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139 Reviews From Our Community

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The last thing that I would like to say is that the loyalty bucks are great. (in 17 reviews)


If you aren't prepared to lose money, don't play the game. (in 65 reviews)


Using the auto bid system is one of the strategies of winning on the site. (in 100 reviews)

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1 review
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quality less products in this site

Ask Roopesh about Bigdeal
1 review
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I had 2 big deals: one with Metropolitan Repairs and the other with JW Home Improvements and was disappointed with both for different reasons. Metropolitan Repairs dilly-dallied too much and in the end informed me that Ms Santos Salvador left the country for family emergency and would not be able to do the jobs at my house. Big Deal tells me that it is outside of 30-day window and they cannot refund my money. Outrageous! It was Metropolitan Repairs that backed out and I have no interest in any other Big Deals. My request is simple: Give back my money and they have not since over a month. Their emails sound very professional, but I found them untrustworthy. I don't trust them anymore. With JW Home Improvement, all I wanted was to get the 200 dollar worth of work at my house, but the estimate they gave me was 1600 dollars. They can estimate what they think is the right value, but it was way outside my budget so I did not want the deal. I wanted my money back. Again, the Big Deals would not refund my money. Take my advise: Stay away from Big Deals!

Ask Anjana about Bigdeal
1 review
0 helpful votes

Not coming back

Ask Brandy about Bigdeal
1 review
0 helpful votes

Great experience

Ask stella about Bigdeal
1 review
3 helpful votes

Complete rip off site. False Advertising. Represent self as a discount site. At best they're a gambling site and the HOUSE wins BIG while YOU Lose. Don't trust them. Run Away!!! Run Away Fast!!!

Ask V about Bigdeal
4 reviews
2 helpful votes

Can't complain about this one. Been using it for a while and has never disappointed.

Ask Cassandra about Bigdeal
1 review
6 helpful votes

Whoever thought of this idea is very clever and making a serious amount of money, very much a rip off site, you pay for the bids which you could probably use 200 bidding on decent items and still not get it, everyday is the same, i-pad, tv, laptop, i-phone, the rest of the items are not worth eveing contemplaying buying.

Rip off site, best staying away and doing something else with your money.

Ask mike about Bigdeal
1 review
6 helpful votes

I registered/subscribed to on Saturday, May 28th, 2011, and requested a refund and cancellation of my membership the same day, as soon as I realized that this was a major scam. They refused. advertises itself as an auction site, but it is unlike any auction you have ever seen. First you buy a pack of tokens ($22.50 for 30, $37.50 for 50, etc.). Then you bid on items with these tokens, each bid showing as if it equals one cent. If you bid 50 times, it looks like you bid 50 cents, but you really bid $37.50 (50 x .75 = 37.70). If you run out of tokens, you have to purchase more if you want to keep bidding so you invest even more.
Here is the big rip off—once you bid, that money is forfeited even if you don't win the item. To not lose your money completely, you must buy the item at full retail price (also called "buy it now" price) plus shipping and taxes minus the money you bid. This entire process is a scam to make you pay full price for an item you might not be able to afford. If you wanted to pay full retail, you'd just go to the mall and save yourself shipping costs. You even lose this option if you don't act immediately.
There is a second layer of rip off that they call "loyalty rewards." Again you spend additional money to buy an item you don't really want so that you can use your token $$ to reduce the price slightly. For example, you can buy a $49.99 coffeemaker for $39.99, using tokens for the other $10.00. You have just spent 39.99 more (plus shipping and tax) and still have $27.50 in tokens to redeem. You could end up spending an additional $150 in order to redeem all of your tokens. isn't running an auction; it is a bait and switch scam, tricking you into buying and paying full price. If you realize you've been had and try to get a refund, they refuse because all of the regulations were written for you to read, and you should have known better. The confusing instructions consist of pages of "How It Works" and "FAQs" but most of the content is devoted to claiming how great a deal you'll be getting. The warnings are buried deep in the misleading propaganda about how everyone is a winner. Almost at the end, they caution that you might lose money, but lucky you—you'll get Loyalty Bucks so you really can't lose!
In addition, I received a notice from them that I had reached their monthly limit of bidding on ten auctions and had to wait for a month to bid again. When I pointed out that this "regulation" is nowhere mentioned on their website, they emailed that it was a mistake.
I want my $60 refunded (#73093), but I'm not holding my breath!

