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16 reviews
Categories: Hook Up
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16 Reviews From Our Community

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2 reviews
0 helpful votes

I have been a member of Lifestylelounge since 2001. I have met a lot of great people as part of a couple and as a single male. I will say that as a single make it is a little more difficult to connect with people, but it can be done if you are not a jerk and repectful.

By far this is the best site for swingers. The only thing I would say bad about the site is that they do need to update it with a newer style. The style they have has been the same since 2001, but the site is fully functional, with new features being added often.

Lastly, this site has the hottest looking couple compared to any other site out there.

Ask Barney about LifestyleLounge
2 reviews
23 helpful votes

Good site with undoubtedly the hottest swingers of any online site. Lots of high maintenance, massively fake breasted and seriously vain people who spend lots of time in the gym and tanning beds. Nice to look at but not exactly down to earth types. Not a lot of people where we are from but it's good for hooking up while traveling. The booty call and travel features have led to some very nice hookups for us The site is very expensive, even if you pay long term they don't give a great discount like other sites do.

As good as it is for hotness, the owners as class A scumbags. We had been members of the site for over 8 years when we noticed that one billing cycle we were quadruple charged for our membership. We brought it to their attention and they told us to take it up with our bank, which we did. As soon as we did this they banned us from the site. Stay classy Kevin and Shelley!

Ask D about LifestyleLounge
1 review
6 helpful votes

We are a married Couple and have been with them for the last 10 years. We agree it does cater more to the more attractive, in-shape Swingers, which make it seem "cliquish". But there is something for everyone there. So if you're patient, something always pans out (unless you are obese, 60+, grotesque!) Our favorite feature is being able to hook-up with out-of-towners. Cool site if you're near a major city!

Ask Tony about LifestyleLounge
1 review
15 helpful votes

My experience is the same as the 1-2 stars, and I'm an attractive and willing single woman. I actually went to one of its Plush Parties alone. What a bunch of A-holes. Women think they're hotter than they are-they must believe their own doctored pics from a decade ago? Men are shy and gawky obviously controlled by their jealous women trying to act the part of cool sex toy wife or something. I left in less than one hour, after having one drink and absolutely no conversation despite trying to start a few innocent discourses. For the LSL folks - discourse doesn't mean anything naughty, and no, I don't want you just because I say "Hi!" Get over yourselves!!!

Ask Bella about LifestyleLounge
5 reviews
21 helpful votes

one big CLIQUE. the single men on it tend to be snobbish and only looking for a BOOTY CALL not any actual fun outside their $#*!S. the majority of the single men say all over their profile they want and desire the illusive UNICORN yet when it comes time to meet one they FLAKE, make excuses, or just blow them off all together. the majority of SBM on the site like so many others only $#*! WIVES and do NOT USE PROTECTION risking the epidemic that is HIV/AIDS and spreading more diseases then a diseased monkey. the couples are very clique and rude, they white list you, wish list you, email you then FLAKE on you. the single women are practically non existent and when you do find them they are nothing like their photos, most using 10yr old photos and very clingy.

Ask raw about LifestyleLounge
1 review
8 helpful votes

Pretty buggy and old/dated looking site.. On the plus side, there are many real couples on there, especially local to California/west coast. BEWARE! ONCE you have created your profile, YOU CANNOT DELETE IT! it will stay forever,which is a ripoff, making it seem like there are way more members than there actually is.

Support is rude and basically taking advantage of the fact there aren't' many sites out there for west coast swingers. Overall we would recommend joining due to the poor performance/features of the site and awful customer support.

Ask coco about LifestyleLounge
1 review
5 helpful votes

Lifestyle Lounge is a great site for a few communities where real swingers are using it. Every community has their preferred site that most of the swingers use. We started on LL and found in our area it is VERY cliquish, full of fakes and phonies, and caters to the pretty people crowd who like to spend hours on end at expensive clubs WITHOUT PLAYING. We didn't join to spend the night watching you strut your stuff around a dance floor teasing everyone end then go home. We joined to find real swingers and were sadly disappointed.

