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Site has no seller protection. So if a buyer wants to take you down either because a) they're being an ass, or b) wants to take you down for less business competition or rivals, they can easily do so by just spreading lies all over the website by spamming everyone and everywhere to tell that your product is fake, or all stuff you sell are defective and some other things, just because something is making them angry.

A few false reports is enough to get your account restricted.


I just got locked out of one of my accounts because Yahoo thought it would be a good idea to randomly ask their users with their mandatory security questions if they think that "it's not you" who's signing in your email. I forgot the answer to the security question, so I can't access my account anymore. Now, I'm furious with the stupidity induced by the dumb***** who work at Yahoo.

Oh, and one of my accounts were compromised according to Yahoo's automated system emails when I opened it. According to the automated messages, it was sending russian emails to russian websites.

And when you sign in, they keep asking you for information like your mobile number or some random crap involving account security. Well, they're just doing those so you will think that they're secure and they work with effort on that field, but it's not and they fall flat on their faces instead.


This site has decided to give it's users some suspicious downloaders every time you click no the download link. Granted, the alternative download links are okay, it's just infuriating that they decided to earn themselves money by scamming users into a downloader that installs malicious programs. Sites like Emuparadise.me are much more safer.


Quora forces you to sign up, it lays up a window which blurs everything behind. You can still read but it's a hassle. It also makes them very suspicious. The good thing is there are various workarounds to disable the pesky window that appears to block you from reading or blurring everything behind it.

Yahoo Answers lets you look at their website without having to sign up. The only difference between them is Quora has less trolls, but Yahoo Answers has more content. Either way, you can't trust much answers in both of those websites.


Steals books from authors and scams people who signed up for them badly while they're at it.

Apparently this website seemed to take over a website that hosts REAL e-books.

lilplay s. – LilPlay Rep

Dear User,
Thank you for taking the time to contact us. Your feedback goes towards helping improve our service and customer support.

We wish to resolve any issues you may have with our service. We have a dedicated facebook page to accommodate our clients and respond in the quickest possible time.
You can reach us on Facebook@ https://www.facebook.com/lilplaycom
Lilplay Support Services


This is it, this is the king of all sites that scam people into doing surveys for "downloads". Avoid at all costs, even if you can get a single file from them, chances that it's infested with malware and viruses.

This site is useless and pretty much annoying, actually.


You can see this website putting it's own advertisements on webpages that has a flash player in it, or download pages.

You'd see some ads with fake buttons like "download" on download hosting file sites like Mediafire, or "play now" if you're in pages that have video players.

They're there to confuse you and to make you download their s****y program without your consent. It's very annoying! If you're having problems from those ads or very annoyed by them, get AdBlock.


The website actually sells item and you'd receive them, but the main problem is their clumsiness in shipping and their merchants.

You'd find some items on the website that are mislabeled. (eg. SD card being labeled as a Micro SD, or a grey cap being labeled as red)

When you buy from this website over time, you'd recognize that their merchants are very clumsy, it's very obvious that this website does not discipline their merchants when it comes to providing a description or picture to an item. So far, three of the items I have ordered are mislabeled and I got one of the mislabeled items reached my front door. That item however, took several long call sessions to their CSR department until I finally got my refund (but didn't got the shipping fee, and still annoyed by this) for the damn thing. And they were reluctant to help at that problem until I decided to barrage them with calls!

Also, I had 2 problems with shipping from them. This one time they decided to send the item to the post office which is the nearest in my area. But given the lack of time, I can't get it. Plus didn't I already paid for the shipping fee? And isn't that the purpose of their website, to buy an item and just wait for it in home? And also, the other thought it would be a good idea to leave it at the front desk of our condominium. That's a horrible thing to do if what you're shipping is something expensive and valuable, like an IPhone or something.

