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New Reviewer

Banggood is one of the best stores out there, the customer support is great even in after-sales support. The prices are cheap and most times are the cheaper in all world and they offer free shipping in most products.

Try to other from them, you will not regret! This is the only store i really trust...

5* to Banggood. Regards

New Reviewer

I have been purchasing regularly for approximately one month. I have only positive comments to make and would like to thank BangGood for there amazing products. I have purchased articles from jewellery, handbags and other items and I am very, very happy with the products, the fantastic inexpensive cost of items and the fantastic service. Looking forward in shopping you again real soon. Kind regards and thanks a million :-)

New Reviewer

The customer service that I received from Banggood when there was a delivery problem with my order was outstanding. Emails were answered within 24 hours and the problem was fixed without any hassles. The Banggood customer service was equal to the best that I have ever experienced. Thank you Banggood!

New Reviewer

"Once i ordered watches and it came and took another chance to place an on order for a high end phone. Placed the order on the 20th June and got a dispatch notification email with tracking number the next day. The shipping method i chose was not applied. was sent via Swiss post which has to be transported to Switzerland before to me. And Swiss Post claims it is not on their system. Till now I have not received my item which is even transit.Contacted their live support 3 times and they all want me to be patient but are not making any effort to officially investigate the parcel. Sent them email but not been replied.Just contacted Paypal to resolve and claim my money. If it is a cheap accessory you will receive it but when it comes to expensive gadgets, they will be turning you around . AVOID"

New Reviewer

I've ordered a number of items from Banggood and have had very few issues. I did have one instance whereby I accidentally shipped an item with the cheaper option that didn't have a tracking number and the parcel got lost. After asking me to wait little longer and verify with the local post office if they had any record of the parcel Banggood were prompt in issuing a refund. If you email them they tend to respond within 12 hours and their communication is very good. Overall I'm very happy with my experience with Banggood

New Reviewer

Lets just see if this gets published - my last one didn't. This Company is not helpful at all. I have emailed with 3 people - Katherine appears to be the "trouble shooter " for complaints - BUT she will only put you off -she will say - apologies for inconvenience" - then tell you that someone else is handling the problem rah rah rah - she stalls and then puts it off. I have wasted $200 on a phone that doesn't work properly - which they admit - BUT STILL WON'T OFFER to replace it

New Reviewer

I ordered a sj4000 camera on the 11th may, it is now July and I still haven't received my camera. It says it's been shipped but that's all I know about it. What's going on.

New Reviewer

The best online store out there. Items are very cheap compared to other online store and yet the quality is the best. Great customer support and excellent service. They reply quickly and solve the problem easily. I am a very satisfied customer of banggood.

New Reviewer

It is a perfect seller, they do what they promise, even once something broken they sent a new one. Very good

New Reviewer

Everyone please stay away from this website. 25th May 2014 I placed an order of a note 3 screen protector, note 3 & S3 mini batteries they shipped out the next working day but I only receive my screen protector till date not yet receive my batteries and as usual only know how to ask customer to wait patiently. While wait I placed a torch light and rc helicopter component and I had already receive it one week ago. But still no news for the batteries. It took more than one month but still no new about it when I ask them for tracking number they said they send by malaysia post and item will transit at malaysia to be deliver to singapore. Somemore it's by normal air mail so there's no tracking number. No more next time I will support them anymore.

New Reviewer

SCAM. If you check the feedback for Banggood on this site you will see they have an 23% success rate. NOT good enough. You would be a fool to order from this site. I was bitten once but never again. How these dodge Chinese sites keep operating is beyond me.

New Reviewer

Live in Australia, have bought 17 items from Bang Good, service is excellent.
All products arrive well packaged and safe. I love dealing with this company.
and will continue to do so. Rod Hunt.

New Reviewer

I ordered Honor 3C on 17 of May and got it on 1 of June. it was as described and with other accessories ordered. great company.

happy to deal with them, they are the favorite online one

New Reviewer

Don't count on a credit or replacement if you get a faulty product.
I emailed customer service 10x over a 2 month period and also contacted their live chat 4x (who only replied "don't worry").
They sell lots of stuff very cheap, but if you make a large purchase on something expensive and it does not work, you're gonna be out of luck. They will ignore you.

