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You can be banned for no reason at all they will make up a reason to ban you if the mods do not like you or their friends then your out of there, They have enlisted recently a new set of mods one being Thedalaidrama who called herself a C,,t that pretty much says it all , She thinks shes running the country and will ban and bar with out reason and will make up the rules to suit, She is obviously friendly with the fellow mods shes enlisted and those mods let her know who they do not like so they are then banned , This chatroom site is going down in popularity there is no way to make a complaint check it out your self if you want to complain about another member you will need their address phone numbers , full name its impossible to fill out a complaint , The owner who ever that is does not care either . this had built a bad reputation now. Avoid at all costs, I uploaded a screen shot of the mod bhgxusa123 stating if he deems a name suss he will ban you and he did to a few people using that very excuse people he or his friends did not like that member nothing to do with the member misbehaving or anything else
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The people who are made mods think they can treat people as they like booting and banning as they like for no reason other than one of their friends dont like you no just cause of reason to ban you what so ever. waste of time complaining no one replys no one to speak to about it, Hollie in young at heart think she is like shes a mod thats why she thinks shes like they wouldnt bother with her other wise and pied piper thinks hes hitler
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It is not trustworthy at all... I had some people DM me and say they've got my password and they wont hack my account if I do some weird things. Better stay off this website, there are tons of other chats online.
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After reading these reviews, it is clear to me that all they are, are emotionally fuelled rants. People butthurt because they got banned. Chat rooms are a magnet for "challenged" individuals, and attract people from all over the world. If you do not like what someone is talking about, ignore them. I don't understand why it is so hard for people to do this? They would rather come on review sites and grumble that they are being bullied. Seriously, grow up. It's the internet. Perhaps go out and socialise in the real world if you don't like what's occuring in your online community.
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It looks like this site has new owners and the below reviews no longer apply. There are no more heavy-handed admins/hosts/moderators. If anything the site is a little too un-moderated and trolls can sometimes run wild. Everyone just ignores them though and keeps chatting!
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why cant i log in anymore,im wondering if my password has been stolen,maybe ive been banned cos i stand p to the trolls but id like to know the reason why i cant log on.
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Ukchatters is not a secure site.One of the Admins pmed me and said he had my password. The owner of the website who goes by name Alan uses other accounts to bully other chatters.It's not recommended for anyone to use that website, There are lots of hatred, prejudice and racism in that place. Stay away from that website
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One of the admins there pmed me and said he had my password! I thought he was messing around but now im locked out of my email and pof accounts.

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This site was a poor replacement for ukchatterbox aka UKCB. It was way less fun, with poor moderation. Some of the mods were Ok but Saron in particular was a control freak. When I challenged him he banned me. When I appealed my ban, my appeal was dealt with by... Saron. Go figure...

Anyway, they have been flouting the law and generally ignoring all netiquette. The site is down right now and I suspect gone the way of UKCB. I guess Alan threw the towel in....
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If you like a place where the admin can do exactly as it pleases and where the rules apply differently between those who choose to stick their tongues up the mod's arses and those who don't then this is the place for you.

If you love being banned for no apparent reason just because your face doesn't fit then this is the place for you.

If you like your account info and PM's being accessed by the admin team then this is the place for you.

Why this place exists is beyond any rational reason. I can only assume the 'site owner' and his fellow cohorts with bullied at school given the way they behave in this place as they think they have power when they do not.

The way they carry on you'd think they have control over your whole internet activity and even your connecting ISP which shows hallmarks of complete losers who have become so delusioned they think this site is the be all and end all of the Internet as a whole.

If you're mentally unstable, insecure, loathed by your peers, (and probably your family), then this is the place for you to become a mod and reap your revenge on complete strangers for the crap you bring on yourself in life.

So if you're up to be made a victim of this chat site is the place for you. It claims to have thousands of members but only a 100 or so "hard core" users actually use the site. I guess they must have been rejected from Facebook and other social media sites and this is the only place they have left to go.

If you truly want to scrap the bottom of the barrel when it comes to chat sites join in, be bullied, victimised and attacked by the admin and his cohorts who'l threaten you with legal action while never actually doing anything because his gyro won't stretch to paying a solicitor £200 an hour plus VAT to take you to court.

