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Asia-Fashion-Wholesale reviews

40 reviews
Categories: Fashion, Shopping, Wholesale
Room 402, No 2, Lane 889, Suide Road, Putuo District
Shanghai, 200333, China
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40 Reviews From Our Community

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I had to change a size of a certain dress that I ordered, and I found the customer service to be prompt and polite. (in 9 reviews)


Seriously, no other Asia fashion wholesale website is THIS nice to their customers. (in 5 reviews)

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1 review
9 helpful votes

I've ordered two pair of shoes from Asia Fashion Wholesale shopping site . They deducted my money but no shipping .After several days asia fashion team told me that they were not reaceiving any money from me. In this online shop we can't order any product without cutting money from us . I've shown them my transaction for prove . But they are not response to my complain. I think this is the most worse Online shopping site ever in this universe .

Ask Chamz about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
1 review
0 helpful votes

i ordered 7 pairs of shoes and it arrived at my destination the shoes were just great love love love it. this was my first time ordering here will definitely order again. am gonna order for jeans next time cant wait to share my review.

Ask joyce about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
1 review
1 helpful vote

First order: Did not receive a watch that was part of my order. They said to remind them next time and they'll send it.

Second order: They sent the items I ordered without the watch. Did not even reply to my reminder about the watch.

Third order: I didn't bother asking for the watch again, but order clothes for myself and a friend, almost $100. Almost 3 months. Nothing. The tracking website says it arrived in our country 3 days after they sent it, but after that, nothing. Contacted AFW, after 2nd mail they replied someone will check and get back to me. 12 days later = nothing. I e-mailed them again. Nothing. Went on live chat, waited 2 hours. Nothing. Tried live chat again a few hours later, got someone who said they would check with the company, I need to come back in a day and see what there is to see. So I decide to give them TWO days to be fair. Tried live chat this morning, around 2pm their time, nothing. Tried again now, 6pm their time. The lady says I need to come on Live Chat when it is morning there. In other words I have to get up at 3am. I asked if they can't make a note and call the people in the morning and then mail me with the results. I asked this twice, she promptly ignored me and said "chat when it is morning here, dear". And then disconnected me.

Will never order from them again. Just praying right now I'll get my money back...

EDIT: Have finally sorted things out. The shipping company said there was money outstanding. Once I paid that they sent my stuff. Two items are missing. I don't think I'll be shopping there again, the customer service experience is too much of a pain.

Ask J about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
1 review
1 helpful vote

shipping price is too high....they must give the facility of of OCD...if they are true on their part....

Ask Pinki about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
1 review
7 helpful votes

Asia Fashion is not so great. Wrong size send.

This one got many horrible review identifying them as scam. You can order and receive completely different items and totally under value. I know the price was too good to be true.
I end up having to contact paypal to stop payment !

Ask Michelle about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
1 review
8 helpful votes

i ordered 8 tops of XL size but i got very small size
and after asking them they are answering me that those are free size!! WTF i dn't understand is how can they be free size actually those are very very small size i think no adult can wear that whether they are soo thin
very bad experience with this site
waste of 5000$ and still i did'nt get any responce

Ask keerthi about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
1 review
10 helpful votes

Very pathetic site... The price shown there cstm added n quality so poor PL PL PL dont ever buy frm this site.

Ask shreya about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
3 reviews
9 helpful votes

I tried this website after I saw some youtube reviews about it and was very careful to take my measurements and read the description box many times to ensure I did not have the same problems as others did and my shipment arrived is 5 days (I chose Jcex) And everything was great! The customer support team were very polite and helpful. I think the way they reply to you depends on the way you speak to them. I bought 2 bags and some clothing and all was perfect.

Tip for consumers: If it is your first time on this site and you are worried because of some negative reviews then only make a small order and see for yourself. That way if something went wrong then you wouldn't have spent a lot.

Ask M about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
1 review
12 helpful votes

It has been 3 months plus 1 week since I placed an order with AFW, and I never received any portion of my order. The delivery-tracking website shows that the package has been setting in the wrong country, in fact the wrong continent, for over 2 months, but 'Daisy,' the dingbat who replies to all my e-mails wants ME to track it down! Throughout the world, packages can only be tracked by the sender. What a ditz! They are only trying to keep my money and deliver nothing! DO NOT USE ASIA-FASHION-WHOLESALE unless you like to throw your money away! They are scammers!

