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AmoLatina reviews

453 reviews
551 5th Ave
New York, NY 10017
Tel: 1 (800) 844-3978

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Amolatina is a site where you find women according to your demands, and she will be real and good! (in 113 reviews)


Put simply, Latin girls will make a man out of you. (in 16 reviews)


her does not mean you got scammed. I wish everybody good luck with Amolatina! (in 17 reviews)

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2 reviews
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Met some decent girls but not the love of my life...nevertheless was a good experience.

Ask Gregorio about AmoLatina
1 review
6 helpful votes

OK I paid, and paid, and paid. I stuck around for a good period of time, and had dozens of declarations of undying love for me from site participants, amidst all the blatant offers of chat cybersex.

If you are looking for cybersex and do not mind spending big bucks, this might ba a good place to visit.

Now for the harsh reality:

Ladies in Barcelona and Lisboa almost all had dual entries on Anastasia Date. Some in Morocco had dual entries on one of the African dating sites or Arabian Date. Everyone I chatted with, including those who rated their English as "fluent" chose opportune moments to misunderstand, to avoid answering questions that were uncomfortable.

Letters came to me. In a two week period of no contact I had more than 250 emails. Some of those emails were from older women whose profile showed three-five years more age than their letter claimed. A suspicious person would probably suspect that the same letters were being recycled after being authored once.

One lady drew me into her webcam when I stated I was leaving. I had never used the webcam chat since it required 6 credits a minute instead of 2. I watched her typing replies to many people and occasionally smiling halfway. I suppose most men were more interested in the plunge of her neckline than the fact that they were part of a factory operation.

One lady asked an interesting question in her chat banner. I always check profile before contact as I want no one who drinks. Whoa! There were photos of two different women on the same "verified" profile. Needless to say, I did not contact her.

Another lady, one of the Lisboa, bunch, chatted with me a while. I thought she was erudite and interesting. Then another lady from Lisboa used her chat banner to repeat many times "you are awesome!" I checked her profile. The information looked eerily familiar, and on my clipboard, the narratives were identical. Different photos, different names, different professions, and different ages, but the rest was carbon-copy. This was not an isolated incident. I wrote a screen-scraper to gather profiles and found at least 50 pairs of duplicates.

One lady in Mexico had emigrated there from Siberia, she said. Her profile showed the same sort of interests as mine except she was very much an extrovert and I am very much the opposite. Then she liked warm weather as in Mexico, and I am considering migration to the arctic. I closed my reply to her letter with warm regards, best wishes for luck in her search, and said we have no future together. Two days later I get another letter thanking me for my reply and talking off-topic compared to my letter. I have not seen that since dealing with boilerplate letters from the Yoshkar-Ola city in the Mariy-El republic which was a hotbed of internet romance scams for many years.

It is not the level of a romance scam since they do not ask you for money. They have a service and you pay for it and it is comparatively expensive when contrasted with some of the other internet dating sites. But there you will get attention and people will text you with offers of cybersex frequently.

But DO NOT join that site with the idea that you will meet a life-partner.

When I had decided evidence was sufficient that I should not waste my time there, I talked to the person who was ever so interested in me and who hated the very poor quality of connections. I gave her a site address and she reported that the server had sent her a message that she was limited from that site. I offered her a gift, a Chromebook which could be used in any of her country's internet cafes, libraries or hospitals for free connection to me, and I created a web site with chat for the two of us. She declined the gift. Oh my! So I made a list of all those who said they loved me, and with my remaining credits, contacted each one, first establishing the rapport they claimed, then making the offer. Oh my, again! People could not read my messages. they were coming in dots instead of words. Others were limited from foreign sites, there were other excuses. None could read the site address or otherwise contact the site. Was Amolatina holding all its women in thrall?

So again the offer of a Chromebook delivered by a gift delivery service with my paying for it, and delivered from the ones already in their country so there would be no import duty.
ONE person agreed to receive the gift. Then of course I needed a delivery address. Well that information was not permitted by Amolatina. So I am waiting for snail mail.

