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Review of Barnes&Noble

Barnes&Noble reviews

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54 reviews
122 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY, USA
Tel: 1-800-843-2665
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54 Reviews From Our Community

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The online store is really convenient and I get my books in a timely fashion! (in 28 reviews)

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3 reviews
4 helpful votes

After placing an order for several books online with this company I even paid for express shipping to get them in 2-3 business day or what I thought which will not be til 9-10 days the shipping was out of this world and I still don't have the books when needing them for an event!! So disappointed and when I talked to them the several times and ways I did they were of absolutely no help!!! The Barnes and Noble company kept blaming the marketplace seller and If I contact the seller they blame Barnes and Noble!! what a catch 22!! Don't do business with BARNES AND NOBLE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ask Kimberly about Barnes&Noble
18 reviews
5 helpful votes

Last time I was at Barnes & noble, spent 2 hours there, checking out books, and other Nick nacks, one of my favorite places to go to

Ask tom about Barnes&Noble
20 reviews
4 helpful votes

I've been buying books forever from this place. These days I buy them through my Nook. Their coffee shops and free wifi are a real pleasure to visit and I often go there to work when I need to work but am tired of the office.

Ask James about Barnes&Noble
11 reviews
1 helpful vote

Although I try to frequent local independent bookstores...B and N. com just makes it too darn easy to shop in quantity. For people who are dedicated bookworms there are always a hundred more titles you want...if not more. This site lets you maintain your wish lists and has out of print books available through their own vendors. Being a member gives you a savings card that is really worth the few dollars a year to renew it. Maybe twice in ten years has there been a title they didn't have. They also have a decent return policy. Even without a receipt you can at least get store credit in most cases. One year for my B-day I got three copies of the same book. In store they gave me credit for two. They also send coupons by mail a few times a year. All around great shopping experience.

Ask P about Barnes&Noble
20 reviews
25 helpful votes

I love Barnes and Noble. They usually have what I am looking for. I could spend hours in there just looking at the books and magazines. Sometimes I feel like their stuff is a little overpriced. I like the magazine selection, and I like that there are magazines from overseas available too. I love the bargain section. I usually find something I want in there.

Ask Shannon about Barnes&Noble
4 reviews
6 helpful votes

My local Barnes and Noble supported my good family friend by allowing them to do a book signing for the book they wrote about their special needs son. I continue to support Barnes and Noble for supporting new authors who have just written their first book.

Ask Cliff about Barnes&Noble
5 reviews
3 helpful votes

I'm so glad that a real bookstore still exist. We love shopping there. Always helpful staff and they will spend as much time as needed to find what we are looking for. They make it easy to ship books when they are out of stock.

Ask Lisa about Barnes&Noble
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

I placed an order for several books and received them very quickly. One of the books was found to be out of stock after I placed my order, and they promptly refunded me for it.

Ask Brittany about Barnes&Noble
5 reviews
0 helpful votes

Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken and Other Poems. This book is a delight, I enjoy reading it it was refreshing I would recommend this, it is very well written.

Ask Otis about Barnes&Noble
5 reviews
4 helpful votes

I find this site to be filled with the latest books as well as older books. I am a voracious reader and like to own my books so I can pass them on to my friends when I am done. We like to share our books. provides a great way to buy books at great prices. The shipping is fast and it is easy to use my gift cards!

Ask Rose-Ann about Barnes&Noble
7 reviews
1 helpful vote

Love everything. Store, coupons, programs, community involvement, choices, customer service, Nook and café. I am a rewards member and do save a lot of money also getting free shipping.

Ask Lynnett about Barnes&Noble
4 reviews
1 helpful vote

love your clothes! 5+

Ask Ewan about Barnes&Noble
10 reviews
12 helpful votes

When I wasn't a member, I rarely went to B&N. Now that I am, I do enjoy the coupons and added benefits of membership. The $25 for membership makes buying books and other items worth it. I've more than recouped that cost. Of course, I'm an English professor and my kids love books, so we have a book fetish. Love the selection, the coffee, the bright openness of the lay out. Sometimes we just sit down and start reading. Can spend a couple hours in there and not notice the time has flown by. =) OH, and the clearance prices are great too.

Ask Sandra about Barnes&Noble
30 reviews
77 helpful votes

Barnes and Noble is amazing. I do have to say, I love the online store better than the actual brick and mortar stores though, because the options they have online is far better than the ones you can find in any one store. They even have books for Wiccans, Pagans, and witches, which is a hard find in most places in this day and age. The one closest to me took down the entire new age section to make more room for their Bibles. But I can still buy them online, which is great. The prices are a bit steep, but I've never had a book from there last less than 10 years. Give me a Barnes and Noble and I'll never need another bookstore. Fabulous.

Ask Kathleen about Barnes&Noble
4 reviews
5 helpful votes

Great site, but the ease of finding certain items was a little difficult.

