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AmoLatina reviews

137 reviews
551 5th Ave
New York, NY 10017
Tel: 1 (800) 844-3978
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137 Reviews for AmoLatina

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Good luck and i hope you'll find your love guys on this site!


I agree with the guy before me... same messages all the time.


Got an email from a friend about this site, said he was right up my street.

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New Reviewer

Just joined today and it is free at first. The girls on Amolatina are VERY good looking, not sure why, it seems better than other sites.

New Reviewer

A lot of people have bad experience with online dating. But each story is unique and you never know how it will be ended up. I have been on Amolatina several times. I am not looking for a wife just someone to be like a good friend. I have found...

New Reviewer

I don’t really care what other people say.
If you truly believe in love, you will find that and keep that all your life.
Those who wrote some bad reviews about this site, weren’t lucky to meet their love there. SO what is the reason of writing terrible thing? I really can’t get it!!
I love it! It works for me!!
Lots of great girls … just haven’t chosen mine and only yet :)

New Reviewer

Jose Millyner

Used IP: USA, LA 23.229.422.49

I am looking for the only one!
Never been married and unfortunately I didn’t have long term relations. Always not much time for that.
Day by day...year to year, all my friends are always with their parts. I’m watching them and feeling a little of jealousing.
I told noone that I registered soon I know it helps, I won’t be alone!

New Reviewer

I still have not formed a definite opinion of this site which I deeply suspect is a scam site. The quality of the favourable reviews on sitejabber and their daily appearence makes them look suspiciously 'placed'.
My experience of the service back up is that it is non existant on AmoLatia if you ask a searching question.
What people say about the chat lines is absolutely true. They appear fraudulent and destined to keep you chalking up minutes. You certainly are not talking to the girl in the picture or with whom you have corresponded. An example - after an intitial exchange I wrote 'i am not going to go on chatting because I am going to write'. reply "why are you wasting time here?"
I formed an interesting correspondance with a truly ravishing girl ID 1178344. It looked promising and I was being led on. At the eigth letter i was given the brush off for no apparent reason.
I am giving the site a chance trying with two more girls but I am not wasting more than $300.
What is true is that some of the girls on the site are the most beautiful you can find anywhere - well anywhere outside the Ukraine but that is another story full of scams!

Tip for consumers: Be prepared to lose money andgain nothing. If I hit just one success I will revise the review

Ask Patrick about AmoLatina
New Reviewer

If you are thinking that you will be scammed then you definitely would. And if your mood is positive and you think only about your woman and relationship then everything will be OK. It takes a while to meet a right girl but love is not always from first site.
All I can say for sure that Latin girls are hot and sexy.

New Reviewer

Check out my review of, and you'll see what these sites are all about. This is a spin off from the same company.

Short version: scam. You'll spend money, and never find love.

Lots of fake positives all over the internet. You can spot them because they are here! Who searches the internet for bad reviews and then adds good ones!?!? No one except their own marketing.

Tip for consumers: Don't waste your money. Go use a free system and at least you'll know some foreign agency isn't taking your money and pretending to be women.

Ask John about AmoLatina
New Reviewer

Actually I don't know how the future will bring for us, but I just can say that we are still in touch and is not impossible a serious relationship between us. Important that we had very good moments together and it is thanks to Amolarina. Thank you, Marcia.

New Reviewer

I have read some bad comments about Amolatina.
Well, everything happens in online dating. One bad review doesn’t always mean a site is bad.
My experience is more than lucky. We started chatted on site, than I made a tour through Amolatina. It was great. I really had a romantic date with one girl. She so young. I have already invited her to US and we arranging everything.
In general , I would say that the site is great and always improving.

Ask ray about AmoLatina
New Reviewer

Brazilian women are the best in the world. My friend was in Brazil this year for football championship and he regretted I wasn’t there for him to share such high emotions!
So I’ve just found such wonderful site to find soulmate for him! He will be in shock when he finds out that! :))

Ask Paul about AmoLatina
New Reviewer

Thank goodness because when I saw Diane in person she was even prettier than the cute mother of three kids I saw on her profile on We have met just in 6th months of emailing each other. I achieved all our emails, because I wanna keep our pure romantic love story how it all began for our kids. I value each moment I spent with the service

New Reviewer

Rina is the girl I am keeping in touch with. She has just appeared in my life.
It is secure and I like the way it works.
I hope everybody enjoy it like I did.

