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23 reviews
PO Box No. 379, Ma On Shan Post Office
Hong Kong, China
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1 review
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I bought a storm srd 280 v3. Looked great. They say they are tested. When armed this one would instantly want to flip. . When that had been sorted ..reflash of fc i kept crashing it and blaming myself..turns out it wasn't me not on any ocassion. It just falls out of the air like a Rock.
I took it apart and found 2 crushed wires ..that wasn't the problem.
Turns out it is probably a sync issue..ii was trying to solder ground wires to the escs because apparently they should be there. Problem is solder won't stick to the ground pads. Not on any of them.. weird is that.
I have also purchased a s rew kit. The are 2 piece screws that break under normal tightening. They charged me 36 dollars for that kit and it's rubbish.
I also had to order numerous arms because of its fall from the sky problem. The original arms bent. The ones I had to order snap. So a difference in carbon quality.
I initially emailed them and they said send it back at my expense ..100 dollars plus.
I emailed thier tech support and recieved no answer ..yet they say they have answered all emails... no they haven't.
This rtf package cost me 700 dollars and 0ver 300 in parts to replace all the broken bits.
Perhaps I got a lemon. Bit that don't explain he dodgy screws... who makes 2 piece alloy doesn't explain the unsolderable ground pad on the escs ot the shoddy carbon arms that snap ..totally unlike the original arms.

1 review
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I ordered a SRD 280 RTF. Never flew a drone before a day in my life. Needless to say my 3rd try on flight ended up 1000 feet in the air, lost control and hit the ground pretty hard. Got ahold of them and they said to send it back for repair. It cost me $80 to send it back with the the 3 day shipping. They received it on a Wednesday and the following Tuesday I got an email from them letting me know the repair was complete and to send $40 paypal. To make a long story short the $40 covered the repair and shipping back to me, with an email and tracking to let me know when it shipped and when it was to arrive. WOW!
I learned how to fly and am in the process of ordering another new drone from them. There customer service is excellent and I wont buy from anywhere else. Highly recommend them to all drone enthusiast and newbies.

Tip for consumers: Be aware that there time difference is roughly 13 hours ahead of the US to allow them to respond to your emails.
If your place and order mid January be aware the chinese new year is there biggest holiday and they wont be in the office for 4-5 days.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Terrible customer relationship refuse to refund my PayPal account or pay return shipping when they sent the wrong propellers for my Voyager 3

1 review
0 helpful votes

Bought a srd260 didn't come with all parts as I did not see they was not included but when I had email witch they was quick to get back offering me with a great discount and free shipping so I can say great service!

1 review
0 helpful votes

I ordered the ninja 250.
None of the bolts were locktited. Arm came apart in first 5 mins of flight causing bad crash.
Escs stopped working after three flights.
Unwrapped escs to find soldering not connected. Had to resolder
Flying in any mode that will let you flip or roll is a bad idea.
The quad rolls like 6 times and slams into the ground.
The body is basically useless and does absolutely nothing to protect the electronics in a crash as it literally explodes upon impact. The remote has sticky throttle. The camera is extremely glitchy. Ive spent more time repairing this quad than actually flying it. I really am beyond dissapointed. It was quite a bit of money to spend on something i could have built three of them with extremely better quality. This product was a complete and total letdown. they dont do refunds which is understandable but i have built more than a handful of quads and flown for a very long time now. It is not pilot error. After reinstalling allnew bolts...having to reflash the flight controller and resolder the escs and flying with no body i seriously should have built my own. of the motors died on the 5th flight. Very very dissapointed.

1 review
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I've ordered two SRD 370's as well as replacement parts as well as parts for upgrades. Everything arrived within a week in perfect working order. With all the complaints about defective parts, they send out a lot of stuff there are obviously going to be a few defective parts. It just seems that people who have a negative experience are much more likely to post a review. I couldn't be happier with helipal, they've answered all my emails quickly and in great detail and the drones I purchased are amazing.

