USPS or by USPS which gets delivered no problem. Customer service seems to be lazy and not willing to fill out a customs form. The website clearly accepts FPO/APO address. Service members or anyone station overseas be careful dealing with this company. The best answer would have been to publicly state your policy versus accepting an order, waiting three days then trying to convince the customer of mailing it to an alternate address. News flash, stationed overseas.

New Reviewer

The first order I placed with them took a long time, but the picture I finally received was very well done. Their customer service person contacted me and wanted me to give them a second chance. The following order was prompt, shipped within 36 hours, and was of the same great quality as the first. First time I had ever had a company's customer service contact me to make sure I was happy. I will do more business with them.

New Reviewer

i'm glad for new prices on Canvasdiscount website and I even got another 15% off entering the coupon code in the checkout cart, which made purchase more exciting!!!!

it is my first purchase and the 24 x 36 canvas is absolutely FANTASTIC, I love it!!! the 8 days of long awaiting has finally justified.
love that canvas:D

New Reviewer

Speedy service. Cannot comment on quality as sent directly as gift. Person gifted is very pleased with print. Only reason gave a 4 is because I didn't personally see print.

New Reviewer

I was WOW'ed when I recieved my canvas prints from The colors and quality of the canvas print really JUMPED off the page! I found a great deal online, uploaded a great photo of a recent vacation, and sure enough a few days later it arrived. I couldn't be happier! This will make a great Christmas gift for my family members. An excellent way to personalize presents this holiday season.

New Reviewer

I love ordering canvases from this web site. It always fast, good quality and good prices. When I saw web site I didn't believe the price, incredible deals. I thought it would be something wrong for that price,but IT WAS PERFECT ! It was such a good quality that I ordered few days later another one.... I been buying from them over 2 years now and I absolutely love it. I would recommend to anybody who want nice canvas! Great choices of sizes, colors and frames... Love love love it

New Reviewer

I ordered two canvasses with photos from a recent vacation and I am very pleased with the quality and price. They both look great ! Thank You I will be ordering again in the near future.

New Reviewer

Loved this service. I created a bare wall into a vacation photo area in our living room. Its beautiful. Thanks Canvasdiscount!!

New Reviewer

I have used canvasdiscount many times. Each time my experience has been well above my expectations, both in quality and fast service.

New Reviewer

The website was so easy to use, especially since it required uploading a photo. I am not at all tech savy, and I had no problem!

New Reviewer

I've gotten several canvas's from these guys, and let me tell ya they are fantastic. Transforming my photographs and composites from ideas to canvas's that are going to last a long time is really a joy of its own. Thanks canvasdiscount!

New Reviewer

After calling the website stuff and asking about the shipping process, I was informed that canvas was sent after 40 hours after placing an order which isn't promised fast 24h turnaround... However, i waited a week for canvas to arrive and it was delivered safe n' sound. The satisfaction is over 100% for the canvas, but the shipping could be improved. Overall, first impression is OK with canvas discount website...

New Reviewer

I had a great experience with The website was easy to use to zoom and cut my wedding pictures exactly how I wanted. The pictures showed up very quickly and were exactly what I ordered. The prices were great and the canvas prints are great quality. Thank you, Tasha

New Reviewer

They could improve delivery service, because my print was delivered few days later. Quality was good and price was nice, so no complaints. Recommended!

New Reviewer

I have never been disappointed with any goods or service from
However, I did contact them in response to a portion of their website which mentioned they would meet & beat any any other website's $ for the same item. I did contact regarding a $69.99 for a 30 x 40 canvas on another website & never heard back from

New Reviewer

I have purchased two canvases from this site and I was very pleased with the product both times! I will continue getting canvases from this site! (:

New Reviewer

I have had nothing but good experiences with Canvas Discount. Their product is high quality and they even mount your prints to the frame for you! Fast turnaround and good packaging as well. Have used them multiple times for business and personal use. Thanks!

New Reviewer

The 16x20 wrap canvas is BETTER than the black & white photo from which I scanned and sent a digital copy. I was impressed with the speed, packaging, everything. A first rate company! I will definitely use this company again.

New Reviewer

Orders are processed very fast and always received within a week. Prices are well below other other sites and quality is very good!

New Reviewer

My orders always arrive quickly and in excellent shape. The quality of the photos on the canvas is fantastic. I have placed numerous orders over the last several months and will continue to do so.

New Reviewer

I have used Canvasdiscount several times and been impressed with each experience. Their website is easy to navigate through; I did have a question one time and their help number was able to answer it. Love pictures on canvas and this source for being able to purchase them at a reasonable price.

