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SoftRock has a consumer rating of 1.82 stars from 22 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. SoftRock ranks 46th among Recruiting sites.

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  • Letting them know that if they went back to school that they would get a better job.
  • There were videos of people dressed up and celebrating in parties.
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“Ok, so i understand where you guys are coming from”

jason k.

Ok, so i understand where you guys are coming from. This company DOES use some maybe unethical marketing practices, but i do have to say that it is a legitamite business. Everything is legally sound and i have worked here for over a month. It does take a lot, dont get me wrong. Maybe a little redundant at times, but i get paid every week on time and make anywhere from 400-700 a week. I have done a little research and, to be honest, its just a business. Whether you disagree with their practices or not is up to you, but personally i understand its just another way to make ppl money and there we go. I like my job and i love the culture. Getting great experience with learning sales tactics.

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Top Critical Review

“Got a text for an interview - I knew it was sketchy”

Becky M.

If a company claims to be calling you in for a position you applied but then says they are going to have you doing sales - it's a scam. I build websites for a living and their website is a bunch of fluff with no content. Also... they don't directly state what they do as a company. I had to find out from message boards like these - again making it a scam. Disgusting.

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1 review
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May 22nd, 2015

If a company claims to be calling you in for a position you applied but then says they are going to have you doing sales - it's a scam. I build websites for a living and their website is a bunch of fluff with no content. Also... they don't directly state what they do as a company. I had to find out from message boards like these - again making it a scam. Disgusting.

1 review
77 helpful votes
July 9th, 2013

Definitely a scam. I fell for it when they were operating under the name Three Stars Media or The Internet Company. If you go to youtube Todd Ulrich from action 9 did an investigative piece on it. I almost fell for it again, not realizing they changed their name. Drove up for my interview with Soft Rock and realized it's the same darn location as Three Stars Media but only now it has a new name. The first time I went in for an interview I was surprised to find an army of other applicants there. The receptionist took our picture, created some sort of file with all our personal info, led us into a room to take a test and none of us ever heard from them again. I always wondered why I was getting bombarded with telemarketing calls after that and i'm definitely thinking this has something to do with it. Why take our picture? I never understood why. Anyway, the second time around, making sure I wasn't missing out on a great opportunity (I mean they're advertising pay starting at $32,000) I did some further research and saw that Soft rock is owned by the same guy as Three Stars Media. Womp womp womp. My job search continues! Do not give these people your personal info. Don't you find it fishy they're hiring people for a few days and firing them? They're just trying to make their scam appear more real because the public and media was on to them. The first red flag should be the way in which you get an interview. You'll know a real job perspective when you get one. If it's too good to be true it usually is.

I only wrote this longgggg review because i'm so sick of these scammers using people to make money. I mean that's basically what life is about but at least most companies have the decency to give you a pay check that you can actually live with or maybe even health insurance.

2 reviews
20 helpful votes
September 13th, 2012

Your review will help others learn about this website.
During my third interview and where I was hired for the verification specialist position, the hiring manager made several alarming statements.

She stated if she had the authority she would fire over half of the people who worked at Soft Rock.

She stated that she wanted to punch the receptionist in the face.

She stated she had a concealed weapons permit and when firing her weapon, it brought calm and released stress.

I maintained my composure, went home, read the entire information packet that was given to me and decided this morning that I cannot accept the position for numerous reasons.

The primary reason is that I fear the organization is smoke and mirrors. The propaganda about the culture is persuading, however when you are hired by a woman who tells you that she enjoys shooting, wants to punch someone in the face and fire half of all her co workers I question the validity of "cultural" claims.

1 review
18 helpful votes
July 9th, 2013

I went to my second interview after you need to say a perfect speech to impress the executives, you sit for a four hour presentation about the company and the culture. And the pay. Stay away! Then you do a quiz to see if you pass. Then they'll let everyone know about they need to come to a 3rd interview. After you get all excited. I got a call the same day that I wasn't hired. This company is full scamers

1 review
26 helpful votes
July 9th, 2013

I applied for the "Manager in Training" position at SoftRock. First, what kind of a company will give you an "interview" immediately after applying for the job? This was red flag #1 - but I was curious so I went to the interview anyway. Next, when I arrived in the lobby, there were about 20 other people waiting with me (cattle call?). My interview lasted about 5 minutes and I was told "they'd like me to come on board" and go to a second interview (after further research on the company, I will not attend).