New Reviewer

I want to share with all of you my story, we met 2 years and 8 month ago by Amolatina. We fell in love and we got married 5 month ago. Our wedding beach was awesome!!!!!!! We both are so happy now and started another chapter in our lives..
Muchas Gracias) Amolatina

New Reviewer

Five years ago I was sure online dating wasn't for me or anybody else. If you asked me today, I’ll tell you in details the story of my unbelievable online love, I was engaged and married Sakshi whom I met on We on purpose not harry up to meet offline, we were enjoying online communication during a month before our first meeting. We are grateful for for us.

New Reviewer

What a useful site! I can find Brazilian, Costa Rican, Colombian and even Latin women in the USA.
They gather everything we (men) can just dream for..and why not work on it? ;)elp others learn about this online business

New Reviewer

So happy to write this review!
Amolatina exceeded my expectations by far! If it wasn’t for this site, I would never have met Yocelin. I am really satisfied!
Mucho gracias!!!

Ask Tony about AmoLatina
New Reviewer

Are you ready to change your life?
I wasn’t ..and frankly speaking not a lot of people do. But sometimes you need to shake yourself and ask: “Where are you going buddy? Are you satisfied with your life?” and if your answer was “YES!!”..even don’t register here..but if it was are in the right place to do that.
With these girls I forgot all my problems and worries I had..I just feel relax and calm!
That is the reason I’m loving it!!!!

New Reviewer

Went on a recent tour to Colombia and had an amazing time.
The women were out of this world, fun, friendly, hot and sexy. Hotel was great and the nightlife was entertaining.
Using the site can be a little expensive depending upon your income I suppose but nevertheless I strongly recommend Amolatina!

New Reviewer

It's a scam site. Here's why:

1. The messages you receive are too complete. When you join you will start to receive messages from girls that match your past search criteria. If you have ever used a site like, you know that most people will send a message of just a few lines. Every girl on amolatina sends a rather well written letter. Not conclusive, but it starts to raise questions. Keep in mind, the site makes money when you send a message to a girl; so it's in their interest to encourage messages.

2. Many of the pictures are too professional. To me this suggests from marketing effort. If they pictures are extremely attractive you are more likely to send a message which again is how this company makes their money.

3. Many of the girls are "online" 24 hours a day. This is the biggest red flag. No one is sitting at home all day waiting for a message from a stranger, unless it's literally their job. I'm sure, and i've read elsewhere that there are kickbacks to agencies who's girls write letters.

It's tempting to ignore the warning signs, but taken together there is a really high chance that this site is a complete fabrication. It is far safer and wiser to simple travel to these countries and meet girls there. Heck you might even do well with the amolatina tours. It's much harder to scam a face to face meeting.

Ask Jon about AmoLatina
New Reviewer

I usually spend time in Facebook or Instagram but somebody gave me a link to Amolatina.
It is already 2 months as I have been enjoying these gorgeous latin women. Believe me)) it is worth visiting!

Ask Mason about AmoLatina
New Reviewer

I am from Mexico. Canada became my home 3 years ago. The first year was so horrible. No friends, no relatives, no girlfriend. If you have hot latin girl in your mind, you will never get used to others..that’s I am always thinking.
I was blessed to meet my wife Simona on She is my everything! My friend, my wife, my partner and a piece of my motherland.
I wanted to write this on their site, but unfortunately didn’t find where can I leave it.
So just sharing my great experience!
Thank YOU A LOT!!
I do really appreciate your hard work!

Tip for consumers: so thankful for this site!!

Ask Jose about AmoLatina
New Reviewer

My brother met his Latin girlfriend on this site and is bringing her home for Thanksgiving. Seems like a great way to meet people you otherwise would not have met in your life.

