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Changsha, HN 410000, CN
Tel: 1-315-889-8128

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This site is a scam. They deliver fake email and ask you to associate your account so they can transfer

They never transfer anything and then they say that since the account was associated they sent you the zen

And of course PayPal must have a bunch of idiots working for them because they believe this site

Stay away

10 reviews
76 helpful votes

credible site, Coupon "VIPNW" with best off for Daimond or "NWNW" plus most extr Gold, use this coupons to get best deal and fastest delivery.

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Their '15 minute delivery time' is a joke. It is now 4 days later and they have delivered nothing at all. Thank goodness I paid with PayPal and I currently have the transaction in dispute and will escalate it to a claim in three more days. They make continual promises by email of 'we're ready to deliver!' and then don't. They also asked me to remove the dispute from Paypal when they had given me nothing.

Stay away from this website!

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Stay away from this site. This is another of the MANY MANY IGN/IGNMAX/mmosell Websites and E-Mail address's. I am going to get an entire list of every single webpage and domain to stay away from. Because every last one of these pages are nothing but thieves. They take your money and then they never give you anything at all. And when asked about the status of your item or items. You are told about 10 different random lies over and over again. Everything from (The person who collects your gold/diamonds/gil or what ever. Is sleeping) and (The manager isn't here and I don't have the refund password) And (Check back in 2 4 6 8 10 all the way up to 24 hours) Also (This is a hot game and we are short on stock check back in 24 hours) and (I left a note with the manager and he will refund you when he gets in) and so on. It just goes on and on and on.

I do have some photo's of convo's with them.... It's very annoying of course.... I also have logs I think I will post so you can see what type of stuff goes on. I contacted support 20 times. And every single time they make up a different story. AND some times they make them up in the same chat LOL. He was like. check back in 2 hours. Then he was like 7 then 12 then 24. I was like.. Wow.. That a lot of changing times.... You do know I don't believe a single word you say right?. Then he said something is Chinese and close the support window. So then I contacted them back again and now every time I contact them they type. Blocking.... Blocking... over and over again as soon as they enter chat.

SO SAVE YOUR SELF MONEY AND LOTS OF TIME AND SANITY AND STAY AWAY FROM EVERY ONE OF THESE IGN WEBPAGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to post the webpages they also own. And then some of the logs from a few support chats just to see what kind of worthless POS they are.

This is a current list of there known webpages And E-Mail they own and steal money from and not issue refunds or your items you paid for:

Known E-Mail Address's

Most of all known IGN and IGN partner run websites. I will add more later due to me getting tired of working. Its late lol. But yea I hope this helps people and make sure you STAY AWAY FROM EVERY LAST ONE OF THESE PLACES!!!!!!!!!!! You will get ripped off.

P.S. This is to you fake review leaving idiots who work for IGN and there partners. No one believes your fake posts. They see right through them right away and all you do is make your self look worse. Because not only are you thieves but your idiots also. Oh and not to mention the dumbest lairs I have ever seen. <---- They are in bed with IGN webpages. They promote all there pages and talk about how amazing they are and how every time they order its in 10 mins and blah blah blah. Suck suck suck. If you know what I mean LOL. (I am tired of typing www. after every webpage LOL. Sorry)

Enjoy everyone and I hope this saves everyone from being ripped off like I have been! Share with all your friends and facebook pages and everyone you know who play's MMO games. THANKS!


Convo 1

Welcome! You have been added into the queue.Please feel free to contact us through live chat.
The chat is createdMickey is servicing you
Welcome to our website! Please wait for a customer rep to respond.
Mickey :(07-02 17:57:24)
Welcome and thank you for visiting our website, This is mickey, How can i help you?
You :(07-02 17:57:45)
Well. I would like to cancel my order and get a refund please.
Mickey :(07-02 17:58:21)
Plz tell me ur payment email address, so I can check out your order. Thank you
You :(07-02 17:58:38)
Mickey :(07-02 17:58:51)
Mickey :(07-02 17:59:03)
will deliver u in 24 hours
You :(07-02 17:59:46)
On the website it said 15 min delivery. And its been almost 24 hours now and I have been told that there is no time window on when I will get the diamonds. So I am asking for a refund
Mickey :(07-02 18:00:09)
Mickey :(07-02 18:00:12)
since this game is hot
Mickey :(07-02 18:00:30)
i am pretty sure we are the safest
You :(07-02 18:01:07)
I heard that before. Thats not an issue for me tho. I just want a refund. I ordered from somewhere else and got the 2 million in 11 mins. So I would like a refund.
You :(07-02 18:02:17)
Mickey :(07-02 18:02:30)
Mickey :(07-02 18:02:36)
if u want a refun
Mickey :(07-02 18:02:42)
pls come about 3 hours later
Mickey :(07-02 18:02:45)
our manager can refund u
You :(07-02 18:03:13)
Alright. I will live chat you in 3 hours. I will live chat you at 9pmEST
You :(07-02 18:03:21)

