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Beezid reviews

233 reviews
Categories: Penny Auction
361 Boul Montpellier
St Laurent, QC H4N 2G6, CAN
Tel: 1-877-4-BEEZID
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233 Reviews From Our Community

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Buying and spending bids on the website will cost way more than the price of the manufacturer. (in 138 reviews)


Great customer service and fairly easy to win if you have a strategy. (in 19 reviews)


Too much ins and outs with Beezid and a fast way to lose money. (in 109 reviews)

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1 review
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SCAM ARTISTS!!!!!!! They advertise that you are guaranteed a win what they don't tell you is that if you lose an auction that want you have to choose from their "guaranteed auctions" which, most likely is not what you were looking for to begin with. They hide the fact that they're going to take $60 out of your bank account (in the little "terms and conditions statement" link) immediately upon signing up for BeeZid. It's not like EBay where you don't pay until you win an auction. The customer service is horrible and they will not refund your money.

Ask Tanya about Beezid
1 review
1 helpful vote

Mixed feelings. I like the variety in the stuff they auction off, but I dislike stuff too.

I hate that they tack on "Promo Bids" to so many items just to increase the "Buy It Now" price.

I've won 3 Blu-rays and two Xbox 360 games on there for a total of about $64. The shipping charges are USUALLY fair though I fail to see how a 360 game is $6.99 to ship, but a 3 disc Blu-ray/DVD combo pack is $2.99.

Ask Bryan about Beezid
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

Lesser auctions, a crap ton of people waiting to bid. You might as well burn your dollar bills than wasting time here.

Ask Robin about Beezid
1 review
1 helpful vote

I signed up for this sight under the lowest package plan to feel it out. It says it offers guaranteed wins and new customer bids that are easier to win; within ten minutes I received a call on my cell phone from a "customer service" representative who could help me "win" auctions. I explained how I could not get to the "cherry" (new member) auctions and could only bid on the regular auctions. He promised me that I could win with him, but when I mentioned that I needed to quickly clear it with my husband he seemed upset-being a retail and customer service manager I can pick up on the cues- So far he seemed nice and legitimate but as soon as I mentioned that I did not want to purchase additional bids, but learn how to bid the new member auctions, he ended the call with me. My husband called the number back and spoke to the representative who said that " the lower price packages are intended for adding on to bigger packages," yet it was offered to me as a new member with no additional packages required and a "guaranteed win." The sight seems amazing, but it is false advertising. You can get much better deals on, which is always reliable and friendly. I was so upset by the situation i felt I needed to share with someone so they won't be scammed as well. PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS SIGHT UNLESS YOU ARE AN EXPERIENCED PENNY AUCTION CONSUMER AND KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. THE NEW MEMBER AUCTIONS DO NOT WORK-I'M SURE FOR A REASON-AND THEY WILL TRY TO SELL YOU ADDITIONAL BIDS ON THE PHONE. P.S.- I am not a caps lock person I'm just that upset. Save yourself the regret and sign up for a free sight where you can purchase the deals,not bid. I hope this will help someone from signing up. My husband and I are hitting hard times because he is out of work due to a disability-in our 20's- and i was trying to do the best for our family by hopefully getting some giftcards for places like walmart that were advertised and I have now foolishly wasted precious money. IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE-EVEN FOR AN EXTREME BARGAIN SHOPPER LIKE ME.

Ask jessy about Beezid
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I saw the commercials for beezid and how you get stuff 95% cheaper than anywhere else like getting an iPad for $20 and I thought "BS!" but I decided to check it out anyway. They have an item up for bids and a short timer. Usually 30 seconds. The timer counts down and resets every time someone places a bid. You have to hope it sits there for the set amount of time so the timer runs out. What are the chances of that happening?!! Every time you bid the price goes up by 1 cent. To place 1 bid it costs $1!!! With the timer always resetting you could spend $1,000 on bids for a $500 iPad, and not even win it!


Ask Matt about Beezid
1 review
1 helpful vote

Horrible customer service - yelling and disrespectful. SCAM avoid at all costs. Not at all interested in making the customer happy.

Ask Gaye about Beezid
7 reviews
15 helpful votes

Used to be a great penny auction site. It seems like they cut back on the number of auctions quite a bit so it's not that fun to bid anymore.

