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1 review
5 helpful votes

Do not trust this company when they promise to investigate misleading ads or misrepresented sales from traders like I purchased a 2008 Mazda Demio, described as having NO RUST, PERFECT FOR NZ. The car failed to meet compliance and cost me NZD$1270 to repair. Despite promises to investigate from 25/1, I have heard nothing from this company and their money back guarantee is a worthless sham - they care more for Sellers than their buying customers!

I have had to lodge an international ecommerce dispute with the Consumer Affairs Agency of Japan, in the hope of seeking any redress from this untrustworthy marketplace.

Buyers beware!

1 review
8 helpful votes

why did you sell me a used mazda bongo van in september this year that had its 'check engine light removed? After a painful two weeks I had my mechanic check why it wasnt working only to discover the light bulb had been removed! Once the bulb was replaced, the light wont go off and my mechanic says whoever removed it could not fix the problem and had it sold knowing that!! I would appreciate a response.

2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I had the most horrid experince with japan partner inc.This company is a scam and I would not recommend it even to my worst enemy. The company has a user agreement that allows them to scam people with no consequenses. If you value your money and your sanity, dont buy with them, they will take your money and simply frustrate you untill you give up chasing what you were buying from them. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! You can follow my experiences and also others with similar horror stories at

3 reviews
4 helpful votes

I bought a Toyota Crown off tradecarview auction website, from the seller car light corporation, the car is not getting registered in UK because the export certificate has been altered from the standard as the car was registered as a commercial vehicle in japan and it has to be modified for this purpose from the new, the ministry or transport has removed its classification and specification number from the certificate, These numbers are needed for a car to go through IVA testing in UK before registration,I contacted car light corporation and tradecarview many times to offer a solution as these details were missing from the advertisement but they newer offered any solution, also the car needed new tires and engine oil leak sorting out before going through MOT, unfortunately this website serves in favor of fraudulent sellers as it gets their charges from them and don't bother about the buyer at all, I thing we should try to boycott this website till they change their operation strategy.

1 review
5 helpful votes

This message is in regard to a Mercedes A160 from Japan Partner Inc, sold to me on January 25, 2016. The vehicle that Japan Partner Inc shipped to me is not of the quality certified in by the auction sheet or by , Japan Partner Inc. The auction sheet listed the AS60 as a 3.5 which its representative Manny, (Assistant Manager, for PIC Africa, Asia and Canada) certified at the companys Yard in Japan at 497-0043 Aichi-ken, Amagun, Kanie-cho, Shinchiaki, Ato-higashi 80-1.
I specifically contracted and paid Japan Partner Inc to conduct this basic due diligence and an inspection to verify the quality specified on the auction sheet. The company did not perform this task. As a result, I have received a car that would had been listed on the auction sheet as R (repair) status. It will cost over $7000 thousand dollars to repair this car as it is clearly not the 3.5 represented in the sheet.
Anyone who would had done a basic check by started the ignition, would had easily noted on dashboard that the transmission was stuck in F limp mode (or second gear). This car has serious transmission problems and will not shift out of second gear.
I am looking for a way to compel Japan Partner Inc to make arrangements to pay the amounts to repair the vehicle to restore it to the original quality of 3.5 it represented and certified on the auction sheet.
I conducted a BC provincial inspection and the mechanic found several very serious problems with the vehicle. According to his report, the car was NOT a 3.5 as depicted on the auction sheet when I bid on the car. This vehicle has been grossly misrepresented by Japan Partner Inc.
Japan has a reputation for integrity and honesty. I expect more from a Japanese company.
Has any had experience in recovering money from a disreputable Japanese car exporter? Thank you in advance for your help.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Avoid Tradecarview at all costs.

Let me preface this by saying that yes, some people have successful, positive experiences with Tradecarview (close family, in fact... several times, no less). On the other hand, yes there are outright scammers - they'll send you the completely wrong car, or no car at all. This case falls somewhere in between, where one unexpected issue/occurrence resulted in us losing almost AUD$1000 without explanation and certainly no car on its way to us. We were left scratching our heads as to why.

