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Beezid reviews

196 reviews
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It's like a slot machine throwing money in hoping to wind the jackpot.


Scam, I've had better luck with other penny sites.


After people join and do not win, there will be no more players.

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New Reviewer

scam, bought the $ 69.00 package and started bidding. got contacted by tech that i had to buy their 500. plus package in order to win and i would be guaranteed a win? does this mean they fix the auctions to lure people. i told them that for that price i would just buy the item at walmart? i lost the money how many people are they doing this to. thieves, con artists

Tip for consumers: thieves,, scammers

Ask florence about Beezid
New Reviewer

Signed up just to try it didn't realize they would charge me 86 dollars as soon as I signed up. I called them to see if I could get a refund but they blankly refused to give one to me. I don't need to get any of the crap they sell. they seriously need a better refund policy and be more upfront when they are charging you

Ask Connor about Beezid
New Reviewer

Beezid once was a thriving penny auction site. Times have changed drastically. You can no longer bid on their site with confidence in the integrity of the staff or owners. In my honest opinion, they are the most corrupt penny auction site currently in business. Many bidders have stated on open forums, that customer service guaranteed they would win an auction. How would they do that the bidder would ask... well of course they would create a computer glitch and see to it that it happens! Then they were informed if other bidders called to complain about the glitch, they would be told it is on 'their' end! Bidders are also encouraged by CS to target or go after other bidders. These bidders are sold incredible amounts of bids, hundreds of thousands of bids for very little money. They then go after other bidders who spent up to 100 x more for their bids, and deplete their bid banks. This in turn necessitates the need to purchase even more bids to replenish their bid banks. It's a vicious cycle. Their CS staff are collectively the most dishonest representatives you will ever encounter. If you are fortunate enough to encounter Amanda, the team leader of CS and dare cross her, you will be handed your ass on a plate in short order. I know of many bidders who have suffered the wrath and ire of Amanda, and they quit bidding because of those experiences. Such a wonderful representative for a company, no? All of the outstanding people once working in CS have been fired. I would suspect that is because lying and being to deceitful to their customers didn't come easy, and didn't sit well. The ones that remain, not so much. They will tell you anything to get you to buy more bids. They are NOT your friends.

I will say that during my time as a bidder on Beezid, I did receive all of my wins. The downside is... how much it costs you for those wins. The tactics they use now, they makes it nearly impossible to get a good wins. So much so, that Beezid no longer shows the amount of bids placed in auctions by the winner unless it is under retail. Suffice it to say, people are spending 10's of thousands of bids to win a $100 gift card, etc, etc. If you check in their closed auctions you will see that very few auctions close for below retail, and simply say 'overbid'. Another thing Beezid has implemented is 'booster auctions'. It is no longer a penny auction site. Each bid placed will now cost you 2-6 bids per penny, yet keep the auction price down, and basically 'hide' the fact that there are 10's of thousands of bids placed in an auction, and beezid can still brag that bidders save such and such percent on a new ipad for example when in fact it may have cost them $2500 in bids. Same applies to their price freeze auctions. An auction might look like a deal at a .99 price freeze but chances are when one of those auctions closes dozens of bidders and hundreds of thousands of bids have been burned. This is just a tip of the iceberg, there is so much corruption going on at Beezid, they make our government look good!! :O

New Reviewer

won 2 products on 8/4/14. One shipped on 8/23/14. The other one is still sitting in FL but was issued a shipping label on the 22nd. Beezid's site states that once products are paid for they are shipped. That is a joke as they were paid for by CC and therefore are paid for.
Still awaiting products. So we will see

Tip for consumers: Do not use is my tip.

Ask F about Beezid
New Reviewer

I agree with all of the negative reviews I have read. Gail M. hit it right on the mark about the difficulties of filing a complaint. Not only is Beezid a Canadian company, but they are based out of Quebec...which has a totally different legal system than the rest of North America.
They have what are called Cherry Auctions", which are supposed to be only for new members to learn the ropes and not have to go against veteran bidders, that is not true. Many veteran bidders have been allowed to buy back thier cherries for a high price. This gives them a distinct advantage over new users. Misleading and dishonest are just a couple of words to describe that practice.
Shipping sucks...especially for might win a TV...but actually getting that TV is unlikely. You will get a gift card instead. And you have to check those gift cards right away...I have received more than one gift card with an empty balance.
Stay far far away from this site.

