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Beezid reviews

204 reviews
Categories: Penny Auction
361 Boul Montpellier
St Laurent, QC H4N 2G6
Tel: 1-877-4-BEEZID
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204 Reviews for

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They were intrigued, bought bids, lost, then vowed to never go back.


In my opinion, I would not waste any money on this auction.


Customer service seems to give cookie cutter answers, but they're pretty prompt.

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New Reviewer

Listen up people. I am on a mission to destroy the myths and urban legends on all penny auction sites. My first encounter is with the site I can tell you that the website is real, they ship products won by members, it does cost money to get a decent amount of bids to bid with. The bot thing, seems to me that there are real people on the other end bidding against real people, and was made up because users didn't do the research on a particualar item or time the auction was listed/ended. Also the user might have been discouraged when someone else came along and bidded over them with no extra bids to try and outbid the person now winning the item. Let me know if I can show you on this site how I came up this review. There will be a lot more pennyauction sites reviewd in the near future I hope I can say all sites are real but my hopes are just hopes.

New Reviewer

I have used to register domain names for approximately the past 5 years. I have found their prices to be better than most of their competitors, particularly when coupon codes (which are widely available) are used.

New Reviewer

Probably a common story. I spent $70 buying 100 bids, then set autobeezid to bid on a $300 item when it was down to the last 12 seconds. Well, of course that can go on for awhile and after about 1.5 minutes my bids were all used up. Then about 30 seconds later someone won the thing for $2.30. Considering how fast my bids were used up, and the quick win by someone, or something else, afterward, it really seems like a scam to me. Did that winner even really exist or was it a bot? Anyway, I decided after that to cut my loss and close the account.

Apprentice Reviewer

This is a great site if you bid on things like $10 Target gift card or a $20 Gift card. I've seen my friends win this stuff and they only spend like a $1 on it. So its not a complete scam but the expensive stuff is.

New Reviewer

What a rip off. I got the free 25 bids. Than I spent 30 dollars bidding on a 50bid pack. Then I spent 70 dollars on a 150 bid pack and still didn't win anything. I decided to go all in.... Spent 550 dollars on 1000 bids. the site says to go into an auction with at least 90 bids. I bid on two products, a Nintendo DS and a Target gift card. By the time all was said and done I spent more on the bids than the product was worth and I didn't win either one.... and I was primarily bidding against one other person.... what a rip off. I was just trying to see if I could win something with 500 bids. Save your money

Apprentice Reviewer

Scam, scam, scam. they pay celebrities to say they use it and it's awesome etc. to make you trust them because everyone would clearly think "oh wow, a celeb does a promotional video for them, so they must be legit" Horrible scam that people still believe in. Stay away!!

New Reviewer

like the warning on cigarettes there to tell you but ignored by users keeping these rich fools richer YOU MUST STOP USING.

Apprentice Reviewer

beezid is a scam. you pay for bids yet if you lose, all money invested in bids is lost. not to mention it takes you knockin' on wood while wearing your lucky socks to actually win. Honestly, STAY AWAY!!!!!!

Apprentice Reviewer

Go figure, something you see commercials for is a total scam. After reading most of these reviews I'm gonna stay away from this site.

Apprentice Reviewer

This site is really and truly full of trouble and when you expose them their representative try to defend their reputation when in truth and in fact they got totally exposed. I have seen them do this on other sites that inform consumers. I mean how many times does one have to hear the word scam before one believes it actually is one!

Apprentice Reviewer

Scam, I've had better luck with other penny sites. Just remember whatever you spend on these sites just to "save a buck" there is no guarentee you will win if you even can win. Stick with amazon or something, I've always have good luck with them.

