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6pm reviews

76 reviews
Categories: Deal, Discount Shopping, Shoe
400 Stewart Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89101-2913
Tel: (888) 676-2660
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76 Reviews for

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New Reviewer

Bought 2 pairs of size 7m shoes. Neither the sling back or pump fit both 1 size too small!! I only own size 7 shoes some are narrow. It looked better in the picture. They are cheap Chinese knock-offs and the worst thing is not exchanges and YOU pay shipping. Ipaid $13.38 to return by ground mail to Shepherdsville KY from California. I wasted my money! CS sent me the email right away - something tells me they are VERY use to people returning. I could have bought these shoes for regular price at Payless for $20-something dollars not $35 - $40 supposedly a sale price. I would never buy anything from this on-line site. I work too hard for my money.

Tip for consumers: Buyer beware. JUst understand that you have to pay to send it back and no exchanges.

Ask EtaRae about 6pm
New Reviewer

When I buy online, I pretty much plan on not returning it. If I want the option to return shoes, I'll buy from DSW.
So I can't speak on the customer service end of 6pm, but I do know that I've always gotten great quality items for awesome prices.
$30 Northface backpack anyone?!

New Reviewer

I order a pair of sandel in red colour from but when I got it was in sky blue.Then I call customer support they told me red colour is out of stock that's. But on website mention instock. Atleast once they should be confirmed from me before dispatching delivery but not. This is not professional way. I was return and waiting refund but after 10 days I am still waiting. When I was return same day I order red pair of sandel on they deliver very professionaly same which I order and in only 3 days, also confirm me about 365 days return policy and you know theire shipping is free allover the world.

New Reviewer

Great selection! If you keep your eyes on an item you like you will see the price fluctuate up and down. I have had many great experiences with this site. It really helps if you are already familiar with the brand or model of shoe you are purchasing, to be sure you like the fit. Super fast shipping. Highly recommend.

New Reviewer

I usually order from Zappos but decided to try 6pm...It may have been the style, but the shoes (sandals) I ordered were small and tight. I usually take a 6.5 in a sandal but this 6.5 fit more like a 6 and was very narrow. I also was disappointed that I had to pay to ship them back..and they don't provide shipping labels..It's just a big hassle for it's back to Zappos for me.

New Reviewer

I've been working overseas for years. This has been an all-out life saver and a blessing. I order their incredibly discounted shoes, and they ship them via USPS to Afghanistan -- FREE! I'm able to order shoes & stuff for my family back home in Texas, too. The best thing yet -- these people have replaced items that inadvertantly got shipped to Afghanistan when they were actually needed in Texas. Yes -- replaced & re-shipped these items for FREE! They have great customer service agents, great prices, great selection, you name it. You simply can't find a better place to shop online.

New Reviewer

I bought a pair of Gypsy Soule flip flops for 207. These are very expensive, and I have bought other pairs without a problem. I checked them over carefully, since they seemed slightly smaller than the size 9 I ordered. I started looking at the gems on the see ide, and one popped off. Then I noticed that the other crystals were set in a prong and firmly attached. Three of the crystals were barely hanging on. I glued them back on. The only thing I can ican assume is that they ended up on this site was was due to a manufacturing defect. I will definitely think twice before orderdering again.

New Reviewer

They are worst when it comes to size accuracy. Their item description is not reliable. I also found out that they deliberately overwrite the actual size with the wrong size probably so you would keep on ordering to get your fit since they dont offer exchanges and returns are not free. This is a scam! I ordered a pair of shoes from them but to my dismay it doesnt fit. The return shipping is almost the same price as the item so there is no way Im gonna return them risking long delays and excuses from them. And to my surprise, when I double check the size tag, they just put a size 9 tag over the actual size 10 tag. I have a picture of it.

New Reviewer

I'm baffled by so many complaints about 6pm, many of which seem to be buyers misunderstanding the nature of the site: It is, effectively, the Zappos OUTLET, with all that implies. You get heavily-reduced prices, but not all the customer-service bells-and-whistles (eg free return shipping). You might get seconds. You might get items that didn't sell, or out of date colors. You're getting stuff that, for whatever reason, isn't being sold through Zappos and has been moved sideways to 6pm.