Tip for consumers: Stay Away...this is a total ripoff

Ask Robert about Beezid
New Reviewer

I was a registered user on Beezid for over 3 years. My wins totaled over $300K, until they closed my account for no reason. They actually still owe me over $15K worth of bids and merchandise. This company is located in Quebec Canada. There is very little help a U.S. complaint can offer. The only way to get anywhere is to continue to file complaints against your credit card company or hire an attorney in Canada. Hit them where it hurts. I have proof shares personal information about its users. Be careful with these high pressured sales people. Customer service is ONLY trying to sell bids. Their "assistance" is only a means to get you in deep so they can then pressure you to buy more bids. Steer clear!

Tip for consumers: STAY AWAY!

Ask Gail about Beezid
New Reviewer

Scam. I know someone who worked there. It's really bad. They are taking your money and laughing at you. Just throw it in the fireplace if you want it to go faster and never see it again. Do not sign up for this. You have better things to do with your money like pay bills, eat, buy things that you actually need, travel, buy a house, etc....

Tip for consumers: Don't do it!

Ask Coco about Beezid
New Reviewer

OMG!!!!! I am so mad!!! Total scam!!!! Because when you sign up they charge even if you haven't bided!!!!!! And I read some (2) reviews that had a <3 like out of like 1 million and they said "You have to use strategies" strategies by but!!! I tried the service call total butt heads!! Didn't help at all!!! I spent 170 dollars and I only bided 5 times!!! And the things I "Won" haven't even came yet. And I played in January of this year. Then I called!! They said: Oh it's coming....(Hung up) #BUTTHOLE

Tip for consumers: Don't, don't, DONT go to this site and the when you see this commercial, yell at!!!!! Really loud.

Ask Jordan about Beezid
New Reviewer

Complete scam for gambling/shopping addicts... except that this site will actually charge you to spend your own money. I was informed about at my job as a video/photography specialist (oddly enough), because my supervisor wanted me to take a look at their video for reference. I thought it looked interesting, so I signed up for a "Free Account" in order to have a look around and try it out. Before I knew it, my bank account was charged 60.00. When I mentioned this to someone over the phone, he told me I was already participating in auctions so there's no way to get that refunded. Whatever. I played around with my 200 bids (which is nothing... from watching quite a few auctions I realized you have to have thousands to even compete, unless you get really lucky, a.k.a. gambling). I did win a "guaranteed win" auction and found that the shipping cost outweighed the value of the prize itself so I didn't even claim it.

By the time you win a PS4 or a nice DSLR camera for "PENNIES!!!", you've already spent much more than the value of the prize on bids for this stupid site... You and all the other suckers you're bidding against. Wow, I can't imagine how much they're raking it in up there in Quebec. I'd say buy stock as soon as it's available, but I have a feeling this company is going to crash really hard in the near future.

New Reviewer

I won a few products from this place since November 2013. The sites are great as you do get the products but the shipping is totally horrendous.

As mentioned I won and paid auctions on same day which was in November of 2013 and believe it or not TODAY (August 5 2014) it arrived.

They said there are longer to deliver if I live outside their country to ship.

9 months for shipping items? No business I've ever heard does that.

There were a few items I won at very good deals, however they said that those items were "out of stock" and they would replace with gift cards, guess what, still waiting, and in case you ask, I have emailed them constantly and they keep saying "It's coming".

I don't believe the "outta stock" line they used, I believe I won it at a very low bid and they refused to ship it. It was a Rice Cooker I think I won for 12 cents with FREE SHIPPING attached.

The shipping time is the only reason I haven't rated this 5 stars if it was 1 month shipping that would be ok but not 7 months and counting for goodness sakes.

New Reviewer

This site is a scam. Here is how they make money. First they sucker people in to spend money on bids. Then they "coach" you through winning some small items on the site giving you the illusion that it is easy to win. They then throw a very small number of valuable items up on there of which people waste their bids on, thus depleting everyone's bids. They make a TON of money on this. One person will win the item, but then have to pay additionally for any shipping and the price of the item. I once spent about $1000 thinking I could win a few items and sell them to recover the money. I was really only interested in one item, but never saw it up for bid. They put items up there that they don't ever auction, just pictures of them and say "stand by". I ended up winning about $650 in merchandise but spent over $1000. Total scam. You are better off paying full retail at a legitimate retailer.

