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1 review
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If you want some good advise. Do NOT have anything to do with Ziinga. They are a total Scam!!!!!! They should be convicted and closed down.

2 reviews
2 helpful votes

In 2011. I paid by credit card for a Nokia 5130 an amount of R123.05. My reference was 47216837. Until now, I have not received the cellphone. Every time I use to phone them, its on its way.

I got tired and I stopped phoning and forgot about it. My e-mail add:


2 reviews
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'Stay away' period. I got scammed few years back, but I got lucky I got my money back with the help of my Visa credit card company and time consumed.

1 review
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JUST STAY AWAY FROM ZINGA.COM an absolute scam. THey were auctioning a Sainsbury Gift Card which I thought Sainsbury being multinational will not allow anybody defraud their brand. But ZINGA is doing it in broad day light. After finishing the auction, I soon realised, it is a kind of fruad and I emailed asking them to terminate my bid. But they are asking for copies of my creditcard and driving license or pay pay up hefty penalty charge. No legitimate business acts like that and I wonder what the cyber crime squads are doing and why Sainsbury and other big companies are taking any action. Mohammed

1 review
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11/14/14 auctions are big RUDE rip off scammers,I won a" Free 1st auction", on payment just clicking proceed button gives them permission to debit your card for membership fee of $89.00 per month x 3 months AND they never send you the product ever. Oh if you cancel your membership they will charge you cancelation fee as well !!! so what they say is true - if its too good to be true then it is!

1 review
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Bad, really bad website. Just waste of time.

1 review
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I think it should be a simple , If you do buying on line and the seller is not working with Pay Pal you better do some research!!!!!!

1 review
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Never bought anything I won a bid and as soon as i saw the terms and details they wanted me to agree to plus further invetigation led to my saying thanks but no thanks.

Don't be fooled into giving these thieving con men your credit card details doing so will cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Plus you will spend many hours in frustration attempting to recover your money.

stay away, far, far away.

1 review
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This is a complete and total scam.

It starts off by letting you bid on items. If you win an item, it lets you pay for the item and sign up. What it doesnt tell you is that you should read the terms and conditions. In the terms and conditions, they charged us $89.99 Australian for a three month subscription, even though we never agreed to anything. They get away with this because it is in the terms and conditions, which everyone neglects to read. So we wanted to cancel our account, which would have cost us $53. You know what we did? Before they charged a single thing to the credit card, we cancelled the card. Its an extremely gruelling process to cancel your Ziinga account.


I hope this helps you all, it saved me from paying heaps of money for things I did not agree

1 review
2 helpful votes

Whats the probability of all auctions running for 4 weeks 24/7 without any1 winning? Its happening on ziinga right now. The most obvius use of bots I have ever seen on a pennyauction! My godness they aint even discret about it!

1 review
1 helpful vote

It is just fake and fraud.
Don't even open that website.
They are in little island named Malta...

1 review
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PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! DO NOT USE ZIINGA.COM My experience is basically the same as most of other people who have been conned by Ziinga. On 11th November 2012 I went on (I can't remember how I got to the site). I put a free bid on a £35 Sainsburys Gift Card and won straight away!!! I paid the £5.17 Including P & P) on my credit card. They asked for documents for security which I scanned and emailed. Next time I went on the site I saw I had some bids so I put a few bids on items (no Sainsburys Gift Cards). The bids kept going weird but I wasn't bothered because I was just 'messing' with bids, which I believed were free bids. A few days later when I went on my Credit Card account online I saw that, on 13th November, Ziinga had taken a further £178.97 from my Credit Card. Immediately I phoned Ziinga. I got through but I could not understand what the person (gentleman) was saying to me and after a couple of minutes he terminated the call!! So I went on the online chat and 'chatted' with a lady and asked why they had taken the monies from my Credit Card. It was then that I found out that at some stage when I was completing the purchase of the Sainsburys Gift Card I had 'agreed' to a free week membership followed by a 3 months Platinum Membership (at £59.99 per month). (This was the first I knew of this - I had NO idea that I had signed up for this membership). The lady on the 'chat' said that as I had used some bids (about 4 bids) that I was bound to pay for the 3 months membership. (Even though the bids I made were during the 7 day free membership period!!). After some 'debate' she said I could cancel the 2nd and 3rd months, but I would have to pay for the first month (£59.99) as I had used some bids. Also, I would have to pay a £35 cancellation fee as the 3 month membership is binding. She also said that I would NOT get the Sainsburys Gift Card. (Please note that they took the monies from my Credit Card during the period that they said was the 7 day free membership period and that I put the bids on during the 7 day free membership period).
I realised I was getting nowhere and so I said I did wish to cancel which I did via an email which she sent to me. (So I cancelled within 7 days of signing up, as I believed I was covered by the Sales of Goods Act and would get all my monies back). As I was 'chatting' I phoned my Credit Card Company and explained what had happened and that I did not know why Ziinga had taken this £178.97 from my account. (They are sending me the Chargeback paperwork). Further to this I have sent several (3) emails to '' and their replies have all been that I agreed to and signed for this 3 month membership and that they have done all they can do to help me. SO, AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME ZIINGA HAS TAKEN £94.99 FROM MY CREDIT CARD AND I HAVE RECEIVED NOTHING.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Keep away immediatly!
I was just bidding for 1 small item of $10.00.-.
Two days after, they tried to charge my credit card twice with $30'000.- (Thirty tousand dollar),