Ask LK about Bigdeal
1 review
3 helpful votes

Wow. Wish I had read the reviews before throwing $22 out the window to buy "tokens." This isn't bidding like ebay. Every time you bid you basically throw your money (away) into a hat. So some lucky bloke (rigged participant) buys a kindle for $7.42 and I leave $22 the poorer and nothing to show for it except for this comment and a lesson learned.

Ask Chandler about Bigdeal
1 review
2 helpful votes

Those of you who refer to "bots" bidding on auctions: every bidder has the option to engage an automated bidder to post bids for them. It's limited at 40 bids and, often times, several bidders on the same auction are using them. Using the auto bid system is one of the strategies of winning on the site. Big Deals makes A LOT of money, that's true, enough that I don't think they need to scam anyone. If you log in, buy a few bids, try to win a TV for $30, of course you'll be out of luck. There are strategies to winning items at a low price and it works for me. I've won a Kindle, a MacBook, several zip drives, etc. Like anything else in life, if you walk in blind and hand them your money, they'll gladly accept it from you. Here's a tip: if you want to win a $600 iPhone, make sure you have $600 worth of bids to fire at the auction. If you win, whoopee, you got a great deal. If not, you can buy the item for the cost of your bids plus shipping. Yes, the retail price is a little higher than regular web deals, but that's the trade-off for taking a shot at a 95% discount, which happened for me the first day I bid, here. PayPal has their revenue gates open to the site (and they've closed them to many penny auction sites). That lends some credibility to their business tactics.

Ask Mike about Bigdeal
1 review
1 helpful vote

You really can win some great deals on this, but you have to play smart. You have to look at statistics and only start bidding when you know its close to selling. The way u do that is by studying the average price that it normally goes for and then second watch bidder behavior. I have only seriously participated in 3 auctions. I've won 2 of those auctions by following the advice mentioned above. The last prize I won was an Apple Ipad 2, 64 GB wireless, brand new, expected delivery date according to there system report is 6/16 - I'm Rebecca Lawson, look me up on the second to the last auction for the ipad 2 64gb black, on 5/31 - you can also look me up on Linkedin and Facebook. I'm legit.

Ask Rebecca about Bigdeal
4 reviews
2 helpful votes

This site is NOT a scam. Im not to sure why i am telling you this, (all the negativity limits the competition on the site) but im sick of reading people B***h and moan. They are a legit company who offers EXACTLY what they say. Everyone who files a "complaint" to the BBB are a bunch of sore losers who manager their money poorly. There is strategy and skill involved. You can't just hop on and through bids around. You thought u could just walk away with a ipad for 26 bucks easily? For those who pay 75 bucks and expect to win something big, then goodluck. I have invested $1200 on this site so far. I have recieved a brand new 3d 47"TV (that im watching right now), two iPad 2's, over a dozen video games, and a bunch of other 50-80 dollar items.

Ask Nick about Bigdeal
1 review
3 helpful votes

corrupt. use inside ppl to bid up their products. designed to keep you bidding and spending on bids but to never win any merchandise

Ask Dave about Bigdeal
1 review
3 helpful votes

I signed up for and I think that they should have named it

After watching some bidding I realized it would take some patients to bid and win. I only bid on item I wanted. Researched what other auctions closed at and used a plan on bidding that worked twice for me on the two items I won (Kindle and IPod). Both items would have cost me $229 and $139. I guess if you figure how to bid and win a couple items they cancel you with no chance for review. See the e-mail I received below.

Oh yea, try and contact them, that is a joke. No customer service number to call and since my account was canceled I could not go to their website and submit a question. They do not want your questions or feedback, JUST SEND THEM YOUR MONEY.

