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1 review
4 helpful votes

Decent website.Search provides opinions on almost anything.Real people share opinions and you can ask questions. It's like you are in the mall,talking to other consumers.Sometimes people are helpful,sometimes not.You can't blame them for that.At least they tried to help you.We should be thankful anyway.

1 review
7 helpful votes

I agree. This website is good. I like to read what other consumers say, before buying something. It saves me a lot of money.

1 review
10 helpful votes

Good website. I can ask questions and always get helpful replies from other consumers. There are no a lot of places like that.

2 reviews
14 helpful votes

I wish they would put more efforts into separating honest and useful information from the written-for-money-only information.
It's better to get firsthand info from the real people, rather than from paid marketers, as it is in many other places.
Anyway, there is plenty of useful information published on this website.

1 review
33 helpful votes
• Updated review

It seems that my follow up review has added a new verve towards this site and it should because people are actually standing up and stating how they're feeling about this site.

Like I stated in my previous follow up, the reason I wrote it is because it's the plain and simple truth and there are many, many people here who feel the exact same way an they have a right to speak out. But it has also attracted many who are trying to "defend" this pathetic excuse for a site by signing up with fake names and reusing the very same logos (possibly due to having more than one account which shouldn't be allowed) so that they can give five star glowing reviews for a site that everyone has dumped on.

I'm calling out two people in particular if they are for real, Alais A and Michele M. Now Alais, claims their review that there's "a paid blackmail campaign" against this site that have suddenly appeared. Well, let me see last time I checked, I'M NOT GETTING PAID TO WRITE THIS! and If was paid to write this, then why am I adding to it (FREE OF CHARGE) and all these kind, honest people have been posting their horrible experiences on here are expressing themselves. Are they getting paid? I definitely don't think so. They are simply telling the truth about their experiences and is that wrong? Absolutely not. Everyone is allowed to vent and express themselves freely last I heard it was written in the Constitution of the United States as freedom of speech. Which means, that myself or anyone who feels mistreated, or jerked around for lack of better word by a site or company that has done them both a disservice and an injustice their written voices, then they can definitely say whatever they want because that is how they feel and that is something you can't buy unless it's someone like you who actually is getting paid to write these bogus reviews.

If you're saying we're getting paid to write so negatively, where is your proof of this? How in the hell would you even know that, unless you're actually working with them, for them and trying to deflect this fact upon these people all because you're getting paid and they're not. That is pathetic. You should be ashamed of yourself for writing such hypocritical nonsense. Who are you kidding here? Where's your proof? Keep on drinking that 180 proof juice that you are drinking because you don't know you're talking about.

Now Michele M has a problem and if those have checked out the reviews there is someone else using a same similar icon and surprisingly only has one review and signed up recently to give this site a glowing review. Are you kidding me? If those can't see through your pathetic charade of defending this site or whether you call yourself Minnie Mouse or Daisy Duck. Seriously, it truly is pathetic that a company would really stoop so low or a person to totally discredit what everyone has said about their site through their own experiences. Isn't this what this site is really about? What makes this worse is that these people have the balls to continue to sign up with different names, aliases, and still come up with the same lame excuse to defend this site. I mean could you even try to do better than that? "I got paid and there's nothing wrong with the site. They're picky about their reviews which is why you're writing these reviews against us" Which in simple words is basically: "Your writing is no good that why you didn't get your reviews or articles chosen. Our site doesn't need hack writers like you"

I think I need to restate this again, I didn't write this review to be spiteful but because I'm telling the truth about how I feel about it and I still do. It is a bogus website that doesn't have its' act together and doesn't care about how you feel or I feel because they don't give a damn about the way we write or because of the quality of things we do write about. See, if they truly cared, then why don't they answer you right away? Why don't they explain or have a clear, concise business approach on how to truly handle submissions? Why do they seem to hide behind people like the ones I'm calling out to do their dirty work to defend them when they get paid to do so?

It's all just a smokescreen because the people at ReviewStream are scared and they should be. They really should be because we have voices and our words can easily shut them down. The more people speak up, the more justice is served by people freely expressing their thoughts, feelings, and discontent about it. See all these glowing reviews are simply to throw you off because the site is basically stating that we're all idiots for bashing them and have people signing up using false names and what not stating what a great experience the site is. Okay, then here is a question to you glowing ReviewStream enthusiasts (I can't use what they're really should be called because it would be in bad taste, but for those who know, you definitely know), So if your site is so great and everything is run so smoothly, then why is it so hard to get reviews up without having people steal your work or for that matter your work up at all? Why are they so picky, when the stuff on that site is weak compared to what I write?