I have been a frequent 6pm customer for (expensive brand) shoes on the site, and have been consistently pleased with product, service and PRICE (often 75% or more off). I'm a hard-to-find size, and have had GREAT luck getting exactly what I want from them; I usually look there first, in fact, and only move on to zappos or amazon if I can't find what I want or the discount isn't enough and I'd rather have the free return shipping the other vendors include.

The best way to get your money's worth out of them (or any online discount merchang) is:

1. Know the actual retail of the item you want to purchase by checking around first
2. Check the company's return policy BEFORE buying - don't assume that "everybody" includes return shipping (not every vendor does).
3. Check back often for prices (they obviously use dynamic pricing software, as things can fluctuate drastically day to day). It's kind of annoying that prices change SO much and without rhyme or reason, but if you check often enough you can score major deals.

I have had GREAT success with this vendor, and their customer service have actually been great on the one occasion I had to use them; they went the extra mile to solve a problem for me (and the problem was actually my mistake, not theirs).

NB: I'm just a happy bargain shopper, not a paid reviewer or anything else. The company consistently has the items I want at a price I can live with.

New Reviewer

Reading these reviews and looking at my experience, it just seems like 6pm is a very uneven reseller. I ordered some nice Bacco Bucci dress shoes from them and had been very happy with them. They arrived promptly; they were exactly what I asked for; the price was good. I wore them maybe 50-60 times, and the heels on both of the shoes fell off. And I wore them sitting at a desk, so I'm not even on my feet much. I asked 6pm if there was any type of warranty on their shoes, and their reply was: "I'm glad you got them in very good deals."

I don't know if this is indicative of poor quality issues at 6pm or if mine was a special case. Maybe Bacco Bucci is a poor manufacturer (I'd never heard of them before) and 6pm shouldn't carry them. I haven't decided if I'm going to give 6pm another chance or not.

New Reviewer

No i was not paid for this review. I have ordered more than 10 items from this site in the last 6 month for my business, because they have such amazing discount, for example: i got a levis jeans 501 retailing price 68$ for 15$+free shipping, and the item arrived quickly and was 100% genuine with no defect. I have returned many items too because i didint really need them, and the refund was quick easy with no trouble every time. 6pm is so far my online oasis when it comes to online shopping.

New Reviewer

After ordering shoes,Newton Running Isaac S, and the size not being 12.5 which I ordered I tried returning. The Rep for 6pm explain that customers are responsible for 100% of return shipping cost regardless of issue with item.

New Reviewer

TERRIBLE...SOMETHING FISHY IS GOING ON HERE. I am an avid buyer of dresses from Tahari, London times, Calvin klein, Jessica Howard , etc. this I have been doing for many years. I was introduced to recently and was attracted to their almost ridiculously-low prices for dresses. so, I order 6 dresses: Nine West, London Times , connected Apparel, at the unbelievable price of roughly $25 dollars for each dress. Holding my breathe and hoping it would be the real McCoy.
As I brought the dresses out the packaging, my heart sank at what I saw. The London times dresses just shoved into plain,plastic bags, the others tackily packed; BUT WORST OF ALL , THE DRESSES LOOKED LIKE CHEAP IMITATIONS OF THE ORIGINAL BRANDS!!! ( and mind you, I KNOW ORIGINAL!) I was so dissapointed and really dont understand how this can be allowed to go on a place like america, with all the controls and regulations...BTW, I couldnt return them coz I couldnt make the returns window.

New Reviewer

This is a legitimate website!!!
I am the pickiest, most efficient online buyer I know, and YES they are owned by Zappos, YES Zappos is owned by Amazon, and NO that does not mean that they, too, will have out-of-this-world quality or service. Think of it as the TJMax or the Ross of Amazon: Their products are likely at a lower price because they get deals with manufacturers-- possibly for defects or "seconds". And honestly, what are you complaining about at the price? You get what you pay for, so stop acting expecting silk napkins at McDonalds!!!
NOW, for my order:
I ordered on a weekend, I got my order in two parts; the first package arrived 3 days after ordering, the second one arrived 5 days after ordering. Everything was in there. All the brands were legit. I ordered brands such as Steve Madden, Lucky, the North Face, and LRG. All of it fit exactly the way I expected it to on the two people I ordered for--call me skilled at estimating sizes and actually checking charts, I suppose. But, yeah! I'll take a moment to jump on here and let y'all know this place can be trusted.

