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AsianDate reviews

59 reviews
Categories: Asian Dating
551 5th Ave
New York, NY 10017
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59 Reviews for AsianDate

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New Reviewer

Asian date blood sucking vampires of unsupecting men money customer service agency for women overseas chinese and russians run site and american bankers support and recieve the money parent company in Maine USA but you have to go to court in New york against high price lawyers so you will lose case. This site is rigged agencys workers hide be hind pictures of professional models majority of the women there some real women lie con scam you tell you i want to marry i am rich BULL $#*!. I been thru 4 women all lie once you get there contact info the games start the not contact you on personal email they stay online and only want to talk there site workers sucking money and life out of you. I talk to one guy we dated same women and what piece of work this liar we compared notes. Don't waste your time and money on this online prostitution ring of bandits they will suck heart spirit and leave you broke.

Tip for consumers: Don't waste time and money I spent 2000 on 4 fake phony bitches a friend 5000 big scam and rip off legal gangsters lies and deception.

Ask ken about AsianDate
New Reviewer

Hi, guys. I have one of the fairytale stories. I found THE ONE on I couldn't even dream about the perfect girl, let alone on the internet. But it happened. I still can't believe it. We are getting married next month. I wish your dreams also come true too.

New Reviewer

I was hesitant at first too when I got twenty emails from girls of all ages in one day. I think it's an automated system to show new members that there are hundreds of available women or something. Anyway, I ignored all the fake automatic profiles and used search instead and found many real women this way. I'm talking to this Chinese girl now and she is everything but fake..

New Reviewer

I opened an account at Asiandate and didn`t visit it for few days. When I logged in I was so surprised to have many emails from ladies who look like models. At that point I didn`t have anything written on my profile, not even a picture. It was so funny to read all 8 letters, they were all in love with me and so in awe about my empty profile. We do not have to be expert to see right away that this site is a big scam and should be investigated. They have nice photos of ladies though, I wonder where they got them, we have heard about hacking in websites,,could it be?

Tip for consumers: It is not a dating site, it's a big scam. The good reviews taht you will read are part of the scam.

Ask Ricardo about AsianDate
New Reviewer

I'm a member for one year now but I never really took this site seriously. My email is full of letters from girls saying they want to get to know me, but I haven't answered any of them yet. I logged on again a couple of weeks ago and the profile of a Filipina I saw just stayed with me. I may not find the love of my life on asiandate, but it's definitely worth a try.

New Reviewer

Cool site. Met a real cutie on here. She is good to me and I'm happy. Couldn't care less about the money. My girl is sweet and caring and I would pay again for the chance to meet girls like this. Real cool site.

New Reviewer

You can read the first letter from each lady for free.
You can view the first picture they attach to their first letter for free.

I had a profile with nothing but my date of birth, nothing else at all about me...
In a few weeks I accumulated 60 letters from ladies telling me how they had all these feelings after reading my (empty) profile.

Every letter came with 2-4 pictures. But only the first picture is free and you can't pick which one.

To view the additional pictures costs "10 credits" per picture. Replying to a letter costs 10 credits.

Every first picture looks like a professional photo (no self pictures, no have a friend snap a picture).

Here is where it gets interesting:
If you have $400 to spend, you can get 1000 credits. That's the CHEAPEST credits you can buy. If you buy the minimum number of credits, you get 20 credits for $16.

So to reply to a message is $4-8. To view the second picture the lady sends in her first letter, $4-8.

Sad to say it, but with nothing in your profile, you'll get a few letters a day from ladies "moved" and "passionate" about your profile. Each with 2-4 pictures. Just to reply or see the second picture costs you, and while I can't say for certain none are legitimate, I seriously doubt that any of the 60 letters I've received are legitimate.

Who would send a letter to a man introducing herself as "so-and-so your future wife" if all she knows about him is his age and country?

If I viewed the additional pictures (beyond the free professional picture) attached to these letters, I would have paid over $300 just to see pictures of 60 ladies. No assurance what the content of the pictures are. For all I know they could be pictures of a sunflower or a rainbow or anything else.

Save your money and go elsewhere. Certainly this isn't where you'll find what you're looking for unless you just want to waste time and money on what seem to be fake women.

New Reviewer

Writes these reviews. The same people scamming your ass.