New Reviewer

Absolute scam.most of these girls dont exist and many of them are paid by the agency to take your girl to watch out for is laura from quito id 1161854 she is paid to chat with you and take your money.avoid her and this site it is a total ripoff

New Reviewer

I spend much time and money searching for a real dating site, where I can meet REAL woman. Before using AmoLatina I read many reviews. Some were positive, some of them negative. One morning I got up, created an account, bought some credits…but nothing. I was upset and thought that I would never succeed to find anyone and suddenly I got a small letter saying: Hello tiger, how are you doing?
Now almost 8 months have already passed since I started chatting with Daniela. I guess this is the love of my life.

Tip for consumers: Hope you will be lucky to find a lady like me. Start with free credits, do not rush to buy many at the beginning.

Ask James about AmoLatina
New Reviewer

I love all women. Shapes, sizes, colors...they all rock. But latin girls....mmmm hmmm....The thing about Latina women, their skin. So smooth and dark. Agree?? I found my Monica on

New Reviewer

Support team guys asked me to write a review here. Well,
what can I say about AmoLatina.. very good site. When
I gave my credit card details to support I was afraid that I
will get into troubles. However, only for small amount of
bucks I managed to find a perfect wife and caring mother
for my 2 kids from the first marriage. But I guess that
such sites are the matter of luck, my friend decided to
follow my example and registered here, he spend almost
500$ and got nothing finally. So I wish good luck to
those, who want to find their beloved ones. And want to
say thanks to this service.

New Reviewer

Amazing website! I'm very thankful to amolatina for meeting my stunning girlfriend! Less than year ago I didn't trust any kind of such online sites but now I see that it works.

New Reviewer

Latin girls are the prettiest and the best wives. Proved by me!
I have been married for 3 years with Fernanda. Thanks to with website!

New Reviewer

I see many reviews where amolatina website is called 'a scam'. I can't agree with all that people because my experience with this dating service was fantastic! Beautiful and smart girls and highly responsive support team prooved that Amolatina was worth my money.

Maybe, men who claim to be defrauded just had wrong expectations. Amolatina can't guarantee that you'll find the love of your life but it provides opportunities for those who are looking for serious relationship.

New Reviewer

Unless you have been thoroughly burnt, love is one thing that you can’t live without, well at least I can’t! Of the numerous dating sites that I have tried out, I find Amolatina to be my absolute favorite! I am still single, but you know, I have only been on the site for two weeks.

New Reviewer

Usually I actively socialize in Facebook having many friends and groups. Somebody gave me a link to amolatina and I clicked. Oh, what a gorgeous women. Hot, dark-skinned and sexy.
I am 4 weeks already on it and found many girls to talk about everything. Believe me.

New Reviewer

When I first saw Clara, I couldn’t resist the temptation to write her. But the reply wasn’t positive. She said her heart is already taken by other man, here on site!
But I asked her a permission to write her and be friends, she agreed.
Now after 2 months of chatting, I can say that she is on my best pen friends ever!
I was blessed by God to meet Clara as a friend!

New Reviewer

Guys is it s a big scam.. just compare these profiles to the ones on Facebook.. notice the different cities, the ones that are in a relationship, etc. Besides do you really think attractive young ladies are sitting home on their computer 121-18 hours a day to talk to old men instead of out partying unless they were benefiting financially from it.

Maria 1176219, real name Carolina Camacho, profile says Buga, FB says Cali and Lesbian.

Day 1172772 (I am sure she is online right now), real name Liedy Orozco Toro, profile says Cucuta, FB says Cali... if you look at here timeline compared to the hours she is online to chat no way it could be her. Nor based on what seems to be success do you really think it would be her.!/leidyorozcotoro?fref=ts

Liedy Johanna 1179798 . She's actually a Colombian Porn Star, says it right on her FB timeline. profile says one city FB says another.!/johanna.gonzalez.58323?fref=ts

Jennifer 1173378.. Does this girls timeline look like she is looking for a man, yet she is online most nights.!/jennifer.castilloospina?fref=ts

I have 100s like this from this site.. Plus it is obvious that there are "groups" that are online at the same time, thus it is actually the agent chatting with you for multiple girls not the girls.

Total scam.. please do not waste your $$$ on this site or any of their family of sites.