New Reviewer

We had 2 orders from canvasdiscount, and ordered over 20 pictures in total. We were very pleased with the first order. However, the coloring was off in our second order. We actually ordered the same picture in the first and second order and the coloring was totally different! And a few of the pictures in the 2nd order were very dull. We wanted to return the ones that were dull and keep the ones we liked, but they told us we had to return the entire order if we wanted to return anything. I think if you spend a couple hundred dollars, they should be more willing to deal with a few returns. They said they would reprint, but we had to pay for the shipping to return the photo, which wasn't worth it to us in the end.

New Reviewer

Their prices can't be beat!! They also ship quickly, and the prints are great quality!! Love this site!! I've ordered multiple times and am very satisfied!

New Reviewer

I have ordered several larger canvases from this company and they have all arrived quickly and are a great quality product. I will definitely use them again!

New Reviewer

I am very pleased with my purchases from CD! One large canvas I received did have some sort or oil stain or mark on it but I emailed them and they replaced it for free as well as getting it here in 3 days! Great company!!!

New Reviewer

The end product was gorgeous and shippimg was fast! Will be recommending this company to friends and family.

New Reviewer

Received the canvas prints and there was a problem. I took pictures of the problem and emailed them to customer service. They contacted me right away and said that they would redo the order. The print quality is very good, but knowing that I can trust their service will make me buy again!

New Reviewer

Very user friendly, great prices, the picture on the canvas is clear, no blemishes. No flaws are apparent. Great product for the price.

New Reviewer

The service was great, placed order on Sunday and they were at my house on Thursday!! The only thing to be warned of is the company banks in Germany, my bank saw the suspicious charge for Germany and put a freeze on my account!! Had to go and get new debit card and spent a lot of time and worry if somebody else got by credit card numbers! When I order again I will use a prepaid credit card to keep this from happening again!!

New Reviewer

the nature is critical approach for a person like ME in everything for what I had an experience with.
The ordered canvas in overall is OK for the picture colors and stretching. the only critique to service is the lack of designing canvas options right in their website because i'm interested to experiment how canvas would look with that effect on that side of the wall; how the canvas backside looks; what is the hanging system; how it fits on the wall and so on. and i didn't find the inspiration on the website, only discounted prices which looked attractive.
I like the canvas but I first I was afraid of ordering "cat in the bag"...

New Reviewer

very good seller, quick communication by e-mail and the canvas delivered as promised - packed TIGHT, picture printed in high QUALITY and STRONG stretched on frame.
the prices on canvases are low...

New Reviewer

in order to understand the service, try it yourself, and you'll see:)
canvas made to the top:D
recommend canvasdiscount!

New Reviewer

This seller did everything as described on website. The canvas is delivered already stretched as promised, within 2 weeks (I wish it could be faster, but I can't force that), hanging system is included, and the colors of canvas are fine. My photo was a little out of color and that's my fault, the canvas has come bit bright. Overall, it's ok.

New Reviewer

I ordered 2 canvases last week and one of them had green stripe in left corner. Other canvas was ok. I took a picture of the brack, sent it by e-mail, contacted the support stuff and asked for a replacement because canvas looked awful.
Next, it took about 2 days for service to inform me about free replacement and after a week I got another brilliant canvas with no issues.

First, I was kind upset for receiving canvas with stripes, but after the conversation with stuff and getting the canvas replaced, it changed the view about the canvasdiscount as a company.

If, for any reason, your arrived canvas isn't as promised, contact the website support. In my case, they were lenience, which makes company reliable.

And, now for the both canvases - now they are great:)
Thank you

New Reviewer

not too long ago, I was recommended canvasdiscount as quite good and reliable canvas producing service. I decided to make canvas gift for my wife on her birthday... and she did like it a lot.:)

canvas discount is great gift website, especially on celebrities like birthdays. Thanks for quality work and super looking canvas. I'm happy for the wife and such a cool gift!

Recommend, Jamie

New Reviewer

The ordering process was fast and simple, I enjoyed the effects which are available. I have chosen the 4 in 1 filter effect for the canvas. it looks fantastic in the living room.

Great services!
Sadie R

New Reviewer

I am an amateur artist, and I used canvas for the exhibition. Visitors were absolutely stunned with the pictures, and I want to thank canvasdiscount, and share my success with the audience. My next exhibition is coming up shortly, and canvas are already ordered.

Keep it up guys for more!

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