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New Reviewer

We have placed puppies in great homes through this website for about 8 years. As long as breeders here keep their sites up to date it works great. Most breeders are legal, legitimate, licensed families who are working to better the breeds they produce. Working closely with their vet and registry clubs, the responsible breeder produces a socialized, outgoing, happy puppy that can not be found at a shelter!

New Reviewer

I used my zipcode to find "local" breeders so I could go visit them to meet our new bany. However I was contacted by someone in Texas although they have a (United Kingdom) email address offering an offer to good to be true. Responded to me twice with the EXACT same email greeting me correctly and someone else entirely. Seems pretty fishy to me-beware!!! Also no contact info what ao ever for the site?!

New Reviewer

I was in a desperate search of a cream to white colored Lhasa Apso cause I had one yrs ago. So I found this one breeder and emailed her about 4-5 times that day.Probably bad idea.and I noticed that with the other breeders that did get back to me the puppies were sold fast. so I decide to search for her phone number useing her name. well came across it.But it said she owned a childrens day care. Thats fine I dont care. thot she has a lot of love to give. Well I was hesitant about calling cause 1 wasnt sure it was her. 2 thot maybe she may not like it. But then thot what if someone else gets the pup? so I called and left a quik message relateing how I emailed her a few times but explained I really wanted the cream pup and gave my number and even mention hope I had the right number and hope she didnt mind the call.
Well aparently she got a little bit bothered by it. So she emails me back almost emedeitly. Had a fiesty attitude! Bringing out how she ran other buisnesses and was very busy person, got hundreds of emails everyday and "phone Calls" and cant get back to everyone. And adds, Why are we discusing Cream? I never said anything to you about haveing Cream? " Hello / I know that! " Then says her Creams and Reds are more money[ $995.] and are harder to find [which I thot why is she throwing in a higher price then stated on her webpage? ], even she had a hard time finding hers. Then proceeds to tell me she didnt have the cream pup anymore it was sold almost the next day practically, the only ones left was a blk. one for $800. And of coarse talked the blk one up. OK Im looking for
I felt bad about it..thot the women might had been stressed because of daycare and puppies. So i emailed back a little upset, because I thot she didnt have to word things the way she did. Not profesional at all. There was more but to long. So I proceeded to apologize and say Im sorry I didnt mean to upset you, But I went and explained that I was anxsius for the cream for my special needs son whom is a high function intelegent man whos home with me and I also have a buisness and actually yrs. ago bred a couple times Yorkies. But was to much and understand her situation But! I did mention Perhaps it would help if she updated her webpage with the available puppies. and to indicate that the lighter ones were more money because it says...$800. and puppies ready to go home 4/19/2013 Their photos on the page. And again apologized for anything I said.OK ....
Now she emails back all docil and says Im not upset with you. I dont know why you think I gave you that here comes the story or lies...Well I dont take care of the web page have someone else do it for me. and I only have the Blk one left. I just finally went to look at it after your email for the first time in a long time. Then tells me her next litter is in August if I wanted to wait.And she was very sweet at that point and said she understand if I wanted to continue searching and basicaly wished me good luck. OK! Well I just went on her web page 2 days later. She updated it..Left her puppy cream on it but changed the name to Red 8 weeks and put up 2 older 14 weeks old light colored puppies and under the photos she put name "Cream" and over to left hand side put up the price instead of $800. she changed it to $900. aparently all the puppies in all shades. Never any indication if that price is for only a few certain color pup. So she basically was upset with my first calling her and lied, could had told me she had 2 older cream color pups[she could had sold to me if she mentioned it. which She knew I had told her I didnt care about the money I would even pay $1000. for it.Aparently she must be haveing an emotional or something going on caquse she obviusly did not want me to have any of her pups.Thats fine.however the impresion she got. But No need for those lies. I wouldnt trust her for anything now! And where are these older puppies comeing from? Now I question her breeding. Beware Cant trust her. The has nothing! todo with people like her. She just uses the sight for saleing. so not fault in anyway! I found other breeders who reasponded very profesionally and reasponsibly. By the way If that was her phone number. her voice had an accent..maybe european. My husband is portugeuse.
At any rate Good luck best wishes to all finding their forever pet. I found my New Baby who actually is gorgeous light redish with beautiful white face and all 4 paws. From a wonderful breeder refered by a profesional. Her Name is Karen Kennedy and she has beautiful pups also. I thot I be stuck on creams and ended up falling in love with my little boy Red, whos name is now Meeko! Its the where you look but whom deals with you the right profesional way. Sorry so long could have been longer.

New Reviewer

Was looking for a small breeder who really cared for their animals. Thought I found the right one by using this website. I contacted John Morris in
Palm Springs and bought a 9 week old puppy from him. He seemed like a wonderful caring person. Found out different once I got my new pup home. The poor puppy was INFESTED with ticks! Had to rush her to the vet for treatment and also had to treat my dog I already had and my home. He would not accept responsibility for his animal cruelty. Again, I found this breeder on Shame on them.

New Reviewer

I am a small, hobby breeder AND I am active in dog rescue. Many of my pets came from the animal shelter or humane society. That doesn't mean that all breeders are bad, as some reviewers on this site would have you believe. This site helps connect people who are looking for a specific breed (because let's face it, sometimes you want a particular dog that you will NEVER see at the shelter). There are all types represented here from excellent bloodlines to dogs that should never have been allowed to reproduce, but it does give people an option for tracking down the dog "of their dreams!"

New Reviewer

Seriously, selling animals is shameful. Anyone looking for a new pet always should just check their local humane society -
Animals are not products! I'd like to dig a hole and bury this site six feet under.

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