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19 reviews
Categories: Gaming, Kids
460 Seaport Court, Suite 210
Redwood City, California, USA
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1 review
2 helpful votes

Excuse my french but FooPets is $#*!. The moderators play favorites, they are racist and homophobic. Many members have thrown complaints that Foo randomly charges them and takes money from their bank account. In return, you don't get your real money back but you get in-game currency. Dr. Ron is missing despite his short arrival. There is a lawsuit coming their way.

2 reviews
7 helpful votes

I don't want anyone to get hurt so I made my own review! I joined foo pets for ads so ads are now out! so if you see a add don't click it well an add that is not recommended to site jabber. don't click those ads so please stay safe. call- 911 and tell them to put dr. ron in jail again! so please RATE IF THIS IS HELPFUL! A FEW NOTES. TYPE IN THE FOLLOWING WEB SITES BELOW FOR THERE INOF AND TO JOIN ANIMAL JAM. THUMPS UP RECOMENDED. KART KINGDOM RECOMENDED! NOT YET RATED! KIZI. RECOMENDED! THUMPS UP!

1 review
3 helpful votes

I have been continually charged $9.99 per month on my credit card...FooPets doesn't answer the phone...just a recorded message to go to the website to cancel. After several requests, finally I was able to find out how to cancel...thought that I'd finally cancelled and received a confirmation from FooPets...only to find out that they are continuing to charge my credit card. It's time for a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT for FRAUD..If you have had a similar experience, please post here. We need to get this stopped before more people lose money!

1 review
3 helpful votes

Why can't I unsubscribe?
You have been charging my card $4.99 a month for over a year.and I can't get you to stop!!
My grand is no longer interested in this site. I called the phone number and got
answering machine.
I WANT OUT!! Is this fraud??

Tip for consumers: Don't do it!!

38 reviews
55 helpful votes

The pets may be a bit cute, but that's about the ONLY thing still keeping this site running, that and the people naive enough to spend real money for a really quite poorly created game that has little interactivity.

1 review
5 helpful votes

Beautiful graphics and animations, yes. Free - is a joke. It is like giving a kid a tootsie roll and not taking the wrapper off. You are limited in everything you do. Your hands are completely tied. And it is al computer generated pets, so what are they charging people for? There are some convenience features...great...charge for that upgrade, but the rest of it should be enjoyed at no cost to the user. It actually is clever and sad to create that desire in children especially. Good marketing that preys on people using our love of pets. Bad in that the forums have to be closed to protect children from the nonsense the older teens are putting on there, Stay away is right!

1 review
6 helpful votes

I would give it negative stars if I could. Do not go there unless you want to be ripped off. They invited players back under the pretense that it was free again. HA! Free only long enough for them to hound you into paying. Free only if you don't want to be able to do anything (free members have very few capabilities, so few the game is just stupid). And they wiped all the site money that players had paid for and demanded they buy more or don't get to play!!!! You would swear I was lying, but you can't make this up. They are thieves. Not only stay away, but warn others not to go there.

1 review
7 helpful votes

Beware, if you are a paying member and decide that you don't want to pay for it anymore, Foo will make sure that all the FD (paid currency) is stripped from you, and the ledger wiped clean. STAY AWAY unless you really want to get ripped off. Remain a free member, do NOT fall for their lies and poor business habits. Besides straight out theft, nothing changes there. Nothing new, no one listens, everything is overpriced, no new pets, same old bugs and glitches. Three years and the only things that have "changed" are the background and theft. How in the hell they are still operating is beyond me.

Tip for consumers: DO NOT PAY, you are literally throwing your money away. Seriously.

1 review
6 helpful votes

This game is a total rip off. Foopets is supposed to be an educational game for kids to learn responsibility, and teach them to care for a pet. However you have to pay money for something so little, and crappy. The only thing good about this game is the graphics, and the graphics are not even that amazing. They can even suspend you from playing, the customer service is also crap. If you want to pay a realistic virtual pet game that teaches kids responsibility its better to just buy a $300 3DS, and get Nintendogs+Cats for $40 than to pay $5 a month on Foopets.

4 reviews
7 helpful votes

Foopets WAS great and really realistic but now you have to pay to join! If it was free it would be great but now you have to pay I don't recommend this game. If they need to make money they should do member ships like moshi monsters, things like that. I do not recommend this game

1 review
5 helpful votes

i love my pets, but lately foo is making bad choices. i do not recomend this site at all, but that will change if by some unlikely chance that they change their ways. i want then to ban trolls and let us breed pokeys. i want them to let us keep our accounts. i want them to bring back roleplaying. i hope to get animation software so that i can make a pet site even better than foo. i want change!

1 review
6 helpful votes

I've been on the site since late 2009, and it's gone through a lot of changes. The pets are more realistic than on other sites, and there is limited interaction (throw a ball/frisbee, send out a mouse). I see many comments from when the site first went pay to play only (you have to pay for membership). The free LL a month is for the higher priced account, and hardly anyone except new players or long time breeders actually uses theirs. The game is what the players have made of it (puppy mills and greed), and having multiple sets of owners hasn't helped for any stability for rules of gameplay. I wouldn't mind recommending the game for those who are looking to understand the basic responsibilities for owning a pet. I just wouldn't allow my kids access to the forums since THAT is where the problems really are.

EDIT - The site brought back the free option, where you can once again play with your pets. But you can't do much more than that unless you pay for membership. The forums are the same as ever (same scamming and greed that there ever was with older people taking advantage of children on the site). As someone who has had membership going back years, it's sad to see a great idea corrupted and left to rot.

