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This company and its team of researchers and scientists should be awarded every medal, every award known to medical research and for saving lifes. Sad that this should have happened many years ago and I applaud your bravery you will succeed.
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This is outstanding equipment! It has already worked wonders on my Epstein Barr, Inflammation and more. My husband's prostate problems are resolving very quickly, and his lung and bronchial issues are disappearing. Earlier the first Rife I had ever seen cured my malaria. Imagine if every town in Africa had clinics for treating malaria!

This machine has brought back a spring to my step, relief of pain, muscle spasms, and the ability to begin to regain my normal activities!

Thank you Resonant Lighting Technologies, for the great customer service, patience in answering so many questions, knowledgeable personnel and more! Looking forward to continuing to learn from you for many years to come. Lynn B.
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I think I should share my experience with PERL M+ maybe it's can be help for someone. I was so desperate looking for help for 5 years and not even one doctor could diagnose Lyme disease and Babesia co-infection. I thought I am on the point of death. Finally, as most people with chronic Lyme I end up with LLMD, antibiotics, herbs etc. and nothing works.
But it is not about my story it's about PERL. It was 8 months in October as I started use PERL to kill extremely resistant Lyme disease bacteria. (I am really impressed with LD organism's knock for survival and specially when a single spirochete converts to cyst form to survive a harsh environment- five new re-emerge from that single cyst when cyst re-activate.) Six months were PURE hell. THANKS to PERL! As a result of PERL work, bacteria are killed and an intense release of neurotoxins from dying bacterial organisms floods the body. "Getting worse before get better". PERL goal to kill them my goal to help my body get rid of toxins. Now my husband told me that he sees a progress. I laugh again, I walk again, I am doing home and outside work. But it is not over yet! It is just a beginning. It is very painful and long journey. "A person going through this treatment finds out how many areas of his body are infected. Usually, that means the entire body." Doug MacLean. It takes Years but I will not give up and I will win! Doug MacLean also mentioned that while he chasing Lyme other problems disappeared. It is absolutely true. It is exactly happened with my 15 years old toy poodle. She has adenomas (Sebaceous cysts) all over her body, especially on her back for many years. Nothing helped, not a surgery, not medications. Cysts breaks open with blood. She completely lost hairs on the back. She always present when I do treatments. She loves it, she cannot miss even one session. She always first in the room, sit and wait. And miracle happened! Cysts got flat, start to disappear and hairs grow back but different color, kind of brown (see photo). I did not do any special treatments for her just my procedures and its work. Also, she never had good appetite, always had diarrhea. Now she feels good and eat like a German Shepherd.
One more miracle. My friend son, who is college student got Eczema. You should see his eyes full of gratitude when Eczema disappeared after couple month using PERL. He told me that he was so embarrassed and always tried to hide his hands.
My neighbor came like letter- Z. She helped her husband move refrigerator and hurt her back. She left like a letter- I after one treatment. She came three times and pain gone.
My fried within three weeks of numerous visits to doctor come to me with headache its was inflammation of occipital nerves. She took two treatments to forget about this pain. She could not believe it. She could not stop saying: "Three weeks, three weeks I was in pain"
It is so funny when my friends call me next day so surprised that they feel good.
I have three different Rife machines - contact, DC, AC but PERL M+ is SUPERIOR.
I could write much more but... May be next time. With the best wishes Mila
“PERL M+ Saving my life!”
• Previous review
When I contacted Resonant Light I did not experience any problem at all and particularly like was described in previous review. I ask marketing rep to email me testimonials from people who have Lyme disease and info. He called me when I told him to call. I never get any bad thing from them. They have an excellent support to set machine, how to use ...
PERL M+ is amazing device! It is a result of an excellent, hard work of this company. Just take your free time to learn what EM Frequencies can do to microbes, nature around, human healing and you will be amaze. I am right now in the painful straggle with Lyme but I WILL NOT GIVE UP and I WILL WIN!
With best wishes - Mila.
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I have known about Rife technology for decades but never had the chance to use one. I have had the opportunity to use the Perl M+ with ProGen II controls and am ecstatic with the results.
MRSA free, metabolism restored, chronic migraines nearly gone and we've just begun.
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This Canadian company sells expensive products known as Rife Machines, so this review is extensive and covers all the RED FLAGS that I should have paid attention to long before I realized I had to return the machine.

1) If you request information via their website, you will receive a telephone call. And they will keep calling you, and calling you, and calling you, and calling you, until you learn that this is a sales ploy, and learn as I did to tell them to stop calling. As a consumer, it should be clear that you are a) receiving emailed information OR b) going to be contacted by telephone. 1st RED FLAG.

2) When I took this step of telling the saleswoman to stop calling me, I called back and asked to speak with a different salesperson. I still had questions, and wanted to take my time to think about this "very big purchase" without pressure. I told the new salesman that the previous saleswoman was very pushy. And, she tried to up sell me, even though she heard me say, over the telephone and in emails, that I was not interested in the higher end model. UP SELL should always be a RED FLAG.

3) I will now ask myself when I haven't asked to be called, and wanted information by email which is how I thought this information would be sent to me what boundary setting does this company NOT understand OR what do they have to hide? If it appears that information will be emailed but you receive a telephone call BEWARE. 2nd RED FLAG.

4) What I should have done early on was go to a Facebook Group for Rife Machines. In my experience, I saw a lot of adverts and the person running the Group is probably selling a machine. But, you will also be able to post questions, and read people's experiences with various companies. When I mentioned Resonant Light, another member of the FB Group related the same experience of being "harassed" (his words) by sales calls that wouldn't stop.

