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Review of WhatsYourPrice

WhatsYourPrice reviews

56 reviews
Categories: Dating
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56 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
1 helpful vote

I went on three dates with a woman, paying each time above her normal agreed amount. On the fourth date, she tried to give me all my money back but I refused. We have been dating now for a couple of months and it's great. If you're looking for a connection, treat them the way a woman should be treated, this site should do well for you. She was on wyp because she was tired of dating mama's boy. Choose wisely and you will succeed.

Ask Adam about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
0 helpful votes

Pay the site on average £15 to unlock a date, just for nothing to ever happen. 3 unlocked dates £50 never meet anyone. I'm sure the profiles are fake! save your money!

Ask amit about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
1 helpful vote

As a matter of facts it is one of the best Sugar Daddy Sites I have ever used after SugarDating69. Seriously don't understand what everyone is complaining about and especially don't understand what everyone was expecting?

Ask Josh about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
4 helpful votes

yes, many of the men i find when i search have not logged on for over a year! the ones i do contact and we agree on a price, never unlock the date!
i assume this is because it costs them a ton of money to do so.
all they want is sex anyway, so i dont know why they wouldnt just hire a hooker..cheaper in the long run

Ask lisa about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
1 helpful vote

In my very first contact I was up front about my paranoia and asked for a pic of her holding up a sign that said "I'm me!" I thought this was a bit over-the-top paranoid but I was absolutely right to do this as it's been two weeks and I'm still getting the run around...and not even from the same person...from time to time I get someone on the other end of the texts who doesn't remember a word of the previous convos...clearly they are using phone # spoofers and most likely outsourced shills. These people are crooks.

Ask Nunna about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
9 helpful votes

I've gone out on two dozen dates, all $100 or less. Was told by four that we take things up to the next level for $500 to $800 for each date. Only trusted and picked one of the four, and saw her once a month for a year. She was exactly the dream woman (18 years old, which is over 30 years younger than me, and gorgeous) I have always wanted, so -- even though it was expensive and took a lot of dates -- it was worth it. I broke it off after we had tried and done everything I wanted to do. As neither of us wanted any emotional commitment, there was really no further we could take the relationship.

Ask Anon about WhatsYourPrice
5 reviews
9 helpful votes

Good points.. Get a chance of a date by offering money, and get responses on this site more than on sites like and stuff.

Bad points. Cheapest date I've had was £80 and got a beer and a dinner date. No kiss, intamicy just a hand shake good by..

On the whole the richer men will have most look on here.

Ask Dean about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
11 helpful votes

This is a great site if you know how to play the game. So far I have had 4 dates in the first 2 weeks and got laid on the first date (2 of the other 3 said they will commit-I just didn't schedule yet).

You just need to play Jedi Knight games with the girls. You first need to communicate with them a couple of times to gain their trust. After you have gained their trust, you then tell them a sob story such as you're going through a divorce and then say you haven't slept with a woman in years (you have to do this when you write them because it's less threatening and creepy than in person). Just be upfront and tell them you want to sleep with someone because it's been years because you never cheated on your wife. They will respect you for this and will feel sorry for you and will think they are doing you a favor. The first girl said that I didn't even need to pay her, but I did wind up giving her $30 (to top it off she was 21!!!).

Don't get me wrong, a few of the girls didn't write me back, but the ones that did I know I'm going to get laid because I asked tactfully.

Also it is easy to figure out the fake profiles. Just go to your profile and see who has viewed you. If the girl has viewed your profile and has communicated with you, you know it's legit. If she hasn't viewed you you know it's a fake profile.

Ask Jim about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
4 helpful votes

I have been a member for about a year.....there is a huge turnover of ladies...not a Good Sign..and many that seem in it for JUST the Money..which is OK..but then make it an escort site! I would ignore the winks which seem like a scam to get you to buy credits...Ive had two accepted dates cancelled because the girls stopped using the site. It might be worth the time and investment if you know you want a Sugar Daddy type relationship and are good at Controlling the terms. Never bid too much for a date, or pay just to have coffee! Best of Luck.

Ask Bobby about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
8 helpful votes

Whats your price wont refund you at all. If no one responds. What a joke. My Advice. Don't waste your time or your money. I joined 4 years ago. And they would refund me a credit if no response for a potential date. NO LONGER..

Wrong. I pay for the service, and if a woman does not respond. ?? BTW Slim white male.

A joke...

Awful website.... Don't waste your time.