EDIT 2 - As of this past summer of 2016, the free option is only available if you were an existing member and your Club membership ran out. To create a new account, you now need to pay, apparently because the site owner has a new side hobby and that needs to be funded because nothing has changed on the site. No new pets. The only items in the Shop are submitted by players (including copyrighted images). There is also a new "rule" on site that basically says you can't complain about the site on the site. You have to do so in Support. So, now is there not only nothing to do, but you can't complain about there being nothing to do. But you can talk about politics and sex and what used to be not allowed on site because they were too "adult"...and yet they won't bring back the Roleplay forum (which was tame compared to some of the topics discussed on site). The economy on the site is just so far out of whack. Even the paid memberships can't cover the ridiculously high prices players charge for pets or items. Do yourself a favor and avoid this site. There are other free pet games that are far better run than this nightmare.

3 reviews
8 helpful votes

This is supposed to be an educational site for children but it teaches greed, puppy mill breeding and changes the rules of the "game" without any regard to its clients. It has the worst customer service of anything I have ever run across in all my life. It relies on people getting addicted to the extremely cute and quite lifelike pixels that are the dogs and cats on the site. It makes the children think that if they do not feed and water them and pay to lay that there will be bad things happening to the pets that previously were free. I could go on all day how bad this sitge is but suffice it to say that if you have not already been taken for a ride by them do not get on the train....

2 reviews
11 helpful votes

Beware of this company (RivetGames). They are not a free site. It used to be and people were led to believe they would be grandfathered in--now it has become pay-only and many people will be locked out of their accounts on 4/26/11.

For the past year, they have repeatedly changed the rules of the games, jerking people around and upsetting most of the players, many who have been loyal players from the beginning.

The cleverly worded TOS allows them to do as they will, but most companies show more respect, appreciation and fair play to their customers. The site is full of glitches and the new owners don't seem to have a clue what makes sense. The announcement of the pay-only came a few days ago and as of right now there are over 4,000 posts complaining of this in a 267 page forum thread.

Joining this site will result in disappointment and frustration.

1 review
8 helpful votes

It used to be really good now its money hungry and boring, you have to pay to use the site when it was free and there giving you money on the game each month but there is nothing to do with it except watch this fake useless money grow and your real money fade away like snow in the sun or a fly in a spider web.

1 review
9 helpful votes

For anyone considering joining up on DON'T. I have never heard of company that is run this way. The terms of service basically give us your money and we will decide if we give you anything and we can ban you and keep your money at any time for any reason we decide. I am not kidding. No matter what happens there, they repeat that to you over and over. You are entitled to absolutely nothing for your money.

I am not sure if that is legal as the company gives no consideration (a legal term) in return for your money.

Whatever it is it is a horrible rip off. The company is supposed to be a fun website where people play with virtual pets. Instead the company is run terribly, they repeatedly remove benefits and raise prices with no prior notice. You pay a monthly fee that entitles you to a certain amount of "foodollars" the only problem is that one day you can buy a pet for 20fds and the next the minimum is changed to 45fds, so you get half the benefit and no possibility of a refund.

Further the site is full of glitches. Many times these glitches give out benefits to players the company did not intend. Instead of fixing the problem the company blames the customers for accepting those unintended benefits. Recently, they released a change to their program without proper testing that allowed a player to gain unlimited foo dollars. Naturally, people thought that was great deal and grabbed as many as they could. The site is full of children and it was mostly the kids that found the issue (clever as they are). Instead of simply taking the fake money back, the company issued statements through its team members and called the children immoral thieves who deserved terrible punishments which included being blocked from the site and foo gets to keep their money. Children all over the site were in tears and terrified all for doing what comes naturally. It is a game after all and they were offered the foodollars by the site, it is not as if they hacked in and stole anything.

To have your spokespeople call children thieves for a mistake the company made, well, it is beyond reprehensible. It is slander and just plain cruel.

As mentioned, Foo has horrible customer service and raises prices on the site without warning. In one instance they raised the price of a needed flea medication for your virtual pets by 20,000%. So, you give them money thinking it will buy a certain amount of stuff but they change the prices so drastically, your money is worthless.

Not only do I think you need to stay away, but I think this company should be investigated for fraud and unlawful business practices.

Finally, thanks to the new price increases and the removal of previous things you could do on the site, the site is boring, expensive, and no fun at all. But, the harassment against children and the Terms of Service where they promise to give you nothing in return for you money...well, you would have to be a total idiot to hand them your money.

10 reviews
42 helpful votes

Sure the graphics are cool, but you don't really get to enjoy them if they freakin suspend you from playing! U can't even control the animal! He just runs all around the screen! Never went back, and never will.

1 review
6 helpful votes

These people think they can rip off the players ? I paid to be a member of this game !
they supended me from play'n and I don't know if I will get my money back ?
This is a Rip OFF ! They should be Closed down for this kind of thing !
The TOS is Impossable to work with ? There are too many commies on the game who back stab !
In short this web site should be closed down ! BIG RIP OFF !

1 review
9 helpful votes

Badly managed, changes things overnight and they do not work and takes week to fix them. No customer services, ignore problems and asking for help for weeks. Took certain features away and can only have them back if you join a club and pay for them. Real money needed to join club and for most items to buy to decorate scenes. Hundreds of underaged users on site even allowed to use meebo, could be talking to any pervert and no redress. Daily problems making the site unplayable and never any communication or apology given

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