Much to my surprise I received an e-mail (shown below) saying that my account had been canceled due to their terms of service agreement. What I did other than deploy what seemed to be a winning approach to bidding is beyond me. I take it that if you win a couple times you will be canceled. I have yet to hear back from them on what it was I did to cause them to cancel my account.

They did note that they would send a refund, will see how long that takes. I can bet it takes longer for me to get my money back (if I do) than it did them to get payed for me purchasing their tokens.


Our goal at is to add a bit of excitement to the shopping experience. While we want to provide access to great deals on popular products to all of our users, there are occasions when we are unable to extend a relationship as outlined in our Terms of Service.

After careful review, we have elected to permanently close your account.

We enforce our Terms of Service to level the playing field as much as possible and make the bidding process transparent and fair for all of our users.

All orders on this account have been cancelled and a refund in full for these orders and bids purchased, in the amount of $243.62 has been issued.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions, however our decision in this matter is not subject to further review.


Account Verification Department

One last note, I do realize how they make their money and the ugly profits that they make on some of their products so I approached this with caution and a plan for bidding. Had they not canceled my account and I had received the merchandise my thoughts would have been different.

Ask Rob about Bigdeal
1 review
6 helpful votes

I was researching the iPad, when there was an advertisement at the bottom of the screen. At first glance I found the deals very enticing. However, I have seen scams like this before. After researching bigdeals, I came across this website. I decided to dig further. If you go to their winners page, there is a list of people and if they are on facebook. I searched for every single individual and guess what. THEY DON'T EXIST!!! THIS IS A SCAM. I'm glad I found this website before I gave them any information.

Ask Joanna about Bigdeal
1 review
3 helpful votes

I thought Bigdeal was cool, trying to get something for nothing,,,,was I fooled!
I was a fool for giving them my C C, thought it was far paying them if I won a bid, hahaha. Little did know that it cost me 75 cents to make a bid,,,,so I was going wild bidding on stuff....
So when my C C statement came, Bigdeal had charged me $ 75.00 for being an unsuspecting azz.

Ask mo about Bigdeal
1 review
1 helpful vote

Extremely fast way to throw away your funds with little to no chance of ever recouping full value dollar for dollar.

Ask T about Bigdeal
4 reviews
8 helpful votes

You need to be really carefully spending your money here. This website pretty much just like where ...

I've won $15 LOWE's gift card for 31 cents .. NICE indeed BUT ...

31 cents is actually stands for 31 bids .. it cost 60 cents per bid.
31 x 60 = $18.6 (this is how much the company actually make) ...

indeed I win a $15 gift card for 31 cents (YAY!) and lucky for me I just bid ONE TIME .. but what about those people who bid against me like 10 times? .. they lost 10x60 cents = 6 bucks ...

think about it .. it's all depend on ur LUCK!
coz I tried it again .. bidding another gift card .. I bid 25 TIMES .. I lost it all ..
and I cannot even use it for a credit deduction to buy the item at retail price. (coz I was bidding using voucher bids NOT purchase bids) ..

overall this company is pretty smart ... I wish I am the owner LOL

Ask desire about Bigdeal
1 review
3 helpful votes

I am out $97.50 and cannot figure out how to get any of it back. Wish I had read all these comments before I signed up with them.

Ask Virginia about Bigdeal
1 review
3 helpful votes

I won two auctions for 'e-certificates' two months ago. I have received only two 'e-mail codes' that they state can be exchanged for GIFT CERTIFICATES of my choice from a list furnished by them. I selected a firm on that list only to have them remove that firm from the list! They say thet their 'e-mail codes' can be used on third party sites but that is not true - they are not accepted! Their 'e-mail codes' cannot be used by third parties and are useless as gifts.BigDeal will not allow me to file any 'problem reports' any longer. I have been unable to find any phone number where I can discuss this problem with a live person. They just refuse to ship my won items and close all complaints filed as'problem solved'and refuse to permit any new problem complaints!!!

