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New Reviewer

Have ordered 6.5W LED bulbs for my house at Banggood. Have chosen Banggood because of low price for LED bulbs. Even was dazed, prices are very low with free shipping. For the beginning, have ordered just few bulbs for testing. It’s came in economy package – just in white boxes, but still good packed. Each bulb in plastic holder inside box. After few months of testing, have ordered bulbs for whole hose. Light is very bright, I have replaced my usual lamps 60 W by LED bulb 6.5W and its look much better. Also have ordered 3W candle bulbs for wall lights, works well.

New Reviewer

I have ordered from banggood a few times. The first time orders took a bit longer to get delivered than expected (maybe 3 weeks instead of max 2 weeks).
Some of the clothes were a bit different from the pictures shown. This is apparently because the factory changes the pattern for different shipments and do not provide new pictures. Not good, but most products were close enough.
Now I made some more orders as I had moderately good experience with them before and the producs were cheap.
Most of the products I have received now were delivered within 3 weeks. But if something is not sent out immediately it is very important for the customer to contact the shop and ask why it's delayed. (Usually one item is out of stock and they ask if they can split the order and send the available products now and the out of stock later.)
It is wrong for them not to send the delay message themselves, but I don't mind sending one myself either.

But why am I writing this review now?
I ordered a mineral powder just to try it out for fun. I received a wrong product on Jan. 22nd. They asked me to send picture of the product and SKU numbers a couple of times eventhough I had provided them with both of these.
After a couple of angry emails I finally got a real reply and not just some automatic reply they send to everyone. They agreed to send me the powder again.
Some people said banggood asked them to send the wrong product back or pay for it. To me they didn't say a word about the wrong product, just sending the correct one.
Well today on Feb 7th I received the "correct" product. It is the same eyeshadow again. The eyeshadow has the SKU code of the powder, so I understand how this happened the first time. But I asked them to make sure the product would be correct this time and they did not do that.

Other rather nasty incident with the latest order was a skirt I ordered.
For two weeks I waited and it was not shipped. I emailed and got a reply that it is out of stock. I agreed to change the color to black as that was in stock.
Well two days later I received a message that the black was out of stock too and they offered a refund.
After the powder/eyeshadow incident I was rather pissed off at them already, so I let them hear my mind about the customer service and that I want my product in white (like in my original order) and if they don't have it they make it themselves.
I got apologies and was told it would take a month to restock. I was given the option to wait or get refunded. I also got 100 points to my account (100 points is worth about 10 cents) I decided to wait.
I am still waiting.

If I didn't also have excellent experiences with this shop I would rate lower.
I would recommend only if you don't mind:
- waiting for about a month for the product to arrive
- sending multiple e-mails about the same thing
- having to fight with them for hours to get your right as a customer

So. All in all. It's a legit site and at times it is ok in customer services, but if anything goes wrong it's a real pain trying to get contact with a real person there.
They also publish only 100% positive reviews. Any review that has anything else than "this is the best ever" doesn't see the light of the day even if it is mainly positive and the product is recommended.

New Reviewer

I have ordered a FrSky transmitter for 200$ on the 9th of November. After twenty days I got the message that they had a delay in the shipment. Well till now the transmitter has not arrived and Banggood does not answer to my requests. Actually I just received a cheap battery that I did not order and do not need. Now it is the beginning of February. Unfortunately all my hope to get the transmitter is gone. NEVER AGAIN! DO NOT BUY ANY STUFF THERE!

New Reviewer

Again, I bought some little things that are cheap and good quality and very fast deliveries and I am very satisfied. BangGood nobody divided into small and large customers, for him, are all equally important. That's what I really like about them

New Reviewer

Do not buy anything from these scammers.
I did, unfortunately.. I ordered a few flashlights, 18650 batteries and 18650 chargers.
When the package arrived, I discovered that they had sent much cheaper model of the chargers and the batteries did not match the weight they told me in a message about them. They were much lighter. (the weight gives a hint of energy of the batteries)
At first I thought they had sent the wrong chargers, but the SKU number matched the number on their site. The description and the pictures did not match at all.
The flashlights I got was poorly made copies with almost no material on the threads and no seals to make it "Waterproofing design"

I have sent them several messages about it, but they refuse to answer any of them.