Ask Harold about Beezid
1 review
1 helpful vote

I paid $36 for a bid pack. I entered an auction and since I lost, I received "win bids" so I could bid at a "guaranteed auction"

After winning, all my bids converted to "win bids". They could not be used!!!! I had to pay for another bid pack before they would convert them back to regular bids again

Ask Karla about Beezid
1 review
1 helpful vote

I cant stand this site, there are only a few auctions going on at the same time so you could be on at 4 PM and 1,000 people can be waiting to bid on 2 or 3 items(1 big ticket item, a make-up kit, and a box cutter). Each bid is worth about .72 cents out of your pocket, but the price of the item only goes up 1 penny(which is why people keep bidding, it seems like your only bidding a penny). It is ridiculous, to win on this site is literally like winning the lottery yeah you get your .10 cent wins here and there (on $10 gift cards that cost $5 to ship and you probably will spend almost $3 on bidding) but don't even think your going to win a flat screen TV or a Mac book pro at 99% off by bidding 10 times.

The whole "Autobeezid" thing is what really sets me off. It should be illegal because they just keep driving up the price and wasting time (for an increase of 1 PENNY!!!!(which again is really .72 cents out of your pocket every bid)) your not bidding against another person at that point and it is incredibly annoying. I have seen people autobid for 4 hours straight, and when they were done, someone else's kicks in (OMFG). I thought maybe staying up until 4 AM would give me better luck.......NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This site all-in-all is not a scam, because you can actually (technically) win items for cheap, you just need impeccable timing, extreme patience, and have no life....and they don't advertise that in the commercial. I can barely believe this site is legal, because 1 person will win the 32" 3D TV for $50, but really they paid $400 for it because they bid 400 times while everyone else who bid is out 2-3 Grand and beezid triples or quadruples their profit.

Ask Mike about Beezid
1 review
1 helpful vote

Beezid is not technically a scam, but it does take experience to win. You have to watch several auctions, and waste some bids in the process to learn how to play the game. NEVER EVER buy the bid packs they try to sell you. Only buy the ones that you win by bidding for free. Those bids only end up costing you .10 to .15 cents each and is where you save your money. So far, I've spent about $100, and have won 5 Playstation 3 games, a movie, veggie steamer, itunes gift card, alarm clock, and a few other items. It is gambling in that you risk your money, but all in all, if you can stand the frustration while you figure out the system, you can win.

Ask John about Beezid
1 review
1 helpful vote

I signed up and did win a few gift cards and a hair trimming kit, but overall I'd recommend to stay away from this site. Most of the big items--TV's, entertainment systems, high priced gift cards($200+)--are nearly impossible to win and will usually take many hours before the auction is over. I saw a $500 gift card take 5 hours. I've also seen someone spend $1300 to win a $100 gift card, while severa losers spent close to that much on it. I can only think that the people that bid on this site are the same type that will spend a week on line to get the new iPhone as soon as it comes out. If you don't have that mentality, then don't bother. I won a $100 Amazon card for about $50, but it took about 2 hours. I did not win most of the auctions I bid on, but ended up paying full price for the item and an additional cost to get all my bids back. Is it worth spending several hours trying to get an item for 10% off if you're lucky? I dont think so.

Ask scott about Beezid
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I saw the ad for Beezid, and it looked pretty cool, so I decided to try it out. It said that I had to be a member to buy anything, which was pretty reasonable, so I signed up. I was about to go to the electronics category, and it automatically took $70.00 from my credit card and I hadn't even bought anything!!!! I am so angry that my money has been wasted on nothing! The reason that it used my money, was to buy some sort of "bid pack," that lets you bid on stuff! I was outraged, because I was only testing the site out, and didn't want to purchase anything in the first place! I do not recommend! You want nothing to do with it!

Ask Lucy about Beezid
1 review
1 helpful vote

I jumped in with both feet (not unlike so many others ) and got whooped. If you must play, you should get the largest available bid pack. with the correct code you should be between 13.75 and 18.3 cents.One word of advice to all newbies- you cant win an auction untll the timer reaches that timer reset number, so dont bid until then.

Ask Keith about Beezid
1 review
1 helpful vote

I received a call from Tips & Strategy representative on 12/21/2012. Her name was Courtney. She tried to sell me bids. I already felt I had wasted $60 when signing into the website that I could not get back. I was not interested. Courtney proceeded to tell me that I could win an Apple ipad and a $500 gift card. I said "Can you guarantee that?" She said "Yes, I can guarantee that if you follow my steps, you are guaranteed an ipad and a $500 gift card." STUPID me said okay, only if you can guarantee it. Therefore, I purchased the bids at $500. Needless to say, I was obsessed with following Courtney's steps exactly! I bid on one auction for 8 hours Christmas day and lost 2323 bids @ 60 cents each! She never informed me that we could us a BUY IT NOW and get all our bids back. She also never informed me that the promo bids expire in 7 days from purchase. Therefore, I had to sit at the computer to use the bids I purchase during Christmas holiday while a zillion other people would be bidding on items too. They only reason I purchased the bids is because she guarantee them, but when I called and talked with her on the phone her response was that I should have watched the auctions closer. Therefore although it was guaranteed, they would not fund back any of those bids. What's worse is I was on vacation in Cancun and had to use the bids or they would expire. This company uses guarantees to get a purchase, but then will not stand behind them. Totally unprofessional and I would advise everyone out there to stay clear of this company and website!