New Reviewer

After reading about the penny auction sites I decided to sign up for a few to see what it was all about. At first I thought it was a cool way to win items cheap until I took a closer look today at an auction for an Ipad on Beezid. I sufed the web looking for the legit and scam sites and I found this program you can purchase that tells you how many bidders are on a product as well as thier sniper habits, how many bids have been placed on a particular item, how many wins or losses, and what item they are biddding on, the last several days of stats, ect...after watching an ipad that started on 7/2/11 and still going today 7/4/11 I then realized what a scam this is after I looked at the program stats and seen the 2 top bidders have placed over $13,000 in bids. Who in thier right mind would spend more that $499 retail on an ipad. There is obviously shill bidding going on or some people just have $13,000 to throw away on an ipad. Here is a screenshot of todays bid stats and you tell me what you think. Check out user: unknownmember and bighoss73 and it will show you the amount of bids placed and how many bids used. These two users are 2nd and 3rd down. Just scroll down until you see the first user name iwilalwayswin1 and you will start to see the stats on each user under thier name.

iPad 2 (16 GB WiFi) | Auto refresh:
My Settings | Set an Alert | User Guide | Report a Problem | * Sniper Help
Bidders (# Bids)
Bidders (# Wins)
Potential Snipers *
Historic Price Stats
Historic Prices
Bid Timeline
General Stats
# Bids
Last Bid Type
Bid Time Ago
Bid Spend
Sniper Stats *
Time on Auction
Bidder# BidsLast Bid TypeBid Time AgoBid Spend#Wins#AuctionsSniper Stats *Time on Auction
00min 02sec
0 @ $0.00, None
00min 02sec
0 @ $0.00, None
00min 04sec
0 @ $0.00, None
00min 05sec
0 @ $0.00, None
03min 19sec
4 @ $124.76, 43m 28s ago
03min 22sec

New Reviewer

I actually thaught this site was a scam, i have won an 50" LCD TV for just $100 and on the same they i won the Sony Surround Sound, i got all my items and everything was new. All that are telling its a scam is because they spent a lot of money on bids, i just spent $50 and that was all. People are hating because they can't win stuff and things like that!

New Reviewer

Guys, u all know what to do. go to google, yahoo, msn. look for penny auction websites, located in yellow (paid area) on top, and start clicking, 1 click cost about $1 for them. this is only one way, you can sink such web sites.

New Reviewer

I wrote this on my blog back in December 2010. Check it out.

New Reviewer

I have read all of these negative reviews on Beezid. If you want to win on beezid you need to do your homework. You can't just buy $200 or $300 in bids and start bidding on a TV or IPad 2 and think your going to win. I tried that and it didn't work. There is skill involved. I have won over 20 items in the last 4 months and received them all. And yes I am one of those people that has payed retail price on a few of my wins but overall I have saved about 60%. There are a few people on the site that have more money than sense and will pay 2 or 3 times the retail price so watch out for those guys.

New Reviewer

This is just a complete waste of time. I tried the free b8ds and found very quickly that there is no way to win. Save your time and money. Total BS. Clark Howard Of CNN advised that these sites are a TOTAL SCAM and they appear to be just that.

New Reviewer

I have spent many hours watching the bidding on this site. Here is what I learned: the people who spend the most money bidding never win! There is always "somebody" (or something) that swoops in at the end and wins the auction for just a few bids.
Also, on several occasions my bid was not accepted even though there was a second or two left on the timer. Funny how it NEVER happens early in the bidding, but ALWAYS happens when CaptainBidMaster comes in at the end and places two or three bids, winning the auction.
This site is a SCAM.

New Reviewer

I've been a member of Beezid almost as long as the company has existed, and I have had nothing but positive experiences. I heard about the site from a friend who won a PlayStation 3 and he invited me to check it out.

I read the rules, tips, and suggestions, and tried to develop a strategy before I started bidding. I practiced in the bid for free auctions and that was how I got my first bid pack. That was also how I first learned that some people care more about winning than about the item they're trying to win. Beezid makes its profit by selling bids and it's up to each member to use their bids wisely. I learned that if someone is all about the win, it's better to save my bids until the auction item comes around again. With a good strategy and a realistic budget, I've found it easy to find success on Beezid.

Since I joined, I've won countless items. Gift cards, iPods, Kindles, battery chargers, docking stations, movies, video games, video game consoles ... I've won tons. Everything always arrives in perfect condition and I'm thrilled with every item I've won. The secret is to keep your wits about you and treat each auction like a realistic competition. You do have to pay to bid, but you have to bid to win.

I came, I saw, I conquered. A little homework goes a long way and I strongly recommend Beezid to anyone who is willing to put the thought into winning auctions. Play it smart and you can walk away with some amazing deals without spending a fortune on bids or any other items.