Hahaha. Suckers. Do you really think that it is a normal charge
US$15 for 20 credits. That's read and reply to one letter or 20 minutes
Of chat. . Of which the so called "ladies " stall there replies
and no matter what is asked the answer is always unspecific.
At the rate the "ladies " answer it would take thousands of dollars to
Simply hav a chat. How you think its not a scam is beyond me.
Don't be so niece.
Or do I don't care its your money

New Reviewer

What I like about this site is that most of the photos are professionally taken. Of course, the women will look a little bit different when you finally meet them, but at least it looks like a classy website.

New Reviewer

Beautiful women on this site! Fortunately, the first letter is free so you can get an idea of what the lady is like before you purchase any credits. I've personally managed to get an email address from one of the girls I was speaking to and we've been communicating this way ever since. Definitely a good place to meet interesting Chinese women.

New Reviewer

What I love about this site is that they are constantly updating their database of single Asian women. New profiles get added on a daily bases and women sign up from countries like China, Vietnam, the Philippines, etc. I consider this to be one of the best ways to meet people from different cultures. Thumbs up on their mobile application too.

New Reviewer

asiandate is not a scam! don't expect a guarantee you can meet someone as it is not a mail-order-bride thing. your experience depends on yourself - if you approach the site with lower expectations, you're sure to meet someone who will match your needs and desires

New Reviewer

the business is legit, it's just some of the women who are less than honest. there are scammers on every online dating site, but if the company is actively fighting against frauds, I see no problem with the site itself.

I've met some lovely ladies there and I'm considering taking the next romance tour to China, if nothing else, I'll have an experience of a life time.

New Reviewer

a decent site. it definitely is a little bit expensive to get started, but i've been able to get a free email address from each woman i've asked.

New Reviewer


I recently took the dating tour to Changsha. Changsha was fantastic. The Golden Source Hotel is in a great location. The views from the 27th floor were inspiring. People in the city were more than friendly, but few spoke English. It was relatively inexpensive and the food was great if you like spicy. There were lots of women at the socials, but a little too old for me. It was like I was being screened from women under 30. I am 57. Unfortunately, none of the women I met on-line were "available" when I arrived in Changsha (27-33 years of age). (I spent about $450 for "Credits" to develop these relationships.) In other words, it is questionable whether I ever corresponded with anyone but an interpreter before I left the US. I was told in Changsha the interpreters "tell white lies for the greater good," whatever that means. Presumably their goal is to get people to China to attend the socials, but I am guessing they also get paid per letter. So with respect to the email portion of the business, AsianDate is a fraud preying on lonely men. I suspect the vast majority of the money earned by AsianDate is from the purchase of credits for email exchanges. The interpreters are students who also earn college credits for translating emails.

With respect to the social events in China, you will meet a lot of women who are looking for a life partner. They are sincere and attractive. Yet, it is discouraging not to meet the women you spent so much time, and money, getting to know.

My advice- forget the emails. It is a waste of time and money. AsianDates is run by AnastasiaDate located on a small island in the Caribbean, so getting a refund even from Visa is not going to happen. I wrote Visa requesting a refund. Subsequently AsianDate "updated" my account to show several new emails that were "postdated" so I guess I am making a fool of myself by complaining about people not showing up because apparently I was told by one of the women that she was unavailable for a date for the entire ten (10) days I was in Changsha (though I requested a date six (6) weeks before I left and when I paid my tour fee.)

Let the buyer beware.

New Reviewer

I have been on this site for about a year, I have given it the benefit of the doubt so many times, as I never wanted to believe what was happening to me. But now I have had to face reality, i'm totally convinced that the whole thing is a 100% scam. The people who own it, and those who run it for them only have one aim, and that is to rip you off and empty your bank account as quickly and as convincingly as they possibly can.

Ok firstly no site guarantees that you're going to find the woman of your dreams, or your next wife there. Ok i'm 63, tall and told reasonably good looking, with a good physique and i'm quite fit for my age. I've been living a single life for 23 years, and pride myself at being quite successful with the ladies, good at chatting them up, so by joining this site with so many good looking women on I thought it should be a breeze to find that perfect partner on here.

