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Beezid reviews

295 reviews
Categories: Penny Auction
10500 Chemin de la Côte de Liesse, Suite 208
Montréal, QC H8T 1A4, CAN
Tel: 1-877-4-BEEZID

295 Reviews From Our Community

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You have to pay for bids, but Beezid bids are the cheapest. (in 154 reviews)


Too much ins and outs with Beezid and a fast way to lose money. (in 137 reviews)


Great customer service and fairly easy to win if you have a strategy. (in 23 reviews)

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1 review
2 helpful votes

BeezID put a ton of fake ads on Craigslist in the Twin Cities- technology ad unrealistically low prices. When you respond the item is "sold" but the "owner" is happy to tell you where they got the item.
There whole business model is based on bait and switch. You buy some bids and lose your money when they don't come in. Completely unethical.

Ask Gary about Beezid
1 review
0 helpful votes

Not much need reading the auction site rules. A few members don't have to follow them. I hate to see beginners lose their money to bidders that are not even supposed to be in the same auctions as the beginners. The site is fun, especially if you have a couple of thousand dollars to lose. Please watch this video:

Ask John about Beezid
1 review
13 helpful votes

Join few years ago this site and after a lot pressure from couch , promissing me the world and rich rewards I build my bid bank by spending tens of thousands of dollars it was the worst investment ever , they get you in by letting you win few items cheap because they r controlling all their auctions with fake bidders that work for the company then when you get exited and see that you can win cheap items you invest and that's when they get you bad they will drain your bank account fast if u let them and will use their boots and shills to bid against you to make sure you lose or at least u pay 10 times the retail price before they even let you win the item , yes I have won some auctions but at huge expense the worst part is that they ship a lot of my wins that were refurbished or broken products. And they refuse to replace it costumer service it's horrible all they care about is how to get you to buy more bids their shipping it's the worst it's usually takes 6 months. Up to two years before they ship your item and most likely it will be refurbished. Or broken. At the end when I refuse to invest any more money they got pissed at me and didn't ship the last of my 8 items that I won
Any one that thinking of trying this site DONT ! You will lose your money ! They r total scam
I don't even know how do people even fall for it with so many warnings and bad reviews. I'm sure that the only good reviews that r given for Beezid r written by their employes
Stay away

Ask mike about Beezid
1 review
10 helpful votes

i had an account with 70.00. for the first time i bid about 6 times on a watch, then i was told to buy more bids.
are you kidding me? i burnt up 70.00 in 3 minutes?

Ask cathy about Beezid
1 review
8 helpful votes

Will not refund money on accidental purchase of bids. Thought I was signing up, instead accidentally purchase $65.00 worth of bid. Called back in 15 minutes and they won't refund my money

Ask Robert about Beezid
1 review
9 helpful votes

I paid for bids and got 400 promo bids the bids went so fast every time you bid the time goes back up one someone else bids instead of running's ridiculous to think you can win they make it almost impossible unless you have a ton of bids ... A big waste of time and money will not suggest to anyone

Ask Diana about Beezid
1 review
10 helpful votes

I went on for the first time hoping to get something for a little bit of a discount and I bought a cheap bid pack. I started bidding on somethings and noticed the same name beat me everytime, you can do what's called autobidding,?,?, it's where no matter who bids you'll always have the bid as long as you don't run out of bids. It's a sham and only the rich get to buy. I received a call 30 mins after, telling me if I spent $550 dollars on a bid pack I'd have way better chances of winning! I'm not interested in the most expensive stuff they have. They really are a rip off and if you decide to join and spend money on even the cheapest of things you better be ready to over pay and possibly lose quite a bit of money on things that are not worth it!

Ask David about Beezid
1 review
7 helpful votes

Please stay away from this site, They took me for $100.00.
These guys are crooks. You will never win anything. I watched the same user bidding on everything and winning.

