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60 reviews
Categories: Genealogy, History
360 W 4800 N
Provo, UT 84604, CHE
Tel: 1-800-378-2092
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60 Reviews From Our Community

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When you sign up for the free 7 day trial it says in four places it will bill if not canceled in the 7 days. (in 5 reviews)

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New Reviewer

This site is a joke and a scam, and will not refund you your money for anything! I will never do business with such a joke as this site, and these people ever again! They claim to be legit, but I don't buy it, after they failed to properly and professionally do a search for me, and they claimed they were unable to find the info I had requested within the time frame their site had stated (It wasn't even 24 - 48 hours). They also took money out of my account without my permission, and I did not give them permission to renew my membership after my free trial, especially after they still have not refunded my money back for that "search" I had requested! This site is a scam!!!

Tip for consumers: DO NOT do ANY business with these UNPROFESSIONAL people!!!

Ask Jane about Archives
New Reviewer

Free trial is bull$#*! they bill you immediately and give NO REFUNDS when you realize they are worthless and cannot provide what they advertise. They merely give you links to REAL providers that charge by the document. THIS IS A SCAM!!!

Tip for consumers: THEY PROVIDE NOTHING! Don't do it!
Free trial is bull$#*! they bill you immediately and give NO REFUNDS when you realize they are worthless and cannot provide what they advertise. They merely give you links to REAL providers that charge by the document. THIS IS A SCAM!!!

Ask Karen about Archives
New Reviewer

I did not find the record I was looking for. So I email wanting to cancel. Well they still charged me forty dollars. I canceled the membership as soon as I was unable to locate a record because it was all old information; nothing current.

New Reviewer

BEWARE CONSUMERS! is a company owned by Yes it has records you can review when doing genealogy research but you are limited to the amount of records available to you. Once you have reviewed the few records they offer on they refer you to for the thousands of records available. The catch is you have to pay for as well. So instead of purchasing on a monthly basis why not make the purchase to for basically the same amount of money AND you get access to ALL the records. The owner of and, being the same person, is scamming you to get you to join both. Why? To add to his pocketbook. Consumers please don't fall for this scam.


Ask Sandy about Archives
New Reviewer

I subscribed to for a 6-month period for $49.95. I have a few months left and low and behold I was charged $39.95 for I never signed up. I never checked out their services or their website, yet out of the blue, they hit my paypal account for the charges. Obviously is linked into and shares personal payment information. I will be opting out early from Ancestry and will not renew. Too bad really, they could be on the up-and-up and still make a fortune from people wanting to do research. And yes, I did check the box so that will get a copy of this review.

New Reviewer

Such a scam! They falsely advertise that you can search for birth records, death records, etc, when all they have access to is census data. Then they make it nearly impossible to cancel your membership. As a matter of fact they have a section for canceling a subscription, which is easily found under account settings and is worded to make you think you've canceled your membership. Then they bill you and refuse to refund the money.


New Reviewer

Too bad you can't rate this site a negative 5! I couldn't find anything on my grandmother who lived from 1937- 1977, but I found birth, death, census, white page listings, etc...on I've only been a member for about an hour, but after seeing these reviews I'm very glad I used the pay pal option! I've also already cancelled my account and am currently on hold with customer service to MAKE SURE THIS TAKES PLACE!

New Reviewer

Signed up for a free 7 day trial on 5/16. Had to enter credit card info so I gave them my PayPal business debit card. Canceled on 5/23, they confirmed via email that my membership privileges were canceled as of 5/23. WITHIN THE SEVEN DAYS. On 5/24 they attempted to take $7.95 out of my PayPal account AND to take $49.95 out. No money in account (debit card) so that failed. They tried again five more times in the next month. During that month long period I repeatedly:

1) called their 800 number only to be told by a live person that their computers were down and they couldn't access my records.
2) went on-line and canceled (receiving an on-screen confirmation that I would not be billed anymore and that I had no payment record on file)
3) sent them an email requesting they stop billing me

As of yesterday, June 27th, they were still trying to bill my PayPal Debit card for $49.95. I have deliberately swept all of my money out of my PayPal account while this is going on because I am not going to let these crooks steal $49.95 of my money.

Today, June 28th, I finally reported my PayPal debit card stolen and asked for a replacement.

These people are either incompetent, or crooks, or both. Whatever - don't make the mistake of giving them your financial information, you WILL regret it.