Soon after putting my profile on the site I was constantly bombarded with letters by women from 18 years old and upwards to middle aged. I found some of the older womens letters quite interesting, so I replied to a few of them but the chemistry just wasn't there. Until I started talking to a woman called Mingzhi ID 1201433 I thought I truly had found everything I had been searching for in life, she was 54 very attractive and looking at her profile photos looked much younger than her years. She also had a big plus as she said she could speak English and there was no need to have an interpreter. She worked as an accountant for a Government department in Shenzhen and was looking to find a western man to settle down with and move abroad and start a new life there with him.

To cut a long story short we arranged to meet in my hotel lobby a few hours after I arrived there. I went to the lobby area at the agreed time and was approached by a woman that asked me if I was waiting to meet with a lady called Mingzhi! I said yes and then this other woman appeared I just couldn't believe it, She was a little old woman with short thinning hair, I just could not believe it was her, she was absolutely nothing like her profile photos, she honestly looked more like the mother of her profile photos. LOL

We sat down and then it also came to light that she spoke no English and would need the interpreter with her if we were to meet. Mingzhi told the interpreter that she was very happy with me, even though I just couldn't have anything to do with her. I had been well and truly scammed by her and the interpreter from the site. The interpreter took a few photos of us saying they were for promotional purposes although I was not going to have anything more to do with her.

Later that evening and the following days I got in contact with a few of the other women from Shenzhen that I had previously been in contact with. I thought ok i'm here now lets try and turn things around and meet someone else. I was quite prepared to pay the fee and to send the five contact letters all at once if necessary to meet with one or more of them. But every time the agency insisted I needed to pay for an interpreter for at least the first meeting even though the woman I was meeting could speak English to intermediate level. I could only imagine what would happen after that as I had already visited the Ukraine previously and had been taken to the scammed by their sister company Anastasia

I decided not to bother with any of them, and spent the rest of my 10 day stay sightseeing and just enjoying life as a tourist.

However on my return like a fool, I decided to give it another try, and for the last six months have been talking to two women. One living and working in Shenzhen and one that lives and works in Guangzhou a city a few hours drive away. The one in Shenzhen is called Zhijing very pretty it took a little while but eventually we seemed to get very close, and we were talking about meeting with the view to get married. I was willing to fly back over to Shenzhen and meet her. But when you apply for a visa, you have to provide the Chinese Embassy with confirmation of the flight and hotel details. So I asked her which hotel would she recommend close to where she lives, she wrote back avoiding answering my question, which made me suspicious so I started to read all the mail we had sent each other. I then realised that some of the paragraphs were the same word for word in different letters. This happened to someone else in one of the bad reviews I read a while ago which to me confirms this scam is definitely going on. We are talking to professional chatters paid to reply to mail sent to women that have only a profile and photo on this site and take no further part, These chatters have all these standard paragraphs to make their job easier and are able to put a letter together quickly with just adding a few words as necessary to try and avoid suspicion. Moving on I asked her to apply for a passport she told me back in April that she had applied for one and then she wrote to me saying she was applying for her visa. Another thing thats wrong! You can't get a visa without a valid passport, but every time I asked her about her passport the answer was her agent says it will take another month which is absolute bull$#*! as I have already met a few people that applied for their passports weeks after her, and after receiving it applied for their visa's and are already over here enjoying a holiday. This is a tactic used to get us men to keep writing more and more letters so the agency can earn another $15 each time we read and reply to a letter.

Its a similar story for the one in Guangzhou her name is Caichan she tells me now she has her passport and visa but although her profile says that she is a business owner she tells me now she has spoken to her boss who says she will have to wait until August for one weeks holiday or I will have to wait till September if she wants to take two weeks off. These people know how to string you along, using all sorts of delaying tactics, they are extremely good at deceiving you. They have been scamming people for years, their cunning and ruthless, and have got a very successful tried and tested formula of how to suck you in to this scam without you seeing it happen. Only when your bank account is empty or you come to your senses quickly will you realise what's been going on, or if you were talking to a few women and lucky enough to see a pattern emerge as I have before they totally clean you out.

Please do yourself a favour stay away from this bunch of scammers, and remember whoever you are Brad Pitt, George Clooney or even Tom Cruise, or whatever cash you have to spend. On this site you will always end up the same MUCH POORER THAN YOU STARTED AND STILL ON YOU OWN.

New Reviewer

The asian women are very nice and talkative. Through the video chat service it is very easy to communicate with all the pretty girls you want, that's what I like the most about this site. You can see her, see how she smiles... I think there is nothing bad I can say about this dating site.

