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51 reviews
Categories: Psychic
3665 East Bay Dr., Suite 204 E.
Largo, FL 33771
Tel: 1-800-227-566
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51 Reviews From Our Community

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As for customer service we go above and beyond to explain how to get to your psychic press 2 not one... (in 18 reviews)


I was going through a difficult time and needed some psychic guidance. (in 25 reviews)


People don't call back psychics that they don't like. (in 16 reviews)

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New Reviewer

As a Psychic Medium - Holly Joy @
I am discussed to witness the lack of ethics involved within a large network of psychic sites.

I am however glad to see so many light workers like myself unwilling to stand for this and instead putting in the hard work to transition into independence.

What we do is charge for the initial appointment $1 per-min starting at $10 and if you want a longer reading we will invoice you - if your unhappy - you get a refund.

New clients get their 1st question for $1.97 by email - eliminating the chance of a cold reading while giving you the feel of your connection.

Live readings can recorded and provided for free for clients to revisit.
No one is ever automatically charged.

In my option this is a much better system that we will be seeing more of.

Tip for consumers: If you are going to use a network versus an independent lightworking please do your research first or stick with ethical sites such as Keen, California or Hollywood.

Ask Holly about AskNow
New Reviewer

I have been working with AskNow for several years now. I was hired by the psychic hiring agency OneSun. I have to say that I have been very happy working for this company. I have been doing psychic work for over 20 years and have a great following with AskNow. They compensate me well and my psychic managers have never ONCE told me how to do my readings nor have I ever been told to alter my predictions. I had to give 3 sample readings to different managers when I got hired so that they could assess my abilities. To my knowledge, they don't release a psychic from their service unless the psychic gets multiple complaints or the psychic gets multiple clients that hang up on them because they weren't enjoying their readings. If a psychic complains that they are available for hours and hours while only being compensated a small amount, that is because no one is calling that psychic. People don't call back psychics that they don't like. I, personally, have a 85% repeat customer percentage because my clients get accurate information the first time they call. I notice some of the people on this site are psychics that were "let go" from the service and are now promoting their own online businesses. I also noticed that one psychic in particular is fraudulently posting under multiple names and leaving bad reviews. Would you really trust someone like that with your personal information? I stand by my belief that there are truly gifted psychics on AskNow and I would recommend the service to everyone.

New Reviewer

Hello, this is Medium Jozette from AskNow; I have worked with a staffing agency that promotes us on this site since March of 2012. It took me a long time to decide to branch out into the online reading forum and I am very happy that I chose to do so. After almost 2 years of working through AskNow, I have many followers, so it certainly surprised me when I Googled my name by chance today and saw so much hateful banter here about this company at its practices. So I decided to write from a psychic perspective to help all of you see a little differently. I do thank those here who spoke so highly of me though!

I can tell you that I am compensated very well for my work and I have never been asked to alter my readings in any way. I was shocked when I read the comments here from one psychic who said she was asked to scare people into calling back and that she was told to hold the callers on the line. I have never been told to scare anyone nor have I been told to take advantage of a customer. When the reading is over, it is simply over. Customers call back because they had a good experience and they want to.

For the people who commented here that were unhappy with their psychic guidance, let me explain some things to help you understand why some readings are successful and some are not. Sometimes a reading depends on the person asking for guidance and their approach to it. We, as spiritual advisors, work off of the vibrational energy that comes with your voice. So if you call in very skeptical with negativity, we only have negativity to work from. It is okay to be skeptical. A healthy amount of skepticism is expected, but you should approach your reading with an open mind. You just took the time to call in and allocated for the expense to call in, so why wouldn’t you want to get the best out of your reading? I basically gave my first reading at 7 years old, I have years of experience. There is no reason to test a psychic, but rather to approach the reading with an open mind, take the information with you, and then make a decision after you have had time to digest the information. If your predictions don’t come to fruition, try someone else. Sometimes messages from the other side won’t make sense right away until your life plays out for a while. Basically what I mean is that we aren’t trying to get you to give us your personal information when we begin to connect to your energy, but rather trying to get some vibrational energy to work from. I have seen many readings go downhill and even with my students when they are trying to read someone with only negative thoughts toward a connection. But I have amazing results when reading someone who is open and wishing for a positive result.

As far as customer service and double-billing as commented here: I would have to say that with the amount of customers who continue to call me on a daily basis, and I have a very high repeat caller average (usually ranging from 80 to 100% on any given day), they must not be double-billing on a regular basis because I would hear those complaints. With all the time I have worked with AskNow I have only heard two complaints about customer service and they were for reasons other than service. NEVER ONCE have I heard of someone being double-billed.

If you have had a bad experience with readings and you are still looking for clarity or guidance, give me a try. Come to AskNow and read my reviews. I have helped many people find clarity on their life’s path. I had one young mother call me recently who said that without me she would have never been able to catch her husband cheating. She explained how I gave her the strength to find out the truth and she will be forever grateful. That is why I do this work. To help people like you find peace.

New Reviewer

Do NOT , I repeat DO NOT use ask now. These people are scam artist. The psychic that i talked to was amazing but they charged me for minutes i did not use, and when i spoke with costumer service, they told me they were going to refund it. Never got refunded and everytime i called to speak wit costumer service about the issue they charged my card!