Ask MaryAnn about Beezid
1 review
12 helpful votes

I paid 50 dollars for 200 bids do belive and 400 free promo bids. As it is they said i used 250 of my bids and now I have none Will 2050 bids does not equal up to 600 bids, I have been trying to get back to them to get my money back and all i get is computerized voices and never a real p[erson because when i talked to this fellow whose name i will not mention told me he was handing me over to customer service and i was hung up on, since then i have no longer been able to get a human being.This has to be one of the worst scams that I have ever been involved with. I do not reccomend this site for anyone it will end up costing you probably more than if you went to the store for it and I really do believe this

Ask Cheryl about Beezid
1 review
14 helpful votes

After I bought bids I decided it wasn't for me and they refused to refund my money. Make sure you understand all the rules before you purchase!!

Ask Kim about Beezid
1 review
19 helpful votes

i ordered a vacuum 9 16 2015 i haven't recieved it i've called and all i get ads i'm very dispointed i want my money back

Ask carolyn about Beezid
1 review
85 helpful votes

If I could stop just one person from doing business with these shysters than this complaint has served its purpose. Approximately 4mo ago I was told by a coworker that Beezids would be the way to go for purchasing items for my sales business. I only put in $70.00 at first cause I wanted to experiment with how this system worked before dumping large amounts of cash into the unknown. I didn't quite get it and was on the phone in no time with a man that told me he was a highly experienced/ highly trained "coach" that was going to train me to be a far more superior and advanced bidder than the average people that come on to bid for items for themselves. He said he can make me at least $2,000 this fist day and prove that it's no gimmic cause at this point I'm asking what's the catch.? Sounds familiar to those that made contact with these crooks? It gets better. He than tells me that we need money to make this happen and I respond "we'll show me what your asking about with the $70.00 I have in there. "Sir it take money to make money" $70.00 you won't get the average joe to to respect any of your bids. He than say invest $1,000 and today I will turn it into $2,000 just to make you a believer that everything I've told you is the truth. I folded and gave him my bank info in which $1,000 was withdrawn from my account. He than had me get on my computer and make it tosh can with his and told me what to click on while saying this is for this/ or that. He explained to me when to bid and set up automatic "triggers" that actually do the bidding for me and basically he's going to make me into a bully that will be recognized as aggressive and big like King Kong , so when they see me betting on an item they'll back off and in return I will win. I said lets get started cause at this point he got my nose wide open, and this is when I should of ran. He tell me that he's about to be off duty in 10minutes and he will call me at 4:00. At 4:15 I got the call and he than help me bid on one tablet that was worth $55.00, which I must admit I got for 5% of asking price. Knowing what I know now, I was probably bidding against him at his computer just to bait me in. I asked to bid on more items and he tell me once again, " I get off in ten minutes but I will contact you or you contact me at 4:00 I believe the next day. We played phone tag a couple of times and I was contacted by a lady that puzzled me cause I was told by this guy that he was my coach and together we will do great things. I told her of my disappointment and she jumped right into character telling me she was the best of the best, and my reply was " he told me the same thing" she than go on about how many people she's made wealthy but the whole time I'm on the phone with her their is people just like her on the phone in the background ntelling other consumers " yea I'm so sorry, but their are risks and it's unfortunate this happen, but if you'd invest more we could get you going to no limits. I actually heard this. She than say "let me be your coach and I guarantee your business will boom. At this point I'm done with these people. I have yet seen any return on my first $1,070 accept a cheap tablet and you have the nerve to be asking me for $ 2,000 more dollars? I get into a yelling match with her and she calls me about three days latter and I tell her I'm not investing another dime until my original money I invested show some return. That was pretty much the last I spoke to her after another couple of rounds of phone tag. So approximately a week and 1/2 ago I called and told the receptionist that I'm requesting my money in which I was put on hold and told the supervisor was in a meeting, and he will call you later today. Before she hung up I asked well you'll need my new number to do that and I gave it to her. Never received a call back, so today 9/31/15 I called and as before I spoke to the receptionist and told her my issue and she said like the time before "let me see if he's available" (Supervisor/ Manager) she come back to the phone and like before I was told he was in a meeting. I than told her this is what I was told last time and I was never called back, and I refuse to be ignored any further. I was than put on the phone with the manager that said he was told that I was upset and that's the only reason he got on the phone. He asked if I could hold for a minute which I said yes. 18 minutes from the start of the hold request he get back on the phone and I explain the situation and he said no refund will be given. I explained to him that we could do this the easy way or I could take it to my computer and tell my story. We gat into a big shouting match cause he claimed that I signed a contract when I joined which I explained to him that my financial info was requested long before I was speed clicking any mouse, and was never told verbal or seen in writing anything to lead me to believe that once it was given I could never have it back or no business would of taken place between Zeebids and I. He than go on to say it's in a bottom corner in very small writing. I will continue to expose Zeebids from this day till I'm satisfied as promised to Mr. Supervisor. And the good part I don't have to lie or bend the truth and my story will not change cause all that I'm reporting is truth and the consumers need to know this info before doing business with a entity such as Zeebids. This is one of many consumer rights sites that will get this complaint. Thanks site, for protecting the consumer.

