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PeoplePublicRecords.org has a consumer rating of 1.23 stars from 44 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about PeoplePublicRecords.org most frequently mention total scam problems. PeoplePublicRecords.org ranks 69th among People Search sites.

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“Total scam”

Colleen B.

Total scam. Just like so many have said, you enter payment information and don't get any more data once transaction is complete. All searches return "no results found" and it's difficult to find a way to cancel the "one week trial". I ended up calling safecart.com to ensure I would not be billed again and I will refute any additional billing to my paypal account (esp. Since this business has already stolen $4.95 from me).

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1 review
5 helpful votes
December 23rd, 2011

I checked back on the site and they have improved a lot since the last time.

3 reviews
9 helpful votes
February 21st, 2014

I am surprised that I found so much information, very impressed!

1 review
4 helpful votes
December 31st, 2014

Total scam. Just like so many have said, you enter payment information and don't get any more data once transaction is complete. All searches return "no results found" and it's difficult to find a way to cancel the "one week trial". I ended up calling safecart.com to ensure I would not be billed again and I will refute any additional billing to my paypal account (esp. Since this business has already stolen $4.95 from me).

1 review
2 helpful votes
December 1st, 2014

Stay away from this scam! One star? How about half of a star? Negative stars? Found three revues more than one star - all three from Henry M. Related to Richard F. Are you, Henry? I submitted all of my La. Truck license plate numbers - no record. They found car plate number - just not in La. Try Oregon. Reverse on my phone number - somebody else's name 100 miles from here. Same with my brother's phone - 100 miles in a different direction. Pure scam!

1 review
2 helpful votes
March 24th, 2015

This company and it's so called charge department should've been stopped along time ago. Where are the reviews I am seeing here, is there a way to hack their site and post these? I notice the advertisement for the service only has an email for a contact. My bad, thinking I could trust a company. Grrr oh -0 stars

1 review
4 helpful votes
October 3rd, 2010

I used this web site and found wealth of information about myself, will recommend to others.

1 review
4 helpful votes
April 28th, 2015

As soon as I clicked on the VIN search. I saw the charge of $4.95 and the first thing that hit my brain was, so what if you come up with zilch, nadda, nothing... read the reviews. How do these types of companies get away with scamming people like this? Imagine how many people HAVE sent their money and will never get it back. The really sad part is there is not 1 single good review for this company and someone needs to find out what they are doing.

1 review
1 helpful vote
March 13th, 2015

I purchased the package when site told me they had TONS of info on the person I was looking up. They didn't have SH!+. I called within the hour to cancel & refund & the customer service guy was SO rude for no reason! Do NOT purchase from this site. You can find more info on Google!

1 review
4 helpful votes
June 12th, 2015

Should be zero stars, but you have to rate the site:(
I should have checked for reviews first. The site looks so ligit. I just lost $4.95 to a NON-USA scam. After the payment, there was an agreement (that I did not agree upon) that states that I just purchased a "membership". I opened a dispute at PayPal. Hoping for the best.

Tip for consumers:
If you purchased this scam, check your bank statements to make sure you aren't charged again. Their agreement says you purchased a membership.

1 review
5 helpful votes
October 1st, 2013

Just read this site, but it's too late, there is no contact details, no response, and no email to confirm membership etc, I thought it was strange how it takes you to another site, I've cancelled my card in case they try and take more money from me. Hopefully the bank will refund me, I've informed PAYPAL to their scheme, but they said there was nothing they can do, It's money I can't afford to lose. The thieving T%4@ts.

1 review
2 helpful votes
May 29th, 2015

Looking up a vin number and only info they could give was the the make and year of the car! This is a scam

1 review
1 helpful vote
June 20th, 2015

This company does bad business! They never answer emails and they lie about what they can do.

1 review
3 helpful votes
April 9th, 2015

Purchased a DMV record and they gave me the vehicle specification. Total scam.

1 review
2 helpful votes
January 2nd, 2015

False advertising. Cant do basic searched. Its a scam

1 review
3 helpful votes
November 30th, 2015

Do not use this company ever... you do a one time Vin search for example and then they charge you automatically each month. Watch your bank statement closely... the charge will be listed as Safecart! Go to the DMV... DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!

2 reviews
1 helpful vote
November 17th, 2015

There information is incorrect and erroneous.

1 review
7 helpful votes
July 22nd, 2014

Total Scam. First is said they had data on the person I was researching, once I paid, "no results found" is what I got. Thankfully, Clickbank refunded my money.

6 reviews
15 helpful votes
September 5th, 2014

Thanks for the advice man I almost went there
If anybody is reading this thread of comments there is NO NEED to go down further.
More than 90% have commented 1 star for this site
My advice as an experienced searcher: DO NOT GO THERE. DO NOT PAY THEM.
This message may sound familiar already but trust me (or us XD)

1 review
7 helpful votes
December 9th, 2013

This F%*kin scam is still active.
My Gf just did it today, i flipped when i read the reveiws on here.
My bank gave me the # listed below
A call to clk bank got me a refund within an hour w/ email confirmation too.
Call clk bank@ *******035 to get your refund.
The rep was very nice, kinda sounded like she may also be working a phone sex line also?:)
But strangely knew our name and email without asking?
Were we the only dumbasses of the day?

Thanx sitejabber and all who submitted reveiws!

1 review
9 helpful votes
September 2nd, 2013

Not only did I not find the driving records I wanted to search for, but a few days later my credit card used to pay for this site started getting fraudulent transactions, even though I did not lose my card. I cannot say this is 100% the problem of peoplepublicrecords.org, but I did not find any other unusual use of my card recently, i. E. all other parties I used the cards for many years.

1 review
9 helpful votes
May 16th, 2014

This site is a total scam. I put in my own license plate and it gave me someone who lived in another state!. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME! I called the 800 number for CLKBANK and will hopefully get my money refunded! Wish I would have done more research before wasting my time on this site.

1 review
8 helpful votes
October 28th, 2014

This service is a scam. I purchased a lifetime membership in March but they disabled my password. I have sent several emails to them at the address listed on the site and they continually ask me to send back order numbers and copies of receipts which they ignore. I contacted Clickbank *******035) who said that PeoplePublicRecords is "out of business" and they won't honor refunds beyond 60 days. PPR must be using a different payment service because as of today their website is still active and they are taking orders. Don't waste your money!

1 review
6 helpful votes
July 17th, 2013

I agree with all of the negative reports above. I can find more information on Google. I bought the Premium Service. The sight began dropping searches. When I click on the sight it is down. Doing a search of the sight, there is no way to sign in. They will take your credit card in a second but then deny the service for those that have already paid. Don't fall for the SCAM.

1 review
6 helpful votes
January 5th, 2014

Today is january 4,2014. The site is still a scam. I tried to call clk bank at *******035. They are not open but i am hoping they will give me a refund.

1 review
4 helpful votes
April 21st, 2012

Just like everyone else I wish I had checked out the site before using. You will spend money for nothing. Will forward you to another site where you will pay again for info. Information is vauge on site, no way to once so called registered to start second look-up while ending up at pay again.

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Do it quickly though.

By Copacetic I.
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Are they going to steal my ssn

By kaitlyn m.
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