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1 review
1 helpful vote

I think one of the most difficult things about meeting people and dating in the real world is you have to tiptoe around what you each want. But with online dating, you put it right in your profile: looking for long term relationship, looking for casual friend. It eliminates so much awkwardness and saves so much time.

Ask Fred about iDateAsia
4 reviews
26 helpful votes

I am a ok looking guy in early 40,s. Tried this place just for fun. I first had a serious profile with good pictures and intentions. I had like 800 so called admire the first 3 days from mail from the 4 sites Latam date, charmdate, asiandate and chinesedate. I would say around 200 where really really good looking. Models....???
Already there the warningsigns start to ticking. I only paid like 7 bucks. Then they tried to get you into false chat and emails and cams really expensive. Fortunately i am to experienced and thinking so i never paid more than that 7 bucks but the worst part is this.
I changed my profile searched for the ugliest person on google. Put that picture on my profile. Wrote that my weght was over 300 pounds and was 150 cm tall with a 3 cm $#*! and i was a heavily drinker and drug addict and homeless with no money.... hahahah Lol
Guess what the same beautiful ladies sent same mail and told me how nice my pictures and profile was. I laughs so i almost peed in my pants. This is so stupid and patetic. How can anyone get fooled by this scammers. At least they should prevent me from changing profile and have same payed models there. Its just crazy. Someone needs to stop this kind of behavior. Its hard but Interpol should stop things like this. How can people be so stupid. I have hard of people tha put 1000 of dollars there. I am amazed. Off course. They are lonely and hope this extremely beatiful ladies want them. Shame on the people behind this... Biggest scam ever. Forward this to anyone you know...
Regards Lars

Ask Lars about iDateAsia
1 review
1 helpful vote

i have been a member of idateaisa for a period of a few months. I have met a lady on this site & we have known each other for approx. 4 mths, what with us sending more than the required 10 "love letters each. I have tried communicating with you about how we can get each others contact info. I have emailed the relevant identification to prove who i am but as yet i have not received any reply. To say that i/we are dissapointed with the level of care by you to us, i am now not quite sure what my next step will be. My profile no. is CM48737196 & Eva's profile no. is T138160. Also my email address is I/we would love an answer to our problem ASAP, as we will be looking at meeting each other in the future, but we need each others email adresses & ph. no., so that we can start planning for our wonderful future. Kind regards in advance. Brian.

Ask Brian about iDateAsia
1 review
3 helpful votes

Joined the site a week ago and I'm already chatting with several girls. I've always been curious about East Asians. Man, these girls do respond quickly. Hope it goes smooth in future too. So far, it's going great.

Ask Richard about iDateAsia
1 review
1 helpful vote

Who would not be charmed by the lovely banner picture which is also the first time I am seeing a banner picture that has a young male and female.

Ask Devon about iDateAsia
1 review
2 helpful votes

I fell in love with the first time I stumbled on the website while trying to fulfill my craving for Asian girls. The video is superb and highly explanatory.

Ask Alex about iDateAsia
1 review
8 helpful votes

Hello; Qpid has an advertisment that I have read twice. It is on the internet, sometimes, and clearly is identified to be from them. It is a advertisment for women to enroll with them and they are promised generous commissions for getting their "gentlemen clients" to write back and forth to them. Not all women on the four sites do that, and many of them carry on that way, with certain guys. So, if a Ukrainian woman 23 years of age, or anything close to it, writes something sweet to a guy 64 years of age, for instance, it is likely that she is getting a commission if you read her letter, or write back or chat with her, and she gets a commission for other things such as gifts and pictures looked at. So, beware, that is the truth. I don't have the web-page URL, but I found it twice.

But, the same women may act ethical with a guy 34 years old. There are some younger woman, like 18 or and older, who do want to have sexual experiences, but they probably are commission takers too. Some maybe not, but there is no way to tell.

Also, there are numerous lesbians on these sites, but, often they do not know it themselves. How to determine that fact is tough. But, if you do write or chat in a sexy way, they may reply similarly, but over time "when they have you hooked" they will probably reply to your letters via short replies. She might be very nice looking, but as part of her behavior she might be disinhibited and antisocial. The last term means that she can break social mores, customs, and can lie without remorse.

Another thing I've learned, I never go to a foreign country to see a woman unless I "want to travel there as a tourist and unless I can easily afford it. Why, many, maybe most, women are lookers. They "may" have a feeling that they "might" have chemistry with you. You might get one date and if they don't have that "woman's chemistry" they won't answer any e-mails and there you are in Nikolaev, or some other place, twiddling your thumbs. There are those who will meet you, have you give them a good time, restaurants, beach, movies, soccer games, and then disappear. They probably don't have enough money to do those things by themselves, so they get a treat and then disappear after a few days. The "big disappearing act" is common.