They don't let people review products. Annoying slightly, but only because it takes an extra few seconds to pull up an extra browser tab and look up the brand for a review somewhere else. I imagine they don't have that available as of now because a bunch of scared consumers who give them hundreds of dollars in a shoe shopping frenzy get a little scared after their stuff takes longer than 10 days (because they didn't know you aren't supposed to count weekends OR the time between order conf. and shipping conf.) and they start to write severe comments all over the place.

And the customer service...what can I say. They're small. You get what you pay for. Want somebody to roll out a red carpet? GO to AMAZON, then. But if you're just looking for legitimate crap to show up at your doorstep and you know how to measure your damn self (or you've already tried it on somewhere else--yeah, that's an actual thing.) Go ahead and order. Your money is going to a real business and you will receive real stuff.

New Reviewer

I've been shopping at 6pm for at least 7 years now and I just love their great deals. They also have a pretty darn good inventory and free shipping too. Besides that, I recently contacted them because a pair of slippers I got for my granddaughter were defective and I hoped I could return them with a prepaid label instead of paying for the return shipping as I usually do when I need to return things to them; well, not only did they respond quickly but they said that since they didn't have the item for an exchange they would simply credit my original form of payment and I could donate the item or do whatever chose with it. That is a company I will always return to again and again. I'm happy - what more is there to say.

New Reviewer

i just found this site, i ordered 3 pairs of shoes, all kitten heels since i have a damaged knee and i am 5'8". the shoes are adorable and sexy, they arrived in a timely manner, and i found the customer service people to be profesional and very pleasant. i will order from them again

New Reviewer

I'm really regretting the order I placed last night after reading all of these reviews. And the good ones sound a little too good to be true (were you people paid?! LOL)! I typically read reviews before any online purchase, but for some reason I didn't with this. However, for only $24, I suppose it was worth the risk. I don't know the laws, but NO ONE should be paying return shipping if they received an item they did not order. Sounds like this company is going to have a class action lawsuit if they don't stop charging shipping on items they should have never shipped to you in the first place. Why should a consumer pay for their mistake? If I ordered something that said it was leather, and that is not what I received, why is that my fault? Why should I be out any money? Stop giving in to this company and fight them. Even if s/h is only a few bucks, it is the principal of the matter! The expense should be on the business not the consumer! Why are we paying for their errors?

New Reviewer

I ordered a pair of boots in size 5 ½ and 6pm shipped the incorrect size “5 times”! Each time I received the incorrect size (including 7 ½, 8 ½, 9 ½, 7 ½ again, and another 7 ½ the 5th time), I called customer service, they apologized, and reordered the correct size to be shipped to me. Eventually, a customer service supervisor refused to replace the shoes with the correct size, since they had no way of guaranteeing I would receive the correct size. No discount or alternative was offered for a different pair of shoes. To add insult to injury, my refund will take 10 business days – it has been a month since my original order.
The worst online shopping experience ever!

New Reviewer


The item I ordered was Steve Madden M-Mott, SKU: #8063706, Color: Black, size: 11.5, width: D - Medium. Product information for this item is listed as Pebbled leather upper. The item just arrived. It's not leather, it's polyurethane! That is not leather, that’s plastic.

I also ordered Steve Madden M-Ashby, SKU: #8063699, Color: Black, size: 11.5, width: D – Medium. Product information for this item is listed as leather upper. The item just arrived. It's not leather, it's polyurethane! No leather, also plastic.

The items I purchased were leather, the items I received were plastic.

This company is selling PLASTIC as leather!

New Reviewer

This website is AMAZING! I cannot tell enough people about it. I typically buy shoes on their site, but have recently started by clothes and have been just as satisfied. First, they have major designers always on sale (I bought Frye boots for $150 originally $400+), their sale prices range from 30 to 75% off. Second, they give you free delivery and it has never taken me longer than 3 days to receive my items. Third, they have tons of inventory, you can find whatever you need on that site.