Basically the company's revenue model is to get people (employees) to post fake job listings on craigslist or online job posting forums. The company then gets personal information and sells the leads to online college programs (like Phoenix, etc.) So their very business model is based on dishonest and deceit. Apparently the "manager in training's" job is to verify these leads. Even if this position is ultimately a real job - unlike the other jobs working at SoftRock, I couldn't work for a company with so little integrity.

If you are a real professional, with real experience and a real education, this job is not for you. If you are a former Amway salesman, this job might be right up your alley.

1 review
13 helpful votes
October 2nd, 2012

Not much to add, except that SoftRock is now attempting to recruit via text message. (I am a junior-level recruiter, have mostly been applying for HR jobs, and received a message about a "Customer Service" job I'd applied for, which led me to Google the number). Some legitimate staffing firms such as Spherion recruit via text messaging, but their messages usually start with a descriptive heading like "Spherion Job Alert," and they won't send you text messages unless you've registered in their database and opted in to receive job alerts via text message.

If you get a text message about some bogus job that you never applied for, and if it comes from *******082 or *******662, don't even waste your time!

1 review
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December 15th, 2015

I used to work to softrock for 1 year and 10 months since all operations were stoped with no answer so hundreds of agents were kicked out no more soft rocking, but anyway... our job was try to match them to the best position we can and qualified to send the best applicant we can that way the hiring managers getsthe best of the candidates and as different people have differents qualifications and credentials you all understand some people feels scammed or something like that so, no guys i figured out that in this country there's a lot of people without a GED or High school diploma or only having one of those mentioned before and then they want to matchpeople with qualifications and desire to grow ot only applying to be a common laborer job is a job of course it is but we try to make them more marketeable more appealing so, the thing about school the jobs seekers don't have obligation to go to that school its only give the advise how important is to have degree in and increase the skills in any field in the vast path of knowledge perhaps going to school is that bad not just go back or trow backpacks is give the informationo if one day they decide to go back or bettering themselves we offered that service and if you decided to go back or not we keep work with them until they get a position, so whats wrong with go back to school that all we need be educated open the mind feed the brain and clean all your bulls#1+ not appling to break your back washing dishes or moaping warehouses go to college stop blabling s#1+ i am proud to have been part of this great company... and make a loooooot of money there.

6 reviews
38 helpful votes
July 23rd, 2011

I was so excited that I had gotten hired thru internet job apps. Now I don't think any of them are worthwhile. I filled out one or two and hundreds flooded into my Google mail account. Naive--I thought these were either jobs or employment agencies. SoftRock e-mailed me, scheduled a phone interview, I did a test for posting as a Media Buyer. Fell right into their trap--after first post Craig's List asked for a phone number to authenticate. I e-mailed SR & they said to use mine. Next job two days later, before I could post, Craig's List now asked for an e-mail response. Of course SoftRock had to do that because I was posting jobs thru their account. They wouldn't and Craig's put the account on hold. I saw the paycheck I thought I was earning flying out the window (they promised to mail me one but of course never did.) Unbelievable nerve--they sent me detailed instructions on how to set up a new Craig's account & said I would have to furnish another phone number because they didn't. Ridiculous!. I hope there is some way to shut them down. I don't know what it is exactly that they are doing but I hope Craig's List can keep them off its site.

1 review
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November 19th, 2014

The US economy may yet be descending into state monopoly capitalism(SMC), and the mega-corporations that comprise it, they operate as political deities, having the capacity to materialize into earthly personae with human constitutional rights and no social responsibilities. I believe it's more emboldened now, lately raising its ugly head in the form of a Donald Trump candidacy for POTUS 2016.

Though I digress here, may I refer you to a breath of fresh air
For those who are tired of the mindless groups of Hillary cheer-leading and instead rally behind the one honest man who may be able to turn our good ship around.

But to return on a microeconomic level, this economy also generates entrenched and corrupt bureaucrats at state and local levels, all of whom are loyal ideologues to the SMC. To serve properly, these gov jobs pay more than private sector. While in the private sector itself, we see lesser forms of perverted economic activity, mere reflections from a gigantic oily and contaminated cesspool that is the essence of a SMC. Enter, stage right.

I had the misfortune of running into this business over a year ago (18 Nov. 2014), still operating under the legal name of SoftRock. It is constantly trolling for new workers to recruit into its obscure business model, to replace the previous hires exploited and discharged back into the dregs of corporate capitalism.

