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BudgetPetCare reviews

59 reviews
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59 Reviews for BudgetPetCare

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I ordered 12 doses of Frontline Plus for cats for about $100.

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New Reviewer

Flea season is full-fledged. To prevent flea infestation I already bought Frontline Plus from budgetpetcare. I like to order from this supplier as they offer huge discounts during flea peak season. Moreover, I save a little more as they offer free shipping on all pet products.

New Reviewer

I wish I had seen these postings before ordering Frontline for my dog. What arrived was NOT what was pictured. It was Frontline from South Africa. I called Merial (the manufacturer of Frontline) and was told the product from South Africa is NOT approved for use in the U.S. I will have no further dealings with Budget Pet Care and post here to warn others of their practices.

New Reviewer

I am a professional dog trainer, and have recommended and tried lot of dewormers on my dogs. I started deworming with Endogard and it is a really an excellent product. I usually order them from budgetpetcare and happy to get them at affordable prices. I have started recommending this site to my customers also.

New Reviewer

Budget pet care has been providing me with awesome stuff for many years now. They provide good products and an even more efficient service. And all i have to do is go to their user friendly website and have an order shipped for free right at my doorstep.

New Reviewer

I have been using Budget Pet Care for years. My dog's medication is quite expensive, (like nearly double on some of the so called "top pet med sites." I have had little problem.....mostly in the beginning. It is easier and I know that my questions or concerns are answered immediately. Service is great and on time.The staff is very friendly and the Free Shipping was a big plus. That alone has made a vast difference in our monthly expenditures. I would recommend Budget Pet Care through this review.

New Reviewer

I have been purchasing medications for my dogs for over four years and has ALWAYS provided me with a quality product at a fair price. I have never had any problems with my orders and they arrive within five to ten days. The company always provides its customers with coupons (or discounts) even though their prices are usually lower than their competitors. The convenience of ordering my pet flea and tick medications online and having it shipped directly to my home with free shipping is wonderful. Thank you!!!

New Reviewer

Budgetpetcare is the best pet care supplier for my dog health supplies. It is a reliable and trusted company providing branded products. Ordering K9 Advantix II and Heartwormer, I relax as I get all my orders in good condition and no shipping charges to pay. I will give them 5 out of 5 star.

New Reviewer

I buy Program plus flea control for my dogs from The shopping experience could not be easier. The website is easy to navigate, the descriptions are accurate and the delivery is prompt. I have never had a problem with I love using this company. Also the prices are the best I have found.

New Reviewer

Genuine products and that too available at the cost price in the USA? Big pharmas and supermarkets would murder each other if they saw the prices Budgetpetcare has to offer. No wonder I read negative reviews about a company that has never given me anything to complain about. I could bet top dollar that these reviews are posted by competition to tarnish the reputation of an otherwise fine service. Take it from someone who owns a pet you can trust this company and give them a shot. I know you won’t be disappointed.

New Reviewer

I have been ordering Frontline and Capstar pills for flea control from budgetpetcare for several years now, and have saved hundreds of $$ (have a multi cat household in Fla.and have to treat year round) I have always been well pleased with the products and prices. Customer service and shipping have always been excellent. I highly recomend budget care!

New Reviewer

I have been ordering from them for quite awhile. I am very pleased with their products. Their prices are great and they even have extra percentages off! anytime I've had to call them, they are kind and helpful.

New Reviewer

At first I thought I had found a good site for purchasing Frontline for my dog. The price seemed so I ordered some. What I got was a European formula that is not authorized for sale in the U.S. I also found a foreign exchange charge on my credit card statement that was never disclosed on the web site. Apparently this place is located outside the U.S. and deals in foreign good.

They even go so far as to include a flier that claims there is a shortage of Frontline so that's why they've shipped a foreign product. Of course there's an abundance of Frontline at every other source in the country. Oh, and if I should decide I don't want the foreign product they will deduct a $5.00 service charge from my return!

I called the manufacturer of Frontline and they completely disputed the claims made by Budget Pet Care as far as the availability of Frontline and they said that the foreign product was not approved for sale in the U.S.

Be aware!!!

New Reviewer

I have been saving money since I am getting the products for my dogs from BudgetPetCare. They offer the best prices and free shipping you canreally beat that. I have my whole family buying from them too. I will recomended to anyone that will like to save money.

New Reviewer

I was on the internet the other day and it made me think whether I should continue to buy from budgetpetcare or not? I have read a lot of complaints and bad reviews about them but who cares. As far as my pet sandy is happy and healthy with their products, I am happy too. I am gonna buy only from you guys! Good job!

New Reviewer

This is the BEST site for pet products. The prices are better than the PetMeds sites you see advertised on television, even better than the local feed stores. Get any brand of flea/tick protection without a prescription and Vet bill at half the Vet price. They often have free shipping offers if you order 3 or 4 months worth. You receive your products in a few days and the order is trackable, so you know what's going on.

