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699 reviews
2211 North First Street
San Jose, CA 95131, USA
Tel: 1-888-221-1161, 1-402-935-2050
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699 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

Chinese seller learned how to "scam the system", delayed taking care of the problem thru eBay for more than 30 days; eBay said to take it up with PayPal, who said, "Sure, we'll help you - you're covered for 180 days." Obvious fault of the seller, but PayPal denied the claim, stating it was not covered under Purchase Protection (?????), when it clearly *was* covered under the guidelines. This was less than 90 days since initial purchase. Don't make a purchase if you think you're covered -- you're NOT!

Ask Richard about PayPal
3 reviews
2 helpful votes

I find PayPal extremely useful and easy to use. Sending and receiving money was never easier!

Ask Petrica-Daniel about PayPal
7 reviews
6 helpful votes

Had an order coming from China (didn't know thats where it was coming from).I inquired as to arrival status. PayPal says that's a case. Item arrived finally. Case closed. Item was not at all what expected to be. PayPal wouldn't allow any discussion. One case per order even though the first was a mere inquiry. They wouldn't budge
I still have faulty item

Ask maria about PayPal
5 reviews
10 helpful votes

Since joining e-bay in 2005 I have always used pay pal and although their fees are quite high have always been more than satisfied with their level of service, however my last encounter (refund from fashionmia) was at first refused as fashionmia would not collect parcel in china as they had to pay import duties, If it had not been for the excellent staff at parcel monkey who acquired and sent a POD for me pay pal would not have refunded. I did complain to them and they did give me an extra 5 pounds for the hassle, would have preferred no hassle though.

Ask LIZ about PayPal
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

PayPal is useless. I escalate my complaint several times through their Resolution Centre online and by calling them (was on hold for a long time) and yet they kept closing my complaint.

I bought quite a few items from Chinas FASHIONMIA.COM and paid for it with PayPal thinking I will have the protection until now. All items received were incorrect size, colour, style and material. I also paid Fashion Mia $60 US for shipping and yet I waited for 3 months before receiving my first item. I tried to return items but Fashion Mia refused. I asked Fashion Mia for refund and Fashion Mia refused.

I then filed a complaint with PayPal and PayPal told to go to my local police station to file a fraud report and also to go to my local government branch and file a fraud report. If that is the case then why do I need PayPal? And why is PayPal doing business with fraudulent companies? Are they that desperate for money?

Ask Tina about PayPal
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

This company website does not allow you to escalate a complaint to stop payment. They want you to use a desk top computer. (Outdated now) i used an iphone to order a product that was defective, pay pal would not allow me to contest the purchase and favored the cheap product company to keep my money. I will not use pay pal anymore. Don't use pay pal.

Ask Hugo about PayPal
1 review
1 helpful vote

If you think you can use paypal for an international transaction think again. Their security system will not let me send money from Canada to India. I called in to find out why and they have no means to override this. They simply say the security has blocked it. What kind of 19th Century thinking is that!! Useless!

Ask Cheyanne about PayPal
27 reviews
103 helpful votes

Like another reviewer said, Paypal is a horrible forced payment option especially on eBay. In most cases, you are never even SURE that you could keep the money you made because buyers have literally half a year to file a chargeback or a claim against you for any reason they want even after many months have passed; even if they left you positive feedback with no issue at all.

This break between eBay and Paypal hasn't changed anything! The only that has changed is Paypal's web interface which is much easier to use and much better on the eyes. If you have a problem with a chargeback or a claim though Paypal, eBay would just tell you tough luck. Yet this payment processing option is FORCED onto you to receive money and takes a chunk of your money for every payment received.

I would never trust Paypal with any of my money. I honestly wish there was a better alternate that eBay would use, but they are too busy racking high fees from their sellers. I pay hundreds of dollars of these fees to Paypal every month as a seller (excluding the eBay ones) and neither of these two companies actually helped me as a seller in any way. If you have a big sum of money left on your Paypal, transfer it immediately and don't leave it lingering.

If eBay wasn't forcing sellers to use Paypal, this payment option would never exist. For freelance work outside of my online shop, I take cash, checks or ChaseQuickpay. No fees, no scamming, no chargebacks, no disputes. Done.

Ask Janet about PayPal
1 review
1 helpful vote

Purchased item with credit card and item was
Defective. Seller issued refund and it was
Sent to PayPal account which I don't have!
Called PayPal support and said they couldn't
Refund to credit card and I would have to dispute
The payment. Basically forcing people to
Sign up for PayPal which I will never do because
They froze my account and stole money several
Years ago now they robbed me again! !