In their eyes, we the simple working class have always been considered as nothing more than disposable napkins, convenient commodities of capital. Used once, then tossed into some god-forsaken rubbish pile. Thus we tend to gravitate toward the Democratic Socialist programme.

It's understandable that some of us, with no embedded sense of altruism or allegiance to humanity, will join the ranks of the same class that exploits us. Never mind! Let them choose that life, ultimately to face reincarnation as a slug or slimy invertebrate. We will proceed to a more lofty goal.

Yes, there is no shortage of unemployed and under-employed human beings for it to exploit, as one of SoftRock's business managers, Ms. Joelle, admitted to me over the phone: There are many potential candidates to interview.

But after examining its website for a short time, I still could not determine exactly what kind of productive work it was involved in. Ms. Joelle was not very forthcoming, either. There were videos of people dressed up and celebrating in parties. A few persons playing ball games. Nothing about its real purpose. My best guess is that it was possibly a marketing agency, and building websites on the side. I've read some comments that it is actually a US-based call center which attempts to encourage persons to borrow money for higher education. So it must have some connections with usury or the student loan business.

A few words about me:

FYI I have an AA degree and 100 hrs. Of college credit, including upper level statistics and information systems from attending several colleges. I avoided student loan sharks before their claws would have maimed and scarred me for life. No work for all this education, it was your basic scam, and I gave up looking years ago. So I had to work for myself mowing lawns for the last 10 years. Supplement my time in maintaining yards with irrigation systems. I accept the job of doing this manual labor, but it is honest work that does not ever lay me off. For that reason, I will never be associated with a shadowy company like SoftRock.

1 review
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October 1st, 2012

Ok, so i understand where you guys are coming from. This company DOES use some maybe unethical marketing practices, but i do have to say that it is a legitamite business. Everything is legally sound and i have worked here for over a month. It does take a lot, dont get me wrong. Maybe a little redundant at times, but i get paid every week on time and make anywhere from 400-700 a week. I have done a little research and, to be honest, its just a business. Whether you disagree with their practices or not is up to you, but personally i understand its just another way to make ppl money and there we go. I like my job and i love the culture. Getting great experience with learning sales tactics.

1 review
17 helpful votes
July 21st, 2012

This is a little long, but I wanted to tell my experience while working there:

While looking for jobs, I somehow came across this company, and not knowing anything about it, I went ahead and scheduled my own interview for a Manager In Training. I went in and filled out some paperwork, they took my picture, watched a video of how awesome it is to work there, then had my first initial interview. It was literally 7 minutes long. I was then invited to come to the second "discovery day" interview where you talk for 1 minute about yourself to some execs in the back while they take notes, then you get the "happy, it's great to work here" video that doesn't tell you anything about what people actually do.

After that, I came in for my 3rd interview which I was told I got the position. I started their "boot camp" the following Monday. Boot Camp is their way of determining how strong or weak you are. You could be cut at any time without any notice. I always feared getting that tap on the shoulder. It's 11 days of long hours, up 13 hours a day. The first day, a bit of a shock. We were showed how to use the phone system, then it was right to the phones.

Training was a joke and all the higher ups (except one) were smug and really didn't care about you, they only cared about the numbers you bring in. What I mean by that is you sit at cubicle with a computer and a headset, then wait for calls to come in. Once one does, you read what is exactly on the screen. You say you're a verification specialist with a predisposed website and your job is to verify the information the applicant entered to make sure it's acurate for the employer. Then by reading the script, you turn the conversation towards going back to school.

For each person that shows interest, you bring a certain about of money, depending on who you transfer the call to. Again, if you didn't maintain a high dollar amount, you'd be let go at any time. Of the 30 people who started, we had 8 left on the 10th day.

After boot camp you go to the next phase of training, User Interaction. It's basically 3 weeks of the same thing. On the phones, don't hit your goal for the week and you're done. It didn't feel right, constant pressure to transfer calls, people over your shoulder, and god forbid you make a mistake... I saw one guy get chewed out for walking into the room during my "discovery day," I think they were going to fire him, just for walking into the room. Anyhow, I quit when I realized this was wrong. I had a bad feeling from day one, I should have trusted that feeling.

Just stay away. This is not a company that cares about individuals. It's run by a convicted conman for doing the same thing with a modeling website (even using the same building) back in the 90's. Don't let the promises, good looking women, and nice building fool you.