Phone calls? Forget it. Dates? Hah! the women are so involved with their work they cannot spare the time... Interesting since the time they spent with me on chat probably precluded a day job unless they don't like sleeping.

Conclusion: The women are probably fake, either stolen photos or models or photos submitted by people who no longer use the service taken over by employees. Accountants are "economists" psychologists are "philologists", and doctors seem to be very very young. I met one who was 21.

They do sell nice fantasies, but so do romance novels at much lower prices.

Best of luck, and remember anyone can submit a review. Some of the very positive reviews are probably written by employees.

Ask Michael about AmoLatina
1 review
2 helpful votes

its Fake! every way you slice it and its no way for you to verify the girl you talk to

Ask Jerome about AmoLatina
1 review
2 helpful votes

Hot gals to look at but not real female users.

Ask brad about AmoLatina
2 reviews
7 helpful votes

Do not believe the positive reviews you see here even if there are 1000, it's just amolatina,anastasiadate,asiandate,arabiandate pumping out scam reviews to protect their lucrative elaborate scam, but I know alot of you will go there anyway. So remember all the one star reviews here, then after you get scammed, you will say they told me so, don't be a fool Charlie Brown.

Tip for consumers: The letters are written by the translators, the women you see are not there all day everyday the translator sits in and hides behind the picture, I estimate at least half the women you see are fake, I met one domincana at amolatina she told me everything, how they are paid and are watched like a hawk. I decided not to go see her because she had a kid, so when I went back to the site they had changed her name, out of curiosity i sent a letter discussing things only she would know and guess what n

Ask Joe about AmoLatina
6 reviews
94 helpful votes

I just signed up to browse the profiles on AmoLatina for something to do. There was NO detail in my profile at all - no details about me beyond the bare minimum of gender, date of birth. No photos, nothing. Straight away I am getting dozens of letters and dozens of invitations to chat from women. Many letters seem to be very similar in style and lack of substance. Many chat requests proclaim they love me, they want to marry me and that I look handsome or cute. Must be clairvoyants or something since there are no photos on my profile! Unfortunately, or fortunately I suppose, I know these sorts of sites are nothing but scams as I know people who have worked for some of the contracted agencies and have been told how they are paid. Sorry guys, you are not chatting to that gorgeous lady in the photo. You are chatting with a girl or guy in an office who has been assigned to that "profile". You can tell when the person handling that profile changes because all of a sudden your “lady” doesn't remember things that you told her just a few days before... Don't believe anything about "confirmed profiles" on this site or any of their associated sites either (,, and amongst others - you can be on one site and get chat requests from ANY of the associated sites). As a real example of why these sites are scams: the other day I was browsing as usual for the heck of it and got a chat request from a lady. Surprisingly, the photo was of my current partner from the Philippines! So I looked at the profile, a so-called confirmed profile. Sure enough, ALL the photos on the profile were of my partner. Most of the details on the profile were bogus but corresponded to the bogus details my partner has on one of her Facebook accounts. This so called confirmed profile is a complete load of rubbish and everything has been taken from my partner's Facebook account including the photos... my partner NEVER signed up to join AsianDate and had never heard of them. Guys, just have fun browsing these sites but never ever pay to buy credits, the whole thing is designed to scam you of thousands of hard earned dollars...

Ask Ian about AmoLatina
15 reviews
167 helpful votes

With any relationship you have to invest money into it. Online is just like real life. I have been dating online for a few months now and I think this site is ok if you just make the time to find someone decent that has the same goals. Everything is possible!

Ask Pedro about AmoLatina
12 reviews
141 helpful votes

It is not a rip-off...with all relationships in real life or online you have to invest time and is what it is.