Convo 2

The chat is createdSoniya is servicing you
Welcome to our website! Please wait for a customer rep to respond.
Soniya :(07-02 20:43:08)
Hello.Welcome to visit our website, how can I help you?
You :(07-02 20:43:53)
I am contacting you to get a refund for my 2 million AD I paid for 24 hours ago. I still have not gotten them and I want a refund
Soniya :(07-02 20:44:06)
checking...plz hold on.
Soniya :(07-02 20:44:24)
sorry, our manager isnt here, and I dont have the password for refund
You :(07-02 20:44:47)
I was told they would be there now.
Soniya :(07-02 20:45:36)
he isnt coming yet
You :(07-02 20:47:19)
Look I just want a refund im tired of the games I paid for something I never got and I kept being told lies over and over about when I was getting them and I know I am not going to be getting them
You :(07-02 20:47:22)
I just want a refund.....
Soniya :(07-02 20:47:47)
I have left a message to my manager , when he comes online he will refund ur money
You :(07-02 20:47:57)
Ok. Thank you.
You :(07-02 20:48:03)
Soniya :(07-02 20:48:05)
Soniya :(07-02 20:48:08)

Convo 3

Welcome! You have been added into the queue.Please feel free to contact us through live chat.
The chat is createdMeenar is servicing you
Welcome to our website! Please wait for a customer rep to respond.
Meenar :(07-03 13:34:23)
Hello,welcome to visit our website, How can I help you?
You :(07-03 13:35:01)
Meenar :(07-03 13:35:17)
Hello. This is Customer Service Center, what can I do for you?
You :(07-03 13:35:57)
Well. I wanted to say that over the past 3 days I have been told everything you could think of. Everything from. The manager isnt in. To we dont have the password to do refunds.
You :(07-03 13:36:09)
And that its a hot game and thats why you cant do anything right now
You :(07-03 13:36:26)
So then I was told 3 days ago I would get a refund in 3 hours.
You :(07-03 13:36:54)
Then I contacted you guys. And you said I would get one 8 hours later yesterday. So then today you guys told me I would get one 12 hours later.
Meenar :(07-03 13:36:59)
Hold on plz, I am checking for you
You :(07-03 13:37:34)
So I am contacting you to say I want a refund for the items I paid for. I never got them and I am tired of the games and lies and trying to push me over.
Meenar :(07-03 13:37:53)
please check back in 12 hours , and we will refund you if we can not make the dleivery then. sorry for this trouble.
You :(07-03 13:38:23)
Oh god please dont say that again. You guys have said the same thing for 3 days now. I want my refund now....
You :(07-03 13:39:21)
You guys can do it right now. If you can accept the money you can refund it. On paypal it takes a few clicks to refund it. I have a sellers account on paypal so I know. Its easy as hell.
You :(07-03 13:39:26)
Please send my refund.
You :(07-03 13:39:30)
I am asking nicely
Meenar :(07-03 13:39:31)
You :(07-03 13:41:02)
So your refunding my money right now?
You :(07-03 13:42:08)
Meenar :(07-03 13:42:43)
our manager is not here atm, I've left a message to him, and he will refund your money in 24 hours.
You :(07-03 13:43:09)
OMG... You just said 12 hours... NOW 24?? WTF.... WHy are you guys playing games!
You :(07-03 13:43:42)
I am not playing anymore. I want my refund. I want my money back. No waiting. No more games or lies. JUST GIVE ME MY REFUND!
Meenar :(07-03 13:43:52)
you can check back in 7 hours
Meenar :(07-03 13:43:55)
boss will be here in 7 hours
You :(07-03 13:44:57)
Ok... Lets get this straight... Check back in 12. Then 24. Then 7. Is it just me or can you not even tell your making up stuff and forgetting what you said???? I dont want to wait any hours
You :(07-03 13:45:01)
I want the refund NOW!
Meenar :(07-03 13:45:12)
we will refund you
You :(07-03 13:46:53)
You said you where 3 days ago. And I still have no refund.
Meenar :(07-03 13:47:33)
do not worry, remeber to check back in 7 hours
You :(07-03 13:48:35)
Ok. I will contact back in 7 hours. If I dont hear anything about refund or If I am told I have to wait again. I am just going to file a paypal claim. Bye.

Convo 4

The chat is createdSoniya is servicing you
Welcome to our website! Please wait for a customer rep to respond.
Soniya :(07-03 20:56:16)
Hello.Welcome to visit our website, how can I help you?
You :(07-03 20:56:40)
I am back. I was told to come back 7 hours and I would get my full refund
Soniya :(07-03 20:56:46)
checking...plz hold on.
You :(07-03 20:59:40)
Soniya :(07-03 20:59:46)
checking...plz hold on.
Soniya :(07-03 21:00:01)
sorry, our manager isnt here, and I dont have the password for refund
You :(07-03 21:00:43)
No.. Thats total BS. You guys have been telling me the same thing now for 4 Days!!!! I WANT MY REFUND NOW
You :(07-03 21:01:15)
I told you guys 7 hours ago that I was going to give you 7 more hours. You guys said. In 7 hours our boss will be here and he will refund you
You :(07-03 21:01:30)
And its 7 hours now. I am done playing games. Give me my refund.
Soniya :(07-03 21:01:40)
sorry, our manager isnt here, and I dont have the password for refund
You :(07-03 21:01:42)
No more games and no more of your LIES!
You :(07-03 21:01:51)
Thats total BS.
Soniya :(07-03 21:02:16)
Be Right Back.
You :(07-03 21:11:29)
You :(07-03 21:21:46)
Ok I have been waiting FOR EVER!!. Whats the deal man
You :(07-03 21:23:50)
Ignoreing me... Real mature... You are supose to be a business... Whats wrong?? You take peoples money... And then dont deliver what they paid for. And you keep there money.
You :(07-03 21:23:52)
And also.. Someone tried to break into my world of warcraft account as soon as I placed the order with my email address... You guys think you are slick but keep it up.

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