We had done all necessary and expected due diligence on the vehicle we were going to purchase. It was only after we had paid for the car and were expecting it to be shipped imminently that the seller told us that it might not comply with road regulations after all. Naturally we were concerned but kept contacting him to try to organise a solution. The car requires electronic stability control, and he didn't think it had it. The photos however show several buttons and dash lights that indicate the presence of ESC (thus we were happy to proceed with the purchase in the first place). We asked him to push the button and show us the photo of the dash when the button was pushed, because if the ESC was simply broken, we'd have it shipped anyway and fix it here. He then proceeded to cancel the transaction with Tradecarview despite no contact with us to inform us of this, citing us as the reason (we were informed by Tradecarview that we would therefore be liable for the US$150 cancellation fee). Needless to say this was a shock to us, as when we had tried to find more information out about this issue, he simply dropped off the radar, never to communicate with us again. If there were no alarm bells before, there was certainly one now. Why, when asked to take a fresh, unique photo of the dash (including the odometer so as to prove that it wasn't just a google images result), did the seller bail? We wonder...

When we took this issue to Tradecarview, they were more than useless. I was told to wait and wait and wait until the seller communicates with us again, and that they would also ask the seller to communicate with us, despite precisely ZERO indication that he was intending to do so. After long enough, we told Tradecarview to cancel the transaction, but we were informed again that as the seller had cited us as the reason for the cancellation, we were liable for a US$150 cancellation fee. I provided abundant evidence of attempts to contact both the seller and Tradecarview to try to rectify the issue but received not so much as a peep from the seller, or anything other than "let's just wait until the seller responds, we appreciate your patience" from Tradecarview. They were not willing to accept that this may have been (read: was) the seller's fault, that something was amiss, and insisted that we had to either wait for the missing seller to respond to us to agree that it was his fault (seriously!!!), or simply accept liability. Eventually, we relented, and decided that having our money back (less US$150) was better than trying to fight an international battle and having our money basically held at ransom for an indefinite period (until by some divine intervention the seller decided to get in touch with us, apologise, and agree that he would pay US$150 in cancellation fees - like this would ever happen. Herein lies the flaw with their 'money back guarantee'). We told Tradecarview to process the refund and that we agreed to the cancellation fee.

I can't say I was surprised when the refunded amount was approximately US$400 less than it should have been. Just another kick in the teeth. Upon questioning, Tradecarview tried several times to simply chalk it up to 'exchange rates' and 'bank fees'. You can believe me when I say that I kept a very close eye on exchange rates and over the course of this entire debacle, the movement was no more than 1 cent either way, and unless the banks were charging fees of US$100 (at about three points in the transaction), the maths did not stack up. Unfortunately we are now communicating with a brick wall, unwilling to send anything more than passive buck-passing; exchange rates, bank fees, delays, independent banks, exchange rates, bank fees, delays, and so the circle continues.

To sum it up: we sent AUD$10,050 for a vehicle, and got AUD$9,100 back for absolutely nothing. Their "money back guarantee" is nonsense. They are incredibly difficult to deal with should any issue arise, and they will always side with the sellers (unless they are found to be legitimately a scam, but even then you'll still probably be found liable anyway so Tradecarview can keep US$150 or more for YOUR troubles).

I could not be more adamant in imploring anyone that is considering the use of Tradecarview, to simply set $500 cash alight, and be done with any thought that they should use the website. Trust me, it'll be cheaper.

Tip for consumers: Don't.

2 reviews
4 helpful votes

I have bought 2 cars from trade carview. I bought a Mitsubishi colt ralliart 2004 in 2011. After 5 years I still have the car driving perfectly condition. The only Part I had to change in 2015 was one of the ignition coils. During 4 yeras I have bought 10 cars for friends and relatives from this site. All still running.
I February I bought a Toyota Ractis for my wife. Bought car came as described on site.
I for one is very happy with my purchases.
I started a business of importing cars from this site for clients. All Good.
Curacao Netherlands Antilles.

1 review
11 helpful votes

Luckily i haven't bought vehicle i was after. What put me off is that seller Nihonsha Land Co. who sells car im intrested in has it advertised with odometer changed and relatively low mileage for 1999 car. After numerous emails asking to provide true mileage or any service records at what mileage odometer got changed - i did get response to pay $450 to do check up and without payment is no way of knowing it. Cat in the bag - It's a scam attitude to run trade like this. Very poor !

1 review
12 helpful votes

In Png alot of people have had their import vehicles purchased through this site breakdown only after a few months of use.

1 review
19 helpful votes

Please protect yourself from this business. I purchased what was represented as a 2003 vehicle with 91,000 km in allegedly impeccable condition. What I received was a model year 2000 vehicle that had 96,000 miles on it in 2003. The seller MNE stated that it was registered in Japan in 2003, so that is how they advertised the year of the vehicle. I asked at least 5 times before I made the purchase if it was actually 91,000 kilometers. I was assured it was. When the vehicle arrived odometer was tampered with, and clearly over 250,000 miles. The a.c. is shot. The interior seats are ripped, the dashboard is peeling, the brakes are shot, the rear tires are two sizes to small. The vendor, MNE refused to take responsibility for their Fraud and misrepresentation. Dealing with TRADECAREVIEW is extremely difficult. They don't respond to claims and keep telling you to deal with the seller. Buyer beware. This is not the site or the company to make a legitimate purchase.

