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New Reviewer
4/17/14 has given me a chance not only to get a soul mate but also a baby girl with a different nationality. When I decided to try online dating I was a bit worried because of all the scam stories we hear, but to relieve myself of the stress i had i opted to give it a trial i really thank God because I think am blessed more than i even expected with a daughter and a soul mate all thanks to this site especially the customer service.

New Reviewer

Scam, Scam, Scam. How come not one of the women can provide a 'non-professional pic' that matches their profile? Hmmmm? Certainly one of them would have at least one pic of themselves that wasn't done by a professional right? One says she likes my pics and I didn't even have any pics on file. Hmmm? Don't pay any attention to the BS reviews claiming the website is legit. It's obviously a mole from that company posting BS reviews. It's a scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

Very good website for people who want to find an asian bride. you can even go on dating tour to china or other asian country. me i personally prefer eastern european women, but this website is also great.

New Reviewer

I initially signed up for and was automatically signed up for and I checked out the sites and spent some money communicating with the ladies. I decided not to use the sites and contacted the website to cancel my account(s). Turns out that I had to go to to cancel the accounts. However, they didn't cancel me from I contacted the website numerous times and whil I cannot logon to the sites I still receive letters from the ladies. And Iam talking about 15-20 per day from the 20 year old crowd. I have contacted the website 4 time snow and no reponse from them. Problem is they have my credit card info and now I feel I have to cancel the card to protect myself. Stay away from all three sites.

New Reviewer

I like this site. The prices seem high, but I've met some really nice ladies. I've found the best way to verify them is to video chat and ask them to hold up a sign saying, "Hi Leonard", and that way I know it's definitely them. The girls think it's pretty funny, but they're cooperative and none of them has refused to do it.

A lot of the people talking about scams seem to think that everything should be free, and that some dating website is going to work for nothing to match them up with women from Asia. If you want free, go back to OKcupid where the women rarely respond to any messages you send.

New Reviewer

I experienced such a fantastic time on a trip to Bangkok arranged by Asiandate. Everything ended up being greater than I could have expected. I did meet my soulmate and future wife. I have already asked her be together with me. I have already asked her be together me and she has agreed.

New Reviewer

If you are wanting to be incarcerated, this is the place to go. It is all about getting you to blow as much money as possible meeting beautiful asian women, with no way to get off of the site. It is very expensive to communicate and if you try to communicate your email address, facebook location, telephone number or anything else, the "interpreter" (read censor) will block out ******** that information.

The whole idea is that you must pay for everything. They will not let you connect with anyone you might meet there at any other location. The other locations are free and will NOT let you go there! The site is exactly like a jail or prison, where they will only let you do what they want, something that makes them money.

If you buy there "best deal", it is 1000 credits for $399. Their "deals" get more and more expensive from there! It will cost you 10 credits to read a ladies letter to you. It will cost you 10 credits to send a letter. So one communication back and forth is going to cost you $8. Let me tell you that communication is going to get very expensive very fast. And don't even think about using the chat function to talk realtime with some lady. That will cost you 1 credit a minute! Or, you can blow 6 credits a minute if there is video viewing of the lady!

Anti-scam policy? Don't kid yourself. The entire site is a scam. You will get at least 10 letters a day, or many more, from ladys that have supposedly looked at your profile and they are interested in you (you don't even need a profile for them to look at!). The whole concept here is to keep you on the site paying them money, big money!

STAY AWAY from, FAR AWAY! Go anywhere else (checking out that site first of course for scams), but NOT!

New Reviewer

This website is special because of the characterizations the ladies give of themselves. I appreciated the modesty and sincerity which can be found in these profiles. On the whole I got a deep insight into the female soul, especially in nowadays Asia. In the letters I got from them there was often even a poetical tint. Let us forget the erotic fantaisies. You could study very well the expectations towards family and life in general which live in these persons. - The quality of the photos is often artistically excellent an the layout quite appealing.

New Reviewer

This by far is the safest site for guy to find someone abroad online to possibly marry. No other site has an anti-scam policy like it to ensure you are not a victim of scam. Reality is in most cases scam occurs it is only because members do not follow the rules. So stay safe and comply or use at your own risk as an adult take responsibility for your actions or lack thereof.

New Reviewer

total scam. I joined hoping to find a few dates for when I spend some time in Suzhou (China) this year. So I found a few girls from there and chatted/emailed with them to see if they would like to meet when I am there in a few days. They are just stringing me along, burning my "points" that are very expensive, and then sending me some form emails that don't respond to my questions.

I'm out about $100 now and no dates. I wonder if there is a in China...

New Reviewer

An absolute waste of money. Here's the way the site works. THe site is "free" *wink wink* with no membership fee. Of course it's not that simple. When you make a profile, they have hundreds of girls who have profiles that have tons of professional photos, almost as if it were a photo shoot or something (yeah they're pro fakes). In the event you find a lady who's the real deal, it costs you 1 credit per minute. How much is a credit? Well here's their price list and prepare to have your socks blown off:

Credits Total

1000 (best value!)







Sure they give you 3 minutes of free chat per person, but that's where the models come in. Any real person of minimal intelligence would figure out how to get around their blockers and exchange email...then chat elsewhere without paying these rip off artists, but as I told you, it's all models who specialize in getting you interested and sucking you dry of your money. Fortunately I paid nothing, but I smell a scam when I see one and I am here to mess with con artists everywhere they are.

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