New Reviewer

I'm extremely disappointed and upset with my experience. I called this site after receiving an email stating i could receive a first time call for free. When i called the customer rep said I would still need a credit card for me to have the free call. I gave it and the call was transferred and hung up on me in the process. I never spoke to a physic or anything. Today i see a 30 dollar charge on my credit card. I've called ten times today to finally get a customer service rep on phone. I explained the charge and requested my card be refunded. I was advised they couldn't do that at this time and to call back in few days/48hrs DO NOT TRUST THIS SO CALLED COMPANY. This was my first time calling a place like this and is my last time. TOTAL SCAM!!!!!!!!!!

Jaclyn M.

New Reviewer

Wonderful readings...I truly was surprised by the reader which I am still stoked about. Incredible information and miss zandalee blow me out of the water. ..

New Reviewer

Stay away!!! This company is a rip off. I had a reading and paid $30 for it. And usually a company would have a warning signal stating that you have one minute left but that wasn't the case. And they charge me 3 times. Which came up to almost 300$. I called back to complain and told them to take my card off their file and I get another notification saying they charged my card again. The psychic reading was good but the customer service is terrible and the guy that helped me basically laughed and my face and said it was my fault. If I would've heard a warning that my time was up, I would've hung up right away. The guy said my credit card was deleted from their file already but right after the call I got charge AGAIN!!! Don't ever call this place. It's a total rip off. Go to California Psychics or Hollywood. CUSTOMERS BEWARE..

New Reviewer

Horrible! Spent $30 on the introductory promo and spoke to four readers - not one of them said anything that would validate any psychic ability.

New Reviewer

So I'm a mom of 3, and I had a hunch something wasn't right. Of course I received the emails and I enjoyed reading them. I was curious and never had a reading, so I went for the three minute reading and went through the whole process of registering. Finally first physic I pick was quasha evening, who scared the hell out of me. My husbands cheating on me with a tall chick with long brown hair and blue eyes, sounds attractive, every guys dream chick perhaps. I was confused, my husband is not that tall, lol. With my heart pounding in my throat and feeling my heart ripped to shreds I continued talking, and of course calling her back with an "update", I stupidly did, I was desperate to find out the truth. I never found anything that proves he's cheating. In all I spent alot of money on her, over a thousand dollars. That was only 3 calls, and nothing ever came to pass. Were not rich, it was all we had in our bank account. I confronted my husband, even though quasha told me to"just wait", he sat on the couch totally confused and of course we had a huge argument. She said we wouldn't be together by this time next year which is now, but were together and were happy and just had another baby, we celebrated our 17 year anniversary in June. I didn't call her again. After that i wanted answers and didnt know another way, so i went to a local physic down town and got a reading, she said my husband loved and cared for me very much and thers no affair going on but that there's "a female", influencing him. Perhaps family....... spot on among other things in our lives. My husband was sooooo pissed that i blew our savings and checking. But he recovered and found a way to pay rent. He kissed my forehead and says "i love you", i felt totally dumb, so i tell him where it was spent. and he says "that stuffs not true". Still curios i didnt cancel membership. So I tried windraven next, I asked the same question and says the same thing, yes he cheating on me, ok ,two confirmed. Some things he said were true and nothing also manifested. I didn't call him again, and I'm now sticking to my membership minutes, I let it accumulate for three months and in January of this year I spoke with Capri,very sweet ,kind and said everything I wanted to gear. Also nothing came to pass, so I didn't call her again. Two months later in looking through the list of regular physics and I come across twilight(, and I love the twilight saga), called her and I felt a good connection, everything she said manifested and I wasn't looking to see if my hubby was cheating on me, I wanted answers to help my teenage daughter, point her in the right direction cause she was making alot of wrong choices,and hanging out with the wrong people. As a mother who loves their kids very much I was very hurt and confused by my daughter. She turned into someone I didn't know and all I wanted was my daughter back, she's was 16 by the way. I couldn't have a regular conversation with her anymore. She was vicious, destroyed stuff, walked out on us, sometimes sneaking out in the middle of the night, I was so scared she might get hurt. I cried day in day out, sobbing even when I'm cooking dinner. And twilight calmed her spirit down and now I can talk to her. There's a huge difference in her and now she's in school doing great. My relationship with my husband is better and she changed our aura colors so I'm really surprised at my husband new attitude. She said I would see a difference and I'm like blaahh, but I'm seeing it and in June I made the mistake of trying another physic, curiosity. I guess, and I also needed answers, I couldn't get a hold of twilight. I spoke with physic Lucian, he was spot on with alot of things he said but also nothing came to pass. Spoke with him two months in a row, and nada. So I'm back to twilight and not changing her again. As for my husband cheating I still don't know.....but if he comes home from work happy and kisses us all each day before and after work and doesn't complain about nothing. Only thing is all the physics predicted the same thing, "another female involved", who is influencing him. You be the judge.
I hope this helps you.

New Reviewer

Wonderful psychic. My favorites are virgo, josette, and miss zandalee. Their reading are powerful and easy to understand. So quick to address your questions. Thank you from robert.

Tip for consumers: Be fair in your opinions.