New Reviewer

Why hasn't the appropriate attorney general arrested people in charge of and for fraud? What state are they located in? Will some of you above request an investigation? Please do so and help get thugs like this off the web.

New Reviewer

Their records are nothing like what they claim. After reading the above complaints now I wish I hadn't given them my credit card number. Every search I've done so far turns up nothing or very generic information such as census records when I'm searching for death records, or obituaries. They also use information such as our public trees. The newspaper collection is a joke. They claim to have newspapers going back to the 1700's when most are for the 21st century. I always get a message that I have to use fewer search options. That didn't work either. The viewer for their digital images takes forever and never loads what you want to view.

Rip off. Don't bother with this one.

New Reviewer

In the fall of 2013 I did some rapid-fire genealogical research towards my sister's 40th birthday, to gift her a fuller tree. I used several sites including,, & Re:, I took the 14-day free trial, cancelled on Day 14 and had no troubles. However, I did begin to see $7.95 charges this spring in reviewing our 2013 charges for I do not have any record (neither email confirmation or registration, any emails thereafter from them re: marketing, nor any cancellation emails . . . neither any records in my Password Wallet) of having registered with NONE.

They claim I did. They have a date, a mere 2 weeks out from my sister's birthday, by which I had completed my work for the season. At this point, in April, they only allowed a one-month refund of THIS month's charge, but said Monthly Memberships Are Nonrefundable. I understand that, for someone who registered intentionally--which I did not. It is in the fine print. That is all well & good. BUT, I did NOT ever register for a monthly subscription, nor do I have any evidence of having registered for a short-term trial.

I suspect that their partner,, shared my information, or that via I referenced an item on the site, and thereby the two accounts linked in some way, yet I did not click the button.

Regardless, it would be no skin off their nose to give me the 8 months' refund, when their records can surely demonstrate that I have NOT used their site at all since August 2013. So, what's $60 to a massive company? Apparently, it's a lot, b/c I cannot get it back.

DO NOT EVEN GO TO THEIR SITE. I am terribly disappointed. I agree with the reports below mine that something is rotten in the state of Utah.

New Reviewer

strongly recommend against using this service, including signing up for free short term membership, which I did.

Without my knowledge, they began charging $7.95 per month. When I began looking at my bank statement carefully, I asked them to cancel and give me a refund. They refused.

New Reviewer

For almost two years I have had a paid subscription. I agree that this site is a real scam! Not much info is available and now there's another huge issue. A few months ago I requested that my subscription be cancelled, i.e., not renewed again in May, so I don't know yet if they'll charge me for a renewal. Today when I try to access and their, there is a message warning that the site's security certificate has EXPIRED!!!!! Now what?? My subscription has not expired yet!

New Reviewer

This is a scam. I signed up for the free seven days. The next month I have two charges, one for $59.+ and one for 7.95, then another for 7.95. I called their number, no response. The only way to stop them is to cancel your credit card and have a new number re-issued. SCAM! I wish I had seen this site first! I thought this was connected to but it isn't!

New Reviewer

STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE! This is a $#*!ing scam! They don't provide anything you need and IGNORED my request for subscription reversal!

New Reviewer

I tried the 7 day trial and found I wasn't getting the information I was lead to believe I would get. All information was very generic, so I cancelled. Then I find out they never cancelled me out and had been withdrawing from my account right along. It took a long heated argument to get them to cancel me and they would only refund me i month. This site is a scam.

New Reviewer

1 look up, didn't sign up for service, they made 5 withdrawals from my bank account, UNAUTHORIZED!


New Reviewer

STAY AWAY! Used this service once and found myself going in circles. Did not get even one piece of usable information. Unfortunately, I forgot to cancel...three months later I called and they would not credit even though I'd only used once three months earlier. BEWARE of the unscrupulous practices thus company uses to make their money. They do not provide the service they promise. BTW, it took forever to get through.

New Reviewer

HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE. DO NOT GIVE ARCHIVES.COM YPUR CREDIT CARD!!!!!! Requested a certified copy of my parents marriage certificate from the New York City Clerk of Courts. They said it would take up to 2 months to get. So I came to because they misleadingly seem to say that they can get your records and expedite them much faster. So I paid $181 for 3 copies thinking I would get them within a couple of weeks. However....ONLY after you pay does an invoice state that it will take 74 days for to get the copies. I even paid (sucker) an additional $12 to "expedite" the records but again ONLY after you pay do they state how long it will take. At that point there is no way to cancel. To make matters worse, outsources the whole thing to a third party - USVital. Numerous phone calls to their "customer service" go straight to a voice mail that promises to call you back within 4 hours. None of my calls or emails were returned for 2 days until I left a last message saying I would dispute the charges. Only then someone from another agency calls me to tell me "too bad - we don't care about any of this - your out of luck." HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE. SERVICE AND BORDERLINE SCAM. DO NOT USE ARCHIVES.COM.

