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I have been scuba diving for 37 years this year.

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I was certified as a scuba diving instructor in 1991.


He is also a flee-diving spear-fishing enthusiast.

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I ordered 22 items of diving equipment from a website operated by Acquasub on July 18,2021, for a total cost of € 661.80

Of the above diving equipment, I ordered 6 pairs of black-colored Concorde fins made by Mares.

The total cost for the six pairs of fins was €245.40.

After more than a month of waiting from the day I placed my order, the product was finally shipped to Japan on August 19.

When I opened the package that arrived in Japan, I found that although the fins I ordered were black in color, the 6 pairs of fins delivered were all green in color.

Could it be that the buyer entered the wrong color when ordering on the website? No, that is not true. Because there is no page on the Acquasub web page where the buyer can order the green color fin.

Since I had paid for the goods through PAY-PAL, I filed a claim based on PAY-PAL's terms and conditions, which protect the buyer, because the goods were completely different from what I had ordered.

Barbara, the owner of the store, admitted that Maria Luisa, the shipping clerk, had shipped the wrong color and wrote in her message that it was our mistake.

I was contacted by PAY-PAL customer support and instructed to send back to Italy all 22 items I had ordered, including the wrong one, as the seller would accept a full refund.

The package to be sent back to Italy from Japan weighs 17 kg and costs € 249.48, but I, the buyer, am obliged to pay for it in Japan.

Will the shipping cost be reimbursed by the seller to the buyer if the cost of return shipping is proven by presenting a receipt to PAY-PAL? When I asked PAY-PAL customer support, they said that the buyer is responsible for the cost of return shipping because the cost of shipping is not under PAY-PAL's jurisdiction.

You should be aware that PAY-PAL's terms and conditions that protect the buyer are a total lie and actually protect the seller.

In this order the seller accidentally sent me 6 pairs of green fins, why do I have to send back all the other 16 items of diving equipment? This condition is too unreasonable.

If the full amount of my order € 661.81 was refunded, and the buyer would have to pay € 249.48 to send everything back to Italy, that means I would only receive € 412.33 back, even though I had no diving equipment left.

This is actually a pernicious protocol in which Pay-Pal and the seller conspire to make the buyer give up on returning the product or getting a refund, even if the seller has shipped the wrong product, because they consider it disadvantageous for the buyer to bear the hassle and cost of returning the product.

Using PayPal's corrupt terms and conditions in favor of the seller as a cover, it is absolutely unacceptable for sellers to abdicate their responsibility to compensate buyers for misdeliveries and to reship products.

On the Acquasub website, you will find the following shipping policy.

Correctly ordered but faulty goods will be collected from customer FOC and replacement product will be re-delivered FOC.

I sent several messages to Barbara, acknowledging the misdelivery of the Acquasub and asking her to resend the black fins that the buyer had ordered, but at the end of the message from Barbara, she wrote Good bye!

Don't think you can go through your days unimpeded by a rotten business philosophy that lacks any sincere ethics as a seller.

They say that those who do wrong will always be punished by the heavens, but I think Acquasub should go to hell.


Incidentally, the reason for the difference between the total amount of the invoice and the total amount of the posted item is that Acquasub was unable to secure the quantity ordered by the buyer and therefore refunded the difference after all the products ordered had been shipped, without consulting or obtaining the buyer's consent.


This is not what I felt when I visited this store, but I will post what I felt when I used the Divers Supply online shopping site.

On June 4,2021, I ordered a strap belt with elastic function for a diving knife with a quantity of 20.

The shipping cost to Japan was $51.25, for a total cost of $210.25.

19 days had passed since I placed the order, but there was no announcement that the product had been shipped, so I sent a message to customer support to find out the status.

The following is a verbatim copy of the original message delivered by customer support.

We are waiting on 8 of the straps to come in. We have 12 of them that we can ship if you would like for us to ship those and cancel the others. Or we can wait for the others to come in!

I told customer support that I would wait until all 20 of the quantities I ordered were available.

It was the 4th of July. It had already been a month since I placed my order, but there was no announcement that my order had been shipped, so I sent five messages to customer support in July alone, asking about the status and reasons why my order had not been shipped.

The excuse from customer support is as follows.
Of course, the original text has been copied and posted as is.