New Reviewer

I generally don't fill these out but I've had a wonderful experience with this company. I was sent merchandise that was slightly defective (difficult to tell until you put them on as they were vibram 5 fingers) and I got an almost immediate response from customer service. They resolved the issue right away and credited me for the item. It's tough because they do not offer exchanges, as many have mentioned, but the customer service I've experienced is far superior to most online companies. As others have said, be sure of what you're getting, and you can find some great deals!

New Reviewer

Good experience with them, I did recently have a purchase that was shipped and never received. The biggest problem with it was the time-frame on the refund and the fact that I couldn't order the same thing again cause it was out of stock.

New Reviewer

I was a little worried after reading some of the reviews. I ordered 3 pairs of kids shoes and a shirt for my son. Fast shipping and the order was right. Will buy again from them.

New Reviewer

My husband and I were getting ready for our vacation and we needed some better shoes for him. He ordered 3 pair of shoes, all of which were correct, fit perfectly, and were very nice quality. Also, the shipping was quite fast, we were very pleased. Being so happy with the purchase, I decided to get my daughter's bathing suit and a couple of pairs of sandals from them as well to complete her wardrobe for the vacation, and I ordered within plenty of time. I waited, and waited, and waited. I kept careful track of my items online and saw that they weren't budging. It was about 2 days before my vacation after I had given them more than enough time that I contacted them and let them know my items had not yet arrived. I spoke to a lady first. She was very bland and non-helpful. It almost seemed like I was bothering her being on the phone. After I had no idea what she was talking about and got tired of dealing with her, I simply thanked her, hung up, and called back hoping for someone else. I spoke with a much nicer gentleman who was very helpful. I can't remember his name as of right now, but he did a quick check and told me that my items had been lost in the mail. He said if they didn't arrive by a certain time (which would be after the vacation) that they would give me a refund. I had to go get my daughter new items somewhere else, which I was upset about because I really wanted what I saw on their site instead of what I had to buy. We went on vacation, came back, and the items of course still hadn't arrived. Obviously at this point, I didn't need them, so I just called them and let them know I needed a refund. Thankfully, I got the same gentleman on the phone this time as I did before. He promptly apologized for the inconvenience and issued me a refund. I got the refund back quickly, but I am obviously not happy with the fact that the customer service isn't consistent and that I didn't get what I had paid for at all. As far as my experience, I would say 6pm is hit or miss, and just make sure if you're ordering for any special event or have a deadline to order well ahead of time so if you have any issues, you can get them resolved before it's time.

New Reviewer

This is the worst site I have ever ordered from. Though they do have good prices, they don't send you the correct items. I ordered a pair of Frye boots, and when I opened the box I immediately saw that they were the wrong boots. Not even Frye boots, not genuine leather. They feel very cheap and look terrible. I called customer service and explained how disappointed I was, and their response was, "I am very sorry. We get many calls like this." If you get many calls with the same issue, don't you think you should try to fix your issues??? Seriously, I am beyond disappointed. Also, he stated that it will take nearly a month to get my money refunded to me. THIS SITE IS A JOKE!!! BUYER BEWARE!!! I will never order from them again.

New Reviewer

I have ordered 4 times from this site and TWO of the four times, they sent me the wrong item. Nothing even CLOSE to what I ordered. The first one, they wouldn't give me a refund until I sent item back and IIIII HAD TO PAY THE RETURN SHIPPING. I thought it must have been a fluke, and ordered again from them because they have a wide array of swimwear. This time, wrong item again, only apologized for the inconvenience, IS paying for the return, but now what I orig ordered is not available!
They really REALLY STINK.

New Reviewer

Good site, good variety in shoes, easy site to find what you are looking for...Sometimes a bit expensive, but at the same time there are affordable shoes...

New Reviewer

After at least a half dozen purchasing experiences, I have found 6pm to have good products, as described, very fair pricing and accurate / timely shipping. A definite recommend!