Ask DeAnn about Beezid
1 review
1 helpful vote

Beezid is a total scam. If you bid on an auction and lose, you still pay full price for the item and they restore your bids. If you never win an auction, you never have the chance to regain your original investment in the bids you purchased. I purchased $60.00 in bids and participated in two auctions. I ended up paying full price for both of the items I bid on, plus racked up $9.98 in shipping charges. Stay away from this site!

Ask Vickie about Beezid
1 review
1 helpful vote

Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Beezid " is 1.84 out of 5 based on 83 reviews.



Jodi Hawks says:
December 30th, 2012 at 3:48 pm


I was SUCKERED into buying a promotional bid package. I PAID FOR 500 bids that were split. The problem is the 200 “BONUS BIDS” I paid for can’t be used. I was bidding away and all of a sudden I ran out of bids with 190 showing in “Bonus Bids”. The rip off is you have to BUY more bids in order to use the “Bonus Bids” you already paid for.

STAY AWAY FROM BEEZID OR THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF. There are other sites that treat you fairly and DON’T TRICK YOU WITH THE FINE PRINT!

Ask JODI about Beezid
4 reviews
4 helpful votes

I do not understand why these kinds of websites thrive on the Internet. Is it because humans are really greedy in nature? But why exploit that greed? In my opinion these kinds of business platform will always be a fraudulent one. How can we know if there's actually a bot that will always win in majority of the biddings? We will never know. Until these kinds of sites can solve this problem, it will stay fraudulent.

Ask ShawnPatrick about Beezid
4 reviews
6 helpful votes

It is great... for the owners. It is a rip-off for the users. Allow me to explain: You purchase bid "tokens" that enable you to place bids on items. :Each bid raises the cost of the item by a penny. You may indeed be able to purchase an item for pennies on the dollar... IF your timing is right and all other bidders have exhausted their bid tokens or given up. How does this website make money selling items for pennies on the dollar? Simple... you don't purchase the tokens for $.01 each... they cost a lot more than that, even if you purchase in bulk. So if they get, say, 1,000 bids ($10.00) on an item that has an; MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) of $100 and that 1,000th bid wins the item, then it looks like a great deal for the winner, Hey! A $100 item for $10.00 !! But understand that this means there were at leat 1,000 tokens purchased by consumers for the "priviledge" of bidding on this item. At the current MINIMUM price of $.60 per bid token (if bought in bulk, at the time of this review) that means that the website owners made a nice, tidy profit. 1,000 bids x $.60 per bid token = $600.00. Yes, SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS minimum for an item with an MSRP of $100.00... which they probably were able to purchase in bulk for $50.00. Since the bidder has to pay the bid price for the item, let's do the math: Cost = $50 plus the fractional cost of doing business (payroll, bandwidth, servers, etc.). For the sake of argument, let's say their fractional cost is $1 per auction, though it is probably far less. So their cost is $51. The item sold for $10.00 so they will get direct payment from the buyer, thus the item then cost them $41.00 (the buyer pays shipping). The profit? Well, they sold a MINIMUM of $600 in tokens, so... $600.00 - $41.00 means they made a profit of $559.00. Not too bad for a few minutes of work. So the owners of the website are the winners. Does that make everyone else a loser? Well, only one person won the item, and maybe they only spent one token ($.60) to win it. But that means that in our example that 999 tokens were spent NOT getting anything. You only come out ahead if the total amount of tokens you purchase is less than you would have spent on the item in a store. You decide.

Ask Samuel about Beezid
1 review
2 helpful votes

The site was legitimate for a while but is not anymore. They have a huge tax and penalties burden owing to the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Quebec, and they're doing everything they can to raise $$$ to pay that off before they're assets are seized and they're forced into bankruptcy. By "everything they can" - shill bidding to raise prices/more bids needed to win, plenty of "technical glitches" where suddenly the auction is over and the "winner" is nothing more than a beezid employee account, and rather than refunding all bidders in that auction, each bidder has to contact them individually to have their "concern" investigated, often getting nothing in return or just an offer that Beezid will give you a double-up if you purchase ANOTHER large bidpack (smoke-and-mirrors to distract from the real issue that the site glitched and you lost bids - don't get caught up in the feeling that you're getting a great deal by buying MORE bids!), or if you're persistent enough and have a screen or video shot of the glitch, they'll maybe just refund your bids used in that auction.