New Reviewer

My husband got on this site to check it out they took 70 dollars off of his credit card he tried to bid on gas and Walmart cards less than an hour his 70 dollars was gone. We have a stop on his credit card we will dispute this how dare t.v. advertise this site. He never even got any items he got his bid up to around three dollars the site locked him out. WHAT A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!! Stay away it says it is an international company? CROOKS!

New Reviewer

This site honestly is not worth the effort. You have scam artists all around trying to bait you into buying more bids. Truth be told, it is not fun or exciting like people say. It is more of a poor decision. I only wish that i had realized it sooner than i did because
1) The camera I wanted to try to bid on was never posted, or any camera for that matter
2) with the amount of money I spent, I could have bought new lenses for my old camera.
the advertisements bait you in by telling you that you can win big ticket items. They don't however, tell you that you will lose out on 90% of your bids in the process to more "experienced members". Auctions should not be turned into some gamble where you pay to lose; if you want an item, just go to a more respectable site like eBay.
3) The so called "Customer service" team are all rude individuals. They force you into a corner to try to make you think that you have no other options so that they can get you to buy bids and coach you on how to win (spending above retail price in the process, and giving them a monthly bonus). When they can't convince you to purchase the bid pack with their coaching guarantee, they then belittle your choice. Even if that is their job, it is wrong way to treat customers, and just pushes them away.

The online store/ buy it now option is also a cruel ruse as well. the bidders bid on the items with seemingly limitless amounts of bids, eventually paying almost twice the retail value of the item. Then they try to recoup their cash by selling the item within the store for full price.
I truly hope that this company rethinks the infrastructure they run on, and consider the gravity of their false advertisements. I sense a lawsuit coming in the near future. my only wish was that I was kicked off of the site in the beginning so that i would still have the money I foolishly spent on such a farce.

Overall. I would recommend new members to end their memberships now. The auctions are way too long for you to waste your time on. Instead you should focus on spending more time with real people or doing something you love instead of becoming frustrated over a company such as this one. you cannot win simply because they won't let you unless it is under their terms.

New Reviewer

Great site, I have won tons of items and received most of them (I still have a bunch of items coming).
Maybe it's not for everyone but if you are smart you should be able to win a few auctions and easily make more than what you invested back.
I've invested less than $100 of my own money and have made more than that selling the items I've won there and plus I have a bunch of great items!!
Highly recommend this site.
My winnings include:
- 2 remote controlled helicopters
- a hunting knives
- stand mixer
- hand mixer
- various solar powered outdoor lights
- Flash lights
- DVD's
- Tools
- Walkie-Talkies
- BBQ tools
- and the list just goes on and on.

It's a great site but you must understand the rules.

New Reviewer

I feel ripped off! I thougt the same that they would take the money out of the 70 dollars they took, but instead they wanted my credit card info again to buy more bids this website is really a scam. Hopefully the government will do something before they rip off everybody. I want my money back you thieves.

New Reviewer

I went on the site and i went to sign up and when i did it asked for my card information i thought it needed it so if i did get something it would be taken out no they took $70 from me and there was nothing i can do i tried to ask for my money back i guess i bought bids when it said absolutely nothing about any bids or anything this company is a giant scam save your money and buy it somewhere else i highly recommend it for sure because at least at other places your money is safe here they will charge you for nothing make an excuse and then say sorry not refundable.

New Reviewer

This is a piece of s#it company that only cares about making money for them self i spent over 3 weeks trying to win a auction and when i did they shut down my account because they needed to ' review it ' here i am 3 months later and i still can't log in or claim my prize that i spent so much time and money trying to get. And when i try to call and tell them about my problem they say you just need to wait. ' Did i mention they been saying that for 3 months '
This happened to multiple people that I've talked to over the internet and in every case their account needs to be ' reviewed ' right after they win a big prize
this is really how they make money by scamming people and I'm really getting sick of running into companies that scam you over the internet just to take your money and give you nothing in return.

if you must go on a bid site go on
ive had a lot of fun on there mainly because they don't lie and cheat you out of your money.

