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707 reviews
2211 North First Street
San Jose, CA 95131, USA
Tel: 1-888-221-1161, 1-402-935-2050
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2 reviews
10 helpful votes

Bad experience with faulty goods no customer service as such you know the usual crap from China.
Anyhow I had to involve Paypal and they would only invoke the buyer protection guarantee thingy if I payed the £15 shipping costs on a £20 purchase, go figure....
Needless to say lesson learned I will stay away from and only purchase from the UK.
Paypal does tend to work better if you buy within your country of origin, from my experience anyway.

This review is based on my experience only, Pay Pal as worked well for me in the UK, but having said that I have never had an experience from a UK company as bad as they are at

I can only give one star based on the whole experience, I would expect no problems when taking money so I do not give brownie points for that I can only base it on when things go wrong......

Ask Denis about PayPal
4 reviews
4 helpful votes

Maybe I am lucky, but no problems with paypal in past 15 years. Minus 1 star for high fees.

Ask James about PayPal
6 reviews
1 helpful vote

When using E Bay if you are purchasing goods for under a hundred pounds it's well worth considering using Pay Pal because if things go wrong they can help sort it out or even get your money back and it cost nothing to open an account I have been scammed on E Bay and I got my money back but as far as I'm aware it's only Upton £100

Ask Terence about PayPal
1 review
0 helpful votes

21 days wait for first withdrawal ? does it even make sense ?

Ask Creative about PayPal
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

efficiency have been dealing with PayPal for at least two years. During that time I have requested refunds from companies who's merchandise did not meet my standards. By contacting PayPal, they would give me guidance in solving my problem. They also at the same time stopped payment when applicable, and made things right with me and the sender. I have always got my money back. You can't beat that for efficiency. Of course your claim must be correct, but they do most all the work for you.

Ask Louis about PayPal
2 reviews
7 helpful votes

If anyone read my last review about FashionMia you will know that I had doubts about my order being delivered, well what a surprize, I was right. Nearly four months later and they stopped communicating with me. Luckily I paid through PAYPAL, they are great, got my money back within a week with no quibble. I really recommend that you protect yourself when ordering from these shady sites

Ask Anne about PayPal
5 reviews
2 helpful votes

They randomly kept over a thousand dollars once I got a few returns. Held it for 6 months.

Ask Brandon about PayPal
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

This commentary is being submitted on the business practices of eBay and PayPal that impact on individual (non- business) and home based merchants. I have recently experienced negative financial impact from a recent sales transaction. After extensive research, my experience is similar to thousands of their clients and involve millions of seller dollars worldwide held as pending and when released takes 3-4 business days to forward the money to the sellers bank account.

I am not an employee of any of the alternatives identified nor do I have any financial interests in any alternative identified. My objective is too high light some of the consortium activities and if legislative change cannot be obtained, sellers who cannot find other viable alternatives should recognize the financial impact.

As background in 2014, eBay announced the spinoff of PayPal as an independent company. In 2015 PayPal became an independent publically traded company. Notwithstanding the separation eBay still maintains a special priority for PayPal in the listing process as well as the payment cycle between buyer and seller.

eBay has an overly favorable standing for PayPal over viable alternative sources. eBays site for your review is
Look at possible go arounds especially for local transaction.

This behavior is no different from that preceding the spinoff of PayPal. You can find on the Internet discussion of using other options e.g., in auctions Google Wallet but beware of the wrath of eBay. If you are a home based merchant look at accepting independently credit cards through e.g., Square.

I work with small non-profits and have successfully moved them from PayPal to the Square to avoid the pending of funds and the almost 1-month delay in obtaining moneys from selling activities.

eBay is without question the giant of world-wide Internet sales exclusive of Amazon but do not give up, evaluate possible options for your individual circumstances.

Another interesting alternative is Bonanza,

The issue of monopolizing payments to PayPal has been legally challenged over the years without any relief for buyers being obtained.

eBay terms of agreement use ties your financial hands unless you can process credit cards independently or use other alternatives. What can you do as buyers with respect to PayPal holding and benefiting from your funds for up to 30 days? They are using millions of sellers dollars to earning interest but pay you nothing for the loss of accessibility. It is interesting to note they immediately take out their collective fees. PayPal has successfully barred class action suits to obtain relief.