Ask Randy about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
1 review
26 helpful votes

The Designs are obviously very cute and pretty. I ordered 13 items and I'll upload the pics to draw the comparison.

Ask Tithi about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
1 review
8 helpful votes


Ask sandra about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
1 review
9 helpful votes

I always buy from this site to resell i have no complain about shipping cost just ok and fast shipping they always inform me if 1 of my order is out of stock good communation i got no problem with this site..I am one of the happy return buyer

Ask Amor about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
1 review
3 helpful votes

This is my third time ordering from AFW and i will continue my support for them :)
Their service is very efficient, I thought that as they had a pretty long break for Chinese new year, it would understandably take them a few days to process my orders. But they processed my order much faster than I expected.
All 13 items I ordered came in, in the right size, product and colors.
Most products look almost identical to the pictures on their site, but I've got no issue with an slight variance. And the quality was not bad. This is especially so for the price.
I really believe you pay what you get for. So for the price, don't expect too much. But to me, for the price i paid for, the products are AMAZING :)

Tip for consumers: don't expect too much for the price :) but so far no complains from me for the quality :D

Ask rosabel about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

Poor Quality products and size of some items is too small, some adult cloths are so small that may fit to 4-5 yrs old kids.

I orderd items two times first time they send two defective small products out of 15 items, this time i ordered 10 items and all are useless, looks like cheap road side dirty products.

Stay away from them.

Ask Rahul about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
1 review
7 helpful votes

Save your MONEY use another wholesaler, I placed two orders totaling 500USD never received anything, just emails telling me I need to pay additional 300USD under the table to receive my orders, these emails where from Asia Fashion customer service
Total waste of time and money. Leaving it to PayPal to sort out now.......Never again!

Ask Rich about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
1 review
3 helpful votes

I read so many bad things about asia wholesale. Try to use their clothes are so cheap and I love that site. I used this site one time and i dont like it. I'm ordering only from dresslink now, cheap and good service ;)

Ask RK about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered 6 items from them last July 22. One was out of stock (OOS) so I only received 5. I had them replace the OOS item thrice so the shipment was delayed by 4-5 days and only got them on July 31. Imagine, if everything was in stock, I would have received the parcel in less than a week and that's really fast. I used DPEX by the way.

1 of 2 sweaters I ordered smelled like it came straight from the sewing machine.
1 of 2 sweaters has a tear of 1-2 inches, but can be easily fixed
1 clothing set had a single stitch which can be easily torn but the fabric and print were really nice
1 pair of pants was also single-stitched, but fabric and print were also nice
1 necklace was too light. I think it's not even metal but just plastic. It has scratches, but it was really really beautiful.

In summary, items are wearable, though quality is not that excellent. Usually, fabric and print are nice. I am ordering again soon. Customer service is very helpful. I don't understand why some commented that they don't exist.

Ask Ren about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
1 review
8 helpful votes

I have a lot of aspects to make review about this site. I ordered 64 items.

1. The customer service wasn't bad at all. I've read the reviews of some customers and they said that it's non-existent. It does exist. The problem is, they just keep on saying "Don't worry." all the time. Makes me wonder if it's an auto-reply, but, no I talked to a real person. They answered some questions and even reminded me to pay the orders that I left when I was having second thoughts.

2. When I did pay, suddenly I heard nothing more from them. No confirmation. It was a weekday.

3. I waited for 4 days and after not having been given a confirmed payment notification, I went irate and asked why the site says my payment is still "pending". The customer service agent said, she can't find my payment. I got angrier and asked how a site could be sooooooo disorganized not knowing when a customer has paid. And I paid using Paypal, huh? Finally, I was told, it's a weekend so I have to wait for Monday.

4. On the "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS" section, I gave the instruction to declare a smaller amount for customs declaration. They said okay. When the package came, none was declared on the document. The custom taxes were, of course, high.