New Reviewer

Asiandate saved my hope when I was hopeless. I had broken up with my fifth girlfriend in 2 years and I was wondering if love does exist at all. I signed up for this dating site without high hopes, just a desperate move. I wanted to try everything and didn't care about the money. Well... it paid off. I met Katarina. That was an year ago. Today she is my fiancee. She is so beautiful and intelligent and gracious and I adore her every day.

New Reviewer

I joined Asiadate about six month ago, after a very bad break-up with an American girl. After some sarcastic laughter I decided to give it a try, just out of curiosity.
After about a month or so, I was asked to chat by a young woman named Hisoka from Japan. I still remember my first impression of how different are Asian girls from American ones. The Assians are for sure my type of women. We are still dating… Planning to be closer to each other.

If you are searching for new cultural matches, Asiadate is definitely a place you should check out. I had all kinds of doubts about online dating sites in the beginning, but you could be lucky as I were!

New Reviewer

Hey guyz
An online dating veteran here. I wouldn't say asiandate is perfect but it's not too bad either. They charge a lot, sometimes it pays back, sometimes it doesn't. Their girls are okay. A bit exagerated profile info, like any other dating site but hey, it's the internet. The girls I met were average and pretty, if that's what you're looking for, go ahead. You can see the possibility of a soulmate amongst them and isn't that what keep us looking

New Reviewer

It is important to analyze scams carefully. Are there real women on Asiandate? Yes. Are most women on AsianDate real. NO! How can you tell? Well during free chat I would tell an obvious scammer that I was not interested in chatting with paid chatters. They would respond "Ok". I would then assert so you are admitting you are a paid chatter. Response "Yes."
I then set up 5 separate accounts. The lowest received 400 emails and the most over 1700 emails. However Often the same woman (over 150) wrote to all five accounts and each email they wrote telling the recipient how much they loved them and only them was identical to emails they sent to the other five accounts. In one case one woman wrote over 20 identical emails daily to three of the accounts detailing her dreams about an exclusive future with each recipient. Now if you have researched this you know there are multiple stories of men preparing to go to China to meet the woman of their dreams only to have a male representative call them telling them the woman was no longer interested. I'd bet money the male representative wrote the letters they fell in love with. Are there real women on AsianDate? Of course, but your spending about $3/letter and the chances a serious woman is writing to you are slim and none. That's what I call a scam. It is a scam to get you to write letters and chat with "women" (quotes intentional) who are paid to correspond with you. Those romantic letters are professioally written and you'd have as much chance marrying one of them as you would seeking a bride at a Bordello. In two cases I tracked profiles down on the internet. In both cases they were professional models though their profiles said they were a nurse and a business owner. If you get an erotic picture from one, do a google picture search. 99 percent of the erotic pictures I received had been downloaded from Japanese sex sites. A few that had not, could be found on Chinese sites selling lingerie.

New Reviewer

I don't know what the 1-star guys are all about. Asiandate is an almost flawless dating service. The women you meet are real, unlike many other dating sites. You get what you pay for. They have a strict anti-scam policy. But they don't make miracles. That's the only problem.

New Reviewer

Somebody should make a hack and hack them to get free credits. They are so fake. I was online there for a few mints and I know emails can't be seen but hey if you write it like this:

a (instead of a @)

It will pass there control and anybody with a bit of imagination should be able to understand it unless they are stupid. But the woman there who talk on free chat are PAYED models not real men seeking woman. So they act as if they are stupid and have no imagination no matter how you write to them. Maybe there are some real girls but they are usually not the free chat girls.

Anyway that is my expectancy of that page.
So somebody should make a hack and hack them to get free credits. LOL

New Reviewer

asian babes are so cute and sexy mmmm. hope to marry one some day. serious dating sites like this one are perfect if you're looking for someone to marry. wish me luck guys

New Reviewer

I've probably recommended this dating service to a hundred men so far. I started using it few months ago and can't say enough good things about it. I met not one but 2 girls that I am so close with already. It's not always easy as I'll have to choose one at the end but wow, look at my problem. I met them both in person, it was really easy, and they are amazing! Asian women are so great and gorgeous! Wish everybody my luck!