Ask rob about AskNow
New Reviewer

You are all idiots especially you psychic savantace when on every page asknow is linked on your posting the same stupid ad about visiting your website for a reading. I work for as know and savantace all I ever heard was bad reviews about you. I also use the service and we have some amazing people like medium jozette. Its all about the connection and if its not their then don't continue. As for customer service we go above and beyond to explain how to get to your psychic press 2 not one... We have a specific script that explains how to get thru the automated system. We go into detail about everything if your not listening during your set up call that's your own issue. We have numerous toll free #s to reach us and it is not a scam. People need to listen and comprehend before jumping to conclusions and posting bull$#*! online!

Tip for consumers: Read the terms and conditions

Ask facts about AskNow
New Reviewer

Let me start by saying did u guys noticed how all of us, the 'real' customers who've been scammed, rated this disgusting service 1 star while the other "reviews" gave it 5 stars? How OBVIOUS it is that they themselves ( or probably the "poor" minimum-wage employees they got there) had been posting those reviews in a very pathetic way trying to save their little crappy operation.
As for the reading, the first 5-10 min were ok (She kept trying to get me to 'lead' the conversation and at the same time reveal more about me --- which I refused!) But she talked very slow, with long pauses after EVERY sentence which made me feel and realized she was waiting for my 'approval / disapproval' so she could know where to take the conversation. She got made that I would guide her but I just said "ok.... is that what u see?"
And for a few times I felt that SHE herself we lost.
Be careful because when calling for the first time they will answer right away and be nice but once they got their payment from u, that same number that u called to won't ever let your calls go through again! Unless of course its for another reading, than they would gladly get to the phone.
Call your credit card company and say u didn't authorized this transaction (remember u never singed anything) also prevents them from charging it again.
The Better Business Bureau will take care of them.. It's not the first company that finds loops to bypass the system, the Feds always get companies like that one way or another so it's just a matter of time.

New Reviewer

I just had my first reading with ask now. The first psychic I spoke to was very nice and told me that I will be married by next summer. The other psychic I spoke to to me I'll never get married to my BF even after 5 years,Which is pretty hurtful. I don't know what to believe. During my reading reading she told me that our relationship has been on and off which is so not true.When I told her that its not true,She told me that she see it happen in future. I am soo scared now.

New Reviewer

It was really expensive but I really enjoyed my reading with psychic Kendal she is the real deal holyfield she told me things about my past no one ever knew and hopefully the things she told me about my future will come true.

New Reviewer

I own

I worked for AskNow for 2 1/2 years as Psychic Savantace, one of their top psychics. Of course they’re scam artists, liars and con artists and they know it, without question. They’re undeniably unscrupulous, without an ounce of integrity. The majority of their predictions are purely bogus.

You can read what else I had to say about pay-per-minute psychic networks on my site.

No person in their right mind, on any level would pay $13.00 a minute to a stranger on the internet claiming to have psychic abilities. Do the math friend, that’s $780 an hour. Consultations with top surgeons, psychiatrists and the finest attorney’s in the world don’t charge a rate that high for one hour.

Furthermore, if you had to choose between an online psychic stranger and a psychiatrist or attorney, you'd get a thousand % better advice than anything most of the psychics at any pay-per-minute could ever know or relay.

Someone that good and I mean just that mind-blowing, supernaturally, incomprehensibly prophetic, would be working for the FBI, INTERPOL, the CIA, Wall street, the President of the United States and the Pentagon as their personal advisors, locating every missing person, missing planes, every wanted criminal, Bin Laden and locating the whereabouts of serial killers and everyone else gone missing.

Anyone so phenomenal and gifted as claimed at $13.00 a minute, would be performing in Vegas, have their own television show and own their own psychic business instead of making 50 cents per minutes while the company that pimps them off takes the other $12.50.

Their customers for the most part, are of limited capacity, meaning they have low I.Q.’s, have some form of mental illness or they’re in the most serious of dire straits. The managers at Per-Minute networks, train those psychics to become professional liars and they’re taught every scam, trick, slight-of-hand known in order to keep those poor people on the phone as long as possible and if any of those desperately-needing-any-kind-of-job ‘psychics’ do not meet the preposterous, outrageous and laughable quotas, they’re fired, plain and simple so those people will tell you anything you want to hear.

It went from exciting, fun and enjoyable to nightmarish, depressing and horrid in no time. I didn’t comply with their despicable, reprehensible, malevolent and vile rules and demands. Their expectations were nothing short of absurd and inordinately difficult and ridiculous.

Per-Minute networks like Asknow, are more often than not, operating at the hands of iron-fisted, unreasonable, Mafioso, pimp, cut-throats with limited formal education.

They’re a band of organized criminal minds who found loopholes to rob people blind.
Everything is shut tight, sealed off, hush-hush, secretive and the psychics have no connection to each other. Those psychics are not the ones sending out an email to the patrons. Those emails come with that psychic’s photo and name but it’s the company sending them out under the guise of that psychic. If any psychic ever managed to locate the email address of any client, they would be terminated immediately.

I quit because as the company grew, their rules and regimen and expectations grew more bizarre, outlandish, unscrupulous and devious.

