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1 review
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I never watch anything NBC after 9am. Used to be my favorite network. Shows are very political and very biased. I do not watch the Today show to hear political commentary. Love Hoda and Jenna and Sheinelle. Al Roker should stick to the weather. Nightly news is beyond bearable.

1 review
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Why is Jenna Bush there?????
Where is Hoda?????
We(family, co-workers and friends) all agree replace Jenna shes so rude and the show is soooooo boring with her. No more NBC til Jenna is replaced!

1 review
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Why is NBC ploiticaly one sided? Seth Meyer is a joke! Johnny Carson would never been so political! Late night is about entertaining! Not dividing!

1 review
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Democrats, Federal employees, activists, NYT, WashPost, Vox, CNN, NBC, MSNBC and especially Lester Holt, Halle Jackson, Kristen Welker and the likes:

I volunteered and voted for Obama and voted for, "No, I did not have a sexual relationship with that woman. Ms. Looooinsky." but regretted both the votes as well as volunteering. Clinton gave us 911 tragedies by walking away after dropping a failed Tomahawk missile on Osama bin Laden in Pakistan in August 1998. Spineless Obama let Putin go with impunity, greased Pakistani palms for their help during his terms to fight Taliban and pathologically failed to nail Chinese lawlessness. Pelosi is a clueless, stubborn old girl. She along with other donkeys does not even begin to understand or has the maturity of visualizing the long-term consequences of asymmetric attacks on the USA. We have been under trade, espionage, cyber, the tech-grab, and the undocumented Latinos attacks from China, Russia, Pakistan, Iran, EU, some of the Muslim countries and South America; China has been stealing trillions of $$ from the US and the donkey-watch and they are complaining about the shutdown and the price of bear can going up by 0.5 cent when people willingly pay $8 in the bar and $20 at the ballgame for the same beer.

The members of the Latino caravan are already on MediCal (Medicaid) in the County hospital in San Jose, constructed and mismanaged by the donkeys with the local taxpayers' money, claiming their rights for the free treatments, prescriptions, tests and overstay in the hospital. Some of the undocumented claim, "We have the full coverage and I want a prescription for free Tylenol, an antibiotic, MRI, CT scan for a headache and cold that is not going away for 3 days and want to be admitted." while holding Michael Kors handbag & complaining about the hardship they faced while skiing in the Alps and having to rush back home to treat the cold. These parasites go to the assigned MD in the morning, Emergency Room in the afternoon and Urgent care in the evening for the same cold symptom and contribute towards $4 trillion healthcare economy. They pay $0 for all services & drugs. Santa Clara County spent $4.5 million to convert undocumented to documented and donkeys like Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsome provide free, no-copay insurance to undocumented without paying a single dollar in taxes. California Medicaid grew from $38 billion to $100 billion, larger than the GDP of 14 states of the US.
The distorted, biased and intellectually pitiful reporting of the facts by the inadequately qualified and little-educated reporters is a buckwas. If you went to Harvard or another Ivy by virtue of your race, know that a lot of us, far more educated and intelligent, have our own brain to grasp, understand and analyze the facts to draw our own conclusion so stop your loudmouth nonstop nonsense.
You lack the facility for the analytical, strategic long term and national thinking and you have one-track mindObama and Donkeys do no wrong and Trump does no right.
Grow the hell up, face the cruel reality and learn to live within your means and plan for downturns in the life just like the rest of us. Even the smartest of the smarts in private sectors lose jobs and face uncertainties while you sit in your cocoons, live on the edge of your income, perform poorly on your cushy jobs and complain when a rare shutdown occurs out of necessity to protect the country. A vast majority of you will not even get a decent job if you try to get one in the private sector for the same wages. You are 20% of the workforce and a huge burden on us, the taxpayers and if Trump does not build a wall, we will continue to be invaded by the parasites & this burden on will grow further.
Why do you all think so selfishly about only yourself, only about today, and not support to protect our country for the security and the well-being of our children and their children?

Get lost & reduce our burden.

1 review
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A former President is dead...a revered, respected, loved man who devoted his life to public service. What does NBC do? Report on the disagreements between President Trump and Former President Bush. It appears that one reporter, in particular, cannot remain unbiased as he reports to his audience.....come on, NBC, give us the news. We are sick of words based on personal feelings....isn't that the first rule of good journalism....Remain neutral and unbiased as you report? It does not matter, at this moment in time, what Trump said or did. It ONLY matters that our nation grieve man who served his country with dignity and grace. NBC: You are truly the losers. Your blatant disrespect sickens me. I am done with you.