5. On the same section, I instructed them to declare the REAL amount of the shipping fee. My concern was, they might use a different courier, a cheaper one than what I paid for. I chose the DPEX for the courier. I had a package delivered by DPEX before and there was a DPEX plastic that came along with it. The one I received had no DPEX sign. I wonder if they did use DPEX or some cheap courier like what I feared. There was also no amount of shipping fee declared on the document. Hey!!! I'm pissed off. Really!!! so, "Don't worry.", huh??

6. To continue with number #5, the package was sent, not in a box nor a plastic, but a sack. A very dusty and old-looking sack. When I opened it, the clothes in their individual plastics, popped out. They were there, not wrapped in another protective plastic. If it rained, water could get into the sack and soaked the clothes because their individual plastic are torn in some ways. The accessories were not contained in a plastic but just inserted in between the clothes.

7. All orders were correct in terms of design and color, except for 2 tops that I didn't order at all. There were some items which had the wrong size.

8. More than 30 of the items are in excellent condition. The fabric used was really good, they could pass for a Forever 21 item. I'm actually really happy about this as I was expecting to get rags as described by some customers. Actually, there are really good quality items. The stitching is really great.

9. More than 10 are good enough. Some had very transparent fabric. You can't wear them without an underskirt, but the designs are still good.

10. About 10 are just okay. I can't describe them as good. But still wearable.

11. About 5 are really of bad quality. Stitching was terrible. I had to cut some loose thread by a pair of scissors. A pair of pants has a really, really itchy fabric. One dress has a torn part made by a sharp object like scissors. One jumpsuit was very big and scary to wear as it is transparent and the stitching is like it's gonna fall out while you're just walking in a mall and reveal everything you've been hiding. A pair of jacket and shorts has a really really terrible fabric quality. The price is too high for that quality. I can buy the same in a dry market for 1/3 of its price in the website.

12. Shipping was fast even if I had no idea what courier it really was.

In the end, I can say that they do exist. They are a real company. They have really good quality clothes. They have really bad quality clothes. So, like some of here said, online shopping is a hit and miss. I might still buy from them, if they promise to send my items through the courier I paid them for or else, a cheaper courier will do just fine, but I want to see my payment declared on the document. Makes me think they're keeping some portions of the shipping fee.

Ask Rox about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
6 reviews
15 helpful votes

they send me wrong colors and when i send picture to them they say thats items aren't belong to them >>>
very bad stay away

Ask walaa about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
1 review
4 helpful votes

Poor quality products and non existent customer service. Recommend stay away.

Ask Rita about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
6 reviews
31 helpful votes

International shipping is too pricey.

They were having a sale, and I ordered a jumper for $8. I went through the process of buying my item, only to then come across the shipping expense—$48! How is this even remotely fair for customers? They have cheap clothing, but the end amount isn't cheap when you include the ridiculous shipping rate. How can they ask customers to pay more for shipping than the actual product? The jumper was only $8, but I had to pay $40 to ship? No way.

It would have been fine if it was the other way around, it'd have made more sense, and it'd be worth my money. What they do, is like going to a bakery and asking for a $3 pie and then having to pay triple that for them to put in a paper bag.

Ask Tiana about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
1 review
5 helpful votes

Your review will help others learn about this website.

Please do not review if you are affiliated or have a conflict of interest with this website. hi i recomended the site they sell very cheap and.very good.quality really if.i buy in mexico one blouse cost arround 40 usd and with 45 usd i can buy 3 good items with dhl shipment incluyed and just took 2 days to arrived at ho
me .. while in.yestyle i have to wait like.for 3 weeks and even u can found yesstyle.items in asia fashion wholesale for much less money. i always question by email.if the items that i want are in stock before make the payment..i never used the shipment for more than 3 items so i will have no taxes and costum probrems

Ask gabyela about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
3 reviews
2 helpful votes

I ordered 3 items on this page and I got them with 25 days so shipping went well.About items they were smaller then written but I dont have no more complaints . So I'm pretty much happy with this site just when you order try to order bigger sizes so they will fit fine !