1 review
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I live in Sydney, Australia and received an email in early October stating that I had won the Canon A1200 Digital Camera and that all I had to do was pay $3.00 for the delivery fee which I did straight away. I still hadn't received my camera and was starting to become a bit concerned but that all changed when I went to my bank today and was told that I had a $1.00 then a $268.80 withdrawal from my bank account by on the 29th October 2012 which was/is completely unauthorized. I never signed up for anything ongoing whatsoever and most certainly didn't authorize any money to be withdrawn from my bank account beside the $3.00 which was what the email stated all I had to pay to receive my free gift being the Canon A1200 Digital Camera.

I would like my money returned to my account immediately and for any future plans you may have of making any further withdrawals from account also stopped immediately. If the Camera really is free and I only required the one payment of $3.00 for delivery then I am happy to continue with that transaction but if not I want all transactions stopped at once and all my money that was stolen from my account returned at once.

I am on a disability pension with the government which only gives me $409.00 a fortnight to live on for rent, food, electricity etc so I would never have purchased a camera and the only reason I paid the $3.00 was for the delivery fee for the free item (or so I thought) so If I don't receive an instant refund I will also be making formal complaints with a legal aid lawyer, dept. of fair trading & consumer affairs, numerous police forces including all fraud teams as what happened to me is nothing short of theft and I have now been made aware that your company has done the exact same thing to not just me but many other people from around the world that believed they too had come across a true bargain only to be ripped off too.

I hope to hear back from a representative ASAP and that all my money is reimbursed back into my account immediately.



2 reviews
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tried to email regarding the fact it did not say anything about entering into a contract I received an email about 5 hours later stating "Included with this payment, you will receive a 7-day Platinum membership for FREE. Once the free days expire, normal monthly charges of A$89.99 will apply. The membership clause is stated within the receipt we sent after you have completed the transaction." its not until after you have given your details and made a purchase do they tell you its $89.99 a month for 3 months with a $53.00 early cancellation fee joke.

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Don't touch this outfit - they are operating illegally and will rip you off. I am doing battle with them currently - no goods and charges for terminating their 'contract'. Wish I had researched them before getting suckered in!!!

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Id never heard of this website before, i didnt even type it in to visit the page. All i did was to reply to a tweet i got in reply to someon e id tweeted. Anyway once id touched the tweet this caption came up on my phone telling me id won something and all i had to do was give them my email address once i did this a page came up saying i bid for a ipod and won it. They then asked for my card details, iv seen friends been riped off this way so i didnt give my card details. Two mins ago i got a email saying i have now got an account. Please what do i do i dont want an account im worried that by giving my email stuff im legaly bound to give folk money. Plz can i get some help.

1 review
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I was won actions 27/07/2012 from but my product which I won I didnt get when pay money so now I will stay AWAY from most site like this ...

1 review
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no mention of monthly fees when you first join but when you win your first promotion or auction they state that by paying you accept their T&C and have to pay 59.99 per month if you want to cancel there is a fee for that too, plus you have to pay to bid @@@@@ DO NOT USE THE SITE YOU WILL BE OUT OF POCKET AS THEY WILL TAKE THE MONEY AUTOMATICALLY FROM YOUR CREDIT CARD @@@@@@@ YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ITS A TOTAL RIP OFF SITE STICK TO MAD BID OR ONE OF THE OTHERS THAT HAVE FAIR BIDDING AND NO CHARGES MONTHLY @@@@@@@

1 review
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I signed up to this won something and put my card details in but it declined as I entered the wrong ones then I looked up at reviews afterwards ( should of done before ) and my card details didn't save as I got an email afterwards asking me to pay for the item or it'll expire so I'm assuming they don't have my details or I wouldn't of got the email and as theres no funds in the acc it'll decline so nothing's been taken.

I emailed them and asked to close my acc but didn't get a response.

I think I had a lucky escape that I didn't enter my correct details!

1 review
2 helpful votes

Please stay AWAY from this site. They book you up to a three month Platinum m embership then keep charging your credit card. My visa bank stopped my card and issued us with new cards. Now ziinga after sending a letter with a photo of our house, which I feel is rather threatening are saying they are going to put the matter into the hands of a debt collector. I am seeking legal advice on the matter and will put the matter to what ever authorities I am advised to. Please don't get caught like me. This is the first time I have been on one of these sites and it will most certainly will be the last.