Ask Paul about Bigdeal
1 review
2 helpful votes

Be forewarned. You're buying bids, not items. Plus, you'll never win since the auctions only go up 1 penny at a time (and that'll cost you $0.50 per click) Stay away, horrible website and customer service!!!!

Ask Joel about Bigdeal
1 review
2 helpful votes

I think people control all of these bidding sites...its really ingenious on the creators part, but I think its a crock of SH!T!

SAVE YOUR $$ and find real auctions, that when you place a actually can have a chance to WIN! No 30 second wind-down! ;)


Ask TAI about Bigdeal
1 review
3 helpful votes

Total bull$#*! site. A pure scam/lie. They misinform the consumer by mis-stating the discount percentages when each bid token cost $0.75 cents. Example: Product retails for $10, you bid 10 times and got lucky and won, total number of bids was 20. The site will say you paid ($0.20 cents for the auction price + $0.10 cents for the bid price) = $0.30 for the $10 saving you 97% when in reality you paid 0.75 x 10 = $7.50 + 0.20 auction price = $7.70 which is a savings of 23%!!!! Check the math on the site. The site needs to be shut down!!

Ask Nick about Bigdeal
1 review
3 helpful votes

I just reserved an iPad 2 and I was just searching for iPad related things and this site popped up. I sat there watching an auction, realizing that these people were spending .75$ for every bid and my head was spinning! I don't want to say people are stupid but COME ON! I almost registered on the site just out of curiosity to see what was going on but thought twice about that. This is crazy! People will do anything for a deal! A deal that isn't a deal! Seriously, if it sounds to good to be true, it IS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE! Go buy it at the store, where you have a reciept and a guarantee it's real. In the case of iPad2, it just came out!!! Who are these people that think they can get a sold out product for less than retail a week after its released? Like I said, go to the store and buy it, if you can't afford it save a few bucks a week until you can. I'm not trying to be mean to anyone. I truly feel for all of the people that were ripped off by this site but it's high time we all stop falling for this crap. Just because you saw it on TV (or in this case; online) doesn't mean it's true or legit.

Ask Erin about Bigdeal
1 review
3 helpful votes

I flatly was ripped off!! Nowhere does it tell you that your "bids" are not worth the money you spend, nor that your money the you do spend to buy the "bids" is just plain gone. I wish I had read and known before I spent $75 trying to bid on an ipad that the auction could go on for 48 hrs. or more, that their "BidBuddy" (my bid helper so I didn't have to sit at my computer for 3 days) was going to just help them rip me off...and it only took a little over an hour, at 1 cent increments, for BidBuddy to spend my $75. I "authorized" BidBuddy to start bidding at $42 and stop at $75 but when I checked an hour later all my "bids" and money were gone and the price of the item was only at $46! I will do whatever I can to help get this site shut down. I am disputing with my credit card company payment to them as well and hope that I get results. I wish that there was somewhere else I could post that would clue others to how they are scamming and stealing money from consumers.

Ask Maggi about Bigdeal
10 reviews
24 helpful votes

I was tricked because they claim repeatedly that you cannot lose because they applying non-winning bids to special purchases, so their are no losers at thei site. What a joke!

I had $126 in these back-up bids. It turns out that they re worthless. They are to be applied to 5% discount for items that you pay full price for -I am going to try to reverse these charges with my bank bank, due to fraud. I have never done this before.

Ask Cheryl about Bigdeal
1 review
2 helpful votes

This site is a total scam! They do not have the rules explained very well at all. You pay 75 cents for each bid you make and the bids on the auctions only go up one penny each bid, so there is no way you can win or even get a decent price for an item on this website. They are making $750 for every $10 that the auction receives. They have bots that bid against you, so you can't win. Then they offer to sell you the item outright with the money you used to bid but the item is way overpriced. You cannot win on this website so beware!