For your own good, stay away from them. If you still choose to order something from them, do not expect to get what you ordered.

After my review here, Banggood finally got in touch and wanted to solve the issue with a partially refund.
The question is why I had to write a negative review to get their attention. Everything had been OK if they had responded to any of my messages.

Anyway, problem solved. But I will not shop at Banggood again.

Yesterday I got a message from Banggood where they asked me to change my reviews into positive ones. In return they offered me some points to use on their website.
I guess they usually do so in order to get positive reviews.

New Reviewer

I've been dealing with this site for over a year now. Recently I've had a few problems with my orders, one item didn't arrive, one item didn't operate and a third item was broken out of the box. Now I'm thinking to myself oh great, here comes the fight. I was pleasantly surprised, I sent pictures of the damaged items and the promptly reissued my orders! I'm very pleased with the customer service at banggood, after all that's what it's all about.

New Reviewer

Very good website, with lots of bargains and great prices.
When i had a faulty item sent to me, he offered me a replacement one without second thoughts. Excellent support and service, i would definately buy again from him in the futur

New Reviewer

J'ai bien reçu toutes mes commandes dans un delais correct, un service client a l'écoute, Bon site pour commander.

New Reviewer

Horrible service with low customer service and slow delayed delivery. Bad quality materials and strange sizes.

New Reviewer

I bought a rear view camera mirror for my car and the battery did not work, so the clock would reset when power was turn off and the filenames of the video was incorrect. The return address was somewhere in China, and it was shipped from Germany. I was never buy anything from this company, and buyer beware of them.

New Reviewer

Excellent experience with You will get what you ordered for a fair price. Delivery takes a bit longer time, but it's included in the item price,... which makes them even better. Thumbs up. I wouldn't hesitated to recommend to everyone.

New Reviewer

Terrible service, and horrible shipping. They listed something as being in stock for drop-shipping on 12/9 which left plenty of time within their shipping window to be delivered right around 12/25. Needless to say the item didn't actually ship until 12/19, even though it was listed as in stock, and was actually delivered today 1/17. I hopped on chat with customer service, during their Hong Kong business hours and got someone who refused to do anything for me other than tell me to wait for it to be delivered. At the end of our conversation she told me she'd refund $20 immediately if I agreed to refuse the shipment when it arrived, to which I responded I expect a full refund if I'm going to refuse the shipment when it arrives! They kept giving me shipping info that linked to non-shipper operated sites that did not give me any info other than that it was shipped on the day of purchase. It wasn't until the package was passed off to the USPS did any of the shipping info become live.

New Reviewer

In total i have placed over 20 orders and not one problem with delivery.Some minor problems with quality, but from a total number of components ordered over 300 its very minor.
Any problems with quality are very quickly dealt with either a full refund or replacement.
The staff are more than helpfull and freindly.
I would not hesitate to recomend this site,I have spent a great deal of money with them and will continue to do so.

New Reviewer

I have purchased many things from Banggood and while I admit that their delivery time is slow what do you expect when you pay nothing. The goods I have ordered and received were exactly as advertised. When I ordered rechargeable batteries I ordered the charger for it and it came with the correct adapter for my country (Australia). I like this company but they are slow to answer questions and I have not had to return any product so I do not know about their returns policy. If you are buying substantial items and/or you are fussy seek out a bricks and mortar company but if you want cheap and do not mind waiting for your items this has proved to be a reliable company.

New Reviewer

Do yourself a favor and don't order from this company, they're a complete scam. We ordered a few cell phone chargers two months ago and never received them. We weren't provided with tracking information and the merchant has still not repsonded to our emails. How are these people still in business?!?

New Reviewer

Purchased a cell phone. From the start things went wrong. They offer price matching if you find a lower price within 72hrs of purchase. They did not honor it. They advertise 7-15 day shipping, which is untrue. finally the phone arrives after ne full month. Then the kicker, The phone does not pick up the signal from my carrier. AT&T tried to get it to respond with no luck. After requesting to return for refund, they asked if I could make a video of what was done. (????) SIM card, battery, and press a button, video for what? Currently trying to resolve the problem. They are polite as they take your money and give you junk.