New Reviewer

I personally love Beezid. It is sort of like my guilty pleasure, it is very similar to gambling after all. I have won quite a few auctions and they really do deliver items at huge discounts...if you win. There's a few good tutorials and tools on for anyone looking for a leg up in auctions.

New Reviewer

My experience with Beezid was less than favorable. They say that they are a penny auction site but most of the items that are worth anything and not just cheap dimestore stuff are not just one bid to bid on them they are anywhere from 5 to 15 and some even 20 bids each time you bid which means they overly high priced bids dont go far at all forcing you to buy more and more bid packs and bidding on a high end bid pack 1 time the price goes up not a penny but by 90$ or more. they give you one gauranteed win but the items for those auctions are allways the same and arent really anything anyone wants. once you win one you have to bid on the reg auctions and its very confusing they have 5 different types of bids and certain auctions for each type and with them theres no such thing as regular bidding and if you have a prob and contact them they dont email you back they call you and try to get you to call them when you are online where they will ask you to purchase hig end bid packs of at least 1000 bids so they can show you how to win an auction. If after your 1 garunteed win you have win bids left they wont convert them to reg bids without you buying yet another high priced bid pack. This site is a nitemare steer clear of them and if you want to bid in online auctions that really are penny auctions that are a lot of fun and are fair for all and easy to understand go to because Beezid is a complete rip off.

New Reviewer

I could not believe the amount of disrespect these people show when contacting them for answers. Their site is $#*!! their attitude is $#*! if i could punch the guy on the other line in the face, i WOULD! i have never been treated with such disrespect in my entire life. From laughing about my complaints to calling me a liar! You have to be OUT OF YOUR MIND to join this site and spend money on their crap! You have NO CHANCE at winning anything worth your time or money. You can hardly get a bid in! If you dont plan on spending every bit of your pay check on something that is not worth half the money then i suggest you do not join this site! HORRIBLE SITE! HORRIBLE PEOPLE! if you do not enjoy your job and have an attitude with your customers, DONT WORK FOR THEM! absolutely rude and hateful. I hope you do not make the same mistake i once made, DO NOT JOIN BEEZID.COM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

Just lost auction ID # 866120 for 1500 Bids. Bidder 19712210 won auction for $38.10. I did not join the auction until the bid was over 22.00. Winning bidder was already autobeeziding, and did not stop. If you figure that an autobeezid bids 40 times every dollar, this bidder bid over 640 times at 3 bids each time, or 1920 bids to win 1500 bids, plus whatever he bid before I came on. WHO BIDS 1920 BIDS TO WIN 1500 BIDS? Had to be a robo-bidder that was guaranteed to win while depleting the rest of us!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

beezid is the worst! i bought 1000 bids, and less than 5 min later they were gone. i tried asking why this happened and they said it was due to inexperience...that is a crock. been doing this at other sites. they wouldn't give me back my bids or my money. liars and thieves, purely, nothing more.

New Reviewer

You read some of the reviews and most of them touch on some of the reasons why you should not participate on Beezid. I repeat do not play with Beezid unless you like flushing money down the toilet. You buy bidpacks to give you the right to bid, you bid then you pay the final price of the prize.The average bid will cost you about 40 cents. If you think you are going to win a laptop or a TV with $50 worth of bids think again. As another reviewer eluded to, the chance of this happening are about 1 in 1000. This site is overrun by power bidders with thousands of bids. These same individuals will win most of the bigger ticket items. The rest are 15 gift cards, batteries, cheap costume jewerly. Even these prices can be difficult to win. Read the 1 and 2 star reviews here if you dont believe. RUN AWAY!! unless you want to spend 2-$300 for a $15 gift card and a pair of $12 costume jewerly..

New Reviewer

For the high dollar items they charge you 6 bids as one bid so it cost $3.60 for a single bid and there is no refunds from these rip off's. They sent me a email for refund and nothing, called them and they said no refunds and I just needed to just bid. He told me that there were other auctions that don't cost but single bids only don't they have anything i wanted, gift card or more bids, flat screen TV's equal 3.60 per bid. Total rip off.

