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1 review
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This rendition of an old story is great. New music and the animated sets are worththe price of the tickets. It will not disappoint

1 review
1 helpful vote

I will repeat what has been said, but this is my personal experience:
- Heavy charges to your credit card start immediately, without a warning or attempt for your consent
- The e-mails are computer genreated and sent at random. I received 693 e-mails in one week!
I tried to chat with a lady that has presumably sent me an e-mail, but she basically said "Who are you?"

1 review
13 helpful votes

DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY HERE ! IT IS AN ELABORATE SCAM !When it came time to exchange personal details is where this site starts stealing from you . First of all they finally say they are doing a background check on me . I have had security clearances happen faster . I was thinking 1 or 2 weeks . Then I could exchange info . Well i hadn't budgeted to spend money on minutes to talk when we could exchange info . My lady then though she was being ignored which created another problem . I then clear things up with her & now a total of 2 months have passed & I have nothing to show for my money . I was told I was mad a priority twice . One time they said the president would look at this . PRIORITY MEANS THEY WILL NO LONGER COMMUNICATE WITH YOU . THEY HAVE TAKEN AROUND $1,000 . I FOUND A LADY OR MAYBE AN EMPLOYEE I HONESTLY CAN'T SAY . ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS USE ANASTASIA.COM & LET THEM STEAL YOUR MONEY ........

1 review
3 helpful votes

I am 66 and posted no photo there, getting about 50 letters a day showing interest in me, 18 to 25 mostly as I indicated in my profile that is what I like . The letters seem to be computer generated, so are the chats, both are to collect a lot of money if you read or reply. The more expensive video chat may show you a real person at the other end but I am not going to spend $0.80 a minute trying that, knowing that many CAM girls in USA charge much less and entertain much more. There is every reason to suspect the person in Russia or Eastern Europe you pay $48 an hour to video chat is doing so for MONEY and every reason to believe $48/hr is much more than most make in that part of the world.
Also seen reviews from persons who use Joe Blow or WanURUS$ as their names and they do receive many letters of interest from girls there, indicating that the website automated chat or letter generator is not smart enough to distinguish a real name from a joke one.

1 review
1 helpful vote

a .m free to meet you? How do you think about this man to keep me in you love.

1 review
4 helpful votes

Why do the girls come on chat saying they will be in your country soon, They always word it as "coming to your country soon". They don't say the country or city. Its very suspicious especially since the girls that say this all look the same/

1 review
0 helpful votes

Anastasiadate is easy to use and extremely effective.. far and away the number 1 dating site in the world would definitely recommend it to anyone.

1 review
9 helpful votes

I have been a non-paying member for a long time but joined yesterday. In a short time my credit card was dinged for about $80. Some for chat, or reading a letter, or sending a letter. That is a ridiculously expensive site. All the girls writing me are 18-29 yrs.old. I am 66! What young women in her right mind wants an old man for a husband. They play you with there "come on words". They have no interest in you. I figured they were in it for the money. When they've never met you and say they like you and want to marry you, the red lights should come on. If you're looking for a woman in America, go to, or or any of the others. You know those are legit! Save your money, Anastasia is not for real!!!!!

1 review
8 helpful votes

Right after joining you get a lot of messages stating e.g. that they love your pictures even though you never uploded any yet.

And even worse : You get a lot of messages saying someone like your profile, even though there are 0, excatly 0, people who have seen your profile.

That doesn't add up in my math....

2 reviews
287 helpful votes

This site is like Disney World for dating.......99.9% illusion. I have been to Ukraine three times. The culture is one of scams and deceit. I really like many people I met in my three trips to Odessa and plan to return for vacations but, I will not put any more money into the hands of the agencies who use the women as much as they take advantage of the lonely men looking for love. Sad for all concerned.