Now they are asking that I pay to have the phone fixed, even though it came out of the box not working. How ridiculous it this. So far they are not giving me an address to return it. Trying to get resolution thru Paypal. Avoid this comapny as you would the plague. They sell junk and try to frustrate you till you give up.

Got positive resolution after getting Paypal involved. Returned the phone and received my full refund. The company "STILL SUCKS" because it shouldn't take this much effort to return an item. Don't do business with this company, it will only cause you pain and cost you money. I'll never buy from them again. If the company doesn't have a warehouse in the US don't buy from them.

New Reviewer

bought a replacement battery for ar drone. no way of charging it, they advertise it like its a direct replacement. took forever to get here also. not even gonna bother with trying to resolve issue, just a learning experience.

New Reviewer

It was my first order with The package took a long route due to holiday season, but I finally got it. I wish that the manufacturers and Banggood pack all items a little better to protect them while they been shipped oversea. Banggood customer service is excellent. My concerns were replied within 24hrs. I am happy to do business with them and will buy more from Banggood in the future. I highly recommend this seller to everyone who considers buying goods from oversea.

New Reviewer

Don't order from these people. I paid for expedited shipping which was supposed to come in 3-5 working days and it took 2 weeks and then the order was missing an item. I asked them to refund my shipping cost and they want to keep negotiating with me giving me points or a partial refund. It's ridiculous and still not resolved.

New Reviewer

Super not RELIABLE !!!

Never respond the item lost or not, if they provided tracking their job is done.
Not reasonable ask for return the item for refund even you don't receive the package.

New Reviewer
1/7/14 Trustful Company!!
Good products excellent price. Super support if once anything don’t work as it should. 100% Trustful Company.Christmas decorating contest I won $ 100.

New Reviewer

I bought a mechanical keyboard, and they stupdly sent to the wrong address. So the parcel was returned to them, they wouldn't accept their mistake and just did a partial refund!!! Will never buy from them again

New Reviewer

I wished i could return the cloth.
-Seems arent straight
-Hem isnt straight
-Train isnt symmetrical
- Zipper is very sticky and fabric is in the way

Seriously, i will not use this website any more. I will try Abbydress instead.
- Supposed to be satin, its not
- Came wrinkled and cant get them out

New Reviewer

I ordered many times and they always sent the items very quick. Very good prices and excellent customer service, they always answered my emails in 24h or less, and always with a solution.
The quality of their products is very good and offer a great variety. It's and excellent source for electronic supplies and I will recommend it to my friends and work colleagues.

New Reviewer

I ordered an RC helicopter from BangGood for the first time. I chose a shipping method that was around 5 days, and the same day, they e-mailed me saying that the shipping method that I chose had a history of not making it through customs. They offered to refund me shipping, and ship it with a slower method. I said that was fine. But then, instead of refunding me the shipping, they actually upgraded to a different shipping method for free! They upgraded me to a 3 day method! They actually personally contacted me and did this for me! I have to say, this is excellent customer service in my books! DHL tracking says it will be here tomorrow! I am so exited :) At first, I was skeptical because of the prices, but I will be ordering from this site more often!

New Reviewer

"I've ordered several RC parts from Banggood and they arrived without problems but a few months ago one of them was lost in the mail. After talking with Rain he solved my problem quickly.

New Reviewer

I have ordered many things from BG. If there were problems they were solved with the customer service.

Of course it takes some days or weeks until it has been shipped, but to Germany its ja journey around the world.

New Reviewer

I very satisfied with the offered goods and selection. Customer satisfaction is very commendable, consuming and helpful. Would happily go back!

New Reviewer

I had bought a mobile phone NewMann N1 from banggood almost a year before they pohne after a period of turning on and off by it's own it stopped working i came in touch with banggod to have it fixed and this is their answer "Dear sir,

This phone is in warranty but as it has been stopped production so the manufacturer said it's hard to find the repair parts for this phone. They are not sure if it can be repair,too. So sorry about that! For the coupon on the newman n2 we would love to make it 10$ less than the price on our website. So that will be about 189.99$.