Ask Keiu about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

I placed two orders this year and at first I was a little scared because many people said that they sent orders with some items missing, but that was not my case. I received the two orders correctly and in time, with all the items I had bought. The only complain was that I had to pay taxes for one of the orders, but sometimes these things happen when you buy things from non-european countries. About the clothes, I really have no complains about them. You get what you pay for, and sometimes even more. All the clothes fitted me (I'm a size XS), so the measures were accurate, and the things I bought had good quality for the price, some of them even great quality for the price. However I would reccomend to really look at the measures carefully and also know what type of material you should buy. I would recommend avoiding chiffons, and selecting cotton, cotton blends, polyester or lace clothes, because those usually have the best qualities. I am pleased with the two orders I placed and I think I will buy again in the future.

Ask Rikku about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
4 reviews
15 helpful votes

you know David Y, costumer manager of, you received a lots of bad feedbacks from your site, do something to make your service become excellent. Its not a joke that clients are wasting their money for nothing. they work hard for that money but unfortunately it easy for asia-fashion to get their money and do nothing. do you have a heart? and if yes! close your site! as soon as possible or make it better. for those costumers, who paid for your products , we have right to get what we are expected. good service in short.

Ask Lyka about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
1 review
3 helpful votes

actually i never been experience to order in this site, i just wanna know if this site is Legit. I want to buy but im hesitating because its talking about money. And aside from that im here in the Philippines. So anyone can help me? Is this site is reliable and legit? what is my assurance that this site is not fraud like other site?

Ask Grazel about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
2 reviews
5 helpful votes

Thankyou very much, it is everything I asked for plus more the material is great and the detail and beading is perfect thankyou so much, will be telling my friends about you guys!

Ask sean about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
8 reviews
11 helpful votes

The prices are awesome. Good quality and nice styles. I just think the shipping was a bit much but when I got the items I was like they are so worth it.

Ask Ramona about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
1 review
4 helpful votes
This website sucks!
They are completely scammer and fraud!
I order an expensive bag but they send me a completely different bag.
They send me the wrong item which is far cheaper than what I ordered.
I asked them to send my bag but they refuse.
They don`t want to refund my money.
They don`t even said sorry!
They even have the courage asked me to send the wrong bag again to China for nothing.
What a scammer!
Don`t buy from this website if you don`t want to receive items that you never order.

Ask Gigi about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

it really is a hit and miss for these wholesale websites. i guess im just very lucky because it's a very nice hit for me.

i actually did not know that there is minimum order and i just ordered one. haha. its probably a plus for me since they only have to process one clothing. sent my order last monday, and i got the package today! (thursday)

i did not expect much from the quality but the dress is actually very nice. no tears or stains.

again, i only ordered one item and that probably helped me since they could easily find the product and then ship it afterwards. for people buying 20+, there might be problems because they have a lot of products they have to process.

for people like me whose just looking for a simple clothing and not a whole wardrobe, this site is recommended. cheap and reliable.

Ask Christine about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
1 review
3 helpful votes

Dear All

Would like to share some experience that I have purchase from
I am a regular customer , recently just experience a few unhappy incident.
I order a few items clothing n bags but I realize that the bag I received the strap is missing , I email to them what I got is " they will refund 30% " mean 3USD, I told them I don't want any refund I just need them to send me the missing strap. then they say ok . Will send the missing strap together once I have place a new order. when I place new order they just send out my order w/o the missing strap then they say the missing strap is not available. Previously incident also happen the same thing they expect u to place new order n send together in ur new order after that they will say there is no replacement for the defect or missing items . Just refund certain % . I even wrote email to file complaint they also they not reply to my email. I find that their service is SUCKS. the quality so-so only. They do not have a specific person who can attend to u when such incident happen. Email send out different person who will reply to u in different ways. SUCH as Phil , Scott , Hedi. When place order with them have to pray hard that every orders there no defect or missing item. then its will goes smoothly. Coz their service is sucks when u need them to handle this issue. When u purchase a bag w/o strap they tell u " the bag still can use its just only w/o the sling strap u can either use or sell it" is this what their service to customer.

Ask shirley about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
1 review
7 helpful votes

Maybe I was lucky? But here's my experience....

I recently ordered 20 pieces of clothing from This was after much googling of other asian wholesale websites such as wholesale-dress, wholesale7, CCT, etc, etc. - this site seemed to have overall good reviews. My order consisted of cotton-mix t-shirts, sweaters, and dresses. I had to change a size of a certain dress that I ordered, and I found the customer service to be prompt and polite. I had replies to my emails within 24 hours (often faster - I'm ordering from Canada and have a tendency to stay up late at night, so when I email them late at night in Canada, I usually get replies within 5 hours - probably working hours in Shanghai). I tried their chat too and found the clerk to be helpful and polite too.