1 review
11 helpful votes

hi am Anthony i will like to know how one can buy a car from your site without been scam and a real agent that can help get the car over to Africa Nigeria because my friends and i will like to buy some cars from your site please try and email me of the details and the procedures this is my mail thanks in anticipation.

1 review
7 helpful votes

Thank you for all your responses here all your contributions really helpful. for all this reviews ill rather use my money to play casino than to give it out.

1 review
7 helpful votes

I do not understand how Japan partner ltd has kept running its shady business this long. Are there no authorities any more who care about the innocent victims scammed by the company over the years.

Tip for consumers:

1 review
26 helpful votes

Avoid Tradecarview like the plague, I spent over aus$10,000 to land a car in Australia, it was classified a statutory write off and couldn't be registered, hence I am not able to drive it on the road. Nihonsha Land Co Ltd was the dealer. In short the dealer is a crook who has many complaints against him [wish I had done more research] the worst thing is Tradecarview are just as crooked. They care about getting their commission from the deal and that is it, the dealer should have been blacklisted a long time ago, the only reason they can trade is because Tradecarview allow them and many others to do so even though they are aware off the scams been done. Think the legal term is aiding + abetting, that is the term used when one assists another commit a crime is it not, why the Japanese government allow them to carry on in business is beyond me, they surely know what is going on. Is there anyone out there who actually received help from Tradecarview after a they complained about a vehicle they received was sub standard? Or anyone know if the dealer that scammed them was blacklisted or proscecuted in any way? I would be surprised if so, I got a reply to my first two emailed complaints and nothing since, they tell you they will get back to you in two days, I'm still waiting Tradecarview .DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOUR BUSINESS, it is like playing Russian roulette, you may get lucky and get a decent car or you may get scammed, and if you do, well your on your own.

1 review
12 helpful votes

Collect my Car from Southampton Docks. Door Trim was damaged paint scraped off the plastic moulding the fill length of the car, Scrapes marks on rear bumper, Gear Knob and radio volume button is missing. All the faults were not mentioned in the car advertising.

I have tried to contact them via their EMAIL system which worked before taking delivery of the car. They no longer reply too.

I was informed the car had been shipped in June and on inquiry on documents not received the car was only shipped in July.

1 review
47 helpful votes

I placed an order for a car in January 2015. Shortly after sending payment in full for the amount specified on the proforma invoice (the official contract) I received a message from the supplier saying they couldn't ship it to Liverpool (as agreed) and could I pay a further $1000 to have it shipped to Southampton instead. Naturally I rejected this. After a further month, the supplier decided to tell me he had cancelled the order. However, the supplier did not inform Tradecarview, who then refused to refund my money (which they still hold) as they had not had email confirmation from the supplier that the deal was cancelled. I have sent over 37 pages of emails to the supplier, on a weekly basis, asking politely for them to send a confirmation of cancellation to TradeCarView - all without response.

Despite providing TradeCarView with five full transcripts (including ip addresses) of all correspondence with the supplier, I am still waiting for a refund. Each email I now send goes into a black hole for at least two weeks, without response. When I try to use the 24/7 'customer Support' service (online chat) I get the same useless response of, I will now escalate your case to Head Office. All I can say is that Head Office must either be on the 10,000 floor, or all of the people there have their heads up their ar$es.

I would no more recommend TradeCarView to anyone than I would sell my grandmother for medical research. They claim to be a joint venture with Microsoft and Yahoo Japan Corporation - I think that is as much flannel as their claim to respond to all customer service enquiries in two days - I'm into my third week for my latest attempt to get my money back, and if I was a betting man, I'd probably put a few quid on losing my shirt.

Appalling, unresponsive, untrustworthy, uncommunicative, unhelpful and unwilling to give me my money back, despite me being the injured party here.

If they were an animal, I would have nipped out for a shotgun by now.

