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hCG reviews

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31 reviews
Categories: Diet, Shopping, Weight Loss
Tel: 877-744-1224
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31 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

My complaint is that when I asked to return the HGC, I got a complete runaround from the company. The advertising says that you have a 30 money back guarantee. But the first guy sent me a menu plan, the second guy said they want me to send in a food journal, ( what?) then they determine if they are going to refund your money. FALSE ADVERTISING!
I'm a busy professional. I dont have time for their foolishness. Either they offer a 30day return or they dont. I say they dont.

Ask julie about hCG
1 review
1 helpful vote

After my second baby I lose 20 lb in 6 weeks.
People !!!You have to follow the diet! ! ! !
No cheeting and you'll see the result soon! !!
Make sure you buy it from the right place !
Best diet ever !!!
Highly recommend! !!

Ask Dorita about hCG
1 review
4 helpful votes

My advice to everyone is to get the real drops from the OFFICIAL HCG site. The HCG 1234 drops are so weak, you may as well be taking water. They are a joke.

Ask Monica about hCG
1 review
18 helpful votes

I used the Product for six weeks and lost 50 pounds. It's not a scam, some people don't want to stick with it. It's a lot of work but it worth the money and time.

Ask Tyiesha about hCG
1 review
0 helpful votes

It"s a scam, I had $100 taken out of my account without notice, because of the fine print. I called about returning products and told I couldn't'. I told him about it giving me diarrhea and couldn't take it. Refused return and I asked for supervisor and he stated he was the super. I asked for his name and stated " I don't want my name slander. So he gives me review Email said. It would go before review board. I don't see a review board to write , except this. If not remedied by returning product and return my money to my account ,then I will call Better Business Bureau and WV Attorney General.postal code 26250 I'D 52362

Ask Linda about hCG
1 review
1 helpful vote

I purchased a bottle after a reading a review from here Frankly I didn't the find the drop to be of any use. Yes, I did lose weight but not what the company had adverted. My guess is that anybody undergoing a low calorie diet will lose weight.

Ask Richie about hCG
1 review
15 helpful votes

I first got the drops in 2012 and went from 198 lbs to 167 in 5 weeks. I loved it and kept it off for quite some time. This last year (2014) has been so horrible and I am a stress eater and now weigh 225lbs! So I am starting my drops again in the morning. Wish me luck!

Ask Amanda about hCG
1 review
9 helpful votes

Yes, this does really works!!! You have to really stick to what they say you can eat! I've been on the program now for 14 days and I started at 156 and now I'm 144, I'm very pleased with the results thus far!! Thanks hCG1234

Ask sara about hCG
1 review
5 helpful votes

This product is 100% garbage!! It does not work one bit and all these great reviews are bogus.
I followed the instructions to a T and zip. No refunds on opened bottles either. $$ flushed.

Tip for consumers: This is garbage!! Save your $$

Ask Faisal about hCG
1 review
6 helpful votes

Alot of people seem to have problems with the website and refunds. I ordered mine from amazon and it was so much cheaper. I got 3 bottles for $33. The only thing was that I chose faster shipping and I got it late. They refunded me that extra money so it was ok. The product does work whether the hcg is there or not. I'll give it the 30 day and see from there. Follow the plan and it will work.

Ask Malissa about hCG
1 review
7 helpful votes

I strongly suggest you ask your doctor before using products like this.

Ask Quinn about hCG
1 review
1 helpful vote

only lost 5 pounds in 4 weeks and i think its from the colon cleaser i was using .
emailed them a week ago and still waiting on an answer, called but they are going to get back to me , fat chance of that happing... i told them i have a jounery of everything i have eating , and was told i was doing everthing right , but someone would call me so i can get my money back, a week later i am still waiting .... save your money join a gym, these drop don't work at all.