Good thing the thing that I ordered was just a phone stand, but still, shouldn't their courier have to get the signature of an authorized person that's associated with the item? Or the one entitled to receive it? That's just enraging. So far, I had 4 problems when transacting with this website overall, and I'm starting to see that those problems are intentional; they are benefiting from the shipping fees (which is small, but them being greedy over a small amount of money and then mistreating the customer is absurd).

All of the items I have received aren't damaged or tampered so far, all of them are in perfect shape when I get them.

But that doesn't excuse them from mistreating their customers.


This website's sole purpose for existing is to collect information from you via surveys. Mostly mobile information and more, injecting your pc with adware/spyware, and toolbars that are hard to get rid of. Most anti-scam/malware websites or companies blacklist this website.

You can mostly see this pointless survey website during "downloads". That's right, when you try to download, you may find yourself being blocked by a window that tells you to complete a survey to get the desired file. There, the window will "wait" for you to finish one of the surveys via downloading a program (avoid doing this) or inputting your phone number. They will send you a code that you need to give to the survey and once you follow the rest, you will be automatically subscribed to them. But you're notified. Now, there's a big chance that your cellphone's inbox will be full of junkmails or some exploits. And wait, here comes the next part!

They DO NOT WORK at all. Even if you have done the survey, the window on the so-called download's webpage is still "waiting". When you encounter something like that, or some website named "landing. Entertainment-factory", steer away ASAP and forget the download. And want to know why I quoted the word "downloads"? The file behind the survey doesn't exist at all. There's no download. If there was, then why even plot all of that in the first place? The download link was just a scam set-up to waste your time.


Recently, Socialpoint just made some changes to their games that makes them no different from their competitors. They slowed the game down just to force the players to buy special currencies for speedups. They seem to be doing financially,(judging by the in-game products that they sell, they all cost a pretty large amount of money!) and have a growing community.

They don't even listen to what their customers say. The game is full of bugs and some of them are even intentional to make you buy in-game products. They just keep adding new content over and over but intentionally fail to rectify the glitches that are present in their games. Their games are full of errors nowadays, now they don't even do anything about it.

If they're going to keep that they might as well quit business, since they'll slowly die out just like Zynga.


PaidViewPoint is supposedly a website that pays you for every survey you take. It also pays you for some every information that you provide. The problem is there are no surveys at all beside from that trait survey, the website is pretty much a wasteland! It looked like they just tried to take information from me. I don't even know if they even pay anyone in here. For them to pay out, you need 14 dollars. It'll take a long time since that trait survey is daily and only nets you 25 cents each..


There are some reports that this site is legitimate and pays the ones who work with it. Basically you have to solve captchas that you get with a 15 second time limit. Which makes me wonder, are they doing this to breach and nullify captcha security?

The main problem with this is you'll get banned for leaving the workplace's page improperly. You'd have to press a pause button before stopping your work. Leave the page 3 times w/o pressing the pause button, then you're banned. That's just damn stupid. What if I accidentally pressed the backspace button many times while not typing? What's the point of that?

It's like a thief forcing you to work quickly and telling, "Move your *** and start working!" Oh, and you'll also get banned for pressing the "I don't know" button many times which is what you'd press if the words in the captcha is unreadable. Again, it's like a thief forcing you to work quickly.

And for them to pay you out, you need to do the captcha solving thousand times. Not that I'm complaining, of course you're only typing and clicking. But since they ban you over pointless things, I'll likely reconsider that. They have a currency there called T$, Typerdollars or something like that. Each 1 T$ is equivalent to a dollar. The problem is that you need to make 3 of them to make a cash-out and it takes a very long time. If it weren't for them being forceful then I'd be okay with that.

Also, you need a code. The code has to be purchased but you can find one floating through the internet for some reason. Actually, the codes have to be purchased back then and many reported that they didn't get anything at all after purchasing. So if you want to join this website for a very bizarre reason, just look for it.