New Reviewer

I signed up for the 7-day trial seeking to verify family information from elderly members. Was unable to find verification and could not find information on myself. Called the phone number for customer service within an hour to cancel and Matt said he would document my cancellation. Then a charge showed on my card. When I emailed the customer service they responded to say they show no record of me calling and I would be charged.

New Reviewer

I, like Spencer B., do not have the negative experience that seems to be so prevalent in postings here. As a matter of fact, if you research reviews by companies who compare and rate ancestry research sites (including their customer support and knowledge) it is consistently ranked second only to Ancestry,com. I also couldn't help but notice some of you in this string are actually complaining about and not At any rate, I subscribe to Archives and another family member uses Ancestry and we compile our findings to get a better family tree. Yes, I actually find info on Archives that is not found on Ancestry and the same is true the other way around.

New Reviewer

I did take the 7-day trial and cancelled within two days - four months later I am still getting a monthly charge and cannot get a refund. The customer service is horrible and impersonal. If you can find the information some other way - please, please do - it is awful.

New Reviewer

Has anyone had any good experiences using this site? And do you actually get to view records or are you redirected to purchase the document that your are seeking?


New Reviewer

As bad as the ad. Once they get your money from your credit card, it is all but impossible to have them give it up. I had to cancel my card. Beware.

New Reviewer

The first time I noticed charges from this website, I called to tell them I had never signed up with them. They assured me I was not in their database, and the charges could not be coming from them. The next time I called, it took about 45 minutes, but they finally found that someone else had signed up with my card number, but they would not tell me who. They said they protect their members. So if you are a thief, this is the site for you. And, they said they they would only credit me for one month's charge, but after some arguing, the gave me 5 months credit.

New Reviewer

Scam! Do not sign up for this. Someone is using a different email address to access this website; but, using my credit card in accordance to charge my personal credit acct. STAY AWAY from this website!!!! Caveat Emptor!

New Reviewer

Like most of the other people, I went ahead and opted for the seven-day "free" trial, but found out once I gave them my bankcard number, it was IMPOSSIBLE to cancel the account and avoid the monthly charges.

The ONLY way to stop it is to cancel the bankcard and have the bank reissue a new bankcard.

New Reviewer

I signed up for a free 7 day trial. Site offered nothing for my search - absolutely nothing. So I cancelled my membership the day before it expired. All seemed well. Then I reviewed my credit card billing and I noticed I had been charged for two months. I wrote to their customer service, stated I had cancelled on time and wanted a refund of my two months. A reply from Angela in customer service says they will happily cancel my membership but not give me a refund for my two months as per their membership agreement. Of course, if I had an e-mail showing the cancellation things would be different she said. Seems to be a scam to me. Do not use this site.

New Reviewer

They are a people finder - like telephone and address. THEY ARE NOT AN ANCESTOR FINDER!!! BEWARE! On their site they clearly say "Explore Family History" BULL $#*!! There is no way that they do this - the agent 'T' , she plainly ADMITTED THAT! They KNOW that they are LYING to people - they should be put out of business NOW!

All I can say about them is "#$@%$^$%^$#$@#!$#$%^$%^%$#$@$#___***#$!@#@!"

New Reviewer

Sadly this says free but you can get no information at all until you submit a credit card. I here that bought them out so maybe they will improve it and it will be available on the site. I love ANCESTRY.COM it is worth every penny I spend on it each year.

New Reviewer

I had a great experience with When I wanted to cancel I called them right up and they took good care of me. When you sign up for the free 7 day trial it says in four places it will bill if not canceled in the 7 days. People just need to pay attention when they put their credit card info on the internet and make sure they understand the terms and conditions.

New Reviewer

Don't use - you'll find nothing at all when you search. You have to provide a charge card for your trial period, however you're "assured" if you cancel within 7 days, you won't get charged. I cancelled within 1 hour and not only did they still charge my card, they then charged me the following month as well. Luckily I used my American Express card and it was promptly removed from my account.