I can vouch for them having been legit at one point - look me up on - username Teletubbiechef - I had won a ton of stuff there. But then they got caught by the gov't for not collecting and paying taxes from all their Canadian users, and now owe well into the hundreds of $1000's in taxes and penalties, and that's when they began employing underhanded techniques to get as many bids as they can to be used in each auction to drive up the prices (profits) etc. and censor any critics who have noticed and commented on these things (their Facebook page is now a joke with fake "users" posting rainbows-and-unicorns BS about how great it is and the great deals) - desperate times apparently called for desperate measures, and this website is deep into the desperate measures now.

Ask Teletubbiechef about Beezid
1 review
1 helpful vote

The way it is now configured--with too many wins possible for deep pocket and obsessed with winning gamblers--stay away! They have many 'cherry auctions' to entice first time winners-only to be wiped out by the big bidders after. The site is happy to make money this way with the pawn shop and rich bidders doing in the constant flo' of new naive players. If you must penny auction--avoid Beezid till some rules on number of wins changes---other sites are more even a gamble....

Ask Howard about Beezid
5 reviews
12 helpful votes

BeeZid was the second penny auction site I tried. I took a beating at first because I was green and new to the penny auction world. I didn't study the bidding patterns and watch the site I just jumped in with both feet only to have my lunch handed to me. I blammed the site for my poor bidding and inability to win any auctions. I spoke to their customer service folks and paid attention to their advice and suggestions on how to get started. The problems I had were not those of BeeZid but my problem because I thought I could win a 50" LCD TV with 60 bids. I imagine someone has done that but it would be very rare. The major issue with BeeZid is the number of Power Bidders or as I call them Sharks. They must have hundreds of thousands of bids and want everyone to know it and step aside. At first they mainly went after the large ticket items but now they also want to gobble up all the small fish by bidding on the $25 gift cards and low value items. I don't know what they do with everything they win and most must have a warehouse to store their winnings or a business on the side selling their won items. After careful observation and some searching on the internet I found lists of the top 50 winners on most sites. I would suggest you look these up before bidding. These players have no problem bidding over and above retail just to save their ego and status. You will also notice you very rarely see any of these Power Bidders in auctions with other Power Bidders. They like and respect each other and find the small fish more tender and plentifull I like the site but not how the rules are handled. It seems if you have enough money you can buy enough bids and locks to allow you to play 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They cater more to their Power Bidders and someday when all the little fish are gone they will have a problem.

Ask Emmett about Beezid
1 review
1 helpful vote

So I made this account solely because of the reviews I saw for this website. However, I wanted to wait until I received some of my items before I left my review.

1. For those of you leaving reviews before you even used the site, that's just ridiculous.
2. For those people out there who had no idea how the website made money or how it worked, that is YOUR fault. Before I even made an account, I watched bids, did a little research, and learned exactly how they make money and how you can win items for really cheap. Or you can lose money. Somehow they have to make money or it wouldn't be a business.
3. This is my review. I think this is a pretty genius idea. And actually, everyone I describe the site to also agrees. The company has the opportunity to win lots of money on products, or sometimes they don't make any, and the winner of the auction has a good chance to get a really good deal on a brand new item. You have to be smart, strategic, and sometimes just have some luck. I agree, this site can be a little bit like gambling, but from the first day I knew what the site was about. It is pretty obvious and they don't try to hide it, so stop blaming the site when it is really just your lack of common sense.
If you are trying to win a big item with only a few bids, you don't stand a chance, because there are people who make a living off of this and have thousands of bids. I have a feeling this is what everyone on here went for on their first try, didn't use the autobid feature, and just threw the bids at the item assuming they should be able to win. That is YOUR fault, not the website. I won 6 items in about 2 weeks, and the biggest ticket item I won was a Nintendo 3DS for around $25 with shipping. I have received all of my items and they are brand new from the manufacturer. However, it's true, I am probably a little behind in the money I have spent vs. how much I gained in my items.
For anyone going to use this site, watch a lot of auctions before you try to win one. I watched auctions for at least a week before I even attempted at one. Learn patterns, times of day, certain big spenders to avoid, and then you better your chances. For example, I won most of mine in the middle of the night when fewer people were on because I am more of a night owl. Also, learn how to use the autobeezid, it is the most powerful weapon on the site. I would leave 4 stars because of the phone calls you get (I changed the phone number on my account) and it takes a while to ship, but the stupid 1 stars on here bring it down enough.