New Reviewer

“I have order a lot of time on the web site
they have good products with very attractive price and their customer service is one of the best , fast delivery even if it is far from where I live.

New Reviewer

I have used many times and will be using them many more times, for the item below it did take a little longer but when I contacted they always got back to me.

On receiving this meter my first thoughts were it looks a quality item and has a very good looking and well made leather case. It is very easy to use and only takes a short time to do the test. I first did a test on my filtered water which showed 78, I then checked the tap water this showed a marked increase with a reading of 101. The meter comes factory calibrated so no messing about doing calibration tests like you have to on some other units. This meter uses a 1 CR2032 battery which cost a lot less than other models that use 3 LR44 batteries. Bob UK.

New Reviewer
6/17/14 is OK..but the suppliers in is causing you alot of trouble, plus they can find a way to get away with it. First it was in stock, after you've ordered the item is not in stock..suddenly the item was sent to different country. What the FISSHH..

New Reviewer

I ordered a video camera and after waiting for the camera to be shipped from Indonesia I received an empty camera box! No camera! So far paypal has done little and Banggood denied my claim! No camera! No refund!

New Reviewer

I ordered two meters to monitore my amps, volts and watts from my solar panals. It took them over a month to ship them to me and they lied and said they sent them two weeks earlier and asked me to wait another two weeks after a month. I recieved them and hooked them up and neither of them worked. I tried to contact them and they refused to talk to me until i filled a complaint with paypal. Paypal did nothing and the company has told me to ship them back to china. They told me to take videos of the items. They told me to take pictures and stated their guy would tell me how to fix them. All I wanted is a return shipping label and a full refund for the items and they keep sending more and more emails asking me to try different things. I am no dummy and I know how to use the itmes i order. they just plainly didnt work and I wanted a refund. This started in mid febuary and it is now june and I still have the borken meters and they have still done nothing. They even said they would send me a replacement battery (OMG) i didnt order a battery, I ordered two amp meters. I would not recomend this company and everyone should watch out for over seas companies like this one. Just because the price is lower does not make them a better company to deal with. We should all buy USA items.

New Reviewer

still waiting on a order which was placed about three months ago. it was shipped about two months ago. every time I contacted "customer support" I was told be patient. I was patient until I was no longer able to open a dispute with paypal.
now I am just screwed. do not buy from banggood.

New Reviewer

Don't be fooled by what looks like a professional run business/Web site!!
I ordered an Elephone P8 smartphone on April 19, 2014. BIG MISTAKE. 5 weeks latter, I was told by Banggood CS that the item was returned to them without any explanation and that they would refund my money in 4-5 days. Never happened. The tracking site now shows the product is on it's way ('Destination') to Singapore - I don't live in Singapore. I opened a dispute/claim via PayPal and hope they'll follow up.

New Reviewer

What an excellent company is. I have been using them quite regularly now and they are my number one choice for buying everything (from electronics to household goods and clothes). Their customer service is second to absolutely none! They have gone out of their way to be helpful to me with both ordering, and tracking of goods in transit and I am ever greatful to their team and cannot score them less than five stars! .Thank you for being one of -if not- the best in buying from China.

New Reviewer

I Ordered a quadricopter (Cheerson CX-20) on 7 May 2014.
They never sent, pointing to the first apology for the verification of paypal account, then the goods are not available (on the site while indicating the goods in stock)
real crooks Chinese

New Reviewer

The best online store for cheap eletronic toys. Delivery time is not really fast (up to 3 to 4 weeks), but is for free!
Additionnaly, each time I had a question, it has been answered kindly by Banggood support team.

New Reviewer

Excellent seller with very good after sales service.
I have purchased multiple items from this seller and each time I was satisfied with the transaction. they respond quickly to emails.
The one time I had a defect or malfunction of a product, banggood shipped free to me a new item.
Great Banggood.