As I have already stated. We have 12 of them, we can ship them now if you would like. We are still waiting on trident to get the remaining 8 in stock and shipped to us. They are the manufacturer who are out of them. I have stated this before. I have also stated that we can ship others that are in stock that are the exact same, made in the same place but are from another manufacturer. I also stated we can cancel and refund your order and no expense to you.

Although customer support suggested that I buy an alternative product with the same functionality, they did not provide me with any details of the product, nor did they attach any product images or even provide the unit price of the product.

The following is a original copy of the management philosophy of Divers Supply.

Divers Supply strives to get your ordered items to you as quickly as possible. If you need an item by a specific date, please contact us so that we can ensure your needs are met. In many cases, this may be as simple as changing the color or upgrading to a different product. We will do our best to meet your needs.

It's August 4th and already two months have passed since I placed my order. So I decided to send a message to the manufacturer and ask them why they can't provide products to Divers Supply.

I sent a message to Divers Supply's customer support and ended it with the following sentence.

I sent a direct message to Trident customer service today, so we should know soon who is lying.

On August 6, more than two months after I placed my order, I finally received a message from Divers Supply's customer support that all 20 of the items I ordered had been shipped.

Below is a copy of the original message sent to me by Divers Supply's customer support.

We look forward to it. Have a great day. Your account has been blocked and so have your messages. DO NOT ORDER FROM US AGAIN!

When the orders from users exceeded the amount of stock available at Divers Supply, I felt that the company was a seller with a rotten management philosophy that only made proposals that were convenient for them, abandoning even the company's efforts to meet users' demands without thinking from the standpoint of customers and fulfilling their responsibilities as a seller.

Tip for consumers:
Customer support agents on online shopping sites do not fulfill their responsibilities as sellers, so buyers have to act on their own and spend valuable time to solve problems.

Products used:
The item I purchased has not yet arrived in Japan, so I will evaluate it when I actually use it.


By using this website, you are wasting your valuable time and losing even more money.

I was drawn to this website because of its wide variety of products and attractive prices, but as a result, I wasted a lot of time and lost a lot of money.

I ordered a total of 6 products, including fins and masks, which Mares launched as new products on January 16,2019. The total cost at this time was €393.67.

The order page for all 6 items, I ordered was marked Shipped in 5-10 days.

Two months after the day I placed my order, Dive Stock informed me that the item I ordered would not be in stock and that they wanted to cancel my order.

As long as they can't ship all 6 items I ordered, there's no point in waiting, so I decide to accept their request for a refund.

However, the amount of money refunded fluctuated from the exchange rate at which I ordered, so I lost € 26 when converted from € to Japanese yen.

I filed an objection with the owner of this company and he explained to me that the refund was what was stated in the refund policy. I wasn't convinced, but I controlled my anger.

I decided to avoid this website when I found out that they are not able to ship the goods, which is the seller's responsibility, even though they take orders and collect money from the customers.

The cunning of Dive Stock is that they are clever enough to post new products on their website that are not yet available on other sellers' websites.

I was searching for the new fins that Cressi is launching in 2020 and found that Dive Stock website carries them.

I hesitated to order, but only after I told the customer service rep that I didn't want a repeat of the bad experience I had last year to happen on this order.

I ordered 6 items from Dive Stock on July 28,2020, including a Cressi new fins. The amount paid at this time was €208.83.

The order page for Cressi 2020 new model fins I ordered was marked Shipped in 4-5 weeks.

Even though it had already been two months since the order was placed, the customer service representative did not report to the buyer on the progress of the shipment.

I sent a message to the customer service representative and inquired about the shipment of my order.

The customer service rep's excuse was that they could not ship my order due to the COVID-19 and told me they wanted me to cancel my order.

I am aware that COVID-19 is now inevitably cutting manufacturing productivity and causing enormous delays and high shipping costs in logistics around the world.

However, the cunning of this company is that they are still accepting orders for Cressi new model fins on Dive Stock website, even though they insist that they want me to cancel my order because they can't ship my order due to the COVID-19.

Yesterday, I received a request from this company to refund the amount ordered, but I insisted that they take into account the amount of money I would lose due to currency fluctuations, but my request was ignored.

Again, the 6 pieces of diving equipment I ordered were not shipped at all and I lost €17 in money that was refunded due to currency fluctuations.