I went on to build my own psychic company and carefully selected real psychics with tried and true abilities. I do not make one red cent off of any psychic there. We’re not hiding. Every psychic you email, the message goes right to them. When you call me, the call comes right to my home landline. You will always have my home phone number and personal email address.

New Reviewer

Terrible (sometimes rude and impatient) customer service. Fraught with glitches. Wouldnt reccommend. California Psychics i got on with fine.

New Reviewer

I have some readingin my lifetime. But I have to say with great accuracy compassion that the psychic reader I chose was fantastic fantastic. Her name was
Miss zandalee. Extention: 227914. Wow. She was outstanding in my opinion.

New Reviewer
7/13/14 is a really fake psychic warehouse full of amateurs. Don't use them. It is important to find a real psychic reader that will help you. I found one at:
The psychic reader was a real experienced psychic that I spoke to over Skype. He could speak to my guides and had vivid clairvoyance. I was really happy and satisfied with the reading. My friend also got a email reading with them. You should try them instead.

New Reviewer

I tried a few different psychics on Ask Now before I found a good fit. Kind of like Goldilocks, one was too religious, one was too hard to understand, one was very uplifting but her predictions didn't come to pass. I read a bunch of reviews of the different psychics and then tried Psychic Jozette. Excellent, couldn't ask for a better connection. I hope that helps someone.

New Reviewer

At first when I set up and it was very interesting I spoke with Tonya at extension 882286 the recording came on saying that my minutes were up I then told her that the call should be over she continue to talk with this being my first time I wasn't sure that I needed to hang up the phone and it went over eight minutes so now they're saying that my Bill have an outstanding balance for 7192 I've been called customer serviced and as soon as I spoke with someone the lady on the phone had a very bad attitude and was very rude I've been asked to speak with her manager and she was also very rude and disrespectful and then got an attitude when I told her that the other lady was rude she then said how and I told her she was cutting me off and very careless to the issue that I was having as far as the balance she then said I don't understand what you mean by rude and I said will you do not understand the definition of food is then she got an attitude and I told her then you better customer service and I was not okay with the service I had she going to call back within 48 hours to find out after the call is reviewed if I stopped to pay the 7192. As far as I can tell I'm very hot and angry because every customer service rep that I have spoken with is very rude I then told her you do not have to be a really big $#*! at this moment because it is not acceptable. So from my advice and I wish I would've did more research before calling this company I will never call this company again or recommend that anyone else called this company they suck. It was the worst first experience of my life!!! Although the psychic Tonya was really good she should be more considerate about someone who is a first-time user and do not know the protocols of hanging up after your 40 minutes are over or else you would get charged a $#*! load of money!!! Not cool and I really hope they give my money back

New Reviewer

I called yesterday (6-24-14) and spoke with a Zanda (ext. 224917 not sure if her name is spelled correct) any ways the reading was AMAZING.. We talked way longer than I expected (I'm nervous too get my credit card bill now lol) but her experience and knowledge of the situation I needed answered was right on she was dead on with SEVERAL things in my past and future .. I've had several readings but NONE have made me feel like this.. I have referred her too most of my family I'm still smiling and happy about the reading I just can't wait to get some closure on the situation and I'm almost positive it will pan out like she said.. I also like the fact that they don't ask you too buy expensive crystals or candles (I feel she really cares) and is not trying to rip people off any ways please get a read from her I promise you won't be disappointed.. I will for sure be using her in the near future :)

New Reviewer

I called ask now on yesterday 06/06/2014 and spoke with zandalee I hope I am spelling the name correctly, I was experiencing a major decision with my fiancée that I was I total turmoil about right away she gave me specific insight on my fiancée and our situation she was 100% correct and she gave the an excellent reading. I want to thank her so much for her help she spoke to me and shared with me information that was right on point. I am totally for this psychic because she did not give my gimmicks, I am not a person who spend foolishly on these sorts of things this is only my second reading my first one was 20 years ago so please believe me I was at a crossroads that would have affected me in a major way. please use her when you speak with her please have an open mind and listen and allow her to guide you in a clear direction don't not go in sobbing and crying, this is an honest review from an individual who desperately needing answers and I will use her again in the future, again thank you zandalee

New Reviewer

I was just reading my online horoscope and received a free 3 minute reading. I called the number and enter my code and talked with a sales rep. whom toke my credit card info in case I went over my free 3 minutes. I was informed there were 2 types of psychic's, #1 most experienced and cost the most and also the only types I could use for my 3 free minutes. #2 less expensive but still good psychic's. They give you instructions that your phone number is your account # and you pick out 4 #'s for a pin. They then transfer you over to the original line you called on and I had written down the instruction's, but it doesn't work, The line talks in English, then Spanish, then tells you to press #1, which took me back to customer service, whom reported I pressed a wrong key. They report they are sending me back, but after a minute I get a signal that I have been disconnected. So I call back, and I do everything they told me to do, but this time the recorded voice reports that you can not use you 3 free minutes on a #1 type psychic, only on a #2, the exact opposite of Operator Mark reported when he took my credit card #. So I hang up and try to get customer service again by pressing 1 again, and was told that number was not valid. WHAT A SCAM!!! I was told I would be speaking to VIRGO 99 whom is also clairvoyant, so if she is so good, lets see how long it takes her to see how "the nice word is" MAD, I am. If these people that work for ASKNOW.COM are as good as they say they are, they shouldn't have to work for a company that tries to scam their customers. STAY AWAY, IT'S A SCAM, SCAM, SCAM

New Reviewer

Tried it once for the 3 minutes free. The customer service rep was being a little pushy and kept trying to get me to buy a package deal but I kept respectfully declining and just wanted the free 3 minutes. My reading was with Zoe and it went okay. I have to wait till August to see if she was right. What I really don't like about them is that it just doesn't automatically hang up like on Psychic Sourc when your minutes are up. You have to listen for the beep which is kind of an inconvenience when you're trying to listen to the psychic and also listen for the beep so you won't go over. For that reason and their outrages prices, I will not be calling again.