I've traveled to many countries over the last 10 years: 25 or so. As I say, communicating and meeting a foreign woman is secondary to me, because I know the system is so dicey. I traveled to China to meet a lady in Shenzhen. She didn't show up at the hotel we made plans for. She wouldn't answer her e-mails. She might have been married and/or, had a child and was just making Qpid money via encouraging letters back and forth. But, I had a great vacation for five weeks in China and ten days in Vietnam. So, no harm done.

If a person has a long-term letter-writing and chat relationship tons of money could be wasted with the gals who do the disappearing act. So, short connections are best.

I traveled to nine countries in S.E. Europe and during the trip I traveled to Crimea on a Russian Federation visa. The lady looked just like her pictures, dressed very nice, seemed friendly, but even though she listed that she spoke English, she said she wanted an interpreter. So, four dates, four interpreters, and they were "very expensive". I bought lunches, dinners, tickets to the porpoise show, for all three of us. I wanted to move to a hotel closer to where she lived and she suggested one. I arrived, the contract was shown to me, it was written in Russian. I looked at the bottom line and the price was there for five days: $365.00. Well that was high for there, but it was a sea shore hotel. But, after a day and one half I found out that it was $365.00/night. Well, I left at 5:00 AM. and left a check for $120.00 for two nights. I am sure that was a set up wherein the lady was going to get a good kick-back. Also, it takes awhile to get used to value dealing with a foreign currency, especially, when a person is transiting different countries close together. But, four dates, but not a kiss or a holding of hands: interpreters act as chaperones!!! Well, my visa was over and I left and contacted her in when I got to Odessa. She said she didn't have "chemistry" with me. Then, later she wanted to re-establiish the relationship. But, that was a ploy to get more kick-back money. Thinking about the elements: the lack of ethics, the lack of any affection, the rather short notes she wrote during the last few weeks, the fact that she was a very pretty lady and was divorced. Well, such woman just don't have the capability to act in a naturally affectionate way. Usually, they do not know they are lesbians. Homosexuality is a variable syndrome, too.

I had never been to South America, so, I decided to travel to Colombia. Then, I went online and met a nice lady on latumdate. She was 35. She had a sympathy story: She had had a child with her boy friend. Her parents were wealthy many businesses. The father didn't like her live-in boyfriend and convinced her to give her child up to the late boy friend's parents, who wanted to rear it because their only child died. The father recently died of a heart attack, a year later the mother died of heart break, but later it was cancer. Those adverse episodes were not told to me close together, so it wasn't so obvious that she was using sympathy to get me to write back and forth. After about six weeks I left for Colombia; I had had the ticket for three months. When I got to LA from Seattle, she wrote that she was sick and for me to delay my trip. I had a non-refundable trip and I wanted to go to Colombia anyway. I flew to Miami and got a message that her doctor was sending her to a hospital in the USA ... somewhere. I flew to Medellin and got a hotel, nice one w/ breakfast for about $27.00/night in the nice area of the city. I liked Medellin. She had told me she inherited a chain of beauty shops and fitness centers. I bugged her to tell me the name of the shops. She sent me a picture of one. By chance I found it when I wasn't looking for it and the people working in it had never heard her name.Eventually, she wrote that she was in Massachucetts general hospital for some lung ailment. Everything was vague. Well, that was enough for me. As soon as I got the message that she wanted me to delay the trip I knew she was a hoax. That is a modification of the "disappearing act" What is the bottom line: making money on Qpid, probably. I stayed in Colombia for two months and rode busses from coast to coast. I really liked the country in many ways. Cartagena, Medellin, El Jardine are nice places and others too. Lots of expats I met there.

I'll say this, NEVER be so enthused that you lose judgement. Lonliness and horneyness can make a guy lose his judgement. Some of the comments about "oh, the woman are so friendly on this or that site .... are nuts. There are probably 35% honest women, often older women who dress normally, 50% who are making money and "may" be honest with a certain type of guy, 15% young women: 18-24 +/- who mainly want to sex-talk ... and they could be making money, too.

The basic thing to think about is that a man cannot "authenticate one thing" about a woman, so "beware" and don't fall on your ass in love on the internet. Second, never travel to a country unless you want to go there anyway... and you can afford it. The Qpid system is based in Hong Kong. The charges clear through a Macau Bank. Macau is 'the": gambling center of China. There is no better way than to make money "gambling on love".

I've spent some money dealing with these sites, but I can afford it. Better than the $830,000.00 that my last USA wife cost me.