Ask Mts about PayPal
1 review
0 helpful votes

I went to send my friend/land lord my rent check through PayPal, this was on the 5th of the month. PayPal said he wouldn't receive it until the 23rd of the month. I walked away to call my landlord and see what he wanted to do. Came back and went back, entered his email, entered the amount and clicked continue to go back to the page where it said how long before he would receive it and BOOM it put the transaction through. I called my landlord and he IMMEDIATELY canceled the payment request. Low and behold PayPal waited 3 days to take the money out of my account, now they need 5 days to "verify the request" and 5 days to return the money, which can take up to 21 days according to their customer service recording. I called in and they said there was nothing to be done, the request was automatic, even though it was cancelled literally immediately. There is no need for 15 days minimum for a transaction that was cancelled to resolve, there is no company in the world that takes that long to get money worked around and it's not for security reasons I can tell you that. Once it leaves my account there is no security needed, that opening has already been guarded or exploited. Seriously, PayPal has gone down hill since Elon Musk sold, USE DWOLLA INSTEAD. Way better! Check out PayPals' BBB rating, it's terrible

Ask I about PayPal
3 reviews
7 helpful votes

Paypal is particularly vulnerable to electronic fraud. I have had more fraudulent transactions happen with my one paypal account then on all of my credit cards combined.

Their help center is a joke. They do not reply to emails (I mean at all), if you call they will tell you "we are unable to help you, sorry", including their 'supervisory' level employees.

Paypal's close business relations with ebay appear to be exploited by paypal in a malicious way: having put a bid on ebay resulted in paypal limiting my paypal account, and the inability to complete ebay purchase. One may say this was an unfortunate coincidence, but the timing was too perfect for me to easily believe in such a coincidence.

Ask Dmitri about PayPal
4 reviews
11 helpful votes

Paypal has the worst customer service ever. A few weeks ago, they requested that I submit my ID and my proof of residence. I sent them and they indicated that they would get back to me in 2-3 days. Almost a month later, nothing sent.

Ask Crispus about PayPal
1 review
1 helpful vote

Unauthorised transaction on account and they couldn't care less. They were not interested and I landed being out of pocket. Will not deal with them again. Customer service is appalling and they make things very difficult for you. I would rate them a -0- Rubbish

Ask Norma about PayPal
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

I am sure that if everything goes to plan, ie both the buying and seller are legitimate, you will have not problems with this site. Unfortunately if one or the other is fraudulent it does not work. I tried to buy something over the internet with Paypal but did not receive the goods. When I complained to Paypal, it was suggested that I contact the seller to arrange an amicable settlement. I had emailed the seller four times and not received a reply. I put in a dispute but I was informed the next day that Paypal was happy that there was no fraudulent activity. I do not understand how they could have found this out so quickly as I put in the dispute on a Saturday evening and received a reply Sunday morning. I am left nearly £80.00 out of pocket and Terrence Webb (seller) is laughing all the way to the bank.

Ask Linda about PayPal
1 review
2 helpful votes

I used PayPal when I ordered online from a vendor I had not used before. The vendor sent the wrong item. I tried to stop the payment through PayPal. PayPal's method of handling it was to have me and the vendor message each other through their site. The vendor wanted me to return the merchandise at my expense and to free up the payment at PayPal. This did not strike me as a good way to do business. Since I had a print of the screen where I placed the order and could prove my order was not in error, I asked the vendor to send the return postage. She didn't want to do that either. After a couple of weeks back and forth, she agreed to refund the shipment fee. Then I discovered I did not have her address. The package had been sent from the warehouse, a different company. There was no address on her website. The telephone number on her website was disconnected. I got the names of the warehouse and an intermediary vendor from the pick list inside the package and contacted them. The intermediary vendor gave me a different phone number. It did not work. The vendor phone number on PayPal was the same bogus number as that on her website. I talked to PayPal. They said they had the vendor's address but couldn't give it to me. Then they sent me an e-mail that said if I didn't return the item to the vendor, they wouldn't refund my money and if I didn't return it in 30 days, they would close the issue and not refund my money. After several back and forths with PayPal, I finally sent them an e-mail saying that it didn't matter if it were 30 days or 30 nanoseconds, if I didn't have the vendor's address I couldn't return it. Finally, they e-mailed me the vendor's address (with a new and shorter deadline for mailing). I met their deadline. Now I have to wait 30 days for them to confirm that the vendor received the goods.

I was just going to let it all go, Then I tried to order something through ebay (which I have done several times over the past few years) and use my credit card. That's when I found out 2 things: 1) All ebay transactions are handled by PayPal, whether or not you have a PayPal account,.2) The ebay screen asks you to confirm that you want to purchase and the next screen asks you to place your order. Once you have confirmed that you want to purchase, ebay acts as if you have placed the order. BUYER BEWARE: if you order through ebay you are dealing with PayPal.