New Reviewer

They can be expensive but that depends on how much time you talk and who you pick. Every time it have called, I've enjoyed it. Well worth the money! But every time I called, I would pick Psychic Angel Reader Nicole. I don't think she's there anymore but I really enjoyed every single conversation with her. She's very friendly and very helpful. She may have went to California Psychics like some of them have, I don't know. Anyways, most of the staff is friendly. You gotta keep in mind that there are just some psychics that you don't click with. I've learned to look at their pictures and if I get a good feeling about them and they are REASONABLY priced, I call them.

New Reviewer

If you're thinking about trying asknow, read my story and decide for yourself…

I was going through a very tough moment in my life. I was very vulnerable and needed answers. I decided to try asknow as a desperate and spur of the moment thing. The love of my life had decided he no longer wanted to be with me. I loved him very much and he was basically everything I had. I was extremely depressed and at my lowest.

I called asknow and was directed to a psychic, who according to the operator, was very honest and precise. I was crying sobbing as I told her my situation, and all I wanted was to know if I should let it go with my ex, or wait it out... but she avoided my question and told me she was going to help me recover my ex. She asked me to go to a grocery store and buy some things to put in my water and to read certain verses of the bible, and that it was going to cleanse my spirit. She promised this would bring him back in 1 week! She also had asked me to call her back every so often, and even though my minutes had ran out, I called her at $7 per minute (ridiculous, I know!) As vulnerable as I was, I did everything she asked. She was the only hope that I had… but I was desperate for results, so I stopped drinking the special water and reading the verses, and decided to try another psychic…

The second psychic also avoided my question and claimed that she was going to help me get my ex back. She asked me to go to the store and buy candles and write his name on them, and to call her back. But honestly I wasn’t into that whole vuduu thing, or whatever its called… At that point I started to think that them saying “call me back” and avoiding my question is simply a way to get you to keep calling and spend my money! They knew I was vulnerable and would do anything…

Lastly, I was still lacking answers, still sad, still vulnerable, wasted my money, and I don’t know why I did this, but in the month of January, I decided to give asknow a 3rd chance… I spoke to a third psychic, her name was Love Raine, who surprisingly answered my question with clarity! She told me “You will be back together in April. I definitely see it.” At this point, I didn’t know what to believe. I didn’t want to base my hopes solely on something so superstitious… I finally cancelled my membership that month.

I prayed every single day for 6 months, without missing any days. My faith in God was everything I had left… When the month of April came around, I kept thinking about the 3rd psychic and what she had told me. Towards the end of April, things with me and my ex were getting a lot better, but we weren’t together still. It wasn’t until May 2nd ,to be exact, that we finally got back together! And he said to me “I felt like we’ve been back together since April.” Coincidence? I don’t know. I’ll leave that for whoever is reading this to decide…

I believe that it was God who did it. I prayed everyday for 6 months, and I lastly realized that I was being impatient and negative with my situation. We needed this time apart because things were very bad and we needed to figure ourselves out. Everything is wonderful between me and my BF now! The time apart turned out to be good.

Moral of the story? I rated this site 2 stars due to my money stolen and I felt like I was being taken advantage of because of how vulnerable I was. And even though that last psychic’s prediction actually came true, I was praying everyday and it could’ve simply just been a coincidence. Like I said, let the reader decide…

New Reviewer

Asknow is a total scam.

New Reviewer

Absolutely a scam!!! I've made my first call last week sine they kept emailing me their deal everyday, I finally gave it a try.
In the beginning, they connected me to customer service first, then they kept being so pushy and trying to convince me to buy their deal/package which is only offered to first time first call customers. Even though I did feel uncomfortable and I told her I will think about it and be back later, that lady then changed her attitude right away and tried to negotiate with me in order to keep me on the phone so they could trap me to buy their deal. Then I finally put $30 on my account then she referred me to one of their "best" psychics. However, this psychic lady got very strong accent. I couldn't understand what she wanna tell me, and whatever she said didn't make sense at all. I then called the customer service for the refund. They told me they can't make any refund, but they're giving me 10mins free for my next call. But guess what, when I went back to my account to check if I got that 10 mins in my account, I finally found out that my account didn't exist at all. I gotta make another phone call to the customer service again, then they told me, since the last call I mentioned I wasn't satisfied with their service so they cancelled my account!! WTH... No refund first then now they cancelled my account WITHOUT noticing me first until I asked?!
Be careful, this website should be definitely on the black list. Please don't be fooled by these people!