Seriously, these people should be and deserved to be called out. If the site is crap, then tell the truth. Everyone here is and that is the problem here, you've got them where they don't want to be and that is in a position of weakness because they'll be losing revenue and writers, who get paid nothing or almost nothing and have their stories, articles, reviews, etc. taken away so they won't pay the people that actually wrote it. They'll be losing because everyone knows who they really are and that is, liars just like the ones I'm calling out, who are pathetic. Truly pathetic and I can say that because you don't deserve any respect or five minutes of anyone time to hear them out. Who's going to believe someone who's lying because a site is paying them to write positive reviews on their behalf because everyone here on Sitejabber is telling the truth.

I'll give Alais A. A little credit for something and that is the title of their review, "Be aware of fake information!" this person must be watching a little too much CNN or Fox News because it just tells you one thing and that is this: You have to copy what Sarah Huckabee Sanders at her press conferences because you don't know what else to say because whatever you could say is total fabrication. A delusion.

I say more power to you and stick with that. The rest of us who feel wronged, can keep on expressing themselves because it is our God given right. We can and we should to and teach a lesson to sites such as this one that our talents are just as good, if not great and our voices deserved to be heard one way or another. There are many "real" sites out there that are willing to listen and those are the ones you should search for or keep trying to get into because in time, those are the ones that will be your backers. If not, just write for yourself independently and others will take notice of your work and give you recommendations. Hell you could end up writing for CNN one day, but all you writers like myself out there cannot give up just because of a site like this. Trust me, we're better than that and we're better than the garbage that these two people are spewing on you because they want you to feel like you're worthless because they got their work published? No way in hell would I accept that and I don't think you should either.

So you aspiring writers out there, don't give up. Keep writing and others who have experience like I do, keep writing what you love most because others will too and that is the biggest reward of all. You don't need ReviewStream. They should be on their hands and knees begging you and me to write, but they won't because they are worthless and they know it. With all the rejected talent here that have spoken up, I would definitely say that there would be enough writers to start a website, magazine, etc. and you know what, it would be a thousand times more successful than this wasteland.

Tip for consumers: Don't believe Alais A or Michele M. They are paid to write positive reviews for ReviewStream. Listen to what the "real people" who don't get paid or work for this site have to say and if you have your own negative experience, then write what you feel. Don't let them put you down.

“Don't let the glowing charlatans fool you!”
• Previous review

In the past few weeks, I've seen a fair share of honest reviews and a great share of "fake" positive reviews posted by those who have written glowing reviews about this site. I will clarify a few things here as to why I wrote the original review in the first place. I wrote it not to be spiteful but it's because it's the truth. Those writing in their defense are either being paid to write this glowing review for them, completely misleading you because they are actually working for them personally and are writing glowing reviews to promote their website or simply because they're misguided thinking that there are no other places to submit writing and get paid.

If they are so good, then why am i writing a negative review? I would be writing for them if was such a great experience along with many others here. That definitely is not the case here. Which is why I'm writing this complete rebuttal. Do not believe what these others are saying with their five star reviews. If this site was all that, then why all the complaints? Why do people complain about the incompetency of their staff on whatever they choose to buy or publish on their site? Why aren't their clearer guidelines or criteria or even a response when those are being allegedly paid for their work? Why do people get rejected so much when their guidelines state that you can submit anything? If your reviews or articles suck, then why are they publishing your work and not paying you for it?

Of course, you can ask many of these questions but will they answer you? No. Their responses are that of that adults of a Charlie Brown cartoon "Wah-Wah WAH WAH!" if you even get one that is. There has to be a real reason behind this and what you get is nothing and will get nothing but basically a screw you, your work is not of real quality when you know that your work is ten times better than the content on their site.

These glowing reviews are just completely false and anyone who has the nerve to write them should have shame on their name. Don't mislead people with false hope for a site that isn't worth defending. Just because you think they might have bought a review doesn't mean that the next time they will or that they will even pay you anyway. So either way, you're the one ending up being the loser and already are through your unjustified opinions. What you're doing with your so-called gloating is completely discouraging others who think their work wasn't good enough to be on their site and maybe there is a reason. Maybe it is that your work IS definitely better than the website itself and they're embarassed about it to the point of stealing it without credit. I know my work is great enough to be on any site and definitely better than this site that's for sure by a country mile. Trust me there are sites out there you can write for, you just have to find them. Review Stream is just another wannabe upstart site that claims of what they do, but definitely "don't do" and that is giving writers a shot. If they did, then there wouldn't be complaints right? That is definitely not the case.