Ask Gregory about AmoLatina
1 review
15 helpful votes

they do not have real girls as many of them have different emails and contacts
also when they contact you all the girls want is you to buy credits so they get some of the money themselves

stay away , wish I would have

Tip for consumers: do not use their site its a rip off

Ask dennis about AmoLatina
1 review
14 helpful votes

I am 60, and I like dating younger women because women my age are fat, ugly and mostly lazy. On this site I get lots of responses, and that suits me perfectly))

Ask Jordan about AmoLatina
1 review
6 helpful votes

I don’t understand all the negative comments, I agree with someone who says it’s real, but it takes time and patience. Of course, it is mostly made to meet someone only through the site, but the girls are all high end and worth the money spent.

Ask Bruce about AmoLatina
2 reviews
12 helpful votes

I’m sure all who gave it one star, just didn’t meet the right person from the day one. If you don’t have money –don’t sign up. You do have to pay for the membership, but it’s reasonable. If you like Latin cultures – Brazilian, Colombian, Mexican girls – you are going to be happy with this one. Recommend.

Ask Rafael about AmoLatina
1 review
17 helpful votes

It's a total scam. I have paid twice $96.00 to purchase credits. NEVER AGAIN!! the women do not answer your letters and when they do they take weeks to respond. Phone calls never go thru. The chat is a trap, it's 1 credit PER MINUTE!!! Video is 3 credits PER MINUTE . LETTERS ARE 10 CREDITS EACH. it is THE MOST EXPENSIVE DATING SITE ON THE INTERNET.
Of course there may be honest girls on that site but for the most part the women work for the site just to make money for them and themselves. Women pop up on the side little windows telling you OBSCENITIES mostly. (that was a red flag!) MOST women in Colombia and surrounding latin-american countries DO NOT have computers in their homes!!
WATCH OUT! Asian date and Anastasiadate is a similar scam!!

Guys! think twice!!

Ask Al about AmoLatina
1 review
29 helpful votes

She reached me first on When we met, one of the first things I noticed was how warm she is. I proposed to her in a year. We got married this summer. We are so much grateful for this happiness!

Ask Andy about AmoLatina
1 review
69 helpful votes

I think anyone in this digital century who wants to find someone is a fool if they don’t try online dating sites with hot girls! And it’s great that the internet has helped so many people find their perfect match. Everyone laughed at me for dating online, but I found an amazing girl! I know you can never be certain, but I am pretty sure, she is the one.

Ask Patrick about AmoLatina
1 review
73 helpful votes

I see some people had a bad experience with Amolatina site. But this is only one story. Not all online relationships are like this. If you're serious about finding someone, and you're not in a rush, this is a great site for you. I met my girlfriend two years ago on Amolatina, and we've been in an awesome relationship for the past two years. :) Don't judge, man!

Ask Harry about AmoLatina
1 review
68 helpful votes

I did online dating because I did not like to go to clubs or bars or things like that. I used to be an introvert. I met my present wife on Amolatina, after using others well-known sites for several years. It was funny that my last attempt to online dating brought me to my future wife. We've been together for almost three years and have lived together for almost 2 :) Yes, there are a lot of crazies out there, girls who lie to you and girls who are crazy. You just need to be careful and be aware of what they say or don’t say to you. I don't think that we should generalize by saying that all girls on dating sites are trying to scam.

Ask Jim about AmoLatina
3 reviews
81 helpful votes

I am so lucky to have met my future wife on this web-site! It proves that there is a soulmate for everyone. Thank you Amolatina for such service!!!

Ask Zach about AmoLatina
1 review
63 helpful votes

Few years ago I was in Rio for the Carnival. After this, I liked only Latina girls. That is why I choose Amolatina, and I been here a few years. I like girls with hot blood and nice bodies. I am sure that Amolatina is the best site for the hottest girls.

Ask Jonathan about AmoLatina
1 review
67 helpful votes

I have a good experience of friendship with a Latina girl. I want to say that the image of hot sexy babes is not for all Latina girls. I met Julia in Amolatina, and we spoke so much about everything. She likes baseball and basketball like me. We have same interests. I want to say that here you can found any girl you like.