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5/21/12, fraud or just the clever use of fine print?

I came across a website called . Another one of those auction sites but this one looked very promising. I had been on these sites in the past and had won numerous wonderful items in my life. I had a thorough look around and saw that a new visitor gets some first dibs on some amazing prizes so I Bid on a Canon Power Shot Camera and won this item for a mere R134.00
They requested me to send a copy of my ID , Some utility bill proof of address and a photocopy of my credit card used to purchase said item. I did all this but I photo shop some digits off my card as I am well versed in the mechanics of internet fraud (in fact my previous career was in internet security). After a couple of days I logged into my control panel and noticed the status is now "documents received". On their terms and conditions it states that the item might take two to four weeks to ship pending approval of documents. This was the second of May...
Here is where the punch in the gut comes in. Today the twenty first of May I logged on and started a chat with one of the Ziinga personal to enquire if everything is ok. I spoke to a person named "Summer " and was told that it has not been four weeks yet and that it will still be shipped. Smiling at my own impatience, another message popped up saying that they notice I have not yet activated my platinum membership. "Platinum Membership?" ,I asked. "Yes sir, we require you to activate your platinum membership and pay your membership fee before we release the prize." Stunned I asked what that would be. "R699 monthly"(under a minimum three month binding contract), Summer replied. So hold on they want me to pay R699 plus the R134.00 which I already paid. The camera is worth R600 on by the way. Now a bit angry I asked Summer if she could please cancel this and just refund my R134 to my credit card. Summer informs me that I have to pay and additional R299 cancellation fee. Do the math here. I spent about an additional R200 this month on credits too just to bid on other items with no success I might add.
Needless to say this has been one of those bad experiences, but then again at no point do they properly explain this. Even looking at the terms and conditions does not make it clear to the user before they pay for their initial "first prize". Sites like these are attracting more and more attention lately as people flock to them in hope of a bargain. Whether or not this kind of luring is legal or even morally valid I am not quite sure. One thing though, I will be warning newcomers to this site and will be looking into the legalities of this in the next few weeks.
Your review will help others learn about this website.

Please do not review if you are affiliated or have a conflict of interest with this website.

2 reviews
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Total Scam

I too was scammed witht them taking monthly fees even though I cancelled but my bank (in the UK) returned all the money and the bank have reported them to the banking ombudsman for fraud, when Ziinga found out about the fraud investigation they sent me an email (see below) with a Google earth photo of our street attached like that's some kind of threat!! They refer to attached documents which is just the Google earth... picture of our street! They are sad loosers! The address in malta is false they are based in eastern Europe

From Ziigna 'We have been recently informed that a transaction was reversed from your bank/credit card company. It was noted as a cancelled recurring transaction, which means that the issuer receives a complaint from the cardholder that payment of a recurring transaction was cancelled prior to or on the transaction date.

To amend this, please refer to the attached documents and follow the instructions within. We will make a follow up if we do not hear back from you within 5 business days.'

1 review
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RUBBISH! I signed up for a website, Jobinaclick; was told that for doing so, I can get an ipod shuffle for £2.00 (p&h). I put in my details and recieved an invoice saying that I signed up for ZIINGA and was charged £59.99 and that this was a monthly fee. I immediately cancelled and was told via e-mail that I would be charged £28.99 cancellation fee but still had to pay the first £59.99 fee! I reported this to my bank and my bank informed me since I gave my card details, they can pretty much take a payment. I then cancelled my card. Tomorrow, I am going to the bank an cancelling my account!!! SHAME ON THEM! They are theives! and they are opperating very marginally to get away with it!!! Avoid avoid avoid!!!

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They are nothing but, Con Artists, They have conned me out of money that they stole from my Bank Account. Not only this but they Wanted me to PHOTO COPY my Credit card to send to them, They already had my Bank details when I signed up to them, And when I won an auction they were running at the time, which was a Camera of which I NEVER Received they took out the sum of."£59.99" out of my Account. Bearing in mind the item I won was "£1.00 and oddments." I AM VERY ANGRY.

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Boy did I goof! I didn’t read the small print. I thought that this would be a cool site until I received an receipt for $149. going against my credit card. With in 20 minutes of receiving this I was on the phone to credit card trying to stop the charge from going through. I then starting email them at their ( email address telling them to cancel, I did not want. So far I have emailed the 7 times telling them the same thing. I will fight this charge to the end. My credit card company did give me Ziinga’s phone number with is in UK. which I won’t call yet. I have used E-bay and Craigs list for years and I am extremly happy with them. I have only had one problem on E-bay, but was able to get my money back with out the hassle that I think this one is going to be…..Never will I do business with a company that is out of the USA

By Vicki N.
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