Is that OK to you?"
They suggest to compensate me with 10 dollars !!!!!! for a cellphone in a warranty which they still sell in their website saying that it can not be fixed because it is out of production!!! I will inform for further information

New Reviewer

Ordered 2 items. They got shipped in different package. One arrived within 15 working days but the second has yet to arrive and we're nearing a month. Spoke to their chat service (which is only available during their time zone business hours, no other hours) and got a lot of lame excuses. First they gave me a tracking number and sent me to find the status of the order on a Malaysia Post web site. Why didn't they do this on my behalf? It seems like they have a penchant for making excuses, "Its in your country now" or" It takes 7-25 business days", even though their FAQ states 7-15 days to US. They offered 50 points to remedy the situation. Amazon, by comparison, steps up and gives $ credit when they screw up an order. I certainly wont buy from them again.

New Reviewer

Am a customer of the store with 2 may 2013. Impression is positive. Some orders come very quickly. Of all goods received for the first ordered USB fan was broken leg. Most likely during shipment. Other the product received no complaints, all goods quality. Two of the last orders received very quickly to our country (Russia, Moscow) . Support is very responsive. Shop recommend for some good rates lower than in the other.

New Reviewer

"Excellent, the best company.
Really cheap in comparison with others.
Fast communicate if you ask anything.

New Reviewer

bought some driving leds they lasted less than a week , don't bother talking to them they just wank you off with poltitness and you WILL NOT GET A REFUND!
Also all the revues are great you cant slag anything off...

New Reviewer

Client régulier, ce site est une merveille...
Prix sympa, qualité au rendez vous et communication aisé quand un colis tarde à venir...
Ces vendeurs sont très investis dans la satisfaction des clients...
D'autres sites marchants seraient bien inspiré d'aller y prendre quelques leçon !... LOL

Bangood... please... don't change.... = Perfect !!!

New Reviewer

Recently I bought an item from BG. Unfortunately I paid for brand new product and they sent an already opened package (used item).Did complaint and they ask photo to proved it.( only few dollars would you spent your time to do it? )ridiculous.

New Reviewer

I received broken bulb - factory damage without any fuction. wanted to put my review on their site but it was not published, since then I can not write review to this product anymore. Sent email complaint, requiring replacement - will see ...

New Reviewer

I ordered 3 times. All times the product was in.. stock. All my orders got status Backorder and after i contacted them they said that the product is out of stock with no specific date of restock. I got angry because they kept the stock status in to their web page all times.
Also i noticed that if you pay for tracking number you get your items in about 20 days. Without tracking number 45 - 50 days. I believe that when an order is without tracking number, the "Shipped" status is fake because when an order is shipped you cannot claim to Paypal.

New Reviewer

I am a regular customer of and thats because I really like them. Pro's and con's:

- No shipping costs
- Low prices
- Wide variety of products
- Excellent after sales

Any downsides? Yeah some minor:
- Shipping time is between 7 days to 42 days. Small packages arrive in 7 days, bigger can take over 6 weeks. Thats not BG faults i guess...
- Only positive reviews will be put on the product review items. Banggood does filter them.

Some examples of some excellent after sales:
- They send me a replacement of a power supply, after showing a video explaining and showing the problem. They did not need to have the faulthy unit send back.
- After an order not arriving after 5 weeks they send me a new item without any extra payment. 1 Week later the first package arrived and so I had 2 items. I payed them back the second item as they had thrusted me as well

New Reviewer

Good packaging, chose free shipping option and wasn't disappointed as arrived within the expected time frame. Had same experience with two separate orders. Site contains intimate apparel section so parents should supervise children's use. Good range of products also

Good customer service, any issues I had were resolved promptly.

New Reviewer

Bad quality items completely different then pictures, and no customerservice , if you like then you like this one, it is the same

New Reviewer

Ordered Hubsan H107L quadcopter on 12 nov 2013 but its 1 month now and still no sign of my item! Email Banggood twice for status and was given 2 different tracking number which tracks nothing. Delivery is from China to Singapore I don't see whats the hold up!