New Reviewer

encontre a mi diosa colombiana, le escribi varias cartas, nunca obtuve contestacion, investigue su nombre verdadero y su perfil en facebook, y hasta el momento no he obtenido respuesta alguna, no malgasten su $, en las fotos de las damas siempre queda alguna evidencia, hasta contacte con el propietario del fotoestudio que le tomo las fotos, pero de mi diosa, nada,

New Reviewer

At the Independence Day weekend I came across Amolatina on the web, immediately I was drawn by the beautiful ladies.In general these women are looking for a sincere man who believes in love and can show their loving side and these women will give their hearts and be loyal to you. This is my conclusion after a while of chatting.

New Reviewer

Amazing site! I have no problems with Amolatina and girls are very hot and cheerful! I tried a few dating services before came across, that was rather unpleasant experience. Two sites occurred to be scams and another one had a poor database of contacts. Now I’m happy to choose among many wonderful Latina women!

New Reviewer

My name is Devin. I want to say THANK YOU to SiteJabber for a nice service and possibility to express personal experience regarding this or that case.
I am an active user of Amolatina now. At the beginning I did not trust this service to much, cause my friend used to say that this company is scam and that he wasted much money over there. I tried to check that myself! Well, I should say that I was impressed - there so many beautiful ladies!!! And I was lucky enough to find the most amazing woman among these profiles. Her name is Natasha. She is amazing! And know what - we are going to marry soon! Guys, do not listen to anyone, just try ... and be happy!

New Reviewer

All I can say is that I have much gratitude to this site for help in finding the person of my life! 2 months ago I began to see Elena and I knew she was the right person in my life.She is a woman with many qualities that I love and I continue to be every day thankful.

New Reviewer

Once you have latin will never wanted someone else to be around, that’s how I think.
So I had one latin girl in real, she was in Canada for summer courses to learn English and French, but she left and I couldn’t find her. After about 5 or 6 months my friend told me about this website and I thought OH MAN!!You have to try ..maybe you will find her there?
So after a while I came across one lady..she looked so like my Amina and started to communicate with her! Oh how happy I was! IT WAS HER!!!!
Now we saw each other already two times and Next time I’ll see her I want to propose!!!

New Reviewer

Only because my friend Jose found his love on this site, I truly believed in it and wanted to find my wife here.
Luck that’s what I need!! :))

New Reviewer

I would have to say that I agree with the ones that say stay away. The women on here always have a reason to not step away from the site and contact through other free services. I have found another Colombian site that is priced like sites locally in the USA. I have talked to a few ladies there. Yes there are some scammers on this site too but easy to spot. The other ladies are legitimate and exist have verified their existence multiple ways. Again I would not recommend Amolatina. I am with the private investigator review they should be stopped.

New Reviewer

I wish I could find this website earlier. In case, I would save money and time to find my wife here.
I just went for a trip to Brazil and met my wife. She was our guide. But still I recommend it to you, friends!

New Reviewer

I went to one of the organized trips of Amolatina to Brazil, and I really liked it there. The organization was perfect; I received valuable support from the agency and met a couple of really cute girls. I would do it again.

New Reviewer

There are some really lovely girls on this site. I fell crazily in love with Sofia – pretty and well-educated girl from Argentina. I didn’t think I could have so much in common with one girl. I visited her twice already, and am now planning to invite her to come and live with me. Amolatina was of great help, but it is now time we start managing things for ourselves.

New Reviewer

I challenge future reviewers to include links to sites they consider more legitimate than, links to actual sites showing the ladies' side of the equation and in general more actual information to substantiate their negative reviews.

I'd also like to read about other men's experiences with women with children versus those with no children. Is the information about kids just as phony as other information? I'd be happy to accept a foreign born child if it meant the marriage was more "real".

Instead, what I have found are long rants, IDs that don't or no longer exist at and vague references to "prize sites showing girls winning money for keeping guys on chat" without links. I've also seen one YouTube link to a video that turned out to be private.

I did find one ID from a negative reviewer that does exist. Silly man, thinking that a model in lingerie was a real person needing a website to find husbands! Also, one review with a link DID show a girl in front of three monitors (oops! I don't think you wanted to show that one at!)