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

I was charged, to my shock, $340, for 30 minutes. Neither ASKNow nor my bank would help me resolve this sham. These foks are rip off artist preying upon people in need. Stay away.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

The psychic tree psychic was wonderful and pleasant. I enjoyed her reading until I found out that I was being charged 13 dollar a minute without me knowing. I believed that I was being charged 10 dollars for 15 minutes to talk to any psychic. Wrong, wrong, wrong. The customer service was horrible and there was no respect for the consumer. Stay away from this site. They are out for your money. The psychics are cool but the reps are dangerously stealing your money.

New Reviewer

The customer service representives are absolutely horrible and rude and the psychics predicted things that were totally wrong which got my hopes up then totally crushed them... Psychic capri may be calming and helpful but totally wrong on her predictions. Ends up making you feel even worse then you did before you talked to her!

New Reviewer

I been fooled by this company same emails .Don't waste your time and space for your emails from them.People don't want to be cheated on false information.Their emails is like keep being the sane ones constantly then they try to change so it seems like a new email .People do not give your email to them.I did and I regret wasting my precious time reading emails from them.Now I am more careful and I know better from this lesson.Be smarter who you give your information to.

New Reviewer

I just signed up for ask now, and love it, I love psycic molly rose, she was kind caring and to the point, didnt waste my time and picked on people around me. will call her again soon.

New Reviewer

Everyone is speaking of the customer service. I personally had good experiences with customer service. They're always very friendly and sometimes they like to talk about their wife and kids. One guy kept me on the phone for 20 minutes talking about his daughter..... Anyways, so far I've spoken to 2 different psychics. First i spoke to mystic Melissa, who told me that in order to get my ex back, I had to drink a tall glass of Ice water and line for 7 days every morning. And she told I had to read specific bible verses on the daily. I did everything she said but after a few days I thought to myself "drinking This lime juice is going to get my ex back? How absurd!" So I gave up! But she was very caring and seemed to really care about my problem.. I still wonder to this day if drinking that juice and reading those verses would've really gotten my ex back?
Lastly, I decided to try a different psychic who told me a specific time frame of when my ex will come back and she told me which Steps to take in the mean time... But I am scared of putting my hopes on something such as psychic predictions. But I sure hope it comes true!

New Reviewer

This service is a rip off. Please stay away from this company. A company that preys on people who are vulnerable and take their money should be ashamed of themself. I paid for $10 for 15 minutes and I was charged $89.90 plus $10. The whole time the psychic stated that she could not hear me or she did not understand the situation. She gave conflicted answers. I reported her and wanted back my money i was told that it is a valid charge. I would never used this company and i reporting to them to BBB. I was told by the supervisor that she has legal rights and it is for entertainment purposes and nothing more. It is in the contract that I agreed to. Oh really now. We see about that, scammers.

New Reviewer

I have been using Asknow for a little over a year. The website is easy to navigate, customer service has been good to me (including refunding an entire reading that was filled with tech errors on their end...approx 150 dollars). The psychics themselves seem to be legitimate. My favorite is Michael Sky. I do believe he is the real deal and before you even type a sentence he is able to pick up on details and give you very honest answers and advice. I am finally taking his advice, and i literally like a shift took place.
Ive never had a problem with customer service. The only major issue I have with Asknow is tthe fact the management aka the big shots are so controlling and this Toprated, elite, and Master level nonsense. So you can get a minutes package for an affordable price for Top rated, but in order to speak with a Master you have to pay their per minute rate? Why can't everybody just be regular psychics and the minuyes packages be available for all of them, and then let the customer choose of they want to continue at $13/min?! The way it used to be! Now my fav Michael sky is a Master, so I can't speak with him like I used to, its not affordable anymore. There are many competing companies out there, so I suggest Asknow really reevaluate their pricing and get rid of the Master, elite, and top rated thing

New Reviewer

I've tried all of the sites and this is the best and most accurate. My favorite psychics are definitely Prophetess Phyllis, Psychic Capri and Harrison. I belong to their club membership, So I get minutes added to my account every month and I can honestly say I don't know what I would do without them.

New Reviewer

Scam Alert!

They up sell the reading and won't let me have 5 minutes free reading without my credit card information. I will call my bank tomorrow to cancel any unauthorized transactions. Horrible customer service. I was threatened by him and he yelled at me for no reasons. Terrible.

New Reviewer

I was going through a difficult time and needed some psychic guidance. Thank God I found Psychic Clarissa on that site. She was amazing. She knew my situation without asking leading questions. Her predictions came true although her timeline was a little off. She only does online chat, which I prefer, but for those who like to talk on the phone I tried Psychic London and found her predictions to be accuratre, as well.

New Reviewer

A incredibly terrible site. They placed unauthorized charges on my card as well as did not live up to their claim of trying to satisfy customer if the customer isn't satisfied with reading. They will periodically charge your card for no reason as well as supply truly horrible customer service. I was appalled. The psychics do everything within their power to keep you on the phone, claiming they're "tuning into" your partner, etc. All stalling tactics. This site gives all psychics a bad name. They will make you feel like the spiritual realm is nonsense. I am reporting to the better business. No one should be treated like this.