New Reviewer

I to ordered front line plus and was told the combo was the same product and that is was all made in the UK reguardless of label. I have seen no bad skin reactions but after two monthly applications each on our four dogs they have several times more fleas than I've ever seen. The last treatment was two weeks ago and I ran a flea comb thru them last night and between them I removed more sixteen very alive fleas. The old saying if sounds to good to be true,never again,I was in the parking lot this morning waiting for my vet to open ,dave in florida

New Reviewer

DO NOT BUY ANY PRODUCTS FROM THIS COMPANY !!! I ordered Frontline Plus but got the UK version Frontline combo. They also charged my debit card a extra $1.11 for international fee. I thought I was buying from a place in Missouri. This is false advertising !!!!!!

New Reviewer

I ordered the Frontline Plus for my little guy and he was good for about 1.5 months (3-month order); then, I saw 2 fleas to my horror! This occurred after two weeks since applying the 2nd dose (month) of the product I purchased from these people! Oh, heavens! If my home becomes infested, I will SUE. I have been relying on this med for 2.5 months and find the 3rd month is going to likely be USELESS. If I am not infested with fleas, it will be a miracle! Just went to and hope it is a better and more reliable site.

New Reviewer

I ordered 6 months worth of Frontline Plus for Dogs from this site. The order took an eternity to arrive I guess because it shipped from the UK, not the US. The product I received is a counterfeit product with a South African registry and is not approved fro sale in the US. I have no intention of using it on my dog and have contacted them via email for a refund although I doubt very strongly that I will get one. So I would like to say "buyer beware" - I would recommend paying a bit more and getting the real thing form another online retailer.

New Reviewer

I ordered Frontline Plus for large dogs and I was worried by all the bad reviews. I never received an email saying my order had shipped and I began to think I had made a huge mistake. 6 business days later, my order was in my mailbox. It was sealed and exactly what I ordered. Just wanted to let people know that it IS possible to have a good experience with this company.

New Reviewer

I was just getting ready to make a Frontline purchase when I started wondering if it was legit because the price is sooo cheap. I googled it and thank goodness I did and for the people who shared their reviews. My dog is like my child, so I will not take the chance of buying something that may hurt her or not take care of the flea problem. Thanks again, you all most likely saved me money by warning me not to use this site.

New Reviewer

I have ordered form BPC for 2 years now and stupidly I thought I was not buying the right product because my pets and my family still had fleas and ticks. I started with "Biospot" this one caused an allergic reaction on 2 of my cats- burns and hair loss. then I bought Advantix- still had fleas and ticks, recently I bought Frontline-plus on advice from the vet. We still have fleas and ticks- Now reading all the issues people have had... My guess is they are selling an inferior product with the label of the name brand product. Sometimes it doesn't make sense to try to find the cheapest thing. it infuriates me that they can get away with it because they are not of the US. By the way- they have an "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau.

New Reviewer

Ordered Frontline Plus and received what looked like Frontline Plus so I was quite happy. 3 months later and my 2 dogs have fleas, the house has fleas, I'm itching like a hobo living under a bridge in a cardboard box and to top it off my vet checked the package and said it was fake and probably water or baby oil. The prices are extremely cheap for a reason !!!!! Avoid this site, they sell fake stuff packaged to look like the real thing.

New Reviewer

Second order for Advantage for (dog and cat). I buy the over 55lbs and can treat my 4 dogs, 1 cat for 8 months at a fraction of what it would cost to buy in US. Total was $55.66. Bank tried to stop my first order (calling me saying fraud detection center warning) Crazy. I now believe the US big pharma hates this site and the negative comments are from them! I think they are a God-send for my pets as I can afford to keep them de-flead and happy!!

New Reviewer

I ordered form them in the past without any problems. The last time - in September I ordered the Frontline Plus for cats and received the Frontline Combo. Within 24 hours of administration one cat started having seizures, one cat died from seizures, and a third cat started loosing all of his fur. It has been a little over thirty days since the applications. The cats are all seriously infested with fleas, my vet advised against doing anything for a minimum of 30 days from the initial application. The cat with sudden, uncontrollable seizures has for the most part stopped having the, but still suffers from neurological issues and sever cramps. The other survivor has lost 50-60% of his fur and looks like death.

One week before the administration of the "Frontline Combo" I had prepared the house by spraying the entire house, section-by-section with a combination of Permethrin SFR and an Insect Growth Regulator IGR with Nylar.

I suspect the "Frontline Combo" was a fake product. It did not work and almost killed off all of out pets. The remaining two are in really tough shape, they survived - but they are not stronger.
Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please take care.

New Reviewer

Ordered FrontLine Plus and received Frontline Plus from UK in 9 days. BUT Frontline Combo is the SAME THING- just labeled differently due to being the UK/Europe version - same ingredients.