Ask Jim about AmoLatina
1 review
69 helpful votes

I met this girl on Amolatina about two years ago. I signed up the site as having a boring evening. When her picture appeared on the screen, I just couldn't look away. She was lovely and had the same interests as me. I'm happy; she is moving to my country next month to be closer to me. I've never been happier with anyone before. So I'd say go for it! Just make sure to meet the person in real!

Ask Jack about AmoLatina
1 review
68 helpful votes

I love and adore Latinas. They are gorgeous and beautiful women. Yes, a few gold diggers, but overall, mostly wonderful women. So far I have met several ladies, and we will see what happens but I have a unique experience.

Ask Simon about AmoLatina
4 reviews
91 helpful votes

As many others, I met a few non-serious girls here. Until I met one girl, who stole my heart. Her pictures were true and honest; my intentions were true and honest. We met in Medellin, and now we're engaged and that was over a year and a half ago. Amolatina worked out for me. All you need - two people who are serious about a relationship and it will happen!

Ask Dave about AmoLatina
1 review
74 helpful votes

Eva Mendes, Shakira, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez... If you hear these names and your heart flutters, quick Amolatina is your site. Here are the best Latina girls and rest assured your Latina beauty awaits you here. I love this site

Ask Morris about AmoLatina
1 review
24 helpful votes

Although there may be real profiles on there, they are few and far between. While using "cam share" one time, the woman came up on camera, she was in a room full of women on computers....all on Amolatina. So, I am guessing, they work for AmoLatina, selling chat, lying to get you to pay more, spend time online. Also, while chatting with another woman, she sent photos. Out of curiousity i googled the picture. The woman on AmoLatina claimed she was a doctor from Brazil, older (49)...after i searched Google for the picture, it tuned up as an Italian actress...pic for pic profile vs this actressess press kit. I confronted the Brazillian "thing'. she became irate and rude. Of course!!

I contacted AmoLatina, they pretty much made me out to be the crook, and that THAT client was verified through passport and other credentials. In return letter, I told them they need to fire their "verifier" and that their site was a scam. Again, they tried to make me out to be the crook....which, pretty much says guilty on their part. Trying to spin around the acqusation.


Tip for consumers: Dont!

Ask Jer about AmoLatina
1 review
87 helpful votes

I partly agree with some reviews. While it does have some fake profiles, I feel like they've cleaned it up a bit. I've met several wonderful women on this site and, for the most part, I've enjoyed my experience. I do wish they'd clean it up more. I believe it’s not bad.

Ask Bob about AmoLatina
1 review
89 helpful votes

I was never really interested in dating Latin girls, but I signed up for this dating site with my friend, almost like signing up for a marathon together. He chatted with a few girls, and it wasn't good. I was just not into it and was about to quit, but then I saw this girl. I thought: this can’t be real.We moved in together after about 18 months. I don't know how else we would have met.

Ask Simon about AmoLatina
1 review
82 helpful votes

If you like to have fun and to meet new people, you will like this site. Any type of latin girls awaits you. They are hot, lonely and wild, and all of them are here on amolatina. Just you and the hottest girls.

Ask Mathew about AmoLatina
2 reviews
88 helpful votes

Hello, my name is David, I am from Dallas, Texas. I came to this site, few months ago and I had a great time. I came to meet the nice girl she is like a flower of my heart, I have been spending a week with her — not enough time, but I do have to go back — and I will be back again in few month.

Ask David about AmoLatina
1 review
89 helpful votes

I strongly recommend that every man should date a Latina girl at least once in their lives because they will change your preference and taste in women. Ever watch a Latin girl dance? Ever seen anything hotter? Me neither. These girls are the sexiest and the hottest. Put simply, Latin girls will make a man out of you.

Ask Alex about AmoLatina
1 review
12 helpful votes

Yes, i did fall for it! like many of you who wrote complaints.

Here's what i saw, Some of these girls are models well that's what they say on their profile, but when you try to actually look out for them on facebook, twitter or instagram, you cannot find them anywhere, really strange if you want to have exposure for your modeling career don't you think ??