New Reviewer

The customer service is very poor. All negative feedbacks are deleted and I posted some and my account was cancelled. Not only that they deducted unauthorised payment from my credit card 6 days after cancelling my account to which I had already reported my bank and I had to cancel my credit card. They are ripoffs and are cheaters and scamsters, no honest feedback is to be left on their website if you do, you are kicked out and duped of your money.

New Reviewer

I have used many psychic lines in my time and this is by far the most expensive and the worst. I took advantage of the introductory offer of 15 mins for $10 but when I spoke with my chosen reader she sat quiet for almost 15 mins claiming she was trying to tune in with my partner. What a load of bull! SAVE YOUR MONEY AND DO NOT USE THIS SITE!

New Reviewer

My experience with this web site was done on a whim. I was looking for tarot card readings just for entertainment. I am writing this review because I want to put my story out there. Not going thru any especially rough time. I decided to do the 5 minute free reading. I know the phone psychics make their $$$ by the amount of time that you are on the line. I called and immediately they try get all your info ...INCLUDING your credit card #. Then they tell you about all the special rates and $$ amount of different time readings. I settled on the $20.00 reading for 20 minutes.. A one time thing. They tell you when your time is up. So not to incur any charges on your credit card to just hang up on the psychic at that point in the reading.
I spoke with the Psychic Richard. A very kind
and compassionate person and I really enjoyed the reading. It was especially full of details to the answer to my question. About a week goes by and Im gearing up for this wonderful person I'm going to meet. Skeptical of course. A friend suggested that I see if there are any reviews about him. I went to his page and there were many wonderful mostly 5 star reviews. I'm quite impressed until I come to one review back in January of 2013. The girl spoke of her wonderful reading and of this person she
was to meet ... And a possible business opportunity in a specific field. Much
To my surprise her reading was almost word for word the exact description of my "Mister Wonderful". Also the business opportunity was also in the exact same field and s person with the exact same name was going to contact me. We had for this part of the reading anyway, the exact same prediction. I felt as though for a specific question you ask there is a stock answer given . I was extremely disappointed and felt that this was really deceiving. I called Customer Service and they were very prompt with their guarantee if not satisfied they would give you a ten minute reading with a different psychic. I was connected to a woman who meandered all over the place and said absolutely nothing that was the same as the other psychic. At the tone when they would start charging my credit cared I promptly and curtly thanked her and hung up.
My feeling is that Im sure there are genuine people out there that may be psychic, however do not believe that anyone can read another over the phone. Anyone sho is a good listener can pick up enough info and give "advice" and charge a FORTUNE doing it. I'm sure this charade of a readings cost me about $ 100. because he dismissed the fact I said that I can't afford more time and kept right on talking of all this important stuff I need to be award of. At $8.00 am hour that is an hourly rate of $480. A good friend can listen and advise for free. If you have the extra money and don't mind wasting it, then this might be fun....OR deadly. No one knows the future and anyone can tell you what you want to hear. Or make things up... They always have a reason after the fact why the prediction didnt happen. My advice....if you are lonely and sad and depressed find a good therapist, a good friend and if you don't have either call a hotline for people who are suicidal.. if things are that bad. You just need someone to talk to.. Don't waste your money on any psychics. Speak to a minister and seek guidance. A person who genuinely cares about you will not bankrupt you during a low time on your life. Psychic are not the answer. Pray... Read the Bible and save your money. The website lived up to its promise and did provide a 10 minute reading which was totally lame. I still am $100. poorer and still have no answers. Find the answers to your life situations somewhere else. Don't spend all your money and hopes on things that probably won't happen. You will be even more sad, angry, depressed and disappointed when you realized you wasted your money. These are my thoughts.....

New Reviewer

I tried the introductory rate of 10 minutes for $10. The psychic herself was pleasant and helpful, and for entertainment purposes, it is fine. What is not acceptable is that at the end of that introductory session, the site automatically puts you into a regular session at the psychic's standard rate. There is no warning, and it does not ask your permission. I immediately clicked out of the session, but they still charged me $8.99. I have emailed twice, to no avail. In the last email I expressed they had 48 hours to refund my money, or I would go to my bank and begin the chargeback process, which costs them more money. I still haven't heard from them, but any company who ignores its customers over a financial dispute is not a trustworthy company. I will not be using this site's services again, and I think it's an underhanded tactic to allow a session to rollover into a by-the-minute session without the express permission of the client. There was no countdown clock, no warning that such a thing would happen, it just popped up as part of the chat that it was now in the by-the-minute session. Ridiculous, and poor customer service.

New Reviewer

I dont know how there is not a law against these so called pyschic hotlines asknow, pyschic source, california,hollywood they all took lots of my money and empty promises when I was at my lowest they should all burnnn...

New Reviewer

ASKNOW.COM Reviews: ASKNOW.COM SCAMS & other Psychic SCAMS – pay-per-minute RAPE of the lonely, poor & desperate.

I worked there for close to two years. The inbreds that run it are VICIOUS, CRUEL, MERCILESS and prey on the social security recipients, the welfare recipients, poor black folk, those of very limited education, the elderly and the mentally ill. They teach their psychics how to dazzle you with extraordinary BULL$#*! in order to keep you on that phone.

They have countless tricks they implement that delight the customer and bedazzle you. It is a MONUMENTAL rip off and countless complaints filed against them at the better business bureau.