5) The new salesperson I was connected to at RL kept repeating, ad nauseum on every telephone call, that they offer "Lifetime Support"; in my experience, this was not true. I will elaborate.

6) Once I did purchase a lower end model, staff was helpful as I learned the machine. Responses were usually within 48 hours but I noticed 2 things:
a) It wasn't always the same person who answered my email or responded to my telephone call.
b) My questions weren't always answered so I had to email again this is inefficient. If emails were piling up at RL's end, as I will relate further on, perhaps a staffer needs to look at how many emails are not fully answered the first time. This company embodies the maxim: "There's always enough time to do it twice, but never enough time to do it right."

Here is what happens: The next CSR in the queue gets the email or telephone call! So there's no consistency. In many of my emails, parts or an entire question were missed because CSR didn't take the time to READ the email in its entirety. So it took yet more of my time to write back that they hadn't read the email and answered my questions.

If LIFETIME SUPPORT is offered, isn't this part of LIFETIME SUPPORT?

And, sometimes, I would get different answers to the same question!!??

7) In the Manual sent with the machine, and in the materials sent by email, I found a handful of errors. This is a frequency machine, which means it generates electricity. Some of the errors were glaring and, in my estimation, posed a danger. For a company in business 23 years, I would expect a qualified editor to have gone over the Manual and email materials with a fine tooth comb. 3rd RED FLAG.

8) The unit I purchased came with accessories. Nov 24 I received a severe burn from an elbow accessory my skin turned black. I emailed RL, and cc'd the salesman. It was suggested that I try a "few things", which I did; I continued to get burned. I reminded RL again on Nov 28 about the burn. Dec 5 I asked what frequency sets I could use for the burn I received. I received no answer until Jan 15. Instead, CSR suggested I use sticky pads!

It took over one month for the salesman to respond. 4th RED FLAG. His response? A $50 refund.

(9) Having worked for ER MD's in research for 22 years, I was grounded in excellent research, organizational, and tracking skills. I learned to ask a lot of questions to make sure I was getting the correct data, and, that I could verify the data. Apparently I crossed some invisible LIFETIME SUPPORT LINE that prompted an email from the owner of the company. (SEE 11)

(10) "We love to hear feedback, and hope you will share your experiences with us as you go along on your healing journey."

The above was a sample of what I would receive periodically from CSR staff. I assumed that they encouraged feedback so that they could incorporate it into their website or literature. But my questions they did not like these, especially when it shed light on errors in their manual OR instructions OR called attention to the fact that they were not completely reading my emails so that I had to repeat myself

(11) In February, the staff apparently had become so overwhelmed by general CSR requests from the public that the owner of the company started to answer some of the emails herself; as luck would have it, she answered one of mine. When I realized that she hadn't read my email, that she answered what she wanted to answer, the questions that seemed to interest her, I asked that she not answer any more of my emails.

"What I find interesting is that there is always enough time to do it twice, but never enough time to do it right. Otherwise, we'd not be having this distasteful conversation.
I asked not to communicate with you again and that's not negotiable. I also find it interesting that before I purchased the PG3, staff was helpful, encouraged my questions. Once I purchased the unit, that level of commitment fell off, and now you consider me demanding. A lifetime of support. Right."

While the owner apologized, she said that when I requested that she, the owner, not answer any more of my emails [I'd expect flubs and misses from staff but when the owner flubs and misses then that's a 5th RED FLAG] that that minimized her and placed undue stress on her staff.

My response: "You have placed undue stress on me. I made that request about not sending my emails to you because, in my experience, whenever a person doesn't read an email, and especially when it involves a machine that can cause injury [as the PG3 did with a defective elbow accessory] then NO, I don't want to talk with that person again. Asking NOT to talk with you was about taking care of myself; cc'ing was to cover my bases."

The owner's response: "Your requests have been, in my humble opinion, very demanding. Questions that are not support related which take much time away from customers who are using the PERL for terminal cases."

The irony is that my questions were support-related, as I am showing in this review but the owner had not read my email to "know" that they were support-related.

And that was the final straw that and the word "terminal." So there was a priority queue at RL if you were dying.

I replied:
"I find your response unprofessional, off-putting, defensive, and distasteful. You hit with one hand, and soothe with the other. I have questions; if you see my questions and concerns as demanding, then you've lost sight of providing good customer service. I've been burned by a defective accessory from RL; I am even more cautious now about using this machine, given that I still have the marks of that burn on my arm. So yes, when it comes to the operation of the machine, or using it in a new way, then I am going to ask questions, and, it was why I requested a telephone call to ask about the sweeps. My request again was ignored. Your reply has been disturbing and disrespectful; this is the last communiqué you and I will have. Your email will be blocked anon."

So readers, if a RED FLAG goes up, pay attention to it. If another RED FLAG goes up, get ready to circle the wagons. Even though I did months of research before purchasing this machine, and asked questions of the salesman and the CSR staff, I was still blindsided by this company. What I would have done differently was to find a FB group or any other group sooner and try to get a feel for others' experiences with a company. A company is only going to publish good things on their website it's up to you, as a potential purchaser of their product, to find all the reasons NOT to purchase their product before you consider doing so.

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There may be but this is the real deal the one used in many clinical trials.

By Matthew M.
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This is as true as you can get. Pharmaceutical companies spend millions on trying to keep this away from the public they would loose billions of dollers people need to wake up and realize this. Why don't u think they have a cure for Aids? Because pharmaceutical companies make billions on aids medications do u think they are going to allow a cure to be known ?

By Jess r.
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