Any questions please contact: Arturo McClendon Sr.

Ask Arturo about Beezid
2 reviews
26 helpful votes

I was signing up to check things out and figured if I decided to bid or buy bids I would. It never gave a confirmation or gives any authorization what soever or says that they are going to steal $70 from you....Why not steal $1000? Or $2000. I tried to cancel and finally spoke to some rude woman who said they would take care of it and would get a return call which I never did. I am on the phone with Discover right now to get them to remove the charge. They should be put in prison!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ask curt about Beezid
1 review
25 helpful votes

It sucks so bad. I haven't bought anaythung or nothing yet. But I'm never returning to that fudging site

Ask Ruben about Beezid
1 review
18 helpful votes

How do I get a refund?
total misrepresentation of actual operation. I will stop payment immediately!!!

Ask Elaine about Beezid
26 reviews
30 helpful votes

Heaven forbid you call customer service. They berate you, lie to you and even sometimes curse at you. Its crazy! All I wanted was to ask a question! Apparently is was literally too much to ask.....

Tip for consumers: Put your money in a cross cut paper shredder, then try to peice it back together. Time well spent (in comparison to using Beezid or contacting the service reps)

Ask Chris about Beezid
1 review
36 helpful votes

I read many of these low star reviews... and many of them sound just the same as I did after I bought my first bid pack.

I bought the bids with intention to win an iPad. I spent 30 dollars on my first set of bids. I burned through those almost immediately because I didn't know about promo codes. I only won 1 item and that was with my "guaranteed win bids" and it was for a speaker that literally nobody else bid on. I decided that the website wasn't good and that I didn't have enough money to throw away on potentially nothing, so I gave up.

About a month down the road I had enough money saved that I could buy more bids... And against my better judgement and the wishes of my boyfriend, I did. Before I bought my bids this time, I looked all over the internet at multiple beezid strategy guides and found out the different techniques and tips for winning auctions. The number 1 advice I can give is pay attention to your competitors and STAY IN THE CHERRY AUCTIONS. Many times in cherry auctions, most of the people there are the people giving this site 1 star... They bought bids and didn't have a game plan in mind and threw all their money at one of the big ticket items that everybody wants and then gave up. The second advice I can give you is ALWAYS use a promo code when buying bids. A couple minutes before buying my second bid pack, a little bee popped up on my screen and told me about a promo code they were running then. Along with your basic bids, you will get MANY times more "promo bids" and "bonus bids". Bonus bids are pretty useless and you get a lot of them. They can only be used on bonus bid auctions and you are bidding against a lot of the big guys on the site because they have years of accumulated bonus bids to burn. Promo bids are amazing. They are automatically used before your normal bids on every type of auction other than bonus bid auctions and cash back auctions. To give you an idea, the last bid pack I bought a few days ago gave me 60 bids but the promo code gave me almost 3000 in promo bids. That's a HUGE increase in bidding power! The thing to keep in mind here is that these DO expire, usually 3 days after you use the promo code. So make sure there are many items coming up that you are willing to put the time in to watch the auctions for. The next thing to do is watch other auctions. You shouldn't worry about anything other than cherry auctions when you are beginning, but if for some reason you see someone on the top leaderboards bidding in your auction, GIVE UP. You will not beat them. Do not waste your bids against them.

