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BestCanvas reviews

74 reviews
6300 N.E 4th Ave
Miami, Florida 33138, USA
Tel: 305-759-7800

74 Reviews From Our Community

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Reasonable prices, great customer service and high product quality. (in 13 reviews)


This is my second order from this website and now the quality is totally different. (in 44 reviews)


I expected to get my canvas photo in a week or so, but I think it was delivered in 4 days or so after I ordered it. (in 3 reviews)

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New Reviewer

I ordered a canvas and it was perfect!!! It arrived within 4 days... which I was glad of because I had actually ordered it too late. And the price was cheaper than all the other websites I checked (there was a sale on so I don't know about normally) In addition, the quality was excellent! I had scanned in a picture to put on a canvas and I was afraid it would come out blurry...but it didn't!!. It was easy and quick to download my photos. I haven't checked my credit card bill yet so I don't know if they charged the right amount or whatever like the one reviewer said but for the rest I was amazed!!! Definitely buying here again :)

New Reviewer

To order from this site was easy but when i checked my bank account after placing the order they had charged me TWICE for the one order i had placed. Unacceptable.

New Reviewer

I had a miner issue (one corner wasn't folded nicely) but I never complained about it. When they asked me if I was happy w the order I explained. Customer service was amazing. They offered me a replacement w/o returning the original print. I found that VERY GENEROUS but felt that problem was easily fixable; so I sent them an email that instead of replacement I'd like to get their best discount for future orders. They emailed and thanked me but didn't sent me any coupon code. However if I called them before my next order I'm sure they will give me the best discount.

New Reviewer

The order process was very smooth. Unfortunately my print came back much darker than I expected and won't be suitable.

New Reviewer

I was disapointed with the print of my painting that you did. Your printers left a 1/3 inch space unprinted at the top and bottom of the print.
I sent the sales department an email asking to return it. I received no answer, so I have been considering ordering one from one of your competitors.
These prints are of properties I have sold for clients. It is part of my business, and I cannot present an obviously flawed canvass to my client.
Jerry Edwards

New Reviewer

I have been very impressed with the quality and service of their product. I have done several photos of my trip out west and everyone of them were amazing! I will use BestCanvas again and recommend them to anyone wishing to display their trips of a lifetime using BestCanvas.

New Reviewer

The customer service is excellent. When I placed my order I didn't do it quite like I intended to and was not happy with the outcome. I called them and they helped me redo it right over the phone and replaced it at no charge and I didn't have to return the one that was wrong which saved me the expense of return postage. I will definitely order from them again.

New Reviewer

Rock solid canvas. Wish to have been more patience in choosing cheaper offers, but I guess next time I'll have a lesson:)
Btw, I like the canvas very much!

New Reviewer

Improperly printed colors, smears of ink ruining the canvas. Tried for 3 months to get a refund with every sales rep I talked to blowing me off. Taking my business elsewhere!

New Reviewer

I was in a rush and didn't check other sites for prices comparison. Bestcanvas prices are higher, but I'm quite impressed with the quality. I'm sure, you can get the same quality for lower price, if you check other websites without hurry.

Anyway, I received high quality canvas for higher price

New Reviewer

Nothing much to say, the canvas is outstanding. Waited for 10 days for the canvas and finally received it:)

New Reviewer

Love this company from first sight. Easy to use website, reasonable price and good quality. Hard to believe that you can get such a service and quality for the price

New Reviewer

Just perfect… can’t describe canvas in words! And I would like to thank girls from customer service as well. Thank you!

New Reviewer

First time I ordered canvas was about 2 years ago and the quality was low. This is my second order from this website and now the quality is totally different. Service has improved a lot lately and reputation is growing. I made an order from bestcanvas because I had a discount from the previous order. Now canvas quality is way better and customer support is much friendlier

New Reviewer

Respected seller and great customer support. I ordered canvas on the discount offer they e-mail time to time after signing up for the newsletter

New Reviewer

Horrible. I was "guaranteed" my canvas by Father's Day. this was confirmed on the website And by calling customer service before and after placing my order. Recieved a confirmation that a FedEx label had been created so I thought all was good. didn't receive my package so I called FedEx and was told a label was created but it never shipped. by this time the company was closed for the weekend and I got the same "no answer" other reviewers did. called this morning and complained and was told they don't know what happened, was spoken to very rudely on the phone. Please do not order from here, there are many better websites!!!

New Reviewer

first time user... very happy with the ordering procedure and the delivery method-website is user friendly...I'll be back! :)

New Reviewer

I recently went on holiday to Europe and managed to capture 36 highlight photos of my trip all on one canvas. I would definitely recommend canvas prints to anyone.

New Reviewer

Had great experience with company. Got worried that my order took a little too long to arrive, but now that my split prints are up on the wall and don't fail to impress my guests, I'd like to tell the whole world that you can trust this company.

