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I stopped in for cat food this evening and went back to look at the fish like I always do. I seen a stand alone tank with a fish that looked partially alive. The MANAGER (Reagan) told me that they were a breeding pair of cichlids and that he was happy it was happening to them because a pair of breeders are supposedly hard on the tanks. I asked what was wrong with them and he said the heaters were not working. (It's a petstore. This is a very very poor excuse and animal neglect. They should have heaters)

My boyfriend and I had been in a couple weeks prior and looked at these fish. We remarked at how sweet they were. The manager asked me if I wanted the fish. I went up to take a closer look and the one in the front of the tank was dead from what looks like Ich. It was COVERED IN IT! THIS WAS GOING ON FOR QUITE SOME TIME!
I called my boyfriend to see if he would take them. I went looking for the other fish. The other fish was hiding in a rock and also covered in Ich.
Once we realized that the one was dead and the other was hiding because it's mate was dead in front of it. I was horrified.
I was on the phone with my boyfriend and turned around and said "I have to leave" this is horrible.
I turned and walked up front with my cat food completely horrified at how they take care of thier fish and the manager came up and said he had the right to refuse service and if I didn't leave he would call the cops.
I left. I won't be back. I have been a customer of theirs for many years.

There is NO reason for a pet shop to be letting fish die in thier store thats open for business. This is animal neglect. They should have been treated for ich and quarantined into a different tank with a sign that said they were not for sale.
Most likely they got the Ich from unclean tanks and straight up neglect. And to not have a warmer in the tank? Iys a pets store. They sell tank heaters.
Everyone knows cichlids need Warner water than goldfish.


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