It is common sense for investors to invest in stocks and lose money due to stock price fluctuations, but it is too unreasonable to order diving equipment and not ship it at all, and for the buyer to lose €43 due to exchange rate fluctuations.

Don't be fooled by the Dive Stock website, which tries to entice diving enthusiasts to buy by listing a diverse selection of products and attractive prices.

The fact of the matter is that this company doesn't have a warehouse to store the products like other sellers do, because the products that are listed on the order page for shipping in 1 to 2 weeks are not in this company's stock, and it is presumed that the company requests orders from each manufacturer after the order is placed.

It is a rotten business philosophy that collects only the purchase money from the customer, even though there is no product on hand, and abandons its responsibility as a seller if it cannot be shipped.

This order is due to the impact of COVID-19 and Dive Stock is making excuses to me that Cressi can't ship new fins due to production line cutbacks and workforce reductions.

I'll be updating this post within a few weeks. Because I am ordering new Cressi fins from another seller. I will edit the article once these fins are delivered to me.

Then it will be revealed how cunning and corrupt Dive Stock is, operating with a business philosophy that is far from customer-first!
The following was added to this article on October 15,2020

Dive Stock cancelled my order on the grounds that due to the spread of COVID-19, Cressi was unable to ship new fins.

I ordered a new Cressi fin from another seller in the EU on October 1,2020 and was able to receive it on October 15.

Dive Stock's excuse has been proven to be a lie.


It's a store with a manager with a corrupt philosophy who uses PAY-PAL as a cover and abdicates his responsibility as a seller.

A legitimate complaint contains many suggestions about the company's problems and how to improve them. However, the owners of Planet Multi Store are doing a despicable job of hiding and obscuring complaints.

Planet Multi Store owners are Trust Pilot subscribers who pay $599 per month for the "Trust Box" feature, which allows them to hide the display of posts with low ratings.

I ordered my scuba gear on November 25,2019. The quantity was 8 items. The total price of the items I ordered was $332.

Two of the eight items I ordered were MARES SHAKER MAGNETICs, with a unit price of €25.60.

My order was delivered on December 25,2019, but when I opened the package, I found that only one of the eight items was different.

I ordered two bottles of MARES SHAKER MAGNETIC, one was a Salvimar shaker, a cheaper product with a unit price of €15.60

I immediately sent a message to the Planet Multi Store customer service representative, informing him that I had been sent a different product than the one I had ordered.

When I asked the customer service representative how to return the wrong product from Japan to Italy according to Planet Multi Store's return policy, he suggested "we'll send it with the next package you order, so you won't have to return it".

I had no choice but to follow the advice of the customer service representative and order another piece of scuba gear to fix the problem.

After two months of waiting, the package finally arrived and when I opened it to see what was inside, there was no MARES SHAKER MAGNETIC.

I decided to file a dispute with PAY-PAL, claiming that I had received something different than what I had ordered.

PAY-PAL customer support contacted me and instructed me to send back to Italy all eight products I had ordered, including the wrong one, as the seller was willing to give me a full refund.

As a buyer, I am obligated to pay the shipping costs to send the goods from Japan to Italy.

If I submit the receipt to PAY-PAL and the return shipping charges are proven, will the seller refund the return shipping charges to the buyer? When I contacted PAY-PAL customer service, I was told that the return postage is not under PAY-PAL's jurisdiction and that the buyer will be responsible for it.

The MARES SHAKER MAGNETIC that I ordered was wrong, why do I have to send back the other 7 pieces of scuba gear? These terms and conditions are too unreasonable.

Know that PayPal's terms and conditions that protect the buyer are a total lie and actually protect the seller.

This is actually a pernicious protocol where Pay-Pal and the seller conspire to get the buyer to forgo returning the product or getting a refund, even if the seller shipped the wrong product, because they consider it disadvantageous for the buyer to endure the hassle and cost of returning the product.

It is totally unacceptable for sellers to use PayPal's corrupt terms and conditions as a cover to absolve themselves of their responsibility to compensate buyers for wrong deliveries and returns.

Planet Multi Store knows how to successfully exploit the loopholes in PayPal's buyer protection system to escape liability for misdelivery of goods.

Any conscientious seller would have told the buyer if the item ordered was out of stock and asked them to change their order, but Planet Multi Store deliberately sent a similar, cheaper alternative and didn't even refund the difference.

Tip for consumers:
The response was not even a hint of the concept of putting the customer first.

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