New Reviewer

Ok..Here is the scoop on Beezid. I have been bidding there for about a year and won some decent items, but this site is indeed a SCAM. There are about 30 "top" bidders that win 95% of ALL the "BIG" items (i.e. Xbox One, Samsung Tablet, $400 Gift Card, etc). I think about half of those top bidders are shills/bots (work FOR Beezid). However, here is the main reason why this site is a SCAM. Like I said I had been bidding there for about a year, and I kept track of ALL the bidders (New & Old), and I noticed sometimes when there is a "Big" item being auctioned, a "new" bidder would appear from nowhere and start bidding with literally thousands of bids, and eventually win the auction. I would call Beezid Customer Support and enquire about the new bidder, and they would tell me the bidder was actually an old bidder that came in before I was a member, which was an outright lie. This "scenario" occurred numerous times ( a few times to me, until I got wise) and is STILL happening. So PLEASE, if you want to invest on a Penny Auction website, DO NOT GO TO BEEZID. You will regret it !!!

New Reviewer

horrible website to be on. I rarely do any reviews but this one I had to. customer service is horrible and will argue with you about there website and how it is like a live auction you would attend, not likely I told him first off a live auction doesn't not have thousands of people bidding for one item its usually a hand full and second live auctions do not go on for 4 hours or more per item. the deck is stacked against you so if your willing to shell out thousands of dollars to bid on items that you might not get its not worth it. they have way to few items to bid on and to many seasoned players to out bid you, so don't even think your going to win. and try to get your money back through them... yeah right, I read a few good reviews on how to get your money back, one by taking a copy of the agreement to your bank and dispute the charges or two small claims court.

New Reviewer

I understand how it works, and it is a rip off. It takes a lot of time to win, and your chances are very very low. You buy your bids then you don't even have a good chance of winning anything. Do not fall for this gimic, you know that the money has to come from somewhere to pay for these items.

New Reviewer

I used be a member of skoreit, but now it's beezid. After I transferred my account I had a pretty decent success rate. Customer service seems to give cookie cutter answers, but they're pretty prompt. Overall, I'm a fan.

New Reviewer

I belong to a few PA sites, but after trying this one... I won't be back. I won a few junky items that are not worth the money I spent for bids.

New Reviewer

Beezid is simply thieves, not even "Bright" scammers. I joined the site and after some tries on auctions, I finally won some of them so I got the following items :
1 - MP4 PLayer at less then $1
2- Headphones ($60.00 value) at less then 4$
3- A Popcorn Machine ($80 value)
5- Dewalt tool kit
and THEN, a PS4 ($400 value) ....

I first got the MP4 Player delivered at my home address. It was a cheap crappy thing, but I didn't look at it, as I was waiting for my "Other" wins....

After a lot of back and forth on the phone with their very poor customer service, I ended up accepting GIFT CARDS of the total value of the remaining goods, since they pretended that they don't have the in stock.
I was promised to get a $600 Walmart Gift card within few days.
After weeks, I have never got anything from them, so I called back, and told them that if I don't have the card within 2-3 days, then the next call will be made by my lawyer (Luckily, my wife is a lawyer :) ) ....
Within 2 days, I got a $400 Gift Card... So once again, they did not keep their promises...
I decided to take the card and switch to the next, as I was tired and wanted to get rid of this story even if I lost my money and was stolen my wins...

New Reviewer

Pretty good site. They are very professional and honest. This site has alot going on and sometimes confusing. Great customer service and fairly easy to win if you have a strategy.

New Reviewer

Received over 500 items without much trouble. Shipping is slower then usual right now. The people there work hard to keep things fresh. They value the business from new members more then veterans. The try to keep up with the orders but get behind. The site is honest and I believe they do the best they can to fulfill all orders. The items for bid are repetitive and a lot are useless so it's easy to spend money only to win items you would not have even thought about buying at the store. It is not a scam but can seem like it when you spend bids and don't win. The site has shipped me everything I have won (over 500 items) with only 1 mistake so I can't complain.

New Reviewer

It's just like most everyone else has stated....stay away!
By the end of the day I am out $410.00....losing bid after bid after bots no less. If you have money to burn...great site! You want to make a living with auctions....NEVER EVER beezid.