You have NO IDEA - none, how crooked they are. They have a HUGE turn-over rate and they're horrible to work for. Those poor psychics make 20 cents a minute - 20 cents while the network gets $7 - $13.00 per minute.

Most of the patrons of the pay-per-minute psychic network scams, are usually people in crisis and more often than not, serious financial crisis. These are people at their wits end, terrified and heartbroken, in the depth of despair, riddled with panic, dread, worry and fear. In addition to that, most of these people are of limited education, some if not many, suffering with various psychological disorders, physical disabilities, cognitive impairment and most if not all, are at the end of their rope, facing various battles.

They’re enticed by the “5 Free Minutes” that usually heads the pay-per-minute websites. They give their credit-card information, get connected to a psychic and if they don’t hear the automated message during the call, alerting them that their 5 free minutes is up, they don’t realize it but their problems have just become a literal catastrophe and the independent psychic contractors ARE NOT allowed to let the client know that they’ve “crossed over” into what may very well become one of the darkest valleys of their life – they’ve been lured in by an evil, speaking sugar-coated-candy lies and once they see their next credit card statement, they will face a far greater heartache than what they ever imagined.

Learn of the horrific scams perpetrated by the pay-per-minute psychic networks, how they’re dedicated to raping your credit card and leaving you homeless.

Unlike the outrageous, ridiculous, scams of the merciless, thieving, pay-per-minute psychic networks, that enforce cruel, unscrupulous, unethical practices as a means of captivating your attention in order to keep you on the phone at $7.00 – $13.00 per minute, we at Tarotti are vehemently against the practice of providing lies, fairytales and make-believe stories, just to keep your business.

What you may not know about the pay-per-minute psychic networks is this: Those psychics are independent contractors not direct employees of the psychic network where they work. They HAVE to keep a STRONG quota of minutes in order to retain their contract with the company.

All of the psychics have a dedicated “manager.” That manager is an iron fisted slave driver that monitors all of your calls in order to ensure 2 things:

A.) The psychic is not giving out his or her personal information in order to steal their clients.

B.) They’re following protocol by keeping the client on the phone as long as possible, without mercy.

They do not look for ethical psychics! They look for blood-suckers that feel nothing for the client. They want someone that is a master story teller; a manipulative, shrewd, calculating, conniving motivational speaker that will tell you anything you want to hear. That’s what keeps you on the phone — hearing that your ex love is returning, your finances will take a dramatic improvement because a huge windfall of cash is about to fall out of the sky and everything you ever dreamed of is going to happen — next year.

Don’t be fooled by the top dollar pay-per-minute, believing that they cost more because they’re better psychics. NOT TRUE. They are not better psychics, they’re better liars and secondly, the top dollar pay-per-minute acquires that higher position because of the hours they are willing to put in and the number of minutes they are able to accrue by telling you better stories.

Essentially they are professional con artists, highly trained at manipulating your feelings by tuning in to what it is that you want most and creating a magical and marvelous story around just that.

For example, let’s say I worked for their company and you chose ME, a $6.99 per minute psychic and you wanted to know if the MARRIED MAN you were in love with, that had decided to end the relationship with you and stay with his wife, opting to work things out with her, was ever coming back. I do the reading and see that he will never come back and relay this to you in no uncertain terms. You will probably not be happy with that reading, hang up on me and phone the $13.00 per minute psychic. That psychic will paint a gorgeous fairytale for you, filled with extraordinary hopes and promises and as you hear what you want to hear and feel renewed and encouraged, you will ask more questions and hear more fairytales, lies and embellishments.

The next thing you know, you’ve been hypnotized into spending close to $1000 dollars to have a professional liar, rob you of your last red cent.

I was Psychic Savantace. I quit when they escalated their prices to $10 and $13 per minute. All the psychics suffered with that increase and in conjunction with that, the management became so vicious and DEMANDING and overbearing that scores of psychics quit.

I then designed my own psychic website. This is no spam and this is my site - feel free to contact me anytime.


New Reviewer

I had a few rough experiences before I found Twilight4Ever and Intuitive Amy. These 2 are my favorite and are spot on almost every time! Twilight's been wrong a few times, but they don't guarantee they are 100% accurate every time. Remember folks, when you call, and on the website, there is a disclaimer there that says "For entertainment purposes only" so keep that in mind when calling!

New Reviewer

My favorite psychics at AskNow is Venus Rising and Man of Light. They are both spot-on and have saved me a ton of grief! I tried many psychic networks before finding AskNow and I'm glad I did. I had an ok reading with Hey Renee but she works with California Psychics now.

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Q: This site asknow is the biggest fraud I have ever seen. The lady told me on the phone 20.00 for 20 minute reading. That's what I did. They charged $280.00 on my credit card. 280.00 OMG. This is not right. I wrote BBB and District Attorneys office. I live on a fixed income and this just cost me my food for the next 2 weeks. Please do not go there..
A: Jeri O. you are incorrect. That $20 for 20 minute reading is for first time callers to use on one of their top rated psychics. The price you are stating is for a reading with an Elite or Master psychic. You made a mistake and chose a pricier psychic. You should tell the whole story when you post a statement like that. Not nice.
1 week ago
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