Ask Lance about iDateAsia
1 review
3 helpful votes

I've been using this website for a couple of months now and I've got no complaints so far. The ladies are lovely and some easier to get along with than others. There's a lot of scammers out there so be careful who you give your details to, or who you chat with, and stuff like that.

Ask Harley about iDateAsia
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

Through the many years, I have been using this website, not for a day have I had any regret.

Ask Himst about iDateAsia
1 review
2 helpful votes

This young lady has made me to have nights of blissful memories. She is a sweat talker. Yeah! I love that because her words makes me feel alive. I am processing an Asian tour visa and I hope it goes well. I cannot wait to hear her speak her melodious words into my ears. I hope I am not getting anyone jealous around here because I would not apologize so stop waiting for one already, it will never come.
That's whats up

Ask Juan about iDateAsia
1 review
2 helpful votes

I have dated women from almost all the continents in the world and I believe my best experience was dating an Asian lady. They are just amazing

Ask Alfredo about iDateAsia
1 review
1 helpful vote

I'm looking for someone with the same interests like outdoorsy kind of gal who's not afraid to get into the swing of things and get her hands dirty..a DIY, sporty kind of gal.

Ask Gregory about iDateAsia
1 review
0 helpful votes

I guess what I like most about the website is the colorful interface and user friendliness. I find it attractive and that was why I dropped by in the first place. Well, as time goes on, I may consider searching to see if I can find miss right here.

Ask John about iDateAsia
1 review
16 helpful votes

I know from actual experience of dealing with this site, and several women here, that these positive reviews are not at all factual, or the norm. But instead, surely written and planted by the site itself. There may be a few agencies that still conduct themselves honestly, but if so, they are like finding a needle in a haystack.
I have been to Vietnam, and not one lady of several I corresponded with met me, and I stayed there for two and a half months continually. All of them always had some lame excuse for their not being able to make their scheduled meeting, but if I trusted them more and rescheduled, you guessed it, they never show.
Actually, this deception seems to be getting so common on this site, I have considered soliciting for other men that have also experienced the same as me, and file a class action law suit against the website, and any agencies these deceitful practices are their normal course of business.
I will give you an example of one of the newer agencies that have recently started. I am sure, this growth in number of agencies is due to how lucrative this deception has come to be known, when it is the mainstay practice of the agency.
One newly started agency in Vietnam, grew by 900+ profiles in the first nine months they were in business. I think anyone would agree, that have seen their work, that their photos and videos shot of these young women were done very professionally.
However, I had been told, more than once, no fee ever, is charged at all, to provide this service to the ladies. Over time I spent observing the behavior of this agency, it seems obvious to me, their main objective is to generate activity from the profiles, with no actual goal of providing an opportunity for the ladies in the profile to find a husband.
Also, about this agency, I had an employee, or ex-employee write me at my personal email ( they must have copied my information off site records ), they must have had a conscious, because in there email, they were direct, and told me all the women there were used as a scam. At that time, however, I even doubted that 100% of the ladies profiles were used for deceitful purposes.
Regretfully, I have spent thousands of dollars, over the years at this site, and others run by this same company.
Someone may ask, why I remained, trying to use the original sister site, and later added sites, run by the same company. My answer is, in earlier years, the deceptive agencies did not seem as widespread, as what it has currently grown to become.
Personally, my experience here in the earlier years, I contributed to just bad luck, until I finally realized there were too many coincidences.
Honestly, my experience with the original site and the later sister sites, I could fill a large book with negative, very questionable results.
If you are considering using this site, or those affiliated with it, I would look elsewhere, and besides, you will find, your costs do not have to be as great as what these sites cost a man. Good luck! I hope your luck is much better than mine has been. These sites have robbed me of my money and, even greater loss, my time! My suggestion, avoid them like a life sucking addiction!

Ask Ken about iDateAsia
1 review
14 helpful votes

To be honest the photos of the girls are good but are done by professionals. Its a legal scam, getting you to purchase credits, the underlying cost not disclosed. I spent around $200 in about 5 minutes then realised it was a scam. Advertised as $16 but in fact was $96. You are paying $16 to send a message, more if you want to watch a video. this was just music and a girl on a park bench reading a magazine. pay to say Hi, pay to send virtual gift, pay for a call, pay for a to look at photos. there are good websites I hope where men can find a good girl . This is not one of them. Please avoid. you will be disappointed and feel cheated by what you see and have to pay for.

Ask Alan about iDateAsia
1 review
1 helpful vote

When my friend got involved in this online dating thing, I laughed at him because I couldnt believe it would ever work. He found his girl in a couple of weeks and now they are building something strong outside the website.