I'm not bitter about this or care, but when I see something is a total lie, I have to say something. My review will not be tarnished by those who are helping along a charade of a site that is a complete rip off. I'm not against anyone voicing their opinions but tell the truth. If you're not, don't even bother everyone will see right through you. For those aspiring writers, you shouldn't give up because of sites like this and you should never fall for people like the ones who have written their glowing reviews because they're hypocrites and don't know any better. The best way to get paid is to write something great but not for for a website. Write it for yourself and that there sells itself. It's about trusting your work and then submitting it to someone who really cares. Review Stream is a dumpster dive and a writer's nightmare.

Tip for consumers: DON'T. If you want to write for someone..use Paste and many others who do actually care about your work and not waste your time and energy.

“An Insult to aspiring writers and critics everywhere”
• Previous review

This site is absolutely horrible. They don't have a concept as to how to approve or read over reviews in a proper format. Their feedback is so vague that it really does bother you as to why they don't want to buy your reviews. Maybe we're too good for the site itself and if that's the case, then I'm proud to say that I'm a great writer than the content there is really worth valuewise not discourage other aspiring writers.

This site is not the appropriate for aspiring writers and really is very insulting for those who are really trying to make a career out of it. They're cheap in offering you money for reviews, but the process of actually doing one is a total joke. The site looks so cheap it looks like a paper mache of cobbled together pictures without any headlines or names of the reviews which makes you have to guess what it is and who wrote it.

The layout is crap when it comes to writing and there's too many red flags stating you can't write this or that that it is completely off putting. How can you write a proper review when the website owners have attention spans of gnats in terms what a real review is. If they're from another country, then they have no business using American writers to make their site look good because it sucks. It really truly sucks.

You may think you're getting paid to write great stuff, but you're not. Not when there's a mysterious group you can't contact and offer some type of feedback on the matter. It's horrible and a waste of time for those who really deserve to have their creative voices heard. It's a pure insult!

1 review
20 helpful votes

OMG, there is an obvious paid blackmail campaign going on against this website. Just see how many negative posts suddenly arose all around the Internet lately.
For example, "pissed w." below is an obvious liar. He said: "The supposedly "rejected" reviews are still being published on their website!". But this is impossible, since this is a legal case sooner or later for sure. There is no chance company will do that, being in business for so long. And what for they would do something like that? To get one more review about shampoo or "Titanic" movie? Seriously?
Be aware of fake information!
I never had any problems with this website.

2 reviews
17 helpful votes

It seems, that the World is divided between those who can sell to Reviewstream and those who can't.
I sell them enough of my writings. Probably because I do follow their suggestions. In the end, Reviewstream is a publisher and knows better what is worth publishing.

To the guy below, saying "If they're from another country, then they have no business using American writers".
Shame on you. Internet has no borders. No doubt you can't sell anything with such an attitude.

And to those, saying reviewstream stole their writing.
It doesn't pay for the comments and never did. Why do you even expect to be paid?
You didn't bother to study how this business works, but claim money. It's just unbelievable just how ignorant somebody could be.

1 review
0 helpful votes

We ordered osocozy Unbleached prefolds with two months ago and they never arrived. Not 1 member of staff could tell me where they were or whether they were going to arrive. I tried to cancel the product-to no avail. I called every day for 3 weeks to be told the same thing. We STILL have no refund and no product-two months later. It is the worst service I have ever experienced.

9 reviews
20 helpful votes

Extremely disappointed that this website seems to run on distrust, dishonesty and plagiarism.

Their idea of running a website seems to be ripping off the poor writers of their time and efforts.

I have learn it the hard way and have ever since added this site to my N.A list - Never Again list.

2 reviews
16 helpful votes

Actually it doesn't matter do I like it or not. The sad truth is - there is no more websites,that would buy writings online on regular basis. That's why I sold a lot of articles to Reviewstream and will sell more.End of the story.

1 review
12 helpful votes

This site is a HUGE waste of time. I was excited when I first discovered it because, as an English major, I love any opportunity that involves writing. It seemed legit and there were many reviews that had been recently published. They rejected my first couple of reviews, but I thought I just had to try harder, so I continued to write them. I wrote long, in-depth reviews, which took HOURS of my day. Well, guess what? The supposedly "rejected" reviews are still being published on their website! Being rejected is one thing, but to then go on and PUBLISH the reviews anyway? Wow! Absolutely disgusting. I see I'm not the only one it's happened to, so I guess there's the answer to why the site LOOKS so active. Stolen reviews, lol.

1 review
19 helpful votes

I like academy they launched recently. Highly recommended. Overall experience is good as well. Rating 4/5

1 review
19 helpful votes

There were many of such websites before. All of them are gone because of the cheaters. Reviewstream doesn't allow cheaters to take advantage. That's why I like it.

5 reviews
22 helpful votes

You don't like my reviews, doesn't mean you can insult me and call me "worthless person writing worthless reviews"!!!! Funny that you still submitted my "worthless reviews" without my permission!!