Ask Peter about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
5 helpful votes

After years on this site in hopes of something g good, a waste 4 dates that were 10 years older and 20 lbs heavier than posted. Once your credits run out you get winks from new girls that are local but really from 3rd world countries. Obviously a NYP tactic, sames as I have yet to have a good, sane female that wasn't down and out or on some drug... seriously. SA has been good for me, but NYP is all a money racket.

Ask Experienced about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
10 helpful votes

Got tons of date offers, but very few guys actually unlock the date. Once they do, it seems like they all just want to chat. Or they want your phone number. They don't actually want to pay you for a date.

In a year, I've only gone out on 3 dates. Made $450 total.

This site is a waste of time.

Ask sandra about WhatsYourPrice
14 reviews
277 helpful votes

HELLO AGAIN!! U have hopefully red my previous review of another scaming "site" that i just written about. Well this one is a doozy!! What Is Your Price, is a Site that doesn't allow escorts and I ask why not?? Not that i am looking for one, but the tactics here are the same as i see it. First what is required of U to do is BID on a Woman / Male that U are attracted too. Now take heed here as i made the mistake and thought when i buy the credits that they are used to BID with. NOT!! It is U with your hard earned U.S. CURRENCY that is used. Sure, i will also agree that most of the Wonen are very attractive. (Sorry Ladies, i don't look at Men, so can't discribe about them) But it all works the same. Once U have found a subject to BID on and they agree to the amount then U will both decide where and When to meet for your first date. Now, Men, to me this is a free ride for the Woman. What i mean is this: if U meet at a restaurant, bar, or anyplace else, as the Man, I not only had to pay my date what i had bid for her, ($300) but also paid whatever she ordered to eat and drink. Total was $422.00. Then we left together as far as me volunteering as a Gentleman, in waiting with her for the Valet to retrieve her Car. Then there was the HUG and Thank U and i was on my way to my car in a FREE parking building just a few blocks away. Do all my readers understand what happened and all for a HUG?? I was not expecting sex, but at least tell me as a grown adult Woman if i was suitable for U or if there might be another meeting, in which the next time, the bid money is only paid on the first date only!! But hell, interested Woman in me or not, all she realky has to do is show up for the bid money and take off once she got it in hand. Right?? U dam right!! So U C Guys, we pay for everything and may get nothing but a hug!! $#*!!! I could give my Cousin that money and get better hugs than that!! If U think about this kind of stuff, U could be out of funds quickly,(depends on how many Women U BID for and had accepted) and the Woman either likes U enough to do extras or she is just there for the BID money. This is just how it has been for ME. It is like U paying an Escort anyway. I C no difference. Another thing that happens ONLY on an agreeable BID is U both can message each other now. If U bid on a Woman for a date, she has to agree with your BID before she and i can send messages to each other only. So here again My Fellow Gents, take heed in caution on this one.

Ask Cisco about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
11 helpful votes

I have been on WYP for nearly a month and have had four dates so far: one was a serial first dater, one we didn't really click, one was a one-night (afternoon) stand, and one has evolved into a very welcoming mutually beneficial SD/sb relationship. Only one of my dates was $60, the others were all under $50.

Curiosity and intrigue keep me going back and hoping for something more, a different level of connection. Yes, some of the women make you waste your credits, but none of the 4 I've met were any different than their pictures and profiles, and none were flakes. It does take some chatting, moving off the site to texting and calling to really get a sense if the date is worthwhile.

I avoid the women asking for a lot of money upfront, just not my style to pay someone to enjoy a dinner. I'll gladly pay if there is a connection, an interest in an ongoing relationship, or real possibilities of something more intimate.

Be honest with the women, be firm and upfront with what you are willing to offer, and be open to realizing most the women on the site are themselves just curious and intrigued. In the end, there is lots of possibilities for fun and to find whatever it is you are seeking.

Ask Ryan about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
10 helpful votes

Hello boys,

So I was on seeking arrangement for some time and rarely rarely rarely got anyone serious . I mean spent so much time talk to a guy and then never here from them again. This is so freshing so cut to the chase. No I'm not fake. I won't flake and I give people my schedule .... So there u go thought I would set the record straight for us non fakes.