Ask David about Bigdeal
1 review
2 helpful votes

This has to be the most misleading deal e-bay has come up with yet.At least I think they are affiliated with e-bay.I would not advise anyone with the exception of my worst enemy to take advantage of this non-deal.If I can't get this disputed through my credit card co.I'll feel like the biggest goof in the world.It reminds me of one of those claw games at the carnival that no one can win.

Ask frank about Bigdeal
1 review
1 helpful vote

I tried this website and it is a complete ripoff, I feel like a total bozo but that is what I get. I obviously did not listen to my intial insticts, but don't be a sucker like me and waste your time and money. I spent $75.00 and won nothing. They tell you that with every bid you earn a reward to be used toward a buy it now purchase, that is a total ripoff too, the discount you get is ridulous and could buy any of their reward bonus cheaper elsewhere. Beware don't waste your money, this lesson was costly, thank goodness I woke up.

Ask Cynthia about Bigdeal
2 reviews
5 helpful votes

another auction site scam, same as

Ask Jack about Bigdeal
1 review
2 helpful votes

Bottom Line the website is a scam!!! Short overview of my experience. Bid like crazy to the point that spent over 300 dollars on Buy Bids. I am so far in now better just opt for the BUy It now, which i do. Go through the buy it now process all seems fine. Check my bank account on line. Transactions show pending, I receive an e-mail from Chris, saying something wrong with my shipping address, I reply with another address, check my bank account again online transactions pending, few banters back and forth with Chris about shipping address eventually says my shipping address is ok, and he will let the shipping section know along with accounts. I m think cool paid too much for the product but ok my mistake check my online bank account transactions have gone through but now my account it not showing transaction for the buy it now part only for all the money spent on Buy Bids. Product not shipped over 300$ dollars spent on nothing. And to top it off no reply from Chris , no answer their telephones and no answer to complaints. Does any one have a suggestion as to what I legally can do to reclaim my money and hopefully shut this site down!!!!!

Ask Anthony about Bigdeal
1 review
1 helpful vote

A scam!!!

A fraud!!!

Addictive!!! A big SCAM!!!

Ask Roberto about Bigdeal
1 review
2 helpful votes

This site is completely ridiculous as a shopping/auction site, unless you see it as a gambling site. I did some research ahead of time, watched other people play a bit and thought this doesn't look too terrible. However, I wish I had done some simple math before starting, and here is why -

First of all for all the $0.01 increases per bid in an auction, I soon realized that is getting $0.75, so if an item goes for say $5.00 to a user, made a profit of $375 just from the users' bids!!!

The Loyalty Bucks you can only use to purchase other items at a slight discount, they cannot be used for more tokens or to redeem your money.

Realized Savings / Potential Savings section isn't shown anywhere until you make an account. It appears that you can only win so much based on how much you spend either on tokens or in the loyalty store, so pretty much you can't win big dollar prizes unless you spend money even if you win extra tokens/bids at a low cost in an "auction".

The only way to win "auctions" is by pushing people around with a lot of tokens, which costs more money and I cannot imagine you will make back what you put in!! In a couple auctions that once the clock initially turned zero it took over an hour to get to the final winner, and a few of the people trying to push everyone around spent nearly as many tokens as they were bidding to win and had to give up. This just promotes people being reckless bidding and bidding to get more turns to bid to try to buy this or that item.

I personally am glad that I only spent $22.50 + $0.02 on 40 tokens, realized what a scam this is and how dangerous it is and deactivated my account. I feel a little stupid that I didn't think "if it sounds too good to be true than it probably is" before I spent any money at all!!!

Use with caution and don't blow your money on this site, even if you win, think of all the people out money and how much made on your win - it is just stupid!