Shipping is hefty if you're ordering from North America, and I got hit with duty too, which ended up being a bit more expensive than the clothing itself, but it was still relatively cheap (~$18CAD per piece of clothing). I chose DHL was my courier and my order arrived in less than 7 days. Tracking number worked and I was able to trace my package the whole time after it left the warehouse. The packaging is kinda hilarious though: it was vacuum packed and came in a dark plastic bag. LOL. Not even a box. I guess it saves on shipping?

Okay, onto the reviews of the actual clothes themselves. I have to say I was pretty surprised by the quality, it wasn't half bad! And I'm looking at this from a broad range of perspective of clothes I normally buy (I've shopped anywhere from Old Navy for basics, Anthropologie, to Holt Renfrew for jackets and shoes). I would say the quality overall is better than Forever 21/H&M. I guess it's Zara-ish? Some individual pieces of course are better or worse. I found the cotton mix t-shirts to be the best. I bought mostly free size for the t-shirts and everything fits. Sleeves were just the right length. The sweaters ranged from great quality (it was also the most expensive piece of the lot) to just okay. But the designs are definitely cute and the same thing will cost easily 2-3x that in stores. Nothing I ordered came horribly wrong or stained or missing buttons or anything like that. That being said, I will probaby resew some of the buttons myself and will cut off the random pieces of threads (they're not great with QC that way). Dresses were pretty good for me, I could fit into all of them, and quality was better than Forever 21 or H&M for most of the pieces.

Overall, the designs on the websites were what I got in actuality in person. I was a bit worried about that given what some other reviews for other wholesales were like, but this wasn't the case.

I did make sure to check all the measurements and I purposefully did not order anything that could turn out problematic (e.g. chiffon, shirts that might be too transparent, etc). I think with these wholesale sites it's just a matter of avoiding potentially bad materials and/or designs that might be hard to pull off/replicate. There was a dress that didn't turn out right for me - but that was because it didn't fit me the way I wanted to, the material itself was fine.

Given what I paid for, and that I received everything more or less in less than two weeks, I'm pretty happy! Prices don't always correlate with quality either - one of the t-shirts I ordered was around 3US dollars and had better material than one that cost double that.

For reference, I'm 5'4", 117lbs, wear normally a S to an M in North American clothing. I have bigger shoulders too because I do work out a lot. I'm not a skinny Asian model like the ones who wear the clothes in the pictures -_-;;;

Hope this helps!

Ask Victoria about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
1 review
4 helpful votes

I love blazers. When I saw this online shop and find a numerous blazers styles, I selected those which has lining. Select blazers with lining guys because it is much structured and looks very expensive.

I ordered 4 blazers and 1 top. 4 out of 5 exceed my expectation. First: It looks like forever 21 garments. Second: The colors may be a little darker or lighter but still looks gorgeous. Third: Excellent customer service Fourth: Really exceed my money's worth. Very Cheap with high quality fabric.

However, you should skip those items that are TOO CHEAP because obviously the clothes is made of cheapy fabric.

I chose the DPEX as the courier, and they delivered the package door to door.I was extremely surprised when my orders arrived in 2 days! wow!

My co-worker saw my orders and they all love it. I recommended this site to them.

Ask Joy about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
4 reviews
9 helpful votes

A friend of mine ordered a few dresses here for a big event, unfortunately the dresses didn't fit and some of the buttons were broken on arrival. We didn't really think much of it, or I guess we didn't mind it at all.

A few months later I start my own order! Mostly leggings and tops, and I found out everything is done through e-checks in PayPal which saves me so much time. Anyway, their customer service is really on pointe, consistent, and extremely polite. I had a few out of stock things in my order and not once was I pressured or even worried that I'd be scammed if I said to refund my PayPal. Sure enough, they were true to their word. I honestly love this site for their staff, so don't knock these guys too much.