New Reviewer

they are auctioning off product they can't get, they are blaming the japan disaster. they are telling people sorry you won't get your product

New Reviewer

After the registration and Buying some bids I found that the site is nothing but a scam. I watched the timer start to countdown and one person was bidding on an item. The bid started at 1 penny. After watching for a Little i noticed that the bid was going up and only ONE bidder and the price jumped 60 Cents in a few seconds. Letting me know that this is a bot used by the site to run up the bids and make you run out of bids and have to buy a nothe BID PACK for Between 20 and 300 Dollars. WOW what a scam after paying for the bids (and if you win) you have to pay for the item and the shipping . that can cost as much as a new lets say TV. You do the math 300 on the bid pack, then another 100 on another bidpack Because you used the first one up trying to win the TV, another 200 on the tv that you Won . Shipping is another 100 . that is 600 for the 32" 720p 60htz Vizio tv that you can buy at Wal-Mart or Sams Club For 400 With the HDMI Cables. I just saved you 200 and got you A new set of HDMI cables . I hope you Find this will Help some one Save thelves Money and Not use this site

New Reviewer

Spent $40. on 50 bids used them in like 10 min. didn't win . Got calls from there site over 4 days but when I would answer the call would disconnect. So called it back and punched 0 got someone on the line that told me they would restore my bids plus if I bought more and told me to bid in the middle of the night. Was bidding on $700. shopping spree used approx. 400 bids it said i was high bid went into going and cpu locked up when I rebooted the auction was back on what a scam all together I spent $160. for nothing !!!! Each bid is only worth one penny !!! What a scam !!!!

New Reviewer

You spend money to buy bids..... which is the first red flag. Then as you are bidding on items, they will have employees of theirs continuously press the bid button right before it ends to drive up the price to something they see fit. That is how they make their money.... STAY AWAY IT IS A SCAM!

New Reviewer

I spent $80 on bids at Beezid and didn't win anything. Call me stupid, but I know the only stupid thing I did was sign up for Beezid in the first place.

New Reviewer

Stay away - you have no chance of winning. MAYBE if you have hundreds of bids to use. I bought a bid pack, unwisely, and quickly realized there was no way I could win an auction. There is no way to win when time resets with each bid. Don't waste your money!

New Reviewer

Like many others before me, I was curious so I bought their basic bid pack, and of course I was blown away, some person from who knows where dumped almost 500 bids on that same item. Sometime later Beezid offered me double the bid for regular price so i thought i would get their large pack which gave me a thousand bids. I ended up losing every bid and had not won an item. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!! If you feel like gambling (which this sight basicaly is) go to your local casino, you will have better chance of winning something.

New Reviewer

Beezid lures you in with signup bonus codes offering you 100% extra bonus codes when you sign up. What they don't tell you is that the bonus bids are worthless unless you buy a lot of bids. I paid for 30 bids and I received 30 bonus bids at sign up. the bonus bids are added to your regular bids at 1 for every five bids. so I used my 30 bids and get 6 of my bonus bids. If I want the rest I have to buy 120 bids. Apart from that the shipping is outrageous. I won a gift card and had to pay $7.99 for shipping for a $25 gift card and the gift card will take 2-3 weeks to get come in. This site is a rip off do yourself a favor and find a better site!

New Reviewer

This website is going into other peoples accounts on facebook, and advertising a free ipad scam.... my freind was sending all of his freinds this ad when i knew it wasnt him....

im sick of these things stop it now!

New Reviewer

So here is the thing with this website, in order to get the really good deals (i have won brand new video-game for 62cents and a bar-tending kit for $1.20) you CANNOT BUY BIDS. use the free 10 bids they give you in the cherry auctions and be patient, this way you don't waste your money on bids. Then when you win or run out of bids, deleted your account and then set up a fake new email address and sign up again and use your new set of 10bids (after a month you can resign up with your initial email). just DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON BIDS, it's stupid; just milk the system.