PayPal has been successful in avoiding Federal regulation as a bank. They are a money transmitter and regulated at the State level. The states do not appear to have standard criteria for pending funds. For example:

Many of those statutes cap the period of time that money transmitters can hold onto payments before releasing them to the recipient.

In California, for instance, where PayPal is headquartered and registered as a money transmitter, section 1841 of the state's Money Transmission Act reads:
"Every licensee or its agent shall forward all money received for transmission or give instructions committing equivalent money to the person designated by the customer within 10 days after receiving that money, unless otherwise ordered by his or her customer."

Look at your individual state and insure that PayPal is in compliance with the specific license requirements. If the state has no specific period for pending funds contact the Regulatory Bureau and highlight the PayPal abuse and their inconsistency with other states to have the licensing requirement changed. I accept that 10 days is more reasonable than 21 days and the incredible 3-4 business day to transfer the seller funds to their bank account is unacceptable. If you buy with a payment from your bank account the withdrawal is immediate.

PayPal state licenses can be found at:

Remember many services conducted by PayPal exclusive of eBay can more easily be done by Walmart. Their money centers are stored based and provide a broader level of service and access to funds.

We will only curtail eBay and PayPal self- centered motives and adverse seller conduct by moving our business to other venues.
Good luck in your decision making.

Ask Carl about PayPal
1 review
1 helpful vote

Chinese seller learned how to "scam the system", delayed taking care of the problem thru eBay for more than 30 days; eBay said to take it up with PayPal, who said, "Sure, we'll help you - you're covered for 180 days." Obvious fault of the seller, but PayPal denied the claim, stating it was not covered under Purchase Protection (?????), when it clearly *was* covered under the guidelines. This was less than 90 days since initial purchase. Don't make a purchase if you think you're covered -- you're NOT!

Ask Richard about PayPal
3 reviews
2 helpful votes

I find PayPal extremely useful and easy to use. Sending and receiving money was never easier!

Ask Petrica-Daniel about PayPal
8 reviews
6 helpful votes

Had an order coming from China (didn't know thats where it was coming from).I inquired as to arrival status. PayPal says that's a case. Item arrived finally. Case closed. Item was not at all what expected to be. PayPal wouldn't allow any discussion. One case per order even though the first was a mere inquiry. They wouldn't budge
I still have faulty item

Ask maria about PayPal
5 reviews
10 helpful votes

Since joining e-bay in 2005 I have always used pay pal and although their fees are quite high have always been more than satisfied with their level of service, however my last encounter (refund from fashionmia) was at first refused as fashionmia would not collect parcel in china as they had to pay import duties, If it had not been for the excellent staff at parcel monkey who acquired and sent a POD for me pay pal would not have refunded. I did complain to them and they did give me an extra 5 pounds for the hassle, would have preferred no hassle though.

Ask LIZ about PayPal
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

PayPal is useless. I escalate my complaint several times through their Resolution Centre online and by calling them (was on hold for a long time) and yet they kept closing my complaint.

I bought quite a few items from Chinas FASHIONMIA.COM and paid for it with PayPal thinking I will have the protection until now. All items received were incorrect size, colour, style and material. I also paid Fashion Mia $60 US for shipping and yet I waited for 3 months before receiving my first item. I tried to return items but Fashion Mia refused. I asked Fashion Mia for refund and Fashion Mia refused.

I then filed a complaint with PayPal and PayPal told to go to my local police station to file a fraud report and also to go to my local government branch and file a fraud report. If that is the case then why do I need PayPal? And why is PayPal doing business with fraudulent companies? Are they that desperate for money?

Ask Tina about PayPal
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

This company website does not allow you to escalate a complaint to stop payment. They want you to use a desk top computer. (Outdated now) i used an iphone to order a product that was defective, pay pal would not allow me to contest the purchase and favored the cheap product company to keep my money. I will not use pay pal anymore. Don't use pay pal.