2 reviews
15 helpful votes
10/31/15 changed their rules so that any monetary credit you may have is forfeited to them if not spent within one year of payment to them. Yes, can you believe it? If you give them money and then carry a balance over 1 year, forget about getting anything from them. This site is a SCAMMER website that is getting anyway with fraud, deception to defraud customers of money and using FEMBOTS to fool customers into believing their is someone live on the other end! DON'T GET SCREWED out of hard earned dollars. THESE WOMAN ARE NOT REAL, or if they are, they are JUST ACTORS working you for a living. Quite a few men have been duked out of tens of thousands of dollars talking to these SCAM ARTISTS, then they actually go abroad to visit these SCAM ARTISTS and these SCAM ARTISTS are rude, have very little interest in their VICTIMS and can't wait to leave. THIS IS A WEBSITE OWNED BY SOME VERY CREWL CRIMINALS. SAVE YOUR MONEY, look for someone in your country that you can actually meet in person and doesn't CHARGE you by the MINUTE to talk to you! I know FIRST HAND how they PLAY ON YOUR HEART for MONEY!!! That's all it's all about.... SCAMMING YOU OUT OF MONEY!!!

Tip for consumers: Save your money!

1 review
2 helpful votes

For a company that supposedly have some much rage and rant about how good their product are, I truly hope they upgrade their service and system. I ordered a customize contour palette from this company and they have the "select drag option" at the end of the order I made sure that I had 6 different colors OF COURSE, but when I ended up getting my email confirmation it showed that I had two "FAWN" the SAME color on my order. I called to have it changed because WHY IN THE WORLD would I order two same color for one pan? Anywho, the lady was being a total B and not understanding at all insisting that this WAS MY MISTAKE and theirs NO OTHER POSSIBLE way their system could have done this.

Seriously, have you ever heard of a glich or even techinal malware you stupid ass. Anyways, I just forgot about it and said whatever, if this company wants to be this complicated over a stupid color then FINE, after I receive my product I just wont order from them again!

LONG BEHOLD, I got my palette and ITS MISSING ONE pan. SMDH. I called again and a different lady told me that "their system DOESNT RECOGNIZE when I order TWO same color to send out at the same time" ARE YOU BEING SERIOUS. So you confess that their is a flaw in your computer system somehow then? AND MAYBE perhaps you guys messed up the first time around too! BECAUSE why would I order two same color for ONE palette in the first PLACE?!!

WORST customer SERVICE EVER!! And WORST company procedure EVER. Please UPGRADE. For such amazing reviews and loyal users! WHY THE HELL YOU GUYS GONNA TREAT YOUR CUSTOMER LIKE THIS?!

2 reviews
35 helpful votes

The gentleman Bart S. proved irrefutably and its sister companies are 100% legal scams. If you read his article he says he went to Kiev,Ukraine to meet a woman who said she was in love with him and she made every excuse in the book, the he said oh well since I'm here I will meet other women here in Kiev that belonged to the site, not one wanted to meet him. Why would he lie and make this up? Because he didn't. Bart S. actually going to Kiev and the women refusing to meet him is all the evidence you need, it's as clean cut as you can get. Unsuspecting men are basically saying to Anastasia,Amolatina, rob me crying out loud without opening your door or walking down the street. These three companies have the most elaborate scam going in the online dating world.

2 reviews
27 helpful votes

Online dating isn't suitable for everyone but it has worked for me. I've been on the site for around four months and developed a rather deep relationship.

1 review
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1 review
31 helpful votes

Marriage/dating websites are owned and operated by Organized Crime as an honest business, which means they pay their taxes and bribes to operate..This is a 2 1/2 billion dollar a year business as near as we can tell..The scams these young girls and women run on the men are between them and the man. Every female who signs up to be on the websites signs off on an agreement that holds the website operators/owners blameless.Here are points of interest.

Every penny the man spends on the website chatting or buying the female a gift, the woman gets a  percentage.. Note, the website says females are not compensated, thats not true.Note, females are sub-contractors and are paid.1% of females on website are not compensated AND ARE NOT INVOLVED IN ANY SCAM and are very seriously looking..GOOD LUCK IN FINDING THIS 1%..


Most of these females are either married or have a live in.note, website says they check out these women, they do a very poor job !

Website says they have scam departmentNote, they do a very poor job..

This is a way for these females to make a living, chatting and receiving gifts are their line of work AND COMMUNICATING THROUGH THE CLOSED PRIVATE EMAIL SYSTEM.. Anything goes..cardinal sin is.DO NOT DO ANYTHING THAT PLACES WEBSITE IN TROUBLE WITH THE LAW

All females have managers who advise them and pay for their photos and video s and provide the clothesAs a result these managers  have a money interest in these females being successful in their scams.