New Reviewer

I have been bidding on Beezid for 2 years now. Luckily, I've made 10 times my money so I say the following with no hard feeling. I don't bid there anymore and would suggest you stay AWAY.... Beezid is history! Not sure what is up but they seem to be running low on funds. Every auction has tons and I say TONS of shills and bots. Just to save you time and money here are a few (Moulbrisi, CLF6610, Toy42, Gtate1, Camarocrazy, Iwillneverquit, youwilllosehaha....) They will NOT let you win anything unless you buy bids and most auction are sold at 2 or 3 times retail price. Sorry to say this but Penny Action sites are a thing of the past. Most of them are closing shop! Beezid won't last too long. Good luck to all!

New Reviewer

I watched and studied this site and read about their blog strategies. I bid on an item and spent almost $300 and then the item Iwas bidding on suddenly was sold without me getting an opportunity to bid on it because it was sold with 7 seconds on the clock! When I called to complain, they said it was a glitch in my computer, which is a brand new laptop (macbook air) with high speed internet. He also said I never would have won because the person who won had thousands of bids. I lost hundreds of dollars and I want my money back!! I AM PISSED OFF!!

New Reviewer

I agree with most of the negative comments, it's a crappy site if you want to win. their representatives will call you until you buy a package and offer assistance, and tell you they will call you back to help train you, which they didn't. The only auction they told me how to place my bid and it wasn't even close. I found the site very low on merchandise it's the same items over and over. too bad I didn't see this site first

New Reviewer

Pathetic Canadian Rubbish - Don't get me wrong, I love Canada. I am just pointing out that they are beyond the control of the US. The practices used by this company or so deceptive. They advertise that items are won at significant discount. This is hardly ever true. You have to pay for the bids to participate in the auction and then you pay the auction price. Generally the only participants that win are the ones that on the site all the time. They purchase literally ten of thousands of bids and the average person can never outlast them. I would not be surprised to know that Beezid has made up fictitious participants and they bid against legitimate participants. STAY AS FAR AWAY AS YOU CAN. BEEZID IS A HUGE SCAM!!!!!!

New Reviewer
3/21/14 is a scam I was on another website and that site mess up my PC with a lot of Beezid advertisements.

New Reviewer

This website makes it look like you can get incredible deals on products but the truth is that unless you are willing to pay double what the product auccatly cost then you will not get it, I had to learn the hard way I opened an account found 5 items that I wanted and placed my bets and for the 1st couple of hours it was great I was able to stay as the top bidder and not spend but about $100 between the start up cost and buying and extra 50 bids. After that I went to bed and woke up to check on the products that I was bidding on and had to use all my bids to get back to top bidder so I bought a 200 bid for $120 to keep my place untill the biding was over. When it got to the last 2 minutes I had to use the last of my bids to keep a couple of bidders from taking my place so when I bought another 200 bid thinking that I would be paying half price for a $1,200 tv and get 800 bouns bids when 4 other bidders got on and bid me right out of my 200 bids in less than 3 minutes after i had lost about $400 I decided to watch and see how it would play out since I was out $400 and learned a life lesson about internet scams, when I noticed that there was two players that seemed to have an ulimited amount of bids (since it cost 4 bids a click) and was able to take out 17 players in about 30 minutes. I watched as some of the player would alternate between turns trying to get the two players bids down but it wouldnt work infact the to players had almost a computerized play to them one player would bid as soon as the timer hit 11 seconds to knock any player out and the 2nd player would bid at the last 2 seconds if no other player bid to take out the 1st player. after watching all of that I was sick to my stomach knowing that I lost all that money to a SCAM! and to make things worse when i lost all of my bids everything that I was biding on went up in price because there was atlest 3 to 4 bidders on each item, which is strange since no one was bidding but once or twice on those items an hour when i had bids but as soon as I lost all of my bids everyone seemed to be ready to come in for the kill, It might be a coincidence but I find that hard to believe. Save your time and money and do not go to this site no wins but the company

New Reviewer

If you really want to blow up hundreds of dollars, I suggest you take your favorite person to the most expensive restaurant in your area, have a very nice dinner and an amazing bottle of wine. The bill will be high, and you will have nothing tangible, but you will have a great experience. If you buy Beezid bids, you will spend hours and hours and hours, just to have a shot at buying something that probably isn't exactly what you would have purchased in a store or site, and after you factor in the cost of the bids, it will be no bargain.