New Reviewer

found a lot more information on Archives leads you to believe you can look at documents right away--not! You have to order them from $30.00 and up! Some of the records I can goto the local library and print them for 5¢ off the microfishe machine. Granted, not all of the records are there, but there's enough there to make me happy. Plus, Archives does not have a whole lot on overseas searches.

I cancelled my "free" trial, I will see if any charges show up on my credit card, especially now after seeing all the complaints about them charging you.

New Reviewer

I try to cancel after the trial but they disregard my wish to cancel. I still don't know if they cancel it. I have done twice.

New Reviewer

This site is the worst. I was trying to remove my information from them like how spokeo and intelius have all your information under pipl dot com . All other websites remove your information without a problem, but archives dot com will not. I hate to get religious, but they are MORMON OWNED and affiliated with which is the same. I don't know how the BBB works, but they need to be reported. They refuse to take down my web information.

New Reviewer

Started trial to see what they had to offer....which was little/no information or a link to the .gov websites to order the appropriate forms. I also saw the advertisement which looked like a screenshot of the death certificate I was looking for and the ad said I could see it right away, but this is not so. Deceptive advertising.

New Reviewer

DO NOT GIVE THESE GUYS ANYTHING> We have had the exact experience as those above. Found they charged our card for a renewal, immediately called them and they basically said too bad they would cancel my account but not refund what they had just charged because it was outside their refund policy.

New Reviewer

I decided after a couple of months that I no longer wanted them to bill through PayPal directly and removed PayPal as my billing option. I wanted to make the decision month to month whether to renew based on value. I assumed they would bill me. Instead, they continued to bill through PayPal - indicating that if I wanted to change billing, I had to cancel the contract. Repeated emails with customer "service" resulted in continued frustration. I ultimately cancelled the subscription - don't join in the first place!

New Reviewer

Very deceptive. Leads you to believe with a click of the mouse you will be able to view documents like birth, marriage and death certificates that may be helpful in working on your family tree for a small monthly fee. In reality most of the information is not documents but rather data that you can get for "free" by just surfing the net.

New Reviewer

I signed up for the 7-day free trial. When I clicked on the county and state record it stated in a bold font that $0.00 would be charged. After I submitted it, it changed to $49.90 would be charged. There was no phone # listed on the site. Through 'Contact Us' I immediately sent a request to cancel the order and cancel the free trial. A few days later the charge showed up on my credit card. I got their phone # from my credit card, but they refuse to remove the charge. I am going to pursue getting the charge removed but don't have a lot of hope based on other people's experience with this company.

New Reviewer

Scott P. I cannot believe that every single person on this review page has something negative to say about The only conclusion I can come up with is that the millions who have actually HAD a great experience with the site is just simply not saying so. This is now the second year I will be using the resource, and I just love what I've accomplished. I use it often and have been doing extensive research into 16 different lineages. I have been able to (with much patience) trace most of my ancestors back for 300 or more years. I'm sorry to hear how some have lost out. I love using this site. The only thing I have to complain about is that they do not have extensive background in continental Europe. Otherwise, I've really enjoyed the results.

New Reviewer

I have been doing Genealogy for nearly 30 yrs. When I went to they stated that I was a member, yet I could not sign-in. I even went as far as to give a credit card, and would have actually paid for info, but the site continued to refuse to give me access. I wrote to "" and received NO RESPONSE. I wrote again, and again. FRUADULANT comes to mind. I would not give this site any stars. I will contact my credit card service to refuse payment if they have the nerve to try to take any $. I deal with many genealogy services and this one brings the words SHAMEFUL FRUDULANT SCAM to mind!

New Reviewer

They count on people not checking their credit card bills so they can keep the subscription for as long as possible. They also make it impossible to contact them to cancel or even call them I could not find their phone number anywhere on the site!!!

Stay away, they are scammers!

New Reviewer

Here is the "latest" scam from AncestryDotcom.

I enrolled in Ancestry and dutifully gave them a CC#. I cancelled within 5 days and got the confirmation of the cancellation and the $39.95 never appeared on my CC bill.

However, they gave my CC # to a "marketing partner" called One Great Family (OGF) who immediately charged my account for $59.88. I called OGF who immediately cancelled my membership but couldn't refund my money. Instead I was referred back to Ancestry.