New Reviewer

Most of my friends had canvas prints at home, so I knew a lot about the price and quality issues. My friend Jacky advised me to use bestcanvas and I’m very grateful to her for this recommendation. I have become their returning customer since received first print. Very reliable service

New Reviewer

Bonfire near the beach is something beautiful both in reality and in image. Service surprised me with the realistic print. Image was taken with the 5mp nokia phone and I was not sure what to expect, but they brought me the high quality print. Recommend

New Reviewer

I would like to have faster turnaround, like other companies offer, but I am very happy with canvas I received. Looks great!

New Reviewer

Last time ordered canvas have had questionable quality, but I got a discount coupon for the next purchase. Service has improved a lot since then. Now the quality is totally different - way better. Great!

New Reviewer

I just love Bahamas no. 2 picture which I purchased from bestcanvas service. It’s so simple and it has major relaxing impact. Its true colors look well and calm. This blue ocean canvas fits perfect within any interior. Awesome canvas!

New Reviewer

I remember bestcanvas offered discounts on all sizes a while ago but I didn’t use chance to purchase canvas for lower price. But that’s not the main reason.
Everything is ok – the canvas itself, the picture and the colors are genuine. The stretching is done tight and canvas is stable. The only recommendation would be - I would like to have discount next time purchasing another canvas which I’m considering to do. Overall, I’m satisfied

New Reviewer

I would like to thank bestcanvas for a professional service and good image quality. It’s clear that they have technology to provide what’s promised, because printed colors perfectly matched my laptops screen. Other companies can’t compete with bestcanvas price. Thanks!

New Reviewer

Very poor communication as I received a canvas with a prominent crease across it and I have recieved no response for 2 days. I will never use them again.

New Reviewer

Since it was my first canvas, I’m very satisfied with everything – the service, help from support team, easy to upload files, and the result is really impressive. Will order again for sure.

New Reviewer

Ordered my first canvas and it’s all that I hoped for. Also, the website is really nice. I liked that when I upload my photo I can see where the edges will be. And the customer service was really helpful. Great experience, great canvas! Thanks!

New Reviewer

My photos were printed exactly how I expected, even better. I can’t describe in words how great the picture looks, it’s just perfect. To my surprise I received canvas in only 4 days.

New Reviewer

I’ve always liked images and photos of mountains. I used bestcanvas to print my favorite photo from the vacation in Zurich. I chose 36” x 24” size and it looks awesome. Colors are bright and just perfect. Image looks really impressive. Thank you, I’m so happy!

New Reviewer

Reasonable prices, great customer service and high product quality. I was lucky for getting 15% off. I like that they often have discounts on their website

New Reviewer

Last week got my 2 canvas. They arrived in a few days and in such a great quality. Just ordered 3 more. I’m getting addicted to this. :D

New Reviewer

Wow! I expected to get my canvas photo in a week or so, but I think it was delivered in 4 days or so after I ordered it. And it looks so great. Thanks! I’m so glad!

New Reviewer

So easy and fast! I usually get so frustrated ordering online. This was the best and quickest online purchase experience I have ever had! And my 2 canvas look great. Thank you!

New Reviewer

I’m happy for using bestcanvas! Too bad I didn’t find it earlier. After disappointment for 3 weeks with previous vendor, bestcanvas did its job on 99.999% for item quality and service attitude.

New Reviewer

Great deal! Didn’t have any problems neither with the payment, nor the quality of the delivered canvas. By the way, I had to wait for it only for 5 days.

New Reviewer

Received canvas as described, stretched really nice, so I just unpacked it and hanged in my living room. I guess stretching is included additionally in the price and it is done well. Happy for my order

New Reviewer

I found a quite interesting deal of bestcanvas in a coupon site and decided to make a purchase. Canvas was shipped well packed, already mounted on a frame and the picture looked amazing. It took about 7 work days for me to receive it. I recommend this company

New Reviewer

Wow. Wish I had thought to read reviews before I bought- serves me right. Really horrible quality - can see the wood "frame" underneath the "canvas." And, my order came in a huge box, which was odd, considering I only ordered an 8x10 print. I had four additional prints from someone else's order in Boulder, CO. It's got the Fed Ex label attached to it and everything. Guess I might be nice and play Fed Ex delivery guy, but they'll be disappointed when they get their order....
I did try to call them - same story as most reviewers on here - no answer. Got an answering machine that says the mailbox is full. No doubt, considering the complaints online - I can only imagine the complaints in that inbox. This company won't last much longer. There are far better options out there.

New Reviewer

Normally I am a very cautious internet shopper so it was completely atypical of me to decide to purchase canvases online.....and go with the first site that came up on Google!

I decided to read the reviews on the site after receiving a decidedly unprofessional looking sales confirmation, and was dismayed by the reviews I was reading about Bestcanvas. So much so that I had written off the purchase just hours after ordering it.

Despite the reviews though, I have had nothing but a great experience with this company. They answered the phone each time I called and gave me the information I was looking for. They shipped my product out within 2 days of order, and my (really great) canvases arrived yesterday - 10 days after I purchased them.

Some people have had what looks like a horrible experience; my experience however was nothing short of great.