New Reviewer

I ordered two pairs of shoes on their site for my girlfriend on a Saturday night, and four days after(wed), they were delivered to my house. They shoes looked exactly like what I ordered online,eventhough i thought the finishing on one of them could have been much better but hey for that discounted price, no qualms, i was satisfied. I'll do business again with them in the nearest future.

New Reviewer

I've ordered for them multiple times at different times of the year, and the product is high-quality and prices are great. Granted, you need to do a bit of homework (I read product reviews and compare pricing before buying), but if you find a great deal then you get more than you pay for. I've not had any problems with their shipping or customer service, and would buy from them again in the future.

New Reviewer

They overcharged me and refuse to refund the overage! And to return the items I would have to pay return shipping! Horrible customer service!

New Reviewer

I wanted shoes on Zappos but didn't have enough. Then I found 6pm. I didn't know about the price changes as the item I was looking at did not have its price changed so I guess that varies. compared to Zappos the selection is a lot smaller and the chance of 6pm having the same item isn't that high. However, I was eyeing a similar item on a Sunday and then decided to to buy it on the following longer holding my size anymore. Shoes at a discount go really fast. Other than that, same service you could expect from Zappos.

New Reviewer

I ordered 2 extra small North Face women jackets for my daughters. One was brand new with all the original tags. And the other one I recived had no tags, lint all over it was clearly used. I am shocked and very upset. I will never shop with them again.

New Reviewer

I love shoes. My friend told be about this website... Great brands, good prices... I even ordered my wedding shoes in rhinestones from them.., I got them for 40$ when in wedding stores the same brand was close to 400$... They were the same shoes, original box as well as fabric bag for this specific brand.., I was so impressed with fast delivery, free shipping as well prices.. When you love shopping, you have to find the best deal for every pair.

New Reviewer

It's sad that the ratings for this were so low. I read all of them and I was pretty hesitant to order my boots from 6pm. But the prices were too good and added with the free shipping, I thought I would take a big breath and go ahead and order. I got my package yesterday and as I held my breath and opened it, I was surprised to see that... everything was perfect! The size was perfect, same color, same brand, same everything! I was pleased to get a pair of boots for such a good price. Definitely had no problems at all! And no, I am definitely not a 6pm employee.

New Reviewer

They are terrible!!!!!!!!! They ship for free but gouge you in returns. It's just a big scam. Don't ever shop there.

Apprentice Reviewer

ordered some Osiris skate shoes, they fit great, got the shoes in time for Christmas. I love their return policy too, but didn't need it, im a happy shopper.

New Reviewer

I received a wrong item but decided keep it since I have to pay return shipping cost even they messed up my order. (The item I ordered was dirt cheap but still..) I loved 6pm but won't shop there again.

New Reviewer

Awesome online shopping experience, north face jacket was as advertised sizing correct and the item was shipped fast! Will definitely shop this site again!

New Reviewer

This site sucks! I planned on purchasing two pairs of boots, but when I got on the site the next day the price had tripled. Really? What a hoax. I recently ordered a Marc Jacobs bracelet for $100 and when I received it, the clasp had scratches all over it and the inside of the bracelet looked as if it had been used. I returned it today and I have to pay to ship it back even though it's their fault for selling a scratched item. I'm hoping there won't be any issues with them refunding my money in a timely fashion like other posters have stated. I will not purchase from 6 pm again.

New Reviewer

The Frye short boots I purchased here were on sale at the site (price went up almost immediately after I ordered), so the price was terrific for these usually $300+ boots. But when they arrived, they were not exactly a pair in color. I'm suspecting at least one of the shoes was a second because of the crooked stamp on the sole and some color blotches. The shipping was fast and the boots are near enough in color that I might keep them, just to avoid the high charge of sending them back! I'm on the fence about this place, as it was my first order and I leaped before I read the reviews. But saving a lot on decent-quality Fryes that will last a long time might make me keep them. I'd return them to Nordstrom or Zappos in a heartbeat and get another pair better matched. It's a hard call, and seeing how many other reviewers got skunked at this website, I'd say CAVEAT EMPTOR.