Ask jeanette about hCG
1 review
4 helpful votes

Im on Day 2 and have followed the drops to the T. I am starving and feel light headed. Yes Ive already lost weight but that is because I've only had 500 calories. The drops do not work. I would only go to a physician and get the real thing. I do not think anything on the internet is worth it. The bottle says it has HCG but it also has 20% alcohol and it taste like you have cheap vodka under your tonge. I would NOT recommend this to anyone. I'm going back to doing it the right way...srew water drops that is all you get along with a headache and starvation. RUN FAST and DO NOT use HCG1234

Ask kim about hCG
2 reviews
7 helpful votes

The product sold by is a dream come true. It works, take it from someone who has been trying to lose weight for a long time. I have followed the diet and have continued to do my daily exercise and I not only have more energy, but I'm never hungry and I have lost weight quickly.

Ask Lori about hCG
1 review
4 helpful votes

i was upset with not getting my refund and asked to be explained why they had not. so they told me i had to mail it back and as soon as they receieved it that i could be refunded to my account. so 1 week later a get a full refund plus a free bottle of eac 1234 energy supplement. that made my experience better.

Ask jose about hCG
4 reviews
14 helpful votes

Well this product review has turned into a forum...

I am taking hcg1234 and am losing weight. I lost 80 lbs in 90 days. I am a male, 6'6'' starting weight 334.6 lbs and am down to 252.0 lbs.

They use a FDA-approved lab, not that they are FDA approved. You use the HCG diet not that it has hcg. If I exercise I stop losing weight because my body thinks it is starving. No one sold it to me so I had to do my own research and draw my own conclusions. I don't have extra energy but my blood work has gone from a borderline diabetic with high cholesterol to a near perfect heath. I did the blood work before I started and after I had been off the diet for 3 weeks.

hhcg is not a appetite suppressor. An effect of hhcg may be less hunger but it isn't a magic potion that makes you stop eating. Most cravings are not because you get hungry but that you want to eat. Fat does not melt away- you burn it. You may not lose pounds but you can lose inches and visa versa.

I use hcg1234 because of the price- $110 for 4-2oz bottles. They have received top reviews elsewhere. There are real life results with hhcg no matter if they can duplicate it in a lab setting or not. I don't do the affiliation thing because you would think I had other motives in telling you this. If it is customer service you are worried about then use a different company.

Conclusion: hhcg works.


Ask Nathan about hCG
1 review
4 helpful votes

Myself and many family members have taken the HCG and it definitely works wonders. This company however is a joke. They say they stand by their product completely? They have a 100% money back guarantee? Let's take a look at that guarantee...

- 100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Requirements
- Customer must be on the HCG diet for a minimum of 30 days. You have to purchase the 30 day plan or higher.
- Customer must provide us a very detailed 30 day journal of foods, drinks and cosmetics that were used during the 30 days.
Customer must send back the product, which is subject to a disposal charge. The refund will not be issued until we have received it.
- Customer to pay shipping costs.
- Customer must have contacted us a minimum of 3 times for support before the end of the 30 days.
- Customer must follow Dr. Simeons Diet Protocol in regards to food and length of time on drops/maintenance.

100% money back guarantee means you get the "FULL" refund of your purchase, and the disposal fee is $30? What, to flush it down the toilet? What a ridiculous amount of requirements for a money back policy. No one's going to bother going through all that to get their money back. If they stand by their product so strongly, why is their money back so strict? What are they afraid of?

Also, check out that awesome F rating with the Better Business Bureau. -

Yeah, there's MUCH better companies to get your HCG from.

Ask Tyler about hCG
1 review
5 helpful votes


HGC1234 is a Homeopathic product, meaning it has been diluted to the point where there is probably no HCG in it. I was going to buy some here in Canada tonight and when i was talking to the lady selling it, she told me it was homeopathic which raised all kinds of red flags for me.

I called HCG1234 to confirm and sure enough it comes in dilusions of 6x to 60 X. It is basically water. I suggest you do some research on Homeopathy to decide for yourself if this product (or any homeopathic product) is anything but water or a sugar pill. It's pretty silly stuff.

I'm not saying that the HCG diet is a joke, but the product HGC1234 is selling is a joke. Just water.