Back to my personal story. My first ever won auction was on a lipgloss set. I didn't even want it, but it was a cherry auction and I had bids to burn and I wanted to practice on something that wasn't a big ticket item like an iPad or a TV. When you go for those smaller items you will see how easy it usually is to win, because much less people want them. I only had too use a few bids and the other people gave up and I got it with ease. I was so excited! I noticed an iPad mini was coming up soon in the cherry auctions... and I thought it was my time to strike. I watched the auction closely, seeing who my competitors were. I even wrote down their names and once that name seemed to stop bidding, I would take note of it. I did this to see how many other people were watching the auction and waiting to swoop in at the end. I set up my sniper bids, but many people were bidding far before the end of the timer so only a few went through. Then suddenly, almost exactly at the same time, two of the people who had autobeezid set up ran out of bids. Maybe there was another big auction that they were watching, maybe something else. I don't know. But my sniper bid went into play. I didn't think it would be ending so quickly... The ipad was only at $1.32 and the average auction for them (as listed to the side) was about $25. The clock started ticking down. The numbers went red, indicating the timer was getting low. I felt my heart start to race but I thought it was all a trick. Suddenly the screen changed. The winner was me! I immediately jumped up out of my chair, scaring my sister who knew what I was doing but was pessimistic and thought I would lose like the first time. I couldn't believe it.

Since then I have gone on to get a nice set of speakers for myself that I needed, a tablet for my sister, and a tablet for my boyfriend, and a few other little things from cherry auctions.

Now that my cherry auctions are up, I'll be leaving the site. I don't have the money to keep up with the huge bidders so I know it isn't wise to try.

My advice to everyone is, do not join if you don't have some extra money to spare. It is addicting and you might end up with nothing, and that is even more heartbreaking when you really didn't have the money to spend on the bids in the first place. Look up strategy BEFORE you ever start bidding. ALWAYS use promo codes. Know your competition, use a notebook like I did if you can. Also, never speak with one of their "coaches." I did not because of the awful things I heard about them. They will not help you with strategy at all, all they want is for you to buy more bids. They are salespeople and that's all they are. Look up FREE strategy online. Those people are trying to help you and are gaining close to nothing for it, so you are probably getting more genuine information.

Ask Breanne about Beezid
1 review
11 helpful votes
9/5/15 will rip you off. Would not recommend using it.

Ask Jacqueline about Beezid
1 review
35 helpful votes

I was duped through a great dealnon craigslist. After contacting the seller he told me he sold out but he got it on this site and tired to convince me to sign up.
This site is totally a scam.

Ask Rob about Beezid
1 review
17 helpful votes

Save your money. Just have a buddy kick you in the nuts with steel toe boots. And you will enjoy the same feeling as giving them your money

Ask Jack about Beezid
1 review
39 helpful votes

This site does not deserve to be online. This one of the worst scammers I have seen. Now listen and don't fall to it.. First, someone from the company (after investigations) posted a good deal on craigslist for sale. After a series of interactions and ready to buy, he told me some one just bought it. He then directed me to go buy an even cheaper deal from I was so excited and thank him for that. I went to the site to register and begin shopping just to realize a credit card information I gave has been charged. Called to let them know I had not bought anything yet and needed to get the money back. That's where they directed me to a hidden agreement which says moneys are non-refundable. Could you believe they never refund the money and let me to buy cartulary set which I had not intent of buying. Now when it was time to ship my set they want a letter indicating I live in that address provided. WHAT A SCAM... I'm still fighting with them to have the set that I never wanted shipped to me.. Please do not FAAL for this SCAM...

Ask Eb about Beezid
1 review
23 helpful votes

LOUDEST commercial on television. If you happen to fall asleep with the tv on it will nearly give you a heart attack! HATE them!