1 review
16 helpful votes
September 4th, 2012

After reading all the comments I will not attempt to go to the interview... thanks for the comments

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February 17th, 2011

They had me scheduled for a phone interview one was where I call in and the other was where they call me... Neither happened I waited on the phone for the call in and they give you this code and the message said they hadn't shown up try again later and hung up... All I can say is WOW! Don't waste your time.

1 review
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October 16th, 2012

I just made it through the boot camp. During many of the hundreds of calls I received, I spoke to several people that said they never received an email that contained a list of jobs they could apply for. I left the company after I stumbled upon this video:

I was not surprised to see that this company is not completely forthcoming with the people who call in thinking they are being interviewed for a job. In fact they are being persuaded to accept phone calls and emails from online colleges seeking to improve enrollment. I never could get verification if the application even gets forwarded to the employer.

The "Manager in Training" or MIT program is not designed at all to produce managers, it's 100% designed to bring in money. Let me give you an example. Out of 33 people in my class 16 finished boot camp (by design). They publish the numbers every day. Our class brought in well over $50,000 in revenue and close to $25,000 in profit. You may wonder how I determined the profit, one of the managers told me that the cost per call was $4 so it was easy to figure out the profit.

The MIT program is 12 weeks long and pays $500/wk (6 day weeks 9hr days on the phone. Some days were 12hrs with training). The average Rev per Person in our class was close to $3,500. This is a gold mine for this company. They are exploiting people on both sides of the ball. They tell you that you have a job but you don't, and then they tell people who call in that they are trying to help get them a job.

Finally, we had a director come in during the one week graduation party (they have to celebrate such milestones because you may not be around for another day) and he told us that we are truly just a few of 800-900 applicants accepted. He said they process applications of 800-900 per week. I felt great at first and then I realized, after watching hundreds more get hired, that we really were not such a select few but just as many as they could possibly train. I promise you that if they could put 800-900 people on the phones they would do it in a heartbeat. They just don't have a big enough building. If they don't get shut down first, they will find a bigger building.

1 review
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January 3rd, 2014

Ok, let me write a more intelligent report on Softrock than most others have. I, unlike 95% of most people writing these "reviews", have actually worked for Softrock.

Is it a SCAM?
Not necessarily.

Softrock does not scam anyone. Well, maybe their own employees, but not the public. People have wrote that they scam people into going back to school. Well let me ask this. What is wrong with someone going back to school? Letting them know that if they went back to school that they would get a better job. Is this scamming? I don't think so. If it was scamming people into getting more education, that would be fantastic. Lets also scam people into quitting smoking or scam people into eating healthy and losing weight.

We do help people get jobs by emailing them with a Job of the Day. Each day the system sends them a Job that matches their qualifications and interests. And ONLY if they are interested do we talk to them about going back to school.

Now I am not saying that this company is great or anything. They most certainly have their share of problems. For instance,

They require you to learn a huge script and be able to repeat it VERBATIM. I know a guy that missed literally one word and got fired. And it was something like replacing "of" instead of "for" or something like that. To be VERY familiar with the script is one thing, but to make everyone memorize something that is going to be right in front of them on the screen for every call is just stupid. And to be able to recite it verbatim with 100% accuracy is retarted. And it is a HUGE script.

In 'Boot Camp', what the call their training, you are paid a flat fee of $1000 for the two weeks. It is broken up into $400 for the first week and then $600 for the second week. And you're normally there from 7am - 7:30pm M-F. If you put that together that is less than $7/hour for the first week. (12.5 hours - 1 hour lunch x 5 days ÷ $400 = $6.95/hour). They do this in this way to make the most amount of money from you while paying you peanuts.

"Boot Camp" is nothing but you doing your job. You are on the phone with people. There is no real training. The first two days of Boot Camp you are in the classroom "learning". Honestly, the first two days is nothing but them blabbing their mouth about how awesome of a company they are while you study your script. No REAL training is given.

Then once you are actually working if you miss your numbers for a single day, you could be fired on the spot. I had a friend who exceeded his numbers M-F one week and Monday and Tuesday on the next week, but on Wednesday missed his numbers due to not a lot of calls coming in, and they fired him for it. That day he sometimes waited 45 minutes for a call to come in. I got fired for the exact same reason. I was always hitting or exceeding my numbers and one day (the day after a major holiday I might add) I missed my numbers (and barely). I was waiting for almost an hour between each call. And the next morning I get a tap on my shoulder during a call and asked to come in the office and was told to grab my things and I am fired. I asked why and the 'manager' stated "I don't have to give you a reason why. Now get your things and go". Then I demanded to know and all he said is "you missed your numbers yesterday".