Those are the facts.

New Reviewer

I have been using this company for about 5 years, ordering mainly flea medications for both my cats and dogs, and I have never had a bad experience. I've checked their prices against other pet-medication sites from all over the English-speaking world and found them to have the best prices of any that I've found. When I've needed to talk to someone their customer service people have been polite and helpful. My orders have come within a reasonable amount of time and the products have always been effective.

New Reviewer

I ordered Frontline Plus and instead got a note saying there was a "supply shortage" and they were sending me the European equivalent and oh by the way if I did not like it they'd charge me 5.00 for shipping costs. I paid 59.99 for Frontline Plus; if they were going to send me something else, they should have contacted me to see if this was an accaptable alternative. And a supply shortage? Really" On what planet? Total scam; I am contacting every possible agency I am so angry at this ripoff.

New Reviewer

I ordered frontline plus from this site because of the price I din't check the reviews first and after I thought what a big mistake but in about five days my orderd came and was what I had ordered. I will order from them again and tell my friends I called customers service and the man who answered was really very nice.

New Reviewer

The man who helped me was so personable intelligent and polite. I enjoyed talking to him. He gave excellent customer service. I am so happy to have found an affordable pet meds for my cats and dogs.

New Reviewer

Horrible! Ordered Advantix for my dog 45 days ago and still not arrived. Now my dog has fleas like crazy and the rep told me that they will not honour the 30 day money back promise because the product has "shipped" but is held up at customs. Terrible customer service... I feel like a got robbed.

New Reviewer

HORRIBE!!!!!!! The first time I called to see what happened to my order, i was told it shipped 2 days ago. A week later I called and they say it's just shipping today because they have been OUT OF STOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW I MUST ORDER AND PAY ELSEWHERE WHILE THEY HAVE MY MONEY!!!!!!!THEY TOLD ME IT WOULD BE AT LEAST ANOTHER WEEK - IN THE MIDDLE OF FLEA SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DO YOURSELF A FAVOR-ORDER ELSEWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

Best price that I found for what I was looking for. I have my own pets, a pet sitting business and also do rescue. Rescue is great for the heart, but not the wallet so good prices are a must. Ordering was easy and I got the product just as promised. Nice follow up on my email inquiry with a phone call. I have already recommend them and will continue to do so. Especially with flea season approaching where I live.

New Reviewer

I received my Frontline Plus order today 4/29/13. I was concerned when the order did not arrive and I called their customer service. They were very helpful and assured me that my order will arrive within 10-14 business days. They also promised a full refund if my order did not arrive within 28 days. Today after a total of 14 days from the time the order was placed the package arrived undamaged and the contents were what I ordered. After reading the reviews on this site, I want to let you all know that I did not experience any of the problems outlined here. The only negative is that it takes time for the order to arrive, but its understandable as they ship from overseas. As long as their prices are this good and they deliver my products undamaged I have no problem for waiting for upto 2 weeks. I will continue to use this company and will also recommend them

New Reviewer

They have a better price than most, but I still haven't received my product after the 14 day promised shipping time. They are slow to respond, do not let you know when they have sent your product, and when you have a problem send you to a third party called BuySafe. BuySafe is way too labor intensive for me. Why cant they just take care of it themselves? Hopefully I will receive the Capstar I purchased from them, if not I will just contact my CC company and get refunded that way. I will not buy from them again.

New Reviewer

I ordered Frontline Plus. I got Frontline Combo. Ordered 12-8-12. Order shipped 12-11-12. It went to the U.K. (I don't know why) I called many times but did not have the right number. (They gave me 1-800-etc. found out it was 1-888-etc) Got order 12-20-12. Hell, I could have walked there and back by then. (I am 77 years old. Oh well, now I read these reviews --------

New Reviewer

I understand product from this company is making pets sick. Glad I mistrusted them enough to check this out. All the warning signs are there. Read this....

I ordered a 3 month supply of Frontline Plus or Topspot, or so I thought. I received Frontline Combo stating this was a replacement for the Frontline Plus. This was from a Canadian company, Budget Pet Care. The substitute product is made in the UK and they had to send it due to a manufacturer's shortage. The company made no attempt to solicit my approval for the substitution prior to their shipment. They are willing to let me return the product to Huntsville Missouri (really?). But since I am not happy with the product, they insist I still pay for their shipping of it to me, so they will be deducting $5.00 for the original shipping charges. For a product I did not order.

I quote another comment.....


There is no way I am placing this on my pet. I do not trust them. The color of product is not same as my Frontline Topspot, don't know about the Plus. THE BOX WAS NOT SEALED! The three for small dogs were not even in a box.