New Reviewer

Banggood has very good prices with free shipping among the best in web, !t only requires a little time. From a cart that created 4 orders, those came randomly to France, carrefully packed, after 5 to 15 overall days (3 to 10 working days), the orders from UK headquarters came first then the ones from China. With a responsive service, I definitively recommend them for casual purchases.

New Reviewer

20 In 1 USB RC Simulator For Realflight G6.5 Phoenix 4.0 XTR FMS VRC2
a very good product well packaged and in perfect working order

New Reviewer

"I bought 19 led bulbs and after 2 months of operation 9 of them were burned. I tried to post a review for the bad quality of the bulbs but they did not post my review. When i mailed on they offered to resend the up to then burned bulbs. Now (after 5 months of operation) the rest 10 bulbs burned also and for the 18 last days which i am trying to contact them they do not even reply on my emails. I had a good experience with Banggood but after their behavior my opinion changed."

New Reviewer

Good prices
Good and responsive customer support
Fast order handling/shipping
Never had a major issue after more than 15 orders
I recommend !

New Reviewer

"I did not think things could be any cheaper until I deiscovered BangGood. Then I thought: maybe they have lousy service. But no! They have excellent service! I ordered a pair of Li-Ion batteries, but after 3 months still no sign of them. While other and later placed orders were always delivered, usually within 2 weeks. When I told BangGood Customer Service the batteries have not been delivered to me they offered me with no problem a refund or a resend. I opted for the resend, because I need the batteries; delivered within 2 weeks! Wow! I am more than willing to pay for the othres if they ever arrive. I love this no-nonsense service!"

New Reviewer

So far I have made orders for about US$1500 at and all of them where very satisfactory and pleasing but now the customer service became bad and painfully slow at !!!
It takes 24-48 hours till you receive an answer from the customer service and when you receive an answer than they question your honesty and pretending that they don't understanding your questions !!!

If you write a critical review on the product you bayed on they don't let you publish the review either.

I supposed to write a good review from the beginning, because customer service ask me to do so and I was prepared to do that but now after the very unsatisfactory customer service lately I'm not so sure I'm willing to do that anymore !

I'm not going to buy anything more from !

Not so satisfied customer !

New Reviewer

Good Day!
I purchased a mobile phone from Banggood and chose a normal free delivery. Unfortunately, the order got stuck somewhere on the way because it arrived to my country during Easter Holidays.

I emailed to service and they were very helpful to check on my order. After 3-4 weeks they gave me an option of a refund or a new mobile phone. I was about to accept another phone and hence waiting for it again but my original order got delivered the next day.

So 5+ for service and friendly stuff at Banggood and be patient during holidays, your order might be stuck somewhere at your post office.

New Reviewer

Ordered a $300 smart phone from Banggood. They got my order wrong and I received a much cheaper phone. They are ignoring all my emails for assistance. I do not recommend. Try one of the other online retailers. Banggood sucks.

New Reviewer

Banggood Order No. 1735824 Friday 21 March, 2014 Boscam FPV 5.8G 600mW 32CH Wireless Transmitter Receiver TS832 RC832 (SKU088637) Warehouse CN US$102.99. Transmitter defective. Went to PayPal and raised dispute. I thought they had resolved the dispute. So, I closed it. They did not return the money or provide a working product.

New Reviewer

Ordered a RC copter. I made mistakes, and they made some. They only answer one question, per email, per day. That's it. I just wanted to cancel my order because I found it for less on Amazon, and Amazon didn't have 7 - 21 days shipping... I should wait for it to arrive before reviewing, but I never expect to get the product. I will be extremely AMAZED if it comes within 21 days... And forget about canceling. Claimed they shipped it, but I had a hold on the charge. Shipping w/o payment??? Can't say any good things

New Reviewer

Site très sympa et varié !
Les commandes sont livrées en France en 10 Jours et le service répond de suite aux Mails !!