That is another thing, their managers or terrible. Their only idea is to get rid of anyone that does not make their numbers. Why? Because they can. They hire so many people to work there that they don't need to worry about it. Don't forget, the fresh people in "training" don't get paid much. And there are ALWAYS a lot of people in 'training'. If they had a whole bunch of people who were there for a long time, they would have to be paying them a whole lot more.

And for those people that are there a while, they move them to other departments so they do not have to pay them their bonuses that they would have made in the call center. And if the person is good in the call center (and making a lot of money from bonuses) and doesn't want to move to another department, they will find a reason to get rid of them.

So like I said before, they are not scamming the public, they are scamming their employees.

I have more junk on this company but I really don't want to get into it anymore than what I have written. Hopefully anyone reading this will just not apply there.

I DO NOT recommend anyone to work for this company.

1 review
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April 14th, 2011

I started working for As a independent Media Buyer. Soft Rock is a recruitment advertising company specializing in marketing employer's jobs to local media sources. The Independent Media Buyer position requires writers to place ads for jobs being advertised by our clients in local markets (primarily online).
Its not a scam and you can make a lot of Money doing it. Initially you start out part time to be sure you can do the job. After a month you become full time starting out at $18.00 an hour.
Now I have worked in the Corporate world for 16 years and was tired of the mumble jumble that goes along with working in a Corporation. I don't miss it at all. I am pretty much my own boss and there is really no pressures to this job.
I think what happened with the girl that posted a comment stating they never answered the phone, is because Florida is in the Eastern time zone. I am not sure where your from but texas is in the central time zone. So that might have been why you couldnt get in contact with someone is because of the hour difference. I would try again, it will really pay off financially and you will be happy with the job.

1 review
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April 15th, 2011

Well... I was all excited about being able to make $18 an hour for simple online marketing. I just had my phone interview yesterday and suppose to start Monday. During the phone interview, the instructor asked my to type in the "team viewer" web page. I did and "Bamm!" He was able to see every move I made on my computer. I should have immediately sensed something wrong, but for some naive reason I didn't. He supposedly was touring me through everything I had to do, but while I was typing in my "marketing ad" example, the knuckle-head was probably touring through all my information on my pc. That invasion of privacy actually tells a lot about a fraud, because if the company was trustworthy, He would have warned me and asked my permission by explaining what Team Viewer was firsthand. All night the phone interview was on my mind, and usually your first instinct is your best. So I googled scams and stumbled upon several complaints. What is the job market coming to! Everybody wants an easy dollar! That sucks! I'm just hoping my identity isn't stolen now! Although I'm quite broke as it is!

1 review
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May 15th, 2012

Has anyone worked with this company as a Manager? I went in interviewing for a Customer Service Specialist and they wanted to promote my interview to a Manager in Training based on my creditials. After reading all the reviews I am a bit torn on what to do.

1 review
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June 25th, 2012

There are three interviews that you go through. I initially went in to interview for the customer service position. Michelle looked at my resume and said she wanted me for the MIT program. The second meeting was a three hour interview where you give a three minute elevator speech. The third interview culminates with meeting with one of the many hiring managers to let you know you got the job. The first day we had about 30 people in the class. By the end of the second day there were only 6 left. The class had to meet minimum thresholds to continue. We were not informed of these thresholds and given little feedback. Those of us that made it were astounded that we made it. Over the next few weeks we were told that we had to meet expectations and were given little feedback. Every day we wondered if we were going to be fired. Your job is to take incoming calls and convince the JOB seekers that they needed to go back to school. Once you transfer them over to the school specialists you wait to see if they qualify. You need ten qualifications per day to continue your job. This is a unrealistic expectation for someone who is not a telemarketer. The employees that are there will not look you in the eye simply because you are just a number who will most likely not be there tomorrow. The three trainers will give you hints to get better. Again if you are not a seasoned telemarketer good luck. You will be one of the many nameless faces that they hire and are gone in a couple of days. How they success in this business model is getting hordes of unsuspecting dolts to convince job seekers to go back to school. When you don't make it all of the people that did transfer to go back to school Softrock gets paid hundreds of dollars while they pay the multitude of minions minimum wage. You would be better off working for Burger King at least you know what you are getting into.

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You're already losing by wasting your time with these scoundrels. You'll get tossed out like a used disposable paper towel eventually. Same as all the rest.

By Nathan G.
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