WHEN they actually date you, the man pays double the fair  rate for a translator because the translator gives the date half.Note: weather you need a translator or not, they come alongAfter several dates it is possible to lose the translator.THIS IS THE TIME WHEN YOU FIND OUT IF THE FEMALE  YOU ARE WITH  IS IN  THE 1%...

The females take you to eating places where they get a kickback on the total bill..

Females look to have you take them shoppingNote, they have no mercy..

Based on current investigations 99% of the females on these websites are up to no good..Their main objective is to be the mistress to as many men as they can be at the same time and receive monthly money from each man, plus when the man is in country he also pays all the billsFor many of these women this takes a lot of planning, she can not have these men running into each other, smile

Accuracy of their photos40% look better than their photos if thats possible and 50% look worse and 10% look as shown..

ProstitutionNo female who  HAS  engaged in this line of work can join website Note, this they check..Special Note, prostitutes is a much cheaper way to go if you can handle the fact that they sleep with anyone for moneyThe prostitutes are more honest than the website females and just as good looking..  hard times bring on hard times !

1 review
24 helpful votes

I'm happy with the portal and their services. Pure quality.

1 review
7 helpful votes

I've had an enjoyable experience on the site. The features are expensive but they work great and the girls are nice.

1 review
7 helpful votes

I've met a nice girl through this portal so I recommend it.

1 review
5 helpful votes

I like the site, it is easy to use, the features are great and the women are hoooot

2 reviews
14 helpful votes

I'm a regular user on the page. I was actually dating this one woman on the site for a couple of months so I can attest to that the women are authentic. Things between us didn't work out as we just happened to be too different but I'm still on the page and will try again. My only complaint is that it truly is expensice if you're an average Joe.

3 reviews
30 helpful votes

I see some people here have had bad experiences but there is no need to exaggerate. Sure, the fees are kind of high but if you have the money to spend, what's the problem?
I found a cute girl that I'm in regular contact with on the webste and I'm happy. Maybe you should try again.

7 reviews
332 helpful votes

I received 371 replies to my experiences with ( I would like to take a line or so to express my thanks to all who valued my opinion and gave me a few "votes of confidence".
I took a couple hours to read most of the general comments from others who felt as I do or do not feel as I about Anastasia. YES, as an internet business it is very well managed; connection speeds are good, quality of images excellent, and your privacy is well maintained. But beleive me it really ends there!
However, of the 371 reports there only seems to be about 8% with success stories and of that 8%, 2% all married a lady whose name is Natalie all within about 6 months of each other; hmmmmmmmm!!! A couple of the reviews were so poorly written it was hard to understand exactly what the writter was trying to convey; hmmmmm, come on anastasia at least use employees who are literate, lucid and versed in the English language.
Several reviewers commented about the number of very young women (18 to 25 YO) stating "oh babe, oh babe, oh babe" I want to be with you, Iam lonely without you, I need you, and so on BS. Oh, I also like the number of, again, very young women who have responsible jobs; like office or store manager, teacher, and the one I really liked psychologist (at the age of 23) WOW whirlwind PhD education.
Well guys it continues to come down to this; its your money, but I could sure spend it on a professional escort for dancing, dining, a good English conversation and a smile on your face for a day or two later.
Now I taken up Anastasia as hobby just to see how far I can push a performer (opps sorry I meant woman) over the hill to admitting the truth about Anastasiadate.
If you are really looking for a FREE FREE FREE dating Website go to "AdultFriendFinder"; you get a few days for nothing to test drive the site, then if you choose you can buy a subscription for 10 bucks for one month, after that you can renew for a nominal fee. But all chat, groups and everything else is FREE and I do mean FREE. AFF is a GREAT site if you are only looking for fun and a remote possibility of a connection.

2 reviews
27 helpful votes

It's not a scam! Why do you throw sticks on a perfectly good site, ugh. I've been a member for so long that I'm 200% sure it's a legit service. I met both my ex and current wife on it, what bigger proof do you want, jaja.

1 review
15 helpful votes

I like this site. I wasn't sure at first, then threw in some money to check if it's legit without any expectations. There is automated emails from girls saying they like your profile, yes, but so do many dating sites. I wrote some girls that I liked and they responded back. It's a good opportunity to meet girls. The video chat lets you see who you are actually talking to. It's worth trying, I guess.

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