Worst case scenario, you will waste hundreds of dollars and hours of your time, and have little or nothing to show for it. Best case scenario, you will waste hours of your time, and buy something that you would not have bought otherwise at a total price that you don't like, and once you factor in the value of your time you will feel like a complete sucker.

After you "win" they may call you and tell you that they didn't have that item available, and suggest that you could receive a different item. Everything ships directly from stores such as Staples, so you can compare what you paid in bids plus purchase price to the store's price. Once you do that you will feel like an idiot.

Some say that there is shill bidding involved. I don't know if that is true or not. But I can confirm that the number of bids and hours spent by bidders with names like "YourGunnaLose" (no typo here) and "Terminator" make it look like they have unlimited time for clicking "Bid" and maybe they got their bids for free. There are few products worth having, and since certain bids that you receive "for free" (which bring down your average price per bid) expire quickly, you need to use those bids. So you try and try, and in the end you regret wasting your time and money.

New Reviewer

Scam unless you spend hundreds to bid hundreds of times on an item which will cost you a lot more than waiting for a store sale! Don't do it unless you have hundreds of dollars to spend on something that will cost less to just go buy!!!

New Reviewer

I have bid on a few items and won. I got the item as well. What I did next was, I bought through their store. Now this is where the issue is. I have eight pending items dating back to Jan. And when I checked to see what is going, I get excuses like, "call back and talk to blah blah or I guarantee a call back. Well, either way, I never get anywhere. Meanwhile, I have hundreds of $$ spent, and nothing in return.

New Reviewer

Not a scam. If you pay attention, watch auction patterns and invest in tools like BeezidPro, you can to pretty well. Definitely misleading when commercials tout people winning stuff for $1.99, since the don't factor in the cost of the bids. But if you do your homework, you can easily come out ahead. I've won a number of big ticket items and have probably saved between 50-70% vs retail. ( Also beware that the retail price they list often includes Promo Bids, inflating the price). Go online and shop the item you are bidding on to get the price before the auction. Promo bids are fine, but they expire quickly. Happy bidding....

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This site is a scam. I signed up just to check out what it was and it tagged my credit card for 70.00 for some 100 bid package deal that I did not want. I would advise against this site do not enter in any information or expect your credit card to be charged. I notified my bank and the BETTER BUSINESS B. In hopes they will file a class action lawsuit against this company. Also spreading the word to everyone I know.

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People. If you were or feel scammed by this company just file a lawsuit against this company through small claims court. So lets say you sue them they will have to spend lots of money on an attorney so they will work with you to settle before you even go to court. Threaten them and tell them you will go on the news and find more people that have been scammed. If you don't like the outcome of your small claims decision you can appeal to your district court if you don't like their decision you can go up to federal and supreme court do you see where i'm going with this.. This will cause that company to have to spend thousands of dollars on attorney fees and they don't want that to happen, trust me. I have made thousands and thousands of dollars suing these companies that think they own you. Best thing is you don't need an attorney you can do it all your self and you will then see who running things. This works and if you have been scammed just sue them its easy. I can show you how to accomplish this and get you your money back. i have created an email address so you can email me with any questions on how to sue. I am just a normal person that has been through the same issues with many corporations and business and was sick and tired of taking their crap. hope this helps

my email is

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Yes beezid is real but but only if your trying to get items that are worth bout $ 20 all the big priced items you can try all you want to get but wonth happen.My guess is they have people with fake account not only bidding so you can waste your bids and buy more but buying the items them selfs, ofcource there the 1/1000 chance the your the lucky one that they need a positive feed back from . So dont waste your time