Ask Rock about iDateAsia
1 review
3 helpful votes

My experience with this website was awesome. This website is perfect for me. I tried to find girls in bar and other public spots. No use. I couldnt find any Asian girl of my kind. I have dated many white chicks but I have heard a lot about Asian ladies from my Asian friends. One of white guy at office was dating a Thai girl. I could see his life and satisfaction. I joined this website. Within a few minutes, I got 50 girls. I read their profiles. In the end, I found my darling. Now I can tell you. There is a huge difference in my life.

Ask Bobby about iDateAsia
1 review
1 helpful vote

Asian women are simply the best!!! Ive always been obsessed with the Asian lifestyle and Ive always dated women from Asia. This site is the best Asian dating site Ive come across so far. Seriously, the girls there are smoking hot, intelligent, fun and can absolutely hold a conversation. At this rate, I have big plans and I can see a proposal in the future thanks to iDateAsia!!

Ask Oscar about iDateAsia
2 reviews
47 helpful votes

These folks kind of have their $#@! together in terms of how they operate. Their marketing is quite sleek and their customer service is responsive and super polite. However, it's all part of the scam. Seriously, do not fall for this as I originally did. The women on the site are NOT real. You will receive chat requests that you have to pay by the minute when you respond to them and of course the women take ages to reply and when they do it's a pathetic little sentence. You will receive messages that you have to pay to read and reply to. You have to pay for flat subscription charge that a reputable company would charge. You will receive messages every minute from these women tempting you in. If that's not a big red flag to you then I don't know what. I bought credit, used a couple and then quickly realized what was going on.

I started a claim for a refund via PayPal. The company kept requesting that I drop the claim and eventually trying to tempt me with a refund outside of the PayPal system, which did not make sense unless they were going to continue to scam me...which of course was their intention. I refused their refund outside of the PayPal system and eventually won my money back through PayPal.

All the positive reviews about this site are part of the sleek(ish) operation of this company. When their agents aren't pretending to be women on their sites, they're pretending to be reviewers. PLEASE do not fall for this. I wish SiteJabber could look into this -- there is no way that these positive reviews are genuine and many folks are not going to dig deeper, past the initial overall rating. Well done idateasia/'re really working on making your scam operation look genuine. I hope you sleep well at night, with the knowledge that not only are you are scamming people out of money but that you're also possibly ruining people's lives.

Ask Zoom about iDateAsia
1 review
0 helpful votes

100% dedicated staff. I ran into some problems on the very first day. I deposited money via PayPal using but I did not receive any confirmation. I contacted their staff and they were pretty fast to sort out the situation. I enjoyed online dating here. No other website can compete you guys.

Ask Rick about iDateAsia
1 review
13 helpful votes

Yes this site is such a scam... I have been talking to a so called girl with emf which is a email service which you have to pay a $#*! load of money for just to chat just as a text message. Yes the woman say they love you and all that bull$#*! you want to hear. I think I will just go to the Philippines for some fun in the sun and meet face to face with girls. So guys stay away from this site unless you are happy to pay for someone to tell you you are fantastic or better yet just burn your money lol

Ask Glenn about iDateAsia
1 review
4 helpful votes

"I have seen some amazing women on here. They are all so smart. When we converse, there are ideas that really make the time go by fast while I am at work. The
girl I talk to said she was a doctor and really did not have time to go out and date. I
made her get out the house and enjoy herself. We live together now and she is my
soon to be wife in about 3 months! "

Ask Jose about iDateAsia
1 review
15 helpful votes

First of have you noticed every postive review on these pages are rated 5 stars and all sound the same. Hardly any positive ratings are 3 or 4! Next they charge you a lot for credits that last maybe a day if your lucky. All the woman are done in professional photography and just about anyone you talk to or email will write you back. I been on plenty of sites and thats a rare thing for many women to respond. And it gets better, talk to them for a little while and with in an hour they tell you they ment for you, they love you and want you. They think they are smart but don't be fooled and if you are going to pay for a site pay for a membership not this one or any of its partner sites! You have been warned!

Ask Speak about iDateAsia
1 review
0 helpful votes

I joined the site upon a friends recommendation as Ive not been on a date in about 5 years. They had been boasting at work about their new girlfriend and I thought I would give it a try, he showed me how to set up my profile and search the site for ladies. I was blown away by the wide variety of women on the site. Since joining 5 months ago I have been on dates with 6 different women, and one of them is now my girlfriend.

Ask Forrest about iDateAsia
1 review
2 helpful votes

I have found that most of the girls on here are genuine and want to meet up. I had spent a lot of money on other sites trying to meet local women but they either turned out to be scammers or didnt look like the pictures they had sent me. This site, while it seems expensive, is amazing.

Ask Laura about iDateAsia

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