Ask Hugo about PayPal
1 review
1 helpful vote

If you think you can use paypal for an international transaction think again. Their security system will not let me send money from Canada to India. I called in to find out why and they have no means to override this. They simply say the security has blocked it. What kind of 19th Century thinking is that!! Useless!

Ask Cheyanne about PayPal
35 reviews
108 helpful votes

Like another reviewer said, Paypal is a horrible forced payment option especially on eBay. In most cases, you are never even SURE that you could keep the money you made because buyers have literally half a year to file a chargeback or a claim against you for any reason they want even after many months have passed; even if they left you positive feedback with no issue at all.

This break between eBay and Paypal hasn't changed anything! The only that has changed is Paypal's web interface which is much easier to use and much better on the eyes. If you have a problem with a chargeback or a claim though Paypal, eBay would just tell you tough luck. Yet this payment processing option is FORCED onto you to receive money and takes a chunk of your money for every payment received.

I would never trust Paypal with any of my money. I honestly wish there was a better alternate that eBay would use, but they are too busy racking high fees from their sellers. I pay hundreds of dollars of these fees to Paypal every month as a seller (excluding the eBay ones) and neither of these two companies actually helped me as a seller in any way. If you have a big sum of money left on your Paypal, transfer it immediately and don't leave it lingering.

If eBay wasn't forcing sellers to use Paypal, this payment option would never exist. For freelance work outside of my online shop, I take cash, checks or ChaseQuickpay. No fees, no scamming, no chargebacks, no disputes. Done.

Lastly, as a customer, there is no way to hide your address from strangers when purchasing an item. Whether or not it's a tangible good or a mistake on the receiver's side, there needs to be a fixed solution for this. I don't enjoy knowing some stranger in Puerto Rico knows my address when I pay the invoice to receive my digital photos from an activity during my trip.

Ask Janet about PayPal
1 review
1 helpful vote

Purchased item with credit card and item was
Defective. Seller issued refund and it was
Sent to PayPal account which I don't have!
Called PayPal support and said they couldn't
Refund to credit card and I would have to dispute
The payment. Basically forcing people to
Sign up for PayPal which I will never do because
They froze my account and stole money several
Years ago now they robbed me again! !

Ask Mts about PayPal
1 review
0 helpful votes

I went to send my friend/land lord my rent check through PayPal, this was on the 5th of the month. PayPal said he wouldn't receive it until the 23rd of the month. I walked away to call my landlord and see what he wanted to do. Came back and went back, entered his email, entered the amount and clicked continue to go back to the page where it said how long before he would receive it and BOOM it put the transaction through. I called my landlord and he IMMEDIATELY canceled the payment request. Low and behold PayPal waited 3 days to take the money out of my account, now they need 5 days to "verify the request" and 5 days to return the money, which can take up to 21 days according to their customer service recording. I called in and they said there was nothing to be done, the request was automatic, even though it was cancelled literally immediately. There is no need for 15 days minimum for a transaction that was cancelled to resolve, there is no company in the world that takes that long to get money worked around and it's not for security reasons I can tell you that. Once it leaves my account there is no security needed, that opening has already been guarded or exploited. Seriously, PayPal has gone down hill since Elon Musk sold, USE DWOLLA INSTEAD. Way better! Check out PayPals' BBB rating, it's terrible

Ask I about PayPal
5 reviews
8 helpful votes

Paypal is particularly vulnerable to electronic fraud. I have had more fraudulent transactions happen with my one paypal account then on all of my credit cards combined.

Their help center is a joke. They do not reply to emails (I mean at all), if you call they will tell you "we are unable to help you, sorry", including their 'supervisory' level employees.

Paypal's close business relations with ebay appear to be exploited by paypal in a malicious way: having put a bid on ebay resulted in paypal limiting my paypal account, and the inability to complete ebay purchase. One may say this was an unfortunate coincidence, but the timing was too perfect for me to easily believe in such a coincidence.