Ask Deb about Beezid
4 reviews
37 helpful votes

Every bid costs you .60 cents but only .01 cent is placed on the item. So if the item is at $17.00 the item has cost consumers $1,003.00. Not a value at all.

Ask Stuart about Beezid
1 review
34 helpful votes
8/10/15 is a tottal scam. BEWARE!!! They sell you oxygen in the form of bids. The site looks like a slot machine. Obvious bots and control of all the Auctions‎. If they let you win after 1-40k bids depending on the promotional bid pack you bought. Trust me they made 100x what the item was worth all ready. They are preying on gambling and shopping addicts. What you don't realize when you start bidding. Is that each bid costs you 1-20 bids each. 7ish average per bid. 1=7. 1=15 1=20. each bid. So even if you fall for the sales pitch and they will pitch you after your initial purchase for some crazy promo amount of bids. At some crazy amount of money. The coach had me bid 14000 bids via booking 2000 bids at 7 bids each on a pack of batteries to "teach me" how to use the site.. No he was getting me to use bids so i wouldn't have a argument to fight for my money back with my bank. I got referred off Craigs list.. This is a clever scam. I'm not a simple person. I knew he was selling me . But it was sold as a home based business to generate money so i went with it.... Dont make my mistake. They are making a lot of money taking serious advantage of people. BEWARE
Just take a few minuets to observe the auctions and make notes of names. They are to lazy to even change the bots names. Couple of the names names I noticed.
rogerlios,Ineverstop,jennpoo25,iwasherefirst, jdetellem,imnotabot,karizmatic(spelling)
These names stood out due to the sheer amount of autobeezid booked bids. No person in their right mind would bid these amounts on every auction. Paying 100x outright if so.. just plain in your dumb face scam. I should have researched first...

Ask Chris about Beezid
4 reviews
28 helpful votes

I bought $70.00 in bids, yes you have to buy bids, and since I am new I am at the Cherry level which has about two auctions that you can get in that are closing with in the next few minutes. Just try to sneak in a bid that wins! Bids wasted, money wasted.

Ask brenda about Beezid
2 reviews
41 helpful votes

Plus the customer service is really rude. Especially when you are a new customer and lost all your money. This is a poorly run company with very poor customer support. They just tell you to shut up and listen to them and then try to get you to buy more bids.

Ask Vanessa about Beezid
1 review
31 helpful votes

This site is a load of crap and i will be doing the opposite of "recommending it to others." I don't appreciate being deceived into getting a bunch of bids "on the house" and then being taken to the buy bids tab to confirm. And yet i get another contact through email after our conversation. Wheres my "BUNCH of additional bids" huh? This site is nothing but a money sucking pit. Its pretty sad when you can hear other opperators in the background telling other callers that "they are sorry they didnt have any luck with the site" either. Needless to say i wont be back.

Ask Allyssa about Beezid
1 review
24 helpful votes

Beezid posts promos/ads on their website that no longer work, in order to lure customers to buy bids!

victor cabiles

Ask Victoriano about Beezid
20 reviews
15 helpful votes

Ask Faeem about Beezid
1 review
18 helpful votes

It is a scam for sure. don't fall for it

Ask few about Beezid
2 reviews
15 helpful votes

Bought a bid packages and didn't win anything what a waste of time and money

Ask phillip about Beezid
1 review
16 helpful votes

like really? this is NOT a "penny" auction. Talk about a scam. they want to charge me for "BIDS" um no I don't think so...RIP OFF

Ask heather about Beezid
1 review
41 helpful votes

After my experience with Beezid I came here and wrote my first review. The very next day Benji the supervisor i spoke to called to tell me that i was posting lies etc.. How is that he knew I posted that review? Has anyone had this same experience?

Ask Kelli about Beezid
1 review
27 helpful votes

Public Service Announcement: Beezid SCAM

Note: Please help others by Re-Posting/Forwarding this and asking the same from yours. Cut & Paste and take this Viral!