You dare to be nasty but dare not respond to my email and then deleting the insulting message the next day and pretended like nothing happened!!

Crap website run by coward idiots!!

2 reviews
22 helpful votes

I had a few rejected reviews in my account and today when I went back, I saw that they had published on of them without paying me! I did not allow them to publish my reviews without paying!

They are a cheat!

3 reviews
23 helpful votes

Hidden gem. I mean it.
One can either post on social networks for free or be published on a reputable website and get paid.
If you can write, then this is the place to be.

3 reviews
25 helpful votes

This website is very good. Simple to use and nothing is hidden under the huge disclaimers. They pay incredibly fast - request it and the next day you are with cash. Exactly what I need.

2 reviews
24 helpful votes

They buy. They pay. Criteria is clear - attract readers.
Easy money to cover some of my bills. Recommended.

4 reviews
25 helpful votes

I'm shocked to see all these negative comments down there. Worth noting, that some of them are written in the same style. Competitors? Haters? Cheaters? Anyway, I can't confirm most of them.
Trust score went down? Why would it go up, if readers didn't show any engagement with your reviews?
ReviewStream refused to buy from you? Why should they? This is free market. Write something else. Make another proposal.
Site looks messy? This is not spacecraft. Take your time and make an effort to understand what button to press and when.

I'm with ReviewStream during 5 years already. There were ups and downs, but overall experience is positive.
Not to mention, that this is probably the only place remained, where I can exchange my writing skills for cash quite easy.

15 reviews
57 helpful votes

Very similar experience with many writers here. This website is fishy. They have many despicable ways of not paying by preventing writers from ever reaching the minimum amount.

- dropping trust score
- rejecting reviews
- rejected but still publishing your reviews without paying you (very disgusting!)
- threatening to ban your account if you ever question them

I've very low tolerance for plagiarism and Reviewstream just out right steal my review which they REJECTED and refuse to pay me and put it on their website!! Well, if you wanna steal, don't be lazy, at least correct my spelling mistakes!! Now, tell me, is this kind of business you can trust?

Did a quick search and found payment proofs that are very old, at least 5-8 years back. Was thinking did anyone still get pay by them or they just make everyone not reach the minimum amount?


3 reviews
25 helpful votes

Good website. Just not for everyone.
They will not pay for three sentences. Even for 5 they will not pay. Who will nowadays? They want to buy valuable content.
It's all in your own hands. I'm doing very well with them.

1 review
15 helpful votes

Total waste of time.I am quite embarrassed that I actually believed in what they promised when I was signing up.

3 reviews
34 helpful votes

Have no idea why my reviews aren't posted here.

I just want to warn others about this scam site that alters the trust score so writers earn very little and have to write more. (Yes, there is a link between your trust score and the amount you can earn per review)

My trust score nose dived from 106 to 42 overnight. It's impossible this way!

Tip for consumers: Don't write for them as it waste your time and work!

1 review
26 helpful votes

Yes, you say you reject my reviews and photos when you actually steal them and post them on your site any way without paying me? Why? And no rude comm

2 reviews
32 helpful votes

I have heard some people around me complaining about this site, so I decided to join it and see for myself.

Firstly, I must say that the layout is really bad and messy and the "highlight or showcased" reviews at the top of the main page is full of outdated products and badly taken photos. Navigation is very confusing and user unfriendly. The icon to the member's page is not on all pages so you must navigate around before landing on the page with the icon to lead to the member's page.

Writing for them is never like they stated. You can't write about anything you want because the admins are editor-wannabes that micro manager their users and control what and how they could write to even what photos could be used. What they didn't care or realize is that, there are readers who commented that the images posted not relevant or helpful to what is written in the reviews.

Reviewstream promises to pay very high price per review ($8-10 for a text review and much more for others), however, they hardly pay at this rate because they'll only accept most reviews at bulk rate (one fifth of the normal amount). The rate the author receive also depends on the trust rating of the author, however, this can easily be modified by the admin.

When reviews are rejected, reasons given are ambiguous and not helpful to the writers at all. Contacting them for more details, only end up in disappointment because replies are as unhelpful and sometimes very rude.

What I really don't like about the site is that they still keep rejected reviews in their databases and there is no way the author could removed them from the database, which I find it rather unfair for the authors.

I didn't stay long enough with the site to experience the constant rejection and I don't intend to waste time writing reviews for them and end up not getting paid.

However, I've heard users experiencing both the constant rejections and the site decreasing their trust score to the point they could only get about slightly more than a dollar for a review at bulk rate, making it impossible to get paid because the minimum payout is so high.

I won't trust this site.

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