1 review
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inciting racism hatered division list goes on i love how its the holidays and you sit there on tv with your ugly faces talking about what people are buying how much money they gona spend bla bla why do you care what we buy why do you care how much ppl are gona spend stay the $#*! out of our lives report the news and weather like u are paid to do oh and stop trashing our president all the time you ppl are so evil you do realize one day Jesus yes he is real is gona come and put u $#*!ing dogs down and good reddince you news ppl make me sick to my stomach your ugly ass demons wearing human customs telling us real humans how we should live how we need to think no $#*! you stay out of our lives shut the $#*! and do you damn jobs or go back to hell were u came from u nasty ass creatures p.s racism is created by liberals and msm only reason why ppl hate each other souch is cause news is spreading it u evil mother$#*!ers

2 reviews
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My wife and I have watched Holt's evening news for a long, long time. Not anymore we are going to CBS.

Last night Holt gave two very slanted reports on Trump. 1st he glorified Mrs. Obama's criticism of Trump in her memoirs. But he refused to give Trump's response when he was asked by the media for his response where he said I will never forgive Obama for endangering our country when the decimated our military forces.

2nd, he again gave a one sided opinion when France lambasted us and said they would make up a EU Army, long over due. He responded to the affront and added, Europe should up their contributions for European defense. Germany is one of the worst laggard and we rebuilt that country. He also said we have been subsidizing Europe defense for decade.

Trump is right, the media is a one sided media outlet. We used to get just the facts but we now get only opinions and personal views of the commenator.

We will now try CBS and see how they do.

1 review
1 helpful vote

N b c should practice fair and impartial news reporting there coverage of a president of the United States is shameful rude and disrespectful

1 review
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NBC news doing their part to promote socialism. NBC should'nt use the word news in their title. Should use the words tabloid propaganda. Move to a socialist country and quit ruining mine.

1 review
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The people who run this company don't like America... they want to be more like Europe. They export our service jobs to other companies, they make up stories in order to sway the thoughts of people who watch there programs.

These people are enemies of America and everyone should STOP watching and using there service.

3 reviews
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Fake and biased news always aimed at our great president Have respect and honor and not your own liberal feelings

4 reviews
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Sadly, a news station that relies on Leftist propaganda over facts. A Tabloid News Station at best. I had hoped we would get some real news. Not happening on NBC.

1 review
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At the end of every broadcast we get the "This person fought against racism." I am tired of hearing the racist card being played on every news cast. Revamp your news and I will start watching it again... JUST LOSE THE RACE CARD and report on the news... I am starting to side with Trump, on the news industry... I used to like Lester Holt, now I can only handle 5 minutes of him....

1 review
1 helpful vote

I am very disappointed in NBC as it's much of it's coverage as of late is fueling racial tension and division and coverage like that is far more dangerous to race relations than the administration they are attempting to bash. Remember the old saying that when you point your finger at someone, you have four more pointing back at you. You NBC news and the rest of your cronies are causing race relations to regress back decades with your divisive coverage. STOP!

1 review
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06-20-18 evening news segment about separation of illegal parents/kids:
News biased all week but this evening's newscaster referred to Tinder Care facility as "so called".
Why not just give the news without "analysis/personal views like OAN!

1 review
1 helpful vote

I was surfing the channels to catch the summit in Asia and nothing was covered during the Kim Jong Un Trump meeting. US news is going down hill.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Im a democrat, and I agree with these reviews regarding your TREATMENT of our president. Do you guys hate Trump more than you love America? What is wrong with you? Im so sick of all the trashing of Trump. You never give him any credit. Im leaning toward Republican now because he IS MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. If only you would report the facts! You are a discredit to your profession. Are you not listening to the vast majority of your viewers? THEY ARE SICK OF YOU!

2 reviews
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If anyone of you ever gets stuck on an assignment, this is the best website to use. Trust me, you wont regret it.

1 review
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All your news aggravates hatred and negativity. Is there a positive news you can write on a daily basis? Zero star for me.

1 review
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The worst Olympic coverage ever. To damn worried about getting their commercials in we miss the majority of coverage, and most times the really important part of competitions. Pathetic.

1 review
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The worst Olympic coverage ever. Talk talk and no competition shown. Wish I could give negative stars. Horrible.

1 review
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Do you think Chris Collinsworth could call a game could call a game that Tom Bradly was not playin? NO! Please do not let him call a game again!!!

1 review
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Honestly, I could not be more disappointed in a live stream. I tried, to no success, in multiple browsers, to watch snl live. I even downloaded the app and the user experience was nothing short of disastrous. What is a woman supposed to do to just get some god damn laughs up in this piece. I will never be paying for nbc again. Hulu all the way. NBC fix your $#*!, then go f yourself.

1 review
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I switched from ABC News to NBC and found it's not that different. All bias and the negativity of our President is obvious you enjoy taking stabs at him negating the good he has done. The News media has become a political war format to change the mind of the viewers. Bring together and not apart.

1 review
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Too much redundancy of guests & info between Today Show & Megyn Kelly Show. If you watched the Today Show same guests & info repeated on Megyn Kelly. No reason to invest the time.

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