Know about Beezid: I was in the market for an Electronic Item and decided to join Beezid to browse. After a couple days it was obvious this wasn't what I signed up for, so I asked for a refund/credit. I won't take the time to comment on their "Auction" because that's not the Service Announcement (although that could be too!). Here's the Service Announcement: They take your money and run. Embedded and hidden deep in their "Terms and Conditions" is their disclaimer about your "Bid" being "non-refundable" in their words.


I wish I had taken the time to research or know more, so I'm helping others now. For the truth and more:

BTW: You're "NOT" guaranteed to win (according to the Beezid Web Site)!

Ask Rob about Beezid
1 review
22 helpful votes

Professional scam site !Crock of BS ! RUN as far as you can from Beezid ! . All of these bid sites are SCAMS ! Amazing how they use lawyers to use auction website loop holes to cheat people. The founders should be hung ! COMPLETE EXTORTION of peoples money !

Ask frank about Beezid
1 review
19 helpful votes

Your customer service staff sucks and I am being scammed by your site. I've contacted two different "customer service" people and have not received any service at all. Someone opened an account in my name and I can't get any useful resolution.

your staff is rude, your site is deceitful and if anyone plans on using their site, DONT

Ask Justin about Beezid
1 review
23 helpful votes

This site is a joke. Talk about breaking you! When just signing up they charge you anywhere from 25-100 dollars! I signed up and it took 70 dollars away from me! After calling costumer service representatives they made this site even more hell. They were rude said there's nothing they can do other than give me "store credit" it's defiantly not any credit! I just wanted my money back! Money I didn't have when they took. So don't sign up and I say anyone reading this that's got screwed over too and have gotten money taken from them, let's take them to court. More people more proof! End this business.

Ask Nikki about Beezid
1 review
13 helpful votes

Yes it sounds like a headache before I even hit the bid button ,The best thing about the site IS the cute girl doing the commercials!!!

Ask Robert about Beezid
2 reviews
40 helpful votes

After having spent a lot of time on penny auction sites, I have concluded a few things that you need to know:
1. You have to pay for bids, but Beezid bids are the cheapest. This means more bids for your money, more action with those bids. Con is that everyone has a lot of bids. Making it highly competitive.
2. Learn the levels. New users should not bid on anything that doesn't have the cherry icon unless they want to be eaten alive.
3. The BEEZID store. This thing is amazing. People win auctions and then flip their wins in the store. This is the entire reason I'm on Beezid and not any other PA site. The deals on the store are very good and sometimes great... If you're fast.
To sum it up: Beezid is a good penny auction site. They have more features than any other one I've seen to date. The store is where the smart shoppers go. Yes, you can try your luck at winning an auction but if you want to just go get a good deal with no strings, cash in on their store. 4 Stars.

Ask Jennifer about Beezid
1 review
36 helpful votes

I Lost a Thousand on this site, I cant believe how bad I fell for this. I hope no one else gets screwed like I did, they will say anything and get whatever out they are only helpful when they know your stupid like I was. I did receive two Items & Honestly I am surprised they arrived. I Only won a Laptop because a lady that asked me to charge the Thousand told me how to win and neither Items dont add up to even Half of a thousand. I literally got screwed, PLEASE SAVE YOUR TIME, SANITY, and MONEY..