Here are my experiences with and my experience with an actual foreign wife:
1) Responses from one "lady" were so disjoint, like badly translated phrases from some book of poetry, that I complained and had my credits returned (nothing lost there).
2) In my experience, contrary to the most negative reviews, some profiles (I won't say "ladies") do leave the site, and the ages shown do get older.
3) my first wife is 16 years younger and from Thailand. She did give me a wonderful son, though our marriage on paper lasted much longer than our marriage in fact. Point is, several of HER friends HAVE married older men and did not immediately (or ever) jump ship after the immigration limitation expired. I don't know if Thai women are "better" than latinas, but yes, it is possible to meet a younger woman and get married.
Therefore, the question is: can you find one of these "real" women at
It seems that the general consensus is "the women aren't the ones corresponding with you" and "the tours are okay", and I long ago started ignoring profiles with the big red "amolatina" bus as a backdrop.

But I think it's possible that there are "some" actual women from some countries. Can every listing be a fake? Every local agency in every country scammers only?

That's why I challenge future reviewers to include more "useful" information, not the IDs of profiles, but links to other review sites and to "better" sites for actually finding a wife.

New Reviewer

I have an awesome experience with the site. I am married now to Maria, who is the love of my life. We met last August (2013) in your tour to Bogota. Thank you AmoLatina.

New Reviewer

I have written 3 letters to one lady on this site. I am 55 years old, divorced 11 years and considered reasonably good looking for my age and actually have social skills. I am not looking for a 25 year old and the woman I am "corresponding" with (if you could call it that) is 44 years old and very attractive looking -- and not "just for her age". Her profile caught my eye as did a couple of things she said in letters -- if indeed they are really her letters. I have written her detailed, rather lengthy letters, which I have translated into Spanish with an online service -- I do this for her convenience. The letters I have received back (just two, waiting on the third) are short and while she addresses a couple of things I brought up in my letter there is much she has not commented on or answered in a specific way. I told her of the translation I could do online so she sent me a letter in Spanish along with an English version I assume is from a translator -- done on AmoLatina, of course. The English version was quite disjointed and with sections of sentences and also I suspected there were even words missing, I double-checked this by translating her Spanish version into English online with a mostly identical result. I addressed this with customer service and advised them they could look at her letters to me, which a rep supposedly did -- his response to me was the letter is faithfully translated but admitted there were some words missing from the lady's letter -- then he dropped it with no explanation for that. I find this VERY weird -- if the letter is an accurate representation of what the lady wrote, then she has to be semi-illiterate and I do not think that is the case. I think the letters are heavily edited -- hers and probably mine -- and I wonder if they are even hers after reading reviews on this site. In one letter, she told me she travels to Miami to buy children's clothing to sell in Colombia and also she has three brothers and her mother there. I like the idea of meeting her there IF the correspondence piques my interest enough to travel there and meet her. I cannot imagine going on a Colombian tour/mixer. I have viewed the video clips of those on the website as well as on YouTube and virtually every woman I've seen in those videos is much younger than me -- and a high percentage of the men look like the dads at my daughter's soccer games -- how pathetic. I am not looking for a desperate young woman to use me for the purpose of coming to America. Get real guys, woman half your age do not want to be with you because you are all that. I've looked at other Colombian dating sites – more informal, not a dating “service” -- and Colombian women on those are indicating they want a man who is more their age, and not necessarily foreign. Anyway, that is my take on AmoLatina so far -- the jury is out until I receive a response to my third letter and I am not optimistic.

New Reviewer

After reading a few of the reviews here I have to chip in with my experience.

First - I was scammed about $600. So I suppose I can choose to be totally annoyed (putting mildly) or I can choose to be thankful that it didn't run into the 1000's, and learned a valuable lesson. I choose the latter.

Second - The allure is hard to resist. I showed a couple of my friends some pictures and a copy of a video of two of the women I got "involved" with. My friends' collective jaws dropped. When you get a response like that you know it wasn't just you being a total idiot. We are men, and we all love beautiful women.

