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I’m a female scratcher who used to make scratch projects, I’m Ip banned at the moment. I created the maker series that has many well received games like soup owner, make a burger, cafe maker and song maker. Also with other games like musical life simulator, pianerist and drink cafe

How I Can Help

I like telling people how good scratch can be, and how sometimes, haters are un poco loco (a little crazy) because nothing is completely bad, there’s flaws, and that’s ok.


Uglydolls is my main fandom, Baldi is too, scratch, Roblox, chocolate!

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So rude... It rips off discord, left and right, up and down, in and out.
It's also a scam, only talking with people from the USA and I got muted for Flooding, that is good!

Tip for consumers:
Don’t... and I was curious to see how stupid it really is.

Products used:
A discord ripoff :/


I never used this, but looking at the trailers and stuff around it it's some Roblox avatar editor clone for animating characters and made only for dancing?

This doesn't look fantastic, although the models are realistic and kinda good and they "are rigged", it's animations look choppy and clippy.

Thank goodness I've used blender for 7 months (today) and basically I've been learning rigging and modeling, I have models of them below me, but I just can't get the gifs to load :/

Tip for consumers:
Only for private use.

Products used:
Didn’t use


Made 3 accounts to stop them from banning me. And, well... there winning.

Abigbluecitybuilding is the first account, got banned by spam protect in 1 day. Vandal.
Agood-dayfor-walks is my alt, for normal stuff, got banned by, again, spam protect in less then 24 hours. Same reason.

Now, the fight is still going, I made a account called thebluewater, and here comes the final, deja vu >:)

But this time, thebluewater wouldn't be for vandal, it will be a normal account so they can learn their lesson. This is like the quackity event, but this, ohh no... there making this battle extreme!

Anyways, the site is ok, it's colorful, but they can ban you like you're Adolf hitler making a account from his grave. Like, they need to calm down.

Tip for consumers:
Don’t vandal, they will go sicko mode.

Products used:


Oh my gosh! What the heck! Biggest music group? More like biggest scam ever!

As bad as city data, same system, like city data made this... but, I got one pro about this so called forum...
The layout is well done, colorful, and nicely colored, it's more better colored then the forum layout city data used too.


They banned me for no reason, I did post ads about scratch and Roblox, but I was only doing that to publish this instrumental to one of my many songs, linked here: https :// storage. Cloudconvert. Com/tasks/cd18fa1b-40c9-4ddb-b4d2-ef6326ade33f/Need%20to%20do%21%20Instrumental%20. Mp3? AWSAccessKeyId=cloudconvert-production&Expires=*******404&Signature=lk2lA2Fjp8L%2BLpO13KwL%2FktZsIY%3D&response-content-disposition=attachment%3B%20filename%3D%22Need%20to%20do%21%20Instrumental%20. Mp3%22&response-content-type=audio%2Fmpeg

There limits are terrible, 15 posts to get a link to something, what scamming!

Bans are crazy here, they don't give you even a reason:/

The people there are just country boys drinking beer and sitting outside most of there lives, while i'm a musician/reviewer who was just starting making instrumental versions of songs and instrumental songs.

I don't recommend this site, although I see a decent layout, the site is the worst thing ever!

Tip for consumers:


My goodness, wow! This is crazy... I thought this was going to be bad, but oh no it ain't! I gave it 2 out of 5 because the site, well... is behind a huge paywall...
Extremely well coded site, everything is well produced...
For a site not many people use, The site is underrated, also, this uses emails and never ever shares your emails with others!

Although well coded, if your a extremely lazy person, rip your change of making a visual video with lyrics...
It behind a $15-$75 paywall, although it is cheap for what the site is, rip your chance of being a visual video master!
If you don't pay the paywall, your video will expire in 10 days, that's too short!

But, the site is well coded even with a 2 star rating...

One photo is edited because of private reasons, but yeah...

Tip for consumers:
If you want to make a good video, make a icon, don't be to lazy silly, well, thats it..


-The coding is the best thing about, it started the block coding type of coding, which that is good;)
-Some projects are actually good and even if some are overrated trash animators, There animations are sometimes really really well done.
-The scratch team can be a little crazy with there ban reason, THEY CAN BAN YOU BECAUSE OF SOMETHING ON THE FORUMS! But there's no trouble there.
-they banned scratchers because of the crummy scratchers wiki, photos are the pros and cons!


Tip for consumers:
Make sure to be real careful my scratchers, because it can get a little crazy when you get banned.

Products used:
Coding, and stuff

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I got banned for no reason, my acc got hacked I think and then like when I got it back I was banned.


The site is so boring, dead staff are rude banning for no reason, themes of the site suck ass...