New Reviewer

I spent 300 dollars and won a 400 dollar walmart gift card for $60 dollars 6 weeks ago and I STILL HAVEN'T RECIEVED MY GIFT CARD. I called them and got a voicemail, left a message and never got a call back. Called the next day and they told me to send an email. Sent an email, got a tracking number and USPS says they received my shipping information but the item has not shipped. 2 or 3 emails later, still no card and no good response from them. What a joke.

New Reviewer

I am MAD. Beezid took $60 from me while I was trying to bid on a video game for a my son. Now I do not have $60 and do not have anything for my son. I hope you feel good about yourself, Beezid.

New Reviewer

this site is a super scam... i called in to buy bids to win a xbox 360 and before i got bids they asked me what i was planing to bid on then i told them... mi-stack, cus later that night when i spent almost $150 on bids some bot keep out bidding me like every time. i have won 4 items from this site in there "Cherry auctions" that was easy and its to get you hooked but as soon as you get out in the realy auctions they have the same people always winning over and over again

New Reviewer

My wife lost $400 on Beezid. She's a smart woman, so I'm going to place the blame squarely on Beezid. They are running a gambling scheme to bilk hard workers out of their money.

Apprentice Reviewer

Scam !!!!
It looks cool and yes i was even temped to try this site but it seems very iffy...

If you want the real thing just go out and buy it its much safer to go to the store and pick up the item then giving these scam artist your information and being screwed over at the end !!

Please think about this before you go and enter you information such as where you live and your credit card information.

Websites like this can really do damage in the end and sometimes its extremely impossible to get out of.


New Reviewer

this site suckered me into buying 28 $ worth of bids .won a 0.26 pizza oven i never got. bee$#*!.com crap site.

New Reviewer

Here is a portion of my complaint...

In two short days I have had numerous problems.

-First, an auction concluded immediately after I placed a bid. The bid is in the bid record for the auction. I did not win as a result.

- Second, the autobid feature would not accept my entry, "I was not a cherry memeber", I have never won an auction. And if this is the case why would it accept a manual bid.

- Third, (and last) the bid button was depressed with 2 seconds remaining on the timer but my bid was not accepted. What a surprise, I lost. (See reason 2 for why I could not use the sniper feature as I wanted.)

They responeded with.....

FEEL THE NEED FOR SPEED - The internet is a dynamic medium with occasional shifts in trans-mission speeds and availability. We highly recommend that you place bids no later than 4 seconds left on the re-set timer. Making sure you have high speed internet connection is also key if you want help get your bids placed as quickly as possible. High speed internet is mostly likely available in your area via telephone line DSL or television Cable internet. In more remote areas, you may have access to satellite internet which is fast enough to empower you at Beezid.
> GET A BETTER BROWSER - With a fast internet connection, your next opportunity for bidding success is with your choice of web browser. The newer standard-compliant web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari are the BEST choices. Once equipped with a great web browser, it's up to you to make sure you don't do too much multi-tasking with your browser and computer so that they can devote their attention to a reliable auction experience.
> Here's how to get any of these three great web browsers:
> Firefox -
> Chrome -
> Safari -

I used firefox with a high speed internet connection.

My response.....

Your system would not let me use the sniper feature. I specifically wanted to use the sniper because this had happened before.

Waiting until the last second is part of the strategy to win. That is why your own feature, the sniper, waits until the last second.

Your systems cannot handle the work load, Synchronization is a cover-up for fraud. There are numerous other sites that do not have this problem, stock brokers (where fractions of a second matter) or any online multiplayer site that somehow manages to synchronize people from other sides of the world through the same internet.


Total scam but most of these on line bidding sites are. They are making millions by charging you for bids. For real bidding ebay is the winner.

New Reviewer

What a croc! I did NOT try Beezid. It took all of 30 seconds to realize it was the biggest blatant rip-off I've ever encountered. Sure, you watch the commercials and it sounds great. Buy laptops and big screen televisions for pennies! You know, that's only a fantastic deal if you're REALLY bidding pennies. BUT YOU'RE NOT. Look at the page on that tells you how much the 'penny bids' cost. They don't cost a penny. They actually cost .60 to .90 PER BID, or rather, PER PENNY. Which means if you bid 30 to 40 times on an item, you haven't spent .30 to .40... you've spent at least $18 to $24. That may not sound like such a big deal to some, but to me, it's completely deceiving and therefore fraudulent. DO NOT BID THERE. Save your money for Ebay and other sites where you actually pay the amount you're bidding! Bad, Beezid, BAD!