1 review
0 helpful votes

A great company very fast shipping I ordered an align mr25p on a Monday at my doorstep Thursday morning from Hong Kong. All the bad reviews that I read sounds like playing negligence to me I would highly recommend them I will definitely be using them again

1 review
0 helpful votes

I believe that Helipal is an amazing website. I bought a storm racing drone and it was in perfect condition. I had a nasty crash and blew one of the motors, we emailed Helipal and they sent us 4 replacements for free without question. They usually respond on time but it is difficult with the time differences. For all of you people saying that your GPS is broken it is not Helipal's fault, it is the supplier that has made it incorrectly.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I wanted to put in my two cents - I also purchased an SRD370 from them - with extras it came out to ~ $1300 US. My NAZA2 GPS module was also defective as someone else had claimed in another review. I cannot fault Helipal for that, as they do not make the product, DJI does. I received fairly good troubleshooting information from them and quick email response times (within 1 day accounting for the HK and US EST time difference). All said, everything took about 1 week to resolve due to shipping transit times but they sent me a replacement once they narrowed down the issue - at first they thought it may have been the main control board so I had sent that back first.

In my opinion, for the breadth of products, competitive pricing, and selection that Helipal offers on their site, the transit time and shipping costs from HK to the Eastern US is a manageable trade-off for me.

1 review
4 helpful votes

I bought the sdr370 for over 900 us dallars. The naza v2 does not work at all. No gps. I took it in and numerous hobby shops said I got ripped. They never offered to help, all they say is send a picture. I am so sick of hearing that. I have a very big mouth and I will tell who ever I can about this company. I feel I got totally ripped off. I wanted them to send me a new unit never got a respond and I'm not out for a handout but I spent 900 plus for it. And the GPS does not work at all. I got a lemon, and I read other reviews and heard the same about the gps. It's like they sell street fair $#*!. I will make a good utube video about my story so others don't Germany ripped off. I always thought they were smart and intelligent people but I guess not. What comes around goes around and they will realize that someday. Thanks and sorry. Andy kiefer

1 review
6 helpful votes

Bought my son a drone for his bday. Arrived broken. After several emails back and forth they said I could return but had to pay for return shipping. Turns out shipping costs more than I paid for drone. We are out the money. So sad. Wish I would've read this reviews before I ordered. I've reported them to the US Federal Trade Commission,

1 review
2 helpful votes

I bought a ESC programming card from helipal. It did not work. I took a look
inside the programmer and found the chip was not functioning at all. The Hobbywing ESC
programmer these guys sell is a joke!

1 review
8 helpful votes

We purchased 2 storm racing drones with GPS last week. Shipping was fast everything came ready to go. Read all the instructions carefully watched numerous videos on proper start up and set up. One of the drones worked excellent the other had some issues with the gps. first flight it flew ok then decided to take on a mind of its own. It went up about 50 feet and would not come back so I shut down the remote to initiate the return home feature. Which worked excellent on the 1st drone. Not this one. The drone full throttled out of sight and disappeared. $700 down the drain. Customer service is slow to respond and keep going back and forth on what went wrong. It was completely a gps malfunction and not an operator error. We will continue to post bad reviews until this issue is fixed. Not only did the drone take off and disappear but it flew away into a neighborhood somewhere and could have injured someone.

4 reviews
8 helpful votes

I recently purchased my first scale from the site and it has been a nightmare. After researching the boards, I discovered I was not the first to suffer from this issue and finally contacted technical support. After 3 or so emails back and forth, their spokesman, Jacky told me it sounded as though the heli receiver was bad and I needed to return the heli for them to confirm. No return information was ever provided. After several weeks of my emails going unanswered, they finally contacted me once I involved PayPay. The company claimed they had lost contact and just recently found all my missing emails.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Bought a storm 6 from them and was amazed at how crappy their customer service was after my credit card went through.
First, they shipped the wrong hardware and I couldn't complete the out of box build. I contacted them and they said they would send it right out, but then I noticed the charger they sent me was incorrect. I contacted them the very next day and noticed my credit card went through and lo and behold I haven't heard from them AT ALL. nothing from, nothing from, and nothing "Janet" who was the first rep who said she'd send the hardware to me.

1 review
3 helpful votes

If I were you, I would go somewhere else for my hobby supplies. The customer service from the store is not good and their policies show more of a self-interest instead of interest in the customer. I ordered some motors and a few other parts for a DJI Phantom 2. They said they were in stock, however more than a week went by and they had not been shipped yet, so I took the initiative and called. They told me that they would be coming in on Thursday or Friday.
The weekend came and still no shipping confirmation. Meanwhile, since my order had not shipped I decided to cancel one item from that order... that had not yet shipped. They charged me a five dollar restocking fee for an item that never left their store. Finally, I got a shipping confirmation the following Tuesday for an order that should have shipped two weeks previous.
Overall, not a great experience. I actually would spend a little more at a place like hobby King instead of using this store again, although, actually are not the cheapest on all items.

