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Adultdvdmarketplace reviews

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New Reviewer

They will charge you, as if your order has been placed but do not actually send product. If you reach out to them, they say they'll let you know if the product is ever in stock, but do not refund you and won't respond to any other questions or communication. My ''order'' was placed last year, October 5, 2013. It's March 29, 2014. Still nothing.

New Reviewer

I never had a problem the few times I bought videos here, and I recently sold a bunch. However, when it came time for them to send me my check for the videos I sold, I got no check. Nor have I received ANY kind of help to find out what happened to my check despite numerous emails for assistance. I'm suspecting they keep up payments to the bigger sellers and fail to send anything they can to the little guys who they don't really care if we sell there or not. So, I'd make it ok to buy there, but not to sell anything there.

New Reviewer

The site is legit. Ive been dealing with them for a long time. Never had a problem with them. I get most of my movies, and most of the time in a timely manner.

New Reviewer

I have been dealing with this site for the past two years as both a buyer and a seller. I have read the other reviews and I need to say that some of the reviewers are not telling the full story. The site is a great place to purchase from multiple vendors at once. They are not Amazon, but they are not offering the same products that Amazon sells. Very easy system to deal with the sellers, not the website owners. Some people don't get that. I did purchase a DVD from one seller and it was a pirated copy...I very quickly emailed the seller and received a fast refund. I give it the highest rating I possibly can!!

New Reviewer

Adm media/adultdvdmarketplace bills your credit card and then does not send video. They have no phone and no address. No one
ever answers thier email. As part of the scam they go to the complaint site and say they resolved the problem. If you don't beleive me, try to reach them. Stay away!!! Bad people.

New Reviewer

I have been doing Business with this site over 6 years, the few problems I have
had were taken care of by the CSR's of this site or by the vendor's. I do alot of
repeat Business do to their excellent prices, usually fast shipping and honesty
of the sellers. Their site is easy to navigate and well laid out.. Keep up the
excellent work!!!

New Reviewer

i have spent literally tens of thousands of dollars in supplying my small retail store. Suffice it to say, a new paradigm exists in wholesale adult; because adult is just a small part of what I do, my analysis is that I receive better service, pricing and broad availability (and can buy in extremely cost-effective small portions) than from one old ways of doing business. And not for nothing -- i have been at this 22 years -- and am determined to still carry adult but am not an adult store. You see my point. Other similar sites have much more the feel of retail, consumer sites. ADM is a bare bones no-BS operation, mostly populated by small-time San Fern jobbers existing on couple-bucks-over type sales, streamlined and assumably universally despised by old-school adult vendors for their efficiency (and don't get me started on the value of Priority Mail these days).
ADM is a paragon of efficiency for me. I stand by them singularly.

New Reviewer

if i was able to give less than One star it would be NONE. What a JOKE, They have no customer skills and the dude with cj should have been cs for his name he better pray to god he wasnt in dallas for my reply live..first hand...

New Reviewer

They are scam artists stealing from both buyers and sellers! BEWARE! They do not communicate and confiscate your money! Highly unethical business practices!

New Reviewer

Beware as a seller they will issue refunds to dishonest customers without notifying you and they do not communicate with you on any issues. They are totally unwilling to resolve any disputes and condone fraudulent acts by consumers.

Apprentice Reviewer

cheap High Def porn - This is a great site for buying HD and blu ray porn. It works somewhat like amazon where you often are not buying directly from amazon, but instead are buying from other company and they are shipping it to you. Still they have really cheap prices on this site and to get Blu Ray porn for less than 25 bucks is a good deal.

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