New Reviewer

I recently tried and had a wonderful experience with them. I bought twenty seven dollars worth of bids plus got ten extra bids for just buying bids to begin with. I didn't try to win anything really big like the laptops, big screen tvs, ect. I did however bid on a bissell steam shot cleaner which retails for one hundred dollars and the price of them is just about the same everywhere. I bid a few times and won the cleaner for .13 cents and paid $9.99 for shipping and handling. I even had bids left over.
The best thing about it all was that when they went to ship my win they called to inform me that they couldn't ship to a PO Box so they took my physical address and shipped it to me priority mail because it had already taken longer than it should have. I recieved the cleaner and all the pieces were there and it worked great! My house has never been cleaner lol. I am unsure however about bidding on the bigger stuff it may be a lot harder that the smaller stuff.

New Reviewer

This site is a scam you pay for bids that cost an average of 60 cents per bid. I bought 50 bids and never won a thing or even got close because of people who have thousands of bids and have some autobid auction which will result in you loosing no matter what in the end by the same usernames . In my opinion they have people working for them with an unlimited amount of bids because what these people end up paying considering you have to pay 60 cents per bid is outrageous. Screw never use it, you are wasting time and money! Im going to do whatever it takes to get this out to the public and i hope this company goes bankrupt i hate scams, although its not a scam it really is in the end!

New Reviewer

I love Beezid. This is an auction web site... there is a risk. You have to a strategic plan, and a little bit of luck. You need to study the website before you bid on anything. It took me a week to understand it. That being said... I have won $1,000 gift cart, a $700 Camera, $100 giftcard, $100 toothbrush, $179 headphones, $49 Wii game, $79 deep fryer. So I have won over $2000 worth of goods in less than 28 days.. HERE IS THE THING: I have invested about $1,000. So i invested $2,000. When i first tried the site, I was dumb and didn't study.. and I am not including the money I lost in the begining because it was my fault for not studying. I am not going to give away all my tips but study study study.. there is a pattern. Now here is the good part.. There are auction limits. They have several categories... and you can only win 10 items a month.. which gives other people a chance. I am locked out right now on bidding on smaller items... So it is complicated but not a scam in my opinion. I have won some great things but it took me a while to catch on. I wish I would not have started to play right away but studied. So here is my tip to you... Yes sometimes people win an item for 30 bids (by luck) but most people win by having a lot of bids.. I would not have won the items i won if I didn't have the bids... If i have one complaint it is the shipping. Shipping takes like 3 weeks. which seems like forever but you get the items. I did not get one item within 4 weeks and I sent them and email and they said it was lost and they would send it right away which they did and i got in about 7 days. So there you go... ha ha I feel like I should prove I am a real person so, I live in Texas near leesburg where the man who invented the Shelby Mustang, Carol Shelby. hope this helps! Don't play if you don't like to gamble and study

New Reviewer

These people are peckers. I sure am glad I researched the site before I gave them my money. Because, that is exactly what you're doing giving them money. They ort to be strung up on the courthouse sqaure.

New Reviewer
1/22/11 is a 419 people. if u dount know what 419 means google. do not fall 4 the $#@! beezid is providing.u may as well go to the store and get the item that u want right away. becos on beezid u are spending the same amount or moor and wight 4weeks

New Reviewer

I still have'nt made up my mind on beezid. I have bought 800 bids over the past couple of weeks in 50 bid auctions at a time for about $28 each which comes out to around $450. I know, I know, its alot more than I intended to spend originally but whats done is done.

I used those bids in 16 different auctions, using around 50 bids at a time for each auction. I won 2 out of the 16 auctions. So I basically spent the same price as both the items I won are worth retail. A beezid rep actually called me after the first winning auction and told me the item would be here in 2 weeks. That sort of reassured me, but its been over a week now and I've not even recieved an email with a tracking #. Now my biggest worry is not recieving the items I won.