Ask Hoperella about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
8 helpful votes

One could write a novel about WYP and much of what is problematic there has already been covered. In the end, what gets my goat is how with the complicity of the site operators it has basically turned into a SB/SD site. There are many of those sites and one is the sisters site of this one: Seeking arrangement. I have no quarrel with them. WYP has been advertised as the site for guaranteed dates: By naming a price for the first date, everyone is assured that the other side is serious. So to speak. In the end, though, most all the women on this site are *not* looking to date and merely set a higher barrier to entry but rather, they either are serial first daters (in my book all the ones asking for 200 or more are not interested in ever seeing you again) and the rest are out for arrangements. I have, at best, gotten to a second date. And regardless of how well that date went, it is when they get home (and possibly talk to the roommate who put them onto this site) that they realize "Hey, I am not getting paid for this..." There are other issues: I am convinced that if you have private pictures, many women make an offer (or accept one) to see your pictures without any real intentions of ever meeting you.

Ask Rocky about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
10 helpful votes

What a load of rubbish. Its all about pay pay pay and you will receive nothing.
Stay clear of this site. The girls are fake and all it is, is a free dinner and date for the girls.
You will see you money quickly dissapearing before you get anywhere.

Ask James about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
10 helpful votes

I have been on this site for about 2 years and find it so good. I don't use it that often but when I do I normally have about 10 dates lined up with in a few days. Some of the girls don't get back to me but most do. I don't like to pay less than $100 and most of my dates range from $150 to $200. I normally just take the girls out for dinner or some drinks and I love herring all there aspirations and things they want to do with there lives. I am now getting to know one of the girls quite well and have been on 4 dates. Spent today going clothes shopping for her as she needed some new clothes. I probably wont be using this site again if things go well with this girl. I have herd from some of the girls that there are not enoph

Ask Robert about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
18 helpful votes

The site is for rich wealthy men. It seems to me if you're complaining about $$$ you are really don't have the money to spend. I know a lot of Rich men who spend thousands lunch. If you we're really rich $200 would be nothing. There's nothing wrong with a female upgrading her life that the American way. If there's guys who like to pampering a woman for company or accompanying Him to an event's not you. Trust me you should try eharmony which is where all the whiners belong. Hugh Helmet would laugh at you right now.

Ask travel about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
10 helpful votes

I used the site for quite a while and always behaved like a gentleman. I never expected anything more than a date. I have never dated anyone from this site. What you will get is alot of fake catfishing profiles. Just ask the lady to send you additional pictures when you start texting. You will quickly find they posted all of their fake pictures on the profile and have none left. It is also expensive to open messages and you have no opportunity to chat without doing so. Most you talk to are not serious about going out and the rest as I said earlier are fake. Probably men posing as women, laughing their across the street from the restaurant you are being stood up at. Save your money. This is a waste of time.

Ask Ben about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
8 helpful votes

Biggest con game out there.These girls are very good at separating you from your money and then disappearing. Dont fall for it boys no matter how sexy and scantily dressed they are in those pics. Went on three dates all were very oddly similar as if the girls attended some sort of class on how to rip you off. Doesn't deserve the one star.

Ask al about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
30 helpful votes

Im have hooked up with about a dozen women on this site. Some more attractive then other, but all better then the average. I only offer $49 for every date for any woman. No matter if she is a 5 or a 10. If they accept I wait for them to message me first as most of the time you message them first you never hear back. The reason I do this is because anything under $50 only costs 10 credits. I want to have communication and see if we even click. I have been honest to all of the women and explained to them I am just looking to get laid. I suggest that we just add the price of what the dinner would cost to the original bid of $49 and we just go to my place for fun. So somewhere between 100-150 total. Does this work every time? No! The funny part is it works more then 50% and I don't have to do all the labor of taking her out. I get to the point and get what I want. I have offended some women while doing this, but if your willing to date for money then everyone has a price.

Ask Shaun about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
24 helpful votes

You're probably thinking the same thing I was before I signed up for WhatsYourPrice. You're thinking what a great concept. Finally, you hope, you'll be able to go on a date with a woman who wouldn't normally give you the time of day. Maybe you'll even bring a gorgeous date to a party and watch your friends' jaws hit the floor in utter disbelief. And perhaps, even though it's a one-in-a-million chance, you have your fingers crossed one of your dates will actually be interested in you.

I'll admit I hadn't been this excited about a dating site in years. I thought this site would be a slam dunk.

At first, things looked good. Women were looking at my profile and acknowledging my presence by sending me winks. I had never experienced this on other dating sites and thought I'd have great dates in no time.

My excitement faded quickly after a few dates.