Ask Brett about Beezid
1 review
1 helpful vote

Ok everyone who is pissed off at for taking their money is entitled to feel that way, but this is pretty much gambling. I wouldn't call it a scam, but it takes some level of skill to come out on top. I can't vouch for the reputation of this company but I can say that I have come out of my experience on top (so far). I won a $400 dollar item with a little over 100 bucks invested and a $25 gift card. JUST LIKE GAMBLING you need to know what you are getting into. determine what you want, go find it and see when it goes up for bid, purchase some bids (pricey items will require more bids usually), now take into account all the money you have spent thus far and figure out at what price you will stop bidding. For example, you buy 30 bids for 30 bucks and the item retails for 50 have already invested 30 so if the item starts nearing 10-15 dollars you need to think "Do I really want to pay more than retail to keep my money or cut my losses". I came out on top and of course as gambling goes many people don't exactly have the same luck as I did. Beezid is ok with me as long as they send my $#*!. Stop hating guys it's not their fault you lost your money, take some responsibility, you lost your money. I may not be as lucky as today but for now I'm giving this site an A.

Ask John about Beezid
1 review
1 helpful vote

While I agree with your overall assessment of Beezid, you have your basic facts incorrect. The bid packages must be purchased to participate. But the highest amount you pay per bid is .60 not 1.00. The higher the bid package you purchase, the less per bid you pay. But still you are PAYING .60 plus bidding .01 each time you hit the bid button. The "timer" resetting is another error in your summary. If the auction begins with a 16 second "reset" timer - then as long as people are continuing to hit on that auction it resets at 16 seconds each time someone bids. However, as the bidding prolongs - people run out of bids, get tired, give up and drop out. As the number of people bidding reduces the bid timer reset point reduces too. I was on a bid that the timer reset was 16 seconds and when another bid was placed it reset to 6 seconds. If someone else joined, it would reset at 7-8 seconds, if they dropped out back to 6 seconds. Now, where people are making their biggest mistake is understanding if they have the MONEY to gamble with in the first place. They should understand that there are people out in this world that are loaded with money (and have seemingly unlimited numbers of bids to play with) and simply play this game for the excitement and "win" not because they feel that without winning the item - they would not be able to purchase it. So if you spend your hard-earned or saved 120.00 on a 200.00 bid pack - just realize that you are likely going to be bidding on the big dollar items against people that might have a Bid Bank worth as much as 50,000 bids. There is NO LIMIT on how many Bid Packages a person can purchase - they only limit how many bid packages a person can "win" at a much reduced prices and even then for only a limited amount of time. So...for example. One of Beezid's "Bid for" packages is a enticing 2000 Bid ("Blow your competition away"). You take your measly 200 bids and you decide you are going to rack up on these bids so you will be prepared to win the big items. So you are bidding away and most likely you are bidding against someone that is using Autobeezid - not even at their computer but they have put 5000 bids in their Autobeezid function - so every single one of your 200 bids are going to get trumped by not only THAT wealthy in bids player but every other person that is participating in the auction as well. UNLESS you happen to bid on an item at a time when none of the BIG DAWGS are able to participate. That is the ONLY time a regular player has a snowball's chance to win a big ticket item. So...bottom line is realize what you are doing is gambling. You are not guaranteed to win - EVER. You WILL have to pay not only .60 per bid but also whatever the top bid amount was should you actually win. A Tip for you. NEVER bid on an auction on Beezid until the timer is resetting every single time in the red with less than 10 seconds remaining. Tip two. Never use Autobeezid unless you have a TON of bids available. Tip Three. Never bid at all if there is an AutoBeezid war going on between other players. You're just tossing out your bids. Number 4. Realize that your chances of winning a Big Ticket item are likely as good as your chances of getting struck by lightening on a sunny day. Take this advice from someone who has thrown away about 700.00 and won in exchange a 25.00 gift card to Home Depot.

Another word of warning. Their reps will try to sucker you back into buying another bid package by calling and telling you what you are doing wrong and why you are not winning. They will offer tips and then entice you into getting another package by matching in "bonus" bids whatever package you pay for. If you still don't win and you call them and tell them what you were doing (when you were walked through it with another rep) they will tell you that each rep has a different strategy that works. So, does that mean it works for THEM? Does this mean that Beezid employees can bid in these auctions? And yes, I definitely feel there are BOT bidders. Save your money. Don't bother.