1 review
10 helpful votes

I bought my Xtrail thru Prosper. Prosper made rate by themself. But the rate is wrong. They changed all millege as low as. I found it thru cancellation paper. Then they say" Soory^^"
All the mileage on Prosper might be changed. Dont buy it there. You will cry.....
If you doubt ... go to the site, then ask them the cancellation paper. You will get it

1 review
9 helpful votes

BEWARE!!!! I bought a 2004 Hilux Vigo in October 2014 through a dodgy agent in the name of Victor. In receiving the proforma invoice payment of the AGREED price, he demanded an extra US$2000 before he could release B/L. When the car arrived it had a dent which was not revealed in the photos It also arrived with no jack or wheel spanner and to top it all, it had an immobilizer(also not revealed in details & photos) which went off by accident and there were no reset keys supplied. Contacted the dodgy agent and he said he cant find the previous owner. If you read this review "VICTOR" or whoever you are, This is my rating for you and your company. " YOU ARE SICK"

1 review
13 helpful votes

I award nine in a scale of one to ten. I bought a car from ZEST company the transactions were fast,shipment even faster. When I received my car the interior was clean, the exterior no dent at all. Thank you Yoshi of ZEST in Tradecarview.

1 review
6 helpful votes

II rate them 8 on a scale of 1 to 10. Bought my first car from trade car view n 3wks I had it in Kenya. I found them reliable n the car got home in gd condition
Please don't trade offline coz that's how many get into sour deals

1 review
14 helpful votes

i put 5 star on how quickly the seller shipped the item to avoid the pay trade to do any inspection, pay trade didn't stop the seller from shipping the car before inspection, and they passed it on without inspection, which is a service i paid for, they couldn't do much after shipping, the car had accident history undiscloused by the seller and not suitable for NZ Roads, cost me $1750 to get compliance and engineering report, be aware of this trader, dishonest, never trade again either with him or on this website either

1 review
8 helpful votes

As I've understood it, this page is like an eBay for JDM cars. This site states that your satisfaction is important to them, but the terms are written in a way that protects them from any responsibility. The scam protection systems are mostly there to help you in case you don't receive your vehicle at all.

Tradecarview is a great place to find sellers that sells used vehicles from Japan, but the buyer protection isn't very good. Before buying something, do a lot of research outside tradecarview to make sure it's a legit seller.

1 review
11 helpful votes

Bought a car off the website. When I received it, the motor was blown. The company that sold it to me, SHIBAGAKI TRD just insisted that the engine was in good condition when it was shipped. The paint on the roof was also oxidized badly, which was quite obvious, but they intentionally avoided showing in their pictures, and did mention. When I first inquired about the car, I specifically asked if it would pass Japanese vehicle inspection requirements, upon which they insisted that it would. However, the exhaust also leaks, and a car that barely runs, pushes exhaust out the dipstick tub, and billows coolant smoke will not even come close to passing inspection.

When i contacted, they simply said they take no responsibility for false advertising and fraud on their website, that the only thing they can help with is if the vehicle is never shipped/received, but I find it hard to believe they would even help with that.

Bottom line, if you value your time and money, do not use, and most of all do not buy a vehicle from SHIBAGAKI TRD. There is a reason why these guys are not an accredited business in Japan (because they're frauds).

1 review
15 helpful votes

I have used tradecarview payment service a few weeks ago to import a car to Kenya. After I wired the money to their bank account, though my bank gave me a firm confirmation that the transaction was completed, trade car view Kenya did not see the money for many days. I had to call their bank in Muthaiga twice and follow up every day, four days latter, they confirmed me over the phone they've seen the money. For them to confirm the money reception to the seller, it was a nightmare and endless waiting time. I'm writing this review while the seller still does not have the confirmation of the money recived by carview, hopefully with more follow ups and phone calls, there might be a slight change.

1 review
8 helpful votes

Out of my personal experience I think that tradecarview is a great site that brings many dealers under one roof for buyers to select best deals. It is no different like other websites in the US,, which brings many dealers under one roof. Even on the best sites you will always find one bad dealer, and some crooks out there to get you. Word of cauction!!!! Do your homework before you shop. Buyers shop at tradecarview because they are looking for cheaper deals. The sellers mainly list themselves as exporters, and majority do not sell the cars locally. If you want a great used car from Japan with guarantee on condition, the best place to shop is directly from the local used car dealers, ( mainly not listed in tradecarview and in most case they 100% Japanese speaking dealership, no foreign language!, Plus the cars are more expensive doh!). Having said that, I think tradecarview is a great site, that tries to bring different dealer under one roof and the buyers and compare prices and avoid being ripped off. Tradecarview recently opened regional offices overseas. They can only do this because they have a big and growing customer base.

I hope my comments here shines light to those who wrote negative reviews earlier.

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