New Reviewer

There is things that are not perfect. It's too expensive and that's the biggest problem for me. Nobody guarantees that you get love or sex or whatever when you sign up and for that I think it's too expensive. But if you have the money... go for it. At least it's not a scam.

New Reviewer

This is one of the best organized dating sites I've come across. The interface is simple. When you sign up you get a pretty good picture of what you pay for.and if you don't have unreasonable expectations the service is quite good. I have tried few other dating sites over the time and none of them offer such transparent policy. I'm yet to meet in person the beautiful girl I video chat with recently, but see, with asiandate I don't have any doubts about her identity whatsoever.

New Reviewer

Stay away from this obvious scam! I have paid to be on all the major dating websites over the last 3 years and I can tell you there are so many things that are obviously unsound on asiandate that no matter how tempting and attractive the ladies are, they are fakes. The mere fact that I am flooded and bombarded by ladies who have an interest in or want to romance me when my profile is blank says it all.

New Reviewer

The ladies all seem to be there to get you to spend money, they send multiple letters each day but never say very much about themselves, if you find one that seems to be real at the last moments everything falls apart and you don't know why.
I have tried golden since then and the costs are a lot less and the women are real and will tell about themselves without hiding anything.
You should also avoid and they are all run by the same group.

New Reviewer

My wife died 5 years ago and I haven't been able to talk with a woman face to face since then. Asiandate helped me a lot during the last year. I started chatting with random girls on the site once in a while. I found myself opening more and more and now I'm communicating with this one woman almost every day. I'm starting to feel happy again and I didn't know it's even possible.

New Reviewer

I knew what I was signing for, paid, and got what I paid for. Asiandate is very strict with their anti-scam policy. They don't promise a perfect bride for everybody so don't get your expections too high. I think that's the problem with most of the sites like this one. You pay few hundred bucks and get mad when you don't get a bride delivered to your door. Sorry, folks. You pay for a honest service – chatting with real asian girls looking for a partner and it's not anybody's fault if they don't like you.

New Reviewer

Don't expect to magically fall in love with the most beautiful woman after chatting for few weeks. That's not how it works, ever. I'm not sure my dream woman even exists. But there are some pretty sweet ladies on this site. Not a scam, it's been worth the money so far. Keep looking, guys.

New Reviewer

This is a best experience I've had is with a dating. At first I thought this site was too good to be true,was so happy when I discovered it is every bit as amazing as it claims to be. They have amazing customer support and the women are gorgeous,so far so great will update you further on the progress cause I have only been here 3 months. So far Keep up the good work AsianDate.

New Reviewer

SCAM guyz ,wake up.Been there for over an year now, ever since it was "asian Beauties"..Guyz they had to change because us westerners were waking up to there scam..ask the women to send you an photo holding up a sign with the date,and your name on it...Not one will, just wake up,and ask..why, because its a scam , wake up,start thinking with your head,and not down below.

New Reviewer

All my life I have been dreaming about finding the only person that I would call my second half. Even registered on AsianDate I never thought that it would actually happen. Now I know that miracles do happen. I feel extremely blessed to feel this way at this age. This site is really great.

New Reviewer

Although some of the women may be genuine, most of them are hired by the company to string you along and spend your money. I know this because I chatted with at least 3 young ladies there who I later managed to get to chat on QQ, the Chinese equivalent of Yahoo. While on QQ, they admitted to me that most of the ladies are scammers and that they themselves had strung along a large number of men to let them to spend money without actual hope of meeting the girls and marrying them.

The ladies all access the service from the agency computers, which all have web cams. Therefore you should use the cam share to make sure you are chatting with the lady described in the profile .If you chat with a lady who says she doesn't have video, it is not true. What it means is that the lady with whom you are chatting is NOT the lady on the profile but a different one.

A final note. One reviewer stated that this site is for professional ladies. But it is not possible for a 20-year old, even in China, to be an actual doctor or lawyer. So the professions listed reveal that the ladies are fake. And when the address bar of your browser says "Beautiful Thai lady..." and the profile describes a Chinese lady from Beijing, then you should realize you are being played!

if you want to have some sex chat with a supposedly beautiful Chinese woman, go ahead. If you want to find an actual mate, there are better sites out there.