Ask Dennis about Beezid
1 review
1 helpful vote

I recently signed up with Beezid and I was hoping to win SOMETHING just for kicks and giggles. With my 25 sign up bids, I ACTUALLY won. I won a $100 gift card to Wal-mart and 50 free bids. Haha. I used the Auto-Beezid and used 21 of my 25 bids. So all in all, It was a fantastic choice. I just got my card in the mail today. And paid $8.40 including shipping. I have to say that shipping is the expensive part. :/ It's REALLY pricy, but other than that, I have NO complaints. If you are NOT using Auto-Beezid, you're going to have a hard time winning. I say: GO FOR IT. don't bother buying the bids if you don't have to. try to see what you can get with your free bids. :D

Ask L about Beezid
1 review
1 helpful vote

Saw the ad on Television. Thought it was a gret option. Total horid option. Thnak God I only got ripped off for $27 and not mnore. Total scam, total bs and total ripoff.

Do not BID!!

Ask Elaine about Beezid
1 review
2 helpful votes

I do not understand where all the negative hype about Beezid is coming from. Most people review this as a scam since they simply do not understand the business model sites like Beezid use. I am a Beezid bidder, "Turtle11" and I have won a printer, wireless tablet, mouse, two video games, and an Xbox 360. If you wildly put bids on a 400$ Xbox, have no strategy, and compete when most other bidders are online of course you will lose. The fact remains, that in order to win, you must come from a process of trial and error. I have lost about as much as I gained for the first few months, until I perfected my strategy and started to win big. 50 bids is NOT going to win you an auction for a MacBook, and you have just as much luck spending 27$ in lottery tickets to win the jackpot.

Ask Warren about Beezid
6 reviews
5 helpful votes

This site is a complete fraud. Basically the inside story of how beezid works is this. You see a timer that counts down and if no bids occur at the end of that timer well then the last bidder wins right. Wrong! Beezid has a program that creates "FAKE BIDS" everytime the counter gets down to 1 or less. There are more fake "automated bid" being done by beezid then there are real customers. But once enough real customers bid to pay for the item plus a profit then they will end the auction and here is the sad part. 90% of the time the automated bidder wins the item so you the true bidder are basically cheated out your money. If you youtube or google you will find NOTHING that talks about how someone won an item from beezid. It is a total scam and I wish someone would do something about it

Ask Jeff about Beezid
5 reviews
11 helpful votes

WOW........... What is amazing to me is the amount of stupid people out there these days. These sights pray on dumb people like the plague. If you have even an ounce of brain cells left in your head you could see this sight is a scam. I found the web-sight and spent 10 minutes looking around, then Googled complaints. I then saw my immediate uncomfortable feeling about the place was for reason. It is an obvious gambling scam scheme and I just can't believe how anyone with even half a brain could not see through this....... COME ON PEOPLE! REALLY! ...... Use the brain in your head so places like this don't have a chance to even be invented. I use to think there was no way people fall for all the e-mail fraud out there. I finally came to realization that there are really stupid people out there that don't do research about places before they click the scam Otherwise e-mail scams would not still be going strong. all you need to do is live by the fact that you must earn what you want and nothing in life is free. Then you won't get ripped off. I don't feel sorry for these people that get taken. If your really that stupid you deserve what you get. I just hate the fact that the scam sights like this one has made tons of money. I even read that some of these people do it 5 or 10 times before realizing " Hey I Got Scammed" lol Really!

Ask Carrie about Beezid
4 reviews
11 helpful votes

Listen up people. I am on a mission to destroy the myths and urban legends on all penny auction sites. My first encounter is with the site I can tell you that the website is real, they ship products won by members, it does cost money to get a decent amount of bids to bid with. The bot thing, seems to me that there are real people on the other end bidding against real people, and was made up because users didn't do the research on a particualar item or time the auction was listed/ended. Also the user might have been discouraged when someone else came along and bidded over them with no extra bids to try and outbid the person now winning the item. Let me know if I can show you on this site how I came up this review. There will be a lot more pennyauction sites reviewd in the near future I hope I can say all sites are real but my hopes are just hopes.

Ask Robert about Beezid
5 reviews
11 helpful votes

I have used to register domain names for approximately the past 5 years. I have found their prices to be better than most of their competitors, particularly when coupon codes (which are widely available) are used.

Ask Arnold about Beezid
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Probably a common story. I spent $70 buying 100 bids, then set autobeezid to bid on a $300 item when it was down to the last 12 seconds. Well, of course that can go on for awhile and after about 1.5 minutes my bids were all used up. Then about 30 seconds later someone won the thing for $2.30. Considering how fast my bids were used up, and the quick win by someone, or something else, afterward, it really seems like a scam to me. Did that winner even really exist or was it a bot? Anyway, I decided after that to cut my loss and close the account.

