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1 review
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Great information source for those proactive in their own healthcare.
Topics on the importance of lifestyle choice, nutrition and wellness, and Therapeutic support.

1 review
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I have been receiving Dr. Mercola emails for 11 years (since 2008). I have archived hundreds and hundreds of these articles. His articles have helped me to be knowledgeable concerning many health matters. I have adjusted my own lifestyle through what I have learned from his posts, and am so much the better for it.
I have naturally lowered my blood pressure. Today I went to my naturopathic doctor, and he commented that I am one of the healthiest people that have come into their office (it is a large office with 4 doctors and numerous staff). I credit much of this to what I have learned from Dr. Mercola.
In fact, I think God that I just feel good all of the time. I am 62 years old and in excellent health.
Not everything I read of Dr. Mercola's posts do I take for myself. As with any author, anything that we read we are to evaluate based on our own understanding. But I can say that most of what Dr. Mercola writes I agree with. His articles are well researched and well written, and many times it is another expert that he interviews, so his coverage is quite broad.

1 review
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Some people expect perfection from Mercola in healthcare while demanding so little of it from Big Pharma, Big Medicine and the Big Gov't. I have a serious cancer, and the drugs alone for are so expensive I could easily go bankrupt, plus suffer permanent health damage, plus not be even close to being cured. I have personally tried much of what Mercola offers. Is it perfect, no? Have I benefited from it? Yes, at 1/100th the expense, nd the cancer for now held at bay.

2 reviews
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Dr. Mercola has a lot of good articles, but if you ever challenge what he says with constructive criticism, he'll boot you from the site.

For instance, on his Web site, I wrote that:

1) Many people don't think ADHD is a real disease (even though Mercola does).

2) Mercola tells his readers to boycott Google, but he routinely includes videos from YouTube, which is owned by Google. That's hypocritical.

3) He is very down on alcohol (even in moderation), but seems to be A-OK with marijuana.

Can you believe that such mild comments got me banned from his site? I guess he's extremely insecure.

Anyway, even though he has a lot of good articles, please stay from his site. Or at the very least don't bother to leave any comments, because no dissent is allowed.

Mercola is also a crook. For years, he was selling "full-spectrum" fluorescent bulbs on his Web site. Then in the fall of 2016, he put out an article saying that any fluorescent bulbs are bad for you, and that you should switch to incandescent instead. Well, guess what--after publishing the article, he KEPT SELLING THE BULBS!!!! Even months later, he was still selling the harmful fluorescent bulbs.

I guess he just wanted to sell out his stock in order to make a profit. So, apparently he couldn't care less about the health of his readers--all he cares about is making a buck.

Please stay away from Crooked Joe.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Dr. Mercola has no reason to lead reader astray. His products seem top notch and they are "Made in the USA" not in China or India.

2 reviews
7 helpful votes

Avoid this site at all cost, unless you want a good laugh (though spreading fear and misinformation is hardly funny). Nothing Joseph Mercola writes should be trusted. Simply put this website will praise everything natural as a cure all and demonize everything else. Conveniently, there is a store on the website where you can buy all the wonderful natural products touted on the sites various "educational" articles.

4 reviews
5 helpful votes

There's so much to read and lots of insight. It's easy to go on a reading loop. Unlike some sites that give abrupt one liners, the information is detailed and interesting. It's important to remember that nothing is black and white and that information is constantly evolving. Appreciating a different perspective with an open mind is true education.

45 reviews
89 helpful votes

Great products and super fast delivery. I order some of the pet nutritional supplements and we also order supplements for human consumption. Great products and I love all the videos and information they provide.

5 reviews
8 helpful votes

He is not always right, but he does his research and present information that mainstream science often supports (albeit 10 years later). He is on the cutting edge of nutrition and fitness.

2 reviews
3 helpful votes

Fantastic website - packed full of health info - loved the articles on the healthiest cooking oils - thank you so much! I now only use coconut oil to fry. And I love the daily tweets with the latest articles. My new found health has made all the difference to my energy levels - you are what you eat!!! Thanks Dr Mecola.