I have a question here for you guys if you can answer me or help me with that topic, HOW DO YOU DO TO FIND OUT IF THE GIRL IS FAKE OR LEGIT ? I tried TINEYE and GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH for photo reverse search with no results if someone has a solution to that i'm all ears., i imagine that facebook and instagram algoritmh must be pretty tough to break cause none of these appear in the final results.

Back to AMOLATINA, yes i did have some conversations with some ladies and from time to time they were slipping up not remembering or faking that i never said those things, DO NOT USE THE CHAT AND E-MAIL SYSTEM it's a total scam and better stay the hell away from this site.

A better alternative try LATINAMERICANCUPID.COM they have a monthly fee membership but you have unlimited use for your membership, P.S. the girls are sometimes less attractive than AMOLATINA but at least they are real and you can actually find them in facebook , can exchange personal infos and chat on whatsapp or skype, it's up to you....bottom line you have freedom to do what you want at a lower cost.

Ask Ben about AmoLatina
1 review
85 helpful votes

A good site with lot’s of great girls. . Would like them to have a little cheaper membership available. It may have its issues but you know what, I like the site, it allows people to meet beautiful Latin girls from all over the African continent and for me that really is a plus when it comes to this site.Yes, there are bad elements but this site does have good parts too. It is all part of life. For my vote, this site gets a good rating!

Ask Owen about AmoLatina
1 review
82 helpful votes

Not every guy and girl are the same. Everyone has something different to bring to the table.. Give it a chance. I am a little surprised at the negatives here about this site. I've been on and off of it for several years. I've met at least a dozen women during that time, dated several of them. Maybe I got lucky but I think if you are honest, open, pleasant and realistic you stand a very high chance of several dates or even finding a long-term partner.

Tip for consumers: Lot's of options!

Ask Lee about AmoLatina
1 review
106 helpful votes

Cool site. Can't say anything bad about it. I've been a member for a couple of years now, and it is a satisfactory service. I've been on few trips to Medellin and met some of the girls I've been talking to on the site. They are splendid and honest. I hope to find a good woman to marry there.

Ask Bill about AmoLatina
1 review
96 helpful votes

After two months of chatting practically every day we met in February 2013 through Amolatina.
For us, there seemed to be a spark between us on email and text so when we met up it felt natural and relaxed…I think we both had a good feeling and couldn’t wait for a 2nd date.
Two years later, we have bought our family home together, have a beautiful little boy and will get married on September, 6th this year, so Amolatina worked for us!! We feel lucky to have found each other and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Ask George about AmoLatina
1 review
23 helpful votes

This site is an absolute scam.they post profiles of beautiful women but when you talk with them online you are talking to someone working for the agency and it cost a lot of money to chat with these girls.sure some of these girls exist and i have met a gew of these girls but when i met them in person i found out very quickly that it was not the girl that i was talking to online.this site is only designed to make money.some of these girls are online for 16 hours a you really think these beautiful women have nothing better to do exept sit next to a computer all day.stay away from this site they are nothing but low lifes and scum running this site and the girls talking to you pretending to be these beautiful women are nothing but paid prostitutes aimed at taking your money.

Ask chris about AmoLatina
1 review
99 helpful votes

You've done a great job. I found the right lady for me. By corresponding with each other, we were able to ask freely all those questions that we both felt were important for us to know about one another. We are exactly what the other was looking for and knew that we were meant for each other the first time we spoke on the phone. Thanks very much and I will be recommending this website to anyone and everyone that is looking for the love of their lives. I tried a couple of the other well-known sites and was highly disappointed.

Ask Dylan about AmoLatina
1 review
101 helpful votes

I just wanted to let you know that I was a member of Amolatina during this past summer. I met the most wonderful woman through Amolatina site. I just wanted to thank you and to tell you that we owe it all to you! We have a wonderful relationship, and I fall more deeply in love each day that passes. Everyone gets along, and we take on life’s challenges head on and all together. I thank you for bringing our worlds together. I wish every member the same opportunities and hope they all find the love of their life as I have. Thank you!