I refuse to spend any more $ until my items arrive. Even if they do come on time, I'm not sure I'll "play" again. The chances are winning are slim and I think I just got lucky a couple of times. The site is addictive and is, like many have said here, sort of a gambling site that you can go broke on if you don't know when to stop. I more or less broke even (if I recieve my items), but sometimes its best to count your loses & walk away.

New Reviewer

I logged onto just to see what it was all about. I took about an hour to so to see how the website operated and here is what I noticed. First the timer on these sites are bull$#*!. No one bids until the last minute or so and all of a sudden the price keeps going up and up. This can go on for another 20 - 30 minutes plus. I assumed there were bots on the website because even when the auction said "going.. going." The "person" with the highest bid would reset the timer up to 20 or 30 seconds. I was intrigued on why anyone would "waste" their bids on a potential winning auction. I also noticed the website had a "bid for free" option. I figured this would be a good idea because once you buy a set of bids (30$) you could bid on these items for free. I was not shocked when I saw what happened. Bid for free items were for "Free Bids" for the website. I noticed with "Bid For Free" there was never a winner paying any less than 10-12 dollars than the retail price. I assumed there was a "cap" before any bots stopped bidding and the consumer paid just about or more than what the item was worth.

I suppose their is a method to winning.. don't keep bidding until the price of the item is relatively close to the retail price. You might save a few bucks but in my opinion the website isn't worth the money or the hassle.

In all fairness I did see one auction where a winner walked away with a 40.00 retail item for 2.50. However, I do not know how much this person put out to win the item for 2.50.

I will not return to this website for obvious reasons. I would not recommend this website or any other penny auction websites because they all seem to operate the same way. Don't waste your money or your time.

New Reviewer

I recently reviewed beezid and found it to be the best penny auction site I have used to date. I won SO many items for such a good price I am pretty much addicted now. I highly suggest checking it out but if you want to actually win anything check out the strategies in my blog

Apprentice Reviewer

Seems like a penny auction site is being reviewed almost daily here, so I thought I'd chime in. First off let me say, I think a lot of these reviews are being done by competitors or paid for. Who signs up for SiteJabber to review one site out of billions? Shady is all I'm saying. (This is the last auction I am reviewing!)

I hear a lot of complaints about people spending so much in bids it doesn't make sense for them to do that and that the site must have "bots". Or that they use all their bids and win nothing. Well, some people do know how to game these sites. How? Well instead of going right for the shiny consumer electronics, they spend all their bids and money getting more bids. They concentrate on "bid auctions", that is, gettiing bids for cheap. Swoopo and Beezid do 500 and 1000 bid pack auctions. So when it comes down to a person who has 30 bids at a buck a piece and a guy with 500 that he paid less than $100 for, guess who is going to feel cheated, and guess who is going to be watching his HD 3DTV in 2 weeks? if you are going to use these sites, bid horde! Bids are the most expensive part of the game, use them wisely. If they didn't send products, or scammed you, you need to get in touch with law enforcement.

However I will say that for the amount of money these sites make, they go to very little effort to explain to their users how it all works. It's not a scam, it's not equivalent gambling. If you can find a way to game them, go for it. According to Swoopo they lose money on about half of their auctions. But the big auctions make up for the losses. To be fair, I'll say the same for the other two auction sites mentioned here. I would say Beezid, Swoopo and BigDeal have the best products and the best sites in this industry. If you're going to try out penny auctions, bid horde, and use one of these three.

New Reviewer

Beezid is definitely by far the best auction site i have been to. I won a camera and a few gift cards, and they were both delivered right away.

New Reviewer

Consumers- avoid Beezid. If something looks too good to be true, it probably is.

It is only a matter of time before the Attorney Generals shut down down this site and sue it's owners. Believe me, I know!

New Reviewer

Got sucked into this site by alluring deals and promises. I really don't care if they make a huge profit on it or not, the main problem is that you spend at least $27 for bids and then the auction clock continues to reset itself causing you to run out of bids so fast you can barely bid on one item. There's really no end to the auction because the timer keeps resetting itself. So unless you're prepared to spend your money on bulk purchases of "bids" (that may or may not win you anything) you really have no shot of winning anything. Just another example of when something sounds too good to be true (like purchasing a $400 Target gift card for $25) it probably is. Don't waste your money like I did.

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