Ask Amy about Bigdeal
1 review
0 helpful votes

THIS SITE IS NOT FOR INEXPERIENCED "TRADERS/HAGGLERS/BARTERERS/BUYERS" now i WILL agree, this site is pretty much a legalized way of "cheating" the average person out of their money, but only because the site does not have some type of page that fully explains how the site works and breaks down how much you will actually be paying for items, HOWEVER, the site is somewhat legitimate, ive only been using for a few days, but i have already won 3 auctions, and saved literally hundreds... i won 200 bids, valued at $150, i spent a total of $50, i bid on it 40 times (75 cents per bid = $30) plus the $20 it actually cost, i got a Macbook for a total of $310, its valued at $900, i spent $225 on the 300 bids i used, and paid $82 for it out of pocket, the other item i won was 10 bids for about $1 total... the site is not FULLY a scam, or a fraud or whatever you want to call it, yes i do believe the site may have "bots" or its own employees "running" up the prices on some items, but if you arent prepared for this before you sign up, then youre an idiot for signing up in the first place and have no business being on this site, this site is about being smart and VERY patient, it took me over 8 hours to win the macbook, the key to winning items at this site for a "decent" price/discount is knowing WHEN to bid and paying attention to how many bids another user has already put into it, always keep in mind, A. each time you bid on an item, youve already added 75 cents to the cost of that item for yourself, 25 bids and youre already at an extra $20 spent on top of what you have to pay if you win, and B. always pay attention to how many bids someone else has placed, if you see someone has spent 300 bids ($225 JUST FOR THE BIDS) on an item, be prepared to battle it out with that person, like i said i agree the site more than likely does run up the price on some of the higher end items, but honestly i don't think a majority of people "KNOW HOW" to win items on this site AND save money at the same time, don't be mad at the site or its cretors/owners... be mad at yourself for not fully understand how the site works, and for not teaching yourself or learning how to use the site effectively

Ask Kevin about Bigdeal
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have been monitoring for the past two days because I wanted to jump in and begin bidding to see if I could pick up an iPad really cheap. After watching just three auctions, I'm convinced they employ either bots or people to keep the bidding going and take your money. Here's the only example I need to give you. I just watched a "user" spend over 7 hours of their time spending over $820 of their own money on 75 cent bids (yes, over 1000 bids) for an iPad that they DID not win when they could have purchased one in 5 minutes for $729.00 from Apple or eBay. So, do you believe someone is that stupid? I don't either. The fact is, someone or somebot is bidding in order to keep the bidding going. is obviously a scam site. I have the screen shot of the above example if you want to see it.

Ask David about Bigdeal
1 review
2 helpful votes

This site is essentially a gambling site to see who wins the item. It is slightly better than that, as any "bids" spent on an item that you did not win are credited toward a purchase at the retail price of the item.

The basics of how it works have already been described, but essentially each bid costs $0.75, and each bid on an item typically raises the price of the item $0.15, however depending on the item each bid may raise the item price by less, down to as little as $0.01 for each bid.

For example, I just watched a bidding war on a Kindle DX Graphite. Each bid was worth $0.01, and the final price was $7.94. That sounds like a really good deal, until you realize how much money was spent to get the price to that point. $7.94 at $0.01 per bid means there were 794 bids made. Each bid cost $0.75, which means a total of $595.50 was spent on the item, well above the $379.00 retail price, but it is not actually as bad as it sounds.

In a worst case scenario, there were only two bidders and each bidder spent $297.75 bidding on the item. Whichever bidder won gets to buy the item for an additional $7.94, for a total cost of $305.69, or about $73 less than the retail price.

In all practicality it's not the 90+% off they claim by a long shot (closer to 20% off), and I believe it is a very dishonest tactic, but it is still a good discount for the winner. I think it is ok as long as you fully understand the rules.

For the loser, they get the opportunity to recover their loss by buying the item at retail minus the cost of their bids. That means the person who spent $297.75 in bids and lost can purchase the item for an additional $81.25.

There is a catch though - not all items allow for a retail buy. If an item does not have a "buy it now" option, STAY AWAY! You will not be able to purchase the item at retail, and you will lose your money if you do not win the bid. The chances that you will be the one who actually wins on a bid on a popular item are very low, so you will almost certainly be giving your money away to

I think the site can be useful if you cannot find anyone who sells the particular item for any cheaper than retail, AND you are absolutely sure you want to buy the item, even at retail prices. In that case you have a chance to get a big discount. I frankly think you would need to be daft to bid on an item on that did not have a "buy it now" option. There is no way to recoup your losses in that case, it is sheer foolishness.