Ask Jeffrey about AmoLatina
1 review
98 helpful votes

I am a twenty-seven-year-old man who’s been using Amolatina since about a year ago. Overall, my experience has been positive. I think online dating is a good thing. People can enjoy through this and bring happiness in their monotonous life. If you are looking for someone nice with similar interests, online dating might be helpful

Ask Patrick about AmoLatina
1 review
23 helpful votes

I have been on amolatina dating site for almost 2 years.During that period i have seen same lady is having 2 account on amolatina and what surprise me that when you click on online members most of the time picture of same lady but with different name,age and profile information.I have also seen some profile of ladies 1) during their young age and 2) may be a age gap of 2 or 5 years or 3) during their young age and after some facial change like a different make up or change of hairstyle or may be some facial surgery done. I will list few example with the ladies ID NUMBER HERE AND YOU CAN CHECK THEM OUT.I HAVE ALSO TAKEN PHOTOS SO I CAN PROVE BUT I DON'T KNOW HOW TO UPLOAD HERE.
All this above amolatina ladies have same facial features but with little bit alteration with makeup and hairstyle.When you browse online members please put some attention to detail on ladies photos so you will have better idea.I have seen many profile like that on amolatina so be careful guys.

Ask martin about AmoLatina
1 review
25 helpful votes

If you’re thinking about investing your money in trying to find a Latino wife save your cash because you're only throwing it away on AmoLatina. I know you’ve probably read some of the ecstatic testimonials on this review site and others that the dating site is for real by some happily married guy who claims that he found his wife there. Well, I don’t have to tell you not to believe everything you read on the Internet, you already know that.

I suspect that the principals behind the website are probably fabricating most of these testimonials to try to keep their lucrative business venture operating. Don’t believe me? Read the testimonials. Not a single one of these so-called success stories offers a shred of evidence to support their claims, while all of the negative reviews posted on this site and others provide you with facts so you can investigate for yourself.

If you don’t believe that the AmoLatina site is a scam visit it; go to one of the site pages (other than the home page), but don’t join and don’t sign in. If you stay for any length of time on the page, women will pop up on the screen. Women you can supposedly chat with free and you’re not logged-in on the site? You’re anonymous, you may not even be a male in search of a wife, but Latino women seeking husbands want to chat with you? They don’t even know you exist, how could they care. That’s because other than the photo chat window or profile page, they’re random computer-generated prompts to get you to fork over you’re hard-earned money.

I’m an investigative journalist and I’ve been investigating the suspect world of Internet Marriage and Dating Services. I’ve gone undercover as a customer on these sites, because I want to report on the experience from the customer’s point of view. I want to know what happens if anything when the dollars are exchanged; so I pose as a paying customer. I followed the advice of one of the reviewers on another site and emailed AmoLatina’s Customer Service three times on three different occasions seeking information and clarification on their policies regarding their rates and policies. Mind you, I was a paying customer, who had already spent money, with additional credits to spend, and I thought I would never get a response. I suspect its because they only have one person working customer service for the entire site.

So what’s the bottom line? Yes, there are many photos of beautiful Latino women on AmoLatina’s website, and these women most likely actually exist in the flesh somewhere in Central, South America, or Spain. The question is, are these women really looking for husbands or just looking for a way to earn a few extra pesos. My advice is don't chance it. Save your money and spend it on someone who actually appreciates it: you. Don’t throw your hard-earned money away on AmoLatina.

Ask Philippe about AmoLatina
1 review
96 helpful votes

Met my WIFE on and we've been happily married for over two years now. I'd been doing the free online dating sites for awhile but noticed a quality difference when I changed to a paid site. I think, people care and put a lot more effort into it. I've known other couples who have also married after meeting online as well. Listen to your heart and make your judgment after the 1st date. It is a tool for meeting people and for many couples, it works!