Ask Dorothy about PayPal
1 review
2 helpful votes

We are now being hit with charges through pay pal that our business with them is now over.

Ask Michael about PayPal
1 review
0 helpful votes

I had a Co put in a payment on May 27 ,2016 .. But PayPal Stop it from taking the money out of My bank 5 days latter I check my bank to see if it was taken out it was NOT

I called PayPal an one lady said to me after she put me on hold for a long time .
There computers was down an Master card was down . An told me to call the Co an have them put it in again . I called the Co an was told the payment was on hold to PayPal refuses it. I called PayPal back an this time I was it was refused because My new card reactivated the Co asked for the payment May 27,2016 My old card was good to June 2016.. My new card had the very Numbers just expiration date I had to call the Co back He put the new date in an sent it back PayPal its 4 days latter an PayPal said they do not have anything from the Co yet I am getting sick of calling PayPal an waiting a long time to pick up the phone An then get transferred an wait a long time to get someone again
That give me the runaround ..

Ask Jerry about PayPal
2 reviews
15 helpful votes

100% buyer protection. bull $#*!
I have 7 cases with them all being closed by them my refund by them. Never receive any communication from them. I call them, they said they sent emails never got them. Ask for them to be saints again cannot do was on the phone with them for 40 minutes. I know such a short time, been served fast last time all was on the phone with them was 2 hours. I am escalating its I am going to the ACCC with my case against them. And they have threatened legal action against me stay away from PayPal they threaten legal aid should against you when you are in the right. They do not protect you, they only care about themselves. I would love to take a class action against them. I am hoping the.ACCC will help me with them.
Way to go PayPal threaten your customers. With legal action. That's great customer service
I am going to close my account as soon and close why bank accounts which is linked to my PayPal accounts
they will not be getting any more of my business
very rude and arrogant staff at PayPal not willing to help. They do not care or liquor about themselves no customer service skills. Do not use PayPal your money is not safe you do not get looked after 100% buyer protection more like 0%
when I was on the phone to them. They told me I had to call in and escalate the claim by email and which I never got from them. I ask them to resend it, and reopen the case cannot do. If you want our customers in customer service you resend the email and reopen the claim that no we can't do that more light we do not want to do that
it is your bad luck if you don't get the email

Ask eric about PayPal
1 review
2 helpful votes

I have used Paypal for 20 years and always had illusion that it would provide protection on buyers until now.

In Feb. 2016 I bought a faulty tablet PC from via Paypal. I spend $231.30 on it. When I decided to return, their customer service told me to send it at USPS not using Express mail because express mail has higher possibility to cause Chinese tariff. I followed and used first class mail which doesn't provide tracking in China. I spent $33.75 of postage. 6 weeks passed, Everbuying kept saying not received it and refused to refund. I brought my case to Paypal resolution center and told Paypal that I saved all the communications with Everbuying into a file and had copies of USPS receipt and Customer Declaration form. Paypal has never given me opportunity to upload and submit my documents and ruled that I should mailed the item back (I did it 6 weeks ago?!) with tracking number in my own expense. Only after the company confirms receiving I am able to get refund. This totally absurd ruling shows Paypal is actually partner of Chinese cheating online sellers!

Ask Chongguang about PayPal
13 reviews
15 helpful votes

It used to be pretty darn awesome, Paypal was great to me for many years. You'd run into nothing but the worst customer service in the known universe over at Ebay, and Paypal would step in and solve that issue like FAST. Now you call up and they've gone from a reasonably good answering system to another one of those nightmares from hell. And then you get put on hold and they play the same message over and over, telling you how much they value you as a customer, and after 30 minutes of hearing it over and over I wanted to pull my hair out. And so did the other people around me who could hear the speaker phone. They all said the same thing, "Wow Paypal has gotten bad!" If you get through to someone outside the USA you have about a 50/50 chance of it working out. The over-seas operators can be very good or very bad, their levels of training vary greatly. Almost always the USA people have great training and will help you. Recently I had a problem and got my money back. I have never once failed to get my money back. But one time I sold an item on Ebay for $5500 and the customer was happy, there were no problems, but Paypal decided to just freeze my account. No reason was given. Phone calls went on and on, and finally after many dozens of phone calls I got through to an "upper tier" person who would help me. What a nightmare. Don't ever give them access to you bank account, that's a very serious mistake. They can and will take money out of your account if they want to, and they have not always been forthcoming about why. I was part of a class action law suit a long time ago against PayPal for stealing $88 dollars out of a bank account without my permission, and we won. And yet they continue to do it. They make it harder and harder to complain about a bad purchase. You have to wait long periods to get your money back. They exceed their own time frames. They'll tell you on the phone it's 5 days and it will turn out to be 10. Very often the operators have told me one thing only to find out that changes. They'll say 5 days, and that's what it shows on the site, but then suddenly on day 4 you look and now it says 10 days more with no explanation. This has happened to me many times. In all cases no one at PayPal can say anything except, well we're sorry but it was always 10 days, or whatever. I'll say then why did it say 5 days and your operator say 5 days? They have no explanation. PayPal used to have a "Executive Escalations" team. If it still exists they often can help you. I'm not sure it exists anymore because I was told Ebay did away with that, so I wonder if PayPal did, too. Now my review is a one star but the problem is there really is no other game in town. Mostly on Ebay you have to use PayPal. If you have big problems with them complain to the Fed at, and then figure out in your state who licenses PayPal in your State and complain to them, then complain to your State Attorney General's office of consumer protection. The only way to get them to ever improve is if enough people complain.

