Dating Tall Tales: Review Round-up

By Alice Harper on Apr 15, 2011 4 Comments
Sure, but is he tall

The search for the perfect mate is no longer akin to the search for the Holy Grail. In the marketplace of love, plenty of custom-made sites are now available for those looking for someone of a specific ethnicity, religion, or lifestyle (single parent, swinger, gay, etc.). And those looking from shallower waters can even search for equally “beautiful people” or more specific requirements such as inmates and people with “unusual” preferences.

One dating site in particular has caught the attention of SiteJabber’s female users – and not in a positive way. has been called out by our users as employing underhanded ploys in order to get women to pay for a membership. To date, SiteJabber reviewers have contributed 24 reviews for DateTallMen. With only 1 “Meh” rating (2 out of 4 stars) and the rest being “$#@!” (1 out of 4 stars), DateTallMen may be in the running for scummiest online dating site.

The Good

There’s not even an ounce of love, regret or sympathy for this website from SiteJabber reviewers. Instead, women are downright disgusted by DateTallMen’s practices, and if we were those guys, we’d be packing up and shipping out as soon as possible. At least there are no reports of phishing?

The Bad


SiteJabber users report that appears to lure in their users by offering up a few mouthwatering appetizers in the form of attractive men. Once users take the bait, the switch turns out to be seemingly doctored profiles, an inability to easily deactivate your profile and months of payment without authorization (until you recognize the fact).

SiteJabber user Donna D. explains: ”While I was checking it out as a ‘free’ member, I received several emails from some very attractive men. Most in the U.S. but all were hundreds of miles from me. Anyway, I eventually signed on for the least expensive 30-day membership. I then responded to the suitors whom I was interested in. Not surprisingly, I never heard back from 3 of 4 whom I replied to. The fourth person and I had a brief email exchange. Since then, my emails to anyone on the site (either to date or to the ‘staff’) have gone unanswered. What’s even more damning, is that I’ve received a response email to someone I never SENT an email to.”

User Julie R. adds: “…getting your profile removed is virtually impossible, you have to go in and change your profile and put really offensive verbiage up to get them to cancel it. But don’t be surprised if you go back after months and your profile has been reactivated and tweaked.”

Meanwhile user Elizabeth S. comes to a conclusion after sniffing things out a bit: “This is a scam website for sure. I suspected it when I saw the photos of the men emailing me. They look like professional photographs. The men that enticed me to join were extremely handsome and it was just to good to be true. I believe the website pays them to entice women and have them send us emails or the dating site send the emails on their behalf. It smells like a scam it is one. And yes I was suckered into paying $99 to access the website. Darn, what I could’ve done with that money instead of throwing it away on a scam.”

The Ugly


So does anyone end up dating any of these tall, attractive men?

One reviewer Emma T. did, but things took a turn for the worst: “Unlike many of you I joined this site and met a man with whom I chatted with for a number of weeks on the site. The relationship progressed and although he lived in a different country we met up and continued to write to each other daily. This site pushes the fact that its members are verified properly and indeed this chap had such a status. He turned out to be an utter sociopath, with psychological issues. This chap could not have been verified and luckily I have a background in working with people with psychiatric problems so was able to spot the signs. This site is linked to the Elite service and happily seems to pass on details between the sites unknown to its clients I think. It is a total scam site and should be closed down.”

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Note: SiteJabber corrected misspellings within reviews for this article.

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4 Responses to “Dating Tall Tales: Review Round-up”
  1. acid b says:

    After reading such shocking news from so many women…I have come up with very simple way to protect people from being ensnared by these sites….HELLO PEOPLE….IF THESE GUYS ARE SO IRRESISTABLE THEN WHY ARE THEY SINGLE AND UP ON THESE SITES!!! DEFINITELY SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THEM….!!! Do not be fooled again please….

    • Cindy says:

      I think some people want to believe that someone that hot would be interested in them – men and women both. There are lotsa lotsa sites for men to find certain types of women – and the women are fake too!! But I think those men would like to believe hot young women like them. Sad..but true!

  2. Marc says:

    When is someone going to do an investigation into the thieves?

    They’ve got a FALSE 30 day refund guarantee. They STOLE my $89.95!

    I don’t understand how thieves like these can keep on operating.

  3. Katerina says:

    I did register on this site to complain about a dating site. It seems to me that most of the people they have on the site are placed there by the sites themselves. As one of the readers said, if these guys are so “hot” WHY are they on dating sites ?? Good Question. These sites should be policed in some way & most of them shouldn’t be on the Internet at all. The only thing they do is take money from innocent people who sign up with good honest intentions & are robbed in the process..

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