Ask Michael about AmoLatina
1 review
15 helpful votes

Stay away! Total BS! Your not talking to the person you think you are...
Over 50% of the women are plants. Prostitution is legal in Latin America... think about it.

Ask jucie about AmoLatina
1 review
64 helpful votes

Hello to everyone! I would like to share my happiness with you!

Being divorced at 34, I thought I would never fall in love again, but miracles happen! My friend told me to visit this website just to see how beautiful girls are there
at this site. I did not mean to do anything serious with it, but while looking through the profiles I saw Mandy’s and I understood she caught me with her smile!

What did I do next? Surely I had to sign up and to find a way how to see her.

To cut a long story short.. 6 weeks ago one beautiful baby was born in our family!

Ask William about AmoLatina
1 review
67 helpful votes

I've been doing internet dating recently, but it has not really gone that well. I have met some nice women, but for one reason or another, things did not work out. That was until I met a girl on a few months ago, and we hit it off. We sometimes chat for 2-4 hrs non-stop. Our first meeting was very romantic, and it was a beautiful summer day. There was no awkwardness; we just talked the whole time. I would never have met her without the online dating service. Thank you for giving me the hope for the future.

Ask Paul about AmoLatina
1 review
89 helpful votes

Getting a woman is not hard, getting a GOOD woman is hard. Amolatina is a site where you find women according to your demands, and she will be real and good!

Ask Scott about AmoLatina
1 review
12 helpful votes

Chatting costing 50 an hour..letters upwards of 10 per letter..oh yeah..the more you buy the less the cost but not by much...the value for dollar is terrible...also no exchange of email addresses or phone numbers..they monitor all..and I resent my personal letters being monitored..they also want a monthly fee in addition to services..outrageous charges..