Ask Kim about Barnes&Noble
9 reviews
42 helpful votes

I've had a Nook since the first generation. I love Barnes and Noble. It's a great company and I love that I can have equally quality experiences between their physical stores and their online store.

Ask melissa about Barnes&Noble
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

The love the environment and part-time job option. Best job ever

Ask Tom about Barnes&Noble
4 reviews
5 helpful votes

The store itself is huge and hard to find anything. On the website I can seach the book that I want and it comes up right away or I can browse.

Ask Kaitlin about Barnes&Noble
4 reviews
2 helpful votes

I got the print copy of daniel kahneman's book and I got a discounted prices with quick delivery!

Tip for consumers: Highly recommended!

Ask George about Barnes&Noble
10 reviews
4 helpful votes

When I need a book I always check at Barnes and Noble first. They usually have the book I want for sale used by a private party. Last time if I bought book new I'd of payed $34.95 but bought used one that was like new for $8.00 I always receive books quickly and have always been satisfied.

Ask Terri about Barnes&Noble
14 reviews
9 helpful votes

Though it was a while back when I went to them, they had what I needed. Specifically, I was looking for a Portuguese course book and such. Though there wasn't a tremendous selection even for languages like, Spanish, French, German, Russian and Japanese, still, I had hope. Fortunately, they had a series called 'Living Language'. It was a Portuguese course book, along with a very useful dictionary and CD's that complement the coursebook. I have used those ever since and it is all due to the fact that they carried what others didn't, such as B Dalton, etc,. Over the years, I picked up other things, such as calendars at Christmas, and so forth.

The staff and the atmosphere is recite! Great selection, reasonable prices and overall a great experience. Highly recommended!

Ask Michael about Barnes&Noble
15 reviews
4 helpful votes

Would have preferred Borders but, alas, they are out of business. It will be interesting to see how BN survives in an Amazon world.

Ask Tracey about Barnes&Noble
22 reviews
15 helpful votes

too expensive and snobby vibe from employees

Ask Katherine about Barnes&Noble
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

My husband bought me a 50 dollar gift certificate from Barnes and Noble online, instead of asking for a gift certificate which would come in the mail after Christmas, he agreed to the digital version. GUESS WHAT! Still no gift certificate. He needs to get on their tail, again, to get this taken care of...I have 2 readers a Nook and a Kindle, that is to say I read a lot. I am disabled and spend a lot of time in bed due to a failed back surgery. THIS REALLY LOWERS MY OPINION OF B&N AND THEIR CREDIBILITY IN MY BOOK!

Ask Rachelle about Barnes&Noble
6 reviews
31 helpful votes


Ask bonnie about Barnes&Noble
7 reviews
10 helpful votes

Get a membership! It pays for itself and employees will always let you know when you're getting a great deal!

Ask Kate about Barnes&Noble
7 reviews
2 helpful votes

Good place to shop but doesn't offer a great variety in DVD packages besides being expensive. Nowadays we can watch pretty much anything via other services. The only reason for me to buy the DVDS is to give as a gift. Think of a way to promote the product And charge less.

Ask Marilene about Barnes&Noble
4 reviews
18 helpful votes

They had exactly what I needed at a good price.

Ask Roland about Barnes&Noble
1 review
1 helpful vote

barne and noble booksellers employs managers and security simpy based upon appearence decriminary practices upon the poor.with creating outright lies.

Ask Christina about Barnes&Noble
6 reviews
5 helpful votes

Barnes & Noble isn't a bookstore, it's an experience. People need to get off their ebooks and go to a B&N one day soon!!

Ask Kelz about Barnes&Noble
5 reviews
5 helpful votes

It was a good experience a bit sad about the shipping delay, but otherwise exceptional.

Ask Philip about Barnes&Noble
1 review
1 helpful vote

The WORST online purchasing experience that I have EVER had

All kind of book sales on Thanksgiving weekend. I bought from Barnes&Noble,
>Got confirmation of order,
>found out it was from 3rd party seller,
>tried to cancel, but was told it was too late to cancel, so i did not purchase from
another merchant on that weekend because i did not want to end up with two
copies as a gift for my niece, despite that there were great sales going on with free shipping.

>tried contacting 3rd party seller a couple times with no response.

>contacted B&N twice to get status, with no satisfaction, and the 2nd time
B&N pointed me to another party that they said was responsible for 3rd party

>when i contacted that party, i was told they are only responsible for 3rd
party hardcopy magazine sellers, so sent me back to B&N

> Then, 1 day before Christmas, Barnes & Noble cancelled my order and I had no present for my niece.

>Had to go out in all the holiday traffic and crowds to buy at my local bricks and mortar bookstore, at full price plus pay local sales taxes.

Will never buy from them again.