New Reviewer

I used this website after using another vendor. I was sooooo disappointed with the quality of the product. The "canvas" turned out to be vinyl and not actually a very durable surface. The color is muted and not vibrant at all. I could not be more disappointed in the overall product. It did come in a timely manner which is different from the other reviews. I would not buy from them again. I would go back to my other vendor "" instead. They are first class.

New Reviewer

I've had nothing but a POSITIVE experience with best canvas. I had an issue with one of my prints coming back with a hand print on it. I e-mailed Best Canvas and they asked me to try and take a picture and send it to them. I did this and by the next day I had a reply that they would re-print my picture for me. This was done and recieved in a timely manner. I then contacted them as I recieved a bill from FedEx. Once again, I e-mailed Best Canvas and they told me they would take care of it - which they have done. I will continue to use Best Canvas for any future prints that I will be getting done as I am (and continue to be) a happy customer.

Vanessa Boldt

New Reviewer

I placed an order with and did not check any reviews prior to it. This is usually very stupid and I was not to happy when I finally did check...
It took one week until I got the delivery and to my suprise everything looked very good! The picture, the frame and the delivery were all as I had hoped.

New Reviewer

What can I say but it has been 3 weeks and I have not received my print yet. I will be contacting Pay Pal tomorrow, the Better Business Bureau, and the Attorney Generals office and anybody else I can think of to get this Business in trouble. I have tried calling this company directly but no luck. So I emailed them. They replied, but I still have not received a Fed Ex tracking number. This was their reply to the email:

Dear Pamala

Thank you for your order. Were sorry but your ordered wasnt processed due to some paypal payment issues on our end; not yours. Please allow us to resolve. We'll have your prints printed and shipped tomorrow. We just ask for your contiinued patience and cooperation while we resolve. Thank you and have a great day.

Kind regards,

your BESTCANVAS service team

Bestcanvas Inc.
6300 NE 4th AVE
Miami, FL 33138

Tel 1-855-335-9926
Fax (305)759-7801

-----Ursprüngliche Daten-----
Datum: 30.09.2012 00:50:09
Von: Pamala Bjalme <>
An: <>
Betreff: Where's my picture that I paid for!!!!
Vorgang: T-6UCNXJP5Z9-97

Dutch company? Based in Miami? Really? This was to be a wedding what?

New Reviewer

Another unhappy customer. They lie about shipping - they send out shipping confirmations when they have not even produced the item yet. They blame it on being busy, but that is just a deceptive practice. When you ask them about it a week later, when the item does not update on the shoppers site (it shows that the info was transmitted, but never actually shipped) they then promise to ship a couple of days later after they produce it. They won't refund shipping or expedite shipping - liars and terrible customer service. Buyers beware,

New Reviewer

After ordering my canvas print through bestcanvas, I decided to google the reviews and I was shocked to read so many negative reviews. I just wanted to share my experience because after having a really great experience with the company, I felt I needed to post something positive. Not only is the site easy to navigate and order, my print arrived in exactly 1 week from the date I ordered and it's awesome! I'm extremely happy with the print and can't wait to put it up!

New Reviewer

I had accidentally ordered from this site on a recommendation for canvas
When I realized I had made a mistake and went to check reviews on best canvas I was horrified to see everyone claimed that it was cheap crap. I immediately cancelled my order ( thankfully I actually got someone on the phone )
I was not charged ( Thank God ) and I thought that was that - a few week later my order ( which I had cancelled ) came in the mail and I could not resist opening it. Sure enough it was a rolled canvas with a do it yourself frame all which would have been fine except there was a pea size spot in the middle of the canvas where the ink had not taken properly. I tried to lick my finger and rub it a bit to see if that would help instead it just smudged more of the ink right off. Shocking ! When I called to tell the company they had sent me my cancelled order they told me I could keep it, and when I preceded to tell the lady on the phone about the blemish ( putting it nicely ) she didn't even apologize. I guess I shouldn't complain being that I have a un- hangable canvas I didn't pay for..... this site should be called worst canvas !!

New Reviewer

I ordered 4 prints on Dec 17th 2011. Anything ordered by that date was promised delivery by xmas. It's been nearly a month and I still haven't gotten anything. I've emailed and called and haven't gotten a hold of anyone. Their answering service states that memory is full and I'm sure it's because of constant calls from other dissatisfied customers. Buyer BEWARE!!!

New Reviewer

This company has so many websites across different countries advertising the same service and I believe they should stick with one website instead of renaming it over and over again due to the incredible loss of goodwill stemming from extremely poor customer service and borderline criminal operations. My suggestion is Here's my story:

On December 2nd, 2011 I purchased a 24"x12" printed and framed color photograph canvas with a hanging system from for $61.04.

It has been over one (1) month since I placed my order and I have not received the products which I had purchased. I have tried contacting by telephone and twice by email; however, I have not received any reply nor have they contacted me regarding my inquiries.

Also, read reviews (Everyone here should also post elsewhere to prevent other people from going through this agony). This link also confirms the fraudulent nature of this operation:

I have filed a formal complaint with the BBB of South Florida. You can view the numerous complaints already filed by other customers who have been defrauded:

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