At this point, I could see what was going to happen, so I called Visa and filed a dispute on the charge. They blocked the charge until they could investigate,

Then came the "finishing touch". Someone, probably Ancestry, sold my CC# and the buyer started using it. Thankfully Visa sensed fraud and called me. I told them that I had not made the charges and Visa shut down the account and will be reversing all the charges.

For the record, I'm filing a complaint with the Feds and with my State Attorney General.

This fraud has to stop.

If I could, I would give Ancestry and One Great Family MINUS 5 stars.

New Reviewer

Horrible and unprofessional! I have just gotten off the phone with manager Melissa, who did nothing to help me get my money back (I was charged 2010, 2011 and 2012). They refunded the money from this year, as it was placed yesterday, but as of previous year she suggested I should take care of my finances and that they don't do it for clients!! Now the aspect that angered me and that I see described in previous comments: to sound professional they claim they always send emails prior to placing charges on a card. GUESS WHAT? NEVER got any...When I asked Melissa about it, she claimed (!) they were courtesy emails and they didn't have to take responsibility for them getting lost! After I said it was odd I never got them, three years in a row, and how I suspect they were never supposed to be delivered, so that I wouldn't really know about the charge, she claimed I should be responsible for my account regardless if I get an email or not. Well, nice customer service, - let's just admit, you DO count on people not noticing your charges and the courtesy emails you should send that you so proudly emphasize NEVER make it to clients inbox. They don't go to their junk folder as you strongly suggest, you just NEVER SEND THEM (they will say just about anything to make you look like a fool who doesn't have control over their life and will blame their shortcomings on you or your email account pushing their emails to its junk folder). Ironically, just when I was ready to hang up on Melissa, I got an automatic email from Archives about the phone call I placed AND I GOT THIS ONE!! So, the marketing emails MAKE IT to my inbox, but the ones about CHARGES DON'T? Right, I get it. Keep counting on people not noticing the charges and then bombard them with your ready to use phrases that are formed specifically to corner the client, make them look stupid and get off the phone, so you can keep their money. Lesson learned - NEVER provide your credit card for a FREE trial. ARCHIVES.COM is a SCAM.

New Reviewer

Am going to cancel my free trial immediately. I think their records are in very poor disarray, their trees & "my Records" are not user-friendly and furthermore, it is very hard to discontinue. If you do sign up, keep the first email they send you. It has the link to where to go if you want to cancel. They certainly DO try to trick people into unwanted subscriptions. You get what you pay for!

New Reviewer

I, too, regret that I did not read reviews for this bogus "company" prior to signing up for the 7 day free trial. I talked to two people (their customer service offices are in Omaha) who seemed to be reading off a script broken record style. One supposedly was a "supervisor" reality probably was the desk buddy of the previous person I spoke to. I asked for the address to send my request for a refund of this worthless service and for a contact person to whom I could send to their attention and he would not give a supervisor or head of customer service name. When I asked for the address of the corporate headquarters, he said he wouldn't give that out because customer service is in Omaha. Really? So what if all us unhappy customers wrote to the corporate headquarters and flooded their office with the stories of their atrocious and borderline scam service? I plan on sending letters there AND to "customer service" whose address is PO Box 391146, Omaha, NE 68139, at least that's the address according to the faux customer supervisor I just got off the phone with. I wonder if these people are aware that they have a non-credible rating as compared to a reputable company such as I could only hope that as is stated on this site, that the owner of does see these reviews. Oh, wait, that would mean that the higher ups actually care about their reputation out there...somehow I don't think they care the least...only about the money their are raking in at the expense of the unknowing public.

New Reviewer

I should've read these reviews first. The previous descriptions are fully accurate. As useful as, but less transparent than every other "free" public records scam out there.

New Reviewer

Their 7 day free trial is simply a scheme to get your credit card number. They will charge you immediately anyways. The matches they provide on any search ("We found x vital records on y") turn out to be mostly links to other paysites or links to freely available information. I was lucky enough to use PayPal for the free trial registration (which I was unable to cancel with, because I could just file a complaint with PayPal and they agreed it was a scam. seems to pay some third party bloggers to refute the scam claim - do not fall for that, either. has always been a scam, and needs to be shut down.

New Reviewer

I paid $10.00 for a 3 month membership through an online coupon. In my opinion are deceptive regarding the scope of information they have to offer. After 3 MINUTES I knew I had thrown away my money. Total waste.

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