If you did not understand what I wrote above DO NOT USE THIS SITE! You will in all likelihood lose a lot more money than you save if you do not understand what is going on. If you did understand what I wrote, then good luck to you.

Ask Jeff about Bigdeal
1 review
0 helpful votes

It's just a scam. And when you see ipads for $10 that ALONE should tell you it's a game not a real auction site.

Ask siver about Bigdeal
16 reviews
50 helpful votes

Seems like a penny auction site is being reviewed almost daily here, so I thought I'd chime in. First off let me say, I think a lot of these reviews are being done by competitors or paid for. Who signs up for SiteJabber to review one site out of billions? Shady is all I'm saying.

I hear a lot of complaints about people spending so much in bids it doesn't make sense for them to do that and that the site must have "bots". Or that they use all their bids and win nothing. Well, some people do know how to game these sites. How? Well instead of going right for the shiny consumer electronics, they spend all their bids and money getting more bids. They concentrate on "bid auctions", that is, gettiing bids for cheap. Swoopo and Beezid do 500 and 1000 bid pack auctions. So when it comes down to a person who has 30 bids at a buck a piece and a guy with 500 that he paid less than $100 for, guess who is going to feel cheated, and guess who is going to be watching his HD 3DTV in 2 weeks? if you are going to use these sites, bid horde! Bids are the most expensive part of the game, use them wisely. If they didn't send products, or scammed you, you need to get in touch with law enforcement.

What is good about BigDeal is that you can buy it now using the bids you used if you lose the auction. So basically you paid for a chance to get an incredible deal. If you did win, you got something for a great deal. Claim it, pay it. However I will say that for the amount of money these sites make, they go to very little effort to explain to their users how it all works. It's not a scam, it's not equivalent gambling. If you can find a way to game them, go for it. According to Swoopo they lose money on about half of their auctions. But the big auctions make up for the losses. To be fair, I'll say the same for the other two auction sites mentioned here. I would say Beezid, Swoopo and BigDeal have the best products and the best sites in this industry. If you're going to try out penny auctions, bid horde, and use one of these three.

Ask Darren about Bigdeal
1 review
6 helpful votes

How to get your money back from (maybe)

I have the tenacity of pit bull and I also work in the health care industry, so I'm constantly dealing with denials and bs.

I was refunded every dime I spent on

Here's how I did it:

I filed a complaint with the BBB (, the SF DA ( and the California Attorney General ( as another person posted.

Then I submitted multiple tickets online at In fact, I think I had 6 different complaints open at one time. Each time I did not get the resolution I was seeking, I would copy that complaint into the response on each ticket and then emailed the following people on each and every rebuttal: (this is George Leimer, Vice President of Operations and co-Founder, Inc. His office phone is 415.814.9817 and his cell is XXXXXXXXX*)

You can also go to and send a message Nicolas Darveau-Garneau, Founder and CEO at

ALSO, has added the names and photos to employees and board member on their site - write to as many people as possible - their email format is easy enough to figure out - it's the person's

This took about 3 days before I think they got sick of me. Plus, I doubt they want any more negative press, since they seem to be backed by legit venture capitalists.

I would also recommend emailing all the local news stations and with your story and copy as many people from on those emails.

Good luck!

*[Personal information removed by moderator 1/7/11]

Ask M about Bigdeal
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Waste of time and potentially a lot of YOUR $$

Do not use this site unless you are absolutely willing to pay full price for the item you are bidding on!! Otherwise you will lose money. AFTER you do not "win" the item, the site claims you can use your "loyalty bucks" to save money shopping on items, but don't forget you paid for those "loyalty bucks" in REAL money.