Ask Xtina about Beezid
1 review
29 helpful votes

I wish I had not been so stupid as to sign up on this site, It is my own fault for thinking that I cold make it up by buying more bids, and believed it when Stacy (my so-called coach) said "let me get you the strategies to help you win!!" BULL CRAP!! She was just selling more bids to get more money from customers. "I can offer you a million bids for free so you can get back all the bids you lost. But the company is only offering it this one time, right now, then it will be gone." That is what she said! Oh yeah by the way, those million bids had to be used in 3 days or you loose them! I am sure that their CS reps get paid by the amount of bids they sell, and number of repeat buyers they talk into buying more!!
I wish I had never started this experience of so called PENNY auctions.. there is nothing about a penny about it! So far the items I have "won" could probably have been bought at cheaper retail! Shipping time sucks big time! Way too slow, after all they have already got your money, so they don't care. And I really think they have FAKE computerized bidders that their system has... that they use to get the bids up there higher and higher! Some of those bidders names, I think are not real people!! I read about penny auctions here in the states that had been shut down and sued because of "deceit / cheating" their customers. There is no way these called Power Bidders could be in almost every auction every night, and use auto bids for hours and way way over the price of the item. And their so called Comparative Price... it is so inflated...Check the web and Walmart, Amazon, Ebay...And you can forget about getting any Big Ticket items, it is just impossible.
I have been so embarrassed by my own actions, and would not even want to admit how much money Stacy talked me into spending...even though I told myself I should know better! Like I said, it is my own fault for falling for the sales pitch!
Please Please beware... BeeZid is a RIP OFF!! A Hugh Total Scam!!
And after reading all the reviews on here, I see I am not the only victim, or duped customer of BeeZid!! OH Yeah, comments about laws are different in Canada and they are not the same as here in the states... it is so true!

Ask Bubba about Beezid
1 review
18 helpful votes

beezid is no bargen .that cute little girl on the tv. comercal is no sweet heart .all i can say is dont fall for it you will get scrued.

Ask kraig about Beezid
1 review
41 helpful votes

i was defrauded by your free trial for the amount of $65.00 and I've been requesting my money back since early 2014. I'm in the process as we speak filing a complaint for numerous attempts and unfulfilled promises from Angelo Kritsilis who I have recorded phone calls that Angelo gave me permission to record. He stated that that was a site Beezid uses to promote the free trial. The site offered a hyperlink to Beezids main site and asked me to fill in my information and credit card number and when I hit enter, Beezid charged me $65.00 and Angelo told me that is not supposed to happen and he will make my money back for me. Well here I am in 4/17/2015 with nothing that was promised. Angelo has been ignoring me since 8/14/2014. And here is a sample email he sent to me:

Angelo Kritsilas <>

to me

Images are not displayed. Display images below - Always display images from
Hi Rob,

I hope everything is well with your health.

You are correct, it has been a while.

I looked into your account and realized that you currently have 132 REGULAR bids.

As previously discussed it does take anywhere between 800 - 1200 bids to win a bigger ticket item, and you are no where close to that at this time.

I understand that you are not looking to get more bids, but at the same time I really want to help you, and working with 132 bids will really ties my hands as to what we are able to win.

I went to see my Superiors to see what I am able to do to help you . . . and this is what was said.

They would like me to give you a PS4 as a gift . . . hold on, it is not as simple as that . . . it would take me to put that into your account as a 'special circumstance'.

What would be required from you is the following:

You would have to make a purchase of a 2000 bid pack ($1,000), you would get the PS4 for free (value of $500 approx) and an additional 4,000 - 6,000 bids. In other words, for the additional $500 you would get (let's call it 6,000 bids) an additional value of $3,000 in bids.

Then we would be able to get you to win MANY more items, in which you can flip (and sell) at our store and recuperate the $500 in not time.

I just want you to do well, and I want to coach you and get you to recuperate the money ASAP and get you ahead of the game.

How does that sound?

I would like you to really consider this, and let me know,



Ask Robert about Beezid
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I have been an AT&T customer for 8 years now. Talk about a sucker, but every time I go to shut them off they give me a deal. At least that's what it sounds like, it always ends up costing me more money! I upgrade and upgrade and upgrade. Well I am done upgrading with them. I have had more problems with these idiots and there so called service, then I care to even write down here. Anyone that is thinking to go with switch to or do anything with at&t WAIT AND THINK, " I AM ABOUT TO GET SCREWED BY THIS COMPANY! " SAY TO YOURSELF, " YES I AM! " At least here in Vermont you will be.