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I see a lot of negative reviews... and that is understandable. However these people are really basing their negative reviews on the fact that they do NOT understand how penny auctions work. You can't put $60 bucks in and expect to win a $1600 tv or computer. You have to have a strategy... you have to know when to quit (I'm guilty of having a gambling attitude on an auction and losing 2200 bids against a seasoned winner who probably had thousands of bids). However I was called by customer service and they helped me with a strategy. Then being smarter, getting off a losing auction-against a winner I won a Samsung 55" LED 3D HTDV + 800 Promo Bids for 743 bids!! On Dec 15th 2013. Yes I swear and here is the URL to prove it. My username is Evolkid
Yes it says I won it for $12.80 but I did invest approximately $400 in buying bids and learning a good strategy and getting lucky on that one because I wasn't fighting against a big fish. Then the next day 12-16-2013 I won a Samsung Galaxy Tablet 3 for $5.80 with about $150 in bids. Not bad I also won a remote control helicopter. My total investment for all these winnings is about 600-700 bucks. So I'm ahead maybe $1500 rather than buying retail. But you have to know how to approach penny auctions. You also, quite frankly, have to be lucky sometimes. The reason they have locks is so that now I can't win a big ticket item like the TV for 90 days allowing other players to get them. Remember you have to invest a significant amount and there is always a chance you won't win. I went up against a bigger fish then me and lost, oh well thems the breaks. I should have quit sooner. Also another key thing is maybe approach it like retail. If you don't have $500 bucks to buy that laptop computer then don't think your going to get it for $120 in bids. Have the $500 bucks PLUS the money to buy bids. Because they have a buy it now button on the auctions that you can pay the retail price AND get your bids back. The MAJORITY of the negative reviews are people who don't have a lot of money or are not willing to risk the retail price like I said above and then lose so think the site is a scam. That's just not thinking correctly. I've lost more on Quibids recently and will not ever go back there. The biggest thing is if you are having problems call customer support. You might get an a**hole like I did the other night, so hang up and call again or the next day and get a better person. If you want to bid on big things call and ask for Amanda, she will teach you strategy... she is the one who told me to get off that 46 inch tv (where I had lost 2200 bids) and fight another day. I literally looked around later that night and saw the 55 inch tv and got that! So its all relative. I invested hundreds of dollars on 2200 bids and then ended up winning a better item with 743 bids and getting 800 bids back! Pretty cool I would say. And NO I am not an employee. Beezid is in Canada and I'm in AZ. Good luck and call customer service... for damn sakes they even have a toll free number lol.


read my review below and read the negative reviews. See the woman who says she is a college professor but doesn't know how to turn off her cap locks lol. She says she "invested" a whole $27 dollars. WTF you think you can win a thousand dollar item with $27... then you definitely are a fool. You have to invest wisely and have a god strategy. I'm concerned about the accusations of indian bots... what would be the point of that? Its scary but being a computer nerd I can tell you if a penny auction site wants to rip you off they will just program their website to do it, why in the world would they pay someone to rip someone off. Its totally illogical. The other recent reviewer said the FTC will get them. THEY ARE NOT AN AMERICAN company lol so they can't be "gotten" by the FTC. That person is not informed so why listen to him? SUPIDITY. BUT remember to invest wisely... acutally have the money to lose in case you do and also LEARN how to bid on penny auctions before you go in with forty bucks (laughed out loud at that one) and think you are going to win. Their are people that buy $1000 or even $3500 worth of bids because customer service will give them a GREAT price on bids. Remember that too. If you get the right person on customer service they will give you a better deal than even the specials 3 for 1 or 4 for 1 bid buys they constantly run. OK nuff said.

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As most people state it is a scam of sorts. Nearly impossible to "win" anything. I think they make the instructions on how to work the site nearly impossible and ambiguous on purpose. WASTE OF MONEY!!!!!! Be warned!!!

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They take your money and you get scammed....I was lucky enough to get unsubscribed and refunded my money. STAY AWAY !!!!

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I have been interested in this site for a while, so I decided to give it a try. Bad move, very bad move I was lured in with one of their promotions and even though I got 400 bids, it didn't mean a thing. I contacted customer service and ended up speaking to Angelo. He was the rudest person with absolutely no customer charm. When he got on the phone with me, The very first thing me he tried to do was sell me a bid package for $550.00 and then say it was not about the money, but about me winning auctions .If I had $550.00 to spend on bids, I would have gone over to Amazon in the first place and brought the items I wanted for cash. What a rip-off. My suggestion, just don't bother in the first place

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