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Many already mentioned the conventional smut around here. Well, there's always an way something/or someone can get off even worse: to doing smut with animals... or specifically maintain intercourse with an... wolf. An goddamn. Freakin'. Stupid wolf. So... everyone here has talked about how the smut is frequent in there, and the incompetent moderation don't do 2 cents about it. Well... then there's this especific guy, that has more alts around this site than the sky has clouds, well... try to convince others that actually, stuffs your male reproductive organ or your female reproductive organ inside/or in an wolf is... actually okay, even if it's roleplaying. Those are real-life sickos who came from Deep Web (or even worse) to the surface web, and now they're browsing around on site like this, to spread their sickness of their disease as an epidemic. Be warned, and throw caution to the wind. They are trying to disguise their most-sick sickness with average roleplaying; like an malefic vampire sucking off the blood of an innocent to maintain his. In the site's rules we can see that normal smut to the beyond worse is prohibited there yet if you go to the leaderboard of the site, all you see is smut-related-accounts. Talk about controversy and hypocrisy. These prints will contain my sister's account slicing this animal pervert to chunks and washing the reality on his face about this; still, he goes on insisting until she throws the cup-de-grace on him with an text bigger than Malcolm X's speechings and he blocks her, as if it wasn't to be the contrary. Who was trying to commit zoophilia, clearly stated as "prohibited" in the site? Well, I'm not finished yet: if you are from Roleplay.Me right now and you are biting your nails of so much madness you are at me watching me doing this review right now, or if you even see the nickname of my sister on this site and tries to go for her after this, boy... You both don't know who you're messing with. And yes, interpret that as a threat, because it is. You don't even know the kinds of things I've been through already. But you still here, bugging me. Characters and characters, realities are realities, my dear. I can be a federal agent behind the account with your address in my hand. Even a hacker. Grey hat one. So, you're the wrong one here, and the $#*!ed up in the head here if you agree with all of this, and actually see normality in it. There's paranormality, that's what's involved. Anyways, just an glimpse of what these basement-dwellers are interested in it, the kind of role-playings they try to convince others to do think it's normal, and when you confront them about that, they will still stick in their head that it's normal... and put you as the "wrong one" in the history. Indeed, the world is in an reversal.

Now, in this fourth photo here, it's a screenshot of an event that happened on the profile of one of my sister's friends on this site. Basically, this Satan comes and keeps asking if people would like to "cross the line" in a roleplay. Or "break some rules" as asked "What are you talking about?" then he will reveal: pedophilia and cannibalism. That's right, committing pedophilia and cannibalism with your character. It's exactly what I said: there's nothing so bad that you can't get worse. And then when my sister just said "No" and blocked him, he went after this friend of her shown in the screenshot and started to madly spam (in the end there were more than 500 comments of his own) these pictures of dead and cannibalized people in his profile, with the guts and organs out, so hard that I even had to censor (or at least tried to) censor a little bit in Lightshot. And guess what? This SATANN guy still exists on the site, his account has not been banned, you just go and look.

So, throw caution to the wind. You may be in Roleplay.Me and suddenly, out of nowhere, Elf Friend will try to convince you to do sex with animals or SATANN will convince you to do sex with minors or to eat an member of your body in an soap dish... man... this site is absolutely cancerous and devastating. Sad. Real sad. What the moderation do about it? Nothing... an atom.


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