Total scam. Their program acts like your typical rogue malware AV. They pretend to be in good terms with Microsoft but in reality they aren't. It makes me wonder why Microsoft hasn't sued them for using their name and logo for scam. And Uniblue isn't even listed on Microsoft's partners list: https://mspartner.microsoft.com/en/us/pages/support/regional-service-centers.aspx/


It's fun to hang around in this website. I mostly watch it for laughs, music, and for pastime. It's great for, uh, procrastinating (hehe). It has some issues similar to GameFAQs, but most of are copyright related. The copyright lords like Viacom, WMG, UMG, Emimusic likes to strikes videos down whenever they can. And sometimes they strike for no reason at all.


Pretty useful utility website - You can use this website by uploading files, and the website will scan the file into multiple virus scanners. Some antiviruses produce false positives (mostly obscure antiviruses), but if some well-reputable antivirus or more detects the file, that's where you need to think. It has limitations when it comes to filesize, but it isn't that tight. So if you have a download and you're scared about the things it may carry, this is where you need to go.

It also has a URL scanner, which lets you submit a URL, and see if the submitted URL is blacklisted on some security website.


Site is great when it comes to knowing something helpful for a game that you're playing. When I search for an FAQ or a game guide, I rarely see a game that has no game guide entries or anything. Unless it's something for a very old, obscure game, they have guides for most games.

However, the boards can be a bit scary at sometimes. There are some know-it-all elitists that are arrogant, mostly taking jabs at new users who "do not know how to search" like it's the next big thing. The mods are mostly siding with them. And you could either get modded for something very ridiculous and the reason for the moderation will be mostly "disruptive". That's actually a shame, since the boards are fun sometimes. I see some users get modded for no reason. Luckily, I haven't got modded yet. If you want to post on the boards, just don't post often and don't get too much hyped.


The forums in this site are an interesting place to go to, if you happen to be a fan of sci-fi, anime, cartoons, games, card games, and any other kind of entertainment. It's not only sci-fi that is prominent and popular here. Mostly, teenagers (like me) or young adults will drag themselves to here.

But one thing knocks me off, since it belongs to a forum provider (XenForo) that has some additional security features that you can add, like certain countries can't sign up unless you have to fulfill certain conditions, like messaging an admin or doing some tests. I think that's okay, but it's ridiculous if there's money involved for a condition on your membership registration. I'm glad that I haven't seen that kind of practice yet. This forum is using one of those features, apparently.

Right now, when you try to sign up, it says that registrations aren't currently accepted. But once I got to the homepage, I can see the newest registered member that has signed up Tuesday of last week. I swear I saw the registration is unavailable way before that day. Because of that, it baffles me, why? What is the reason? Is it for security reasons? Server/user overload? Blacklisted for some reason? What? I searched on Google, tried my best to look through the forums I found no results.

Is it scheduled or something? If it is, at least PUT THE SCHEDULE in the f***in homepage for god's sake! You can't even contact them; you can't even sign up (that would be pointless, unless there's a I have a friend that I invited or wants to join as well and I already have an account) and the "contact us" feature is nearly useful as a pocket lint. I used that feature one and a half weeks ago and I haven't got a reply. It's excusable if there's only two-three staff that is running the whole website, but they have more than that. And like the newly registered user that gets displayed on the front page, the personnel that are online are also displayed. You can see that there are 5 or more website personnel that is online occasionally.

Is it because the server can't handle anymore traffic or the website is full of users? The latter would be unlikely, but if it's the former, ALSO PUT IT IN THE DAMN FRONT PAGE!

That is a big letdown for those who really want to join, and it's also infuriating.
Sure, the security feature that they are using also gets rid of the spammers, trolls, flamers and other unlikable bunch, but since they don't even do the things that needs a workaround (e.g. Explaining why people can't register or replying back to messages or questions from that useless "Contact us"), they're also leaving out the legitimate users unwillingly.

It's somewhat frustrating, to be honest.

EDIT: Now, they have also put that registrations are closed for the meantime in the front page, but haven't included the reason or the schedule, if it has one.

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