New Reviewer

An OK site, my favourite service from Asiandate is their mobile dating app which allows you to contact women wherever you are. Perfect way to spend time at work! :P

New Reviewer

I've been hearing a lot about this site lately and decided to give it a go. The free membership came with a bonus offer of 40 minutes free live chat, so that's a good start. There seem to be thousands of women on the site, some more attractive than others, some obviously fake profiles too, but most of them seem ok. I guess all of them want to look their best, hence the professionally taken photographs. Anyway, nothing to complain about yet, definitely not a scam.

New Reviewer

I was a bit suspicious at first because most of the women you see in the ads are drop dead gorgeous and it seemed like only beautiful women were allowed to join the site. I've been a member of for about a year now and can say that if you take time to look around, you will find those women too who have genuine photos and who are really looking for love. Don't get discouraged if the first woman you contact isn't right for you, it's just like in traditional dating - finding a perfect match can take time!

New Reviewer

%100 scam. The fact that it's either 5 stars (company people), or 1 star shows that. Site says my profile is not visible to the girls (and that I should pay), still 10 gorgeous girls mailing me. I go online to verify the scam. My 1st, and last chat with (probably a man) someone there: I ask "her" how did she see my profile, she says "no chat, go now". Girls e-mailing me before? My profile was EMPTY before it was invisible due to inactivity! Stop those dumb dreams, no dream girl will f... you (find you) meeting on a site. Go workout, dress nice, and GET OUT!

New Reviewer

%100 scam. The fact that it's either 5 stars (company people), or 1 star (real people) proves that. After this comment it will probably change. Site says my profile is not visible to the girls (and that I should pay), still 10 gorgeous girls mailing me. I go online to verify the scam. My 1st, and last chat with (probably a man) someone there: I ask "her" how did she see my profile, she says "no chat, go now". Girls e-mailing me before? My profile was EMPTY before it was invisible due to inactivity! Stop those dumb dreams, no dream girl will f... you (find you) meeting on a site. Go workout, dress nice, and GET OUT!

New Reviewer

this site definitely changed my life as i met my beautiful bride on guys, if you haven't found love yet, don't hesitate to try out this site, you also get some free credits if you join so you don't have to spend any money to get started!

New Reviewer

The Asian women I have met here in the States are too liberal for my taste and it's not easy to meet someone more traditional as these women move in closed circles. Asiandate has been a perfect help for helping me meet genuine Asian women who value traditions, but are also open-minded and ready for a change. Thumbs up from me!

New Reviewer

This site is a total scam,trust me.I've only been on this site for a few weeks now and realized early on that they were out for your money.All the girls join for free and are not allowed to order any services to meet or talk to you by phone.Its funny how most of the girls are Doctors,Nurses,Student,Flight Attendants, Business owners,Dancers and of course Teachers.I chatted with this one girl that was a teacher and I said,So you are a teacher?she replyed,NO I've baby sited a few times.Its also a red flag when you a not allowed to exchange any personal information in letters or through chatting.They don't want you to exchange emails because than you wont pay for there services anymore.I ordered a call me service for this one girl I liked and it went so bad.The first two times I was waiting around for a call and never got one.They sent me a email saying I never picked up when my phone never rang.I was forced to call and complain about it,then the third time it worked out.I wouldn't say worked out because I couldn't even understand the interrupter to be able too exchange our emails.It took 10 minutes to get most of the email but not all.I paid for a 10 minute call yet they charged me ten credits for going over 1 minute.I was so pissed off that I spent that kind of money for such bad service.Luckly after I wrote a long letter to them,they gave me the rest of her email.Now I have this girls email and shes too busy to write me.When she wrote me letters on the site,they were so wonderful and up lifting.When ever I send a letter to the customer support or live chat,its always the same girl named Anne.I asked so many times to speak to her boss and it never happened.I laugh at there customer service because they say that's part of the reason why there so expensive.Anyways for all those out there that want to meet girls on here,DONT its a waste of money.I told them many times I was going to get my lawyer involved and have them shut down if they don't give me my money back.Well the customer support rep ended the chat without trying to work with me.Its truly said how they can get away with this for so long,I hope someone will shut them down.I hate to see others loose there money and have there hearts shattered over these F in people.

New Reviewer

A decent high-end website for all single men looking to meet gorgeous Asian women. The girls are definitely beautiful and while not all of them speak English very well, some of them would make great companions. One of the girls I've been chatting to for more than six months is visiting me soon and I can't wait to see where it takes us..