Ask Stephen about Beezid
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5 helpful votes

It's fun to look at a be a judge

Ask Yazmin about Beezid
2 reviews
32 helpful votes

This people are crooks they send me a plasma TV that doesn't turn on at all and now they don't answer me help me

Ask Romaldo about Beezid
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Ask Jeff about Beezid
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I bought 200 bids at $125 US. I bid on a headset 4 times and suddenly, all my 200 bids went! I called beezid after trying to find out what happened, and they said I bid 75 times on this headset??????? And that used up all my bids. The headsets probably are not even worth $50 but supposedly I bid 75 times and spent $125 and didn't win! I told them there has been an error and they told me the computer doesn't make mistakes like that and when I asked what rational person would bid 75 times on a headset, they said that is quite normal!!!!! Be aware that you will be scammed and they keep encouraging you to buy more bids so they can "coach" you on how to spend them. They wouldn't even give me the courtesy of listening to me on the phone and just kept saying that didn't want to argue with me.........I was simply asking for an explanation while they were trying to sell me more bids!!!!!!!!

Ask Helena about Beezid
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Beezid promotes themselves as a Free to join auction site...THAT IS A LIE!

I was curious and wanted to poke around. Looked interesting...even stated that they had a special offer a 100 bids FREE! Ok, so I went to sign up and when i did, they asked for my card information - I thought they needed it so IF I DID get something, it would be taken out.

No, they took....sorry...STOLE $70 from my card right off the bat!

I will not be quiet about this!

I wrote a copy of my complaint on TheRippoffReport as well....

Ask Dana about Beezid
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Here's how Beezid works. I'm sure you have seen the interesting adds and testimonials but this is information you need to know.
1. Registering COSTS MONEY! You will purchase a $70 worth of "bids"! They don't tell you that this is what you are doing but THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS! Terms and conditions display that bids are not refundable but NOWHERE does it say that registering will charge you $70.
2. Bids are like penny auction points. You use them to bid on items and continue to use them to outbid others. If you lose, bids are NOT RETURNED.
4. After you are out 70 bucks and your bids, you get "win bids" because you are new. These can be used towards guaranteed auction items. These bids are returned if you lose. Winning these items are easy but SHIPPING FEES ARE HIGH! You have to again send more money even though you won the item.
5. The only way to see actual prices paid and winners of auctions is BeezidPro. This too costs money.

I hope this helps.

Ask Mike about Beezid

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2 weeks ago
A: a super bid is a new super way to scam bidders out of their money by beezid , here is how their scam works :they use to have only regular bids which use to cost $0.60 per bid then they work hard pushing veteran bidders to buy huge amounts of bids once the sales slow down they introduce promo bids and much lower cost and had all new bidders buy promo instead of regular bids and bid against those that purchase large amount of the expensive regular bids basically they make the regular bids worthless and those that invest huge amount of money buying it basically lost their investment than later on they did it again and introduce bonus bids then did it again and introduce power bids every time they introduce the new bid they put best auctions up but only you can bid with the new bid so basically they force you to buy the new bids or you cant bid on nice items any more , now once again they introduce new super bid and make all the previews bids worthless , now all the bidders once again to stay in the game will max up their credit cards and once again they will stock up on the super bid , because they r stupid and do what beezid tell them their costumer service people , Amanda or Angelo r very good liars and manipulators , once they manipulate many bidders to build their bid bank again with super bids , beezid once again in the future will introduce new bid maybe they will call it mega bid and they once again will make the super bid worthless and make all those bidders who spend fortune on buying super bids loose their money , im a perfect example and a victim of their manipulations , I have spend over $350,000 building my bid bank and buying regular bids at $0.50 per bid then they introduce new bids @$ 0.001which make my bid bank worthless , I only manage to win about $10,000 worth of items with the bids that I purchase for over $350,000 , I know every lie , trick and scam that they use , I also have spoken to 3 former employees of beezid , and its unbelievable the things beezid does behind the close doors , they actually have a whole department of people that they employ to bid as shills and run up legit bidders just to make sure the company never lose money , I only can wish government would step in and shut down those crooks and put them in jail
2 weeks ago
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