Ask James about AmoLatina
1 review
22 helpful votes

I am going to start from last year March timeframe. I had been a member since 2013 but for about a year I very rarely logged into the website. Last year In February early March time frame I came across an letter from a woman in Colombia she was a nurse. Now I am going to point good and bad things out here.
The lady I was corresponding with I think may have been a real nurse at first. My x-wife is a RN so I know a bit of the nurse protocols. So between March and end of April things looked good or at least I thought they were.
In chat she talked about her work at the hospital and the shifts. this was all done on chat. she was not exactly the best for writing letters and never really kept her word when it came to sending pictures of herself. I was given the excuse camera broken.
Then I send her flowers. Now In Amo Latina's defense They did send a picture of her with the flowers and a sheet with my message on it. And in her nurse outfit.
Now I went out of town for work I had a smart phone so we chatted briefly for a few minutes a day. then one day she had an emergency and I did not hear from her for over three weeks I kept writing to her no luck
finally I wrote to the agency they said her profile was still active. Then in late May it was her birthday so again I sent her a small present.
Now they did take a picture of her with the gift I sent
now this is where things started to go turn. I am not sure what happened but in chat I noticed her tone was much different and this person was not as sharp as the first one was.
later in June I traveled to NYC and San Antonio sent her pictures of my trip.
It was about this time I came across sitejammer as I was looking up Amo Latina.
I read all of the reviews. I even did research on the claims with Ladies IDs and found all of them to be true.
So I wanted to see if this was real or fake. I asked if she had a webcam. she said no and that they were very expensive but she could use a friends. so we set a date. The date comes no webcam she claims she fell down the steps and injured herself. Now again I sent a small gift they take a picture.. no cast or band aids for the type of injury described.
A few weeks later we tried a phone call. Again that fell through as well. Then I brought up the fact my old roommate from college was pretty high up at the FBI and she wants to try another webcam. That too fell through.
SO time went on we exchanged a few letters and kept noticing a real change in tone. like
when I brought up things we talked about before it was like talking to a different person again.
But she kept telling me how much she loved me and even help me practice Spanish lessons. So we talked about meeting in person. ok I though maybe this will go some where. but that fell through when I tried to nail down some dates. I was given the reason she could not meet or commit was because of nurse care in the back country.
so a few weeks back I get letter from this same gal.. who wanted to know if it was okay to call me rob short for Robert.. I told her I thought I told you that over a year ago....
Her birthday came up I sent her another small gift but this time I included my email address. this is when she told me she was quitting the website because her mom was really ill and that she would write to me now that she has my e-mail address.
well it has been two months... Not even an e-mail
now during all of this I let a few women friends of mine read the letters and chat. now if you go by what they tell you in a letter or chat.. The woman should be begging you to come down for a visit to see if you were compatible...
Now when I was researching this website the best reviews were not by people who had short statements but long ones with actual facts or something I could at least believe. Like the tours I looked them up on You Tube and when I looked at some of the women I did see on the website. One of the reviews I read had three stars said to stay away form chat and e-mail that he felt it was a fraud. But he did do one of the tours. and went into decent detail about what you could expect. even to the point he was talking to a gal he supposedly was exchanging letters with. She had no knowledge about their correspondence.
Now they Amo Latina answered my questions about the tours.
When I brought up some of the items I spoke about I was told they were sorry sometimes things don't work out .
Also there is a picture posted #15 woman's name is Marie the picture was posted by PatM
That same Marie writes me in chat tells me I am the luv of her life. I mention it was only the other day you told me you found someone.. I got the ohh I broke up with him!!!
There was one gal named Jessica I though maybe this might be a real one until she asked for money the warning flag went up.
Then there was a gal who was from Medellin she was listed as a model. My buddy I mentioned earlier found out she was a prostitute. He gave me a website called Escorts of Medellin. there was a picture of her. the age was different as well as her name. Nice to have friends in high places.
now I did point things like this out to Amo Latina but they claimed the girls were real.
So after that response and the scenarios I pointed out I decided to cancel my membership. I also contacted some people who wrote good and bad things about this website. the good ones never responded. But I noticed a few new good post posted the day after all of my post. one four star stated that if these girls were who we claim they are why no Facebook.
Well I responded to him by providing her full name with her Amo Latina id Roccy #1169007 her full name is Rocio Morales Giraldo. she also has a few you video's as well.
now I was told by my friend at the FBI to report a website fraud you have to go to the Secret Service website.They handle this
I feel really bad for what happened on Amo Latina. In all the research I have read about Colombia they have a gold mine for women a 4:1 ratio... I had real solid intentions with that nurse. she was not one of the featured gals but I she was fine by me. Just very sad for what happened. Wish I had found this website earlier. Maybe I could have avoided all of this.

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This is a scam one of my colleagues warned me about it and I had to try it. The same lady in question after a few months reply extremely rude and send me this

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"Katherine from Villavicencio "She is on Facebook, on Twitter : Kterinrios : She is from Bogotá. She Will never Give you an answer outside from Amolatina because everything is wrong and fake and she Will not Give you thé opportunity to receive five letters from her because she should accept to meet you. That is the sad reality. This Dreams girls do not need you to meet love. They Just earn money.

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A: No JT they are not. I have researched and been at the site a long time. One of the girls told me I befriended, a miracle, told me they are paid 10% of photos, chats, and gifts that are purchased by men. They are essentially employees of Amolatina who are there to take you for a ride JT not start a relationship. I believe 75% of the photos are fakes, merely someone communicating behind them until you get visual confirmation through video there, you are being scammed for sure. Most of the women refuse to use the video at the site, it's because its all an elaborate scam. The young woman I befriended there told me she's away the majority of the time and her translator chats with men, so essentially you don't know whether you are talking to the woman or the translator they both are in on scamming you. The women don't even write the letters at Amolatina. If I was you try filipinas they speak English and are homemakers JT and actually mixed with spanish. I am going to the philippines the beginning of the year jan or feb, I have a girlfriend and girlfriends who have good looking honest women looking for a man too and they don't care about color as long as you can provide and treat them right, if interested give a holler JT, stay away from amolationa,,, they are all scams it's a shame they declare they are 100% scam free, but they are the scammers JT.
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