Ask rlor about Barnes&Noble
3 reviews
4 helpful votes

Bought a couple of Tolkien Books: The Hobbit, LOTR, and the Similarion. Very happy with the service cant wait to start reading

Ask Tom about Barnes&Noble
14 reviews
21 helpful votes

I prefer BarnesAndNoble over Amazon and all of my experiences with BarnesAndNoble have been pretty good! Definitely have a great search engine, prices, and of course their reviews are helpful too.

Ask Damien about Barnes&Noble
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

Barnes & Noble is easy to love. I got their discount card a long time ago and keep renewing it because the deals are great. Somehow, it's easier and even cheaper to order books through Barnes & Noble online than it is to pick up in the store. I don't know how that happens, but it's so convenient to just go on the computer, pick out what you're looking for, read all the book reviews, and place the order. Shipping is usually free too. And, books get here fast - like I said, you gotta love it!

Ask Cyndy about Barnes&Noble
5 reviews
7 helpful votes

I just shop on Barnes and noble online for their used books, I always get really good quality books for good low prices.

Ask Tom about Barnes&Noble
13 reviews
15 helpful votes

I would much rather use Amazon, because it gives you more selection. However, the store itself can't be beat, except in price.

Ask Ann about Barnes&Noble
5 reviews
6 helpful votes

BN books are a little expensive but that's why I buy from their used books. The books are always in excellent shape.

Ask Josh about Barnes&Noble
3 reviews
5 helpful votes

Love the great selection! Knowledgeable and helpful Customer Service

Ask Janet about Barnes&Noble
29 reviews
68 helpful votes

I bought Barnes & Noble Nook The Simple Touch Reader several month ago and I want to share my experience. In my mind it is a good reading machine with lots of advantages. Its E Ink display is perfect, the quality of image is almost like paper book and it allows comfortable reading even in bright sun. I also enjoy the way how the menu is organized as well as speed of browsing and page turns. However, the battery life is only several days although it is declared to be over 2 month. Because of this I don't take this eReader in a long trips.
Except for this issue with the battery capacity it is a great ebook at a great price.

Ask Jina about Barnes&Noble
15 reviews
20 helpful votes

They always ship faster than expected. I have never had a problem with a return or an item purchased. Definitely my go-to place for books and related materials. I order from them all the time, and will go so far as to look up someone's wishlist on another site and order from Barnes & Nobel instead.

Ask Amanda about Barnes&Noble
3 reviews
3 helpful votes

They have great free apps for the Nook that we got for our daughter, and its really easy to load their products to your device.

Ask Connie about Barnes&Noble
8 reviews
14 helpful votes

I love the amount of reviews of books. I like the suggestions they make based on your input. Having the ability to get used books from this site also it convenient.

Ask Denise about Barnes&Noble
1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered beats studio by dre. As a. Gift for my husbands birthday. I received the package 1day befor the party. I notice that the box was a lil tampered so i opened it to find that there were no head phones I immediately called c/s an spoke to a supervisor. She offerd to send me out another pair. But I refused it, being that there was such short notice. So she kindly credited back my card with the amount of $326.60 I had it the next day. I think that there b&n are vary kind. Its just ups or fedex that's taking advantage of it

Ask Kelly about Barnes&Noble
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

ordered a few books and were shipped very quickly. Excellent experience

Ask teresa about Barnes&Noble
169 reviews
1,492 helpful votes

Excellent site and excellent for obtaining books of various kinds. I have found a slight contrast between Barnes and Noble and in that the images of certain books are sometimes not uploaded on as they are for Barnes and Noble. This is of course from my own personal experience.

They are well known, recognized and trusted. Let's hope they stay that way especially in terms of efficient deliveries of books.

Ask Omega about Barnes&Noble
7 reviews
53 helpful votes

I like this site, they have had every book I was looking for so far and at a reasonable price.

Ask John about Barnes&Noble
71 reviews
206 helpful votes

Love this site!!!-They have a great selection and seem to always be running a promotion. I also signed up for the two month free trial membership and recieved free express shipping with this company. I have ordered books and DVD's from Barnes and Noble.They inform you of when your order ships and with express shipping it usually arrives within a few short days. Be aware that shipping can take longer if the item isn't available but they will tell you this upon ordering. Membership after the two free months is $25 annually if you choose to remain in the club.

Ask Joanne about Barnes&Noble
1 review
3 helpful votes

i placed my order on 6/19/2011. i had an emergency,so aftee midnight i waned to cancel my order. i got a response the next evening,saying they couldn't cancel my order because it was already shipped. there is no delivery on sunday,and i still had the option to cancel. they lied to me,and switched my account around. i have proof of our correspondance - when they decided to email me bank is disputing this problem. i also contacted the better business beauru, federal trade center, and internet crime complaint center ( ic3. ) i wish i coud take these people to court. this is not a respectable website like people say it is. thank you.

Ask ANITA about Barnes&Noble
11 reviews
40 helpful votes

I've always loved Barnes and Noble! The online store is really convenient and I get my books in a timely fashion!

Ask karen about Barnes&Noble

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