Seriously do not get sucked in and think your gonna nab a deal. You are bidding against other people who actually think they are gonna get a deal too. Greed in contagious! Like I said, only use the site if you actually going to pay full price. You can use your bid money toward the item. This means the money you spent on tokens is actually going to the full price of the item, thus, you will not lose money, just pay for the darn thing with Buy it Now if you don't win. Remember tokens cost .75 cents so don't buy more than the item is worth!

Read Read READ the rules of the site. (genius business plan for BigDeal) They are making a ton of money on other peoples desire to get one deal. Remember if it seems to good to be true, it usually is!!!

Ask Gelly about Bigdeal
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How to get your money back

Ask T about Bigdeal
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I had trouble with their "clocks" - mine would freeze up and I'd waste bids(which are $.75@). There seem to be some who have mastered the bidding system and win all the merchandise. I'm trying to get a refund for the money I didn't use. It's a fun site but it didn't work for me. LW

Ask linda about Bigdeal
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Won a Sharp Aquos TV for ~$10.00 + shipping, a Kinect for about the same, an XBox 360 with Halo and extra controller for $240 (buy it now). It is addicting and can cost you money if you are not careful, but you can absolutely win auctions and get great products for dirt cheap. Customer service is great, Fed Ex lost my tv and BigDeal reshipped another one on expidited shipping to ensure I got it by Christmas. I do recommend the site, but be careful because it is a bit like gambling. The best route is to bid on items you were going to buy anyway.

Ask Paul about Bigdeal
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One has to buy tokens to bid on items and they assure you in the "Buy" page that all unused bid tokens are "Completely Refundable". When one goes to refund their tokens there is only a "redeem" button where one HAS to buy something with those points if one hope to get any value from their "bids" tokens. What a ripoff!

Ask John about Bigdeal
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Wow...I played for just little and then ran some stats on my probability of winning and the bennefit this program has over consumers, I realize its by choice but these folks are banking $75 for every dollar that is bidded. At a penny a bid, I was looking at a Ipad and realized that it was at $184.82, in bids, this translates to $13,861.00 that has been bidded. My gosh, with these type of programs, we will definitely be in a recession.

Ask Jorge about Bigdeal
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I only tried this once and decided to take my losses and pay double for a ceramic heater I bought. It seems the same people are bidding and out bid you at the last minute, because you ran out of tokens. I'm just going to write it off as a lesson learned the hard way.

Ask gaylene about Bigdeal
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I accidentally spammed over to this site and was like wow! at first. I buy 50 bids thinking it's like ebay and mistakenly wasted 10 right off the batt. So I decided to read some reviews, do some research, and then come back to the site to do it right. Here's the skinny: It is a casino and you are gambling. You must find something you like and stick to it. Buy the retail price in chips so you have a chance to win. Stay away from the bot bidders with names like IWILLWIN, or WILLBIDTORETAIL as examples. These guys are either pros or bots and you can't beat them.Learn the days and hours when people bid the least to lesson your competition. I did end up winning a 9" Amazon Kindle for a total of $147 in chips, and $16 for shipping and final bid. Overall I save about $120. Remember find one thing and buy the retail in chips. Bid until people stop, or at least you can do the buy it now if you lose. I'm not coming back here though. I'm sticking to Ebay.

Ask David about Bigdeal
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Ended up paying buying out right, but got charged 5 times for the item. Yes I do think they are a scam! The FBI should be notified and the all of these sites monitored.

Ask Ed about Bigdeal
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It is nothing but a 'legal' scam. Stay away from them or they will just get your money. It isn't an auction, it is a carnival game that you can not win. They need to be investigated for misrepresentation.

Ask Lisa about Bigdeal
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will warn everyone to use Ebay instead of this site, for one thing you get what you pay for at Ebay and they don't take your money till you win an auction. Here with BigDeal they take your money first and force you to buy their products at a jacked up price if you lose an auction. Big deal gives very low if any kind of discount on the products- something like 7% and you have to buy alot of their products to get your money back. Beware! They claim if you don't like the site they will refund your money.

Ask belinda about Bigdeal

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