Maybe its because we live in SoCal, but there is also an abundance of people who feel the need to show off their wealth (Real or fake). The site is filled with people displaying professionally airbrushed photos of them standing in front of their expensive car, airplane or home. If you want to eat a $200 meal, drink a $500 bottle of wine and pay $100 to attend a party filled with sexy people getting you aroused before everyone heads home without playing then this is the site for you. If you think you posting photos of you having a beer on your patio with a couple of steaks on the grill will get you laid you are sadly wrong on here.

The site also is VERY expensive for what it is and has no lifetime feature. We are lifetime members of SLS, Kasidie, SDC and Swingular and although each has their good and bad points they have all been more productive for us than LL. Most actually appreciate a beer and steaks and you stand a great chance of getting laid after!

Ask Jim about LifestyleLounge
2 reviews
11 helpful votes

We currently belong to both Lifestyle Lounge and Adult Friend Finder. We enjoy both sites for different reasons; LL is a great site to utilize for local events and no-nonsense hooking up, but can be a little bit on the clique side. Adult friend finder has also netted us some good hookups as well and is very interactive with I.M. and web Cams, but seems to have a lot of people that pose as swingers, but don't deliver when it's time to meet. If you have the means, join both sites, you will see what I'm talking about. If you do take the time and effort to join, make sure you join at a level that you can utilize every function of both sites, go through the motions and get verified and confirmed and folloe through with the plans you make with whom ever it is that you say your going to meet.. Make yourself credible and good things will happen for you on either site..
Hope this helps.
We are cncffactory on LL and cncffactory3 on AFF if anyone wants to verify my credentials.

Ask Carmen about LifestyleLounge
1 review
13 helpful votes

My BIG BIG PROBLEM is that I cannot cancel my membership to Lifestyle Lounge. I had signed up for a six month membership for $99.97 that was to be automatically renewed every six months. After five months, I tried to cancel my membership by clicking the "Click here to cancel your membership" and it takes me to a page that says "Oops! We've encountered a problem. Try again later." Then it logs me out. When I log back in, my computer drop down box notifies me that I'm logging into an unsecured server. When I try again to cancel my membership, a new page says "Please enter your full credit card number so we can retrieve your information." This is a total scam. I will not put in my full number. There is no reason that they shouldn't have this in their records. It says if you're having problems, contact the Administrators, which is just another LL page. I send them an email telling them I want to cancel, and no reply. I've sent a dozen emails or so, nothing. There is also no phone number nor email address to contact the company and cancel. I've now been charged an additional $99.97 automatically for another six months of membership that I don't want. I don't know what to do. I understand that Summit Group LLC is the company that handles their billing and I will now try to contact them.

The service that the site provides is fine on its own. I don't understand why LL has to resort to this sort of thing. It's unfortunate. I will never use their site again as a result and will discourage anyone from using it.

Ask Unhappy about LifestyleLounge
1 review
6 helpful votes
9/9/11 is much better. as a single male on LL, i found it an unfriendly place. You have a target on your back and they will do everything they can to get rid of you. It's a hostile environment. They can "ban" you for any arbitrary reason and as mentioned above, there is some kind of weird BIG BROTHER vigilance on the site where they are clearly monitoring and watching all emails and transactions.

it's a colossal waste of money. Check out Kasidie. much friendlier group and they also have the "certification" process which guarantees legitimate people.

Ask angel about LifestyleLounge
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

We are members; LL seems to cater to younger swingers (20s & 30s), mostly. LL is cliquish and exclusionary. They also play dirty with their members. For example, if you decide to let your membership expire, they continue to leave it up. They do not indicate that you canceled your membership. Other members continue to write to you, but you cannot reply. You will get notices of these income messages, and LL will try to induce you to pay to sign up again in order to answer these incoming messages (or you will look snobby and rude). We prefer They treat their members very well, and the people are warm and friendly.

Ask A about LifestyleLounge
2 reviews
5 helpful votes

This is by far the best of the lifestyle sites. The site does everything it can to protect it's patrons and their privacy. Also the layout of of site is well organized and easy to use. They have the best club/events listing on the web. Well worth checking out!!