New Reviewer

Used to be a great place to get deals but the last pair of shoes I ordered came in two different sizes. I'm a size 7 and the right shoe was 8. I requested a return which I had to pay for myself! Lost $10 because of their mistake. I don't think the customer service nor the people who pack and ship out the items are accountable for their mistakes if the customer has to pay for ALL returns even if its their mistake. Do not buy from them, they are very unreliable.

New Reviewer

I ordered a swimsuit and it was exactly as described- I love it. It came in 5 days. However it was too big so I ordered the smaller size and will return one. I received great customer service and am very happy with my purchase and with the service.

New Reviewer

I purchased Josef Seibel boots in a size 42 (11 in US) and received a 37 (about a 6-7 in US). When I called they said that they were out of stock... I called them off saying that they never planned on sending the right size because they never had it in the first place and wanted to charge me the $82 and then I would have to wait the 2 weeks for my money to be returned. The customer service rep ADMITTED that they never had the size 11 that I purchased!!!! Be very careful with Imagine if they do this to 10% of their clients -- they are making a fortune off of our money!!! Without paying finance charges for working with our hard earned dollars!!!!!

New Reviewer

Beware. Scammers. Horrible customer service. I ordered a jacket and they sent me the wrong size. When I called them up, the guy I spoke with said that all he could do was a refund. He would not swap it out for the correct size since they had no more!!! When I asked for maybe a different color, he said he was not authorised to sell items, and when I asked him to connect me to somebody who could, he hung up on me!!!

New Reviewer

Love this site!!! I love dc shoes our whole family wears them but looking for a good deal on them, saw this site n they have a good selection for a good price. Got them super fast and love the fact they don't charge shipping. The shoes where exactly what I wanted very pleased. So then when fathers day rolled around around I thought about this site bought a wallet and a dc belt. My husband loves them and the leather on both items is a very good quality. Love, love, love this site I really recommend buying from this site.

New Reviewer

This company Customer Service has much to be desired. They posted an Item on sale for one very good price. When I went to purchase this item. the price tripled. I sent an email calling them on this posting and was told "we don't price match" it was their own link! Customer Service was ABSOLUTELY no help. I asked to be provided with a Corporate Phone Number and was told "We are not allowed to give out that information" So people be aware that this American Based Company WILL NOT negotiate in good faith with it's customers or potential customers.

New Reviewer

I got the shoes within a week of placing my order online. It took 3 days to process and 2 days to ship. Shipping was fast and accurate.
The shoes that I got were exactly as pictured and are BEAUTIFUL! I am very happy with them except the width was said to be "medium" although it is a bit narrow for my feet (I don't have really wide feet, pretty average). I still love them though. My only other complaint is that the zipper doesn't run smoothly, but the shoes are still what I wanted and I'm still pretty happy about them.

New Reviewer

I ordered 2 pairs of shoes from 6 pm. I thought I was really getting a bargain. The Lisa for Donald Pliner are so cheaply made I can't believe a Pliner shoe would be so shabby. If they are real they are made in China so it says on the inside of this tacky shoe. I've bought Donald Pliner before and they are a quality shoe. These have to be fake if they aren't I'm disappointed and will never buy another shoe made by them.
The second pair were Softo's. there was a small sticker placed on the side of the shoe to show where they were not stitched properly. These have to be seconds. Please don't buy from 6pm. They represent something they are not. Wish I had known they were selling poor quality shoes. Shame on them.

New Reviewer

I bought three pairs of shoes from this company in May 2013. The shoes were all sent in the same shipping box and they did not fit. I paid to ship the shoes back in the same shipping box. sent me an email that they had received two of the shoes and confirmed that I would be refunded for the two pairs that had been received. However, when I contacted customer service to complain, I was told to provide a tracking number for the third pair of shoes. Why would I need a tracking number when two of the shoes in the package had been received by them? I could not find a tracking number for the shipment and have continued to cycle through various customer service names on their emails, claiming that I have already been assisted, meanwhile nothing has been done. Please stay away from this seller, they are crooks! They find ways to dupe you through their non-friendly shipping returns policy. Better to spend a few more bucks and purchase shoes from a more reputable and trust worthy company with free returns.

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