Third - The Yellow Alerts. I noticed a couple of things that showed some incongruence between what the women would say in an email against what the "same" woman said during a chat session. In one email I asked her a question that elicited some things she valued as important. In the very next chat session she come out with something totally different!

In that same chat session I then ask her another question with the same intent - to elicit what was important to her. Then in an email few days later I asked her the exact same question. You guessed it - a totally different answer.

No prizes for anyone who agrees that if something is important to a woman, then she does not change her mind! (Okay they change their minds at the drop of a hat, but not for really important valued stuff.)

If you are reading this and you are involved with AmoLatina or a similar website, and you are still a bit doubtful, then here are the questions which I asked (& I encourage you to do the same):

1. Here's a fun question for you - If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would it be and why?
2. Here's another fun question for you - If I was a genie and could grant you 3 wishes, what would they be and why?

Ask question 1. in an email. Read her reply.
Then open up a chat, at a different time of day from when she sent her email reply. During the chat, encourage her to talk about the question (not her emailed answers).
In the same chat session ask question 2. Take a note of her answers.
Send her another email about 2 days later and ask question 2 again - use the exact same wording.
Receive her reply.

I have no doubt that what you receive will activate a Yellow Alert. Make sure you do take notice, because the Red Alert is too late.

New Reviewer

Since my experience with AmoLatina is a bit off the beaten track to Colombia, I'll mention it here. I am a fluent Spanish speaking international student, 60-something who has lived years in Mexico, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. The dating sites are fascinating and AmoLatina has an excellent ploy by not charging a membership and then cashing in later. After receiving a nice letter in English that was just too good, error-free, from a 26-year-old in Havana, I looked at her video, for what, $8 I guess. Just so lovely! Since I had planned to go to Cuba this summer to take some classes, I responded with a couple of letters and some pretty specific small talk in Spanish about what's happening in her life and in Cuba. I also searched the site to discover that she is one of only two gals from Cuba and that both of their videos were shot on the same balcony. There are no AmoLatina tours to Cuba, right, and for an American to get in there is only now getting a little easier and then only 30 days at a time within an academic year. Yes, I did get letters back from whoever responds, some very long, but with no relevance to anything I had mentioned, such as my class dates and monumental meeting places around the University of Havana, which she would have known. Now, if my emails were censored or not, I have no idea, but her last letter regrettably explained that even within the AmoLatina routine, there is no way she will be able to meet with me, since, all of a sudden, she has a way to escape Cuba and go to Canada to work for an aunt, who she never mentioned. She does hope however, that we can continue to communicate through the web site. Well, amigo, figure the odds! The positive reviews of the site do come from guys who have made the Colombian and other tours to meet gals in pretty controlled visits, which strike me as very expensive, since for the same money I can get a full semester anywhere in Latin America, meet some real intelligent gals, do some interesting stuff, and have a 6-month student visa which allows me to drive a US-plated car down to where ever without too much paper work. The chat-video-email aspect of these sites has to be viewed as entertainment and little else. People in the US do pay hundreds of dollars to go to a football game and are equally disappointed when their team doesn't win.

New Reviewer

I am a private investigator here in the U.S. and I worked with local authorities in solving some major cases. I had a friend contact me about two websites that are listed on the web. and called him at 1oclock A.M. to let him know that these sites are not legitimate at all. I use some of my technology and found that one of the young ladies works on a porn site and she also works at a private escort service. I contacted a resource of mines in Bogota to check on one young lady and provided him with pictures and I was able to capture her entire name. Needless to say she was not from Colombia she lived in Brasil and also worked for escort agency. The woman that are on these sites are not real please trust me when I tell you this. Some of the reviews here are not legitimate as well because the trips to Colombia are all staged to entice Americans with pipe dreams to find their wives. I have contacted a private investigator for FBI to inform them of what is going on. Also, AmoLatina is ran out of Russia for many of you that are not aware. This means there is no jurisdiction. None of these Latin sites are legitimate. I found most of the same pictures on different sites that are owned by same people. Please people for the love of God! Stay away from 98% of these dating sites and trips to these country's, because they are there to take your money. I am working diligent with the authorities to try and get these sites shutdown because they are bogus! Stay away from 98% of these sites not legit!!!

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