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New Reviewer

Stay Away, this can be dangerous. In trying to cancel, was unable to find my account, I've only used it once and had forgotten about it. I learned when calling to cancel this morning that the account had been established in the name of the person I was verifying, his email was the account email, all information was sent to him (they claim the email bounced. Luckily this will not create a problem for me it has the potential to be best case, embarrassing and worst case dangerous. I am demanding all my monthly fees be returned.

New Reviewer

I thought it was pretty good. My mother and I used itto search my brother and father just once. It cost 12 dollars I think, but we found mainly true information. I just wish the info waseasier to understand.

New Reviewer

Just discovered somehow they have me signed up for this subscription that charges my CC $48.00 every three months. I never signed up for this. Stupid misleading scam. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this garbage site.

New Reviewer

this site is useless and inaccurate, anyone can get this information on their own with patience, and what is provided is incomplete and inaccurate per all the other comments. DO NOT USE

New Reviewer

This site is a hoax and they are stealing peoples money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Almost everyone that has multiple felonies came up CLEAN!!! Total trash they need to be shut down!

New Reviewer

Offered me a 7 day free trial,used the site for five minutes, then cancelled my membership effective immediately through an email to customer service. Doesn't sat anywhere where you will receive a return confirmation email cancelling your membership. Today I discovered after receiving insufficient funds notice from my bank that Been Verified has been charging me $48.00/every three months since the 7 day free trial, said they did not receive my customer service membership cancellation. So my 7 day free trial, 5 minute use now cost me $144.00. Total rip-off, totally pissed. Do not use them!

New Reviewer

Awful company! They turned up no criminal record and we hired a felon on probation for elder abuse to care for a 97 year old man! The felony was confirmed by our family pulling the court records. In hindsight, we should have known better as the free civil court search for Santa Barbara County turned up multiple cases. And the website courtclick for free noted that there were records, and the paid-for results pretty accurately matched the actual records.

New Reviewer

Horrible company! Be careful. I tried the 7 day trial in January 2013. I canceled it right away last year. I just saw a $96.00 charge on my bank statement and called BeenVerified right away. He told me he was sorry but said I didn't cancel it last year. Which mean they charged me $96 last year and I missed it. He put me on hold and came back with "we can only give you a $48 credit" I said "never mind I'll call my bank and they will give me $96 back" He said rather than have you go through all the trouble of calling your bank I'll just issue you the $96.00 dollar credit (what a crock of S#@T) " He said I'll see it in 2-7 days. I'll be watching for it. Scammers!!!

New Reviewer

EVERYTHING listed below TRUE. I sesrched people who for sure had a record and they came clean and other information was outdated. Im frustrated I have to sit here and waste my time with this comment after I've already wasted my $. Thank God my bank was willing to refund me the money. I wish I would have reviewed these reviewe before signing up.

New Reviewer

I have a criminal in-law who was ripping off some family members, so I joined beenverified to see if I could get more dirt on him to help him want to leave the area. He has a long criminal record, including a conviction in this state 9 months ago, for which he is currently on probation. He came up clean on Beenverified, but I can find criminal records on google or the state court website. I got much better info from a credit check that showed judgments against him and a sub-500 score.

**Update** The response posted by the company is irrelevant. As I said before, they showed the individual as squeaky clean, the free public access site from the State of Arizona did not. Being privy to family info, I also know that there is a lot more to be found than either site showed, so spending money to get a check by this company was a mistake on my part that I will never repeat.

New Reviewer

I joined a few days ago but in less than half an hour I was trying to cancel. The information was not there on the people I was researching. I found out more on google than there site offered! 2 of the people I searched had known criminal backgrounds and there company came up clean background. I was charged for the month anyway!! I want a refund!

New Reviewer

I have a felony and multiple convictions on my record and this site said i had no criminal history! I even did checks on known sex offenders and they didnt even show up! This site is a scam and a waste of money! DO NOT USE!!!!

New Reviewer

Was using BeenVerified to find addresses for people who had moved so we could transfer their records. Today was the second time that the site was down. I am limited to a 6-7am window, Monday thru Friday. When the site is up, it has very reliable information, as only one in 450 names has come back. It is a matter of knowing how to use the tools within the site.