New Reviewer

Estou muito satisfeita com os produtos que recebi, são de ótima qualidade e o preço é bem favoravel, foi me entregue tudo corretamente conforme o pedido. Com certeza irei fazer novas compras no

New Reviewer

Ordered a pair of ultrafire Cree XML-T-6 flashlight with Panasonic 18650B batteries and chargers.BELIEVE IT OR NOT, the AC Prongs pulled right out of the charger shells when I disconnected them from a standard AC outlet the VERY FIRST time I charged the flashlight.
I'M AN ENGINEER BY PROFESSION, and have NEVER experienced such SHODDY craftsmanship of a product (especially an electrical product) IN MY LIFE.

New Reviewer

I made 3 orders within two weeks, each came from them within 2 days. Free package, the order got after 3 weeks, which, as for the shipment from the other end of the world, is a very good result. I ordered my parts, helicopter V911. All great quality, in addition to prices several times lower than in the local market. I would recommend anyone from any part of the world!

New Reviewer

This was my first order from, exellent products, cheap prices, great customer service and free shipping, the only thing that would make it the perfect site is faster shipping, but you do get for what you pay for, will definitally order again.

New Reviewer

Stay away! They are scammers. I bought a product, they ask me cancel the purchase and refund the money, but they sent me the item. Ask me to resend their offices and they will pay the post expenses. After that, they refused pay me any money. They used me to transporte their products with my money to their offices. They are reported to the police in three countries

Please do not review if you are affiliated or have a conflict of interest with this website.

Ok I was wrong. Really I must say that Banggood has solved my painfull situation. I am glad to find people like Sami. It was a confused reply from another people who dont know about the whole problem. Then , in fact, about me they are NOT SCAMMERS. I had been waiting, and know I apologize about my complain. Banggood manager is the most correct and perfect seller. The mistake from only one person does not represent the company.

New Reviewer

This is the first time i have ordered from Banggood, i am very satisfied with the clothes, they fit wonderful , good material and low prices. The communication is excellent !!!! i will buy more for sure

New Reviewer

I had a problem with shipping but banggood solved it fast so no problems at all with banggood. Great customer service! I just bought again and will do so in future.

New Reviewer

I ordered for a Voice Recorder w/ FM radio and MP3 player, a 3 in 1 gadget. Although there was a slight delay in delivery, they very promptly kept me updated with the status of shipment. I didn't have any anxiety. They have a wide range of electronic gadgets which are priced incredibly low and affordable. I'm a musician and the voice recorder w/ FM radio and MP3 player combo is very useful. It's so small that it perfectly fits in my shirt pocket. I would love to buy more stuff from banggood because of their reliability and I fully recommend this website.

New Reviewer

I love this site. The second time I ordered item from it I got little scared of the delay of the delivery (but it was ordered near the end of the year) and wrote to customer service. They where pretty fast with the answer prompting to wait a bit more, And the package was delivered. I wrote them recently when I accidentally ordered item which is not in stock and after a quick comunication they replaced it with similar one and I'm really happy about it

New Reviewer

I’ve been shopping at banggood since Sep/2013. All purchases made were sent on time. There is the very friendly customer staff, always ready to answer your questions and problems of personal care. Great prices and great variety of products. I recommend this store.

New Reviewer

On Wednesday 19 February, 2014 i placed an order which never arrived.
I have contacted Banggood through the paypal resolution center asking a refund.
At first they said that they would refund me but they do no not even respond to my messages.
After a lot of pressure they offered to refund me but only if i close the dispute first
and offering me 1.57euros as a refund instead of the 10.05euros they owe me!!!!!!
They are not only untrustworthy but Scammers as well be carrefull.
Terrible customer service!!! stay AWAY!!!!"

New Reviewer

I have bought many times on the website
is a wonderful website, great prices and customer service is very good !!

New Reviewer

I think this is the web shop, one of the best in China of those where I was bought. Honest seller with good managers on work with clients that responded to any questions about my order. Very satisfied with the cooperation. I will make use of services in the future!

New Reviewer

I ordered different parts for my Hubsan and everything went fine. The customer service is very efficient and I couldn't find a better price on other websites.

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