New Reviewer

We ordered a quad copter and received it almost 3 weeks later. The copter is ok but the controller for it does not work. I emailed the customer service dept to ask for a replacement controller. They sent a reply asking for a 'video' of what was wrong with the controller. I emailed the video as requested. I received a reply that said: "you can check the circuit of controller, maybe there is something wrong with circuit." How would I know if something was wrong with the circuit? Wouldn't the warranty be voided if I opened up the controller? This is Bad Customer Service! They should have sent a new controller immediately and asked I return the one that didn't work. Will not order from here again. Bad Experience, Bad Place, Bad Business Practice, Bad Customer Service, Bad, BAD, BAD!!!

New Reviewer

good prices (get what you pay for-should've known) free shipping, took forever.
i ordered over $50 worth of nail art supplies. they sent me random items and doubles of items i didn't order. i tried to rectify with customer service. they told me to pay to ship items back, then they would refund me 1/2 of my total!! are you kidding me??? makes absolutely no sense. then they wouldn't reply to my emails!! i had to keep the ugly, useless things they sent. they will NOT allow you to leave negative feedback. if so, they will delete it or change it to excellent. they are frauds!

New Reviewer

They are located in China, won't ship your products to you, then won't refund your money.Don't even bother to go through their refund process. The only way to get your money back is to dispute it with your credit card company. They want you to use PayPal because PayPal normally sides with the merchant.

New Reviewer

Mi primera experiencia con bangood, ha sido muy positiva, primero tiene muchísima variedad

de productos y unos precios geniales, ademas siempre tiene activo muchos descuentos.

Mi pedido se hizo en tres paquetes distintos, el primero llego muy rápido, los otros dos se

retrasaron un poco mas, pero llegaron sin ningún problema.

También todas las dudas por email te las contestan rapidísimo, y eso es muy importante.

Seguro que haré algunos pedidos mas adelante.

My first experience with bangood, has been very positive, first you spoiled for choice

product and a great price, plus many discounts always active.

My order was made in three different packages, the first arrived very quickly, the other two

a little delayed, but arrived without any problems.

Also all the questions are answered by email very fast, and that's very important.

Sure you do some orders later.

New Reviewer

Ordered a Large size coat. I am 5'10", 185 #- Large is my size for my other coats.
Received a coat , labeled large, but is way too small- a medium at best. Must be a Large for Chinese men!!??!!

After emailing Banggood, they asked for a photo of the Tag, and then said tough luck!!!
Never, never again- Stick with Amazon or other American sites!

New Reviewer

Cheap and sloppy. I ordered a triod and a couple of 1k energy saver bulbs for photographic lights. The packaging was atrociously done, one of the bulbs was smashed and they havent replaced it or responded with any offer of reimbursing.

New Reviewer

The picture is different from what they send you.. I order 2 jackets one L and the other one is an Xl . To my surprise none fit .... I have a niece who wear an small both jackets fit her... Customer service is horrible .. I received serval email asking to send pictures of the jackets in with I did. Only to have them tell me that it would cause more to ship it back .. Spend 36 plus paid 24 for express shipping. I lost 56 dollar for their mistake and nothing is been don't abound... I wrote a review on a different site . got a message for banggood saying if I chance my review that they are willing to give me 16 something but I would have to chance it first... save you money don't buy this .. Excuse any misspelled word or incorrect grammar .

New Reviewer

They tells you to wait 45 days for delivery, item its been shipped.
Then after 45 days, you cannot open a claim on paypal.

New Reviewer

My order had a few random items.
ALL the items i actually managed to receive where BAD quality, the postage is free but takes forever.
i was told id have to wait for my items as they where not even in stock! Why are they available to buy why not just put out of stock? i did not want to wait for the those few items so they refunded me what was out of stock (waste of time even ordering them!) THEN i got another email saying something else id ordered was now out of stock to! Id have waited for it all instead of getting a part refund if id have known! so i waited for those items, THEN one became clear stock! so id never get it, there solution was to give me 'coupons' instead of my money because they didnt want to mess about with paypal fees!!!!! SO basically ive lost money because im never going to use that bloody coupon as the site and transaction was a disaster !
oh yeah also one item that actually made it to me, was completely the wrong item, the SKU number was right with what i ordered but it not in the picture, its not like its a little different, its totally different, ive told them about it, and keep checking, they have not sorted it out on the website so this could be happening to other, they have not even replied to my THREE EMAILS! about it. They simple dont give a crap now, this whole purchase was a waste of my time and money! JUST AVOID!

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