New Reviewer

This site is a total fraud. Don't get pulled in. I've been on the site for 7 months and spent thousands of dollars screening dozens of women from all over China. These women are employed of the website company. There job is to tell you everything you want to here as long as you keep buying credits to open and receive letters. I screened over 500 women and wrote letters to 29 seriously. None of these women are for real. I'm warning you to not get sucked in. I give this site a zero. When I come back to tell you more tomorrow, I will tell you about my 3 weeks in China and my attempt to meet 5 of the 6 women I flew to China to meet. I went to 6 cities to meet these women. The worst experience you can imagine. More later. Mr.Q...

New Reviewer

Hot chicks and top quality dating services! I get that some people are not happy with the quality of the services they get, but I don't really see a problem with that. It can take time to find a dating site you want to join, it took me a couple of months to find a website that I could trust. is definitely not for everyone, but I can't complain at the moment. The girl I've been chatting to is absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to meet her in real life. Keep looking if you haven't found the girl who's truly interested in you.

New Reviewer

The way I see it, if you don't have the money to spend, don't register on their site. Simple as that. The website seems to be built up as an "exclusive" dating service for professionals and entrepreneurs and if you're not in that category, don't bother. Nowhere on their site do they promise free services or that they guarantee a match for anyone who signs up, so I don't really understand why people choose to live out their frustration on the web.

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Bottom line, they are just luring men to spend money on messages and live chat. If there are any real, sincere women on this site, it will be virtually impossible to form a realtionship with them.

If you have already made the mistake of buying credits, you can have some nice, intelligent conversations in live chat. You can see some of them live on webcam, and they will respond to commands so you know they are really live, not pre-recorded (they seem to find this amusing.) Just realize you have no chance of meeting them.

It is prohibitively expensive to communicate on the site long enough to get to know a woman. You could not exchange the information necessary to arrange a visit, unless arranged by the site. The site is extreme in blocking any attempt to get direct communication. They even block mentioning Facebook, Google, etc, let alone giving an email address -- even when I tried posting one backwards! This implies an actual person censoring the communication, not just a computer.

Reasons for doubting the women are real: 1. The majority of these women have large breasts -- not consistent with Asian bodies. The ones that do not have obviously large bosoms are photographed to make their breast size unclear. If you select to put responses or searches in order of "Beautiful Ladies", it equates to larger breasted women first. Obviously the site is catering to what they think every Western man wants. (If a man were looking for women with large breasts, why would he be on an Asian dating site to begin with?) 2. You will often get many letters from the same woman, even though you have not read and responded to any of their previous letters. What attractive woman is going to keep messaging you when you don't respond? 3. You will get letters saying they like your profile or picture, even when you have not yet put anything on your profile.

I dismiss the arguments about it being unreasonable for attractive young women to be interested in older men. The concept of the "dirty old man" and prejudice against age differences in couples are largely absent in Asia. Westerners are largely considered tall, handsome and rich, more faithful than Asian men. But this is not one of the places to find Asian women.

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Total Scam and they will steal your money. Very sophisticated organized crime activity. Over a three month period I met many women who only only wanted to chat, and had no interest in being contacted, but only running up your bill. I attempted to develop 4 relationships at considerable expense, only to discover that multiple people were using the same profiles. The women often forget we had a relationship. Moreover, as soon as i paid for contact information, the women immediately lost interest, and were never to be heard from again. These were women, who I thought we had developed a serious relationship over several weeks, but when it came time to arrange the real meeting, it became obvious that they too were only interested in running up your tab. Different girls would send the same letters in their correspondence system, and some girls would send you over 50 letters in hope that you would open them at 10 credits each.This too was a strong indication that much of the letter writing was automated. When you complain to the site, they say they will investigate, but always come back and say nothing was wrong, only that the women changed their minds. Since i know multiple people were using the same profiles, they are certainly in collusion with the scam, in spite of what they tell you to the contrary. Do not believe what they say about their anti-scam policy, it's only their for them to gain your confidence as they proceed to rip you off. This site should be shut down, and management arrested for the criminal confidence game they are playing. I am filing a complaint with the FBI.

Yes i am a new reviewer, but joined here so that others won't waste their time and money with them, and avoid the emotional trauma of being a victim of their scheme.

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