But then again that's what people like that do, they make all sorts of threats to try and empower themselves while knowing they have no follow through. AVOID AVOID AVOID!
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I got banned for going after someone who had repeatedly threatened me... It's been a week and he's still slagging me off... Senior admin skewenmark loves the title but doesn't do her job... Stay away... Crap site every one of the community standards is breached and she does nothing... Hope it fails soon
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Hi there!
My experience on UKchatters was a pleasant one, I even passed the test with flying colors to be a moderator, never got to /oper up for some reason. One reason could be, it was suggested that I might be over-qualified. It is true that I have been a Services Root Administrator and owner of several Unreal servers in the past and perhaps the owner (Alan)
was scared that I might start training Jaelee, Saron and skewenmark, their very reliable IRCops. Anyhow, whether it is out of jealousy OR just plain stupidity I too am banned.

I now have created my own IRC network and will start training moderators and IRCops again!
As I see it, the main #1 problem with /operators/ircops/services admins is THIS: They can put on a hat (@) and become CONTROL FREAKS! They cease to be human, no mercy, no compassion, no second chances. Oh yes, my <username> <nickname> there was Gator. (***** IF you wish to comment
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Its decent when I don't get banned but lacks a certain charm which UK Chatterbox had.
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Im a current member, have never been banned or suspended. I was even an accepted mod at one time. However, i can not post my real username as the mods are so unreasonable id be banned the moment they saw it.

The staff generally arent friendly, there is a them and us attitude. Some users get away with murder, whilst others banned for trivial reasons. The staff arent at all approachable and most have a superiority complex, and respond like robots.

There are some good points though. Technically, the site its self is quite nice, its uses jomsocial and has a nice feature set. Its the busiest chat site ive seen based in the uk too, so there is always someone to chat too, unfortnately it is populated with many many trolls.

Had ukchatterbox not disappeared this site would have struggled to gain any members, purely down to the moderating style they have chosen, it was a case of right time and place.

Its not very down to earth or welcoming. I hope they listen and lighten up.
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I agree with Jeremy W. This place is ruled with an iron fist. Look, it's their chat site, and they can rule it anyway they please. I get that. Still, the way they choose to run it really kills the experience.

The rules are far too strict; your freedom is very limited. It's ran more like a daycare center than a chat room of almost entirely adults.

The mods appear to have mental problems, being both barely literate and having underdeveloped social skills. It's impossible to reason with them, which makes the strictness all the more frustrating.

The admins also get quite personal. I've seen many people banned with insulting messages attached. They take the unprofessional road of adding insult to injury.

There are privacy concerns. It's become a well-known fact that the moderators can and do spy on PM's. They claim this is for the sake of adequate moderating, but I suspect there are more nefarious reasons.

It's also come to light that the admins can view everyone's password, entirely unencrypted. While I've not seen any evidence of this being abused, it's still unnerving.

The overall experience was a huge negative, and if I had it to do all over again, I wouldn't. I'd save my time and effort and go to a chat site that wasn't horrible, like (an unaffiliated site).

Tip for consumers: Use another chat site instead (I recommend the unaffiliated

Response from Alan J., Representative
Hi, whilst you are entitled to your opinion some of the "facts" in this review are false and quite libellous.

" I've seen many people banned with insulting messages attached. They take the unprofessional road of adding insult to injury."

When users are banned fromo ur service they are with predefined messages such as "account suspended", "abuse", and similar. No personal message are added.

"It's become a well-known fact that the moderators can and do spy on PM's."

We call the traditional "moderators" hosts on our service. As is made clear in our terms and conditions and community standards only administrators and above can access private message, not "moderators" aka hosts.

"It's also come to light that the admins can view everyone's password, entirely unencrypted. While I've not seen any evidence of this being abused, it's still unnerving."

This is completely untrue, no modern website stores password in plain text, we are no different. All of our passwords are stored encrypted, none of which are even viewable by any volunteers, only the website owner can see encrypted passwords as part of general access to the database which can't be converted to plain text.

It is clear this review is by a well known troll who uses our service to try and direct people to a skype service, I would be very wary of letting these types of people see your private skype ID and information.

The choice of URL is quite flattering though ;-)
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Absolutely awful chatsite.. The 'mods' there are like control freaks. You aren't allowed to swear.. not even mild swear words. They will ban you for the most trivial of 'offences'.. no warning first.. nothing.. just a straight ban.. This site is crap, and there are way better chatsites out there (such as lycos), that are far better..

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