Ask Kevin about LifestyleLounge
3 reviews
40 helpful votes

If you are a single guy DO NOT JOIN. Your wasting your money, period. The site has many lisitngs although majority of the people are over the age of 40 (couples and women) The people on LL are very "clicky" and can be rude if your "not in their circle" I was on LL for over 2 years. Met about 7-8 women and 3-4 couples. Was OK but nothing to scream over. Most pics were not the person I met in person. Many of the posts are FAKE....yes FAKE....not real and stolen pics. Seriously more than 90 percent of the profiles had the same pictures for over the 2 years I was on, and it showed they hadn't logged in for over 3 why waste your time. They say "100 percent verified: which means NOTHING.. anyone can verify your photos are authentic. It does have chat among other things and you will get spammed from "hot women or couples inviting you to a swingers vacation in Mexico"
99.9 percent of the e-mails I got or messages in chat were from the male half. it's a bait and switch. The women post their pics and the dudes fill in sending and replying to e-mails and on chat posing as if their "spouse" is in on it. It's all political and BS. do NOT let anyone tell you different. If your over the age of 40 or 50 then you may like it. But if your younger (much younger) like me then your wasting your time. no joke.....

Ask Chris about LifestyleLounge
1 review
4 helpful votes

Before you join Lifestyle Lounge, you need to know that they filter communications between their members. Their filtering practices of email, forum posts and blogs will be a problem to any paying member of their site.

If, for example, you use certain keywords in either email, forum or blog posts on their sites they will intervene and automatically delete this information before other members even have a chance to read them.

Lifestyle Lounge replied to concerns from its members that it was intering with private communications between members because: "For site security and member protection our system looks for, malicious code. Certain words that are well known words used by spammers, in the context where they are used for malicious purposes, such as Nigeria, bank account, Viagra, Kasidie etc. When found these emails are deleted to protect all interested parties."

So basically in order to exchange communications on this site, you cannot use certain words. This practice is utterly ridiculous. How on earth are members supposed to know what list of words or phrases cannot be used? For example, if you send an email on their site and use the word 'Viagra', your email will get deleted. What does Lifestyle Lounge expect its users to do - say 'blue little pill' instead? Huh?

Regardless of the rationale for why Lifestyle Lounge is doing this, it clearly is ridiculous to expect users to know what words their software is filtering and considers "BANNED" and which ones it does not.

There is only ONE reason why customers pay to be on this site and that is to COMMUNICATE with other like-minded individuals. If Lifestyle Lounge restricts communications between its members because it does not "like" certain words, then its confusing what services they are really offering.

We were members of their site dating all the way back to 9/6/2002 and up until today have been pleased with our membership. In our opinion Lifestyle Lounge crossed over the line deleting personal email messages.

It is clear that this practice is not being done out of concern to "protect members from spam"; it is done to serve a single-minded purpose = to restrict information from being shared amongst its members. Lifestyle Lounge does not want its members discussing competing websites, even if these communications are done in private member to member via email.

This kind of mindset can only harm their company, not enhance it and their ignorance of this fact is confusing.

Before you begin your membership, consider this fact: do you want to pay a premium for a service to communicate with other like-minded members that is being filtered for keywords and those communications deleted. Why would you?

Ask Syd about LifestyleLounge
1 review
2 helpful votes

My wife and I hit our late thirties and wanted to find real, attractive, normal couples just like us that we could have sex with. This seemed like an impossible task. Other swinger web sites just felt like a scam. LL feels like an online community. And how did we do? We have made so many sexy friends and have had a lot of sex with them. Real people, doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, nurses, airline pilots, firefighters, stay at home moms, that are discreet and love to spice up their marriage just like us! It is discreet, it is classy, it is full of real, sexy, people.

Ask Jeff about LifestyleLounge
45 reviews
196 helpful votes

LL or lifestylelounge is a must for any swinger - Adultriendfinder is one of the larger sites out there for NEWBIES, but the true swingers almost always belong to LL. In fact, we have never been to a party where someone said, what is your adultfriendfinder name. But they always say, what is your LL name. This is because adultfriendfinder was started by a computer guy who knows nothing of the lifestyle. But LL was designed by a true swinger couple, who attends the parties and spread the LL word around. This is a huge difference. We have been asked, "what is your LL name" after we had sex with someone almost EVERY single time. It became such that we had to apply for an LL account just to keep in touch with everyone we met. LL has sponsored parties, travel events, etc. You just can't get that from adultfriendfinder. In fact, LL member, get LL stickers and even tattoos to let other people know they are swingers. If you see an LL on someone, you know you can get laid.

Ask Dawn about LifestyleLounge

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