1 review
3 helpful votes

Tremendous, stupendous, marvelous, exemplary,unequaled, well, pretty good, not bad, could have been better, not very good at all actually, don't like to say you stink, but phew where's the gas masks, booo Booo Boooo. Just lovely, actually, just lovely; my most favorite health site actually,motivation, dependable, honest, I believe.
Had just listened to a song reviewed, tongue in cheek," a la Muppets " signature script and in that mood began the review with that humorous shtick. On a serious vein I believe in the intent of to be positive, honest. It is not however, for me, the final word on all subjects related to best natural health care. I believe unequivocally that the SCIENCE of EPIGENETICS, of which I am a fledgling student, not an expert, must be a basic tenet whenever anyone sets out to inform citizens on health recommendations. Epigenetics maintains that we are as individual as our finger prints, and our diet and health approaches must be designed accordingly. It teaches how to individually take control of our health. That is the THIRD SIN, Any discipline that takes attaining and maintaining optimum health out of the case room. That is the reason, I believe, that the credible medical practise of HOMEOPATHY is the focus of such spurious attack.
ALL discilplines, I believe, must work in concert if service to citizens is to be the pure intent purposet.
I will not divulge the identity of the person/the company, here but I am aware of a business that never got off the ground because the originator, at the final hour, found that the believed information on which the product was based was WRONG. Now two choices were available, proceed and sell something, and it would have sold, that while he knew now it was ineffective, it would do no health harm, or abort. He did the honorable thing, he aborted. Lost all of his invested research and start up money. PERSONAL money. I respect that person/company. How many times do we hear or read about a questionable or even deleterious product instead of being immediately pulled from sales being allowed to be sold until the existing stock is depleted????? TOO OFTEN !!!! WHY ???? To allow the investor(s) to reclaim their investment and forward profits. Is that a valid reason ???? NOT to me.
My bent is to always provide anyone seeking information with all of the information I can glean on a subject. The brain of the other is as good or better than mine in deciding the veracity of the info. I never reference anything I do not believe. I have found many natural care practitioners ,many scientists, are favoured or fly under the radar, until they commit one or both of the following sins: have patients consistently regain health and or fly in the face of corporate and political interests. Both threaten the financial bottom lne of folks with a vested interest, market control, financial superiority. I really don't care if someone earns a zillion bucks if the work is credible and offered for the right reasons, namely the benefit of the patient, client, customer, citizen. I see too much of exactly the opposite ; the corporate and political, small and big "p", interests attempting to manipulate the population, control the dialogue, for only interests of personal gain. I can completely respect someone who holds a position or opinion that I believe is contrary to facts if it is clearly based on honest belief basedf on as many facts as they yet have discovered. I have none for the carpetbaggers who set out to deceive.
I have found an army of paid for hacks who pounce on any person, any idea, any fact offends their masters, the writer of the cheque for the hired guns. Example the Maine Scientist who blew the whistle on farmed fish. The Canadian Oncology Scientist who exposed the dangers of estrogens in plastics used in the food industry. Dr. Hulda Clark, whose irrefutable research showed that processed foods, beverages, and supplements ,( only one supplement manufacturing company was absolved,),were contaminated with dangerous and even carcinogenic chemicals. She acknowledged that it was likely not intentional, just a processing oversight. That was not enough to render her safe from attack. But even in death the quacks pick her bones. Decry her as a fraud. Or a final example, American, Canadian, and British, Board " Cetified Neurologists who exposed COMPACT Flourescent Lighting as , their words, " DIRTY ENERGY." " dangerous to neurological health,",and called for these units to be pulled from sale. Do you understand the investment loss if they were not silenced." And their work dsiappeared from public view.
Well folks the GREMINS who fight loquacity just hit my computer again and erased about half of this writing.
Don't have the energy to reconstruct, neither do I work from a prepared script, so,
In the words of a man braver than I, "Good night and good luck."

8 reviews
5 helpful votes

I have been ordering my Extra Virgin Coconut Oil in the gallon tub for years from Dr. Mercola. The shipping is extremely fast! It's here before I can turn around! Wonderful!

21 reviews
76 helpful votes

Read what this O.D. has written about the taking of statin drugs, ask your own trusted cardiologist(s) and decide for yourself whether or not to trust all the advice this O.D. publishes.

A close friend who exercised regularly, stayed trim and ate an exceptionally healthy diet, relied solely upon Mercola's advice instead of that of any competent cardiologist. His sky high LDL (bad cholesterol) went untreated, he failed to be followed by a cardiologist and consequently had a near fatal heart attack from a single 100% occlusion of the notorious "widow-maker" artery. A competent interventionalist implanted a stent within 1 hour, saving his life and putting him on the proper drug regimen, including a statin. This patient's left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) is now 45%, which is below the bottom of the low normal range, indicative of permanent death of heart muscle. This patient blames Mercola, O.D. for his absolutely incorrect advice as regards statin drugs and now trusts nothing which Mercola writes. This friend is now a patient of the interventionalist who saved his life and carefully follows the proper advice of this very competent MD.

A major problem is that Mercola sometimes embeds dangerously incorrect medical advice in amongst some other perfectly correct advice. This misleads the naive and medically uninformed patient into thinking that all the advice is correct.

1 review
4 helpful votes

This site has a lot of positive attributes-mostly consisting of many intelligent, well informed members. However, if you challenge the content,use sarcasm or humor, you'll be expelled from the site. Mercola is illiterate to humor-good thing, for if he smiled, his face would crack...

3 reviews
19 helpful votes

I agree. I go to Mayo Clinic and my cardiologist put me on Simvastatin. My LDL has dropped significantly to 47.4.

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