1 review
4 helpful votes

Ordered their storm premium FPV. In their description they state " no extra parts needed, no soldering" Sounded good so I ordered it . well there is no way to power this thing without soldering. i contacted them and then they tell me to watch the video to install, which has a lot of cutting wires and soldering. They also suggest buying a separate battery. Does that sound like it's all inclusive with no work other that plug it in and go,which us what hey claim. I asked for a refund and all they do is say "watch video". I didn't realize I wasn't dealing with a N . American company. Big mistake. Don't buy anything from these people. They're are deliberately misleading you. Poor poor customer service.

Tip for consumers: Don't se this company

1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered a Walkera V450D03 from Helipal. The Delivery service was fast, but I had to pay express shipping (DHL) extra ~100 USD since it had a Lipo battery.

Although in the product description it said "WE PROMISE THAT WE WILL SEND YOU EVERYTHING!". The Helicopter was is a V450D01 box and did not contain the Helicopter User Manual.

Not sure if I was sold a returned product as new.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I live in the US and I have shopped on HeliPal for close to a year now with no problems. In fact, many US sites buy from there and resell in the US.

However, I recently purchased my first scale from the site and it has been a nightmare. After researching the boards, I discovered I was not the first to suffer from this issue and finally contacted technical support. After 3 or so emails back and forth, their spokesman, Jacky told me it sounded as though the heli receiver was bad and I needed to return the heli for them to confirm. No return information was ever provided. After several weeks of my emails going unanswered, they finally contacted me once I involved PayPay. The company claimed they had lost contact and just recently found all my missing emails.

I wish I could say the issue is resolved, however it is not.

Bottom line, although expensive for shipping, HeliPal is the place to shop. However, buyer beware, if you need support of any kind, you are on your own. Hence my 3 star rating.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I purchased a Syma So331G helicopter from in early December. Noting, that when I first opened the package the box seemed to be "re-taped" and something was "lose" inside the box. I put it back in the shipping box and wrapped it for my son for Christmas. The website seemed safe and well put together and even the reviews I checked only said good things about

The problem, when my son opened his heli on Christmas, we noticed several things.
1: The heli was scratched in several places.
2. There was no manual
3. The helicopter and other parts were not secured in the box.
4: the bracket holding up the battery was broken
5. The charger shipped with the heli does not power this certain helicopter.

On December 27th, I contacted customer service for for the first time.
I have gone back and forth now w/Janet Chow with their Customer Service for 3 weeks now. They are denying any fault on their company and there there must be some mistake because they would never send out a used or returned item to a customer. They are basically calling their customer a LIAR. In order to write a review of their site/and my purchase I have to go through their customer service email, and I know what I have to say will not be posted.

After 3 weeks, I have no resolution to this matter and no working helicopter. And,
I am currently still out over $77(usd).
I would not recommend this site to other users.

1 review
2 helpful votes

After clicking to purchase a helicopter from their website, I used their convert to CAN$ from US$ and it gave me a conversion that was WAY OFF (by about $40). I didn't realize this so I proceeded to PayPal. Upon figuring out the mistake on their website(unfortunately after paying through PaypPal), I e-mailed them and they gave me a complete runaround! They blamed it on me for clicking convert to CAN$ on THEIR website, saying it may not be up to date with current currencies. They've done nothing for me, and the helicopter is in transit from Hong Kong. Thanks HeliPal! Choose a different company.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered 3 parts for my walkera 4 dragonfly, they were one of the few sites that had all the parts in stock, they kept me up to date via email and the parts arrived in less than a week. They were also cheaper than the other parts sites.

1 review
5 helpful votes

This appeared to be a well organised web site with well thought out details of their products and spares..Placing an order was easy, but contacting them since has become difficult. Upon attempting to send an email, it was subjected to a security code, which was impossible to copy. Hence an email could not be sent. I placed an order on 02 April 2010, which should have arrived by special postal delivery within 3 / 4 days. I am still waiting for the order to arrive.

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