Ask Rob about Beezid
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This is a great site if you bid on things like $10 Target gift card or a $20 Gift card. I've seen my friends win this stuff and they only spend like a $1 on it. So its not a complete scam but the expensive stuff is.

Ask Rita about Beezid
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What a rip off. I got the free 25 bids. Than I spent 30 dollars bidding on a 50bid pack. Then I spent 70 dollars on a 150 bid pack and still didn't win anything. I decided to go all in.... Spent 550 dollars on 1000 bids. the site says to go into an auction with at least 90 bids. I bid on two products, a Nintendo DS and a Target gift card. By the time all was said and done I spent more on the bids than the product was worth and I didn't win either one.... and I was primarily bidding against one other person.... what a rip off. I was just trying to see if I could win something with 500 bids. Save your money

Ask Big about Beezid
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Scam, scam, scam. they pay celebrities to say they use it and it's awesome etc. to make you trust them because everyone would clearly think "oh wow, a celeb does a promotional video for them, so they must be legit" Horrible scam that people still believe in. Stay away!!

Ask Gabriel about Beezid
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like the warning on cigarettes there to tell you but ignored by users keeping these rich fools richer YOU MUST STOP USING.

Ask ROB about Beezid
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beezid is a scam. you pay for bids yet if you lose, all money invested in bids is lost. not to mention it takes you knockin' on wood while wearing your lucky socks to actually win. Honestly, STAY AWAY!!!!!!

Ask james about Beezid
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Go figure, something you see commercials for is a total scam. After reading most of these reviews I'm gonna stay away from this site.

Ask John about Beezid
170 reviews
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This site is really and truly full of trouble and when you expose them their representative try to defend their reputation when in truth and in fact they got totally exposed. I have seen them do this on other sites that inform consumers. I mean how many times does one have to hear the word scam before one believes it actually is one!

Ask Omega about Beezid
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Scam, I've had better luck with other penny sites. Just remember whatever you spend on these sites just to "save a buck" there is no guarentee you will win if you even can win. Stick with amazon or something, I've always have good luck with them.

Ask Wayland about Beezid
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After reading about the penny auction sites I decided to sign up for a few to see what it was all about. At first I thought it was a cool way to win items cheap until I took a closer look today at an auction for an Ipad on Beezid. I sufed the web looking for the legit and scam sites and I found this program you can purchase that tells you how many bidders are on a product as well as thier sniper habits, how many bids have been placed on a particular item, how many wins or losses, and what item they are biddding on, the last several days of stats, ect...after watching an ipad that started on 7/2/11 and still going today 7/4/11 I then realized what a scam this is after I looked at the program stats and seen the 2 top bidders have placed over $13,000 in bids. Who in thier right mind would spend more that $499 retail on an ipad. There is obviously shill bidding going on or some people just have $13,000 to throw away on an ipad. Here is a screenshot of todays bid stats and you tell me what you think. Check out user: unknownmember and bighoss73 and it will show you the amount of bids placed and how many bids used. These two users are 2nd and 3rd down. Just scroll down until you see the first user name iwilalwayswin1 and you will start to see the stats on each user under thier name.

iPad 2 (16 GB WiFi) | Auto refresh:
My Settings | Set an Alert | User Guide | Report a Problem | * Sniper Help
Bidders (# Bids)
Bidders (# Wins)
Potential Snipers *
Historic Price Stats
Historic Prices
Bid Timeline
General Stats
# Bids
Last Bid Type
Bid Time Ago
Bid Spend
Sniper Stats *
Time on Auction
Bidder# BidsLast Bid TypeBid Time AgoBid Spend#Wins#AuctionsSniper Stats *Time on Auction
00min 02sec
0 @ $0.00, None
00min 02sec
0 @ $0.00, None
00min 04sec
0 @ $0.00, None
00min 05sec
0 @ $0.00, None
03min 19sec
4 @ $124.76, 43m 28s ago
03min 22sec

Ask Angel about Beezid
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I actually thaught this site was a scam, i have won an 50" LCD TV for just $100 and on the same they i won the Sony Surround Sound, i got all my items and everything was new. All that are telling its a scam is because they spent a lot of money on bids, i just spent $50 and that was all. People are hating because they can't win stuff and things like that!

Ask Ricardo about Beezid
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Guys, u all know what to do. go to google, yahoo, msn. look for penny auction websites, located in yellow (paid area) on top, and start clicking, 1 click cost about $1 for them. this is only one way, you can sink such web sites.

Ask serg about Beezid
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I wrote this on my blog back in December 2010. Check it out.