Also took THREE days to even ship product then emailed that it would be here in 10 - 14 business days, if it did not arrive, email back and they would refund my money. Now that is an idea....... hhhmmmmm

But I am an honest person. So to Missouri it goes, $5 I don't care, will not fight them for $5. I will spend my time instead in posting this review won every site I can and then on my Womens-Fiction Blog (Myths, Dense Observations and Lies We've Been Told)--- you can take this out if you want, just want to make the point how bad it is, disillusioned about Canada now, I trusted this purchase. This company fits my criteria for shady. I'm ticked.

New Reviewer





New Reviewer

I ordered Frontline PLUS for Cats and got something called Frontline Combo for Cats, it took ages to get to me but when I called I was told they are in Canada so it takes time to get through customs...i still ended up going to wallmart and buying some to keep me going..they assure me the product is the does say its made by merial and i checked the box i got from walmart the only difference really is the weights as where they send it from does it in kgs, to be honest though long as my cat sammie is flea and tick free im happy to use it..

New Reviewer

I ordered Frontline Plus back in May and received something called frontline combo I called and emailed and got told they are the same product just different i used it on my cat..its now july and the product isnt working as well as i i emailed budget pet care who to my shock after reading reviews on here said they can help..they took about a week to come back to me but offered a solution and I will probably try something else now as my cat doesnt seem to like frontline...i wouldnt right this company off as a scam..

New Reviewer

I received Frontline Plus that my vet says is not real. He said it could be just water or something benign but will not kill fleas, or it could even be something harmful, but that under any circumstances it is not manufactured by Merial. The Merial plant is in Duluth, Ga near my house and I talked to their plant manager who confirmed that whether seller claims this stuff is being manufactured in France or any other country, it is 100% not made by Merial or any of its affiliates. Just thought you should know. I wasted $99 plus had my dog unprotected due to putting fake Frontline on her for several months, and would like to save you from doing the same

New Reviewer

I found the site when looking for frontline for my Cat, I honestly thought the prices were too good to be true and i must admit was skeptical as to whether they were genuine. I phoned and did get through to someone who after alot of questions was able to re-assure me and said that they were a canadian company so the packaging i may get will be different but the ingredients were the same. I came across this site and a few others that did make me wonder but i placed the order anyway.

I was told 10 - 14 business days, im in Texas and it took roughly 8 days to get to me so within their time and they did reassure me. I did think i didnt receive confirmation of my order but when told to check the junk mail it had gone there.

This was in April and Its now june my cat is fine and the frontline works well for him, I must admit the product wont be suited to every animal just like our human medication isnt suited to us..i will shop with budget again

New Reviewer

I paid for my cat medication and I never receive the product. Even they don't have any way to track the product.
You should pay with a trustable company in order to have peace of mind. I'll never going back to, they don't deserve it. Run away if you can!!!!!!

New Reviewer

Ordered frontline plus for my cat, seemed like such a nice website at first. Its been two weeks now and I still have not received what I ordered and I cannot get someone on the phone. the reviews on their site seem so positive, but go anywhere else and you find out this is the worst company in the world. Never ever ever ever ever order from these scumbags.

New Reviewer

I should have researched the reviews on Budget Pet Care before I ordered. I ordered Frontline Plus and received Frontline Combo. If I wanted Frontline Combo I would have ordered it from another state side cheaper company. And when you try to return the bait and switch product, they want you to pay for the return shipping and they also said that they will refund the entire amount LESS $5.Not to mention that within 3 days of my online transaction my credit card was duplicated and $4976.23 in fraudulent charges were placed against my credit card. All the purchases were made in the Montreal Canada, in the vicinity of Budget Pet Care. NEVER AGAIN!!! THEY NEED TO BE SHUT DOWN!!!!

New Reviewer

Worst experience I ever got. The wait was over a month, the product wasn't what I ordered (Frontline Plus, but got Frontline Combo..whatever it is. It comes from Great Brittan). Two out of six pipettes were empty. Called customer service. Got yelled at. Took pics and emailed back to them. Got a reply "it appears there are no damaged pipettes." STAY AWAY!

New Reviewer

This is my first time ordering from budgetpetcare. I am very impressed, their prices are great and the free guarantee is something I have not seen before. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

New Reviewer

I ordered Advantage for dogs. It arrived within 5 days. It is the genuine product. I checked. It was a great price. I read the other reviews and was hesitant to order. But I decided to take a chance and I am glad I did. I will order from them again.

New Reviewer

Frontline from Budge Pet Care made my dog very sick. Two hours after applying it he was vomiting, disoriented, agitated, it was awful for about 6 hours and the vet was closed. Turns out the product is made in Australia with totally different ingredients, don't buy from this company, pay the extra money and order it from

New Reviewer

WARNING stay away! Complete scam site....

Paid for 12 month supply of Frontline Plus for dogs (blue) and was sent 6 month supply. Impossible to get through to customer service by either email or phone.

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