First of all, these dates are more expensive than you probably think. Most of the women I encountered wanted at least $200 and completely turned their noses up at anything less than $150. These prices actually wouldn't be bad if the women I dated were reliable or looked anything like their profile pictures. But don't expect these women to be content with $50 and a free dinner, and you can expect the costs to balloon (more on that later).

Of the six dates I agreed to (at an average price of about $160), only three of them actually showed up. Two of those looked 5-10 years older than they claimed, and one of them was at least 50 pounds heavier than she was when her profile picture was taken.

The one woman I dated whose profile pretty much accurately represented her turned out to be an absolute nightmare. She demanded her fee in full within in five minutes of meeting at the restaurant, which I promptly gave her. She then proceeded to order the most expensive bottle of wine on the menu ($375). I had one glass from that bottle, and she drank the rest of it. She spent at least 15 minutes on the phone and sending text messages during our one-hour dinner. By the end of the date she seemed a little drunk and couldn't wait to meet her friends (without me, of course) who she said were celebrating a birthday at a club down the street. When all was said and done, I spent over $700 for this date. I went straight home and got rid of my WhatsYourPrice profile.

WhatsYourPrice doesn't curate its profiles or have any type of feedback system. A woman can stand up as many guys as she wants or order as many $350 bottles of wine she wants. It costs her nothing, and her next sucker has no way of knowing about all the suckers who came before.

I did send WhatsYourPrice complaints about the no shows. But despite assurances on the site that they would respond to complaints, I never heard a thing from them. Unless you enjoy paying through the nose for disappointment and abuse, you might as well stick with Tinder, where disappointment is always free.

Ask Skip about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
39 helpful votes

I would like to address some statements from a few of the previous reviews. First and foremost, the women on this site are not paid by anybody to be a member. We receive no compensation whatsoever for accepting your offers or communicating with you. Whomever made that false statement is either not playing the game right (yes, let's be real, it is a game) or simply do not have the proper assets that appeal to the women they are trying to date. Sorry 'bout it. Also, this is not your typical dating site so quit comparing it to Match or POF. Realistically, it is a simpler version of SA with the idea of getting people to meet more swiftly, avoiding the monotonous email-tag. WYP is for mutually beneficial dating, i.e. sugar daddy/sugar baby situations. That being said, do not categorize all of the women on WYP as prostitutes, as we are not. I have been solicited from men multiple times, very to the point and simply looking to get laid, and I report those jerks. I may be a serial first dater, but I am not a prostitute. I have been on multiple first dates, a couple of second and one third, and have never had sex with ANY of them.

Anyways, I've been on WYP for about six months now and have received copious offers from men, generally ranging from the $65-120 range. As stated above, I've been on multiple dates but not nearly as many as I have been contacted for. Men are flakes, too. IN fact, while being completely flakey you are not only wasting my time, but wasting your own money. That is something I do not understand. I have set aside time for a date only. Guys, this is not acceptable behavior from either party. It is incredibly rude, so if you aren't serious about the offer or the girl, do not submit or accept.

Basically, this site is what you make it. If you are looking for love, you have come to the wrong place. If you are looking for a one-night stand, you've more than likely also landed in the wrong place. But, if you are truly a generous man who is not a creepster and has a real personality, then you have a shot of meeting a beautiful girl that you just might click with. If that mutually beneficial arrangement is what you're looking for, then DING DING DING. Congrats, you've come to the right site. Want a young, sexy girl to spoil in and out of the bedroom?? Awesome, because that's basically what the majority of us want also. Just understand that it will not happen within one date.

Ask Leslie about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
11 helpful votes

Ok so this review comes from the NY Long Island area. There are plenty of beautiful, smoking hot woman on this site that are all broke or close to it. I spoke with many and dated two, they all have the same MO and that is to make you think through erotic photos and flirtatious chatting that, well you know, you will get lucky with them but they have no intention on letting that happen. Now I'm a fairly good looking guy, never had a problem but if Brad Pitt met one of these girls the results would be the same.. nada Kinda got the last laugh on one girl, when she asked for her money I played dumb and replied that I thought the money went towards the date, she wasn't a happy camper lol

Ask justin about WhatsYourPrice

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A: Yes. Credits are to unlock communication between you and the lady. After that, all communication between the two of you is free... unless you or her change userids... which some ladies do, to get a fresh start. Credits cannot be refunded unless you have extenuating circumstances that usually involve a violation of rules by the lady.i.e., she is actually a man, a scammer, posting a fake profile, etc. that you can prove/document.
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