Ask Don about hCG
1 review
4 helpful votes

My boyfriend and i ordered it after i tried another brand. Hgc 1234 drops tasted totally different. It tasted like vodka and the preg test showed negative for hcg. The packaging looked like someone sent it from ebay which was suspect to me. We have been losing weight but ive been so dizzy that i feel i need to stop. I'm not over hcg but i am over this brand

Ask katrice about hCG
3 reviews
10 helpful votes

This company is a total SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!!!. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM! I was charged approximately $100. for product I neither order nor received. I attempted to contact them, however, they only have ORDER TAKERS, located in California, Utah, and Texas that have been with the company from three days to four months and work from home. They can only take orders, they do not know where the parent company is located or who can give a refund except that they can have Sylvia Hogan at ext.125, and promises to call you back, which never happens. After two weeks and numerous order takers, i.e. Heather, Diane,Connie, etc. I finally spoke with Sylvia Hogan and she tells me that the only person within the Company, which is extremely SMALL, that can issue credits is Mr. John Fink, Treasure but he is absolutely unapproachable Tommy Rowland is another KEY ineffective top level employee wo tells you to "Do What You Want", with regard to me contacting the Attorney General's Office and the Banking Commission in Utah regarding this companies business practices, and the fact that he would not issue me a credit. I had already filed a complaint with me credit card company and the police department, but this Company is just so unethical that no one should do business with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ask Jacque about hCG
1 review
4 helpful votes

I had done the injections & lost over 40 lbs in 2 rounds 2 yrs ago. I decided to loose the last 15 lbs to try the drops. I bought HCG1234 to try & had severe hunger (only a little on the injections), also got sick to my stomach. I got a little supsicious so I invested in pregancy test kit & low & behold to my stupid surprise there is NO HCG in it... Could of seen that coming buying them on the internet! Don't waste your money guys. I contacted the company & low & behold again... no response after several trys. Wasted money!!!!! They should shut these kind of people down!

Ask Jan about hCG
1 review
5 helpful votes

Ive been using hcg1234 for 1 week now and its made me feel horrible i feel really sick now ive followed the diet to the letter stomach pains and no bowel movements i
don't know if i can continue!

Ask tammy about hCG
1 review
5 helpful votes

O.k. Here's the low down on the HCCG drops. First off for you skeptics, yes the drops do work. As long as you get the right kind of drops. You want to find drops that first are measured in units, not mg or grams etc. Second, watch the delution levels you'll want it to say something like 6x,12x,30x,60x. You can look up what all that means, but it's important. Thirdly, the stuff they sell at GNC is not HHCG, it's mostly built up of Amino's. Look into it if you're using that. (It will work the first couple weeks, then you'll platuea and you'll go into starvation mode and you'll start storing everything you eat, which will cause you to either gain or burn the brown fat, neither is good).
I am a HHCG user and retail reseller of different brands of drops. If you stick to the protocol it will work. Do your own research, read hcg forums, read the online books of HCG programs (example by Dr. Simeons), and DO NOT LISTEN TO SKEPTICS. Those that tried it and it didn't work for them either did not truly stick to the program or they did not have the right drops. I've had customers with Hypo glycemia, Hyperglycemia, diabetes, heart conditions, high cholestorol etc. And most that stuck to the program the correct way actually slowed down on meds within the first two weeks, after the first round of 40 days most were completely off their meds.

Ask Ryan about hCG
1 review
3 helpful votes

I lost 37 pounds in the first six weeks. Went off the drops for six weeks and have maintained my new weight. Now I have started a new session of drops, and have already lost three more pounds. I am 63 years old and am a diabetic. My doctor is very happy with the weight loss. I still have more to lose and have modified the diet a little to keep me on track. I had to add an egg for breakfast and coffee mate in my two cups of coffee. The fruit for mid morning and mid afternoon are very important too. Just remember, every diet is rough in the first week, getting the caffeine totally out of your system makes you sick, it passes. No more sodas for me. This diet works.

Ask Alice about hCG
2 reviews
7 helpful votes

Nothing like selling people fake HCG....HCG is an RX only guys, you can't buy it online...

Ask Louis about hCG

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