The criminal check on BeenVerified doesn't provide the tools necessary to understand the reason somebody was arrested, whether or not they are guilty, and whether or not they went to jail. It only indicates what they were charged with. It doesn't even list the date or the location (city-county-state) information. Thus, I would not recommend it for background checks.

I would recommend it if you know the person's age and full name, and you want to know where they live and what phone number they are at, as the site provides the month/year when this data was last mined

New Reviewer

My primary need is addresses for mailings direct to consumers. So far the addresses seem to accurate and I have had very few returned to me.

New Reviewer

I am a landlord and expected to use this site for background checks.What a total scam. Very little information is given, so you spend another $9.95 thinking that you will get additional information. Guess what, there is no additional information on anyone that I have used this scam to check out. They should be shut down immediately since they are ripping off the public. Some agency should do a background check on this company!

New Reviewer

This is a huge hoax and these people need to be arrested like the people they claim to be exposing! I can't believe they have a commercial!

New Reviewer

It SUCKS bigtime. They had information tied to me even though it was not my name or even like they say ALIAS. Very difficult to believe anything they say when you look up your own record, and it is @ 2/3 incorrect.

New Reviewer

I am a newbie business investor but I am already very familiar with the ins and outs of the industry. Entrepreneurs like me would want nothing less for their businesses. Whatever type of business we are in, we will be needing suppliers either for raw or finished materials to be able to manufacture or distribute. With this, a quick check with would definitely be a big help for us.
I have seen its true capability to get that info from our prospective suppliers and partners verified. With this industry entity, I was able to make wise business decisions. All of those suppliers that I have tapped are reliable and contributing to the success of my business.
Let this service provider serve you. Access its web pages and see more of its offered services. Many people like me have statements like this about them on those pages. Read it some of it.

New Reviewer

A CON. Signed up for what I thought was apparently a 7 day trial, but must have clicked a box agreeing to whatever terms they were asking. Canceled 2 days after signing up, but was charged $29.95, the explanation when I contested this was that I had checked the box for checking people's records or something to that effect. All I wanted to do was look up phone #'s for an upcoming reunion and almost all the phone #'s were not only did I get screwed out of $29.95, but there information was not the least bit accurate....I also check my information while I was at it and it was incorrect as well. MY ADVICE....DON'T USE THIS WEBSITE!

Apprentice Reviewer

Wow, where do I start? For one, their op-out information is almost impossible to find. I had to go back and forth with their customer support via email to find out that, if you want to delete yourself from being listed, you have to send them an email containing the following:

Dear Been Verified Customer Support:

As per your privacy policy, please remove my listing from your databases:

a. First name:
b. Last name:
c. Middle initial:
d. Aliases & AKA's:
e. Current address:
f. Age:
g. DOB:

Second, even if you take the time to do the above, *they put your information back up on the site in 3 months.* It's absurd.

I'm not going to comment on their paid services because I've never gotten them, but I'd be wary based on others' complaints alleging credit card fraud and big, deceptive charges.

Why are these people search sites even legal?

Apprentice Reviewer

I tried the site after seeing the TV ad. Got some good results on a few people, then started geting out-of-date info. I back checked myself and found my "current" address as a place in another state at which I had not lived since 1992! I've tried to correct it twice (I've moved FIVE times since then), with no results. It lists my parents as alive, and they both died in 2007! When my contract expires, I'm not renewing.

New Reviewer

Went on website as per TV ad to check my own background. Found several entries for me with "aliases" and names I had never used or known. Also found people listed as relatives I didn't know. Went into CONTACT US at bottom of page to see how to correct. Phone # listed is bogus, and the block under contact us is written on webpage so that you cannot see other contact means supposedly listed. They say: "Contact Us or Call 1-800-505-7154!
We personally read all feedback to make sure we are giving our customers everything they expect from our service. Tell us how we can make BeenVerified even better!" BUT, there is no other way to contact them other than that bogus phone #.

New Reviewer

They are posting false information, listing a false name for myself and someone in my family who is not in my family.
I'm wondering if my name is being used falsely. If not, then they are not collecting information properly and advertising to supply people with background checks and making them pay for that with inaccurate information. I have emailed them with no reply yet.

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