Ask Dmitri about PayPal
4 reviews
12 helpful votes

Paypal has the worst customer service ever. A few weeks ago, they requested that I submit my ID and my proof of residence. I sent them and they indicated that they would get back to me in 2-3 days. Almost a month later, nothing sent.

Ask Crispus about PayPal
1 review
1 helpful vote

Unauthorised transaction on account and they couldn't care less. They were not interested and I landed being out of pocket. Will not deal with them again. Customer service is appalling and they make things very difficult for you. I would rate them a -0- Rubbish

Ask Norma about PayPal
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

I am sure that if everything goes to plan, ie both the buying and seller are legitimate, you will have not problems with this site. Unfortunately if one or the other is fraudulent it does not work. I tried to buy something over the internet with Paypal but did not receive the goods. When I complained to Paypal, it was suggested that I contact the seller to arrange an amicable settlement. I had emailed the seller four times and not received a reply. I put in a dispute but I was informed the next day that Paypal was happy that there was no fraudulent activity. I do not understand how they could have found this out so quickly as I put in the dispute on a Saturday evening and received a reply Sunday morning. I am left nearly £80.00 out of pocket and Terrence Webb (seller) is laughing all the way to the bank.

Ask Linda about PayPal
1 review
2 helpful votes

I used PayPal when I ordered online from a vendor I had not used before. The vendor sent the wrong item. I tried to stop the payment through PayPal. PayPal's method of handling it was to have me and the vendor message each other through their site. The vendor wanted me to return the merchandise at my expense and to free up the payment at PayPal. This did not strike me as a good way to do business. Since I had a print of the screen where I placed the order and could prove my order was not in error, I asked the vendor to send the return postage. She didn't want to do that either. After a couple of weeks back and forth, she agreed to refund the shipment fee. Then I discovered I did not have her address. The package had been sent from the warehouse, a different company. There was no address on her website. The telephone number on her website was disconnected. I got the names of the warehouse and an intermediary vendor from the pick list inside the package and contacted them. The intermediary vendor gave me a different phone number. It did not work. The vendor phone number on PayPal was the same bogus number as that on her website. I talked to PayPal. They said they had the vendor's address but couldn't give it to me. Then they sent me an e-mail that said if I didn't return the item to the vendor, they wouldn't refund my money and if I didn't return it in 30 days, they would close the issue and not refund my money. After several back and forths with PayPal, I finally sent them an e-mail saying that it didn't matter if it were 30 days or 30 nanoseconds, if I didn't have the vendor's address I couldn't return it. Finally, they e-mailed me the vendor's address (with a new and shorter deadline for mailing). I met their deadline. Now I have to wait 30 days for them to confirm that the vendor received the goods.

I was just going to let it all go, Then I tried to order something through ebay (which I have done several times over the past few years) and use my credit card. That's when I found out 2 things: 1) All ebay transactions are handled by PayPal, whether or not you have a PayPal account,.2) The ebay screen asks you to confirm that you want to purchase and the next screen asks you to place your order. Once you have confirmed that you want to purchase, ebay acts as if you have placed the order. BUYER BEWARE: if you order through ebay you are dealing with PayPal.

Ask Dorothy about PayPal
1 review
2 helpful votes

We are now being hit with charges through pay pal that our business with them is now over.

Ask Michael about PayPal
1 review
0 helpful votes

I had a Co put in a payment on May 27 ,2016 .. But PayPal Stop it from taking the money out of My bank 5 days latter I check my bank to see if it was taken out it was NOT

I called PayPal an one lady said to me after she put me on hold for a long time .
There computers was down an Master card was down . An told me to call the Co an have them put it in again . I called the Co an was told the payment was on hold to PayPal refuses it. I called PayPal back an this time I was it was refused because My new card reactivated the Co asked for the payment May 27,2016 My old card was good to June 2016.. My new card had the very Numbers just expiration date I had to call the Co back He put the new date in an sent it back PayPal its 4 days latter an PayPal said they do not have anything from the Co yet I am getting sick of calling PayPal an waiting a long time to pick up the phone An then get transferred an wait a long time to get someone again
That give me the runaround ..

Ask Jerry about PayPal
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