As for the quality of the clothes, everything fit me just fine. I'm a very petite Asian, and the majority of their clothes are geared towards my type. Fortunately, I think Asia-Fashion-Wholesale is the ONLY site that has multiple size options such as S, M, L, XL. They give you multiple choices with shipping and will answer all your questions on customs and even help with cutting some of the shipping cost! Seriously, no other Asia fashion wholesale website is THIS nice to their customers.

Their site maybe outdated, and I found their lack of user reviews to be very wary of at first, but I personally love this site. And I hope any potential buyers have the same luck I did. Keep in mind that this isn't some gold mine. You need to treat the staff with respect when they give you the same in return. Trust your gut and use common sense.

Ask Joy about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
1 review
4 helpful votes

I like their clothing, it is mostly true to pictures. Just don't buy too cheap stuff.

Ask Alona about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
1 review
3 helpful votes

I’m fuming the clothes are ridiculous sizes that fit a 5 year old instead of a 25year old all the cloths have marks on that can’t be washed out buttons missing off some item and the quality of the item are shocking crap and they are not taking the responsibility for their mistake it’s a joke waste of money and time!!!

Ask char-lee about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
1 review
5 helpful votes


A NIGHTMARE. awful site, i'm from paraguay so forgive my english.

I wanted to earn some money cause I started university so I thought about selling some clothes. Soooo, stupid me, I thought I found a gold mine and bought 225 $ on clothing from this site. What I payed was 453 $ with shipping.

The consumer service was good, they always responded and politely helped me with everything, the shipping was very fast, got my items from chine to south america in about 9 days with DHL.


I bought about 8 jackets, of which 6 I THREW TO GARBAGE, LITERALY. I took the buttons and THREW THE REST. the buttons are cheap but I thought what the least I can use those.

The clothes are NOTHING like the pictures. Jackets are shapeless, NOT AT ALL LIKE THEY LOOK IN PICTURES. And dont get me wrong, I dont think of myself as a model, but my shape is normal, and those jackets MADE NO SENSE!!!

I dont have a blog, but i swear i'm about to create one just so I can upload pictures from the S**T they sent me.

The fabric is TERRIBLE, itchy very uncomfortable, COMPLETELY UNWEARABLE

Also, be aware that everything you buy in white will be completely transparent. COMPLETELY.

DO NOT MUY CARDIGANS OR SWEATERS, they are horrible too, all the threads are loose and you can see all the sewing when you wear them.

I had a horrible day after buying from this site, because honestly they ARE A SCAM!!!!!!

Also, I know that you only pay 5 or 5 or 7 $ for them so you cant expect quality to be the best, but still IT IS A SCAM, AN THEY SHOULD BE STOPPED FOR DECIVING ADVERTISING. they should NOT put the pictures they use to advertise their products, because it's a lie.

Before buying, please DONT. You´ll be paying shipping for CR*P.

Do your selves a favor and spare your selves the dissapointment... You'll wait weeks to see your money turned into CR*P.

Ask Andrea about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
1 review
6 helpful votes

Honestly, I'm the customer manager of this site .

**Hope the manager kindly doesn't block my this post, because I already rated WORST for our own store **

From my experience, usually when the buyer is angry or disappointed with some seller, he/she will manage to find some place like to post his/her feelings.
I reviewed this page again and again, I feel ok (not bad) because there are not many people complain here(In the past months no feedback).

I'm glad to explain that the shipping cost is the cheapest, but we don't overcharge much more weight(by state 600gram ,actual 200gram).
And we will prepare the goods within 2 business days, and most are prepared within the same day.
And we reply your email within 24 hours(except Sunday, not work day now), usually within several hours from Beiing Time 10am~6pm.
We accept paypal, you can trust paypal if you didn't trust/know about us.

I really hope buyers can let us know if there is anything not good.
I really hope buyers can let your friends know if there is something good.

Chinese are very deligent, and goods from China is popular all over the world.
You have the chance to try one order no more than 20 pcs if you think the MOQ 20 is really a problem.


Ask David about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
4 reviews
9 helpful votes

I like the site and I like the clothing. However shipping is very very high. Paying $90 in shipping charges is out of reach for me.

Ask Harvinder about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
1 review
2 helpful votes

Don't like it.
It has 20 items minimum order. CO ask for another 30 dollar.
quality shabby, bad customer service.

Ask sue about Asia-Fashion-Wholesale

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