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About Me

I have been scuba diving for 35 years this year.

How I Can Help

I am a certified scuba diving instructor and run my own dive store.


He is also a flee-diving spear-fishing enthusiast.

2 Reviews by Takeshi


By using this website, you are wasting your valuable time and losing even more money.

I was drawn to this website because of its wide variety of products and attractive prices, but as a result, I wasted a lot of time and lost a lot of money.

I ordered a total of 6 products, including fins and masks, which Mares launched as new products on January 16,2019. The total cost at this time was €393.67.

The order page for all 6 items, I ordered was marked Shipped in 5-10 days.

Two months after the day I placed my order, Dive Stock informed me that the item I ordered would not be in stock and that they wanted to cancel my order.

As long as they can't ship all 6 items I ordered, there's no point in waiting, so I decide to accept their request for a refund.

However, the amount of money refunded fluctuated from the exchange rate at which I ordered, so I lost € 26 when converted from € to Japanese yen.

I filed an objection with the owner of this company and he explained to me that the refund was what was stated in the refund policy. I wasn't convinced, but I controlled my anger.

I decided to avoid this website when I found out that they are not able to ship the goods, which is the seller's responsibility, even though they take orders and collect money from the customers.

The cunning of Dive Stock is that they are clever enough to post new products on their website that are not yet available on other sellers' websites.

I was searching for the new fins that Cressi is launching in 2020 and found that Dive Stock website carries them.

I hesitated to order, but only after I told the customer service rep that I didn't want a repeat of the bad experience I had last year to happen on this order.

I ordered 6 items from Dive Stock on July 28,2020, including a Cressi new fins. The amount paid at this time was €208.83.

The order page for Cressi 2020 new model fins I ordered was marked Shipped in 4-5 weeks.

Even though it had already been two months since the order was placed, the customer service representative did not report to the buyer on the progress of the shipment.

I sent a message to the customer service representative and inquired about the shipment of my order.

The customer service rep's excuse was that they could not ship my order due to the COVID-19 and told me they wanted me to cancel my order.

I am aware that COVID-19 is now inevitably cutting manufacturing productivity and causing enormous delays and high shipping costs in logistics around the world.

However, the cunning of this company is that they are still accepting orders for Cressi new model fins on Dive Stock website, even though they insist that they want me to cancel my order because they can't ship my order due to the COVID-19.

Yesterday, I received a request from this company to refund the amount ordered, but I insisted that they take into account the amount of money I would lose due to currency fluctuations, but my request was ignored.

Again, the 6 pieces of diving equipment I ordered were not shipped at all and I lost €17 in money that was refunded due to currency fluctuations.

It is common sense for an investor to invest in stocks and lose money due to fluctuations in stock prices, but it is out of the norm to order diving equipment and have it not shipped at all and the buyer loses € 43 due to foreign exchange fluctuations.

Don't be fooled by the Dive Stock website, which tries to entice diving enthusiasts to buy by listing a diverse selection of products and attractive prices.

The fact of the matter is that this company doesn't have a warehouse to store the products like other sellers do, because the products that are listed on the order page for shipping in 1 to 2 weeks are not in this company's stock, and it is presumed that the company requests orders from each manufacturer after the order is placed.

It is a rotten business philosophy that collects only the purchase money from the customer, even though there is no product on hand, and abandons its responsibility as a seller if it cannot be shipped.

This order is due to the impact of COVID-19 and Dive Stock is making excuses to me that Cressi can't ship new fins due to production line cutbacks and workforce reductions.

I'll be updating this post within a few weeks. Because I am ordering new Cressi fins from another seller. I will edit the article once these fins are delivered to me.

Then it will be revealed how cunning and corrupt Dive Stock is, operating with a business philosophy that is far from customer-first!
The following was added to this article on October 15,2020

Dive Stock cancelled my order on the grounds that due to the spread of COVID-19, Cressi was unable to ship new fins.

I ordered a new Cressi fin from another seller in the EU on October 1,2020 and was able to receive it on October 15.

Dive Stock's excuse has been proven to be a lie.


The meaning of a claim is important to a corporation. Legitimate complaints are full of problems and hints for improvement of your company. And even though it is often the case that a company's image is better than before when complaints are dealt with politely, the owner of planet multi store is cunning in keeping a lid on complaints and crafting them out of sight.

Owners of Planet Multi Store pay $599 a month as an option to make it impossible to see low ratings on articles submitted to the Trust Pilot.

For these reasons I decided to submit an article to sitejabber.

I ordered my diving equipment on November 25,2019. The quantity was eight items.The total price of the goods ordered was € 332

Two of the eight items I ordered were MARES SHAKER MAGNETIC and the unit price was €25.60

The package I ordered was delivered on December 25,2019, and when I opened it, it contained only one different item among the eight items.

I ordered two bottles of MARES SHAKER MAGNETIC, one of which was a Salvimar Shaker for unit price € 15.60

I immediately sent a message to Andrea, the customer support representative at the Planet Multi Store, telling her that a different product was being shipped than the one I had ordered.

PLANET MULTI STORE's return policy states the following.
It can be applied within 14 days of receiving the package.

When I asked how I could return a Salvimar shaker I hadn't ordered according to Planet Multi Store's return policy, Andrea said, "You don't have to return it.

But, Andrea has spelled out in message an excuse to revocation the 14-day right of return that customers have been given. ( Same as the original)

I also asked for a refund for the cost of the MARES SHAKER MAGNETIC.

A message sent to me by Andrea on December 27,2019
We'll include a new Mares shaker in the next order, at the moment the administration is closed for the refund, if You desire We can give You a credit for the next order instead.

I sent a message to remind them that the money for the MARES SHAKER MAGNETIC had not been refunded.

A message sent to me by Andrea on February 11,2020
They confirmed the refund a few months ago, if the problem is that You did not receive it We'll check again and We'll let You know.

Andrea suggested to me, " Next time you order a product, I'll put a MARES SHAKER MAGNETIC in the package with it ".

I have no choice but to accept Andrea's suggestion and order a different genre of diving equipment on February 25, 2020.The total amount in this order was €363.40

When I sent a message that I would not forget to pack the MARS SHAKER MAGNETIC this time...

A message sent to me by Andrea on February 25,2020
Yes It will be included.

The number of messages I've sent to Andrea since last December has been in the dozens, and I've had to spend valuable time working on them.

A short time later, the spread of the new coronavirus ( COVID-19) in Italy and other parts of the world caused logistical delays, and the shipment ordered in February 2020 arrived on April 28.

The MARES SHAKER MAGNETIC was not contained when I opened the package that arrived to me and checked the contents.

I decided to contact PAY-PAL for the reason that a different item was shipped than the one I ordered.

I was told to return all items that the seller shipped to the buyer because the Planet Multi Store will refund the full amount.

The stipulation was that it was not possible to refund only the amount of money corresponding to the unit price of the item just because it received a different item.

The stipulation was that PAY-PAL would not be involved in refunding the air transport costs paid by the purchaser if all the items ordered last November were repackaged again and sent back to Italy, far from Japan.

Planet Multi store knows how to escape from the responsibility of misdelivery of goods by making good use of the loophole in the buyer protection system of PAY-PAL.

If a conscientious business owner were a conscientious shop, they would have first informed the customer that their order was out of stock and asked them to change their order, but not the planet multi store.

The company failed to keep track of the inventory of products ordered by customers and intentionally shipped similar, cheaper alternatives.

This post was made on September 13,2020, but the issue of a different item being shipped than the one ordered on November 25,2019 has not been resolved at all to date.

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