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COMPLETELY REGRET I bought Uniblue's DriverScanner Dec 8, as it never worked. Always throwing errors my way. Uniblue's technical support was ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. They sent me down many unsuccessful and time-consuming paths. All "support" (meaning the lack thereof) was done via email only, and they would never agree to speak via phone. I spent over 5-months emailing their tech support group back and forth. Eventually I finally gave up after a proposed solution crashed my laptop, costing me $60 to fix at the local PC repair shop. I then very reasonably asked for a full refund, given the fact that their product NEVER WORKED. They refused the refund request. WARNING, steer clear of Uniblue and ALL their offerings. Of course, unless you have the money and the time to waste. I have neither. (Steaming in St. Louis)

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I've had a great experience with Uniblue, I've used 2 of the their products till now, and am very pleased with their service. powersuite which is an all essential software takes care of all system maintenance for me, so i dont need to hassle with sending my PC to a technician. and lately I got Privacy keeper which safeguards my PC, got soo much important and private data i just gotta keep it protected. All in all im super happy with the service, certainly cant complain! Thanks Uniblue

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Had Powersuite for about six months and seemed ok...but then crashed.
Sought Customer Help which just ran me around in circles. Finally said I needed Admn Rights to rectify problem.
The link they gave me for this action doesn't exist !
Frustrated I said I wanted to cancel my subscription...they agreed . We'll see what happens from here . Can't and will not recommend this product.

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Total scam. Their program acts like your typical rogue malware AV. They pretend to be in good terms with Microsoft but in reality they aren't. It makes me wonder why Microsoft hasn't sued them for using their name and logo for scam. And Uniblue isn't even listed on Microsoft's partners list:

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I bought Registry Booster in 2/11. It was working for a while but after April 2011 update empty white window comes out and stays frozen. 9 emails and useless answers from techsupport plus waist of my time. I requested a working product or refund 5 times. Instead I got a final blurb that my antivirus may be at fault and a link to old version.
Please, don't pay them!! It is as bad as it comes. I keep all their emails for any legal action later.
Mike Gleizer.

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I had their Registry Cleaner on my laptop and used it a few times. The reports claimed to have corrected the errors it identified. Not sure that they existed, but that is not the issue... A pop-up window appeared offering an update, which I accepted. The "update" removed the entire program from the computer and terminated. The only things remaining are two folders; one containing the notepad text of the action and the other, an empty folder that formerly contained the program. So much for the update. I'll not purchase from Uniblue again. Buy at your own risk.

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The website '' loves to promote itself as a Microsoft Partner yet it does not perform as an hohourable firm such as Microsoft would. My experience with this website has been a dismal failure. I bought their product online only because they offered on the website a thirty day refund if not satisfied. I requested a refund three different times but did not receive even an acknowledgement from them. Needless to say I am out the purchase price and I can live with that but I really resent their dishonesty and the fact they are getting away with associating themselves with Microsoft and they promote a refund policy they do not honour.

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This Cowboy Company comes on to your computer without invitation and you can not get rid of them,you try out their Trial Version "hooked" the SCAM begins, then you get your Bank Statement a month later and they have taken out the price for the full Version, because they ask you for your details for the Trial Version, then they download their Product on to your computer then you can not get rid of them. I complained to the company involved,and they said that I had 30 days to get a Refund. I did apply for a Refund but they told me I was to late. So for all you Guys out there do not get "SCAMMED" by these "CROOKS" who are based in MALTA. and by the way you can not get rid of these "SCAVENGERS" off your computer,so change your Bank Card because they will charge it next year without even asking.

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I ordered UNIBLUE'S "Speed Up My Computer". I paid in advance $29.95. My OS is Windows 7 Pro and nothing on the site indicates that it will not function with Windows 7. I contaced the company, UNIBLUE, requested a refund and was promised an immediate refund.

Instead UNIBLUE pulled my bank acct for $29.95 which shows up on my On line statement as a "hold". As of 12:30 PM MDST 08 June 2010 the hold still exists and has caused an overdraft situation on my acct.

For the first day or so "Victoria" at Uniblue's CS Dept. promised immediate results. Now I can't get her to reply to repeated email requests.

Online companies that charge your credit card company, pull your acct., promise a refund, and then hold your money until they decide to credit your money back is no less than fraud.

"Buyer Beware" exists but so also does simple good business. UNIBLUE is NOT a consumer friendly company.

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Unresponsive to service requests. - i ordered a product upgrade for Registry Booster. Downloaded it...noted that my credit card was charged for the product. Then learned that it will not work on my current operating system..win2000. just XP/Vista. I have e mailed the Uniblue service 3 times now requesting help. Each time, i get an automatically generated response with a ref # and a promise that the rep will be in contact with an answer within 24 hrs. That has never happened. They're keeping the money but ignoring my request for assistance. I would be happy if they would just extend the license for the original product which works well on Win2000. They don't want to be bothered.

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"Free Support" on most Internet sites just means poor ethics and a hidden charge. - I may be a little callous, however when a site says they have "Free anything"  you can usually feel the sucking power immediately. 

Uniblue sucked me in so far as to; (1) download their program-5 minutes, (2) install their program-5 minutes  and finally (3) run their program-10 minutes.)

When the report (in red) completed, it showed over 600 problem areas and for $29.95 they would fix it.


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