Ask Jack about Beezid
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I have read all of these negative reviews on Beezid. If you want to win on beezid you need to do your homework. You can't just buy $200 or $300 in bids and start bidding on a TV or IPad 2 and think your going to win. I tried that and it didn't work. There is skill involved. I have won over 20 items in the last 4 months and received them all. And yes I am one of those people that has payed retail price on a few of my wins but overall I have saved about 60%. There are a few people on the site that have more money than sense and will pay 2 or 3 times the retail price so watch out for those guys.

Ask Tim about Beezid
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This is just a complete waste of time. I tried the free b8ds and found very quickly that there is no way to win. Save your time and money. Total BS. Clark Howard Of CNN advised that these sites are a TOTAL SCAM and they appear to be just that.

Ask Rob about Beezid
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I have spent many hours watching the bidding on this site. Here is what I learned: the people who spend the most money bidding never win! There is always "somebody" (or something) that swoops in at the end and wins the auction for just a few bids.
Also, on several occasions my bid was not accepted even though there was a second or two left on the timer. Funny how it NEVER happens early in the bidding, but ALWAYS happens when CaptainBidMaster comes in at the end and places two or three bids, winning the auction.
This site is a SCAM.

Ask Alan about Beezid
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I've been a member of Beezid almost as long as the company has existed, and I have had nothing but positive experiences. I heard about the site from a friend who won a PlayStation 3 and he invited me to check it out.

I read the rules, tips, and suggestions, and tried to develop a strategy before I started bidding. I practiced in the bid for free auctions and that was how I got my first bid pack. That was also how I first learned that some people care more about winning than about the item they're trying to win. Beezid makes its profit by selling bids and it's up to each member to use their bids wisely. I learned that if someone is all about the win, it's better to save my bids until the auction item comes around again. With a good strategy and a realistic budget, I've found it easy to find success on Beezid.

Since I joined, I've won countless items. Gift cards, iPods, Kindles, battery chargers, docking stations, movies, video games, video game consoles ... I've won tons. Everything always arrives in perfect condition and I'm thrilled with every item I've won. The secret is to keep your wits about you and treat each auction like a realistic competition. You do have to pay to bid, but you have to bid to win.

I came, I saw, I conquered. A little homework goes a long way and I strongly recommend Beezid to anyone who is willing to put the thought into winning auctions. Play it smart and you can walk away with some amazing deals without spending a fortune on bids or any other items.

Ask Tricia about Beezid
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they are auctioning off product they can't get, they are blaming the japan disaster. they are telling people sorry you won't get your product

Ask cody about Beezid
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After the registration and Buying some bids I found that the site is nothing but a scam. I watched the timer start to countdown and one person was bidding on an item. The bid started at 1 penny. After watching for a Little i noticed that the bid was going up and only ONE bidder and the price jumped 60 Cents in a few seconds. Letting me know that this is a bot used by the site to run up the bids and make you run out of bids and have to buy a nothe BID PACK for Between 20 and 300 Dollars. WOW what a scam after paying for the bids (and if you win) you have to pay for the item and the shipping . that can cost as much as a new lets say TV. You do the math 300 on the bid pack, then another 100 on another bidpack Because you used the first one up trying to win the TV, another 200 on the tv that you Won . Shipping is another 100 . that is 600 for the 32" 720p 60htz Vizio tv that you can buy at Wal-Mart or Sams Club For 400 With the HDMI Cables. I just saved you 200 and got you A new set of HDMI cables . I hope you Find this will Help some one Save thelves Money and Not use this site

Ask Joseph about Beezid

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Q: I see a lot of people who bought bids, and say the site stole money... I'm not following... I haven't finished signing up, but it did explain you needed to buy your bids, then you choose an auction and then you can bid.
2 weeks ago
A: I lost a lot of money (thousands) on this website because I obviously fell for it hook, line and sinker and, of course, your coach will keep getting you to buy bids until you are broke, just like in any casino. That is all these sites are is gambling. The house always wins, them being the house and if you do win something, most of the cheaper stuff is just that Cheap. Looked on there the other day and they actually had paper towels to bid on. I don't know how they get away with calling this an auction site. I have been to plenty of auctions and if you don't win the bid, then you don't lose your money unlike here.

When you first sign up they will make sure you win and then it's downhill from there. They change the rules all the time to suit themselves. And you will never convince them that anything is wrong, they won't give you back 5 bids--too greedy.

My advice is to get off the website and don't look back. They will start calling and not let up!!

The last time I posted here, I heard from them the next day and they asked me to take my comments down--if they are so legitimate why would they do that? Needless to say, I didn't.
1 week ago
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Q: how old do you need to be to bid
2 weeks ago
A: 18
2 weeks ago
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