Tip for consumers: Do not give up. If they tell you "no", hang up and call back until you find someone who will say "yes". Sometimes it can take a lot of perseverance but if you're tenacious you will win. Complain to people like I say in my review. We're American's, we keep fighting when others give up.

Ask Calvin about PayPal
2 reviews
10 helpful votes

I have purchased a crash cam from about a month ago, paid $35.34 USD
Then I have received a crash cam with a dead rechargeable battery inside which cannot even be turned on. Hours of charging the crash cam only let the crash cam to turn on for seconds and it turns off automatically. The primary power source of the crash cam is the rechargeable battery inside it and because it could not be charged, the crash cam could not turn on.
I have contacted support and they replied:
They will refund USD$10 for this faulty crash cam which I have paid USD$35.34 for the original price.
They also said, if I send them back the crash cam (return postage would cost as much as the original price that I have paid for the cam) then they will refund fully.
Why should I pay the return postage for the faulty item they have sent to me? Why would any customer spend time, pay the postage which is as much as the original purchase price in order to get the refund?

When I contacted for describing how the crash cam could not start (I have also attached photos of the faulty product and sent them) they replied to me and said they also want to see the video of the faulty crash cam and asked me to take videos of the misbehaving crash cam and upload it to for them to see. JESUS CHINESE!!

The reason why I have trusted this company was because they had PayPal payment option and I thought buying online using PayPal was safe.
But when I contacted PayPal dispute for this transaction, PayPal also asked me to return the product to seller and I am responsible for the return postage.
Returning a faulty product back to China can cost even more than $100 USD if the item is more than 3kg in weight.
I cannot trust PayPal anymore and I won't pay using PayPal in future for any online purchases. Why should I bother logging into Paypal to pay for any transaction if I'm not protected? Many online stores charge extra for paying using Paypal.
This Chinese scam online store is partnering with PayPal to deceive customers and making profits. PayPal is no longer effectively protecting consumers and in fact PayPal is one of the most dangerous payment method online shoppers are using now. Many buyers think buying using PayPal is safe but in fact it really isn't. Online shoppers should only buy from the shops they know well (such as and shouldn't trust online stores just because PayPal is one of their payment method.

Ask Richard about PayPal
3 reviews
4 helpful votes

I don't know how many know this but pay pal actually charges a 4.95 per month maintenance fee once funds have been put on the card whether you use the card or not or whether you have a balance on it or not I just closed mine out . I pointed out to them that I had a debit card at the bank that was free so from now on when I wish to use my pay pal funds I will simply use my bank card and transfer that amount from my pay pal account to my bank account I hope this advise saves some one some money

Ask Katherine about PayPal
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

I am pissed that this company is attempting to hurt the population of a State for a measure passed by the government. Not making any comment on the bill, just the fact that a multi million dollar corporation is attempting to influence local politics with terrorist tactics. Have an account but I rarely use it. Seriously considering deleting my account and asking others to do the same.

Ask Bob about PayPal
3 reviews
5 helpful votes

Big thanks to paypal for a job well done.

Ask Della about PayPal
1 review
2 helpful votes

If you want to wait 3 weeks to get your money after a straight forward sale on the now scam ridden E bay and be charged $8's or so for the privilege, (after being forced to give your bank details rather than have them Credit the dedicated debit card you normally use online) then go right ahead and use the rip of system. The fact that they get 3 weeks of interest free money from me for nothing and charge me for doing so, and then rub it in by telling me that they wont charge me again for transferring my money to my account, which by the way will take up to another 5 business days, destroys any faith I once had in either company.
Alternatives fortunately exist, bye bye E bay, bye bye Pay Pal.

Ask John about PayPal
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